SWEET REVENGE! Mavericks vs Lakers Game Recap: Mavs end Lakers' 10-Game Winning Streak, Dirk Makes an Appearance, and the Most Important Games of December


Hello everyone and welcome to Dallas hoops. Fan cast a podcast. CAST mavs fans. I'm your host city I'm here with my co host. Mr Martin Myers. Hey guys decided to say okay. I'm sorry The Mavericks Won. Tonight's against the Lakers. It was a ICEE. This is probably so far. Maybe one of the biggest wins of the season. I think we said that after the rockets game the other night but this one I think thinks one goes into the best because the Lakers have the best record and the way they were at one ten in a row. So here's A. Here's a stat from Tim. Kato that I think is not worthy. So the Mavericks are undefeated and win by an average of twenty six points. When Dirk attends a game they gave but seriously there? There are a lot of noteworthy things about this game. So after this fivethirtyeight sports Ford has the mavs at a ninety six percent chance to make the playoffs and a six percent chance to make the finals which I think is interesting but yeah there are also currently projected to win fifty two games. Now the Lakers were on a ten game winning streak coming into this game and and obviously the Mavericks beat them so the last time they broke a ten game winning streak was in two thousand two thousand and ten thousand eleven and season when they basically broke every rogue everybody streak. Yeah and it's kind of interesting. There's a lot of things that are happening this season. That haven't happened since that season. I think another one was the start. They got off to on their road winning seven two now on the road so I mean obviously. I don't think they're gonNA make the finals but it kind of it says what kind kind of team it is. And like I don't WanNa get too high on things. I think they do like. I've talked about consistency with the rule players. Like different weaknesses. They have. I don't think they're like a championship Japan shipped team. But it Kinda shows you that the quality of the that they are this year. Yeah it's nice to see that they are potentially a good team. I mean they are a good team team so far. This season were twenty games in now and they are fourteen in six thirteen and six. So nineteen games into the season. And that's usually a measuring stick is twenty games and your thirteen and six have to look. You gotta be really happy with that. They've had some really. I know they've had some terrible losses says but they've also had some really nice wins the win in Denver the win in Houston in Phoenix. The other night at Phoenix is tough to to beat at at home this year. They're not as good but it's still hard to win. Yeah and against. La On the road in Los Angeles which is for the Mavericks is like almost impossible possible for them to pull out a win so they've had some really nice wins this season and if just erase those two knicks losses. This team's record looks way different. Yes so here's kind of where I would put what I think of the Mavericks so far this year because they do have the big wins against like the two the nuggets and the rockets in. Obviously this one against the Lakers. But then they also the some of the losses they have our again against the Lakers L. which was a win on one of. Oh Times against the Lakers record says and then against the Celtics and then against the clippers offers So they've had some big wins against really good teams and then they have some losses so I think that they are a top five team in the West. But that's one reason why I don't think they're. They're not going to contend this year because they are very good but in some ways they're still kind of young and they showed these inconsistencies with role players. Who have clearly never really been in this situation before? Yeah and every year. There's really I know everybody says there's there's ten possible contenders but there's really only one or two or three teams. That really have a chance. And I believe those teams are Milwaukee and the clippers clippers. Yeah outside of them. I think everybody else's Kinda in the same category. I know we lost to the Celtics in Boston is hard to win their you know. Wait wait till we play them again in our home court so I think those two teams are the definite front runner contention titled Teams But outside. Hi that everybody both beneath them. I think it's more of kind of an even Keel and the Lakers one thing that's been brought out after this game is is they really lack outside shooting and I love how skin Wade said against bad teams. You are role. Players tend to make their shots that they normally wouldn't make which is so true. We've seen seen that firsthand. But when they played good teams though Shochu don't go inasmuch and that's the problem that the Lakers have and it's kind of a problem that the mavs have but the mavs in two games against the Lakers really outplayed them by a mile in this one and beat them on the previous game. Even Dwight cheated and we lost. Yeah I I think like you said the clippers are the only team in the West. That really scare me and then even playing the Lakers tonight in and watching the game even though they have a better record than the clippers I think clippers are much better but loopers have another level then now we haven't seen since they played the mavs I think they turned on that gear. Yeah when they played Dallas because they were like this is a legit offensive team. Let's test our defense and in all honesty was great. It was amazing. I mean it was. It was a chokehold type of defense but then the very next night they let Memphis score like one hundred and fourteen and then they lost to the Spurs. They're like that team where they're going to turn it on when they have have to. which is the playoffs? And then Really outside of that. I don't know the Lakers don't scare me that much. Outside of Lebron and Anthony Davis. They're really a week team. Even then the mavericks supporting cast they definitely. Don't have the depth that the clippers have and I think that's what makes the clipper so dangerous injury since like the Lakers. Have a good defense. Just like the clippers. Lakers have superstars like the clippers but the clippers depth is just like you never get a break whereas with the Lakers. Really the mavs were down. They were losing a lot of it but then when the benches came in the mavs were just better. They overpowered them him. And of course Luca took over in the third. So yeah they lack that depth tonight. You saw the shooting. It just didn't make his tonight and and It was good. It's a good win now. Dallas has won they beat Phoenix really. I loved how in both of these games against Phoenix and in La they. They responded well. When Phoenix took the lead in the third quarter? They win it by Tan. Carlisle calls a timeout they regroup and they come out with this mental this mindset of. Were just going to come back and win this game. Likewise against the Lakers Lakers started off the game hot. They started off as if we're going to in this game early early in Dallas regrouped and they have that mentality to come back. A lot of people talk about the mass because that loss against the clippers. They say they're are soft team. And and the clippers exposed their softness. Don't get me wrong. The clippers were physical in the mavericks. Were not as physical. But there's a difference between being physical and being soft. A lot of people forget. Being tough is being tough minded. It's being able to make the shot when it matters the most being able to have that tough mindset where you get down in a game and you are able to come back and win against a team whose throwing the kitchen sink thank you. That's what it means to be tough not throwing your elbows and pushing people down four. Yeah I will say I think that mentality the of of not fading and not collapsing. I've seen that really starting with the Toronto win which was just after their second loss to the the Knicks and I know those two losses they come up all the time because they were just awful but honestly I think it was a real turning point for the team because his if you look at their record before that it was like two wins a loss a win a loss wins law so when a loss loss but after that they went onto win five in a row. They lost the clippers. And then they've now one tuna row and so I think they've kind of developed a little bit of a resiliency you can see whenever whenever they get down they don't just crumble and so like as as bad as those losses where you can kind of see a different team that they have that in also their role players since Winston have played better and that was kind of one of the problems they had that we talked about. was that these guys. They would only play well at home or in big games would choke. They wouldn't show. It was just Luca but ever since then Tim Hardaway Jr.. Junior's been on this hot streak. Dhillon were Dhillon. Right has been playing well. But during Fini's Smith his making his threes and so like obviously resilience just as a team but really their role players have kind of stepped up. And I don't know why I don't know if they realized how important they they are but they've been a different team like not just in any sort of like hocus pocus mental kind of thing but just on the court the way that they play their just playing playing better when I feel like the coaching has tightened up a little bit more of the rotation early on in this season as people were in and out in and out laid played. Three minutes stretches. Come out you you know steph curry wouldn't get a minute play the first four minutes of the game we were starting Courtney Lee and it's like so a lot of the things that coaching staff even an exactly and so the players are able to play with more of a rhythm and they know that they're they're gonNA possibly get minutes one guy. The has been getting more minutes. The last couple of Games Justin Jackson. Yeah and he has really performed. Well Yeah just Jackson tonight. He was really good. He finished the game with fifteen points. He was three four five on three pointers. He was really like a spark. Paint a spark plug off. The bench was good because Tim Hardaway junior had a bad new struggled tonight. Yeah he was over seven on three pointers but I thought that slack was really picked up by Jackson and then also a little bit by Dhillon. Right I will say. Twitter is his brutal like literally the Internet. The world is brutal Eh. Tim Hardaway doesn't play very well tonight. You'RE NOT GONNA play well every game everybody's already saying pension whatever and it's like do you know how to bad games. He's really sensitive guy. I feel oh bad for us. So yeah he had. He had a bad game but I guess what the past ten games. He's averaging over fifteen points in the past five games. He's averaging twenty so I mean I don't think he's GonNa average twenty for the season but like a right around that fifteen to seventeen. That's what he's been doing and I think you know this was one bad game. But I think he'll be fine long after this. I think what you're seeing now. A lot with the Mavericks. A why they're winning is their best player is just better. Yeah then than anybody else in the other teams best player. The mavs have the best player on the court. Ninety nine percent of the time even tonight I know. It's Lebron and Anthony Davis Davis but just the way that he's playing compared to them to all those guys are good and Lebron for some stupid reason is in the MVP candidates it just because it's Lebron James on funny so the Lakers fans were chanting MVP for Lebron and Anthony Davis and I was like I don't think you be worse than the chant wasn't very young but anyway continue and Luca right now. This season season has been playing better than both of those guys. So Luca was the better player on the court. The Best Player on the court right now. Don't kill the people of you're saying right now don't ask me don't ask me yeah and You saw in the third quarter. He kind of inserted his will into the game and took over and the mavs took a twenty point lead and they never relinquished their lead and won the game so mass fans you gotTa. I don't know if you realize what you have like. We have guy. Yeah we have that guy that is going to be the best player in the league that every team wants every player wants to play with any plays for our team and not only that he he shows up. This is Los Angeles. I know that's I was thinking sorry you can. I was thinking that during the game like this is is a huge stage. Then you know like we've talked about throughout the season. How some of these guys struggled to show up in those big moments Thomas in the past few years? That's been a problem and it's a problem for a lot of guys but I was like man Q.. Match in this guy on this huge stage and he is not scared indeed delivers like he he gets better in those moments. That is extremely rare. Like you can have a good player or a great player and we've had had some of those but to have a guy that does better in high pressure situations that is extremely rare the difference between having an all star and a superstar superstar. Yeah the LEGIT superstar another thing. I noticed and they talked about it in the broadcast after the game. Is Lucas game. Kind of change especially Ashley in that second quarter at first. I mean the Lakers were crowding. Yeah getting double. Everywhere he went there was two guys waiting for him and a couple of times times he forced it and it was a turnover or it was a contest of which or a charging call which was the worst charging call one had ever. Lebron was anyways but in that second quarter when that bench was in and the ball movement. Really Kinda messed up the Lakers. so-called good defense which I don't think they really are that good and defense. It is easy when he played ten street teams at our school so when he came back in then he didn't force it he did a lot of quick passes. He drove it but his intention was not to try to finish. It was to pass to kick it out and he did a really good job with that and and then in the third quarter he balanced it out yeah. He did both being aggressive and Getting his teammates involved and it was. It was good to see I. Also don't I WANNA forget porzingas. Okay so he. Somebody sent me a message on twitter and ask this question is porzingis now their third star. No okay but just for right now. No because Tim Hardaway has not solidified himself as a star. Okay so it is still there second best player. I know he's struggling and this isn't like to trash him or anything like he. I don't think he's as a bomber that he's so no he's he's struggling right now and I think he's losing his confidence with every game but I think he'll he'll get back there in the the very least you have to believe. He has the talent to get back there. So I don't mean that porzingas sucks for right. Now he's not really the second guy which I think he may not see it. It's kind of a blessing in disguise that you have Luca because if he were back on the Knicks and he's trying to recover recover from a torn. ACL With that team. Trying to win. It would just be a terrible situation. Yeah so here. He is able to learn. Carlisle's really restrictive flow offense which is like an oxymoron. He's trying to learn how to play with Luca he's trying to learn how to play in the League again again after missing so much time and he doesn't have that pressure that if he doesn't deliver they're not GonNa win that pressure right now is on Luca and I think that's kind of the way. Luca likes exit anyways so I thought he played well tonight. He had fifteen points. Only six rebounds. The Lakers are pretty big and physical and he got pushed around a little bit. You can still see that. Even next summer he's got to put on some more weight. Yeah he's got to get a little bit stronger. He came into the League really really scrawny and so he had a good off season. But he's gotTa do maybe one more off-season of strengthening so that way. He's not getting pushed around. His shot. Looked better tonight. His Rim protection is great. I still think he's going to be the second best player. Probably more closer to the end of the season. We'll see more of the PORZINGAS Luga. Yes tandem I just. I have to be patient with it. And that's one thing that it gets frustrating. I'm not frustrated with Porzingis. I know he's is trying but the situation is frustrating. I just I wish he could be that guy that we all know this duo that we dreamed about when they got him. And I think it's going to take a lot at longer than we hope. Stephanie going to be a season another thing I I love porzingus. I love his attitude. It's not hard playing with. I mean it's not hard. It's I used to be the Unicorn all the attention. All the highlights plane in New York. You come to Dallas. And it's the Luca show no one talks Lucas Lucas. And you have to adjust to that as well playing with not just on the court with Luca but the off the court antics that happened. Not that yeah. Yeah but the the show the show of it yeah. Luca gets all the attention and so he's Kinda just he's he's learning had play a whole new city a whole new team a new environment. There's so many things that he's learning to adjust right now and he's got a great attitude about it. He recognizes that. It's GONNA take time. Even though at the start of the season he was getting frustrated. Yeah I love his attitude. I think he's going to be fine yes I am. I think it's just going to take a lot longer than I wanted to another thing. I wanted to talk about in this game. Was the zone defense so that they play In the third quarter I thought when you think about the turning point I thought that was really it. They they did some other things differently but honestly I think the key was zone defense because the Lakers first of all they didn't know what to do and second of all the way to attack the zone is to shoot threes. And if you don't have three point shooters than you. It's hard to do anything against it. I thought it was a great coaching being decision. I also liked having Maxi guarding Lebron. Yeah that's another thing and I know one time we'll got right around him but I think Maxi's length and size is in quickness it kinda throws through Lebron offer a little bit now at that point. The game was kind of getting out of hand anyways but I love the fact that they went into his own. And to your point you and you can see the mavericks have really been working on that on their own defense in practice because it looked like a legit zone defense. Sometimes you see a team will throw out his own like one possession and they're like crap to take yes and and they don't execute it. Well zone is hard to play. Yeah yeah but it really helped prevent them from getting in the lane and force him to shoot threes and like you said they just don't have the three point shooters. There was one possession towards the beginning being of them playing the zone where Anthony Davis ended up with a wide open three and shot it and switched hitting was kind of feeling himself running back to the to the other end but but then every other time down the court he again had a three point shot but he was really hesitant. He didn't want to take it. And it's like yeah so you can take that one one time if you're wide open you have the confidence but you don't actually want to do that like that's not actually your game and that's what the zone does is like. Okay maybe you guys I feel like off of ball movement or whatever you can hit a three here and there but if you're forced to do it every possession. You don't really want to do that. And it's different to to do that against the Washington Wizards. Yeah who have the worst defense in the league. And you're GONNA get wide open three after wide open three. Then do it to a team. That actually is good. It has a winning record and trying to prove themselves really and I think the Lakers. I think they're going to struggle a little bit just because their schedule is getting so tough. Offended going to be a lot of road games and that's enough leave leaker talk well one more thing so you brought up a maxi no okay. Obviously Dwight Powell started started because he's the starter by default because he's their best player right now so he should like obviously starting but one thing I was thinking during the game I was like you know they should try maxi on Lebron because Lebron isn't twenty-five years old anymore so you can't you don't really have to worry about his quickness news or his speed I mean he's still freak of nature but he's not like that and in terms of size maxine actually matches with him pretty well and I was surprised to see them try a and actually one time where Maxi just kinda got out of position of Lavar went by for the dunk. He did a good job and maxine. This is really quick leg of feet. Yeah he's able to get in position he stronger than he looks. And he's really long arms really long. I thought that if you if you you play Lebron with someone with size and mobility they can do a really good job on him because his game is driving it and overpowering you. Oh well sorry say in. I know it's twenty years ago now but back in two thousand seven when the Spurs played Lebron. It was Boris diaw. That's that's exactly what I was going to say. Yeah and this strengthened size of Dr really frustrated. Yeah Lebron well they did that. The next time that the spurs there's and the heat met up in the finals and it's because Lebron he is better shooter now but he would prefer to drive it. I mean that's his strength really so if you have someone that can play him out on the perimeter but can kind of stay off and still has to stay with him then yeah he might shoot that and if he gets hot he can get on a roll but really his game is to drive it. And that's one reason why I like Cleveland. So much is that he has that versatility is like he's a big man so you know he complaisant or a play down low and defend the RIM but if he gets switched or if you need him to guard Lebron or a guy like Lebron he can do that and I thought in this game you you saw that actually it works really well. Powell did actually have a good game Powell's best still he should be starting and that's all I want to save out. It's going to continue to happen so we can't let it go. Dirk was at the game appeal. was that it was awesome. And he got a video again video video tribute. He's been retired. Yeah and he got a standing ovation he said you know he's doing great and everything but he said that the season started he misses it more. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah and I've heard that before with whenever players retire. The thing that they miss the most is just being in the locker room around the guys because you really form that bond with specific is but also just the locker room the team having that come rotary I hear that would players miss the most well. And it's easier to say thou the manager thirteen and six if they were six in thirteen primarily in retirement but since the mavs are good good and you know to win is like the best thing to do in the NBA. Like when you're winning. Life is great and if he were playing and they were winning it it'd be awesome but he just can't. You can't defend anymore. Well you know what Lucas said about their defense how it's improved and he was like. Yeah well last year we we had dirk so. We're better this year so like I said in the beginning. FIVETHIRTYEIGHT has the MAS- projected to win fifty two games and that was close close to one told you. Yeah I don't know I. I recently contribute to an article and my prediction was forty. Eight eight wins. I actually was gonNA save forty seven but as like now throw them a bone. Give him another win. Do you think fifty two is possible. Or you kind of Durham pace for yeah true. So and they've had some they've had some legit wins and another win that we don't talk about much because it was at home against Toronto. Yeah Giraldo's having a great year at home like I said the game where I thought it. I thought that was a turning point. Yeah so and that was right after they lost the S. and and since then they've won seven of eight or something like that. Yeah seven of eight so no I. I think they're GONNA win fifty. I thought that before the season started of course. Even I didn't know what was going to be. This good thought. It was going to be more of a combination of Lucan porzingis going to say so if you thought they were going to win fifty and you see now how how they're doing that I mean it sounds like but did you really think they're going to win a fifty. 'cause it's the key to predict that Luka was going to do this no I predicted that it it would be more at pours in order for them to be a good team or make the playoffs at Porzingis in Luca would have to combine for fifty points a game tree. I remember whether that was Luca at twenty twenty eight and Porzingas at twenty two or twenty five. Whatever they're not close well they're at forty seven or something right now because Lucas averaging thirty thirty and porzingas over seventeen okay? I think he's right at seventeen points a game so they're close to that and that's what I think they're going to have to do. And now what helps Tim. Hardaway is playing better yet. That's another piece but Luca notches scoring. He's just he's making it. Look easy out there. Yeah and that's why I think they're gonNA win fifty games. Yeah I am still for some reason I feel uneasy about it but we're now like you said almost twenty games in like this is who you are not a lot is going to change unless you have major injuries or things like that but this is this is who they are and if you look at their next. Four Games aims it's it's not I know they're they're December schedule is one of the worst or the I think it is the most difficult in the NBA. If not the most difficult one of them but they have at Pelicans which is very winnable. The pelicans just aren't very good this year. And you have timber wolves at home. Pelicans again at home mhm and then the Kings at home they really should win off or those if they were gonNA lose one to be the first game in New Orleans because they just had a huge emotional win against the Lakers and then they got to fly all the way to New Orleans going to have tired legs on Tuesday though so they'll have well first of all this evening. Since it was an area it might help and the feeling real motivated right now so they might have to grind one out there but they could very easily win the next four and then they have the Pistons on the road so they their record should look really good before they have three straight or four five straight games of really tough teams and they have the Bucks Celtics sixers and raptors or heat also before the bucks so since we're talking about their upcoming schedule Another thing I wanted to get into was your article on the top five games of the month for December just like the most important games or the games to watch. That should be exciting or interesting. So you listed five in this article. It's on Dallas whose CAST DOT com. If you want to go in and read the full article this Lakers game was actually on in this list. You projected the mouse to lose. I just want to get out lack of faith but I wanted to pick out each one of ours like like our most important game with a month and then like I said you can read the full article on Dallas. HOOPS CAST DOT COM. So mine from this list would be mavericks at Bucks. That's on December sixteenth. And the reason why I pick it is because you're honest is not necessarily leading the MVP. He raised but he's up there depending on the day. And depending on who you ask and Lucas is also there to depending on the day or depending on who you ask and so so I kinda just WanNa see. I don't think it will be a matchup defensively. I don't think they're going to guard each other but just for the game. I I wanna see what you honest does I know that it Luca probably sees it as a as a big opportunity to so. I think it'll be an exciting game. I don't think it's any sort of four gleam in terms of like obviously playoff matchups chefs or anything like that but just for that that battle. I think it'll be a fun game. Well it's it's the future of the NBA. Yeah it's Lou covers jaanus honest you know the two guys that are projected to be the face of the NBA or faces of the NBA for the next ten fifteen years. So I don't know I think Milwaukee is such a good team you know. They've had one of the most difficult schedules to start the season and they still still have let me see what their record is right now. Seventeen and three yeah. They won eleven in a row. They're number one. They're number one in net rating There and they've had the one of the toughest schedules their fourth in defensive rating and their third in offensive rating. I mean that's insane so they to me are probably the front runners to win at all. I mean I mean. I don't see how how in unless you know to me. It's going to be Boston Clippers finals. Yeah yeah both teams have roy defenses. Raptors are good. This obviously precisely. Yeah unless the jazz came back from the Raptors are actually very good this year they are but they just don't have that guy and I with all due respect to pass ask Il Seok. He hasn't done that yet true and until he does it. He's GonNa be doubted true. And I'm going to go with the honest in in that match. Gotcha especially since has gone. Yeah so I think it'll be a fun. Game You have projected to lose is on the road yes milwaukee so it will be a turf have game. I think you'll see a lot of the same style. Defense at The Lakers did that. The clippers did and it just depends on how the mavericks adjust to it. But I mean you're asking them to go into Milwaukee against a team that seventeen and three has the one of the best offenses and best defensive fences top five in both and a win that game and I mean like we said the mouse have some big wins like this rockets Raptors Lakers. But they've also lost two really good too and so you're not really sure yet and that would undoubtedly go as the best one of the season if they want it. That's how difficult it would be to go into Milwaukee and win but but you are looking at the faces of the NBA with that one. So That's mine. What's GonNa Pick Boston because I don't like Boston? I don't like the fact that they'd beat us in Boston. Do not like Jason Tatum. If you've listened to this podcast people are gonNA say. He's averaging twenty one points. Give the man some respect i. You're averaging twenty one points a game. You're shooting percentages isn't very high. You advanced stat. Wise are not very good. You're actually a negative on offense shooting below forty one percent for the season. That's actually not good at healthy. Not Not so in fact I believe Jalen Brown has been better than Jason Tatum. Jalen Brown is actually surprised. Me Now my my my Ceiling for him was a lot lower true and he's certainly exceeding that he's averaging nineteen points a game but he's doing it more efficiently. He's a much better defender. I like his his game a little bit more. Jason Tatum I think is overrated. So do you think the Celtics are not as good as their record. Now I don't I don't think they're as good. It is their record. I think they are gonNA feast off the east the currently thirteen in five. They'd just lost to Brooklyn a one tonight though I think to the US fourteen in five. Oh Yeah Yeah. But they're gonNA feast on the East so they're going to win fifty five games or fifty six games or something stupid. But I don't don't think there is good as that record. I think when they face some of the other powerhouse teams. They're not GONNA be able to deliver as much Jason. Tatum is not that good. In my opinion I just don't like them sounds person. Yes it is and I love the fact that Jason Tatum went over eighteen or something I think he got a little Maria intimidated by Luca. You know because people were saying true. Yeah don't people. Were saying that tatum was going to be the face of the NBA. Put that to rest. I Oh yes quickly lashed interest even more so this year I think. TATUM got a little intimidated. Luca Cain they're put up thirty something points. Yes yes I think it was over eighteen point stroke. Yeah he got like two shots their losses have come to the nuggets. The clippers the kings and the sixers and their wins are not good teams. The only like the Nikki Weiss. Yeah the only really good team. They've bought a were the mavericks the Raptors all at home. And that's really it in both to those were at home. Yeah so and they've yeah and all their other winds are against like mediocre sucky team but in all honesty is personal for me. It's pers personal you. You know if you ask a Celtic Fan. They're going to win the championship. Yeah but you asked me. I think they're going out in the first round in fact they ain't even making the place. Okay so you're skin in the article is that the Mavericks will win big. I think it's going to be a blow. Is that again just person. The Mavericks Offense at Home Against Mediocre. TES Yes it is a home game. Boston may come in as a good team but at home. Dallas offense is just it overwhelms you and they'll oh score one hundred and thirty points or something like that and probably blow them out now. That's just a dream and our prediction. They could very easily lose it. But I'm GonNa pray to predict the mass win yeah. I don't think it's going to be a blow out but I could see them winning. Especially since when they lost to the Celtics that was pre turning turning point raptors game so at that point they were pretty inconsistent. Show up in big moment. And that was the game where Lucas sat because the very next night. They played the Knicks or the next game they play the next game. It's Lucas sat for like the seven minutes of the fourth quarter came in at the five minute mark or something like that and two points and he looked all discombobulated it was in the flow of the game and all that everybody was just so frustrated. On on the twitter's here's the dominant NEPAD that Carlisle's minutes an rotation and stuff where we're starting to get frustrating. Yeah so the Mavericks I think are a a different team and I think they can beat them. I don't think it'll be a blow out but I think it could be a win. So those are two most important games of the month. Aside from This Lakers game which was also on this list. You can see the full list against that. DALLAS HOOPS CAST DOT COM. Let us know what you think are the biggest games of the month because there's a message on twitter at Dallas hoops cast. I'm at underscore. Sidney Meyers Martin is at Martin L.. Myers I didn't do the intro with all of the nice and he goes flowed right into the podcast. Yeah well I didn't have my notes in front of me so I I forgot what I usually say but anyways those raw thoughts on the game definitely a big. A big win said as soon as I mentioned on twitter. Let let us know what you think of the game of the zone. Defense of Dwight Powell. Unless you think he's good say anything. Yeah but yeah I think that's it getting else. nope yeah thank you. So much for listening member to leave leave us a rating or a review in the beginning things do anything and then just kind of listening you like in the movies. They just hang up without saying good but they never say goodbye hanging up the hanger you can follow the show on twitter. Fail listen to new episodes so And really exclusive articles at Dallas whose cast on Com. I'm at Sydney Underscore Myers. That's at Martin L.. Myers you can follow the show on twitter at Dallas. soups cast on walking away. Thank you guys so much for listening it. Was You guys the next episode the.

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