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It's rate this podcast dot dot com forward slash something who Something who will win word and the idea behind that is quickly takes you to a site you can rate uh-huh and then it'll help other people find us and thou be great so please do that very well. Okay so Simon. What did you think of often fifty five? Wow last speaking I was always lavishing the new series. We've quite praise the real high point. Some in the last one swan unfortunately was a bit of a bit of a letdown. There was some promising ideas but the way in which was it was delivered very very disappointing side. We had some great special effects for the Drake's they were. They were highly impressive but honestly a lot of it just like an underground carpark in some inner city suburbs somewhere and each week. We say that the cost and get enough today. So Ryan was pretty much the star our show and big letdown for she ryan fluffed his lines. East just comes across as a bit unlovable and plotting. Unfortunately say himself down now unfortunately Ryan yes again. She was good but bidding the background too much of scene of seeing this episode absolutely taken apart online reviews whilst I think it was the worst ever episode of doctor who like some people say it wasn't bad however say I think the ball was set very high the into shows up series. They will recommend this when I was a bit of a letter only went round around and didn't cycles and those that unnecessary trip out into the wasteland Benny back and they got away out to get him and what do they do. They shut him the southern what youthful Richard. Well yeah I mean it was a game a two-horse as far as I was concerned like you say after after those two episodes of Spoi- boy fall and then the first half of this one. I was really in quite positive excited about doctor. You I thought cheaper says got everything under control and and They need action. We've become base under siege. There's this tension building quite nicely. You know there's this is a monster. The studio threatening and believable. And Yeah you know I thought okay suits this this is gonNA K- and then unfortunately the second half in I couldn't I couldn't like at all I mean as you say this this pointless. Let's go outside so he can guess drown date. There's the kind of convenient. Oh look. There's a long tunnel against this is back although I just go straight through the middle of another threat It was terrible science. Just didn't believe that the species can Kinda volve from being air-breathing to being carbon dioxide breathing characters was as you say were killed off and then I take exception to beeping hits over the head three or four times with a simple message. I mean I I appreciate what they're trying to say in terms of environmental message pitch got that from the story but then being whacked over the head with it right at the end again. I I thought that's a bit much as well. So yeah you know. I think it's the worst thing ever but I try as I might and tries I did to love it. I couldn't now. There was a double whammy. There was the whole parenting tame running all the way as well. Yes and gram grams. been a star of the show all the way through. So how altogether. But I can't he just he just didn't really get involved us a bit useless. Really wasn't the all the way through it. He won them that fantastic price with his galactic coupons Tokyo whenever you were on the East in can't evolve really just kept protesting US bus driver and didn't know what was going on so that was disappointing. Graham it Israel he just wanted to sit down. Didn't take his take me the way off his feet and have a bit of a funny didn't work out for him and yeah I agree with the whole parents thing it. It was ludicrous. I think that the two could be reconciled in the last frame having been so thoroughly odds all the way through the again there was no real believable. Move towards reconciliation there so so yeah anyway. What didn't WanNa do with spent a long time with you coping hoping Here we and we we kind of agreed beforehand. That wasn't GonNa go very far so so what we ought to do. Instead is to say well you know this episode showed us the end of the world. But it's not the first time the world sanded in doctor who say we thought we work our way through all different ones. We could remember across the series that works to me having Eban having sort of sat through episode and I watched it twice because I couldn't believe how bad the alarm reviews I think we need to do this. Whole Earth devastation? Justice this style of your Ram Gala Frei Review in the last podcast wretched. Yeah can't guarantee to be quite fluent or quite as quick on this one but but but let's go so so how I frame this one is in well. It's in chronological order. As far as the series is concerned. It is very far from being chronological as far as the earth is concerned concerned though aspect when you come to the end of the it's relative I suppose as to what the chronology is but I the first one I could think the series was the arc which she she stay in the fifty seventh segment of time but apparently the earth is dying on they have to disappear off. Would you make the ARC. So I mean that's the that's the woman the aliens through the Beatles haircuts isn't it the very susceptible to the common cold the human saw. Yeah Stephen just just about finished. He's everybody offers me. That will again be familiar. Isn't it started off promisingly then and then fizzled out. I mean the mono it's quite impressive. Aliens ends until you live. took their their feet and to further down. Yeah I suppose you're right okay. So then we've got the tenth planet so that's at the end of the earth but it's the end of Anna So said Mandis comes back is to have like the earth upside down. Yeah Oh and hair bad word about that story. That's that's just fantastic with a cyberman coming out of the snow and even though they got those ridiculous sought to describe like George Foreman Foreman grills on their chests now. That's that's that's a fantastic story if you get two ends of Mangas actually because you get you get the thing that causes assignment in the first place it drifts away and goes to cold and they've got to do something and then it comes back in it and it Melts or something. Because it's got too much Janet from the earth I think never quite clear how it drains the energy from the earth or what happens to cause it to overheat but but yeah that's a very very that's still one of the cleverer stories also thoroughly lifeless the wet dealt with the astronauts as well not seeing now In doctor who is a few few grizzly historical bet. That's the first time I really saw. How reflex the CYBERMAN? uh-huh and Warren Wilson a script writers as well. Yeah I remember even the talk of that and thinking. Gosh that's it. You know they they. They can't get the gravitational pull of the Sun. It's GonNa take them a while to to okay to get there but But as that yeah it was a bit of a shocker. The next one off the office so I couldn't think of the offending in trout era in Lawrence. We've got what was almost the end of the Earth a- salaries thing we are going to end because they see a planet approaching again. That's a fantastic. Talk novelization that description there if the silo and second cover and the and the Harry monkey men in the fighting finally like that image. That was that was that was good as well. Yes the actual description in the in the The self is a bit thinner than that but they sort of say. We calculated that it would draw all our atmosphere and destroy life and the doctor points out that Became the moon in. It never happened and then in the same series same yeah same year. We've got inferno which again is naturally the earth but it spirits by as might as well be the earth again that that manage to get a good story across without being preachy as well didn't it That was a good in the doctor. Struggling early movies with his targeting bumped off into a parallel parallel laugh and he could see the future there. What would happen if and if madeline so far with with journey everything else the promotes as well? We're excellent as well. That's one of my early memories adults. Hey all right prime old running around my own. Coastal what share it with my uncles and so two being very small when they offered me out the room. Because he's t scary. Remember the primal chasing per we around the top. Thank Dash Tower whatever. It was at the joining site so happy days even though the F. was under three goals yeah well I mean you. You know you can't kind of doctor you without the Earth under threat so angry that and then so this is. This is one of my early early memories. the Aachen space and then the SANTORIN experiment. So yeah I am I see again this is this. Is the earth having been abandoned due to solar flares that was where the South African astronauts or the mercenaries landed and fell foul of. What was it come on to Star Star Roy Marshall Style or? I think you've got him so so I guess you've got to as you say you've got the you've got the a half of the population going up into the hour or small part of the population go into the art can being suspended animation to go back and repopulate the earth. Then you've got another troll troll should've disappearing off into the stars and then they come back to To to see what's going on in a way when speech when the the people in the cover woken up so so you've got you've got two populations returning against the it says at the FBI UNH- uninhabited for ten thousand years of that point so it is quite long way in the future We might come to to ca quite where we think Often fifty five sits in all of this if if if indeed it does and then the following year we've got Pyramids Pyramids of Mars and and so you take the aunts at the age old dot quest question doesn't it when he looks up from his newspaper and says well so if they don't like it just clear off in the Tartus. Yeah Yeah so yeah so in one thousand nine hundred eighty. The Earth was a desolate planet circling. Lina dead son according to the fourth doctor because sue tekere being allowed to run riot so and that was in. What just about sixty odd years? So Ah he's possibly even worse than the than the rampaging greenhouse effect so say you're eight semi don't Down lastly Tegla. There's a third. There's a throw away in the sun. Makers I mean I I was sort of chewing over a bunch of things in an I a native stat that at some point in the sun makers they say that there was a dying. Human population was relocated. To Mars. Doesn't really explain us. Both whether it's the the earth itself is dying or just some problem with humans. I mean any particular memories of the sun makers he just the time watching is a Katie. It seemed a little bit dull without monsters but mentally as a grownup looking back it. That's a very very very clever story and action very very enjoyable. Aw and a little dig a little dig at inland revenue and taxation system as well. We'll know in love as grownups as well. Nothing could story that none of this show for fifty five and a good lie unfortunately interesting. Actually that we've got the four consecutive doses of rob homes here. You know you've got Arkansas. Space Pyramids of Mars some makers and we're back to talk about mysterious planet. What he wanted Robert Homes have heavy in for the Earth for I wanted so yeah mysterious plan? I can't say that I really remember mysterious planet. All that well and I haven't got around to opening my the Season twenty-three box yet. I mean do you have any any particular. Strong memory serves misjudges cotton. I've got to confess. That was when I went away to university. I mean this is one of the next. Yeah I was. I was at university as well actually the so. I think the parents videotape for me so I did see it and I remember I remember the reveal of if the Of the the the cheap station. Yeah apparently according to what I've read online earth relocated by two light years. Ah Two million years in the future by the time lords but I mean it's it's it's one of those things in the travel time lords season where it it feels like. They've had a bit too much time to to right and they sort of overwritten there and his other than I mean why would anyone have to move the earth to lie I. It seems to be Dave complicated to me. We should point out to younger listeners. As well that if you missed doctor here and say that was it. It was gone. Nice skyboxes one or two videotapes around. Yeah no DVD's and VHS launches were little while away. Yeah yeah that's very true. So then curse effeects of hints at a alternate future for the Earth where he voice come from. Do you remember any we did did. Did you get back from time to manage to manage to catch that one and watch that several times on DVD. So that's another that's another good one Actually a strong eysenck so VESTA McCoy story as well which unfortunately bit few and far between for my taste but that was one of the better ones thing. Yeah I mean I remember watching this one at university either. Either friend who recorded the episodes here he got his own. TV and Video University which is pretty unusual official and doctor. Who Fan? So I used to pop around and washed them and I remember watching. This one's the the first episode of cursive fendrick thinking I know Gosh doctor. WHO's proper again? This this is sort of like I remember it and yes I say the he was Ara sort of their. What's happened? I mean they are. I am an antecedent of the aliens in off of fifty five in that they are. What's happened when the skin horribly wrong? But then I think at the end of the episode state they avert the future. They'd never happened in the first place so they kind of wipe the slate clean on that so Yes that's another alternate impossibility at chemical slime apparently rather than runaway greenhouse effect. Yeah I always like to see doctor who stories. We've from soldiers in them as well. That's always a good sign affected story a think dismissive soldiers very. Yeah Yeah it was Very Pacey as well. I remember that first episode loss of scenes in it for so cut and then moving through the new series. We've got the appropriately titled end of the world The actual destruction eruption of the earth in a fireball. Memories of that one just Wayne for so long. I Dr who come back on the screens again and Chris Rock liston being revelation and rose as well and that was just a tremendous became going. The Tartus became a real thrill trip as well once again. Just what you're so many different aliens encountered in that story again. That's that's one of the new ones I can watch over and over okay. That was wonderful. Such a you know Akwesasne time in the toss is just such a fleeting visit And I thought he was fantastic. He's he's my favorite of all the new doctors. I like the last seen. If that way they they come back to earth and they have muncher bag of chips and talk about the reality of being back on earth. Having seen it destroyed in the future is quite nice as my English teacher said juxtaposition. That he did it's because with the classic who were always looking back at all the the old episodes but I oh clever Russell t davies real contemporary. Feeling as if you were back in the sixties watching it being broadcast for the first time it felt contemporary with the season and the two teachers and again the costing arise. I thought that was very clever. And having a very urban sort of feel to it So that was that was that was unite back on our screens bang. Sure so I'm GONNA move to the MAFA era now and the beast beast below and this this this obese below sort of hint sat a similar story to Arkansas space. I mean solar flares Reagan mentioned. I'm not entirely clear space to be contemporary while. Not Because of course Aachen spaces at the end but whether this is this is the same solar flares and this is the same out flow that leads to the South Africans coming back to the earth or whether this is another set of solar flares. Don't if you've pondered Dow press it. It was the ECO friendly. You'll the warriors on both while ship escaping me off as tentative. It's all the people people on the Ark. I found the beast below a bit kind of hard to swallow me lots of impossible concert sort of sounded nice. Yes in theory but the but it didn't cajole that well as a story but yeah I I think it's a nice note back to earlier times which brings there's I guess then finally to this one so I suppose again contemporary environmental concerns and five in astray Leah. You know very very much. You're a global major concern of our time. I mean not that it wasn't many years ago but but Particularly brought to the front of our minds right now so so yes so so so so I think I think the the theme smart enough just the execution you know not quite supreme Like you said the uncensored message the United States we all this is all. You're doing this as we all thought rather than it being some sort of alien threat all. Aw I mean you can't really blame humans for for solar flares the running theme through stories. We've run through Richard as influences solar flares. But he was left in no doubt that this off who wasn't the drinks that Drake's and future as well sure sure and clearly. There are things that humanity could do to to resolve this problem but laying on two six year olds on the Sunday. Just before you go to bed. His perhaps a bit much may not who knows may may be The the ECO warriors. The future of being have been formed the watching this earlier in the weekend. And we'll see a resurgence of interest in and and and the world will change the result. Perhaps APPS I I think my kids are very switched on unfortunately to to global warming and the threat. And it's it's it's more grownups and adults who laugh at Greta Mug and alike that neat the wake-up co Okay well look. That's that's our whistle-stop race through ends of the Earth. I'm not sure that we we we. We quite know where to place. Often fifty five whether whether it sort of fits into that chronology or whether it's an alternate when the doctor did talk about that being alternate futures and feels that that runaway greenhouse doesn't really fit in with the things we've seen like the Ice Age in in the ice warriors or or the solar flares in a lot of these stories So I think perhaps it is an alternate timeline. That maybe The viewers watching Washington's connor can avert. Yes so so. This is an experiment. Doing a short one of these podcasts. We'll see how you like to in an and whether it's May WanNa do in the future but thanks thanks for listening and the tuning in and we'll be back with a full episode of something who very shortly again. We'll be looking at one of the new series episodes and an older one solar flares permitting. ECCLES thanks Simon. Thanks for joining me for Sir. It's been great to have a good catch you richard boy everybody Tara

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