Ukraine and Russia peace talks begin


A strong man and a comedian. Sit Down to negotiate by the war. Between Vladimir Putin's Russia and Vladimir's Alinsky is Ukraine is no joke. We've got the latest on the start of peace talks. Plus Unsung Suji was hailed as a defender of human rights. Now she's defending Myanmar's brutality. I said that I condemn human rights everywhere and you must not forget that they have been human rights violations on both sides sides of the communal divide but some of those violations look like genocide and Finland thirty four year old son Marine becomes prime minister very special moment and have this female all women face of the government also the national election in the UK. Some say it's a choice between unlikable and untrustworthy. I'm Marco Werman stories are more today on the world. I'm Marco Werman. This is the world. We're all glad you could make it here this Monday. Now it's Zielinski turn since two thousand. Fourteen war in eastern Ukraine has killed more than thirteen thousand people. White House pressure on Vladimir reporting ambitions than Ukraine seems to have been fruitless so today Ukrainian President Volodin Music Linski sat down himself with Putin in Paris to find a way out of the conflict. No one expects a quick resolution from these talks today it is a big test for his Alinsky and his first ever meeting with Putin back home. Ukrainians are watching carefully. Protesters in Ukraine's capital this week were chanting freedom to Ukraine. They are critics of Presidents Alinsky. And so he's Balodia Mirror array of. I caught up with him today while he was visiting to Boise. Georgia array of is a member of the Ukrainian opposition party in parliament. He says Alinsky is not prepared. Word for these talks for Mr Putin. This time is best to have negotiations as well as the United States is very focused on its own turmoil. Moyle cost my mistress LESKIV and without this support it looks like who you are along. The best results of that negotiations in hidden tonight is resolved. Why would result in Paris? Be a good thing. We cannot trust any agreements with the Russian Federation. So these point should be a basic for Mr Lansky never trust Putin and John's counts on possible agreements agreements that might be signed after the Normandy. Format meeting might be signed well or not let me ask you this. So Ukraine doesn't feel the support from the. US is right now. What does that mean for presidents alinsky reputation at home? I think. Now it's a matter not as lansky personal reputation but it's a reputation for Ukraine's and the situation what we are faced to the United States. Well you know I can compare it to the very very popular in the United States. Super Bowl Games now. It looks like the Senate Republican or Democrat teams and the ball is Ukraine and during game. No one cares about the ball to be an object of insurer. American police seats is not bring cycle consequences for that object. Well it's really not expecting an American football analogy but Thanks for that anyway. I mean there are concerns about capitulation in these talks in Ukraine. But isn't the president's Alinsky right. Don't you need to have some sort of dialogue with Russia to at least start to end this war to have a dialogue with Russia means that Russia shoot via radiation to end this war day. Could pretend at stake may making us step forward to these. He's at the same time. Getting results Russia will come back To eat the usual style of conduct and aggression rationed will be ongoing so only one thing needed for awhile. It's to keep on sanctions until Rushton situation will be ready. Floreal bees not for indication who singing in the background. I'm sorry for that again I cannot. It's Georgia Mr. IRA have one more thing. I want to ask you about The Ukrainian public because Volodin Amir's Alinsky won by a landslide last spring in the Ukrainian presidential elections and and surely with the war. In the Dumbass in the background Ukrainians must have believed. That's Alinsky had some skills our strategy for dealing with Putin. Why did they vote for him? If they didn't thank he could be. A peacemaker. Should promise to be a peacemaker. It's a completely different stories. We deal with such a player like Russia duration so made its choice by emotions. It was not so rational choice we signed on that sleek exceed TV serious servant of the people that were Zilinskiene old show and people somehow trust the hero of the series whereas Alinsky Alinsky plays as the president of Ukraine. So there were implication of people hopes they stipulate their wishes for his as a personality than choose the people with the real program and the real background vladamir array of is a member of the Ukrainian parliament has political critical party European solidarity part of the opposition to President Vladimir Zielinski. Thank you very much for your time array of thank you more on Ukraine and the fight against corruption there later this hour here on the world in the UK it's untrustworthy versus unlikable according to much of the British public that's the grim political reality. l'idee staring them in the face on Thursday the UK will hold its third national election in four years and depending on where they live. Voters have a choice between one a several different political parties. But let's face it. This is really a contest between just two key political figures. Boris Johnson the current Prime Minister leading the Conservatives and Jeremy Corbyn leader of the main opposition party labour. The world's ORLA Barry reports from London. The was a time not so long ago when both of these he's British politicians were actually quite popular with voters as mayor of London. Boris Johnson passed in the goodwill that Olympic Games brought to the city in twenty twelve. The Countess Mania is and for his part. Jeremy Corbyn seemed to reach rock star status when he stepped on stage at the Glastonbury music. Basic festival in two thousand seventeen. See that look on the wool right over there that surrounds this wonderful festival is a message message on that wall for President Donald Trump. And you know what it says. The build bridges not walls. How Times have changed? This election was called in October. The approval ratings for both carbon and Johnson had plummeted in one poll. Just thirty nine percent of British voters said they approved of Boris Johnson. Now the country's Prime Minister and only twenty percent said they call Corbin was doing a good job as the leader of the opposition Labor Party. So watchman wrong well. Politics is complicated in Britain of course but a big part of the answer for Jeremy Corbyn at least lies with Brexit. Tim Bela's politics professor at Queen Mary University of London whose desire to sit on offense on that particular question and not. If you like plump very strongly either for remain offer leave has increased rest- the public's perception that this is a man who can't make up his mind and so is indecisive. cauldrons indecisiveness has infuriated many Labor supporters. A majority food want to Britain to stay in the European Union but Brexit isn't his only problem allegations of antisemitism have dogged Corbin's leadership even some of his fellow Labour Party members have accused him of not tackling. The problem within the party's own ranks. I cannot remain in the policy the I have today come sickening. Conclusion is institutionally anti Semitic Luciana. Berger is a former labor and birger. WHO's Jewish was one of seven in parliamentary members who quit the Labor Party earlier this year for her anti Semitism was a driving factor? The leadership has willfully and repeatedly failed else to address hatred against Jewish people within its ranks in the past week. Seventy sworn statements from Labor officials detailing antisemitism within the party were leaked to the news media and Corbin once again found himself apologizing. Obviously I'm very sorry for everything that's happened but I wanna make this clear clear. I am dealing with it. I have dealt with it. We just do not accept it in any form whatsoever. carbons not the only one apologizing for offending members. The minority community already said sort of any offense that I've caused I say again prime minister. Boris Johnson was forced to apologize on television this past week for comments he. He made about Muslim women in a newspaper article last year. Johnson wrote that women who wear the Burqa look like letterboxes and bank robbers. I think what people want to I know is what are we gonNA do now. What is going to be prime minister? Why would you say something like that? Well I think it's always worth looking at the whole who who says I'm really intending to say a because actually it's quite quite the opposite and I'm very proud of my record on combating extremism. Indeed in my Muslim ancestry and indeed as Johnson likes to mention and interviews. His great grandfather was from Turkey. But it's not just Muslim. Women who've expressed anger towards Johnson according to opinion polls. This prime minister is simply less popular with women in general. Some of this could have something to do with stories around his personal life that came up in another recent interview. How many children do you have? I- Cuban very much down off not standing at this election. And and I'm not that will get Ed Cohen on my you fully unholy involved in all their lines I- politics professor Tim. Bale says Johnson's past hurts the public's trust in him as a national national leader. We know that he has. Let's say a fairly colorful past but I think this is also a man. Because was he was a journalist has said all sorts of things and done all sorts of things that he's had to go back on in later life and therefore that gives the impression of someone who says one thing and does another another or promises something and then goes back on it today. The leader of the DUP the Northern Irish party that supported the Conservatives in government said she felt betrayed by Boris Johnson and over his brexit deal. But just how much do personalities Masher in British general elections because voters which using party not an individual when they go to vote vote on Thursday. Here's Professor Tim Bale again in the UK. We don't even a presidential system. We live in a parliamentary system. So therefore people on voting for the leader directly it clear as they are in for example the United States of America however we do know that over the years leaders have become more important. People's vote choices so Boris Johnson Johnson is seen as a bit of a lovable rogue by the British and Jeremy Corbyn think is seen as rother kind of techy Slightly kind of obsessive. A not the kind of person that you want to go have a drink with and for many voters. That's how they're seeing their two big choices. Will it be roguish Johnson or techy Corbin for the world. I'm more to Bari in London. White Island is a tourist destination. Thirty miles off the east coast of New Zealand and today at two PM. Local time interrupted interrupted today was really noticeable because just wonderful blue sky and suddenly a huge plume of steam. Right in the middle of that by. That's both skipper Phil van der Shotton as the ash and steam spewed from the volcano. Tourists on another boat were ordered below deck. Unfortunately I can confirm there are five people now deceased from the eruption. On what Orland New Zealand's Deputy Police Commissioner John. Tim spoke earlier today. A number of other people have been taken to focus tiny hospital and minimal hospital. He said they now believe that everyone who survived the explosion has been taken off the island. There's no sign of life on the island. He said before. The eruption of photo showed people walking in the crater of the Volcano Zealand's prime minister just into our said a number of tourists had had been on the island. I know it will be a huge amount of consumer anxiety for those who have loved ones on or around the island at the time And I can assure them police are doing everything they can wake. Island is also known as Hikari. It means the dramatic volcano. It is is New Zealand's most active volcanic island it's uninhabited. It's a spectacular place. It's beautiful kind of feeling of rule energy and you can hit the canine worrying. Ben Kennedy is a vulcanologist who's been researching White Island for the past ten years. Here's how he describes what likely happened today. Beneath the ground is a layer of of magma so magma is molten vox glowing stuff underground magma releases gas it rises to the surface and if they I magma to s is a nice open pipe and gas happily bubbles out of the top of the volcano and produces beautiful wonderful site. FILL UP FOR OBSERVE HOWEVER IF GAS League gets locked on its journey towards the surface is can Dan build up pressure and this pressure will be released when it's realistic and their throat. Clearing event goes. How's it one? That may ace Byu at rock and ash and in this case since smoke miles into the sky that's not that large as far as volcanic eruptions go but if you are close it is not good good Kennedy says this eruption is not totally surprising. The island had recently been on heightened alert. You're with the world I'm Marco Werman. You're listening to the world. Russia is now banned from competing in international sporting events for the next four years years and that includes the Olympics. Today's announcement comes from Wada. The world anti-doping agency it's a partial ban. Actually Russia's prevented from hosting international events events and sending officials to competitions but there's also a pathway for Russian athletes to compete in the two thousand twenty Olympics under a neutral flag if they can prove their clean gene rob killer is a former head of WADA. He's now general director of Global Athlete. That's a group that advocates for athletes. Rights Keeler is one of many critics who say that the ban on Russia does not go far enough. Russia has undermined the anti-doping system over the last seven years. Before I resigned in August two thousand eighteen I had had full oversight of the Russian roadmap and I stick to my guns day after day indicating that we would not let Russian officials athletes back at international events until they admitted me were involved in institutional doping but in September two thousand eighteen water gave an level Russia back based on promises of providing data. But it didn't provide the data in in fact they manipulated the data and to see a meaningful cultural change in Russia. There has to be a price to pay. Unfortunately athletes will have to suffer. That's something that needs to be done. They haven't learnt their lesson yet. And until there's a strong sanctions they won't learn our lesson. So the band essentially says that Russian athletes can't go under the Russian flag to the World Cup and the Olympics. But they can't compete. Is that the deal that's right. They can't compete. This is a game being played in my opinion leading up to Pian Chang hang in December two thousand seventeen. The announced that they were going to ban Russia and then in January that made a new statement saying they're going to ban Russia but they can compete Olympic athletes of Russia Russia yet again. They seem to bend the rules Russia because they are a powerful sport nation. They wield a lot of influence and the international community continues to let them compete this. This was the biggest hit to integrity of sports of the century. If not ever. And if they world agency doesn't pull the strongest sanctions they're letting off. It's down globally. You've gotTa feel although for the Russian athletes who are not guilty. I mean you really think somebody like Russian runner Yulia Stepanova who exposed doping fraud with her husband should should be banned from competition. The reality is there's a hundred and forty five athletes that will never know if they've doped or not because they manipulated the data of those athletes. That's the first thing the second thing is. I'm looking at the future. Generation of Russian offense that should have the ability to compete in sport and and the ability to compete clean. And the reason I say that is Russian athletes that was spoken to don't have a choice to compete clean. If they're in the system and they're asked to do something either do it or they you have to leave. So how can you be assured anyone's clean. It's a tough call to vent all Russian athletes. It's harsh but it's not the first time and that's the other thing. People don't realize the International International Olympic Committee banned South African athletes for almost twenty years because of apartheid. So it's been done in the past and we cannot hold aphids to a different standard so you clearly don't think rod that today's punishment is going to make Russia change its behavior. What do you think will happen for years from now? Once this ban is complete. Well well I don't think it will change the culture and if I have a crystal ball. I suspect that the Russians will appeal this decision to the Court of Arbitration of Sport. They have twenty one days as where they could appeal this decision arbitration which is not independent. Either because they are fully funded by the International Olympic Committee has a choice to make. They can either increase the sanction or they can overrule Wada's decision and I think it's going to be something to watch. My fear is that everything will be forgotten all likelihood the Russians could win this appeal. Rob Keillor formerly with the world anti-doping agency. He's now director general of Global Athlete. That's a group that advocates for global athletes rights. Rob Thanks for your time. Okay thank you okay. You know the song in Finland at least that's not an overstatement. The country's Transport Minister Son Marine is about to become the youngest sitting prime minister anywhere. She's thirty four. Marina will lead a centre-left coalition that includes four other parties all headed by women. Three of those women also under the age of thirty five the group is being hailed as eight new generation generation in Finnish politics. Johanna KONTA IS PROFESSOR OF GENDER Studies at Tampa University in Finland. They're quite strongly for example for equality. They are happy to call themselves feminists. It's not a very happy term in Finnish to call oneself feminists. It's also a pejorative term. Like in many other countries so it's quite special that they don't shy away from this term. They're also very so most of them. really want to fight it climate change and they're happy to talk about it so there is a specific outlook and a stark contrast to the government that came before this government. But he's a very kind of a very special moment for Finnish politics What gender and politics in Finland to have this female all women face of the government and what is the opposition that this young group of Women politicians is facing in Finland. The government that came came before this parliamentary elections which we had in May this very conservative government which had the radical. Oh right populist party in it. So we're one of the European countries which has had a right populace in the government and Something that affected all women was the fact that the government took away the statutory right to public childcare in public kindergartens and this has been the backbone of the Finnish Women Friendly Welfare State and has really enabled women's labor market participation so it was quite radical that the government decided to take away this right and now this current government the social democratic government is bringing this right back. I can imagine imagine how that move alone would have been hugely symbolic for women. All over Finland in terms of what a right wing government could possibly due to their lives. Yes absolutely absolutely on after wakeup calls. Let me get back to something you said. A moment ago The word feminist that. It's kind of seen as pejorative in Finland in yet this young generation this new generation of politicians they kind of embrace the word feminism. What is the context for why? That's a bad word Finland so in Finland there is is this distinction between the bad feminists and the the people who kind of support gender equality but not too radical feminist so we have very very traditional ideas about feminists and it's constructed as Straw person to fight against so that's why matters lettuce and why it's encouraging that they assist new generation for whom it's not appropriate and do you think those attitudes are going to change just because Finland's about to get a a thirty four year old and it's third female. Prime Minister with certain may be observing and studying gender. Still matters us in Finnish politics. It's not completely equal. We haven't reached equality Women and men politicians are portrayed differently by the media. There's a lot up more attention to women's appearance. What they wear how they make up is whether they have young children? These are all signs of the continuing inequalities qualities so it would be interesting to see whether these perceptions and ways of talking about women in Politics Will Change Johanna. KONTA LA is is a professor of gender studies at Tampa University in Finland. Thanks very much for being with us today. Thank you. You're with the world impeachment. Hearings resumed today coming up. The latest plus how Ukrainians are fighting the good fight against corruption. It's using the state resources in wants personal labor. It's stealing it's the abuse of power and that it doesn't matter who style of corruption is still ahead here on the world. I'm Marco Werman you're with the world where CO production of the BBC World Service W. G. B. H. Boston NPR affects. The Pentagon is winning the war in Afghanistan. At least that's what the. US policy makers have been telling Americans since two thousand one but that assessment is full of spin according to a new trove of documents a cache of previously unpublished published interviews with top US policy makers along with memo's long held in secret that describe the wars failure were just published by The Washington Post Ambassador. Douglas Lute Dude retired three star army general who served as the White House as top advisor on Afghanistan from two thousand seven to two thousand thirteen. These documents that have now been made public. Nick were internal. US government documents intended to shine a bright light on the experience in Afghanistan and to learn from that experience. The government government was actually taking and has been taking a very hard look at itself and look at itself in the mirror. And see what we can learn. So you told government interviewers ambassador acid in two thousand fifteen that those devising the Afghan strategy were quote devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan and didn't have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking and quote. I mean that's a pretty serious indictment. How did you come to that conclusion? What were you saying publicly at the time I think the important thing here is context? So this was an internal. A government attempt together candidly by way of interviews Lessons from folks who had been involved with policy making it Afghanistan over the years so this was never intended to be a headline making effort. Why didn't we know about this? At the time everybody was saying everything was going fine nine and apparently it was not far from it. Yeah so I- I dispute that of it. I'm not sure I don't think the record is absolute that everyone said said everything was going fine. I mean I think those who are carefully watching Afghanistan for longtime now have been much more cautious in terms of their optimism and have been and much more balanced in terms of the challenges faced. There I mean look things like the poverty level of the corruption level in Afghanistan continuing challenges of the Taleban on with safe haven in Pakistan. These are not brand new topics to the American public. So for those who've been watching this carefully I think it's a much more much more balanced picture. Sure in terms of the challenges faced in Afghanistan and perhaps for the people watching it carefully but in terms of relaying what was really happening on the ground to the US tax paying public. I mean it was delivered in very pollyannish terms. And that's not what we read in this report. What was actually happening? I Don not completely aligned with your view. I mean look when we into Afghanistan was the fourth poorest country in the world decryption level was an Democ the longstanding problems with opium production and so forth. So so I think these sorts of notes of caution have nearly always accompanied the indications the suggestions that we could make progress and yet. I mean we're seeing the stories. He's about Defense Secretary Rumsfeld saying essentially we don't know who the enemy is in Afghanistan. I mean that's more than just well. Some things for bad things were good. I mean that's the admission of serious wrongdoing. Frankly well I I'm not gonNA. I'm not gonNA lay the blame for wrongdoing and so forth by way of this interview but look anyone who is involved in Afghanistan over the last now. Eighteen years has to come away with a sense. That is going to be tremendously hard. And I think that the reports of the now been made public certainly reveal that. Why is this report valuable? Well I think it's valuable number of ways. One of the reasons that this balanced between optimism and skepticism has been perhaps skewed over the years is that we did not establish what I would refer to. As continuity in the effort neff Ghanistan we had a revolving door of senior military leaders policy leaders in Washington tune ambassadors on the ground in Afghanistan and Pakistan. All of which served dutifully and served honorably during their periods but frankly we didn't establish publisher of continuity among them so that they could get a deep textured understanding of what was going on in Afghanistan so when I made the comment we didn't know what we're doing pick up over time. We didn't develop enough government expertise over these years to actually come up with a with a sufficient tient strategy ambassador Douglas Lute as a three star army general who served as the White House's top advisor on Afghanistan under President George W Bush and Barack Obama among Congress took another step closer to impeaching President Donald Trump today at times the proceedings were. Let's say lively. We will now move here presentation taste chairman. I appeal the decision of the chair. There's no decision to appeal. There was not a ruling emotion ruling on the point of order your ruling on the order. You made the point of order Mr Chairman then not allow us to appeal the ruling. The gentleman will suspend. That's Jerry Nadler Democratic share of the House Judiciary Committee trying to keep the hearing on track as Republican members tried repeatedly to disrupt things. President trump has been accused of abuse of office and Obstruction of justice. In pursuit of personal political goals. Nadler opened the hearing today with this argument. This pattern of conduct represents a continuing risk to the country. The evidence shows that Donald J trump the president of the United States has put himself before his country he has violated his most basic responsibilities to the people is broken his oath the Republicans. Of course have a very different view. Here's the ranking member. Doug Collins from in Georgia famous moments impeachment as we've gone forward their famous lines from Nixon. Life what did the president know. And when did he know it from the Clinton impeachment. There was. I did not have sex with that. That woman all it'd be known about this one is probably. Where's the impeachable offense? Why are we here? The offenses of trump according to the Democrats Council Barry Burke are pretty straightforward. He put his political reelection interest over the nation's national security and the integrity of its elections. He did it intentionally. He did it correctly. He abused his powers in ways that the founders feared the most the first round of impeachment hearings was handled by the House Intelligence Committee. But it's the House Judiciary Committee that has to make impeachment happen so today committee members heard formal arguments for and against impeachment. They also listen to summaries of the evidence. It's Democrats argue that the facts were not in dispute Republicans mostly attack the process but minority council. Steve Caster went further. The evidence does is not support a conclusion that president trump conditioned meeting with presidents alinsky on investigating former Vice President Biden. Caster went on to argued that trump was rightfully concerned about corruption in Ukraine. That's something we've heard a lot about through this impeachment process but if you go to Ukraine and ask Ukrainians they'll say it's not fair or accurate but different types of corruption in Ukraine still. Persist the world's Daniel often traveled to the capital of Kiev to find out more. Uh across the street from the that asks Shivshankar National University in Kiev. There's a park or students hang out between classes. They chat smoke. Cigarettes in squeezing some last-second study off. I'm here to ask people about an uncomfortable. Subject corruption if you don't study or you can pay money and have a nice grades and it's not a problem here. Bribery is the problem says Alexei Alexeyev have. He's a law student here at the university do know people who basically get through university like this. Of course I know a lot of people and do they talk about it openly are they. Yeah Yeah it's not A. It's not a boo boos. It's not the but hang on a minute minute. Alexei friend Vlad. Gotcha says he's another law. Student Body are not on the Russia. Lucretia Vlade disagrees with with Alexa he says we have a good country here. Good people corruption actually isn't a huge deal but Alexei chimes in again. I don't have any holes because a study here is very but I want to go to your say and This year I applied for green cards. Alexei is pessimistic about the future of Ukraine. Corruption is a big reason. Why but this isn't a new problem here? The fight against corruption came to a boiling point in Ukraine in two thousand fourteen. Hundreds of thousands thousands of demonstrators gathered in the big show of strength yet. Denouncing the government's decision. Not to sign a far-reaching trade deal with the European Union favoring during instead building closer ties with Moscow Ukrainians wanted to rid their country of corrupt Russian influence and after months of protests and Brute Government Violence Viktor Yanukovych Ukraine's corrupt pro. Russian president fled the country. This is the place where many many Ukrainians started learning about the full extent of union. Kovic is corruption the banks of a reservoir inside his three hundred and fifty acre estate. Here's investigative journalist that initial schenker journalists found a lot of documents. The papers were just floating in the reservoir they took them out all dried them and started studying them and a lot of things. We learned what those documents that he would buy lamps for hundreds of thousands thousands of dollars at the time. On the controversies fairly poor after you knew Kovic fled the country. His people tried and failed to get rid of evidence of his corrupt behavior. You're the documents discovered here. In the aftermath of the revolution helped Ukrainians learn all about their former presidents illegal activity. There were crawls if people like hundreds of people walking around same lost faces like what's happening so everybody asking each other like we. What does that what you Koreans decided to turn the Kovic estate into a museum of corruption? This was a symbolic victory for Ukraine and a hopeful sign for a newly empowered anti-corruption movement. Another sign of hope came in two thousand eighteen with the election of a new president. Alexandra which Alinsky a former TV actor won the presidency on an anti-corruption platform. The public knew knew him already from his hit TV. Show Servant of the People Alinsky played a high school teacher who becomes the president of Ukraine under unlikely circumstances sound familiar. I look much vision in this scene the fictional presence alinsky. It's challenging a corrupt tycoon. He says there is one law for all otherwise. Pack your bags and say goodbye. The scene captures the real presence Alinsky. He's agenda quite well with the majority and parliament. They're pushing an anti-corruption agend. The message is clear. Even Ukraine's biggest tycoons also known as oligarchs. I need to take notice but in real life that's easier said than done. The dealership SHANECO says Ukraine's guards are not going anywhere. Just look at how they control the news media and push their own agendas that makes the information space overwhelmed with the fakes and this information and that is a big problem blue crane because the majority of the population still getting the information from the TV news article. nonunion throw him with little cards. The answer is an analyst. Ed Detector Media a nonprofit based in Kiev. He says that in this country the tycoons rule the airwaves all the hot political topics are connected with position of this oligarchs. If some speakers commending something it means that it's connected with the position of the older redeem says is most Ukrainians understand. This are able to navigate the news landscape. Accordingly Channel Ukraine owned by Oligarch met of ICT channel owned by another oligarch Pinchuk Inter Channel is owned by the guy who is now arrested in Austria. Netto few some of the oligarchs in Ukraine are pro Russian others want closer ties to the West all of them are pro big business and skeptical of Government Regulation Mickey says that even Presidents Residents Alinsky the anti-corruption reformer has ties to oligarch named eager. Kalomo ski and his TV channel. One plus one is Lance Kit. Kat Craft his own production which produced few comic shows. This comic shows had exclusive contracts to showing on on TV channel of Choice Q.. One plus one so the Oligarch Lemoyne ski is basically presents Alinsky former boss. Maybe it's no surprise then that one plus plus one has treated Jelenski with overwhelmingly positive news coverage that makes some Ukrainians uneasy but he has tried to distance himself from Columbus key saying that he's not a toy in the oligarchs hands investigative journalist shift SHANECO says Ukraine's corruption problem runs deep. It's not just about politicians powerful oligarchs it filters down to everyday life and that's a big problem because Dan corruption becomes normal and it's it's very hard to root it out but bring it out. It's not a question of a year of even five years. It's a rush generations. Here's an example. When Ukrainians Unions go see a doctor they might also offer a gift that he calls it a bribe vehemently against it? She's even gotten into arguments about this with her mother. Mother fights we own discussion sometimes. Have a dead end where my mom says but you know doctors there so poor and I'm like yeah but that's not the problem. You are going to solve great so you can only solve the problem of you giving bribes that are bribes. Let's call them bribes because they're not thank you or something else else. They're bribes. I asked about what I heard from students at the university giving bribes to teachers for good grades she says it's all connected Ukraine's hope for or less corrupt future says must begin with education. We should teach children that corruption is not okay and any level giving one hundred minister her professor from better mark is not gay and then these children later will not vote for the corrupt officials because they will know that they have right to better life and these people don't have the right to abuse their power. In other words day today corruption normalizes a corrupt mentality and those small sins just enable the big stuff the kind of corruption committed by oligarchs politicians which is exactly what Ukrainians are trying to overcome for the world. Daniel L. Offman Kiev Ukraine for years. UNSUNG SUCI was revered. As a defender of human rights she stood up to a brutal military government in Myanmar and paid a price spending years under house arrest cheese advocacy helped her win a Nobel Peace Prize and later on election as a top government official but tomorrow she will be at the International Court of Justice in The Hague defending me and Mars army against allegations of genocide. The world's Patrick win reports. How things have changed for this one time global icon kind of human rights in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight back when Moore was still officially called Burma Emma? The country erupt. People were fed up with military room as long signs. Who would later put it? They were todd. Living under dictatorship you to ship. They were tired of been full. Todd of an afraid. These were the fires that forged Suci the icon father was a founder of the nation and she joined the uprising and Yan largest city in the country. The crowds adored her was like having the daughter of George Washington on their side but the military rulers were not willing to give of a power people were shot in the streets. Activists Hunted Down especially college students and many faced a choice in jail get killed or fleet. That's what Kin Omar did. She was a chemistry student turned. Protester are forced to escape into the jungle. I told my mother that I'll be called me three months. I had no idea how this is going to wear. This is going to lead and how how long this is going to take. That can Omar speaking. Nearly ten years ago to the Bush Institute as in George W Bush in the jungle she. She hit out with a rebel group for a while and later made it all the way to the US where she became one of the free. Burma campaigns top activists. The spiritual leader of the movement was wrong. Sign Succi who was put under house arrest by the military regime after all these. ESPN imprisoned in one house alone by herself itself. This is it's a spirit that you can. You just can't even imagine. Kin Omar Channel that spirit to the outside world and like many others. Her devotion was intense. She would pray to Buddha with two photos in front of her one of her mom one of Suci wishing them well being an asking Suci for inner strength. I knew that innocent. I do the Strand. Come from her. I hope she was. The hope was. Kin Omar was hesitant to speak to me about SUCI. Because her whole adult life if is intertwined with this icon can Omar has testified in Congress. Helped convince the US to base its whole Myanmar policy around on Succi and her promise to liberate the people of Myanmar. But she just can't do it anymore. I mean you broke my heart. My how does them my reading both in recent years the army has stormed a coastal part of the country. The homeland of a Muslim group called the Rohingya in Ja carrying out massacres and looting and rapes here. Our families sobbing as their homes are being torched these atrocities which are often supported by Buddhists to nationalist groups they were meant to purge the Rohingya out of the country into neighboring Bangladesh. Where they think the Muslims belong sounds like exactly exactly the sort of tyranny that succi has always stood against this is a person who has received the highest praise from the most powerful world leaders like Hillary Hillary Clinton someone who has represented the struggle for freedom and democracy offer human rights and opportunity? Okay surely that person has to deplore what's happening to the Rohingya Muslims right but when she's asked about this purge of more within half a million people here's how she responds. I've said that I condemn human rights everywhere and you must not forget that they have been human rights violations nations on both sides of the communal divide both sides now Suci does not control the army which allows some of her foreign admirers to cling cling to this belief that deep inside. She weeps for the Rohingya. But now we have SUCI testifying at the International Court of Justice in The Hague Eh. Defending what really looks like genocide on the wrong side of history on the wrong side of unity to me. The this this is the end. Can Omar says a while back. She went to her Buddha statue to that photo of SUCI and said it's over. She said Suci as you are no longer leading the struggle. You're just a politician was closure. She says a clear clear. Departure from the disgraced icon so to me. It's a very clear PICA people. I cried a lot. I had a long moment of Friday night night but I was able to do that. I was able to do that. Until now can Omar hasn't really discussed this pain in public not like this. I've been self-censoring. She says because in Myanmar you say anything bad about SUCCI and you hate it you will be scolded at. You'll be discredited. Discredited become small and her space has become smaller can omar runs an activist group called progressive voice but because she's spoken out about the Rohingya and other minorities her peers the other former students who faced the regime in nineteen eighty eight. They've denounced her. She's even gotten death threats from ultra-nationalists yen-mark and she says she's been blacklisted. From her home country. So now she's based right across the border and Thailand meanwhile and yang-gon the city. She wants flood there. Are these new pro SUCI values we stand with Daw Aung San Suu at the twitter video posted by Cape Diamond Immune Mar journalists. Actually Su cheese image has improved from all this at home at least because to her supporters. SUCCI is standing up to foreign forces verses that slander the country with fake news can Omar says look I get it. I know how they feel the love and adore and even like I literally can Omar is no longer a suci disciple but she still does pray wishing good leadership upon Suci right right now though she says those wishes are not coming true for the world. I'm Patrick win. When the genocide hearings get underway in The Hague this this week the Rohingya art activist? Why why new will be in the courtroom will speak with her tomorrow here on the world from the Nanna Bill Harris Studio at W.? GBH Here in Boston. And I'm Marco Werman. We'll see you back here tomorrow. The world is a CO production of W. G. B. H. Boston the BBC World Service and Pierre Ex UH.

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