Meditation: Collecting, Unifying and Opening the Mind


the following meditation is led by tara brach to access more of my meditations joined my email list please visit tara brach dot com without listening attention just notice the sounds that are here relaxing open leading sounds wash syria the close in sound perhaps in the room including sounds in my voice noticing the space between fans sensing the space in the room listening into that space and then the more distant sounds noticing that sounds are known by bringing the attention to them they're seved they're known spontaneously nothing to do the same receptivity of listening you can listen to feel the aliveness of the body chest does with the appearing and disappearing of sounds to sense the arising of sensation this play tingling and vibrating heater cool denser lose biter happy sledding this play of sensations three you he noticed the place of real tight nassar tension sense what happens when you soften around it just let it float what happens when you feel the shoulders the inside and just let it float whatever tangles might be there when you soften around the hands and just feel the life in the hands floating in awareness listening and softening in the belly softening around the live that's they're letting it move and flow just as it is i wear just to scan down through the legs just receiving the lives there you're listening to your lie letting it happen letting the justice it is softening around the feet leading the sensations their float move received awareness sensing this subtle body this energy body as a few of sensation listening to in feeling this changing dance thing that you can listen to feel the breath very light intimate attention letting the breath breathe that cell listening to the breath as if you're listening to the voice of a quiet loved one really close and tender attention including in the background sounds not pushing away anything just a very open relaxed receptive attention can you receive this next inflow of the braff however the outflow perhaps you feeling the breath and the nostrils perhaps you feel in the brass in the chaffetz that opening rising of the chest with the in breath a little bit of the collapsing with the out breath maybe it's the inflating deflating at the belly some being with the breaths breathing with the breath route the whole body as if you're feeling every cell this basis between the south's opening with the enver hat letting go releasing without brad fence your whole awareness listening to the braff feeling the bra explore how fully you can relax as breath comes in just relax receive healed explore how fully you can soften and release with the out breath sandy tension a controlling the brat just notice that and listen to sound again perhaps sense of smile spreading through the eyes slight smile at the mouth letting sounds wash through you then again just bringing that very intimate attention that soft attention to the inflow and the outflow here whole bodies awareness the brass coming in the brass going out notice the mind drifting design when you do it's an opportunity to invite yourself back right here with real friendliness something what it's like to relax again with the next inflow or outflow of the pratt moment by moment noticing what it's like to relax to soften as the breath comes in and to let go like let go the out breath he might sense the possibility of an attention to the breath that expresses a feeling of being in love with the breath how you'd be paying attention if you you're in love with the braff that's subtlety that intimacy that listening that tenderness very close in has suppressed come sam breath goes out if you discover as you collect unify the mind in this way heavier deep kind of pleasure arising let it the biggest aunts today let go into that pleasure fully embody sanctioning the possibility of this present shining through every sow every part of your being you might ask yourself is it not true that the stillness i seek is already here is it not true that the peace i seek is already here yes it not true that the happiness i seek is already here is it not true that the love i seek is already here have closing tonight you might sense what's actually happening in this moment perhaps the sensation of the breath the other sensations through the body play of light dark in the eyes sounds syncing that all in the foreground and in the background that alert in our stillness light of awareness that's our deepest formless nature

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