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The Kenneth Arnold Sightings Pt. 2: Maury Island


Wjr at around one thirty am on august first nineteen forty seven sergeant elmer taff hitched hitched a ride on a b twenty five bomber leaving mcchord field washington just before takeoff he noticed the two pilots lotta heavy a box onto the craft for the first twenty minutes of the flight. Everything was going pretty smoothly and then taff looked out out the window and saw to his horror a fire engulfing the left engine tafs adrenaline shot up one of the pilots lieutenant brown brown gave the order to put on their parachutes taff frantically struggled to get harnessed as he watched the fire grow he thought is this the end suddenly of violent push sent him out of the inferno and into the night as taft descended he he watched in shock as the fiery left wing broke off and the plane began to nosedive it crashed to the ground behind him little taff know that the man who ordered the evacuation had just finished investigating one of the first flying saucer sightings in the u._s. and that the mysterious box loaded just before takeoff contained proof of the existence of u. f. o.'s are we alone. Have we been alona. Will we be alone. Stories of alien visitation shen had been ingrained in human history alien. Life may not be confirmed but our obsession with can't be ignored welcome to extra a terrestrial a podcast original. I'm tim and i'm bill every tuesday. We've visit the marvelous and strange stories about our encounters with beings from another other world. We're aware that some of these tales may seem completely unbelievable. Others may seem all too real but these stories shed light on human. The nature human beliefs and human psychology and each story has garnered thousands if not millions of true believers and for that reason we think they're worth exploring today. Marks the end of our exploration into the maury island and mount rainier incidence. The first documented cases cases of u._f._o. Sightings in the united states last week we discussed the flying saucer sightings of herald doll fred crispin and kenneth arnold and the beginning of arnold's investigation into herald and fred's claims this week will conclude arnold strange investigation into the maury island incident incident and explore some explanations for what may have really happened in june nineteen forty seven at par casts. We're grateful for you. Our listeners you to allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and instagram at forecast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoy today's episode the the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening it really does help you can find all previous episodes of extraterrestrial as well as all our cast other shows on spotify and anywhere else you listen to podcasts after seeing nine flying saucers near mount rainier washington aviator kenneth arnold was hired by magazine editor raymond palmer to investigate similar similar claims made by herald doll and fred christmas in tacoma arnold began his investigation on july twenty ninth nineteen forty seven after listening to the two men stories and inspecting slag fragments they claimed came from a saucers arnold called in his friend captain emile smith and military intelligence officers lieutenant frank browne and captain william davidson he hoped they could help make sense of the mystery history after speaking with fred and herald and studying the slag fragments themselves brown and davidson were convinced that the two men were lying much much to arnold's disappointment however the officers agreed to take some of the slag with them back to hamilton field california to be tested just just before nine thirty a._m. The next morning kenneth arnold received a phone call from fred chris informing him that brown in davidson's plane had had crashed and icy chill ran down arnold spine. He was incomplete shock. After a few seconds he hollered for for smith to come out of the bathroom and gave him the phone. When fred told smith the news his face went white smith began making king calls to mcchord field he was able to get confirmation of the crash and that two of the four men on the plane had died however his context context didn't reveal any names arnold was shaken he haste back and forth trying to figure out what to do next he wanted out of the investigation he called the man who hired him raymond palmer and told him that he was quitting he even offered to return the two hundred dollars plumber had paid him for the job but before arnold could finish fred crispin burst into the hotel room he snatched the receiver from arnold's hand and told palmer about the crash as arnold listened. He thought fred's tone was strange. He was so enthusiastic so unshaken. It could be hiding something from him. Arnold grabbed the phone back palmer very seriously told him to end the investigation and not to take the slag with them when they left tacoma but when he hung up the phone arnold reconsidered despite every ounce of him him saying he should quit. There was a lingering need to continue in the back of his mind. Perhaps it was curiosity to see where this whole thing. Take him or maybe it was a feeling of guilt over the deaths of brown and davidson both men were so kind and willing to believe in arnold saucer story now they may have perished because of it against his better judgment arnold decided that he wasn't going to leave until the job was done on. He still wanted to see harald's boat. The one that was damaged day herald saw the flying saucers. They all agreed to look at it. The next day uh not long after they called palmer arnold and smith got another call from reporter ted morello who'd been receiving mysterious tips tips about what was going on in room five. Oh two he had just finished an interview with a survivor of the plane crash one sergeant elmer taff and wanted to know if arnold and smith would be interested in listening to it arnold said yes right away. He and smith agreed to meet the following day <music> later that evening morello phoned again the same anonymous informant who had been telling him about the conversations in room five. Oh two who was now claiming that the b twenty five bomber that crashed was shot down by a twenty millimeter cannon arnold and smith looked lead each other in confusion shot down by who the russians or could the u._s. Military have shot down one one of their own were brown and davidson the targets and if so did that mean arnold and smith were next but the informant formante wasn't done. He began rattling off a series of outlandish proclamations. According to the informant arnold was shot at while recently recently flying in oregon smith was attacked while flying over montana two planes that crashed earlier in the year one epa goria airports and one in copenhagen 'hopenhagen in may were caused by sabotage and finally smith was going to be summoned to right patterson base for interrogation on august fifth v arnold furrowed his brow. What did any of this have to do with flying saucers. The whole thing was getting weirder and weirder by <hes> the hour when they hung up arnold and smith were more than confused for starters arnold had no recollection of being shot at while flying over oregon and smith never flew over montana as united airlines pilot so how could he have been under attack. Where was this source. I getting his information. These questions stayed with them as they fell asleep that night. The next day august second arnold and smith met met with ted morello at his united press office as chance would have it the building was located across the street from the winter patel where they were staying sitting in the musty newspaper building morello a congenial man who seemed concern for them retrieve the recording of taff and hit the play button. The two carefully listened to the grisly recording of sergeant half and his account of the kelso crash. Neither wanted to betray any any emotion especially to a journalist when the tape ended all arnold said was wow what an experience but deep down own he was heartbroken. Sergeant taff confirmed that neither brown nor davidson had survived the crash as arnold and smith left the office and drove to inspect heralds boat arnold couldn't get the two fallen officers out of his mind but arnold knew that that he couldn't let them die in vain by the time they arrived at the docks aren't of mustard all the strength he could to focus on inspecting heralds boats and and he was able to put his emotions aside for the time being when they got to the boat arnold and smith were unsure of what exactly they were looking at for starters. The boat was a lot smaller than they had imagined. Arnold was led to believe that it was the size of a harbor patrol boat. If twenty tons of slag had crashed onto harald's boat. It's surely would've sunk. The damage was minimal. Much of the broken deck was repaired heard already but even then it barely showed signs of surviving a u._f._o. Attack arnold couldn't hide his frustration. It was becoming being increasingly obvious that this whole thing was a waste of time. Two men died because of this bizarre investigation and now a key apiece of supposed evidence turned out to be a load of nonsense. All arnold wanted to do was go back to the hotel rest fred promised to take them to maury maury island if they changed their minds arnold vaguely said perhaps sh arnold and smith got back into smith's car fred read watch them leave smiling and waving enthusiastically arnold didn't have the energy to think about his strange demeanor arnold needed a cigarette gretz. It was obvious that herald and fred were lying on top of all that he still didn't have any explanation as to how his friends died. A smoke seemed like the perfect antidote to calm him down but he and smith were both out arnold volunteered to go to the hotel lobby to buy some more her as the cashier handed him a pack from behind the counter arnold notice the tacoma times on a new stand next to him. Sabotage gosh hinted in crash of army bomber at kelso by paul lance arnold grab the paper lance knew about the mysterious informant about the events happening in room five to about brown davidson kelso crash everything arnold rushed up to the room and gave have the paper to smith arnold was shaking barely able to light the cigarette bouncing up and down between his lips finally able to take a drag he he watched as smith read the article and went white. How in the world to he have all this information. Maybe fred and harold were the ones leaking king to him. They tried to get a hold of fred but there was no answer then they tried herald no answer where were they after after a few hours of searching the phone rang but it was neither harold nor fred it was morello in. He had some interesting news for them. Fred red christmas had just boarded an army transport plane bound for alaska. They had just seen fred an hour ago. How and why was he on his way to alaska. Aska frantically smith called his contacts at mcchord field to see if a plane was actually headed that way there was a flight in the air air base confirmed but they couldn't share the passenger list. There was a frantic knock at the door. The two men jumped their nerves. Were getting the better of them. <hes> arnold cautiously peered through the peephole and was shocked to see harold after letting him in arnold demanded to know where herald had been herald replied that he was at the movies the movies people were dying and this man decided it would be a good time to see a movie arnold asked if herald knew that fred was on his way to alaska herald responded calmly that he didn't know frustrated beyond measure arnold lit up another cigarette told herald he'd see him tomorrow and went to bed. Nothing about the day made sense at nine a._m. On sunday august third arnold smith and herald went to breakfast during the meal smith excused himself to make a phone call when when he returned he told arnold that he needed to meet with someone he instructed arnold to go back to the hotel lock the door and wait for him to return return at noon. Arnold didn't want to be left in the dark and was about to protest but he saw the knowing look in smith's. I a reassurance that he could still trust him. Instead of fighting his friend arnold returned to the hotel to wait noon came and went with no no sign of smith then came one p._m. And still no smith where was he finally at two pm. There was a knock on the door. Arnold opened it and was relieved to see smith but he wasn't alone. Standing next to him was major george sander dander s. two army intelligence. He was convinced that arnold and smith were victims of a u._f._o. Hoax coming up major sander reveals the truth and the investigation takes one more disturbing twist before arnold leaves tacoma homa. You are passionate self possessed and bring fouzy azam to everything you do. You're the life of the party but you're also a fierce champion for those who have won your trust. Leadership comes naturally to you and you crave any opportunity community to make your mark. 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Finally it was sanders. Turn in sanders estimation arnold and smith were the victims of a cruel hoax played by herald and fred the government was in the early stages of their own investigation but sanders initial conclusion was that the be twenty-five crash was simply a tragic accident as as of now there was no proof of any foul play a sense of relief overcame arnold brown davidson were victims of sabotage rush no sinister government conspiracy and he finally had confirmation that military intelligence was on the case. He no longer needed to play investigator. It was time to head home. Sander walked over to a pile of the slag fragments and examined them. He told arnold that military intelligence would still test them to be thorough. He went around the room and gathered every single piece of slag he could find arnold founded strange aged. Sandra meticulously gathered every piece of fragment arnold wanted to keep one for himself but sandra demanded on taking it all he wanted wanted to make sure he didn't leave anything behind arnold obliged but a thought occurred to him. This major sander is a pretty smooth guy i but he's not smooth enough at this point to convince me that these fragments aren't pretty important in some way after gathering every slag fragment argument and putting them in the trunk of his car sandra motion for arnold and smith to get in the car he had something he wanted to show them before they left town. Arnold found this odd but he knew he couldn't say no to a military officer. During the dr arnold saw a large sign on on the road that read tacoma smelting company smelting is the process of using heat to extract the usable metals from their ores like silver silver copper or iron the leftover material that isn't used after the smelting process is known as slag as he appeared out the window arnold saw that they were driving by piles of lava lakes smelter slag most of what he saw looked nearly the identity to the slag fragments fred and harold had shown them the same ones wrapped in a hotel blanket in the back of sanders trunk arnold's. Those mind began racing. He thought that sander might be right. Maybe he and smith had been the victims of a hoax sander found a spot on the side of the road and parked when they got out arnold and smith immediately began examining the slag in front of them to arnold it looked a lot like the slag fred had given them and yet something felt off. He later said to give you an idea <music> as to how i evaluated this in my mind close your eyes and have someone hand you a rock a piece of brass a piece of steel a piece of aluminum and a piece of copper. If you try this as i have many times you will notice that each one of these items has a particular field to your your fingers. It is something your memory feelings retains arnold asked to see the slag in the trunk of sanders car for comparison sander said no arnold was taken aback by the blunt response. He tried to get a read on sander but sandra betrayed nothing nothing. After a few more minutes of inspection all three men loaded back into the car as they drove back to the hotel arnold sat in the backseat accede tossing the slag from hand to hand the smelter dump was awfully convenient for anyone hoping to pull a hoax but did fred and unheralded think arnold and smith were too dumb to not eventually come across it themselves as they pulled up at the winter patel sander under once again told the two pilots that in a few weeks they would each receive a report from military intelligence about the be twenty-five kelso crash report the report proving that this whole thing was a hoax arnold and smith packed their suitcases in silence arnold wondered if sandra had lied to them to get them to leave. If the military would mislead its tax paying citizens but he set aside his lingering questions he needed to get out of tacoma. They checked out of room five to hopped in their car and rev the engine but arnold couldn't go without making one last stop. They had to say goodbye to herald doll arnold gave directions while smith drove after ten minutes. They arrived but something was off. The house arnold had been to less than a week earlier the one where carol had taken him to see the black slag was empty not just empty. The place was covered in cobwebs and dust. It looked like it had been abandoned for months. Arnold race around the outside side of the house peering through the frosted windows coughing as he kicked up dust the layout of the house looked exactly as he had remembered and and yet not a piece of furniture. Nora soul incites no piano by the door no radio next to the window. Perhaps he got the streets mixed up. They drove back to the main road and arnold gave smith a directions he had memorized once again. They came to the empty house us. They tried it a few more times and each attempt was met with the same result arnold was done. He needed to get out of tacoma. The city was nothing more than a cesspool of deceit endanger. The specter of death was everywhere and it had caused him to question his own own sanity. Smith took arnold to the airports after inspecting his plane to make sure that it hadn't been tampered with arnold turned to his friend his investigative gate of partner emile smith and said goodbye what was supposed to be a simple interview about a flying saucer sighting resulted in the deaths of to military intelligence officers and more questions than answers only smith could ever understand the befuddle moment arnold felt as his plane ascended into the sky arnold look back at tacoma one last time before turning home towards boise in pendleton oregon again he needed to stop and refuel it had been a smooth flight so far and he began to feel at ease once he crossed over the cascade mountain range inch all he could think about was getting home two doors and the girls as the airport crew filled up the plane arnold hopped out of the cockpit to stretch action walk around he made sure to stay near the plane the whole time once it was all gassed up arnold climbed back in started the engine and made his way down the runway he pushed on the throttle gaining speed as inst- closer to the end soon he was airborne in about three hours hours he'd be home but when he reached fifty feet something went wrong. The propeller in front of him stopped rotating the engine. Suddenly league quit arnold didn't panic his instincts kicked in instead of attempting to restart the engine. He knew he was going to you have to make an emergency landing. He pushed forward on the yoke and aims toward the runway. He knew he'd have to time it just right at ten feet above the ground he leveled off and made a hard but safe landing miraculously he was able to land the plane on all three wheels but a jolt ran up his spine as he landed on the ground. When the dust settled he checked to make sure he was alright. A couple of bumps that would leave a bruce but nothing serious more than anything it left him wondering how and why his engine suddenly quit arnold hopped out of the plane plane and inspected the engine to his horror he discovered that the fuel valve has been turned off but there was only one person who could have done this itself and yet he couldn't remember turning it off. He couldn't imagine why he would have done such thing. Arnold kept the fuel valve off incident a secret until he published his memoir five years later in nineteen fifty two. He feared that no one would believe him in the memoir. He writes that he never was able to figure out why he would have shut the valve off but there was never any evidence that someone else did it. Either it became the mysterious and unexplained conclusion to a mysterious and unexplained investigation an investigation that arnold never quite gave up after investigating maury island arnold remained interested in flying saucers for the rest of his life in nineteen fifty two he he published his memoir the coming of the saucers with raymond palmer which detailed his citing at mount rainier as well as his and smith's investigation one one of the many mysteries that neither arnold nor palmer were able to explain was what happened to harold doll a month after leaving tacoma. Uh arnold tried calling h dolls number again but was told by the phone operator that there was no h._a. Doll just as when he arrived at the empty house arnold was left confused and frustrated by the time his memoir had been published arnold still had made contact with herald like fred crispin herald doll seemed to have inexplicably vanished but neither harold nor fred read had vanished into thin air when we return. We'll discover what happened when the f._b._i. Interrogated harold and fred and unpack hacks some of the mysteries behind maury island now back to the story the u._f._o. Sightings at mount rainier rainier and maury island in june nineteen forty seven kicked off the u._f._o. Phenomenon that took the united states by storm but the investigation that kenneth arnold conducted left him with more questions than answers starting with mysterious disappearances of both herald doll and fred crispin crispin as far as kenneth arnold new the two men up and vanished fred was on a plane to alaska and who knows where herald had gone the house he showed arnold was deserted and the phone operators had no record of h a doll the last time arnold ever saw fred fred chris man was on august second nineteen forty seven at the tacoma docks and the last time arnold saw herald was the following morning at the diner but unbeknownst to arnold. Both men were still in the tacoma area. Their specific whereabouts are something of a mystery but an august nineteenth eighteenth nineteen forty seven f. b. i. report shed some light on what happened. In the days. Following arnold's departure on august fifth fred walked into the tacoma f._b._i. Office and asked if the seattle f._b._i. Were investigating the kelso be twenty five crash when told that they were not fred started rambling about sending rock fragments to chicago to be analyzed. He claimed the results proved that they were from a flying disc. You have to wonder how a lab would know what material of flying saucer is made of if flying saucers hadn't been seen in the u._s. Before mount rainier the end maury island the rambling diatribe clearly caught the interest of the f._b._i. Whether it was because they actually believed what fred was trying to sell all or because they thought he might be hiding something from them possibly involving the soviets regardless of the reasoning the f._b._i. Report says agents picked up fred and harold for interrogation on august seventh. The two men sat in a cold dimly lit room and faced an onslaught of questions about the saucers at first both herald and fred changed their stories. They denied their earlier claims that the slag fragments they found were extraterrestrial or that they had any association with u._f._o.'s the f. b. I. agents weren't convinced they watched as both men shifted nervously in their chairs unable to make eye contact and dripping sweat like leaky faucets it took cook just a little bit of pressure for herald and fred to cave and once they did it was as if a dam had broken herald and fred confessed fest that at the beginning of june nineteen forty seven they found some strange alien looking rocks on maury island it was fred's idea to write i to science fiction magazine editor raymond palmer and tell him of their discovery they revealed that palmer responded to them and asked if the strange rock formations nations belong to a flying disc herald told palmer he thought they may be and that some of the rocks had fallen onto his boat. However herald herald also told the f._b._i. That he couldn't exactly remember what he had said to palmer in their letters at the whole thing was nothing more than a joke away way to try to add value to a story. They were trying to sell so y raymond palmer. Why would the magazine editor be so interested in these wild claims and why bring in kenneth arnold when ram palmer took over the editing duties of amazing stories in nineteen thirty eight. He wanted to improve the periodical image while popular. It wasn't very well respected. He wanted to bring in fresh talented writers. One of the first stories he published came from a young writer named isaac asimov while asimov is better remembered today. It was actually the work of another other a palmer's authors that sent shockwaves through the science fiction community beginning in nineteen forty-three palmer began publishing the work of richard sharpe sharpe shaver what made his story so fascinating was shavers claim that they were all true known as the shaver mystery these these stories talked of a secret race of beings known as the darrow's and an underground civilization that had been around for thousands of years shaver ever wrote that he had personally been in contact with the darrow's and learn the unbelievable truth about their history on earth palmer struck gold with the shaver mystery series. The stories were a massive hit and magazine sales skyrocketed. One of its most avid readers was none other dan fred crispin of tacoma washington fred love to read and was particularly huge fan of amazing stories he also wrote science fiction fiction stories of his own and sent a few of them to palmer months before the maury island incidents inspired by shaver fred claimed his narratives were all true in one of his stories fred claims that he and a friend engaged in a battle against a group of darrow's in a cave near burma. He and his partner used machine guns while the darrow's shot at them with reagan's fred's maury island story takes the same approach as burma's story in fact after telling the f._b._i. That maury island was hoax. Fred later recanted and went back to telling everyone what he and harold. I had seen was true in the years to come fred claimed that he still had the photographs herald taken. He continued the claim when he spoke <unk> out the northwest u._f._o. Space convention in nineteen sixty seven however doan except harold and fred has ever seen these alleged photographs apps but a piece of evidence that has left many wondering about the incident is the slag mainly because there are conflicting reports as to what it actually was was it just smelting material like major sanders suggested most signs point to yes not long after arnold left tacoma the the tacoma times printed an article that described chemistry professor robert sprang her performing experiments on lava rock found in a gravel pit on maury island these specific pieces fifty descriptions of the fragments that paul lance had reported on a few days earlier in his article that spooked arnold and smith breath according to dr spranger the fragments came from the rust in copper smelter which was located a few miles from maury island. It is widely only known at the time that residents maury island would purchase slag from the smelter to build retaining walls for houses or use it for wall lining and ships. It's been speculated that the fragments herald found in the water had fallen off boats as they were being transported from royston to maury island much like timber logged dog that had fallen off the barges herald with salvaging but arnold never fully believed this explanation in his memoir arnold includes an analysis report of two pieces of slag. One piece was from ray palmer who claimed to have received it from harold and fred the other piece came from the tacoma smelting company. The place where major sander took arnold and smith on august third the report showed that major sanders slag was in fact act just typical slag from steel production however herald and fred slag showed high traces of calcium and titanium as as arnold's memoir points out titanium at that time was widely used in constructing missiles and space crafts and calcium is used as irradiation deterrent. Could this be a piece of material from some other worldly aircraft or was it material used to construct state of the art guided missiles but even if fred and heralds fragments are slightly different from the slag there is one detail. The challenges oranges their claims. No one else has ever discovered the twenty tons of slag that supposedly fell into the water. No other witnesses stepped stepped forward to corroborate the two men's claims seventy two years after the incident debates about the slag continue amongst ufologists list as do debates about some of the other strange elements of the maury island case like the informant and the man in black the informant feeding ted morello and paul lance information has never been discovered however given the accuracy of the events they described in the hotel room and the complete any accuracy of the other predictions. It is easy to assume that it was either herald or fred calling the two reporters. None of the informants former predictions came true. Smith was never called to right patterson base for interrogation on august fifth and no evidence of sabotage in the other airplane crashes was discovered. There was also no proof that the b twenty five bomber carrying brown davidson was shot down by twenty millimeter cannon cannon according to the air force mission reports. The cause of the crash was a sudden fire in the left engine. The wing ultimately broke off it causing the plane to nosedive and crash and as to the identity of the man in black the person who threatened herald if he continued to talk about morial and that continues to remain its own mystery. One theory claims that what herald actually saw on maury island on june twenty-first was the illegal dump of radiation waste the man in black who came to see harold was really a government official warning herald to keep his mouth shut shut about it but there doesn't seem to be any factual basis for this claim despite the obvious signs that maury island was a hoax the the accuracy of kenneth arnold's mount rainier citing is still something that is up for debate arnold never admitted that he was playing a hoax like herald and fred in fact to the day he died on january sixteenth nineteen eighty-four the sixty eight year old arnold contended that what he saw was real arnold sightings kicked off a national obsession with u._f._o.'s that would be solidified less than two weeks later when mac brazzale found strange debris near roswell new mexico throughout the rest of the summer hundreds of people claim to have seen flying saucers many of which fit arnold saucer author description this ultimately led to an official government investigation dubbed project sign project sign evolved into project grudge sure i in turn became the now famous project blue book while the government found that arnold was a credible witness ultimately their conclusion asian was that what arnold saw in the skies over mount rainier was nothing more than a mirage one of the earliest u._f._o. Bunkers harvard astronomer donald menzel mentions arnold sighting in his essay the truth about flying saucers published in the june nineteen fifty two edition of look magazine believes that arnold simply saw snow blowing off the sides of mount rainier at a turbulent speed while there is definitely some merit to this explanation it insinuates arnold an aviator wouldn't be able to tell the difference between an aircraft like metal objects and snow menzel took took an academic approach but other bunkers have aired more on the creative side. One theory is that arnold misidentified meteors and another more more ridiculous theory says that arnold saw chain of pelicans while we believe that arnold may have seen something strange in the skies guys over mount rainier. There just isn't enough proof to confirm that it was something extraterrestrial and because harold doll and fred christmas admitted to the f._b._i. At their sighting was a hoax we're giving the maury island and mount rainier incidents combined score of four on the believability scale twenty twenty years after maury island fred krizman would find himself involved another major scandal the kennedy assassination conspiracy chrissy early in the investigation it was alleged that he was one of the three tramps photographed outside the book depository after the assassination however however that was quickly debunked but later it was alleged that he was a c._i._a. Agent connected to three other suspects in the conspiracy clay shaw thomas beckham and david ferrie he testified for the grand jury in the clay shaw trial in october nineteen sixty eight though his testimony the moni had no real impact on the investigation fred's habit of finding himself in the middle of conspiracy theories and his proven desire to sell science fiction asian stories make it hard to buy a word that he says but though fred herald are unreliable witnesses. It's hard to deny that they and arnold were major influences on the paranormal in the twentieth century in science fiction. The flying saucer has dominated our image of alien transportation for close to eighty years kenneth arnold and herald dolls descriptions became the standard for what we think of when someone says the word u._f._o. And in the decades since mount rainier and maury island more and more people have claimed to have seen u._f._o.'s of some sorts as recently. He is june two thousand nineteen the u._s. senate received classified material about navy pilots seeing unidentified flying objects. Perhaps new information mation will come out in substantiate. What kenneth arnold saw all those years ago regardless will keep our eyes to the heavens and on on the lookout for the original flying saucer. Thanks for tuning into extraterrestrial for more information on the maury island incident and mount rainier amongst many sources. We found the maury island u._f._o. Incidents the story behind the air force's first military plane crashed by charlotte lefebvre's and philip philipson extremely helpful in our research. You can find all previous episodes of extraterrestrial as well as podcast other shows on spotify and anywhere else you listen to podcasts new episodes come out every tuesday. Several of you have asked the help us if you enjoy the show. The best way to help is to leave a five star review and and don't forget to follow us on facebook and instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. Extraterrestrial was created by max. Cutler is a production of cutler media and is part of the podcast network. It's produced by maxon ron cutler with sound design by russell nash production assistance by ron piro and paul liebskind additional production assistance by maggie admire and carly madden extraterrestrial is written by joe gara- and stars bill thomas and tim johnson and as promised promised. Here's today's episode of leo today. If you like what you hear find leo today along with the rest of the astrological signs for free on spotify defy or wherever you listen to podcasts simply go to the search bar and type in the name of your sign and the word today for example libra today pisces today or torres today good morning leo today is tuesday september third two thousand nineteen. The moon is in scorpio and the sun mercury and mars are junked at ten degrees virgo this this convergence of fiery planets spurs bold moves today and the calm scorpio moon is your cue to embrace tranquility tonight. This is leo today apar- cast original. Let's begin your day your ablaze with ambition and don't don't forget it attempts to establish yourself mayfield exhausting now but they'll pay off in the long run. Keep at it now. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships. Remember where your hearts loyalty lies and try to leave your competitive spirit outside the home work stress evaporates in the presence of the one you love so consider reserving this evening for a laid back night eight but that special someone for so leo's today's an auspicious day for one to one connection with a supportive friend engaged engage in a peaceful activity or simply enjoy each other's presence winding down with someone who cares today is key to meeting tomorrow's challenges head on consider the work you do in your career goals the conjunction of hot planets and exacting virgo. Oh bolsters your confidence today but while you may feel fired up remember some decisions can't be unmade before acting on the days bold energy energy be certain it's truly the best choice it may help to connect with a scorpio who understands ambitions together. You can set the world on fire. I'll be back tomorrow with the days horoscope until then stay by vicious an open hearted. 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