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I was working and next to guy and we kept pumping. Nt Other and like my I worry was what if he has the virus and he keeps pumping engine me. And like it's GonNa know he's GonNa come to me and then I'm going to bring it home and then like all my roommate my son my everybody get it. Good morning and welcome to A. M. Joy as this morning there are more than a million confirmed cases of corona virus in the United States. Just take that in four moment and the death toll reached a grim milestone this week the nearly sixty five thousand dead has surpassed the number of Americans killed in the Vietnam War. We've yet to see an adequate number of tests swabs or protective equipment or ventilators in many hot spots around the country and despite pleas from governors and members of Congress Donald Trump was reluctant to use the defense production act nationalize production and distribution of these crucial items. That could save lives but there was no such reluctance on Tuesday. When trump invoked that very same law to classify meat plants as essential infrastructure. That must remain open because while healthcare workers are forced to reuse masks until they fall apart they should at least be able to score from chicken. Nuggets I'm right for the kids priorities. The move forces low wage employees. Many of whom are Black Latino or immigrant to work in conditions ripe for the spread of the virus already more than twenty meat packing plants across the country have closed due to concerns about illness according to a new report by the CDC nearly five thousand meat and poultry plant workers in one thousand. Nine states have been diagnosed with Kobe. Nine thousand nine hundred twenty people have died. The federal government has also failed to coordinate the national food supply which is why you're hearing about farmers dumping millions of gallons of milk. The chicken processors Sanderson farms destroying seven hundred and fifty thousand unhatched eggs per week and farmers left with tens of millions of pounds of food that they can no longer sell to restaurants or hotels were schools while in a seeming to stoep in paradox grocery shelves are empty in lines for food. Banks are snaking around arena. Parking lots for politico. Trump's agriculture department has been slow to respond to this crisis just as trump lagged on using power to supply workers and six citizens with life saving supplies instead using it to make people work in harrowing conditions risking their lives and their health and the health of their families joining me now is California Congresswoman Katie. Porter who's calling for more transparency in. How the trump administration is using the defense production. Act Andrew Zimmer host of. What'S EATING AMERICA. Dr Ezekiel Emanuel. Msnbc senior medical contributor and former health policy adviser for the Obama Administration. Thank you all for being here and I'll start with you congresswoman. You wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post on Tuesday and I'll read a little bit of what you wrote to you says I'm like most government contracts. Gpa ORDERS ARE NOT public documents leaving Americans in the dark about one of the administration's key tools in its covert nineteen response. Explain what is DEEPA? What our DP orders and explain to me a deep humming the Defense Production Act explained to me how the Defense Production Act is supposed to work. And how in your mind? That's failed to work here. So the Defense Production Act was passed during the Korean War and the idea was to allow the United States to harness its manufacturing capacity to me critical national security needs and so if an essence when the president invokes the Defense Production Act they CA- government in order manufacturers to prioritize producing certain kinds of equipment in can prevent price gouging of taxpayers. As it does so now. We're a lot of things that we might use the defense production act for you wouldn't necessarily be able to reveal to the American public what you were producing for national security reasons but in this case it's exactly the opposite. We need to know if the president has used the defense production. Act what he is ordered when it has been a calm on how he plans to distribute that because without that we continue to have all of the supply chain disruptions that we've been facing and so just to to put a pin on it had donald trump initially invoke the defense production act leaves shortened DEEPA. Had He done that initially could? In theory of the Federal Government Have Donald Trump's administration have said. Okay we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA have these industries that normally make cars right make ventilators and we're GONNA distribute those ventilators in this way. We're going to make sure every state has an X. number. We're going to make sure that they have enough. We're going to do the same thing with test kids. And then we could do the same thing if he wanted. Now with the Food Supply. Could he have done a national coordinated strategy if he had wanted to absolutely? The president should've used the defense production. Act to get ahead of the needs that were seeing the personal protective equipment. The test kits all of those things not just protective equipment. But also I should add the testing supplies. He could've used the defense production act to do that. That's why we have law so this isn't a this is a better example just like the ability for the CDC to provide for free testing where there's a law that's there for very good reason but we have in this case of administration that fail to make good use of it now all of a sudden when. Tyson and big corporations want him to use the defense production act though to keep meat packing plants open and put workers lives that risks. He jumps to do it. So it's a huge reversal of policy. But it's because this time it's coming at the request of big productions rather than what we saw before was big corporations lobbying against the use of the defense production even though we're protecting our frontline healthcare workers. Yeah and Dr Manual. Let me go to you on this. Because here's the challenge. The food supplies already disrupted. It's becoming more disrupted by the day. We're going to talk a little bit more with Andrew about some of the at the farm. The farm ended but in production element of it right like once Meat is getting to these production plants. It's now in the hands of people who are exactly in a position to get sick there. Working in these close quarters. Nbc News has been running and MSNBC's been running this video all week of these plants. Were there trying to find ways to separate people but as you can see just looking at the screen here. People work closer than six feet and they're supposed to be a part by six feet and when you think about who this is the people who maybe Donald Trump doesn't think that they're important but their families do their their their loved ones do Mrs Forty A. Z. Cohort that is forty. Four point four percent. Latino it's twenty five five point. Two Percent African American in terms of meatpacking workers. These are low income people. Frontline has doubt put some of the data out as well fifty one percent fifty one point. Five percent of these people are immigrants. Forty five point. One percent of them live in low income families and fifteen point five percent lack health insurance so these are the most vulnerable people who are were literally processing our food. Your thoughts Dr Manual. Yeah I think you're one hundred percent right. They are immigrants. They're low. Wage workers typically not very well organized and even when they have a union with the Defense Production Act that can act for them in order to protect them. Society needs to protect them. We need them if too many of them call in our sick. We don't first of all we don't want them handling our food and second of all. I'm what's surprising to me? A little bit is that we know from South Dakota the original outbreak in smithfield processing. Plant that it you know. Infection doesn't stay inside the factory. These people go home. They go out into the community often. They don't know that they're infected. They may be asymptomatic and they could spread it in the community. So it's not like they only keep it inside the factory. It's a wider issue for all of us to be concerned about and we should. You know one of the things I think is important for all of us as we're in this together we're a community. We shouldn't be trying to exploit these kind of workers for our own good. It is very important to have the food chain and the food supply chain working and to have it without infection so that we can all be assured that the food we have is pure that if we take out that chicken somehow virus on it so I think that's an important element but we can't exploit people for our own good. We have to ask everyone food. The Government worked together to push this to wash this infection out and it does seem to me. They're you know making these workers go to work. Sick is one of those episodes that we're trying to exploit the weakest person in our society for the benefit of all of us and that just doesn't seem like the right thing to be doing indeed absolutely well said Andrew and the other end of that food supply chain at the start of it. You know we're hearing about cattle ranchers happening to euthanize cows or eggs being destroyed because even getting the food to where it's processed or to be able to fill in where food banks are going without while food is rotting on farms. There's something wrong here with the coordination nationally obviously the. Usda has clearly not done enough. But can you talk a little bit because at that into you're seeing a lot of suffering well? I just can't believe where we are. We've been talking about this joy. I think for five or six weeks going back to my first appearance on your show. We predicted this and I'm not sure which is worse the cult of secrecy. That's been built up. Between the government. Osha the weakening of the CDC guidelines and big big food companies like Tyson and J B s or the cult of lady distant stupidity that Congresswoman Porter was referring to and the doctor Zeke was referring to. It's absolutely going to me. We could have been using the defense production act six weeks seven weeks ago we could have been enrolling fema to be out and distributing the food that we know is perishable. Look you know. Chickens lay eggs on a regular cycle. Cows need to be built on a regular cycle vegetables. Grow on a regular and predictable cycle on farms. That have been doing this. Many of which for generations as the weather warms up in spring starts creepy north with the vegetables. The milk the eggs. That's a distribution issue. Fema could have been you talk about laws on the books. For people to be invoked there are aspects of the national emergency acts that The USDA that Department of Ag that the White House could have invoked to allow female to come in and distribute the food to where it's needed remember the biggest customer for food many foods seventy five percent efficient. America is consumed in the restaurant chain. That goes from the ocean to restaurants when you take restaurants out of the equation when you take schools out of the equation. Those are massive massively large customers. We could've taken that food and redirected it to community resource kitchens to food banks and of course to grocery stores. So this is. This is just a stupidity issue. This is a lack of vision issue. I'm I'm just absolutely stunned by it. Do I think there's enough public outcry that we will correct it? Yes but I'm petrified about the cult of secrecy. That's going on in our plants. Those videos of the Tyson meat plants that you see are from April eleventh. April twelfth is when Tyson started requiring people to wear face shields in their plant and it gives the illusion that things are quote unquote safe despite people walking past each other. It's not it doesn't continue to be. And we're putting our communities at risk because of the lack of transparency and our food factories. Yeah and then you have. The vice president is showing up in plant showing up the Mayo Clinic with no mask on so they're not setting good example but on the on the secrecy side of the secrecy and Stupidity Matrix. The Andrew just talked about congresswoman almost secrecy side. We just found out that there's been yet another. We're starting to look like Friday night massacre like every Friday. There's a dump of an of an inspector general. Donald Trump has now moved on Friday to replace a top official at the Department of Health and Human Services. Her name is Christie Grim. She angered him. Apparently with a report last month highlighting supply shortages and testing delays at hospitals during the pandemic the White House waited until after business hours to announce the nomination of a new inspector general for the department. Who If confirmed would take over for her? That's a point one. The second data point. I'll give you is Dr Pouching. Who has been being made more and more scarce in terms of? He's the one person in this administration that most Americans trust and now he's been blocked from testify before a House panel next week. The White House says it would be counterproductive to take him away from his work. They're saying they will let him testify at a Senate Health Committee hearing. I guess they like that body better because it's controlled by Mitch McConnell on May Twelfth but are you concerned from an oversight perspective congresswoman that Dr Doughty is being made more scarce to Congress and that these issues are being run out of town because Donald Trump doesn't like the truth. They're telling this is also a crisis of oversight and president trump is exploiting that to his advantage and the losers here are the American people and so this late night Friday nights. Which you personnel. You're right it's it continues to happen. It's a real on. That's part of the reason that I introduce the accountability for acting officials. Act because right. Now we don't have actually Senate confirmed permanent appointees in so many critical jobs and so by using these acting officials which he can quickly fire and replace. We're not getting the information that we need. And so the absolutely I think doctor felt she should testify an all point out that during the critical weeks leading up to the announcement of the pandemic in February in late January even on throughout March. Doctor testified in a bipartisan. Congressional briefing for all members each and every single week and he was terrific and helpful in providing members with education and things that we could take back to our community so I think he absolutely should be allowed to testify and I'm very concerned about how the president continues to attack our inspector general community which exists solely to protect the American taxpayers fraud. Waste and abuse to make sure. These programs are effective on the ground. Yeah Dr Manual. I think about you know in George W Bush and the incredible screw up on the part of the administration when it came to Hurricane Katrina. Eventually wised up to the idea that you needed somebody to handle this that that this was beyond the scope of his capability to do himself. And you think about Russell on original Russel Honore coming in there and just handling and being the sort of czar the person in charge is that what Donald Trump needs. Does he need to put someone like. The doctor has a lot on his plate. But somebody else like somebody that is in charge of this because he seems to be running point on it himself and that seems to be the problem. Well how look I early and suggested that what we needed was a lot of different groups responsible for different elements of this. I think is Andrew mentioned. We've got a problem in the food side of it mainly distribution problem because we you know food. The plants were already planted the chickens. Were already working on and producing eggs. And it's a distribution problem. We need a whole group that would handle that distribution similarly. We need a group that would handle testing in this country. That is still more than two months after they promise at every American could get attached. We're not they are and we have a whole series of problems that need to be addressed. I'm not sure one person can manage all of that but I do think you could have very well defined areas and have a group that is in control of each of them. I'm Tony Vouching. I note that Tony. She has been at these press conferences. Day In and day out standing up there for two hours maybe having ten minutes of time the podium over that stretch of time. That didn't seem to be a waste of his time. So I'm not sure why going to Capitol Hill for a briefing. That would be maybe two or three hours once would constitute a waste of time obviously valid explanation. Yeah they just don't like he would say things that are true. I'm very last question to you on this Andrew and by the way by putting someone in charge. That doesn't mean jared Kushner okay. It doesn't always mean jared Kushner because that has not worked thought worked in the past Last question to you on this Andrew because among many people who are not getting properly access at tested I assume that people picking our food are not getting tested are not being treated and we have no no way of knowing the scope of potential outbreak among the people who are at the very front line in the agricultural industry. You and I've talked about that before but I'm GonNa give you the last word on that my friend. You absolutely read my mind. It's odd how this always comes back to testing. Tyson is standing behind. Hippy hippy laws using them as a shield saying we can't tell you the results of the tests in our plant Governor Ricketts is doing the same thing in Nebraska. The J. B. S. Company is doing the same thing in Greeley Colorado. It all comes down to testing. Big Food thinks that testing is something that they can't really talk to us about and the reason is that it's going to reveal really really scary numbers to people when you test you will find out results. They say it's a one time result. I disagree I think it tells us where we need to be focusing our attention and we hear reports from the field. I'm talking to my friends on farms in and six other states who were saying that nominees. They're not testing going on farms. But they don't have the same stories that we hear from meat plants that there's there's hot water but there's not enough soap. There's masks shields. There's gloves but there's not enough protective headgear. I mean it's just absolutely dumb. Founding to me IT GOES BACK TO THAT SAME. Old Song is it. Is it ineptitude. Or is it a cabal of conspiracy and I am praying that it's ineptitude because we can get people in there is Dr Zeke said who can run different aspects of this and solve the problem and I pray that it's not that I'm not being delusional paranoid? But something tells me there is something else going on. Yeah why I said when Donald Trump I got elected that what all of Americans have to learn to use your lurid imagination. Because there's almost nothing that they wouldn't do at least too. Mushoo language look at the mushy language against being forced into our CDC and Osha guidelines. That's a big change. That's coming from somewhere. Someone is changing that language. And I don't think it's Dr Redfield. Yeah absolutely well. You don't test for things you don't want to know the answer to that is part of the answer a doctor thank you very much. Dr Ezekiel Emanuel Congresswoman. Katie Porter Andrew Zimmer and my friend thank you very much guys a great be safe please and please be sure to check out Dr Manuals podcasts. Making the call all right next up we will introduce you to Nacro politics a term. You should know fewer an employer and you offer to bring your employees back to work and they Decide not to voluntary What's the word I'm looking for? Pardon quit okay volunteer. See we don't have it happen very often. It's a voluntary quit. And so therefore they would not be eligible for the unemployment. The unemployment money. That's called the quiet part out loud. We're waiting on a press conference from New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo but first many workers across the country are now faced with an ultimatum. Risk your life and show up to work or lose your job and your livelihood. As the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow nationwide. Several Republican governors are still pushing to reopen their states and for those workers who do make the potentially life-saving decision to stay home. Some Republican governors have signaled they could be stripped of their unemployment benefits. It's a move that will disproportionately impact hourly and low wage workers who are disproportionately black and Hispanic. My next guest describes this very reality using a term that I just learned about this week from her called nickel politics. She's here to break it all down. So let me now is Britney Cooper associate professor at Rutgers University and author of eloquent rage. Also joining us is Steph Harris former acting secretary of labor under President Obama and Brittany. I'm going to tell you the way to make me obsessed with you is to tweet complex words that I have to look out and so now I'm obsessed and so can we get around the show. I'm going to read a little bit of the tweet that sent me into a swoon. Literally I looked it up and then read I went into deep wormhole on it but I feel like you. You tweeted most black. People are clear that this utterly that this utterly absurd push to reopen. The country is all about a gross necora political calculation that it is black people dying disproportionately from cove it and just to back that up. Let's look at the disproportionate numbers in state after state after state after state in Washington. Dc You you're talking about forty five percent of the population but seventy five percent of the debts New York nine versus Nineteen Louisiana thirty three verses Sixty Five Michigan. Fourteen forty six. You can see it all there on the screen. I had friends last week when we were talking about. Georgia say to me. Oh that's why campus doing it. Because they're out of money and they don't WanNa pay unemployment benefits and then while people are saying your turn to talk. I will stop talking. Yes thank you joy so you know. I'm from Louisiana to my home. State and those numbers are absolutely staggering. And when I saw beginning to happen this narrative about how we were just going to go ahead and reopen the country. There was a clear racial tinge to it There was this sense that as a news outlets like yours have begun to covered these racial disparities that conservative politicians around the country made a big shift in the way that they were talking about this and said okay well. We can reopen the country and underneath that underlying that. Is this idea that that these lives don't have value so when I use the term necker politics that is a political theory term it was coined by man named she'll in Bombay and it really refers to the politics of death. How GOVERNMENT HOW STATE POWER ENTITIES US policy to determine whose lives are worth protecting whose lives are valuable and whose lives are expendable and I know that we don't typically like to think about our government is acting in that kind of way but we are really facing a pandemic in which we have lost almost sixty five thousand people in a matter of a of eight weeks or so so we are absolutely at this point talking about the politics of death and we need the kind of terminology that helps to think about. How is the government government determining how it's enacting policy set when you when you think about it all the way back right? You know the life of an enslaved person was only as valuable as how many could reproduce of more people who were thought to be owned by the person they call themselves the owner. You go all the way through the history of American work. The immigrant workers in the nineteen twenties and in the gilded age. It's not like people thought their lives had any value than how many times they could crank the wheel and you know the idea of giving them a day off or not. Giving them eight hour day people had to literally strike and they have violent strikes that violence against them so the idea about American work. The people at the lowest end of the work pool has always been a sense of. Do you value this human or are just a means to an end and it feels like we're back there again. I almost feel like we're reliving. The Calvin Coolidge era. Your thoughts that I think that's precisely right. I think it's a continuation of a long history. In the United States of devaluing working people particularly Brown and Black Working People This order that president trump place under the defense production act that essentially forces the African American Latino workers overwhelmingly also some white workers back into chicken and pork and beef production plants so that they can be responsible for getting the food supply back shape. Those are some of the most dangerous workplaces in our country. And so what we're seeing is an exposure of the inequalities that have existed in our society for a very long time and if we can start with the health inequalities there is an unequal distribution based on race of healthcare and health insurance in our country this administration in a crisis easily could have responded to that with extending health insurance reopening. The obamacare exchanges making health insurance more widely available. Take picking up the call to pay for all Cova treatments for any worker peculiar frontline worker whose exposed none of those things have been done. So you can't say that you care about workers if everything you do. Every policy taking ocean off the bead not giving by not providing health insurance results in those workers having a much increased likelihood of death alley pretty we. Have we have a story that Mitch? Mcconnell just talk about making real clear who you care about right who you give a damn about Mitch. Mcconnell now wants to shield companies from liability in corona virus related lawsuits. I'm sorry I interrupted you. Oh No thank you. So one of the things that people have really struggled with here is the idea that because black people have disproportionate levels of co morbidity things like asthma and high blood pressure diabetes. That we are personally responsible for them that there is a real resistance in this country. And I've seen it across the political spectrum to thinking about the way that structures produce those commodities. And that's what we're talking about Moore talking about nick politics so we're not only talking about disparities in health insurance coverage we're talking about things like food food desert. We're talking about things like lack of access to help the poor to save parks places to exercise right in addition to this wage crisis and so part of what that means is that black folks already. Go into this with a disadvantage. Because we're over. Were over represented in the essential worker economy. The other thing that I'm thinking about I'm thinking about the educator in Brooklyn Raina Mongan who passed away on Monday choose a one year old. Wellesley educated at educator in Brooklyn. Who began going to the hospital in the middle of March asking to be tested? She was turned away three times before. Finally she was intimated in an ambulance and then hospitalized and after nearly six weeks of fighting for her life she passed away on Monday and that tracks with all of the research that we have about how there is a racial empathy gap in this country so that healthcare workers even our heroic frontline healthcare workers. Still don't believe what folks own account about what is happening in their bodies and literally methods. This sister did not make it even though she thought even though she advocated for herself part of the reason focus on go ahead go on go on part of the reason. That folks are so uncomfortable in this moment is because we are being exposed to all of these racial disparities that we would rather not talk about. Of course we have seen an uptick in these things in the trump administration and so this encouragement of these conservative governors backup by the trump administration. And then taken up in all of these places Iowa Georgia etc is all about an underlying devaluing of these lives and look. That's not just racial conservative. Politics also be values the lives of the working poor and so we're not talking only about a racial problem in this country. We'RE TALKING ABOUT ABYSS. Dane for the people who do the hardest work but we can't have a conversation about that unless we begin to value the fact that many of workers are black and latte tonight. I think it's pretty fair to say that. If you work standing up if you do your job standing on your feet you probably are not the concern of the Mitch. Mcconnells of the world. They like get your behind to work because I need X. Right and you know to go back a little bit broader seth. You've got all of these nurses and we all have. We all know all of us that know a lot of home care nurses. It's a lot of west Indian older west Indian votes within the and nurses. You've got people who are working in nursing homes where there's a lot of debt like disproportionate amount of death going on. You've got frontline workers you've got you know. Sort of across the board these professions that aren't necessities to keep the rest of us comfortable and comfortably at home are the people risking their lives. You put that against this on employment number which I'm just looking at here. Thirty point. Three million unemployment claims just three point eight three point eight four million just in a week. We're heading toward what feels like the depression. And so the question is what do right like this simple thing and the thing that seems obvious would be to pay people to stay home. That's what other countries are doing. Is that what we should be doing? Should we be saying we're just GONNA pay people to stay home? Yeah that's what we should be doing. V This cares act which created the paycheck protection program which was a series of small business loans and also provided lending facilities to the Federal Reserve. Bank was supposed to do that. The loans were supposed to go out and become forgivable at least a small businesses if they kept people on the payroll but as we see the unemployment claims numbers climb over thirty million plus the seven million people who are already unemployed. We see that it may not be working. That small businesses are shutting down. Because they simply don't have the capital to survive. We also know that the distribution of that money has not been in the least bit fair. It has been overly represented in rural communities and others. So I think that there's a real challenge for war communities of color that for a longtime were excluded from this program functionally because their lending institutions were not getting the money those businesses close down and people lost their jobs in those communities so as a consequence I think we really in retrospect made a big mistake. We should have done what Europe did and just paid workers directly and kept them on and that would have kept these unemployment rolls much much smaller states would not be in crisis websites wouldn't be crashing and we would have a much better functioning economy and maybe we won't slip into depression but that's not where we are eight weeks in. What happens oftentimes when you get into these debates that we start to creep back into hearing me sort of conservative themes of laziness. Well the reason people don't WanNa go back. They could make more money on unemployment. They'd rather sit home. You go right back to some of those knee-jerk themes and it's not always just Republicans. Who Do it? This was an error. The Kentucky Governor Andy who actually quite a good governor overall. We're he actually apologized to somebody who he had accused of of unemployment fraud. Take a listen. We had somebody apply for unemployment for two core here in Kentucky and that person probably thought they were being funny. They probably did. How somebody in apology tonight Last night I spent a little bit of time talking about fraudulent claims holding us up and mentioned an individual that filed in the name of two boxes core. I didn't know And it's my fault that we have a Kentuckian who goes by maleek whose name is to pacture court. I talked to him on the phone today. Apologized and people sort of had a laugh about it because the the the young man's name is to record the two-pack trended underlying thing is that there is this. Lindsey Graham has been saying. Oh you can't give people unemployment plus they're just going to be lazy and stay home. They it goes right back there to these tropes that generally targeted at Black and Brown folks your thoughts absolutely so look ducks the way that the welfare queen stereotype got started in the first place. There was one story of welfare fraud in Chicago in the nineteen seventies and Ronald. Reagan created a whole narrative. About how this is just what black women were doing. So we've got to be extremely careful in this moment where people are in real crisis we are seeing it and we are seeing it across our communities. The other thing is the. Us is having a having a reckoning with our deep investment in in a world where we think that the job of folks is to work to live now that is typically what we expect a black and Brown folks that their job is to be servants that their work is to make the world comfortable for everyone else that is built into the fabric of this country but the reality that many of us who've had the privilege to actually shelter in place at home with relatively secure salaries are understanding. Is that all of us. Were working too hard that all of us were pushing ourselves far too much anyway and for what purpose right and so there is this narrative particularly coming out of the right agenda by capitalism. That says that our only purpose in life is that we live to work right and the challenge of that is that you can't work if you can't live can't breathe just to sort of flip it. What the corollary into really begin to get us to think. I'm not on this particular broadcast today. Trying to say that we need to have you know trying to full scale kind of push against capitalism on anti-capitalist precisely because it puts us in these kinds of ethical calculations. But I'm asking folks to really begin to think about what our relationship to capitalism is when you begin to do that then you have to think about the ways that we tax the most vulnerable folks in our populations the ways that we fundamentally don't value them the ways that we keep on saying that these workers are essential but the idea that making meet clans. Go in making people's grocery deliveries easier that all of that stuff matters more than keeping people say helping people take care of their families. Helping people have food to eat. All of which are choices. The government can make all of which are choices at the government made the last time we were in a great depression to see the. The lack fundamentally of empathy on the right is the thing that I find most disturbing because this is not just a political conversation. It's also immoral conversation. You begin to talk about macro politics. You're also talking about how we think about life itself and many people have set. Budgets are moral documents what we do about economies. Have we value people making money in the conditions in which they work? Also tell us something about where. We are spiritually as a country. We're in a deep place of of just making the wrong choices about cool matters here and so it starts people when I make claims you know I said on twitter as part of this necker politics threat black lives matter but that call never meant that only black lives matter it Mitt. That when you begin to think about how the least of these in our society are being treated you create a context for everybody to have a better set of working condition. Yeah indeed indeed I WANNA I wanna add to this conversation because we're having a bit of a truncated broadcast today because we've got this presser coming up so I want to add into the conversation former. Us Housing and Urban Urban Development Secretary. Julio Castro also was a candidate for president I want to throw this to you. Because we're seeing people line up in these I don't want to call them rallies they're not. I don't know what you call them when you when people are showing up with a AR fifteen's brandishing weapons intimidating workers intimidating government workers. And you know with these hideous signs that are offensive and in some cases anti Jewish are racist and demanding. What like it's not clear what they're demanding demand to infect other people demanding to make other people sick but in a sense is a it is very busy mono racial whatever you WANNA call it. Protest that does feel like it's directed at the fact that this policy of staying home at least is attempting to save the lives of people who were dying or that are primarily black and Brown. Your thoughts are and said to be with you joy this morning all of us had seen the video and the images coming out of Michigan and other places of these folks Storming the state capital brandishing. Their weapons demanding a that. The state be reopened. We saw the tweets. Donald Trump sent out a week or so ago about liberate Michigan Liberate Virginia and so forth In what is in you. Put your finger on. What's amazing is that if you took those images and you compared them to eleven years ago the first year of President Obama's presidency and auto the signs in the messages in the spirit of those rallies basically the same thing. It's basically the same thing and so I think it gets at this long standing grudge. That many people have that in parties raisch allies and is racially motivated. And I also believe that you know when journalists have an opportunity to investigate some of these these rallies what they're gonna find is that that They are organized in perhaps partially funded by the same organizations for right wing organizations that have an interest in stirring these these passions off. So you know it's it's astroturf basically And this time. What's different is that it's endangering public health. It's making it harder for exactly. Get past this cove in nineteen crisis and to just really quickly before. Because we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA add more to this to this panel if you were still running hard because the other issue. We're having to sort of conversation about this political moment where people are deciding. Who's were who who is worthy of living who is worthy of preserving their lives and who is not right and you think about public housing a group of Americans that are often not thought about not not you know not really paid that much attention to who live in very close quarters who are sort of by default living in situations where it is easier to get sick because you're on top of each other. What should be in a world where we had a normal presidency? What should be being done about that? Well I mean first of all we have something like twenty six billion dollars worth of overdue housing repairs that need to be done in public housing. We lose ten thousand units of public housing every year to disrepair in so many ways we've underinvested in public housing we'd to make those investments we ensure that people can live in good safe sanitary conditions that they're not crowded with each other in the Nineteen Ninety S. We had we got into this mode of demolishing of these big high rises in Chicago in other places in some ways. I think that we went too far because public housing does have real value and it has real value going forward in being able to provide people a safe decent affordable place to live. However I do think that along with that we forgot about in many ways the residents who live there and We need to be going in the other direction of investing in them. We also need direct rental assistance. That's a huge gap and I WANNA commend off folks like Representative Presley and Representative Denny heck who proposed different pieces of legislation to provide rental assistance to people. That desperately need it. Yeah and as if as if by magic I happen to have congressman. I enter Presley here. She was holding. We had we had a little bit of a different show plan today but we are. We are working on the fly so I want to bring in Congresswoman Ileana Presley. Thank you so much for being here congresswoman. Add you to the conversation because rent relief is now a day. It's a DEFCON. One situation yesterday was May i. It was not just made. It was rent day for a lot of people in the countries. Were having this whole conversation about who is being valued in this moment when we have this pandemic crisis and who is not renters are in trouble. Renters are suffering. Talk about the ideas that you have for trying to alleviate that sure well I I just want to commend my My colleague Representative Omar for her legislation. Which I'm proud to be an original cosponsor of which would cancel rant You know we're in the midst of a pandemic of public health crisis. People are quite literally navigating a new normal. Just trying to stay alive. And you're housing. Is your most expensive bill and also to the points made by Secretary Castro and also the professor. I'm housing is is a critical determinant of health as well. So many of the health disparities that we see also why we need quality safe and affordable housing but housing is your most expensive bill. So why folks are navigating normal. Just trying to stay alive. They shouldn't also be worried about paying the rent in. So we should just cancel that and eliminate that worry and carbon mortgages. Oh absolutely but when when they hear that then then you think twelve hundred dollars. That won't pay the rent in anywhere in New York City. I can tell you that. Nowhere near paying your rent in most big cities that's not paying. I'm sure in Boston. That's not paying your rent. So you know the challenge. People have as they're watching. They're watching the legislation happen. They're like this isn't helping me right. So what what can be done to to to change that dynamic yeah joint? Let me to say what happened yesterday. So we're experiencing unprecedented her ch- and in the wake of that. We're also seeing unprecedented activism. But folks should not have to organize and mobilize around what should be so obvious. This hurt is unprecedented. The relief should be felt by everyone. It requires unprecedented solutions. Unprecedented leadership and we need a relief package that puts the people first and that does mean many other things which hope to a new right later but it certainly means cancelling rent and You know I think the reason this administration has such contempt for workers and for everyday families is there calloused in their disconnected secretary. Mnuchin thinks someone. Some family can live off of twelve hundred dollars for ten weeks. That is seventeen dollars a day and I think Donald Trump has contempt for workers. Because he doesn't know anything about doing work all he does is play golf so of course he has contempt for workers but even when he plays golf he's utilizing low income oftentimes undocumented workers to make sure they're cleaning up after him and serving his food and making sure the green is. Kim knows what look like they look like black and Brown people and work gets done by workers and while many people are just now getting the memo that these are essential workers They had for too long been treated as if they are not essential but they are disposable and so they don't have essential rights. Think about if we already had universal paid leave universal health care how we would have more effectively in better weather this storm in so this is why I partnered with Senator Warren in representative Kana to introduce the essential workers bill of rights. These workers deserve a personal protection protective equipment. They deserve hazard pay deserve to know one. Another Co worker has tested positive and they deserve paid leave and Justice Center. This constituent called me at eleven o'clock at night. Essential worker a single mom the schools or close no one else to care for her child. She said I feel sick and I need to stay home with my child. Can You promised me representative Presley that if I stay home that I won't lose my job and I could not guarantee her. That and so this This bill would take care of that and it needs to be included in the next relief along with the cancellation of rent on the ring. Cancellations they want to stay with for just a moment secretary Castro. Not only were you. Also were mayor big city mayor and I wonder if the cancellation front. I imagine it would be very difficult to get a bill like that through Mitch. Mcconnell the grim reaper but governors can make a lot of decisions and in a lot of cases. They're acting sort of mini presidents here because Donald Trump is not acting. Could've governor in theory implement rent cancellation in their state. Could Governor Cuomo when he's cut when he comes up. His press conference announce that he is going to issue a rent cancellation not just for individuals but also for small businesses who by the way have to also pay rent. It's a great point. I mean governors do have a lot with authority up there. And fortunately as we've seen during this crisis. Governors have picked up the slack so have mayors in cities across this country In fact in a lot of places local communities they instituted protections against eviction They have also started direct rental assistance funds. But dance your question. I do think that a balanced package that provides rental relief is urgently needed and in Representative. Omar's legislation for instance. Both sides of this that are addressed right. We need to address the side of the renter. Who's panicking right now? Because it's already the second of the month and usually on the fourth or the fifth. That rent is delinquent and a landlord. can take action at the same time with respect to landlords in the bill addresses this as well a lot of these landlords are not landlords that own twenty-five thousand properties. They're people that own duplex or four lacks in people have brought up which is a legitimate point that many of them have a mortgage on that property and so That legislation is thoughtful and beginning to address all sides of that equation but to make sure that all of those vulnerable American families. That are panicking. Because they don't have the money for red are taken care of. That's what we need to do. And Are we just going to be home with a Gordon? Oh I just want to build upon that and say yes This legislation is very thoughtful. It's holistic because knowledge that again the scale and scope with this pandemic. The hurt is unprecedented and the relief must be felt equitably. Yeah and by the way banks were handed sight unseen one point seven trillion with a t dollars by the Federal Reserve. So the money is there the trick of we don't have the money that will work on America's anymore because now we know they have a lot of money when they have a lot of money in bank surgery get it? So they could mitigate loans or they let people go on mortgages so that way that people can not charge rent because the mortgages there can be mortgage. There's plenty of money on set and allows you just wanted to say to your point about Our state legislature is in our governors. I do have to give it up to you. Know Mild Comma Waltham Massachusetts where our state legislature has stepped up and there is at least a moratorium addictions and foreclosures. But in order for us to really get at this holistically we do need to cancel ran in PAS mortgages. And that's why I'm proud to be an original cosponsor representative Omar's legislation and we hope that place. I was just a joy in my hope. Is that that we're going to learn a powerful lesson from this experience and that we're going to begin to treat. Housing is a human right in this concert that this kind of movement will be will be the beginning of longer lasting change. We won't treat housing as a backburner issue in a way that we have for a long time. Yeah and appreciate that begins with no absolutely and you know. I want to bring seth in Brittany back in the sense that it's a holistic thing I think as the congressman the congresswoman and the former secretary said it's holistic. It's can you pay? Do you have any money? Do you have any income? It's can you then turn around and pay your bills and pay your rent? It's all it also goes together and at the job end of it. It's very difficult to get around the the the sort of simple idea. If the United States was doing with some European countries we're doing instantly providing enough of a monthly income. I think Senator Sanders has been for this. That's not at twelve hundred dollars. One time it's money per month. Is that something that the United States could theoretically be doing? A lot of these dynamics. There's no question about it and I think we're going to have to do that. Because that twelve hundred dollars which by the way has only gotten out to about half of the American people people who are going to get paper checks in large part haven't received that money at so that's really just a hope at this point for them but yes we're going to have to do that again because this economic recession that we're in heading towards a depression is going to last and twelve. Hundred dollars. Doesn't run out quickly in New York and Boston and also runs out quickly in Omaha and it runs out quickly in Butte Montana. It's not enough money to support a family for more than a short period of time and unemployment insurance benefits are not getting out to everybody who should be getting them either. That's the other big economic support that folks have and we know that small business start laying off and large businesses are laying workers off in in large numbers. So we're going to have to figure out a way for the government to cover the difference because he can't pay bills with money. You don't have so to eat money into workers who are unemployed workers who are in trouble workers who are low wage already and we're struggling so that we can send out of the deep economic depression which were headed right now. Absolute lack of an FDR problem without an FDR. I'm going to give Brittany the last word since we did. Start this whole thing with a tweet. That she posted inspired me to have her on the show today. So I'm going to give you the last word. Britney it's absolutely true that we need a universal basic income in this country. The right is resisting this because they are worried. That left is going to get all of our the things that we've been pressing for In this crisis look crises. Expose the places that we need to go in the ways that we need to grow. We have an opportunity in this moment to get better and we'll do that by focusing on how least of these in our country are fearing those folks are disproportionately black and Brown. This housing crisis is driven by this cable. Perception of black women as the undeserving and lazy for that is that is driving. So much of this so these policies will get us there. But we've got to go farther. I hope that we can start. We've gotTA start by deciding that living and our government doing things to promote the living thriving all of our citizens and not just the chosen. Few is the way to the future that we want. Amen well I think this panel. This is sort of on the fly. Thank you all for being so flexible in two panels together. You guys are Great Britain's Cooper Seth Harris Congresswoman ianna Presley Houlihan. Castro could not have been a better panel. Thank you all. Stay safe please. We are still waiting on this. Press briefing near Corner Andrew. Cuomo this morning but we will have a angel after the break. Hey Guys Willie geist here. Be sure to check out this week's episode of The Sunday. Sit Down podcast where I get together with the legendary Woody Harrelson for a wide ranging conversation. I promise you don't WanNa Miss Woody. Get it now for free wherever you download your podcasts. All Right Governor Andrew. Cuomo has taken his seat. We're going to go to him now. Closure to get out of the state capital tell you the truth and talk to the people who are actually doing the work. I am McQueen's boy so it's coming back home for me. Corona Queens was called Corona Queens before the corona virus. There was no connection between Corona Queens and the Corona Virus Levin introduced my colleagues who here from my far left Pat. Foy Who is the chairman of the MTA to my immediate left. Sarah Feinberg who runs the New York City Transit Bureau to my right Gareth roads? Who is Deputy Superintendent of the Department of Financial Services but has been with me for many years and is now helping on this up in Albany? The today is Saturday. I know that because it's on the slide otherwise I may not have known that But I follow the days by. What's on the power point? Everybody talks about. This is uncharted waters. That we've never been here before and that's true but even when you are in uncharted waters that doesn't mean you just proceed blindly right. You'd get whatever information that you can because you want to stay informed even in the old days when sailors would sail into uncharted waters. This is before. Gps radar and depth finders. They would throw out a piece of lead with the rope. The lead would fall to the bottom and they would call back to the captain. How deep the water was the letter you've been had on the very bottom a piece of wax. That would pickup. What was on the ocean bottom? Whatever sand rocks etc so the captain could tell basically where he was so unchartered? Waters doesn't mean proceed blindly right. It means get information. Get data the best you can and use that data to decide where you're going so especially in this situation. We have so much emotion your politics. You have personal anxiety that people feel social anxiety social stress. Let's stick to the facts. Let's stick to the data. Let's make sure we're making decisions with the best information that we have so. We do a lot of testing a lot of tracking to find out where we are. We test number of hospitalizations. Every night we find out how many people in the hospital the day before. And we've been tracking. That good news. Is that number down a tick again? Today the net change in hospitalizations is down a tick. Intimations is down which is very good news. The new cases walking the door the new cova cases. The number of new infections was also down a little bit eight hundred thirty one. It had been relatively flat at about nine hundred every day which is not great news. Yesterday was a thirty one will watch to see what happens with that. The number that I watch every day which is the worst is the number of deaths. That number has remained obnoxiously and terrifyingly high. And it's still not dropping at the rate we would like to see a drop. It even went up a little bit two hundred ninety nine to one hundred and eighty nine the day before so that is bad news. Two hundred and seventy six deaths in hospitals twenty-three in nursing homes as everybody knows. Nursing homes are where the most vulnerable population is and the highest number of the most vulnerable population but again use the data use information to determine actions not emotions not politics not what people think feel but what we know in terms of facts. We've been sampling all across the state to determine the infection rate. So we know if it's getting better if it's getting worse and we've done the largest survey in the nation testing for people who have antibodies. If somebody has antibodies. It means that that person was infected. Right that's what the antibody test does for you. It tells you that person was infected. They've now recovered so that they have. Antibodies I went through this with my brother Chris. He got infected. He now has the antibody so you test him. He tests positive for antibodies. So we've been doing. These antibody testings all across the state. We have the largest sample now over fifteen thousand people which is an incredibly large sample and when we started on the twenty second we had twenty nine hundred people surveyed. At that time we had about a thirteen point. Nine percent just about fourteen percent infection rate statewide then went up to about four point. Fourteen point nine and today it is down to twelve point. Three now. Statisticians will say this is all plus or minus in the margin of error. But it's a large sample. It is indicative fourteen to fourteen point nine down to twelve point three and as you can see we test about every four or five days. We have so much at stake so many decisions that we have to make that we want to get those data points as quickly as we can and seeing it go down to twelve percent in. May only a couple of points but it's better than seeing it go up. That's for sure and again. This is outside the margin of error so this is a good sign and it is fifteen thousand people surveyed. So it's a large number. You can then start to look at where in this state. Who IN THE STATE? So that will inform our strategy. You can see. It's a little bit more male than female. Not exactly sure why that is a New York City. You see the number one from twenty one to twenty four and it's down to nineteen point nine so again. That's a good sign. You Always WanNa see the number dropping rather than the number increasing within New York City. You see the Bronx is high. Twenty seven percent Brooklyn Nineteen Manhattan Seventeen Queens Eighteen. Staten Island nine thousand nine hundred and we're going to do more research to understand what's going on there. Why is the bronx higher than the other boroughs? Statewide you see. It's basically about flat. This is predominantly an issue for New York City then Long Island then the northern suburbs then the rest of the state but Eerie County which is Buffalo. New York has been problematic. The racial breakdown. We're looking at to see a studied disproportionate impact who is paying the highest price for this virus. What's happening with poorer communities? What's happening in with a ratio with the racial demographics overlaid over the income demographics and also if there's any information in different ages that could be instructive were still getting about nine hundred new infections everyday walking into the hospital that is still an unacceptably high rate where trying to understand exactly why that is. Who are those nine hundred? Where is it coming from? What can we do to now? Refine our strategies to find out where those new cases of being generated. And then get to those areas. Get to those places get to those people to try to target our attack. If you remember we had the first cluster in the nation first hotspot even before they called them. Hotspots was new Rochelle Westchester and there was a tremendous outbreak. In New Rochelle. We then sent all sorts of resources into new Rochelle and we actually reduced that hot spot. So if you find a specific place or pattern that is generating infections then you can attack but you have to find it first and that's what we're looking at especially on the number of new infections that are coming and you see if you look at the location of it. It's not telling us much but where we asked to hospitals yesterday. We have all the hospitals on a conference call and I spoke to all the hospital hospitals and ask them to take additional information from people who are walking into the hospitals to try to find out where these infections are coming from. Are they frontline workers for people who are staying home these infections that are being spread in the home? Or are they frontline workers? Which means they're getting up every day. They're getting on public transit. They're going to work and maybe they're getting on public transit. Maybe they're getting it at the workplace but getting more information on where these new cases are coming from. Where do you live not just borrow? What community within the borough all the different health factors that are affecting the new infection. Rate Co Morbidity. He's how were they traveling? Are they in their cars? Are they on public transportation? Is that the New York City Transit System Long Island railroad etc so we asked the hospitals to collect that data. Yesterday will be getting that over the next couple of days and that will help us again. get more information. In the meantime we know that vulnerable populations are paying the highest price. Seniors are nursing homes and our poorer communities. They are the ones where you have higher infection rates and you have higher risk and higher exposure. We're GONNA distribute today seven million masks to just those communities in nursing homes poorer communities people in public housing in New York City New York City Housing Authority. So we'll be doing that today. Seven million masks is a large number. There's about nine million people in New York City. Total so seven million masks is obviously will make a big difference. We're all so funding food banks the more. This has gone on the longer people without a job longer. People without a check our without a check basics like paying rent and buying food become very important. We have addressed the rent issue. The immediate urgent need nobody can be affected for non-payment of rent and that's true through June so people are stable in their housing environment. Next basic need is food right and we're operating foodbanks. Twenty five million dollars more in food banks. All the food banks will tell you that the demand is way way up and we need help in funding foodbanks philanthropies a lot of foundations. That are in the business of helping people. Well if you're a foundation or not for profit or philanthropy or a person who wants to help? We could use more funding for food banks. The state budget is also very stressed with what's going on so we don't have the state funds to do what's needed but we would appreciate donations for the food banks as I said. The antibody testing has been very important and We're going to undertake a full survey of antibody testing for transit workers. Transit workers have very much been at the front line. We talk about essential workers people who are out there every day running the buses running the subways all through this. We know that there's been a very high infection rate among transit workers We've said thank you and we appreciate what you're doing one thousand times but I believe actions speak louder than words if you appreciate what we're doing and help us do what we do and we're going to be doing that with more testing and more resources that's going to be going on right now. And to keep our trees and workers safe and to keep the public safe the rioting public. We're going to do something that has never been done before. And that is that the MTA is going to be disinfecting every train. Twenty four hours. This is such a monumental undertaking. I can't even begin to describe it to you The New York City subway system has never been closed. It operates twenty four hours a day because we have a twenty four hour city. We're taking the unprecedented step during this pandemic of closing the system for four hours at night from one. Am to five when the ridership is lowest. The ridership is lower to begin with. It's down about ninety percent because of everything but its lowest during one. Am to five am. We're going to close it from one. Am to five am the MTA is going to Literally disinfect every train and just viewed the operations on how they're doing it. It's smart. It's labor intensive people have to wear has matt suits. They have a number of chemicals. That disinfect but literally. You have to go through the whole train. With a misting device where they spray disinfectant literally on every surface. You know this virus just studying it now but there were reports and say the virus can live two or three days on some surfaces like stainless steel. You look at the inside of a subway car. You look at the rails you look at the the bars. They're all stainless steel so to make sure the transit workers safe to make sure the riding public is safe. The best thing you can do is disinfect. The whole inside of the car as massive challenges that is but that's what the MTA is doing and they're doing it extraordinarily well and it's just another sign of the dedication this the capacity of our transit workers which is indicative of the story of New York. I mean they are stepping up in a big way. Not just the cars are also doing stations all the handrails etc and it's good and smart for the transit workers who have to work in that environment but it's also right for the riding public and we want people to know who need to use the subways and the buses because they are working that they are safe and the essential workers who have kept this entire society functioning have done an extraordinary job and we want them to know that we're doing everything we can do to keep them safe. You know. This was the delicate balance all along. We needed New Yorkers to understand how dangerous this virus was and we communicated that early on so that when we said stay home people understood. They should really stay home right. New Yorkers can be a cynical bunch and just because it governor says stay home. They're not going to stay home unless they understand why they need to stay home. So we presented those tracks but at the same time we're saying to essential workers after just hearing how dangerous viruses and by the way you have to go to work tomorrow and they did. And if the essential workers didn't then you would have seen a real problem if you don't have food on the shelves if you don't have power to homes If you don't have basic services if the police don't show up if the fire department doesn't show up if the EMT's don't show up if the ambulance is don't run. The nurses don't show up the doctors. Don't show up then. You are in a place where you've never been before so after communicating. How dangerous the situation was. The next breath was but frontline workers. You have to show up and they did and they did and they did their job and that is an extraordinary extraordinary example of duty and honor and respect and love for what they do and who they are and love for their brothers and sisters in the community and they demonstrated it. They didn't say they demonstrated every day when they get up and they leave their house so God bless them all but we also have to do what we have to do to make sure we're doing everything we can to keep them safe. And this heroic effort on cleaning the subways is part of that and we will continue because we are New York. Tough but tough. Jessen doesn't mean just tough. It means smarter. Means United amused disciplined. And it means loving. You can be tough and you can be loving. They're not inconsistent. Sometimes you have to be tough to be loving. And that's what New Yorkers all about questions comments governor homeless we'll have to be leaving subway system. What resources what actions is your administration taking to provide? You know hotel rooms funding any other resources to make sure they don't just move the problem from one area to another Louis. I've worked with the homeless communities since I was in my twenty s. I ran a not for profit. I was the largest provider for homeless families. In the country I then went to Department of Housing and Urban Development which for the federal government is in charge of homeless programs. Came up with a whole new program to help the homeless nationwide and implemented that did more for the homeless than ever before so my knowledge of helping the homeless. I think is sufficient. And I know there's a lot of politics about helping Hamas you do not help the homeless by letting them stay on a subway car and sleep on a subway car in the middle of a global pandemic when they could expose themselves or others to virus. That does not help the homeless. I mean it is common sense to these. People need a safe clean decent place shelter. We should provide that. Even more. To the to the extent people need services and help with an underlying issue mental health services substance abuse job training et CETERA. We should provide that so the notion of what you should let everyone sleep on the train and just stay on the train homeless because that's good for them. It's not good for them we. We are funding. An unprecedented amount in housing and services for the homeless part of what the problem has been has been connecting a homeless individual with those services. That is the difficulty because homeless people have an underlying issue have been homeless for a period of time. It's not as simple as saying come with me. I want to help you come. I'm going to bring you to a community. Group residents. That connection is very difficult. It's not that we're not funding services finding housing. You have to get that homeless person to a position where they trust and they're accepting. I think this actually poses an opportunity to engage homeless men and women who have been sleeping on trains some of them for years four years. Now to disinfect. You have to get the people off the trains. You have to engage homeless men and women with the appropriate skill set. And I think it's actually an opportunity to get the most trains and actually connect them to the services. They need it but it is governor. There's been talk of using FEMA money. Money emergency aid from Hud to paper hotel rooms for the homeless especially street homeless. Have you taken any actions to make that those sort of resources available we have funding for local governments? It's up to the local government to decide the best strategy. But I think there's an opportunity here. This picture that are editor took this morning about nine thirty this morning on an F. train at Westport and unfortunately there were three men sleeping in the car spread out I mean. Do you realistically think that with this. Increased outreach because you push them out in the middle of the night can we see an end to that Japan realistically or is that will will you? Can you end all homeless people? No I don't believe you were. I would like to say yes but I don't believe you will. You always had a certain number of people who were homeless for one reason or another going back decades. I mean not like it is today but you always had some people who for one reason or another wanted to sort of get away from society drop out of society had an issue that they were dealing with. I don't think you'll help everyone one hundred percent but I don't know that that's that's the real question you help as many people as you can and this'll be the first time that I can remember that. Every homeless person by definition has to get off that train at one point. You know to disinfect. The trains everyone has to be off the train. And I think that's an opportunity to actually engage homeless people and find out what they need and try to link them up with the services in the help. Will you get every? Will you help everyone but you help everyone that you can't can't pay the rent now and they don't pay the rent. They cannot be evicted by the landlord period. You cannot be victim for non-payment of rent. I did what's called an executive order but it's basically a law so a landlord cannot evict the person for non-payment of rent. If you can pay the rent you should pay the rent right. I'M NOT SAYING. Don't pay if you can pay morality in this but if you can't pay many people can't pay because of circumstances you cannot be addicted and that is a law that is in place through June and then come June. We'll see where we are and we'll figure it out sir. Romney wore officers are going to be needed and the need to travel. Is there anything? We are Chairman Pat Foy with us And Sarah who runs the Transit Bureau alternative to them to give you some more details. Well let me start with the Alternative Service Plan and Sarah will talk about the Program of closing the subways from one. Am to five am What we are going to do. Well let me say that step back. When the pandemic began we've reached out to the Hospital Association to Labor Unions Trade Associations to get data on where they are employees. Lived what hospital they went went to what food preparation facility as an example. They went to we. Did we did that in early. March as a result we have very granular data as to the number of passengers that travel from one. Am TO TWO AM. We know that in the period from one. Am to five in approximately ten to eleven thousand. A of our customers travel what we have done in connection with the announcement. The governor's announcement earlier in the week in Albany about closing the subways I in a bunch of my colleagues at reached out to the AFL CIO to the Transit Workers Union New York state in New York City to the Hospital Association. Eleven ninety nine thirty two J. The building trades grocery stores and grocery store unions that that's a partial list and we're getting very granular data where their employees or members travel fun and to and we are going to to the extent we can tailor service to accommodate their needs. And I'll turn to Sarah in terms of the alternative service program. Sure so thanks. So Pat said ten to eleven thousand of our riders travel between one and five. Am over the last several weeks. We know Which subway stops they use? We know a lot of origin and destination information. Look we're going to prioritize best service. We're we're a public transportation agency and so we want to prioritize best service. It's we're going to be running a lot of buses in most places. The subway headways were about twenty minutes. So we'RE GONNA have bus service that matches the subway headways if you were if you were depending on the subways. We're GONNA try to match bus service that you are We were listening to Governor Andrew. Cuomo he has now turned the briefing over someone else. Who's talking about empty? Those of you have heard the term. Mta being thrown around if you do not live in New York City and are not familiar with what they're talking about. The Metropolitan Transit Authority runs the buses and the subways and of course in New York City. The buses in the subways are really kind of the main artery of getting around. An- illnesses that impact. Mass transit obviously can shut New York City down and make it very difficult to end. This coronas crisis because people ride very close together. People are on subways a quick couple of data points five point seven million people ride the New York City subway every day. Metro North has about three hundred thousand riders a day riding in from Connecticut and New Jersey. So that's kind of the context of why you're hearing a lot of talk about the M. T. A. From Governor. Cuomo in from the person who's speaking right now. Seven million masks have been sent to nursing homes and to at risk communities per the governor. He's implemented in order saying no evictions through June meeting. People who were unable to pay their rent have rent relief through June and is a month from now and the question is does that mean that when June comes they have to pay all the back rent. Because that's a problem. If you get to the end of your relief you still have to pay the rent. That was not answered. No one followed up on that or maybe somebody will follow up on that. One of the questionnaires antibody tests for all transit workers in the New York City region. That's being implemented again because transit is the artery of New York City and Cuomo announced that the M. T. A. M. Metropolitan Transit Authority. That runs buses. And subways isn't going to disinfect. All the trains from one PM to five am that matters to you. If you live in the tri-state area if you live or work in New York City so we will continue to monitor the krona virus updates in New York but up next the latest on the sexual harassment allegation against former Vice President Joe Biden and also his response some coffee and we'll see on the other side of the break. Would you please go on the record with the American people? Did you sexually assault terror? Read no it is not true. I'm saying unequivocally it never never happened. Do you remember. Do you remember any any types of complaints that she might have made. I don't remember any type of complaints. She may have made. It was twenty seven years ago and I don't remember nor does anyone else that I'm aware of on Friday. The apparent Democratic nominee former vice president Joe Biden appeared on Morning Joe and categorically denied an allegation of sexual assault against him. That's been leveled by a former staffer in his Senate office named Tara Reid and a trigger warning here read alleged that in nineteen nine hundred three then senator pushed her up against a wall in the Senate office building in penetrated her with his fingers under her skirt. Read alleges that shortly after this incident she official complaint with the Senate personnel office alleging that she had experienced harassment and that shortly after that. She says she was fired. These claims must be taken seriously full. Stop not least of all because we are in the middle of a presidential campaign and so the obligation that we have on this side of the virtual desk to tell you what we know and what we don't. So here's what we know. As of today misread made her allegation publicly for the first time on. March twenty fifth a few weeks ago. Nbc News reached out to five people. Who Ms Reid said could provide corroboration of her claim. One did confirm that misery told them about the alleged assault at the time another says she recalled some of the details but nothing regarding the alleged assault the other three said they were called no such conversation since then business insider has published an interview with a former neighbor of reads who says misery. Toltar- about the assault at the time. This is not the first time Joe Biden. Myspace allegations of unwanted touching last year. Eight women including misread came forward to say that Biden hugged kissed or touched them in ways. That made them feel uncomfortable. Read is the only one that has since alleged assault to that point. The New York Times led an investigation into these allegations and contacted nearly two dozen people. Who WORKED WITH MR Biden in the early nineties? None were able to corroborate any details of misery delegation and many even said Biden's office had the reputation of being a supportive workplace for women. We also have to talk about. The timing of all of this is read. Made her allegations public in late March when the primary was down to just Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and days before Sanders announced. He was suspending his campaign. Some Biden supporters have questioned Ms Reeve's motives because of that timing misery voted for Sanders in the California primary. And that of course doesn't mean that. She's not believable but some sanders supporters have used the allegations to call for Biden to be replaced on the Democratic ticket because of these claims with the implication that sanders should replace him. Ms Reed story also has changed considerably over time in significant ways she initially allege a year ago that Biden inappropriately touched her neck and hair and only later up the claim to sexual assault. And there's been a change in the reason why. She says she left her job early on. She says she was pushed out. After declining to serve drinks at an event and last and also most weirdly back in two thousand eighteen read wrote a series of blog posts extravagantly praising Russian President Vladimir Putin who intelligence agencies say wage cyber warfare against the United States in order to get donald trump elected president and one such blog post which she published on medium and has since been deleted entitled. Why a Liberal? Democrat supports bladder near Putin. She wrote quote. President Putin has an alluring combination of strength. With gentleness his sensuous image projectors love for life the embodiment of grace while facing adversity misery. Now says that her praise of Putin misguided meanwhile Joe Biden isn't just any old Democratic candidate. He was vice president to the first black president of the United States. And before that a senator with a decades long record during the very same era in which this accusation lives Biden wrote and passed a controversial crime. Bill that also contained the violence against Women Act and before that as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee he was accused of failing to take a NIETA hills. Sexual harassment claims against Supreme Court nominee. Clarence Thomas nearly seriously enough all things for which you will have to grapple as a presidential candidate in all of this is taking place today in the Metoo era when women are finally being given the space to have these kinds of claims taken seriously but also in such claims have had widely different consequences for powerful men from Harvey Weinstein R Kelly and Bill Cosby and even Senator Al Franken. Who was literally run out of town by his fellow. Democrats to conservative men like Brett cavenaugh. For whom the accusations by Dr Christine Blasi Ford got little more than a cursory. Fbi investigation and now. She has to live in hiding to avoid the death threats while he sits on the Supreme Court for life. Right Beside Clarence Thomas History how you rhyme. Here's what Joe Biden said about the cavenaugh gay allegations at the time for a woman to come forward to the glaring lights of now. The national spotlight. You've got to start with the presumption that at least the essence of what she's talking about Israel whether or not she forgets facts whether or not it's been made worse or better over time and here's how he reacted to Mika Brzezinski reminding him of those words yesterday. Look from the very beginning. I've said believing. Women means taking the women's claims seriously when she steps forward and then vet it. Look into it this. This is true in this case as well women have right to be heard and the pressure rigorously investigate claims they make always a poll that principle but in the end in every case the truth is what matters this case. The truth is the claims are false. Anything News has reached out to Tara Reid for reaction to Biden's comments but it's not her back we've also invited her to appear on this show. We did not hear back so far. And while we're contest you take contextualising. Any claims of prominent political leaders facing the political risk and the personal embarrassment of sexual misconduct allegations. We must never ever forget that we are living right now in a world and in a country where the American President Donald J trump stands presently accused by two dozen women of sexual misconduct including harassment and sexual assault. All of which of course even as the entire country heard him on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women with Impunity. So there's that Aaron Hanes editor at large for the Nineteenth Adrian elrod former senior adviser to the Hillary Clinton Campaign Michelle Goldberg columnist for The New York Times in Msnbc Contributor Cynthia oxy who was a former federal prosecutor and MSNBC legal analyst. We should note that. Cynthia wants intern for Biden Senate office. Thank you all for being here and start with you. You write for the nineteenth which focuses on issues of concern to women. Give me a sense of how this story is playing out among voters who have already seen this choice. Basically made in the primaries. Yeah Good Morning. Good to be with you. I think that it is hearing important. To point out is somebody who's covered this primary for for the past year and a half you know. Conversations around women and their safety in the workplace and in public spaces was largely left off of the campaign trail and the debate stage. But at least for now This issue is front and center with with this Terry allegation and it is important to remember that women are the majority of the electorate and survivors. Frankly are an important constituency. That is weighing. How these kinds of issues could affect how they choose to participate in democracy both in the primary and headed into the fall. I think is important since the now that the former vice president has finally come forward and address these allegations for himself about what these women voters are going to make a what he said if his statements yesterday in his interviewer Orla even lingo If they were satisfied with his response and inhabit that is affecting. But but you're right. I mean now this. This isn't election where we are having a conversation about Two men who have been accused obviously different levels of accusations for the former vice president and and our and our incumbent president but nonetheless this now is a conversation that has finally entered this twenty twenty election cycle and and women voters definitely paying attention. Yeah and you know Adrian. It strikes me that you know started off talking about some twenty people running for president including many many very qualified women And we came down to what will essentially be to silent generation. White men will be going up against each other for the presidency. Both of whom have some issue or other. That's related in this general area. I'll though the scale is quite different with Donald Trump. I think that has to always be said And we can even put up the list of the number of people who've accused him. I think we have a picture of it. We can never really forget those accusers. I think it's important to keep their their stories top of mind as well but there. There are similarities to the twenty sixteen race in those trump's accusers their similarity to the two thousand sixteen race in the sense that Bill Clinton's issues from back in the nineties were used against Hillary Clinton. You'll recall that infamous moment when Roger Stone paraded out some of these Bill Clinton accusers to try to essentially equalised Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to say. Neither of these people is better. They're both just as bad and her email situation is just as bad it level the two of them when you look at poll about they were both equally terrible which means you could just make a jump ball choice without any sort of moral implications. Now what we're seeing is. The New York Times had a piece that came out overnight editorial calling for an investigation of Tara Reid's claims it said this Biden has said that he would like to see his Delaware papers released that he would like to see you all of his Senate papers released and they are. This is a start but it does not go far enough. Any serious inquiry must include the trove of records for Mr Biden Senate career that he donated to the University of Delaware in twenty twelve. Currently those files are set to remain sealed until after Mr Biden retired from public life. The common arrangement there are growing calls for Mr Biden and make those records available to see if they contain any mention of misread perhaps others who raise similar complaints about his behavior that he was asked about repeatedly by me. Cooper Jetski. Is this his emails or is this a legitimate call release every piece of paper. That's associated with him. Well joy first of all I want to thank you and congratulate basically acknowledged the fact that the way you laid up this discussion by laying out all this tax by you know going through a chronological time line. And then of course you know talking about what we went through in two thousand sixteen. I mean these are all important factors and I think before we really into these discussions. It's important to lay out the facts because oftentimes we down in. Then we have this sort of you know like equalised playing field. When it's really not the case to the point that you made twenty four accusers of Donald Trump. One person with some with some missteps perhaps in her stories what she said so far against Joe Biden when it comes to the New York Times editorial. I was pretty disappointed to see that this morning because it did remind me of two thousand sixteen. It did remind me of everything that we had to go through her emails. A couple things to push back on the New York Times editorial Biden was vetted we've got to keep in mind joy when he went through the vice presidential vetting process in two thousand eight to become Barack Obama's running mate that is no joke of a process every aspect of your life unturned. Everything is researched. You are you. There is no more stringent vetting process in the United States than going through that process. So he has been vetted if something like this had happened. I'm confident it would have been overturned. And we also. Of course joy heard from the attorney who oversaw the vetting process in two thousand eight? He said we never saw anything that accused him of sexual harassment or sexual assault would come crossing that process in secondly he took such a monumental step yesterday by saying you know what. I want the Senate to release these records. I want him to look into all of my documents. That are in the Senate archives that live wherever they may live and cover them. Something like this wouldn't live in the University of Delaware. It's important to keep in mind that when a public official elected official anybody who served in public office decides to archive their records from their Senate time from their time working in the White House or wherever they were. This is a choice. This is a choice that is meant to document their body of work for educational purposes for legacy building purposes. So something like personal records wouldn't live at the University of Delaware. If they exist anywhere they would live in the Senate they would live in the archives. He took the unprecedented step to ask. Those records be released. Should they exist? GotTa give a major props for that. A lot of individuals don't always take that step especially if you're the nominee for for running for president so props to Joe Biden I thought was credible. Very truthful yesterday Nigga. Brzezinski was very tough on him. It was a very tough interview and to me. I think he came across about as credible as one could be when when going through this process and just to fill in some of the data that you just heard a moment ago. William Jefferson for the audience did come through. This was the lawyer who handled the betting of Joe Biden during Barack Obama's vice presidential search. So he oversaw a team of nearly ten lawyers who spent nearly two months digging through records and interviewing dozens of people about Biden. This kind of complaint Terry any kind of complaint about Senator Biden and sexual harassment never came up. We just never had an occasion to interview anyone on an accusation. Like this. Because we've got Nelson's accusations that's fair to put out also. The University of Delaware has released a statement saying the University of Delaware received the Biden senatorial papers as a gift from Vice President Biden. We are currently curing the collection process. That we estimate will carry on to the spring of two thousand twenty one and as the curing process is not complete. The papers are not yet available to the public Nbc News has reported that Joe Biden has requested that the secretary of the Senate release all of the records that would mean the actual personnel records. And would be any records that we're actually directly related to personnel. So I just want to make sure I get that out. I want to go to you. Michelle Goldberg because the couple of the challenges that I think people are having with the whole way. This is playing out. Is it on the one hand? There's concern for Tara Reid for her to have closure you know her accusations to be looked into properly and then there's the sense that that the people who are pushing this. The hardest don't primarily care about her. There is this subtext of this. Being some kind of an opportunity to maybe ultimately get four Senator Sanders a nomination that he didn't win the old-fashioned way right. So you had clear. Sandberg who was Senator Sanders Twenty Twenty national organizing director. Tweet now is the time to deal with the ramifications of tariff reductions. Are this cut nine for my producers. Not this fall. There is simply no moral justification for Biden to continue as the presumptive nominee out of respect for survivors and for the good of the country. He should withdraw from the race. That kind of thing is what's a nerve. I think a lot of people about how this is going your thoughts Michelle clearly. I think there's a lot of bad faith among both people on the far less and people on the right pushing this story although that doesn't really tell us that much about whether the story itself is true or false right excuse me. I think that you also had immense bad faith among many of the people who persecuted Bill Clinton even though it's pretty clear that Bill Clinton did in fact engage in sexual misconduct. What's difficult about this case? Is that instead? Because it came through these intensely part of channels right because Tara. Reid pleaded sort of gleefully before she went public Keno. Just wait. You know timing tick Tock and so it was clear that she wanted to deploy this bomb for maximum political effect. That doesn't mean it's not true. It's entirely plausible to me. That if something like this happen to you you would want to use it to take down the person who victimize issue but it does. I think make it harder for people who you know. I think it does make it harder for Democrats particularly not to receive these allegations with a lot of suspicion. I actually not on the editorial board at the New York Times although I work On the editorial side I like the idea of the DNC. Doing some sort of investigation may be getting some sort of outside law firm in the same way that companies sometimes do when their sexual harassment complaints because people are comparing this to Christine Bazi Ford and Brad Kavanagh and I think it's important to remember that Christine Blasi board testified under oath and was cross examined under oath and the demand at the time from the metoo movement was that the FBI You know fully investigate her case. I don't think anybody wants William Bars Justice Department to fully investigate this case. But I do think it would be good to have Has Everybody has defy under oath? Gather all the relevant documents gathering. Whatever information is out there and presented in one coherent package as opposed to this kind of drip drip drip of confirmation half confirmation rumor? Innuendo yeah and I think that I think for a lot of people the worry that people have about the the. Delaware records is that it becomes a feeding frenzy like the emails did where the media demands. Don't we want all those records? We WanNA come through them. Would see what we find. And then we'll find news in there. I think that's what a lot of people do worry about but I want to go to the US. Cynthia because just from a you know this is also a potentially of illegal story although Ms. Read says that she no longer has the complaint that she filed. So that's not available and we're not sure you know. I don't believe that Mr Biden was named in any complaint that she fathered a tie but that being said here's what we know about the allegation and the changes in it. There were three people this pretty times in Biden Senate office who read claims that she told about the alleged harassment here. Three cultural from those three people quote number run in an interview with Mr Take Kaufman. A longtime friend of Mr Biden who was his chief of staff at the time. He said I did not know her. She did not come to me if she had. I would have remembered her number two. It's just so preposterous. That Senator Biden will be faced with these allegations and this is Dennis Turner. Who was the deputy chief of staff when Ms Reed worked in the office? I don't remember I don't remember this conversation. I would remember that conversation Quote number three never once witnessed or heard or received any reports of inappropriate conduct not from Israel not from anyone this Marian Baker Mr Biden's executive Assistant I've actually no knowledge or memory of misreads accounting of bans which would have left a searing impression on me as a woman personal and if the manager there's also there are three tweets from March by misread. That that they. They migrate in March Fifteenth. And this was around the time that I believe Senator Sanders was losing in Michigan. I worked for Joe Biden. She says in one thousand nine hundred eighty. I complained about sexual harassment. Me I was fired. My full account never was told in public last April Joe Biden former staffer called me a Russian press. I have been silence. Mark Seventeen my full account. What Biden did to me is being silenced. Some people know what by did to me yet a does not public I would disqualify. Disqualify him then. She says Biden sexually harassed me and more do not let me be silence and she also tweet ahead not us which is the Bernie Sanders Hashtag and then March twenty fifth. This is an expert of the Audio interview where she says it's assault so can you just from a legal standpoint? Give us what. What do you make of this? These claims well let me just say I. I think it's important that we've been heard. I think it's important that it's taken seriously. Which obviously we're doing today. I think it's important that Vice President Biden had a chance to confront the allegations. And now here. We are at evaluation from from a professional prosecutor. Who's tried a lot of sex crimes? Cases here's what I see. I see a case that started in one thousand nine hundred three where the victim did not say. She was sexually assaulted by her own account. We don't have the written record of that. We do need to find what we don't have the written record and then we have twenty six years pretty much twenty six years of her not accusing him of sexual assault. There is one witness that says she did but for most of twenty six years out of her mouth. We have not heard that and in March it morphs to include pretty graphic details. Her own family member has changed his story. A little bit and so the case has inconsistencies. That require explanations. That require maybe. There's a good explanation but you would have to have a serious interview to find out. Why is it that the story has changed so much? It's a big problem in a case like this. And there's also the question of the change in the outcry witnesses and the very odd tweets about Putin. Yeah I wish we had more time. We were a little truncated today because of the press conference but we will continue the store. We have invited ms read on the show. We hope she will accept our invitation. Aaron Hanes Adrian elrod Michelle Goldberg. Sent the money. Thank you all very much and a reminder you can hear more from Joe Biden tonight on Politics Nation with whoever now sharpton stay with MSNBC. Hey It's Chris as this week and my podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking with my friend. Heather mcghee about the book. She's writing about how American racism ends up hurting us. All societies that has a public health system that is highly functioning well coordinated and well resourced are obviously going to do better in a public health crisis and we have resisted that in the richest country on the planet in large part for the past one hundred years because of racism. That's this week on. Why is this happening? Search for wise is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribed.

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