The Horror of Drugs


Thank you for tuning into the fun time. Horror show most of the stories we will share our true events unless otherwise stated and will contain descriptions of gore and violence. Some stories shared could have detailed accounts of sexual events. This show may also give what may appear to be great ideas to some stupid people listener. Discretion is extremely advised. Will they all right. Hello and welcome to a very first episode. Fun time horror show. It's like longtime making conceptualizing. It talking about it for weeks. Been talking about his show for like three months but the like we really started getting serious about two to three weeks ago and i was thinking that we should probably do an introductory recording. What screw that man. Let's do it right now. Right so Jump right in our goal. So i'm tommy. I'm here with my real life partner lucas. And if you wanna go ahead and start man like basically you like in a few minutes. Just tell us you and wine who you even wanna talk about this a lucas salesman by trade. I have always been a big hoorah van. This far back as i can remember been into i guess. Creepy stuff but spooky stubs. The right way to say that i remember being a kid when they take you to the The library at school Make you go and you had to pick out. A book was in haunted library. No but i would look for the look for the books that had the creepiest cover. How scary stories to tell in the dark dude. Yes absolutely yeah like. Where's my too scare. The shit out of My son with that story one night. He was interested in paranormal. And stuff. like that. Like kid scariest the answer all the other. It's really talking about it. And so he tells the story of. I my big toe. You got it right. He jumped out. Starts crying crap sweetman. Hey how. I love those books. I read them like two or three of them. Had three i still. I would still i. I was really a horse of a scary face. Slew of edgar allan poe growing up. I think it was like ten screen. Came out. And i wouldn't supposed to watch scary movies but i was interested in them so my sister watching it. My snuck in the living in sat behind them but on the couch. Watch the whole thing. Scared me shitless. I slept with a baseball bat for like two weeks afterwards. But then that kind of start my obsession with a little up slasher movies as still one of my favorite genres. Of course if you're in the slashing movies. The guy with the halloween movies. So i still a symbolic gesture from best buy circuit city. I should probably just mentioned that This is not like a traditional like horror. Podcast where we talk about like ghost stories and things like that. I mean there probably will be at some point some type of form of story. But we're pretty much going to try to keep it real life. Basically all the shit that happens to like like to me. The scariest movies are like rob zombie movies. Right because very rarely is a monster of the the villain. It's always like real people doing really like eft up things to real people and to me. That's like scary shit on on the planet and mary it with him. Kind of rebooting the halloween franchise which i was just talking about and that was amazing because he had the gore of like house of a thousand corpses but then it was the meyer myers story. Yeah i loved that english. Dude's name the guy from corporate worms. Do not even know malcolm mcdowell was awesome as dr limits the african that he was even in their men. The sister of what. I was saying i grew up in interested in scary literature. Kind of transition into slasher films. And of course i love supernatural horror. I'm a big fan of all of the conjuring and the conjuring spin offs the nfl movies. I think that jesse james warren really thick one of the best horror director. I've seen in a while shooters obscured like you know on around guys do other stuff but as far as you know big names. Think this stuff. He's put out recently so too serious. Like insidious was great. Yeah anyway yeah. That's pretty much. It started when thinking outside outside of that. it's gonna be talking about horror. Been a big fan of things like cold case files in forensic files and stuff like that signature crime things like like really like gory cut crime right things like that. So and that's kind of what we talked about like when we were trying to figure this thing out we were like what should we do. Should we do like a like a true crime. It seems like everybody's doing true crime renounced like super hot. Should we talk about like. Ufo's should we talk about like crypto. Zoology should we talk about haunted houses. And we were like fuck it like. Why can't we do it all so anyway. So that's what we're going to try to bring to you. We're gonna try to like every show should be pretty different. This particular one is going to be a just general interest may be the most people people will be like. Oh shit i didn't know that existed but anyway just real quick brought myself. My name's tommy. Lucas and i are both from houston texas. We became best friends after working together. I guess we've kinda known each other for eight years and originally found an interest in horror. I'm a little bit older than you. But back in the day used to have to actually like go to the gas station in rent a vcr. Yeah and then. They had like a like a small selection behind the counter of like different movies them every once in a while. Am-among would rent a vcr. We get to pick a movie and You know stuff. Like i don't know man amityville horror the original one from like seventy six of eight forever in my brain is burnt the images those walls leading. I was like hooked ever since. I'm also like a huge fan of like true crime. I'm a huge fan of tons of different podcasts. I don't know if i even allowed to name them all. But i've probably got about a dozen actual podcast. I keep up with for about the last two to three years so some of our shows might be like cheap. Rip off of some of these other ones just because planted in my subconscious. But lucas and i have heard like a ton of really awesome stories and our brains are full of a bunch of stupid information so we'll combine it here and like trying to put together like a decent show. I think. I think if it goes well we can be like an alternative to like morning radio. You know what i mean. Yeah like instead of listening guys are gay. That's what i'm saying like it's so here here in we're in we're at houston very popular radio. Show here in our town. I think that the host kind of jerk. So i feel like they thought about stupid crap. The talk about bro style. We're gonna talk about crowd. Are stupid crap is going to be cooler their student. Yeah in violent. That's an. That's what i wonder is into all the way to work. I want to hear some of the last like oh shit. That's crazy like stop and then puke. Hopefully that's not a daily thing. You ready to kick this thing off. Yes do this all right man so welcome to the very first episode of fun time horror show. Today we are going to discuss crazy drugs. Right was the full title for it. Like crazy while but i don't have a top ten. There might be eleven or eight top. Ten plus two. yeah so each one of our episodes. We're gonna kinda have like a common theme. But we are going to try to bring something from lucas perspective and from my perspective and so essentially you're going to get stories within the same theme and i don't know if these podcasts are going to be like thirty minutes i don't know if they're going to be an hour and thirty minutes. Maybe nobody cares. It probably doesn't matter if we're interesting nobody will care okay so i guess we need to start being interesting so i'm interested. I'm gonna go and kick things off man today. I'm gonna be talking about maybe like Terms like types of drugs. That people aren't aware that maybe they exist or like ways that people are doing drugs. A lot of the stuff started in foreign countries. And i got the worst of the worst because that's when our show is all about no matter how bad the should is for some reason some dumb ass millennial in. Utah's gonna try it to our listeners in utah random state. I'm not saying that. I would say florida because people from florida are it. I i bet you were going to have ten stories from florida. I think so. Art if you google search putting your birth date and it goes for anybody you put in you put man from florida and in your birthday and there's a fucked up story without fail. All right floridians are fucking wild. So i'm gonna go ahead and get into this. Let's see here. I want to start off with like a term that i just learned but it makes a lot of sense that this even exists even though it's stupid farming parties. Are you familiar with what. Farming port is a only only recently reading my note dude. It sounds like you're so old you don't know shit be kind of fun. Good evening we begin tonight with an important warning for parents. Agers are rating medicine cabinet in their homes and taking those pills to what's called farm parties pharmaceutical poor parties news. Melissa vega joins us tonight with details. Lot of parents have never heard of this. Parents really need to know this. Well that's right. The san antonio council on alcohol and drug abuse say these fun. Parties are also known as skittles parties. But there's no candy involved there just code words to keep parents out of the loop nokia. I mean if i was getting that that straight up i mean to me. Sounds like a nightmare in everything that i picked. I picked it because it sounds like a nightmare. So farming party was terminated created in two thousand and two when some newspaper in pennsylvania said that it was occurring in their communities the actual definition that i got a farming party is that it's a media invented term describing alleged get togethers prescription. Drugs are exchanged in randomly ingested in order to become intoxicated. Basically what's happening is like kids are going in rating their parents medicine cabinets going to these parties throwing all the shit in a bowl mixing it up and as you walk in the door i guess you just grab a handful and eat it and hope for the best seles jerry factor to about that he is. It's like russian roulette. Because like i feel if they were smart about it and they read the label like had wrote down what it was and then there was some information cool party. The party was going a little cups little tag. It's like boosters in obviously you throw. The party's over what i'm saying. What i'm saying is that could be a cool concept but it's scary. 'cause they're just like here. Yes you're taking cover a doubter or it could be taken birth control and expecting fucked up ilya. But what if you do. I don't know taking birth control malls ladies when we get an email address. Feel free to call or email into the show and let us know. So here's a problem. Prescription drugs like fit and are single handedly. Responsible for an all new opioid epidemic. So it's kind of weird like in the nineties prescription pills. Were like the top choice for those looking to get high that led into an opioid boom like in the two thousand where people just started shooting up heroin instead and now i probably because of all like to say no programs and people like in movies odi on heroin is coming full circle back around now to pills like these kids are getting super high on these pills so The problem with it is like you get sick. And then you might have a seizure or throw up or something and then you don't tell anybody you don't wanna go to the doctor you definitely. Don't go to the emergency room because you know when your parents find out. They're probably going to take away your iphone so one of the other things that's going on with these parties is like people are getting People were like trading is especially in groups of friends and stuff and just generalized drug-dealing ireland. The concert 'as becoming huge in. Its like booming in middle school and high school because it's like a drug that lake student athletes and students can use in order to get the mental focus. Let's see the let's see. Let's see have you ever heard of a wall alcohol without liquid. Yes i have in. You've probably used it. No i actually scares the crap out of it. So lucas like is on a row. Big health kick. He has been for like a couple of years. So this is perfect for you lucas. Because you can take in all the alcohol that you would normally consume in all those extra calories do. That's why it's appealing to me. I i saw do this on youtube a few years back and i was like what was his that he took a two liter bottle and he put Put liquor in. I don't know what it was. And then he got punked and just got a lot of pressure in there and then yanked it off and like immediately vaporized and he liked inhaled. It like a frigging balm dude will do drunk. We'll hear some other methods that you can use one thing that you can do. Is you can vapor as it you can use. A nebulizer device is usually used for recreational. Use is referred to alcohol smoking. Which kind of goes along with your description that you gave to know how alcohol it must first be converted to liquid in gashes state from a liquid to a gas state so either vapor or missed. A lot of methods have been used to be vaporized pouring over dry ice in a narrow container inhaling it with a straw. Another method is to pour alcohol in a corked bottle with the pipeline. How you explain an in use a bicycle pump to make a spray then of course you can always put it in your bunsen burner with your little heater in with it. Yeah other ways. That people are ingesting alcohol. These days snorting it you do that. Well it's jazzed when people think about snorting substances. They probably think about cocaine her crush Prescription painkillers they're not likely to think about alcohol. But some people have attempted to get drunk faster by snorting it. Reports about starting liquid alcohol usually a high profile or similar liquor deepak several years but when poco hough or powdered alcohol was released on the market. Some people abused it by starting at guess how those people were getting fucked up with alcohol. I'm actually interested in this pattern. Of course you would be in the most knob these facts disturbing to say the least least as you mentioned a blood alcohol level of point four. That is five times the legal limit investigators are looking into it trying to get to the bottom of it. They believe that. Alex broughton used an alcohol enema to get more alcohol into a system. Now i want to read the statement from police They kind of break it down as the way they see it happening upon extensive questioning it is believed that members of the fraternity were using rubber tubing inserted into their rectums as a conduit for alcohol as the abundance of capillaries and blood vessels present present rather greatly heightens the level and speed of the alcohol entering the bloodstream. As it bypasses the filtering by the liver. That's right people are but chugging it is not funny guys. This is not funny cheese. Like i'm sorry but it makes me think about like porn. My god probably on and you see people like doing the interviews for the fetish stuff. I've never seen this. okay now. Seen a lot of creepy born in never seen those. I fully for top okay. We'll you are weird on the shoe. Apparently people think you can absorb it really rapidly. I think scientifically orbs rather rapidly. Right into your mucus monitoring your nose. Well not of your nose and you're but we're all that's right. I'm sorry i was snorting. Oh man you really going to try this. The problem is is that the alcohol hits the brain like really quickly in it can force you to pass out but the alcohol is still like in your ass which means that your body is continuing to absorb it in so you can basically be like odeen getting e-e-e-e-no dying from this while you're smooth passed out so you don't even know that there's an issue that is bringing Will yeah in you know. Have you ever been like drunk. I don't even know why i'm asking you this. Have you ever been to drunken thrown up today. Okay multiple times. The problem with putting it in your ass is like your body has no way of rejecting it shit out will. You're asleep so you could sleep. In addition to a absorbing it into your amos some of our lady folks are absorbing alcohol in tampons in putting it inside. Their vaginas has got a bird. Yeah i don't know if it actually scientifically proven to get you drunk on like the chugging but the problem is like really dangerous it damages the body it causes infections can create scarring and it can keep you from having babies which is not minor league. His problem at all eyeballing. It's what it sounds like. You're pouring into your eyes socket and hoping to absorb it into the small capillaries. The problem is it probably doesn't work and you'll probably go fucking blind so decides. I don't know man. This perfectly drinkable alcohol. Report is yeah. Put it in my house on south park. You like put in your heart so anyway and just on the talking about alcohol. Of course you can. Always huffed gasoline or aerosol sprays they all contain different types of industrial alcohols act. Confessional time i've done that you can maybe tell the story after. I'm sure it's a good one. People are of course are still drinking mouthwash and coughs or two which will get into a little bit later here so there was one drug that i found that seems to be making his presence known. I just put it on the list because it's kind of cool. It's called bromo dragonfly in what it does is basically like a psychedelic accept. It can last two to three days so causes intoxication It causes hallucination. But it it has like a really so onset so like once you do it it can take up to six hours to get high. Which makes it really easy to overdo it. Because you're like gift not doing. Nothing bro gives us more that romo dragonfly. Can you overdose on it though or do you just get really the worst case scenarios that i found or stories including overdoses that are accompanied by becoming highly disturbed vomiting blood breathing in that vomit and then becoming xfinity it while having seizures terrifying terrifying hallucinations in some survivors had have a long lasting physical side effects. In one dude. I read about described his Owning or being on the drug as Light being dragged to and from hell multiple times. That sounds awesome. I feel like it's crazy concept of being dragged the hell at all. Does he know well. Apparently he does all right now. We're going to get into basalt everyone's favorite. It's a drug you can buy in cities across the us and it's increasingly making headlights. Dangerous chemical combinations often refer to as bath salts are being blamed for dozens of episodes of bazaar viruses behavior. A new york. Mother suspected of being high on the chemicals was photographed running around naked before police reportedly used a stun gun to subdue her. She eventually died. She allegedly beat her three year. Old son and witnesses described her as being out of control and she got a hold of one of her her dogs and she was rolling around on the ground her arms wrapped around her legs after into strangling the dog. It comes weeks after the gruesome murder. Miami where a man eight. The face of his victim authorities say. Bath salts may have been involved So basalt actually been around for about ten years now is started popping up in two thousand ten win the poison control centers around the country. Were starting to get all these crazy calls Basically it can induce violent behavior. It can cause visions can make you paranoid. It also causes. Nudity using bath salts can raise internal body temperature. So like you just want to like get out of your clothes and one other side effect is by eating your own shit them. Some of the effects of this drug can cause in our body experience again. Make you be like a really good move mood and just overall you fill out of it for a few hours. The bad news is it can also cause you to become highly agitated. You can't sleep you get extremely busy. You have panic attacks you slip into the severe depressions. You haven't overwhelming urge to kill yourself. You're paranoid. I think i said that. The often yeah. You're having delusions seeing multiple sets of perceived realities in overall just becoming psychotic a physically a decreases your muscle in your body control. It increases your blood pressure in your body temperature which we talked about with the nakedness. Gives you chest pains. It gives you a ring heartbea. Nosebleeds causes vomiting seizures. You can have a stroke have a heart attack in it makes your brain swell like a rabid pit bull hell That's urban legend right-now in town were a bunch of pippa lovers. Everybody's got as right as a basalt. I then got into flecha lease end the doctors to mark. Good morning good morning. It's a drug that is described as being more powerful than heroin or cocaine and medical experts and law enforcement are warning of the dangers not just to users but to anyone who gets in their way which is basically a second-generation basalt but what's weird about this is like a form of this drug has actually been around since the sixties so it was created to basically take like a laboratory drug in the put it out on the streets basically a stimulant that has effects comparable Almost like a cross between meth coke. So if methane coke had a baby and sticking trump's our president so i will also mentioned that. It is since china in imported china. Yeah along with the corona virus and yeah so you can eat it. you can snorted. You can rub it in your gums. You can smoke it in meth pipe. You can injected into your cock and you can also do something called booty shoot the but stuff. People are putting things in there s. It's really really cheap. It's way more addictive than math. Basically it's ten times more powerful than coke in. It's like a fraction of the price. I've found a website called medicine. Net dot com. That actually had some good side effects listed which are bizarre behavior agitation paranormal paranoia paranoia delusions of superhuman strength is basically 'cause agitated naked men to run to traffic in 'cause other dudes to sexually assault trees in public It's like bark rash on your dick. So here's a couple of headlines. I found about people who were like jacked up on basalt and flock. Everybody knows about the face. Eating zombie actually heard that that could be urban legend that he could have been on something else but everybody attributed to of basalt. And since i'm doing the show needs stories i'm going to contribute to basalt to but basically this do name really rudy eugene. he was discovery eating another man's face in broad daylight in florida. Yeah so the. Victim's name was ronald popo in he had much of his face chewed off including his eyebrows nose. Parts of his forehead cheeks has left. I was gone in basically the only way that the police were able to get him to stop was to fire on him and he was not up to four times be finally before he finally went down An interesting story. I've found was basalt contributed to horrible mistreatment of goat specifically goats yet. Oh a man named mark thompson decided to go on a three day basalt in his home in a loon creek west virginia on may two thousand eleven and it went about horribly as could be expected thompson. Got a hold of his neighbors. Pygmy goat brought it to his house in pierce's neck. When the neighbors entered a home they found thompson wearing a bra. No pant there was blood everywhere next to the deceased goat explicit images thompson bolted from the front door was later found in the woods by police. He got higher about salt. Still the neighbors go put on women's underwear in had sex with the goat. I guess while stirring had sexual materials in while his throat was slit the goat's stove. Yes pink thanks for keeping up. We'll see florida made a man. Thank god Let's see here. Oh he thought he was the god. Thor the god of thunder great and then he also had some relations with the tree. He attacked a cop and he ran unclothed through the streets. All she does the same guy who raped the go. Now this is different so Basically the police officers tried to stop him by using a taser and he just beat the shit out of the cops. Story of this is a horrible event In washington so from april. Two thousand. Eleven army sergeant david stewart and his wife christie were caught speeding on the interstate. The trooper that was trying to pull them over chased him during the chase stewart fired on his wife in crashed his car. So it sounds like the guy like trying to kill his wife in crashes car steward then fired on himself which means he killed himself before he could be apprehended. Their five year old son jordan was later found. This easterner home is presumed that he was ended by one or both of his parents. Singer jacked up on bath salts killed on kid all the west of how this is a tragic story i found about a man who ultimately took his own life while being on basalt this happened in november of two thousand ten twenty one year old named deke sanders. He started a pack of basalt in after becoming like highly paranoid. He convinced he was convinced that the police are after him. He grabbed a butcher knife in slit his own throat but his father apparently was able to save his life in talking temporarily off the ledge in. Stop the bleeding. But he continued to trip over the next several hours in an ultimate he became very erratic in ended up taking his own life with a rifle so many shoes on the head. I don't know he just shot himself. That's in kirk combing that. I think there would be bad. Enough will not mean like with a rifle is having a heart issues will be of use. Your toe did observation cobain. Maybe we'll have a Experimental phase of the podcast. Where we actually there on. That's what we have to come. Oh yeah that's true. Hi pete so I'm going to skip one of my next one's in go straight in the spice as spices. Obviously the synthetic marijuana that every gas station at least in houston selling I personally accidentally tried some k to it was it was really bad. Basically what it is like taking i guess natural herbs but then sprang like synthetic chemicals on so when you consume it if it kinda mimics effects of cannabis of cannabis but the is is way. More side effects are like way stronger than my typical marijuana and is really dangerous. Here's a couple of headlines that i found connor eckhart was a healthy nine year old in he was declared brain dead after his very first us. Full moon t a bad batch kills two men x. Marijuana addict commit suicide after prolong use of synthetic replacement man on synthetic marijuana shakes baby to death one. Us marine stabs a fellow marine during an altercation while being on synthetic marijuana teen dies after freaking out and slamming his car into a house one hundred miles an hour man. Smoke synthetic marijuana before shooting pregnant. Fiancee in the face in this one was like kinda crazy but nearly one hundred and twenty people in dallas in overdose on k. Two in just five days. Somebody's bullshit or not. I found on the internet but It after personally experiencing ketu i didn't hallucinate or have like a bachelor which is like really super frigging high. I only imagine what it'd be like for like fourteen year old kid. Smoking for hours with his buddies. Yeah i took one hit out of a crush. Aluminum can and i was gone Speaking of h town. Which is where again. Lucas snyder from purple. Drink this music video from southland. Rock group shoreline. Mafia shows them porting in a kitchen with something. You're more likely to find in your medicine cabinet rappers pouring prescription grade cough syrup into soda and sipping even holding up a bottle with a gun in hand they can a lean A surger purple stuff. Drink texas t purple jelly memphis mud in purpose. Sprite made famous in the town. It actually started in the nineteen sixties win like musicians. Were mixing robitussin with beer. Sounds delicious in the eighties and nineties. Though the formula change in were basically cough syrup was added usually with codeine in instead of beer people prefer like a sprite with so it's coating cough syrup a sprite. Some of the effects are euphoria. Possibly out of body experience in access a sedative. Last from three to six hours is called lean. Because that's what it makes you do see here. Some of the effects will bad affects made with promising. It can cause in have normal heart rhythm. Blood pressure issues. Dry skin hallucinations seizures breathing problems. When it's made with codeine it can cause brain damage dizziness. Redness of the skin breathing issues. Stopping your heart and producing sometimes pretty shitty music. I'm gonna get a I love the music. So i'm going to get into like the more. These are the worst ones that i found men in gets worse. Not because of like what it does to you necessarily but sometimes what it makes you in order to get it. In broad daylight durban's addicts is slowly killing themselves by smoking. Drug that was developed to save lives this warmonger and it's so addictive that the users within days and flew do any wound is made from the anti retroviral drugs. That are used to choose. Hiv as in rat poison and marijuana and a few drags deliver a high so person that some will do anything together face so this guy popular around two thousand and nine had widespread Widespread use in south africa basically. It's marijuana variant. That contains things. Like rat poison Heroin crystal meth sometimes like detergent bleach ammonia and get this. Hiv medication keep that in mind since hiv medications have been thought to be an integral part of the recipe. That make up the swinger instance. He's a hiv. Drugs are given out over there. Free of charge to patients. Battling the virus there have been claims some users indoor chefs of the drug have actually sought out ways to contract. Hiv on purpose in order to get free and easy access to the drug oliva thinkin dealers chefs. That usually make this. They advertise it just like. Hey man i got that. I got that good. We'd over here good weed and they leave out the fact that is actually in it contains has a highs sometimes heroin content and of course all those other chemical additives some of which will actually create additional addiction. Sometimes early as the very first use. It makes you have feelings of euphoria deep contentment and makes you feel really like you're in a really highly relaxed state. It can about two to four hours and most people will smoke it like a joint but some that are injecting it. One of the problems is when you try to get off. It takes about six to twenty four hours to basically have the side effects where off includes agonizing stomach cramps backaches sweating chills zaidi restlessness depression throwing up and diarrhea at the same time. Of course this is on top of the internal bleeding stomach ulcers and of course potentially being killed on. I'm gonna come back to this but there is also something that the kids are over there doing called bluetooth thing so remind me of the bluetooth. I'm gonna get into crocodile. People shout out to the ukraine. Actually i hate it when people say ukraine because i'm pretty sure she's called ukraine dangerous drugs. Sweeping across the eastern europe is drawing the attention of law enforcement in our area tonight. It is called crocodile. Your bucks see the devastating effect that this flesh eating drug and have a stock seventeen. Michaela lewis explains the concerns over the drug a warning. Some of these. You're about to see are graphic rapidly. Making its way through europe for the last decade. American drug enforcement agents waited to snap into action against crocodile. It's extremely addictive. it drug. That's injected and rots. The user skin crocodile turns flush scaly peeling with discoloring source resembling the skin of an actual crocodile. Hence the name. It's called crocodile or crocodile and it's just hit illinois media outlets across the states reported the deadly drug hitting the. Us has been coming into. The united states from. Russia is growing in popularity across the country. Crocodile is also known as morphine. It was a drug that was alternately created in the twenties in hit the streets of What is already getting like really popular in russia here in the near past but it started possibly hitting the streets in the us around two thousand thirteen. So it's basically a heroin substitute one tenth. The cost of heroin. And it's like way more powerful. The problem is is that russia's going through a really big epidemic right now there's some really good the documentaries on vice and With someone that you showed me the national geographic on. It was netflix Called drugs inc drugs in like five. Yeah exactly the problem is that people are having using. This drug is when they injected one of the first things the drug does. Is it away at the nerve endings. So you can't feel and the thing that you can't feel like brown recluse bite if you've ever seen one of those is the actual muscle and skin tissues being deteriorated in one of these documentaries that we watched on the one that you showed me. It actually began with like a man. She was like third out but she was like a hospital bed and one of her bones inside over four arm was actually completely exposed and the doctors were like tapping on. It looked like a pin thing. Thing thing thing that made my skin curls let me my skin crawl to you in any kinda like pan back right even though everything was blurred and she's like nude in a bed like they started paying back. I'm like oh man. Look at this arm. So wait a sickness. Edit city a half thing fully. Yeah exactly official. Sorry to our lady listeners. The last thing that i wanted to talk about actually kinda like the second losing on talk about this is like really fucking horrible and this is exactly what this shows about this next drug about to tell you about jank just going to go ahead and explain about this cool thing that i got into A few months ago called jenkin Maybe i'll just explain. I a little bit about with me. Is it's It's it's like a drug. I guess some some people might say it's like a drug but it it's more than that it. It's like a path to spiritual awakenings but it's made from human feces when you Fermented in in your jar. And then we'll we'll go through that in a bid i guess in a little bit. We'll go through that process. And then you know then then you basically just you just you hop on it. You just inhale that and You know then then you can get some really great spiritual awakenings jack. Highly allusive genyk drug which results from huffing the fumes of your own fermented fecal matter users claim. It gives an incredible rush. overwhelming taste of shit bat. Making jank aka but hash is really easy. Has it by hash so the kids are calling it. Jacob is a homemade substance which consists of fecal matter. Matter in urine the fecal matter and urine are placed in a bottle or jar in covered a usually with like a balloon the container place in sunny area for several days until it ferments of course when it starts to ferment it creates like gasoline and it fills up the balloon. You just pop that balloon off in you. Get your high on son. Of course you can also save some money from buying like jars and things by just using old plastic coke bottle in rinsed out condom. You're welcome so any information on. What high life for them yes. I'm glad that you asked unlike the drugs on this list. With the exception of alcohol this is actually perfectly legal. There's like zero that the law the law can do about. It is getting really really popular with the kids in the us because it's easy to make it's free and you literally cannot get in trouble for it. Yeah it's the worst. I've never worn high. That bad Dozen stupid shit to get high well to answer your question in al finished with this. Here is a quote from a guy that wrote about his experience on jank jank under the advice of several of my friends. I decided to give jenkins a try. I went down to the lusaka sewage pond in filled my two liter coke bottle half-full walking back to my head. I couldn't help but feel a little anxiety. But what did. I have to lose right. Upon arrival i sit down and begin to flood my lungs with the sickly sweet aroma. As my seven brothers looked on in my mind was filled with bots previous previously unfathomable. In an instant i saw what needed to be done to alleviate the poverty of my country and people with knowledge of kings laid out before me. I now know what i must do. Jenkins has brought me the enlightenment my ancestors in for that. I am grateful. Do shit bro. Literally literally man. I don't know if i could do some acid in have similar Realizations yeah but acid costs money in his dangerous. I'm willing to risk those things. I'm not sure you can. Od on ship fumes. i'm sure you can just. There is such a thing as too good at the time. S also legal to buy alcohol. He's gotta get someone older than you to buy it right so right. That's illegal guys. Drink at home. I guess i'll do that then. That's what i did when i was that. Snow mountain view. My crap smells from into when it comes out. Go third so speaking of getting jacked up. Underage drinking and blah blah blah blah ho. Yeah you forgot to remind me about bluetooth. You're like the worst coast ever reminding you. After i thought you wearing to finish in okay so i'm gonna go back to bluetooth. It also is called flash flooding. And so what's happening is like like these guys that are strung out on these heroin drugs in like Like what was the other one message manga by some of these ones. That people are injecting. What's happening is a lot of these people like aren't communities like in little groups of people right now live together and they get fucked up together and they go out and get money together and so what was happening was like let's say you and me though out any money in you do so you get to go buy your drug you come back to the house. You injected you. Get your sense of euphoria and pass out. And while you're passed out me in all your little friends run over with syringes. Full your blood out injected into ourselves in order to get a piece of that high so it's called bluetooth kinda like you're getting. You're getting connected. Yeah but now has pretty messed up right. God that is so messed up. I mean imagine how how desperate you have to be and in like knowing all this like what would ever allow yourself ever even like some of these drugs that i covered people have been known to become addicks on the very first us going into that. I don't know man. I feel really bad for those people. I feel duyet additions motherfucker. Yeah get to hold a you. It's pretty much alive Lifelong disease sounds like you have some experience of hell. Why don't you go ahead and take over from this point forward. You can share some of that with you and then you have a really interesting story for us. Yeah jank jank thanks guys show feeling So yeah i. I always had a fascination with getting getting locked up i remember. I think it started when i was probably like twelve. I was really into music. And i love documentaries. I watched a documentary about woodstock on love jimi hendrix factum. And he was children's ass off. And i was like well. If i'm going to be it's hard player. Because i was taking the tar player i got it'd be jimi hendrix so i was always interested in experimenting with drugs because i thought it would make me a better position is kind of how my fascination with intoxication started anyway without getting my law story how much my two drugs choice are usually Cannabis and alcohol and yemen When whenever you're telling some of those stories like the i tried it like the the huffing. I've done that. I was i was a teenager and i was like couldn't get any pot could getting money to buy me any alcohol because my sister's out clubbing. They didn't wanna come back and helped me out so shit. What do i do. I used to have zippo. So i got the lighter. Food from the zippo importing african bandanna just put on my face and then held it. Until i felt was insane. It was really stupid. That was kinda done. Because i was all depressed about a girl so high right now good. That's probably team spice dude had wrote down. Had to tell you about this. I at one point was working a job that did random and not getting high is not an option gots keeping high. But i can't fill drug us so i do. Hey this The there was a generic name for it. I think it was called like herbal propery or something like that. I can't remember exactly like called like shit to get you high but it had some meaning. They can sell it as that was. The loophole was called something it was it was market as a potpourri like called good good feelings good feelings potpourri at one point before they illegal everybody had version out so take a quick story because it was really relevant to what you're talking about. This guy came in thrown. He was reworked offshore. He was an underwater wilder for ocean. Here and he He can he came back like you know for two weeks at a time. And he can't get high and he tells us his pothead friends who metal ban. he's like. Hey guys he's at our practice and he's like here's fifty bucks. Give me the burst. Whatever that she's called you can find. I'm like okay. Cool so me and my buddy go to the head shop Looking around see this shit called judgment day and it has his skull on it. And it's like melting and on like dude. We gotta smoke that. So i get it the melting skull the melting indicator. I was kinda scared. But i was also like hey. This might be fun so we get back. Put it in a pipe. Smoking a pipe to give so much money because he didn't want to smoke out of our lead pipes cause any get any get cannabis in assist anyway. Pia we all smoke. And i'm sitting there. Were playing song. And i i. I'm feeling great halfway through the song. I don't remember what song on playing anymore. My fingers are typically a heart to non wanted. And i'm okay hard before you. You've done some pretty serious. You can do this to keep your head. Straight is thank distinct. this don't think about it. Breath breeze on top of myself through. I look over in the the dude from the from offshore is like curled up in a ball under a chair like just losing his mind so we all stop. And we're like dude. Are you okay. And he was asked us to call him and a heavy shit shit that was judgment day. And that's like some of the bad trips. That i saw like when i was doing research for this looking at ut videos and stuff. I mean i. I got lucky i just got it right but i was looking at people that were falling through coffee table season out on their bags. Making animal sounds in. You know screaming at their friends. Were trying to kill them when they were trying to get him to shut the fuck up for the cops came trumping anyway man So we're going to go ahead and go into our second part of the show and lucas is going to share with us. A very interesting story you know are a lot of ways. I could go into this. But i think that way to kind of segue to tell you about something that happened to me on the way here on way. Here i was on the freeway headed east over here. This part town and where fifty nine and sixteen split. You know i'm trying to get over su Only fifty nine. I trying to get over in. The traffic was moving despite him flowing like normal than all sudden. It was an abrupt stop. And i was going about fifty five. I wasn't quite at the speed limit. Yeah because i was trying to get over. But i had to slam on my brakes. And i was slowing down but i could tell i was gonna hit the so. I a frigging soared into the right lane and i'm like crap. Someone might be right there. So i looked in there was so it gave me a moving my hands but no one can see me. It gave me just enough room to swerve right but then for back gave me just enough time to miss them and everything worked out. I don't know what happened if someone up ahead slammed on their brakes but ironically already got hit so spoiler alert. I'm very hung over today. I've i've lost my lunch in my breakfast and just about everything i put my stomach. So it was ironic. Because i was like. I'm coming today to tell a story about a tragic asked. dwi accident. and i'm hungover if i'm gonna gotten a bad ass in in then got killed while hung around the way to tell a story by i. I was like dude. That shit is like what your toxicology report would say. I mean i'm not. I haven't had any alcohol since last night so i wouldn't come up is drunk but i'm sure it's still in my sister. I mean will you near professional lately. I am i have. I have an on again. It's like my relationship with religion. I have an on again off again relationship sometimes. I i'm i'm really close. I walk really close with lord alcohol in sometimes. Don't sometimes one time. I took a nine month break. So i think i'm actually do for one anyway. Let's not be serious. So that kinda i thought that was rather fortuitous. Some like dang this is really gonna be like close to home so whatever you told me we're going to cover wild crazy drunks from around the world that kinda got me thinking about my history which i think from what we said in context clues you figure out i i i like to party. Come off as like a someone that's always screwed up is just when i have fun. I have too much fun as the best way to say it. And i'll go on little binges so that's commie. But they got me thinking about myself. And how i've never done any. I've done the typical stuff new you experiment. But i've never done by men. No yes of course. no. That's why i said so close to you work strip trip like i've done hallucinogens. I've taken ecstasy. I've done acid done powder i've done. Everything would put a needle my arm. I've done for the most part. So i have a wide experienced. Got me but i've never done jank. I've never like snorted a basalt eight. Someone's face i've never done those things but it got me thinking about like the shift that i do and i'm like man. No alcohol is not crazy. It's not some wild. I guess if you shake it up making a vapor is crazy but for the most part it's widely accepted in all cultures across the world. And so you don't think much about it. It's really a devastating drug. Yeah like when. I was doing the research for this. Show it it popped up on every single top ten list for the most deadly drugs like when you google search like you talk to him mostly drugs alcohol in in one of the things said i've learned about all unlike you know heroin or cocaine. It tends to not only ruin your life. But it ruins in. And i'm not saying if i had a son who is a heroin addict it running my life the show you as you know. I'll be sharing a personal story. And in i think based on what i know about your story. You're going to show how this drug fucks up. People in the worst way ours was i going. I'm not gonna read a script. But i have notes because the way the story unfold as a timeline and i was not going to be able to memorize all these times a week. Investigators wondered what made a mom drive her minivan full of children the wong way down on new york highway causing head on collision that killed eight people including her own daughter three per nieces this morning. The stunning answer. Police say this mother was drunk. And high are andrea. Canning has more on this story with. I'm not going to be all secretive. It's the story of a woman named diane schuler and this accident took place in two thousand nine. It was Sunday july twenty. Six two thousand nine. I'm going to try and pronounce his satanic Drunks tonic water. To conic state parkway was the had happened on his in new york state somewhere. I think i'll actually. I have it right here so they were leaving campgrounds. This is a family of gosh. Was mom dad. And i believe three to four kids. You think the full number and it was also her brother in his his job. This is a is a ground. Just imagine any campgrounds in america. I looked up the website. When i was doing research. It looks like if you've ever been to any of the yogi bear campground places or anything like that just pretty much a beautiful legs cool hills and stuff for the kids the play all that stuff two and a half hours southeast of new york city boards at this family was like they're all about it every weekend they were out there they had just spent the weekend there there. I think friday through sunday woke up sunday. They had driven multiple vehicles. I think at least two mentioned in the story there was a pickup truck and then diane was driving a two thousand four two thousand five red windstar and so that her brother owned it which actually ends up putting him over layer on. That's kind of where the time starts in this timeline. I did not put together. It's from there Multiple you can do your research. It's actually really fun. I hear stories. I haven't heard of another podcast. I listen to. I'll start geeking out and reading the original articles and stuff so anyway you'll find multiple articles this is from a true crime. Law found all site the name somewhere. So don't get our hands left but the day started elect five thirty four. The dad he gives up. He's cleaning the boat. He's doing the stuff. The wife wakes about nine She gets the kids ready in packed up. Diane she gets up at seven. I can't hear that she begins getting hurt two children. I'm going to read this script because it is informative since seven. Am diana wakes up and begins getting her two children. Brian five and erin too as well as her three nieces. Emma eight years old alison seven in k. Five dressed in ray. That's at seven at nine thirty. The dad leaves a pickup truck to the this is what his his. Name's danny danny in diane schuler. So danny the father drives off with a pickup truck that they own and the family dog. I'm really confused about that. About why if it were me. I would take some of my kids with me. Not just the dog. This is the liberty liberty new york at nine fifty six. Am so these are. This is the time online based often footage. So basely imagine leaving. They leave separate he leaves. They live about the same time he keeps going and she makes a few stops so the time line is from the foot security footage. It's put together by security footage from the stop. She made and then like mine. Woman calls in eyewitness reports after the fact. Okay so it's a. It's a hodge podge of different sources at nine fifty six. She stops at a mcdonald's as the first place where footage as seen at this point in time she looks normal. She's not act displaying any signs of being intoxicated. The kids are playing the play pat place one article. I read even said that one of the mcdonald's employees was like no she even had an extended conversation of me and she was completely fallen. She ordered no food and this is very telling. If you're a drunk she ordered no food but your orange juice. I'm not gonna completely give it away not much of a mystery. But i'd like to leave that little bit later on the story but if you're drunk drinker any type you know what you want. Mortgages for of your. If you're if you're a drinker she orders the orange juice. The kids play for some time. They spend a little bit of time there but roughly forty six minutes or so they leave at nine fifty six so that nine fifty six the next place. The food captures her. She purchases an orange juice and she takes to the car as they leave so she buys the orange juice as leaving mcdonalds at ten forty six. She stops for gas. The footage at the gas station shows her in asking the clerk. For jill cap pain relievers tylenol or something for some reason the stores either out of stock or they just didn't have. That's another thing that's weird. I can't understand why you would be drinking a lot and then want some painkillers unless you already hung over you know what i mean a true true but i don't know why else you stop. S for hitting medicine will also know what is called hair of the dog true. So you know they're camping. Stay up all night. Partying little hanky panky. They fall hard creek in the back. Yeah i i think her being hungover would explain the otherwise. I don't quite get it. Her intoxication in this situation and her like Against her addictions were big centerpiece of this whole thing after the initial Bidding thing that drug out afterwards. Lots of legal stumps. Let's get back into. I think here's my my lucas theory. And i think that she started drinking at ten thirty three when she bought that orange juice. I think that's why she seemed normal. Right i mean and if you think about it it makes sense. Because unless you're lightweight you taking a few shot take three shots back to back as drunk. And i don't get it takes me to forty five minutes Might loosen up a little bit right away but to actually flew. It takes a good while i looked it up and google says it takes about thirty minutes to your facts and if you're an experienced drinker the other thing i've experienced i i know is that you don't realize how drunk you are because you're used to the feeling exactly so you know and especially if you're sitting down for a long time you're driving that you feel fine and then you get up and go so you know. I think her coming off normal her drinking something that doesn't really have the strongest sent mean alcohol has set but i think that she was drunk a long time in the people who are like. Oh yeah she. She seemed fine when i saw her. I think that they just couldn't tell no doubt so now. They're in middleton area new york so they're traveling back to where i don't remember the actual city traveling back home passing two little small towns in. You're eleven thirty seven emma. This is one of the her nieces calls. Her dad Warren from the ants foam in says. Hey we're running late. Nothing alarming so far warren. Talk to his sister for a little bit but nothing unusual about the call when he spoke to her he didn't have any reasonably. There's been a thing. I mess the next time. Line given okay. This is sort of in tandem with this eleven. Thirty seven time stamp says between eleven thirty twelve pm so eleven. Thirty twelve pm. Eye-witnesses report seeing a red minivan driving erratically aggressively on route seventeen in orange county. I don't know if this was reported after the fact or because people will at a certain point in this people begin to call Wrong it could have been after the fact maybe i. Witnesses are like yeah. We did see that eleven forty five eyewitness reports seeing so this there's a few reports there's two reports about this. The first ones at eleven forty five people saw a red minivan floor on the shoulder and a woman fitting her description hunched over losing her launch. Throwing up appearing to be it said some of them reports say appearing to be sick. But i mean you know what heating looks like. You're driving fast. You can't physically see. The vomit projectile vomited. Before i got here by the way it was both hilarious and painful. Y- i thought you were going to share that story but maybe another time. Oh this is a no. I made i kinda. I kinda made notes of michael kinda copied and pasted from things that i found on which we have to cite those. So we'll do the. This is something i wrote. One hour and fifteen minutes after the orange juice purchase is win. These reports began. So that's how long it took. Kerr assuming. she started at ten thirty three with the orange juice with the orange juice. Let's say it took her two minutes to get to the car. Get the kids. Trapped in solicitation started drinking ten minutes later. Sure that's about an hour and fifteen minutes to start acting. Ask the see. It doesn't really matter that nobody up to that point. The saw her displaying signs of it. Because at this point she's been driving a while right. Yeah and you know mixing drinks. Allegedly it is really hard dispute. I think somewhere. I read so many cases recently but i think some are. The case was circumstantial but that it couldn't be dismissed because it's toxicology report. Maybe that wasn't that one. 'cause toxicologist Concrete now anyway. Twelve o eight. Jackie hance warren's wife so her brother her sister in law calls diane and talks for about two minutes and she called the conversation normal yet again. Twelve thirteen minivan passes through the heron toll plaza southbound through a new york twelve fifteen to twelve forty five pm. Eyewitnesses report a red minivan driven by someone looking a whole lot like diane driving erratically and aggressively weaving in traffic She was like riding. In between two lanes hawking her horn tailgating people Be beligerant basically now at this point still the same time line okay. This is another report. This is the second report it says. Still twelve to fifteen forty five Another report a woman pulled over appearing to be unwell. Wrong number is dialed from diane's phone so now she's trying to call people Screwed up and she's like hitting the buttons and stuff or it could have been one of the kids right right because they didn't have her cell phone yes at one point okay. Twelve fifty eight. So we're almost at one o'clock here. We're getting close to the climax of this thing. Toll fifty eight twelve fifty. Emma calls her father again. Is the second call this time. She's panicked so now. It's finally obvious there's something going on. She reports that her aunt is incoherent. She can't see she's She's confused and that they're losted. She doesn't an order going now. This is a famous. This is a famous tagline is even a documentary. She's hurt. She is quoted as saying the daughter. Emma there's something wrong with and i am the mother. Then here's the children all crying in the background. The call just drops that was twelve. Fifty eight at one. Oh one the dad warn calls diane and talk for about eight minutes at the same time the mini van passes through tappan zee toll. Plaza warned describes diane as disoriented Her words slurred calls dang so she calls them her husband's name she has and she's talking to somehow. She handed the phone back or one of the daughters or nieces grabbed it. But em i gets on the phone and diane pulls over. She reports seeing sign that reads sleepy hollow and tarrytown hand takes the phone and her brother's like wait. Stay where you're asked a pullover on coming to you. This is something. I as a my notes. I just wonder what i would do if i were him like. I have the benefit of hindsight. But why didn't he ask to talk to one of the older kids like why. I wouldn't tell my drunk sister. Don't go where our guests. Can you please hand oldest default. Whoever that is for the keys be like look whatever you do. Do not get in that. Flannigan get outs down. The shoulder wave people down. Anything can do not get back in that van leer. In a don't understand baffles me as i read it on To that point now to that point at one ten pm four wrong numbers were dialed from that phone now. This is very interesting i find. There's so many things about this story that are more apt to say just real quick though if all these wrong numbers are being dialed. You know it's not like the nineties where you have to memorize people's phone numbers anymore. So i almost wonder if like maybe the kids did have the phone and they're trying to call people that they know. In order to get help man that could be energised not able to nail down the number. That theory might make a lot of smick. This part next parking lot of sense in this parts really trippy genius is my mind is charging for smart. That's why i send you all my difficult dance one ten pm four remember cold and this is crazy for diane leaves her phone neatly airy article. I read about this all us. Everybody used the word neatly on the concrete. The little concrete wall just past the toll plaza so i had a different. Take on this actually. Yeah i was thinking. I'm like man you know i'm usually a good guy. But when i'm dressing up in it. S an asshole and when i'm dropping off in a matter of money and i start festering what i think they're thinking about me and i start festering on like like things on. I've been mad about them for in the past and stuff like that at one time well stories do personal anyway. I've done some really mean things to hurt people's feelings and i'm thinking maybe she was pissed. A brother maybe. She didn't realize how screwed up. She was maybe she was annoyed. Like do not gonna keep calling me and telling me what to do. Yeah maybe she was like you know what you can't get to me. That's what i thought leaves the phone. Yeah but i'm sitting here thinking. If i was i forget i had to go. Scroll through. I think the oldest was like eight or something. Maybe a little bit older. But i'm thinking if our older kid trying to think the lake all my dad did know where i'm at our rat. Leave a trail for him. Let me leave an article behind. Oh yeah but why the fun. Why the most important asset you have like a shoe the maybe. That's not good. One fifteen warren calls diane again gets her voice mill nearly a dozen other calls to her phone. Go straight to voicemail in the next twenty minutes. Can you imagine that as a dad knowing you got fucked up. Sister and your kids are with her. Like you know how to get a hold on dude. I mind will to my theory and not to victim. Shame but let's say there was a wild night and you wake up and you have to pack up your tent or whatever it was that they were using and i think it would have been like pretty obvious at least that she wasn't feeling well. You know when when looking at my theory why did you grab your dog. I don't again. I don't wanna trigger anyone triggered but why did you grab the dog that that's why i said the to get that. I'll keeping what you said. Just keep that in mind. Cause it's gonna it's gonna make some sense in the in the end. One thirty there in mount pleasant new york diane turns right from pleasantville road onto an exit ramp headed in the wrong direction. Classic drunk move head wrong direction for the conic. Parkway she goes southbound against traffic for almost two miles a causing more than a dozen cars swerve to miss her. Multiple nyland calls were made some report honking their horns at diane attempting to get her attention. I've been in parts of town where i am sober and i it looks. I couldn't tell it's a one way hearts of houston or confusing. I'll be like in. Everyone's let pissed at me honking on my hope catches my attention. So you imagine how the state she's gotta be in the drive two miles not people they state she was staring straight ahead. I didn't. I don't remember this part about these notes. Says she was driving with intent. The car accelerating to at least eighty five. I knew about that speed with eighty five miles an hour. She's on the wrong or another theory. What if there was something else. Even more behind the scenes between the brother in the sister and in her depressed state decided to get really drunk as some people do and after all the back and forth conversations with her brother probably calling her a piece of garbage. Or i'm just. I'm just making stuff from What if she said fuck it. I'm leave my phone here. I'm gonna drive eighty five miles an hour in the wrong direction. And i'm gonna kill myself. And guess what i'm taking your kids with coach dude hamas. Would that be that will be messed up. Honestly i like that hypothesis that theory a lot because it could make sense on this stuff so check it out at one thirty five pm. The minivan crashes head on into an suv with three people. Three guys from yonkers guy. I don't know if it's guy or gm assuming a guy guy and michael best cardi and their friend daniel longo they. I guess they were coming or going to a family party. The dad was in his seventies. Actually ages right here Let's see the data was eighty. One daniel was seventy four their friend in the sun. Let's see was forty nine. She crashed his head on to these. These guys at eighty five miles an hour. It causes them to swerve and hit another vehicle which didn't hit another vehicle all everybody in her vehicle. So i'm gonna read off these All the diseases eight total people. Emma hats years old. That was her niece alice enhanced. Seven years old. Her niece kate hands fires her niece. Aaron schumer tour's old her daughter guy a star for michael lestari anyone daniel longo seventy four in diane herself. Who is thirty six which also hit close to home for me. Because i'm thirty three damn one. What's fucked up is like we've kicked around a lot of bullshit theories more than likely because that's how our mind works but no matter what the the cause was for her to put all these people's lives in jeopardy and ultimately like the loss of lives in my book just makes her. I mean i. I hate to be like harsh Piece of garbage. Yeah yeah it's hard enough. I mean and then again back to our original statement about how readily available alcohol is. How is the most widely used drug in the entire world in the entire history of humanity. It literally could have been you or me. Or i mean anyone nights where i probably shouldn't have made it home so i don't know but the fallout from this was very like the scene was complete carnage like the minivan completely smashed in but she was her in most of the kids except for two were pronounced dead at the seen. Her son was injured. We actually survived. He's the only kin- entire thing that survived the daughter. Her two-year-old was injured but alive but she died at the hospital. It wasn't the two zero one of these eases but as one of the girls was. There's two alive. Both injured one was really ended. Was okay and he. The five year old boy was the only one of that family that survived. And then we'll have to ask though because this is kind of like. I don't know if we preface this or not but it is. This was kind of like a mystery case right or the nfl Yeah okay about it there. So basically we have a survivor. That can recall. Shit when i was five years old shirley. I don't think the one wonder. I haven't thought about or there isn't. There's nothing neither research. I did about him being questioned interesting but i have to go back and look an our no because maybe we'll do a follow up on our next episode. You know warded information pouring into some of the more scandalous things about it. Don't third car to get hit. They the people were admitted to the hospital with minor injuries. But they're action released that day so to me. It was just crazy. The contrast of likes carnage in in their entire family mowed down and then like three guys. That didn't even know them deserve. That didn't even have stitches. Maybe now it's interesting dude is so here's arrogates. At first the assumption is that there was some sort of medical issue. They didn't think that it was alcohol at first but people like witnesses who over to help. Because i think the car began to catch fire league gas or something. They weren't to get them out. Guy immediately ran up and saw children's were limp lifeless and he can tell us as a bad situation and they went to pull diana and they were pulling her out of the wreckage. There was a big ass broken bottle of absolute favorite. It's one of the other reasons there was one other dwi story. I was thinking about which. I might cover it another time but this one worn out just because it was a little. That was kind of crazy too with this. One way more carnage. They've find this bottle of vodka broken. They find the orange choose. The autopsy revealed that she had ten shots of alcohol in her system are wagner system in like six ounces of Undigested call saying our stomach out of curiosity. You probably know this but in a normal size bottle of alcohol how much of that bottle equates to ten shots probably a good quarter like you get down to the beginning of the label mon. Maybe a little bit past the label. But it wouldn't be halfway and that's a lot as off the drink light half a dozen times a year two or three shots on good to go for the night. She did this in one hour or two. But during the first of all when you're used to it you alcohol is one of those things where it's like an aa. 'cause the i've been a they say one drinking was one craving and it's true for the drinker. Get the first one in you. You're not thinking about man. it's not relief. It's not all men. I just enjoyed my favorite thing. I'm gonna eat. Some people will sit on the couch and sip on a soda Have one soda will magin. You're drinking the first infantry that masks so damn good. i can't wait to have another one. I'm going to have three or four. These sodas or so that. That's what happens whenever you're now hall so i think that there's probably multiple things happening but then addiction does what it does in. That's one of the things i like about. Dwi stories man. Because i think she's a piece of garbage too. But then i'm a nice guy i'm On pretty good dad most of the time. But then if i get fucked up may i make a bad decision get fucked up and go kill somebody all that people are gonna remember that killed a bunch of people because i got drunk as one of my best friends. It's like if i got a call tomorrow saying man. Lucas got really really drunk. He drove the wrong way on the highway and he he crashed in. He killed everyone involved in the accident. It would be the most devastating news ever. But i think at some point either that night or maybe a year from now or ten years from now i might look back and say like yes. Sounds like something he would. You know it in. It's bad right. Because i love you to death but you know it's real and again by here in just a second. I'm going to share personal story but to our listeners. We talk a lotta shit. And we're going to tell some really messed up. Stories on his podcast. I think lucas not both care. More people than any other people. I've ever met in my entire life. And we want you to be entertained by stories but this is a special episode that i i hope. If you're struggling with something like this just understand that you're not immune. I don't care if you've done it at thousand times. It's not a matter of if it's going to happen because this shit happens. Every single day has really bad here in texas houston she had six ten shots on our blustering. Ounces of alcohol in her undying unknown absorb alcohol in her stomach based off of. I didn't know that these tests this precise but based off of talk like drug tests cheese smoked weed up to fifteen minutes before the crash. Oh so she's also token she's smokin entire talent and so can she it based off the blood work. This woman had smoked within that close of a timeframe of that I have also love week. I have cross faded. That's when you mix alcohol and pot if you didn't know that my favorite it's my favorite. I've crossed faded so much in my life. It's my go-to we'd has never made me feel drunker. It usually helps me kind of catch my bearings and stop being so do so. I don't think that being a weed. Smoker i'm not a hundred percent convinced that smoking me before you got. I think it was ten shots of I think it was if she didn't have audio in her system and she smoked. That record of never happened. When i get exactly what you're saying because i i like i tend to do the exact same thing. I don't partake very much. Alcohol marijuana whatever. But i'm i'm kind of like the guy like i'll i'll take one or two hits that i know is gonna make me feel relaxed but then i'll start to sip on alcohol as the party or whatever goes on to just maintain that in. It's like israel slow and you know i only do it big like once or twice a year you know for me. It's just relax and sounds like for her. She needed to be drunk and she needed to be super high. And this is horrible. story Unfortunately was extremely inevitable. But it didn't have to be as the first thing. And here's what is leading up to her husband and her brother for some reason contested. Her her not only the fact that she was messed up that day. They denied that she was a pot smoker at first. He said that she wasn't drunk. He said that the bottle of vodka was probably because they took the always took one in the camper in she probably just put it back there washed in the back while she was packing up to leave and part of what makes this. I should have mentioned this in the beginning. Just imagine you're like what you're american family middle-age to middle aged overweight people that you need fast food kind of just imagined the pta the sticker on the back the data the job and actually she had a good paying job. One as a good job Like this whole this whole american family. She was like the pta mom or friends of hers. I get it but she had sixteen shots of liquor in like like. I said i drink. I smoke a little. Like you know what i mean like once a year on my birthday. August super project. But if this if this woman is really what the husband brother and stuff or saying. That's me like i i'm the i'm the really great dad. I have a fulltime job. I do everything i'm supposed to do like i'm a little behind him on taxes but that's beside the point For the most part. I do everything i'm supposed to do. I don't wake up on a sunday after camping trip with my family and consumed sixteen shots of alcohol on the way home. Really dark place it so i'm just saying i think it's bullshit but what what i was getting his. I'm trying to paint this picture as you can see forgot. No-one saw the pictures. Some people haven't heard still haven't seen the pictures. Imagine that kind of family. I think that played a big role in his denial. I don't think he warranted show. That had problems. All her friends reported that she was always the kind of percents. Oh i got this game. I thought she was always giving out gifts. She was always like it was facebook. Culture will Yet but so. That's the image that she had. She never talked about anything negative they never they would always tweet things on the world they were. They were all there for show and i can't take credit for this site the blog. I found that this is someone else's theory they were like i ends. Mom left them one nine and she had a kind of grow up without that and be like i think she had to step in and using like that so i think she when she had though. I think this person thinks that she wanted her family to be perfect and she didn't ever show like any kind of like Of under the surface getting screwed up to hide paintings and and she wasn't dealing with past hanes. Explain the addiction. And i thought that was a good theory i like. I like years of the whole brother and sister are even said that. Because it's probably not true. And i i do is like i guess. Victim shame is the twenty twenty word Yeah jank jank. The the house been was so adamant that she was not intoxicated. That he hired. It took them some time. He got his money together and hired on investigator. We also asked the hands and the boss daddy penalty for statements. They declined to provide them. All right. tom ruskin your the Investigator on behalf of daniel. What have you found what we've found. Is everything contrary to the fact that she was drinking that day we found that she left the campground at around nine thirty. Daniel left right in front of her at that. Point in time preceded Diane and the kids proceed to the mcdonalds. The police have said that in analyzing the video from mcdonald's that they see nothing unusual in in her behavior we know she was at mcdowell. Still ten forty that morning. We found my firm and my investigators found in a convenience store right in close proximity to the mcdonald's. We found that. Diane pulls in with the mini van owned by her brother and enters that convenience store after filling up her car or the minivan with gas. She needs and she looks around the store looking for something then comes back and you see her very clearly on the video engaging the store clerk in a conversation the store clerk has given us a statement which says that he independently remembers. Diane schuler. he didn't know. Is the woman involved in the takada. Ick parkway accident. He remembers her and he picked her out of the video. As we were going through the video of that day he said that's the woman who came in and was looking for tylenol or advil gel caps. He didn't have it. She's the parts and you see her very clearly walking in and walking out of that store what appears to be a totally normal walk and going out and getting back into the car and leaving we then know that she proceeded down Route seventeen eastbound trump. Yeah that's a very indicative. And you're a veteran investigator yet. Oh as your conclusion that the medical examiner is totally wrong. The new york police the police division state police are totally wrong. Everybody is wrong but you. This man is investigator. Found out this. The exact same thing ran his own independent tests his own labs and got the exact same results. she was spile accounts by two researchers best drunken blown. I feel bad for these guys. I mean you try to paint this gorgeous picture of this gorgeous family and in it sucks that even in the end. They couldn't say she had a problem. I think that that's what that's what facilitated. They are all in denial. Everything's okay everything endings. And they just kept on going on ios you think even in private they just said no she just i mean. She drinks a little because he didn't really know her. I read the articles horns and many articles i read. I read somewhere that they were like. They were on two different schedules. He worked nights and she worked as vice versa and though so when he saw her she put on his face but he was. They were on different. Schedules was easier. I go out and drink and come back and recover by the time he gets home and so we'll that seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life. As i hear stories like this to of when you hear like husbands and wives you know like i mean i went through it in my own with my own wife. Her ex husband was like this normal. But now nsur khaki wearing motherfucker right. That had a full time job and and she didn't even realize that he had a drinking problem which ultimately broke up their marriage but didn't realize the whole dating process everything and on their honeymoon cruise. He spent twelve hundred dollars in alcohol in like five days. So like she's gone through the credit card statements like and then she told me throughout the course of the marriage she would go to clean organize something or whatever. Pull out some books from the bookshelf. There would be like an empty bottle hidden back there. There would be empty bottle in the top shelf of the closet. There would be a bottle under the mattress like bottles everywhere and but he didn't really drink at home in front of her. The kids he would stop on the way from work grabs model drinking on the way home. Maybe another one in the briefcase. After everybody goes to bed he'd go in the living room. Drink a bottle sticking behind the plant and in you're shaking your head right now yeah. It's it's really really sad is happening probably happening in a good portion of the families that you currently know you're like you know what i wish. We could be like that family but in private. You have no idea what these people are doing. As point his continual denial of it in his can't began to become burdensome. Four the serve the families of the victims they. Actually i think i forget who it was. I think maybe one of the best starry people's daughters or someone was basically look every time you deny this publicly. Try and go on shows and make. It seem like she didn't have a problem you. It's painful for us the year you we have to relive in every time you should just accept the truth and i think more than one family member from the different families came out looking you stop. It's time to stop. And that was a big part of what made it so controversial. The broader got sued. He imagines three kids in getting sued because the family of the best authorities in maybe other two people died sued the brother as well as danny because the brother the van was being driven. Now so why. Why did you let her drive on top of that. This is great. This is the last information i have. A documentary came out. And i think you can actually find it on youtube. It's called. there's something wrong with diane. I forget the that surrounded. But danny the the husband diana of suing his forerunner in law over something after that documentary came out he imagined after all of that in all his years ago by people. Make a documentary about your family pain. And then you getting sued by your own. Former brother-in-law this the whole thing is is more in tragedy and scan not the most scandalous thing but just that whole denying that the intoxication the mystery behind the the toxicology report. And all that stuff. It's like the crash that kept giving for awhile the tragedy that kept getting worse when it was all said and done eight people mostly kids lost their lives. But when talking about the drugs that i spoke of after hearing lucas story. Most of us would agree. That we couldn't fathom actively consciously choosing this most people have some form of addiction though and most of the addictions are actively killing us as part of the human condition addiction. Plays a part in all of our lives whether it's the need for that first cup of coffee in the morning. The habit of meeting that cold one on the way home my wife. That can't sleep. Most nights without her tylenol pm in the chewing tobacco. That's in my mouth. As i wrote this most addictions destroy part of us. And we consciously know this in. Choose to continue anyway. It destroys us mentally physically but it sometimes destroy those those around us as well secondhand smoke from cigarettes killing those around. You may be true or not is definitely destroying the bank account of those bearing you and it takes extra time we could have had with those at us. Tobacco for me is an expensive habit. Anos destructive but it's something. I can't shake at this point in my life. It's definitely not healthy and more than likely is actively killing me in i choose it. Anyway i'm overweight. I'm going to have serious health problems in the future. Because of how eaten. But i just can't seem to help myself in scientists disguised chef as chefs at your favorite fast food. Places are getting paid a ton of money to make sure that doesn't change. I was the product of an alcoholic drug using father and they say that addiction is hereditary. I don't drink but stuff my face with food. Emma liquid dip in can't quit to understand it. Most of these stories about my past will probably see my monologue has the show continues in the future piece by piece but for today i think about this aspect. My father can never quit. Total vehicles stays in jail. A family living squalor. Nothing would stop his addictions until that fateful night. We live with my stepdad already. For about a year which is interesting because my stepdad was a former a sponsor of my biological father. I remember being woken up around ten pm in hearing that news at it finally happened. My dad had killed someone while drinking and being on drugs. I walked into the living room to see the nighttime news. Display my data truck into the side of the freeway in another vehicle. The new said that it was a fatal wreck most likely caused by ill weather conditions that everyone in my living room. That night knew what the deal was. The story goes the man was killed. The man that was killed had broken down on the shoulder and was waiting behind his vehicle for help to arrive when my father being under the influence veered off the road smashes man between both vehicles likely killing him instantly during the show. We joked around a lot but in reality drugs and alcohol destroyed two families at night. I wish i knew the family. That was devastated. A father soccer just know that they're okay. I think about who they are who they were were they are now. I blame a lot of my problems at the age of forty five. Dad did up in my life leading up to twelve year. Old me getting woken up that night when my father was in the accident. But i know somewhere out there in the same city. There was another child being woken up and finding out that his father had been killed. This information is seemingly mentally challenged individuals going to extremes in getting fucked up can be really funny but it's definitely no joke. We're killing ourselves. We're killing those around us sometimes. Quite literally with what we choose to grab a hold of our lives. If you think you're immune please think again. That's the end of our very first episode. So how do you feel have fun. I hope the fund translates to interesting Is probably the worst show ever. I think it was better than i heard. Some really really cracking podcasts. Were that bad. Yeah at least the best of the really crappy ones or the best. The ones that have never been playing yet. I don't know. I don't even know what you just said either. I am thinking that i lost. I lost all my nutrients from vomiting. Yeah exactly yeah. If lucas was feeling under the weather today. But we've already put this podcast off like two or three times and there is no way no way. He was going to let a little projectile vomit in his car. And all over his clothes. I'd sell through so Yeah quick story. I was hungover this morning and it pretty much just kind of hanging. Were at six. The all day. I thought i was done. Vomiting got home change heads yogurt and i was feeling fine. Got in the jeep. Start heading tommy's muslim All man i can. I can make an i had brought a bag but what you know. I decided to start vomiting decided to start shooting it out while i was trying to stop sign so i grabbed the bag and put under my chin but it didn't open so just dribble down and got all all muster. My pants and i found streets pullover in. Put the emergency lights hopped out and this. You can't see the motion i'm doing. We're just imagine any movie. Someone projectile vomited at or on and it was like that. So needless to say Lucas gave me a heads up me. He was gonna smell like Like shit He told me what he did. And i'm like in my mind. Yeah my stomach hurts. i feel like i'm gonna vomit. Let me put some yogurt on top of that. So what a dummy in after losing all the weight luckily fits in my youngest son's close up and just eighteen year anyway we're gonna go ahead and In the show now thank you very much for joining us. And i hope it was as much fun for you guys as it was us. Yes as guys all right so. I'm probably going to be speaking right here. But the problem that i had the other day was ps. So i think this is probably about as loud as i'm gonna talk okay In go ahead and might test out some. Maybe we could just avoid saying all words was p. Yeah you have to ride it out because you have to make sure Peter i ever. Oh shit i just like do some weird pig. Latin where we replace with something else.

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