Aug 28, 2020 - Hour 3 - Would the NFL Players Boycott Too? & Aries Spears


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Before discounts prices higher in second year, regional sorts Vietnam. Nine applies twenty four month agreement activation, other fees, terms, and restrictions. Apply thanks for listening to the couple podcasts. Be sure to catch US live every weekday from seven pm to ten PM Eastern four to seven PM Pacific or Fox sports radio find. Your local station for the odd couple at Fox sports radio DOT COM or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching. F. S are. Three. You're listening to Fox sports radio. It is the couple I'm Chris he's rob coming you live from the Geico Fox sports. Radio Studios Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more in your car insurance visit. GEICO. Dot Com for free rate quote and you know every Friday. Or Most Fridays we do a celebrity corner interview with a nine. Sports, celebrity celebrity. And we got a special when this week he's been on the show before. He's a comedian he's funny. and. It'd be nice rob to have him on because you know it'll lighten up the mood obviously a lot of serious topics going on and appropriately. So I mean, this is nothing these these topics need to be discussed, but it'll be nice to have a comedian on who can. You know make things a little bit lighter for segment. Don't you think? Oh. Yeah. No doubt about it. Sometimes, you need a little levity. Sometimes. You Love Levity Nah not anymore I'm strictly life. Now Strips Down Styles at Rob Song strictly business business ep amd that's me now strictly business. No I. Want The old Rob Parker back. I want guy who thought he was funny. He wasn't funny but he thought he was funny. He. Stop. Let's get to the show I can bring him out. I can bring him out I can bring him out so you can keep fighting it all you want. But I will bring him out trust trust. As I said, we come you live from the Geico Fox Sports Radio Studios, and here we go rap. We talked about it at the top of the show is worth bringing it up again. Lebron James, along with Colin Kaepernick in very different ways but I think they're the to defining athletes this generation in terms of social activism out. I don't know how that's really debatable. Somebody drat dramatically slipping my mind. And Lebron. had been reports he was frustrated. And I've talked to people and he was frustrated with what went on with the Milwaukee Bucks not that they boycotted the game but how they did it without letting the players know. One he thought they would have been better for them to present a united front. And all of them decide together. And also this is legit. Lebron new. Also, the he's going to be the guy answering the questions. He's going to be the guy with his name attached to this boycott and not rob and I i. didn't I understood he's the face of the League but when I saw twitter people. Essentially Given Lebron credit for the boycott. I thought that was wrong and Lebron is as I said he and Colin. Kaepernick he's done more tangible things but he and Colin Kaepernick defining athletes of his generation in terms of social justice but it would not be right. To Characterize Lebron James as the leader of this boycott because it was the Milwaukee Bucks. And it was the raptors in the Celtics who talked about it I. And so but Lebron knew that he was going to be the guy had to answer the questions and he was going to have to be the one to answer to it and I i. understand this point and I think they're very valid and they make sense but I stand with the bucks that sometimes you just need to act and in acting rob as we brought up. Didn't have a plan. Muhammad Ali didn't have a plan. They just stood on conscious. They stood on principle and it has been why books yes. Yes. It doesn't everything doesn't have to be buttoned up and how it's going to look I think and if this was the Orlando Magic out of nowhere, Chris maybe you know what I mean. But this happening Wisconsin didn't right right. This is why it happened forty miles away from where where. Is Yeah. That's what that's what I'm saying in Kenosha. So this makes sense to me I wasn't like scratching my head going why Orlando Magic having a boycott do. That that would. have been out I would have respected it alone would have been. Questioned a little bit. Would you have? I don't know I I, I. Don't think I would have just. What you're saying I'm just saying. Walkie right. I'm just saying taking the lead on it. I understand why this affected the box and why they decided to do something and they weren't looking to. Get an endorsement from everybody you know other thing rob they weren't just sitting there twiddling their thumbs they were in the locker room on the phone with the Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor of the same and we've said the players we've said this before it came out. But the players have an Lebron spearheaded. This have gotten the owners to get on board at least that's what they're saying at this point with their cause and they released the League and the Players Association released a joint statement today about how the odors are going to work with the players on various initiatives. One of them being that they will use their arena's owners who have control over their arenas will use them as voting sites or if they can't quite be sites if it's too late past the deadline, they will use them for some type of. Voting? Event when it's time when the time is appropriate by for. People. Get people get them registered whatever whatever it may be but that is a concrete tangible thing that came out of this and so the bucks. The owners as we say, Mark Lazarie, the owners for the bucks got the players on the phone with those officials that shows you the power that they have they. All. In an all the sudden, the attorney general you know how hard it is to get the attorney general on the phone. There you go. There you are asleep. Yup Sterling Brown can't call up the attorney general in Guinea, no throwing the phone, and so that was a and the governor of Wisconsin has called for the legislature of the state to meet on Monday to start looking at this police reform bill and the bucks have. Made that public and brought light to that nationally, and hopefully, I'll tell you what if that legislature does meet next week. And they pass that bill. That is another very strong tangible thing. You can point directly to the players and say, they got that accomplished no dough another thing that's what they were trying to do, and that's why you know and I know he goes getting away and you're right Lebron is the face of the League or whatever but to me. I think everything doesn't have to be buttoned up. Perfectly it just doesn't. That's not the way these things happen. and. It's okay. It's okay. Lebron wants to figure out something or do something and get everybody involved. That's one thing. But I just I, just don't think Milwaukee had to and like they did they did a disservice to the to the rest of the players or anything and players had a right to do whatever they wanted to do. You said it before it happened that if that first game wasn't played that there's no way the other guys played and we. Won We knew that we All Right Rob I thought another thing that got accomplished by the players, the bucks, and the entire NBA at this point was that they put the owners the networks, the corporate sponsors, the Commissioner. On notice that we will go there. We will go there when you marry rob and I don't know if you've ever had you know an argument. With your wife argument. Right, you did he. Said did you did you ever not have an argument? Not, have but you know I shouldn't let me not even use that relationship but sometimes you let a person. No, I'll go there. No I. Know What if you push me too hard I'll go there. You May. Take you more seriously, right. And so. The the bucks in the NBA players have led the League owners the commissioner. The corporate sponsors the networks no, we will go there in if we go there. I, mean it walk out. It will have ramifications ramifications beyond the NBA. Major League Baseball might join us. That's why I fell might join us and Daddy of them all NHL might join us but if football and Russell Wilson Rob said. Our today or yesterday. But. He said that if the Seattle seahawks had a football game this upcoming week tomorrow or Sunday by. Play. They would not play in their saquon Barkley, of course, the New York giants he came out and said the players may boycott or sit out one game to make statement. So, this thing is reverberated and once you start doing that in football rob, you know you are hitting big money big business and you got some powerful people's attention. So I'm afford and I'll tell you this all you need to do that statement to by Jerry Jones Way said he was considering the change remember last. Right type all of a sudden. It's a compromise before you wouldn't wear cowboy famer. All right now you know why? Because he already knows Chris he has no power. Won't where do they think about it? Because most people and Jerry Jones was thinking I'm the owner you're GONNA do. If you don't stand. Did he say with your hand on your heart? I don't know how. Dat Far. But if you don't stay up for the national anthem, you won't be wearing a cowboys uniform. Now, all of a sudden there's a compromise because he doesn't WanNa look stupid when half of his team kneels down all the entire team. Now, what Jerry Am I right? He knows that so he has no power tells you. That shows you the power at these players have. And that's why plotted what they did so much the bucks. Because they said. We have they recognize their power. And they were willing to use it to wield did on behalf of the masses, of African American people, and again they're not saying and we're not saying Jacob Blake was perfect. They're not saying. That, right. That's not even the issue. Yes. He deserves his day in court if he was guilty of a crime or he was accused of a crime charged with a crime. He deserves his day in court knife in the car. Hey. What if he had had a gun? He, he was a registered gun owner had a gun I mean you could shoot an S. legal exactly. That's the other thing too. They can't even tell you if he had recently walked walked up through the by the police with a gun who is murdered two people AK Forty, seven Ryder, whatever it was and what happened he was able to walk through I. Mean he had. A role by some by seriously. Yeah. He's viewed as a hero by some and I'm not overstating it. There's been talk I mean jokingly but he he could be president somebody tweeted. Well known person on on that side so. You, know. Look. We the players, our understanding their power, and that is something that can be valuable in this fight for black lives mattering and being treated as equals in every aspect of American life. All right. Let's see what guys think eight, seven, seven, ninety, nine, on Fox Eight, seven, seven, nine, nine, six, sixty, three, sixty, nine. What do you think about the NFL players? Possibly sitting out a game to make a statement, would you like that? Do you think it would be effective? Would you like to see him sit out even longer eight, seventy, seven, ninety, nine on Fox I really WanNa hear rob really wants to hear from you on this one we want your opinions where the agree with us or not hit us up the. Sports Radio Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox sports radio DOT COM, and within the iheartradio APP search F. S. are to listen live. Talking about erectile dysfunction isn't easy. Usually, we just brush it off all we avoided altogether with excuses like sorry honey I'm just not feeling it but with Roman, it's easy to talk about it because you're talking with a healthcare professional who can prescribe medication it's simple fast and totally discreet with Roman. 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Discover. Dot Com black family reunion athem right. Am I right Rob Parker. Lena. Keep the music. Heavy one. There you go. It's the. funky flashback. Friday. We brought to you by blue EMU maximum pain relief works fast and you will stink. Recommend the odor free pain relief from muscle pain backache strains, sprains, arthritis. There's no stinky. No burning simple pain relief. Blue Moon. Maximum pain relief it works fast and you will not stink I'm interested to hear what you guys have to say about this. What would you think because here's the thing. We asked Russell. Wilson said we wouldn't be playing football in Seattle this weekend if we had a game. saquon Barkley. The New York giants said, we might sit out a game to make a statement. A game and a lot of people rob have said man screwed NBA. We don't need it. Boycott arrested a season. Heck I'll care if the come back I'll see that on twitter. I'm sure you have to. Yeah. We see. got. The NFL that's a whole different story. Are you willing to go there with the NFL. No you're not I'm just going to be presumptuous and say, no, you're not you to racked up into your fantasy leagues you live for fantasy football. You're too wrapped up in it. You live for Sundays in the fall. And so you would. Think you would go there. And that's the power that these players have if they really really really WanNa, take it there. But what do you think maybe I'm wrong eight, seven, seven, ninety, nine or Fox. What do you think about the possibility of NFL players boycotting the game or longer? Let's hear from you. I just an Minnesota you're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. What's up just? My Man. Trucker Justin. I. I I WanNa tell you. You are my absolute favorite Sports Talk Radio on better I love the content you guys have. Just. Great. Keep it up. You're awesome. Thank. Thank you. You Walk From and welcomes. Second I supported one hundred percent. Across the board, I'm proud of what the NBA players doing and I hope you NFL follow suit We live in twenty twenty and we are still seeing due process being skipped on the streets based on the color the man skin it's Bs and people with power real power and money I'm glad to see people doing that I've been preaching to my friends about the real reason Colin. Kaepernick. Took a knee many people were very ignorant as why he did that when I informed them the real reason they give me some stupid look like really. That's why absolutely I don't what Bravo Justin to try to educate the people around I. 'cause people don't know man I'm telling you just he gave up his whole career to help other people who warned family members just think about that how important it was to him to help others. And I too bad. It's happened daily short for him but Hey I'm glad people are doing things not. Just. Great Hall. No doubt about it. Let's go to Luca in Baltimore you're on the odd couple of Fox. Sports radio WHAT'S UP LUCA? What's going on guys how you? That's a good name to have right now. Been told that a few times especially in this show. Anyway, first things first I gotta say, I just came from twelve Galicia's. Honey Lemon pepper wings and I. Feel better right now. A Luca. In our know. Luke. No I. Already know that those were delicious. No but about the protests I wanted to say that. Just like what happened with Kabir Nick and just like what what happened just now with the Milwaukee Bucks I think that most loyal fans which again. Includes me Know what the right thing to do is now is just a matter of. Where do we go from here? Now, it's not the time to renegotiate. While was right. What was not right was in was the kneeling right or the bucks pros protests, right? I think most people agree and the response was immediate. In approval of what the bucks did. So now the Lebron's of the world and the Russell Wilson's the leaders bear sports leagues have to take it from here because they are the ones in a position to really influence because I doubt. That, they will be unheard unlike a Colin Kaepernick which. He might have been the quarterback. He wasn't a Tom Brady or I get it. No no doubt about it that that his cachet wasn't as big as if it was Russell Wilson Rob had been had done. What capture nick did would have been. Your rights totally different story probably be a trend. You know it would have been totally different as you say and. Thanks for the call. Thank you. Look. We brought up Rosa Parks. She didn't lead the movement now she just was one of the triggers. And George Hill nobody's expecting George Hill lead the movement that's going to be Lebron. Chris? Paul. Guys like that. If something comes of this. But George you just triggered it and the Milwaukee Bucks I lex in California, you're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio what's up LEX. How's it going guys doing? I kind of come at this from a different side. I'm a Republican and I. I agree that police brutality has gotten out of hand and that things need to be done about it. I think though that something from the Republican side I know what happens is when we're trying to fix these things, we need unity from both from everybody and Wendy's when these guys said out like this sometimes I think it alienate some of the people that you need to get together so that you can fix these things. And I would I would. Personally. Support them. If they sit out, you know I'm not GonNa lie and say that I wouldn't I I. I don't I don't have any problem with Cabernet nick kneeling. But here's what I'd like to see done is as you have a voice, you have a lot of power about instead of sitting out. Take, some time before the game. Let's do some interviews. Let's start telling stories so that that people that come from the Republican side like me we know more about what what's going on because we only read what's in the news and sometimes it's not flattering and I genuinely want to do my part to help us out and I think that that. If these guys didn't look because what happens is Republican people start thinking these guys look spoiled brats and I don't I I don't think that that's what they're doing I know why they're doing it but I'm saying to not alienate that side maybe use your platform to speak to this side so that we can become united and we can stop this because it's horrible. Hey, lacks I want to say two things first of all so well said, appreciate your words and number two. Thank you for calling in because we want from both sides I'm serious. That is how you solve things. You don't WanNa beat the drama sits to to. Be One of the biggest palms now is every people only want to hear what they hear and Lex you just said it dude, I'm serious when I say that. Thank you. Thank you for calling in I'm glad you're not afraid to call in you know Chris and I won't attack you. We let you speak. Thank you LEX. For Re I. Second Arrives Said and look. We've got to get over this Democrats. Hey Hating Republicans and vice versa. Like you said in Rob said, we've got to have some type of unity. Plenty dialogue who are Republican I'm not a Republican I've got plenty of friends who are Republicans and Black and white. And I've got. I more of an independent to be honest. But I obviously friends who are Democrats as well, and we can't demonize either side because people have different reasons for voting the way they vote. But what I would say is this LEX. You you want the players to. Bring unity and things like that, and we all want unity as Americans. But let's keep it real. Are we getting calls to unity from the highest office in the land and that's? The Be Republican morning. And I'm going to be fair. We not getting calls for unity from the other side neither Democrats are calling for it either. and. They tend to demonize Republicans at least as much as vice versa, but I'm gonNa tell you the but it is the responsibility of the president, the leader Alita on the contrary yet and the freeze Rhino Ring. I'll tell you exactly from athletes. We we can expect it from the president and it's hard though when when I remember trump was asked about. black people getting shot on black do by by police and you notice responsible. No empathy no sympathy nothing people get shot to that. That was his response, right? That's what we're talking about. You got to show some empathy and sympathy I will this guy shows comedy. I want robbed here. This 'cause you know rob he's an aspiring comedian and he's okay he did his little thing. Got A few chuckles. Got Me Laugh our tired I would really a retired are you serious? Yup. Got I'm you. You'RE NOT GONNA do to stand up on stage I'm retired back no more really no, it's just. How Straightforward Sports el-sisi I look I have you back to normal next week mid next week. All right. We got aries spears coming up next. That's right. The Gray actor and comedian be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris. Broussard. And Rob Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. I like bed. That's really firm. Something a little softer than that rest. Easy to sleep number three, sixty smart. Bet You. Can, both the just your covered with you sleep number setting yeah. It really helped me fall asleep faster. Yes. Gently warming your feet. Okay. But can help keep us asleep its senses, your movements automatically just to keep you effortlessly comfortable sleepnumber proven quality sleep is life changing sleep. It's our big of the year. 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Not on the tip of my tongue when this young dude comes in here on a funky flashback Friday and drops parliament funke Delic. Need. Knee, deep. Oh man turn it up a little bit man. I'll give props everyone. I. Thank. Yes. You you got your bag tonight. All right. He almost stood us up, but we finally got a hold of him. He is a host of this Speier's Steinberg podcasts and aries spears dot com check out his upcoming tour dates is time for celebrity coroner. God time. Now. For the. Odd couple celebrity corner. Man You had a skill. Oh, what's up? What's going on? What what you hear Your Voice Man I Scott down some Chinese food and it put me in. The last time you on the show man you blessed the so much. You did what? biggie snoop I think L. L.. Did you do? Yeah you did some tremendous impressions and it was fabulous man but look there's a lot going on a lot of serious stuff I know you can make anything. Funny. But tell me men these brothers, the Milwaukee Bucks the rest of the NBA they boycotted it was historic. was so I've said Areas I've never in my life. been more proud of black athletes. What was your tape? Listen. I'm going to be honest with you man I wanna be kind. I thought it was historic also. Lebron James. Lead the charge it was phenomenal but I'm a little disappointed that they decided to recant and go back the plane. I think that it sends a strong message if they would've held their ground and would've stayed boycotting. for a two-day, hiatus. And then go back to it I don't know if that's a good thing. Is Not Nyabuto that. I'll say this quickly rob is undeniable that had they continue to boycott that would have been an incredible message. However I think they put the owners on notice and if something. Off they might do, they can do it again and they've shown the owners. MLB NFL might come with us. That would call I know but I'm going to be honest fellas. WOULDA COULDA Shoulda might should've listened we're in a climate right now where we've already been given messages, we've been sending out messages everybody knows the message loud and clear. Enough of messages if trying for action and I think for them to call a two day hiatus and then go back to it I think they did themselves a disservice. Yeah we we can agree to disagree respect that though I respect that year I respect. But I I understand what they're doing and the problem is if you go out and you'd say that you're going to wait for change, it might be four years before you get real change. So then when you go back next season, then people say well, they gave n nothing really changed. So you put yourself in a tough spot and that's why I'm not mad at them. I think I'm with Chris they sent a very pointed message. To to to MBA America to America that we're not just huge and you. Would just. Listen I I don't WanNa be that guy. So I WANNA be supportive as I can but if we're really being honest. We've been said that messages since the seventeen hundreds. We've been praying since the seventeen hundred enough messages if time for action and what better way to make America feel what it respects. Knows the most. HIT THEM ECONOMICALLY And and again, I applaud the effort but I think the black people are tired of efforts we want results. For them to for them to say, we're going to blake hot and then recanted. I don't know that if I don't know that that's a good thing and I know we'll agree to disagree but ended day. We've been screaming. We've been preaching. We've been praying. We've been marching long enough. It's time for. What better way to America didn't what it knows the bet economically. Aries. Okay. So we know you're a big basketball fan. Will this put a damper on your ability due to enjoy the rest of these playoffs? It's been awesome and them watch basketball because I know that because of the corona did the corona situation and the and the social distancing we have to play by a certain set of rules. But at the end of the day, always felt like the crowd was a six man when we enjoyed a playoff win enjoy basketball we enjoying any sport we like for the crowd to be involved and affected I gotTa look at basketball with cardboard cutouts and not really there I. Feel like I'm watching a scrimmage I don't feel like I'm watching the game. So I understand they got to do what they gotta do. But I, need that six man I need that crowd I need that home court. Well. Who Do you still have a did you pick the Lakers or or the clippers I don't. Think I. Think undeniably the Lakers are GonNa win it. It's obvious. Undeniably. Really. Can't make threes they can't. Rob He hasn't been watching you really have been. Dave what's their record? I mean the bubble is not good now known as not indignant how good they are, but I look I, the Lakers have a shot. There's no doubt. I think the lake. No, they don't have a shot undeniably word undeniably aries we'll like. Sitcom. Who owns? The the clippers clippers deeper I'm better lifted the clippers of like the side He. Never be quite. This let me ask you this. Though, in very short order aries, we may have something that. Honestly. We may have never had during our lifetimes, but we arguably had different at times in the eighties and now is the best player in the world being a white dude. Luca dances. Your thoughts on now I'm not saying he's there yet but he could beat here in a couple of years. I? Think I think he's a new incarnation of Larry Bird. Whether or not he lives up to that in terms of rings. that's another story. But for right now he's that do. Yeah Go. It's GonNa come down his rings. It's more. Yeah it's more than just the numbers. He's by the nuts more than that. You got to win big. You know that Larry Bird didn't just put up numbers and make big shots. They won championships he won MVP's. Totally. Got To do a lot more than that, and that's not to take anything away from him before we crown the guy because if you don't win people look at you the same way it's hard it's hard. Put a guy on a pedestal and call them the the greatest player in the league. If you don't win, would you agree with that? What what what I'm saying you know as far as right now in terms of potential I mean who's who's close to the Larry Bird then him but if you can go ahead and get the jury on top of it, then there's no question. ARIES SPEARS ACTOR COMEDIAN Check out his podcast spears and Steinberg and also go to aries spears dot com for his upcoming tour dates. He's joining us on the couple aries. I've said one of the reasons I was so proud of the players and is one of the reasons that you wanted them to continue to boycott is that African American athletes have incredible. Power in American society, because they are absolutely. Irreplaceable And I have said, the same thing is to a lesser degree but similar aggregate America's also have good dominance in popular culture through entertainment. And Music in particular do you think are entertainers or rappers vase? What should they be doing in this moment? To kind of. Push. Progress injustice listen. I know you guys have a delicate position and I don't ever want to undermine what disrespect your position. But I'm not sitting in the seats that you guys are sitting in so I'm GonNa say the same thing I said when I posted on instagram imagine if every major player in every major sport in America every prominent athlete every prominent. Comedian mogul from Tyler Perry Oprah Winfrey from Kevin Hart. So Mike S from Jay Z to beyond say we could go on and on and on the truth of the matter is this black people have always had this thing in the pulse on American pop culture and American livelihood American needs. We dominate every aspect of entertainment but it's some point. When do we decide? Dancing, singing and rapping enough is enough. Let's put our money where mouth is and make miracle respect us what it knows. Best forward strong is best which is economics at the end of the day we can sing we can dance we wrap with the finger on the pulse American culture. If we don't do it, we gotta do to gain the respect from America from an economic standpoint from a change standpoint and from a legislation standpoint. Then what are we really doing? When I saw Doc rivers save what he said when he said we love America. Wanted. Love US back. At this point love is great but respect his better we don't have to have love we can get it both. But. You gotTA respect us. And if we keep doing singing. And rapping, acting, and playing ball and not getting America's respect. We are doing it just service to watch self and we making people like Laura Ingram Correc-, shut up and dribble. It's time to stop. At town the make up of her. Yo? Preach. Preach. You I ever got to apologize for saying that on couple I'm just I'm getting. Knowledge Listen I've had I argue with people are social media who said how to stop playing basketball sports stop racist from being racist let's be honest. Millionaires and billionaires hang out with millionaires and billionaires they all eat the same dinner table and the same owners did responsible for paying these politicians campaign and eating if those five and five thousand dollar a plate dinners they all hang out together, right? Oh no each other. So less these athletes are willing to do what they gotta do for the betterment of our sons and daughters to go look we want you to talk your billionaire boys club put changes in effect for the betterment in the future and the safety about black men and women, boys and girls we're not playing. Now. We could play. Great stuff man. Thank you so much absolu- one another time. Yeah APP thanking Buddy. Ray stuff man we appreciate that. Again. Plead the podcast hit me up on. Instagram unto every spirit and I will send you the link. Personally I didn't mean to get my ice cube on. Good. That was. That was. He spoke powerful words there out. Indeed no doubt about it. Yeah. All right. Well, look guys. We want all of y'all to have a great weekend be safe where your masks enjoy tomorrow. Sunday to return of the NBA. I can't wait to see rockets in the thunder, Russell Westbrook is back. Hey, did did did the brief did the boycott give Lucas Ankle chance to heal up? They got something for the Clippers we'll see but I think it's going to be a great weekend. We watch to enjoy go check out download and subscribe to our podcast the couple, and of course, keep it locked for the Jason Smith might harm show coming up have a great weekend people. With a pandemic and a revolution happening at the same time, we get to choose what kind of society we want to build and who we want to be together. I'm Barra, today Thurston. Thurston author activist and comedian. I've got a new podcast how citizen with Baritone? Day Our democratic experiment is at a tipping point but which way we tip is up to us. iheartradio is number one for podcast but don't take our word for it. Find How to citizen with Barrington Day on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast. If, you crack open an American history book. It's sure to be filled with founding fathers, bloody wars in the inventions that brought this country to the industrial age. But there's a whole other world that waits for us in the shadows tales of unlikely heroes, world changing tragedies and legends that are unique to this country spirit. So, join me Lauren welcome bomb for a tour of American history unlike any other through a new podcast from iheartradio Aaron McKie's grim and mild get ready for. American shadows. Listen to American shadows on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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