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You're listening to happy hour russian conversation officially happy hour. I'm sophia stanley joined by my fellow conversation law mixologist assist. Hey what's up everybody. I'm camelia so meal is out doing what he does being extremely busy but we will give you his social because he has an absolutely amazing content that you need. I need to watch so what do we feel like putting in the conversational mix this week miss camelia at also fee. I can't wait talk about jay z and now i can't wait. We if we're like we haven't been here since twenty sixteen like any turn ity and usually you know when we gear someone i usually sometimes we like man. What are we going to talk about but in case you missed it this past week people talking about two things jay z slash colin cabinet and popeye's versus chick-fil-a if if we talk about those things then i don't know what we're talking about but in particular killer to jay z slash colin kaepernick slash n._f._l. Recently j._c. sat down and did an interview with roger goodell adele who is the head of the n._f._l. And along with a couple of people who are a part of the press particular charlemagne guy because he seemed to be the black representative in the meeting as far as <hes> asking questions that people want to know answers to i'm gonna came out that jay z is now doing a partnership with the n._f._l. That includes kind of seemed career rating their live entertainment events and also partnering with them to create or to help initiative focused the storm black people so immediately people were split down the middle. It felt like it was literally you either on colin kaepernick side or you own jay as each side. The colin kaepernick side was focused on the fact that colin kaepernick still is not employed by the national football league <hes> <hes> we are still in the fight for equality. We see some people still boycotting and we still not watching the n._f._l. So why would jay z go behind behind his back and partner with the n._f._l. And not include colin colin kaepernick in that agreement the other side on jay z the other side that seems to be on. I'm jay z. Side is <hes> jay z. Said were passed kneeling so a lot of people got mad about that so the j._c. cited thing. Okay we pass neilan if this is going to be initiative to push the moving forward or you're gonna use n._f._l. Dollars to <hes> help the black community in some way he he is the person who's kind of is kind of manage or spearhead that so we split people been pissed. All week met angry frighten. What what do you think sophia stanley so i'm somewhere down the middle and this is why so i actually agree with both sides right so so i can see that that each side has a valid argument however what actually <hes> rubs me the wrong way is not the statement that were passed kneeling. It's that you made the statement and actually didn't announce any tangible actionable things so and this is maybe giving jay z too hugh much difference but if they are calling you to the table to negotiate you have power normally negotiations take a while to to to be finalized lies and then for you to announce it to us so in that time period the fact that you didn't say we're past kneeling and because of my partnership with the n._f._l. I am announcing announcing this that and the other thing right one of which even if even if if he ideally it would have been great if he had literally been like and because of the partnership your ship colin kaepernick has now been signed by today and they are paying him back the past whatever and damages whatever whatever okay cool that's never going to happen. He got out of settlement. No no no but he got a settlement because of because of a conspiracy what was the actual colluded collusion with which is which is a little bit different though than the other actionable thing but okay but i'm gonna throw that outright but it would have been different if jay z. said something to the effect of the n._f._l. Has now committed to ten percent of all revenue will go to these organizations which i have selected to people who are in the streets doing did did to me at this moment. It's still just talk so this contrast kneeling will. You actually haven't shown us anything yet now. The caveat aww that do i think that based on his track record of social justice and arguably not being restrained for lack of a better word that yes. I think that if i was going to bet on someone he would be a good person to bet on but i kind of did want him to. I i don't know i think there's just a lack of acknowledgment of like yes. I totally had this opportunity because colin nell so we may be passed kneeling but because he was kneeling is why i now have this opportunity well i think he he said that he does say worse but he said colin this the conversation 'cause they kept saying colin. Kaepernick doesn't have a job and he basically was saying something to the effect of <hes>. This whole situation wasn't about colin kaepernick planning n._f._l. Colin kaepernick started the conversation about why we are protected in protest of <hes> while we are kneeling and then he went on and why we know and there was like police brutality against people go and he asks her about. Why are we kneeling. This ain't got nothing to do with colin kaepernick having a job. This isn't in about that. It's about x y and z so i think in this and i'm on the side of i guess you could say jay z. Side i didn't have a problem with any of it. Mainly because the people who i see redoing the loudest talking they haven't had no action plans pass mueller they been watching football for the last two seasons and they watched the super bowl halftime show and there are some people who really stand in it. I haven't watched football in three years because they're not just because of the n._f._l. Was handing out brain. I suppose group they handed out. Bring damage on the platter in we just taken in so on meet. I'm done with n._f._l. Anyway but when you look at everything that has happened over the last couple of years in regards to this situation what are we going to pass kneeling but this is a new and even to the effect of does it mean what have the somebody have to announce specifically what we do pass kneeling when they haven't given us the same anyway 'cause they even think about it we still looking at colin if common cabernet in the face of this and he is the movement and we are doing this and support him not n._f._l. Colluded to not hire him. We feel as as individuals and as a good chunk of the group the n._f._l. Is a bunch of big. It's and they him dirty but he's still asking for trial. He's still asking to get into the league week so as a figurehead should we now shift a little bit away from colin kaepernick in their rally behind somebody i think i think i think your point is one hundred percent valid and let me be very impact with my words for me. It's well beyond colin because the fact that they then also passed a kneeling rule that to me is about control right that literally early is like when the did we get into nazi germany that like you can tell me i can't kneel like that. Don't even make that doesn't even make any sense like nothing about it. I i literally actually be on the field and meal and what would happen to me but somehow because i kneel during the playing of the national anthem boban boba all like so chewier point you bring up a great point and tell me this is not what you're saying. The fact that colin is still being is still asking to get back into the system that we're talking about on. Some levels takes away a certain level of accountability of jay z entering into partnership with that 'cause collinsville wants to enter the right. It took me an evening with eric reed. Air is one of the people who has been on colin kaepernick side this all time he's still kneeling at at the games but you still getting a check from the n._f._l. Oh he criticized the jay z. Sulfur me izzy. Yes he days which is wrong behind collins collins back by a <hes>. No this is this is the only thing is and this is. I think where it gets really complicated and i can't remember if it was about a year ago but remember when we talked about the article <hes> when named i think like colin activists of the year and i could be wrong so i'm not trying to speak for him but i remember the article specifically said this never been about him. This has been about social justice so let's literally on some levels and not from a space of comparison but let's look at what has done in terms of social justice. He's really in those streets. You does that make sense like he's actually been pushing the needle forward and i think that what we need to be very careful of is thinking that as black people or as activists that that our perspective is myopic or that we're monolith right so at the end of the day there has to be people coming from all angles and if we can't kind of agree that colin one social justice and jay z want social justice the way they manifest those two completely different things but on some levels if we actually actually are arguing whether or not they both want the same goal then like we're actually so we're we're in way worse state than i gave us credit right and so. I think that's where we have to start now to your point. I think that eric read. That's an extremely position because you're you're. You're still fully in it. Regardless of whether you're kneeling right do the team right so the difference is arguably because jay z literally can move the needle now jay z says something they're more likely to listen because now they also also they almost have to they have to have a win with jay z well liberalism comments from our viewers to everybody watching the live string. If you are a patron and you are the top two years you get to watch is tape live every wednesday at seven thirty. Ish ah but brianna miller shot up. She said the fact that we have such a huge amount of buying power. We don't need a seat at the table. We need to be creating our own spaces so in in this point point as far as j._c. Trying to get a seat at the table in throwing another wrench in there right after this happened reports started saying that he was in talks or potentially about to be part owner of an n._f._l. N._f._l. team should we then is is jay z's perspective in his moves doing us a disservice rbis in basically saying we're asking for a seat at the wrong tables okay. I don't mean to sound disrespectful and and please forgive me because i'm actually kind of having a bad day today but that's also like the normally. I think it was dapper. Dan who said it jim how hard it is to build a mother fucking table. It makes sense. It's really hard to build a table on the table all the carpenters all the whatever all all the whole ecosystem right and i think that sometimes this this is gonna come across wrong despite the fact that from a player perspective i think we are seventy percent of the n._f._l. Eighty eight now we we are still only what twelve percent of the population even though are buying power is arguably thirty percent we're still only twelve percent and then with the buying power thirty percent to literally create an ecosystem while still on some level having minority interest not minority in terms color minority in terms of like this scale right so arguably on some level it would be to a certain extent asking jay z to go from playing madison square garden to all of a sudden playing like small jazz club. There's nothing wrong with playing in small jazz club but he's used to playing on our arena and leveraging the tables that have already been bill to ask someone to create completely create their own table is one hundred percent justified but this is my only thing is and i don't mean actually brianna. I'm saying this to like people in general are you. Have you bought tickets to the big three league and big three b. jump into right because also this is the funny thing is are we putting scrat- from scratch so are we have we been with our money and our time and our energy have we been supporting in a linear but in the sports arena someone who is doing doing exactly that i don't know right right so i say to say that sometimes also too you can infiltrate from within so again. They're still eighty percent of people who knowing that there's brain damage knowing that i'm sorry their goddamn racist okay they literally don't care about us and they're willing to sacrifice our lives and also they need some time out of control of telling us what to do because they are literally owners label intended that there are still people who are going to consciously choose to engage in that because they either choose that that's how they are going to feed their family or so forth and so on and again football gets people in a better situation gets. I understand the concept of that however. If we are focused i think now that we drill down on this one particular scenario and we've called one person to the carpet jay z. Now i feel like it's time to call everybody to the carpet and we've been kind of doing that overtime but if we really looking at this and we think this is the problem then everybody involved is the problem of color so then all the players. What are y'all gonna do all of the supporters you won't you get rid of n._f._l. League pass pass everybody who hasn't been watching that start and stop watching. What are we going to replace of it. How all of us going to effect change because again dan if everybody just sitting around waiting for somebody to make them want person try to make them all and we get mad because we didn't like the way he made the move then. What movie are we going to make a one hundred percent and even though i am literally talking against what i just said probably seven minutes ago gave him a moment right because again again literally we don't even know the play is doesn't make sense so we don't even know you can't disclose all of your deal points so on some levels jay z could already have never tells us his deal. You should never ask zack has a lawyer. We shouldn't and that's why he's successful j._c. We didn't find out jay z was bailing people out of protesters out of jail until somebody in his eighteen leaked it in told the news because he they were doing it for okay on the time and did not tell him so. Do you remember at the beginning of <hes> <hes> <hes> of mike brown and ferguson and the initial <hes> <hes> birth of the black lives matter movement that one of their air saying that they always used to say is asada top right and mike o. down. That's so okay. It sounded like it you know. I got all paranoid. Sorry it was assad. <unk> taught taught me right and so to me the premise of that was learning from the black panther party and the black power movement in knowing that it has is to be about the revolution not revolutionary and so. I think that what jay z understand is by keeping things secret. It's about the movement not about about the revolutionary. It's a revolution because the minute we knew that then he was under a different level of scrutiny that could actually encumber him doing the same things if he was already doing right. That's the first part the second part also too. Isn't it systems on weird when we didn't know he was doing it. We as ordinary people felt a a different sense of obligation to help right because then we're like what the hell is going on. I got to do something. Unfortunately the minute we hear a celebrity now has taken on the charge we we actually literally be like okay cool they could get him out right and and then we over scrutinize the decisions that they make but they're actually doing something right and what's f.'ed up is and we learn this from from beyond say and just her super bowl performance like you. You're literally putting your life in jeopardy. We still live in a country that literally by having the audacity to literally say that oppression is wrong that people should not be oppressed or mistreated or locked up for things that they did not do our shit diana goddamn sidewalk because someone alleges that they were selling a loose cigarette that could literally get you killed so on some levels his he's holding things close to the vest is actually something that maybe the rest of us should learn from an ironically. This is gonna sound weird like he's always been and tell them the blueprint pun intended well then but again then there's now the scrutiny comes because of the barclay barclay center brooklyn brooklyn nets situation so people feel like jay z was a part of the gentrification of brooklyn and which pretty much push-back people out of of the city <hes> there's also the the instance where in africa f. forget there was one other one on that that seemed to be a hot but oh then now that he is curator or responsible for n._f._l. Entertainment last year he was telling people an artist notch perform in basically the public shaded them like jay z. album. We we not perform it and now he is in turn doing what he told everybody else not to to do so there is a lot of layers see. There ain't even say jaycee karle hammond that n._f._l. Offer him the same kind of deal j._c. Call him and told so him not to take it which i'm sorry to rain degree <unk> by germain this this is the only problem album is so so radio i mean they was cool but i okay. Can i sit in the if that's actually true. That's actually true then that that that makes me. I'm not even gonna actually touch that. I'm not even going to touch that. I'm not even gonna touch that one. I don't know my thing. Is this like we have to. We have to give people space to change their perspective and change the game plan right because if i if i i did it a personal inventory of all the time i said don't do this and then the next album is like do this because now have different information right now this is the differences wanted as long as he owns that right but sometimes yeah last year. That wasn't the play now. There's a play because we have something we now. We actually have have have move the chess pieces in an indifferent even a different way so we actually have to run a different game plan. The only thing that i think is upsetting to me is this obviously we have a show where the base of this show is social commentary. The basis of our show is being transparent and being real and oftentimes having inside conversations on an outside platform on some levels. Pardon me slightly mrs back in the day when we didn't have conversations conversations <hes> so on some levels. How is this helping us no matter what we're divided right at jay z in the n._f._l. Right at n._f._l. Aol has divided right instead of also to your point. What are we doing. What are each of us individually doing to help the situation so even for instance. Those people people who either aren't aren't doing their sports package. Have you taken that hundred fifty dollars and possibly put it into a social justice organization or you just spending one hundred fifty dollars somewhere else. Let's switch topics topics for the sake of the conversation to chick-fil-a who endorses fucking forty five doesn't make sense so it's literally like on some level and like a town we live in a racist country. Were arguably every single major organization that is not black owned. Probably who makes a certain over certain amount of money their legacy was racism their legacy with slavery majority of you including myself who bank places those banks literally had insurance policies. He's against leaves literally. That's how they made their money of quote unquote insuring us as if we were we were property and then the entire the eco system is set up even the fact that we live in a country that we have not kind of like actually like the entire country or at least quote unquote the fifty percent that supposedly voted for hillary and are good people and didn't vote for forty five the fact that we haven't stopped working are stop basically went on strike when they're literally like locking kids in cages like look how we'd like and that's not like up for debate. Kids are being locked up in cater in. They're very they're in a in a cage. They're in like my sister's boyfriend has to go cages cages for the dogs though so i say that to say that on some level it's almost a distraction that we're having a conversation on quote unquote co colin versus jay z and whether or not he did on the deal when like at the root of it we have way bigger problems because arguably the majority of us are getting checks from racist institutions that are just as racist as the n._f._l. And that if anyone had the data tell us not to go to work. We'd be like oh but i i gotta go. I gotta pay my rent. I can't not go to war. I cannot go to work so on some levels. How was it any different than eric. Read are all the rest of the people whatever and on some level we should be accounting people's coins so how is that any different jay z. Wayne he actually has a track record of taking his money and arguably spreading the wealth at least from a community perspective active even when he wasn't getting applauded for it because to your point he actually preferred to do it behind the scenes and arguably it with harry belafonte who call call them out and was like nah. You got too much visibility thing. We're here right get high. He says something rude to harry but then he switched up because he realized he was wrong. In harry. You have so much influence. You need to use your influence for good and not arguably if you think about and totally you're right. He's not backing was rude but trust me someone went and got jay z together and all of a sudden we saw different pivot and he was very verbal and and outwardly social justice social social justice so this is mark next question because <hes> oh shut out to people always go on big always going down rob scott say maybe he used the wrong choice of words what is true kneeling can only go so far now. We're in a position to where we need to do more. Controlling some level of narrative conversation is a real move. <hes> kamara camara said see that's why i was looking at jay z sideways. What does he really doing. We don't know we do know he's not doing it for the money <hes> brianna honestly. I don't feel like it's possible to control the narrative or conversation worth working with an organization like the n._f._l. And that's a that's a very good point proven time and time again that they control narrative. They're going to do whatever they want to and either you get on board or get in line or not so this is the question because before jay's the the news said that he was wanting or in potential running or whatever to be part owner of n._f._l. Team puff came out. Maybe a year year and a half ago. Wile colin was kneeling or not in the n._f._l. And said that he wanted to own an n._f._l. Team multiple celebrities on social media guy on board award instead. I'm with you. I want i want. I want in now with this narrative going forward. Do we not want. I want black owners of the n._f._l. And do we instead want them to pull together to start their own league. Do we have a problem black people on n._f._l. Teams i do not but i think we do you want so you know what this religious at the same apply for the n._b._a. Now it's funny thing. Can i say something. We view them differently. I'm not saying that they are are actually different. View them differently right so so. I'm just going to take the n._f._l. Peace and maybe double back on the n._b._a. This is this is actually part of the weird problem. Do you know this is actually kind of another performer crabs in a barrel. There is a certain aspect that we don't realize we have put a ceiling on what we're supposed to do and what we're not supposed to do so this is gonna sound up and i hope this follows along. Do you remember what one twelve like twelve and a couple of other groups when they basically were like did he screwed us over blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah right and kind of videos response was like yeah. It's the music business so like sign a contract but there is some kind of concept. It's a bit because he's black. He should have been looking out for us on some levels why right now and on some levels some would argue that they'd actually prefer for for a let's say white record label to screw them over because that's kind of what they expect but with a black person it's like how dare you. He's just a music asshole just like everyone else. Arguably the same thing could be said about jay z. They're going to give somebody the opportunity so why not it be someone like us. Who arguably lee has a track record of actually helping but i do think that there's kind of like because we've never seen it. We don't know what it looks like so. Actually we don't wanted to does that. Make sense. It's kind of like the one person who after hood and you can't wait till you get off the hook and when they get out to you be like damn why you get off the hood how you it out the hood. He opted who he think he oughta 'cause the wine and why does he never come back because he's out of the hood and he now wants to send his kids to private school and and vacation in the hamptons and whatever whatever whatever but somehow like. We somehow think it's okay for white people to do that but when black people do that. We somehow think they're leaving us when on some levels they should be because we're fucking sitting in hell. Could that reminded me of nipsy in in the whole in this. I mean i mean may be so mad at certain situations with the mentality of when you leave a place you shouldn't come back or it's in your best interest not to come back because of x._y._z. Whatever but no that that is a good point. Maybe maybe it is the the the simple fact up okay. I'm not familiar with this if you are n._f._l. Owner it's deemed that you share. You're going to be doing shady business. If someone who looks like me is in the n._f._l. That means they automatically going to be doing shady business versus. Let's give him a chance to see if they're gonna do is dirty and if they do do already we feel super jaded instead of the way we feel when when a white owner does an all sorts you some of it is also true and i feel like this sometimes also this is a good example she how many times simply because people find out why work there like you'll get me a job. I barely have much much job and literally the number of people are like so you're stingy your this your that whatever whatever and it's like oh no no no. You don't know how this shit works so some things that i think sometimes people think are shady is just a lack of understanding of how something works so there may be a full possibility because arguably you can say this about even. Let's say ditty that jay z may have to enter into this partnership. Do things that we think are shady but that are already being done to get him to a point. Let's say year three three where he can stop doing those shady things move forward but what if we don't give him an opportunity in those first three years to basically do status quo so okay so that's another question people were saying once jay z gets in if he does. Is this the end to get colin capper nick back into the n._f._l. And should that be so this funny no and you went to why that's what they're counting on because again because we're focusing on a person and not about the actual sustainable change. It'll it'll it'll it allows us to focus on one person when calling himself said that's not what it's about. It's about social justice so if you can show i know that whether or not it actually n._f._l. Or n._f._l. Dollars has helped push the needle forward towards social justice than arguably. That's the benefit right as well as the fact that again and i don't mean it like it sounds but this is war so what we lost one soldier and he's not even dead. Real talk doesn't make sense. Sometimes you have have to sacrifice one person for the whole so again. You still have eighty percent of the n._f._l. Is black and literally. That's how they're making a living. That's how they're feeding their family. That's how they're sending their kids to school and hopefully hopefully they are raising their children with enough skill set and and hopefully pushing society forward to give them the opportunities that they can choose not to play football if they choose to play football. That's on them but they will have opportunities. They will not feel like their only choice is to sacrifice vice their body and their brains and potentially their family because of domestic violence because that is their only opportunity to sustain themselves. It's it's it's it's never forbidden around colin that just makes for great headlines on some of those. They did that because think about it if they had never made this an issue thing about it if he now no one ever said nothing. This would never be an issue with neil whatever and yes it may be an issue like we were in the community of the black. Many there may have been a thing. Oh i'm dealing with colin whatever but it would never have been this this catalyst <hes> controversial things and more importantly it wouldn't have been controversial for black people because we do we are divided people watch and not watching whatever in own families we lack oh you not about the knuckles is innocent generational divide. I have aunts uncles who don't understand the perspective of the point of they get the point of kneeling but they're like that's not gonna do nothing. We like football and in like what why are you doing this. Why you stand up for the anthem we love america like it's it is divided on all fronts. So what's the solution. If you guys are listening have any solutions or you want to chime in the chat is we're going live. It's hot near so if you've got something if they get up on all social media across the board twitter instagram or facebook and we'll keep the conversation going last call last call miss camelia. You know my last colleges. God is good. He's good not going. I'm going to too many details but we all have rough patches and how you choose to come out or your perspective. During the rough patch you know it it determines charming where you eventually will end up where you land but as long as you stay true and you stay faithful everything workout god's good amen amen dan <hes> our last call happy hour v._i._p. For this episode i think we have not chatted him. Out is rob scott who has been joining us on the live chat the patria john <hes> i think he has been in the chat before but we have not shouted him out for being a new patriarch patron and chiming in with your comments. We really love to hear from mm you listeners on. It makes the drink taste better so if you want to be a v._i._p. A happy hour v._i._p. Can go to itunes rate comment and subscribe <hes> and if you rate please rate is five stars and leave a comment or you can <hes> join patriot patriot dot com back happier underscore tv and by doing that you you get to show us some love and oftentimes you get to pick topics and produce shows so check that out at patriotair dot com happy hour underscore tv just because let's let's call doesn't mean that you get the last word thanks for listening to happy hour view feel that last call came soon. Make sure to continue the conversation online at happy hour underscore tv. Where can they find you miss kenya climbing on twitter instagram and facebook at kanye. You can find mr meal n._s. Junior on all social media a meal and it's junior and definitely check out his youtube. He has just launched an absolutely absolutely amazing new show which inter which in which he interviews people that you are definitely going to want to hear and see and you can reach me at atmosphere stanley twitter and facebook and at the sofia family on instagram. We all have the power to live in a better world but we have to be the architect. Thank you for listening to happy hour. Make sure to mix it up with us during the week by following us on twitter and instagram at not happy hour underscored t._v. Always talk responsibly at happy hour underscored t._v. <music> turkey yeah.

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