Daily - Bristol All Star Recap - Chase Elliott Wins


The final lap with Kerry Murphy is is on the twenty twenty all-star event from Bristol Motor speedway went down last night, and I was the all star open to qualify to get themselves into the main event Eric Merola took stage one to move on William Byron took stage to and Matt Benedetto on the overall event to move on to the big show, the all star. Star race in Clint. Boyer was the fan voted in driver. bubba Wallace had some harsh words for Michael Mcdowell after his forty-three car got dumped and wrecked. We've got the full details at facebook dot com slash the final APP on that feud brewing onto the All Star Race Main Event Ryan Blaney took stage one chase Elliott one stage, two and stage three and took home. Home, the million dollar prize money and the prestige of winning this marquee event chase. Elliott wins the All star race in just five starts locking him into all future. All Star races for the foreseeable future first career all-star win after leading sixty laughs the only two times. The All star race wasn't at Charlotte Motor speedway Elliott has now one bill at Atlanta and now chase? Chase at Bristol Ninth All Star Win for Hendrick motorsports. In case, you're interested. I. The top five looks like this any Hamlin Brian Kozlowski. Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch Kim of one spot short of that one million dollar prize money that chase Elliott. Ultimately took home up next for the NASCAR Cup series of course is Texas Motor speedway and that's this weekend. Check it out. Dot Com.

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