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God's diehard batteries of the MVP of reliability the durability player of the year year after year are in the starting power hall of fame and the best part. Now, you can get them at advance auto parts YEP. Diehard batteries are now at advance auto parts, and you can score free testing and free installation with purchase of a diehard battery without an appointment put a winner under your hood adventure, auto advance, auto parts, and participating carquest locations most vehicles most locations. PC's the Dan lebatardshow with this two cats podcasts. Reese Davis has joined the Zoom Chad I. See the producers are a little bit starstruck awed swooning a bit. He does indeed look like a Disney prince will go to him in a second. I don he has an aged I don't understand how that's possible regardless Christine Lisi because the sports updates, our sacred we have to get the end finally from Christine Lisi in our segment of the show instead of the Sacred Cathedral of the sports update. So here we go. And finally, crocodiles can go through as many as eight thousand teeth over a lifetime Thank you Christine. We appreciate the way we appreciate the way that these delight you reese David thank you for joining us Sir what the hell man what is going on in your sport like what is that like what? I don't understand how you who's in charge. Well that's a good question Dan and the answer is there are several commissioners in charge and the one thing that I pointed out as disjointed as this has been an lied in the pandemic and people wanting to see unity. Having different leaders in each conference in each conference, attending to their own interest and keeping it outside the as per you in that regard as Serb college football really well over the last thirty years or so financially particularly. But in moments like this, you would like to have seen a little more cohesion. Or cooperation among those five top. Do you have a side that you take because you can be pretty neutral? You are fair. You take a side we all WanNa see college football and I think we can all agree that America doesn't exactly with its behavior around this virus deserve sports of any kind but we have a lot of money and a lot of money to get. So we throw it up this like no, that can't be disputed. We were terrible about handling the virus. We don't deserve sports. We all want sports though so which side you fall on. On on the side of the says that we don't deserve to have nice things I sure don't fall on that side. There's no question ned in that. This could have been much better. But I I can this I think if it can be played safely, I'm not trying to be neutral, Dan I've done recognizing that medical professionals can have different interpretations of different diagnoses just as it might happen you you're I went for a second third opinion. No one wants to see anyone get sick from this. No one wants to see a college team in any sport beat a becker for a spread. But there, there is data that shows in your state and others that some of the cases are improving. If they can do that, maybe we can play I'm still not sure about having these big crowds in better outdoors than than indoors. But these teams are operating in quasi bubble anyway almost without exception at least among the teams that have remained in their code infection rates have improved over the course after. After reporting back camps. So I fall on the side of if it can be done safely I think they should be able to. resear- we headed towards the place where I know Five Commissioner Separate Commissioners Assertive College football very very well in the power five ces but we headed towards the place where one person is in ours. There's one commissioner one voice making decisions for everyone. Okay. Let me tell you this guy and I've been skeptical but my friend item as Allen I don't want to steal his idea without giving improper do so I will take the idea that I had and Ivan. Made. So eloquent now it using the phrase of a question. In any walk of life. When is the last time? You saw someone willingly give up power Question no answer. Okay. Not not very often. So I think this idea that everybody's GonNa say, my goodness this has been disjointed. Let's get a commissioner. Or a czar or whatever it might be someone over the commissioner. They're certainly not going to see his power VNC AA. That at all. Might there be some mechanism to lead to greater cooperation in the future maybe, but they cooperated fairly well in in warming the College Football playoff still obviously all attending to their own interests but It remains to be seen. I don't think that this is absolutely situations situation. Well. We must have one person in charge because that means a lot of. People conferences powers giving up their power and someone who I don't know how they be convinced totally their best interest for being sir. When you see the divide that we have now just among the power five cop Guillermo, put it on the poll. Would you be okay with Reese Davis getting all the power and just going ahead and running college football for all of that would be okay. Because you're fair and also you are incredibly power hungry Davis with US ON ESPN radio Colorado state quietly because it's Colorado state, some awful things seem to be happening over there. If you believe the report if that Kinda stuff is happening at Colorado state a nowhere program race like how dirty is the sport if the USA. Today. Report is true on what was happening at Lsu here where. Darius Geiss is You know accused of a couple of rapes and it's according to USA Today it's going to administrators and they're not doing anything. How dirty is this thing that we love? That would if that is completely true and false item untold obviously, it's attains. In contact with people who have some knowledge of that situation there those who Contend that the coaching staff anyway was not necessarily aware of those allegations against guys. I'm not here say that's right or wrong I'm just saying someone close to the situation. That would follow protocol if it were title nine investigation, you know we all know that occasionally those get late there's bad stuff that happens in everything Dan they're certainly bad actors in in college football there's been cheating for as long as this existed understands this no one condones it. It's just happened. This is far more serious than that. Obviously the dirtiest guy situation particularly, but as it pertains to the pandemic. Every program on not in the meetings every day. Obviously they're gonNA. Tell me put the best foot forward when I talked to people close to the I I get that sort of the nature of the of the business. But they've been most of the players were all the players in the program's spoken to have been told that you're not comfortable. You know step out you can step back. You can go home no penalty, I I, know that there is. Disagreement over that with the player Washington state not too long ago. But by and large I, don't think these programs can afford to hide poor behavior as it relates to the pandemic because we've seen example after example, after example, in this off season that if people aren't shooting straight with the players, the players are going to use their voice. Now, that's a good thing. In that can help clean up a lot of the situations that you're talking about dependent as released a Darius Guide situation. That's a that's a much more horrific in heinous thing and if that if any of that is true, if anyone looked the other way, then those those people should be held accountable and and no, and not spared at all as result of. Race I feel like we're celebrating the wrong conferences. By for dinner with my wife and I, am nervous. I something doesn't feel right about it. Should I be doing this? Am I supposed to be doing this? I think with the big ten impact twelve when. They made the truly difficult unpopular decision and there's know hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. There's a reason they made that decision not the decision they wanted to make yet the conferences we are celebrating the ones that the side of the play I am the big ten in the pack twelve made the responsible decision based on the uncertainty and based on where we're at with this bad Democrat now but it's a reasonable tape but the one thing I would point out is that. All three conferences in particularly Greg Sankey who I think is has been very good leader. In all of this, he'd never wanted to the the SEC is playing at any cost. He said, we are taking steps toward being able to him. We hope that is the case. So they're continuing on a step by step protocol they. Pushed. The start season back to the end of September in order to see how things go on campus and all of those types of things. So I don't know accelerates the right word I think you can come to reasonable decision on both sides I don't think that the big. Hesitant to play was unreasonable certainly unfortunate unfortunate layers in the fans and those have been the conference who obviously differed with that decision but it's not unreasonable to take these precautions by the same token, the medical professionals, many of whom are also being relied upon by professional sports who are planning to play and the other three conferences. Think that the risk can be mitigated to the point that they can play without bringing, undo a risk or harm upon the players. That just seems to be a difference in in opinion of how the is handled by young people how they committed spread with these i. know they don't like the term. Basically these are wide bubbles that that the most of these teams are operating right now. So I don't look at it necessarily at this point of being a right or wrong decision particularly when the conferences. Who are still pursuing playing in my judgment have been pretty careful about saying we're taking steps toward playing. We plan to play hoped to play the they said that they're playing it. Any call race were totally out of time. We've ruined the clock here, but just two quick questions, quick answers your hair does it have a lot of wonderful expensive gelling it right now now? Just leftover from yesterday I've got to go work out half. Okay. Not at the moment. Okay. Second question how do you keep that smile sparkling that way. Well I don't have an endorsement deal with the particular toothpaste, but I would say, just make sure you use your electric toothbrush floss and do all those things you need to do. Good dental hygiene. Thank you some life advice with reese. Davis we went very serious some college football whenever you want to come on and just give them morsel of life advice like that would be happy to take it flaws kids. Thank you. We appreciate your time. This is radio, right? Okay. Moving on three three times. If you missed any of the show. You can listen to all three hours of the Dan, Le Batard show plus our Miami, only hour and the big Sui on demand in the ESPN APP ED subscribe to eleven targeted friends podcast network featuring south beach sessions to potty mystery grape please rate ed subscribed new episodes of posted every week wherever you get your podcast Dan, it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless speaking of which I did want to help the audience with some of the changes there have been around here. A tweeter has written in. We've had a lot of audio difficulties this week. Why is God's microphones so much louder than everyone else's on TV broadcast? Is there any way to fix that I'm constantly having to adjust the volume during the show? We've had a ton of technical difficulties and I don't think anybody's manning us over on. ESPN news. So I would say, don't watch it that way because it's not nobody nobody's paying attention to what's happening with the television product But if you WANNA, see off today or at least watch the game between the heat and the Pacers today you will have an opportunity to do so on. Twitch Tony tell the people how they can do that. If you're part of this laboratory infringe universe if you're frustrated by the fact that you can't get us on television, we'll sort of try and do it ourselves to the best that we can on twitch today. So how is this GonNa Work Tony? What's the information people need if at one o'clock today they want to watch heat pacers with us. Or we're going to put it on the social media handles at Lebatardshow and if you WANNA go natively and find it on twitch twitch, dot TV slash lebatardshow, and friends all one word I'm. So we'll be there hanging out for the majority of the game and we'll get to some shenanigans all right and so some people are writing in here like somebody tweeted into God's shortening this show by an hour is incredibly short sighted and has hurt the continuity and quality of that program If that is your complaint and I've been getting some of that this week I understand and I ask you to just give us a little time to figure out. How? We're going to do all this stuff because on top of just having done it for three days so far we've also had unholy audio issues all week also faulty premise. The show is an shortened it short on terrestrial radio in the national format but you're actually getting we've done the math getting a lot more show now daily a lot too much probably given our audio difficulties, but that's not how it's going to be the entire time. We don't want you to always be chasing the show. We understand why you enjoyed listening to all three hours live. We are trying to pivot not by choice, an hour was taken away and so we are stumbling around. On the treadmill a little bit trying to figure it out we ask for your patience but we're telling you like today you watch game with us on twitch. That's not something we do a whole lot of. So if you want with the show to sort of watch the game virtually with us, you'll be able to do that. We haven't done this before we're going to try it I'm sure we're GONNA, screw it up and a number of different ways and I'm sure you will enjoy those screw ups because they are a hallmark of everything that we do around here speaking of screw ups. We've gotta get to this Brennaman story again because I don't think. That you get this combination, Stu gods of serious and stupid in the same place, very often serious and funny serious and silly because you've got both here you could discuss this story very seriously by talking about the damage done by ant-, anti, gay, slurs, and language of the sort, or you can spend a lot of time laughing at just the total awkwardness in the apology that couldn't have gone worse because you've got a hall of fame broadcaster from a hall of Fame Broadcasting Family his voices baseball his name is baseball. You've got this guy apologizing in the middle of the game and feeling the need to give play by play of what happens in the worst thing. Happens while he's in his apology, a dude hits a home run, and so you get sambre apology about serious thing mixed with sombre sad homerun called the saddest homerun call in the history of Homerun. Call. Police things off Jim Day's GonNa be taken us the rest of the way through this game. As Holland takes over on the mound. I made a comment earlier tonight that I guess went out over the year that I am deeply. Ashamed of. If I have heard anyone out there. I can't tell you how much I saved from the bottom of my heart. I'm so very, very sorry. I pride myself and think of myself as. A man of faith. As here's a drive in a deep. So it'd be a home run. Sorry. And so that'll make four nothing ballgame I'm sorry. I don't know if I'd be putting on his headset again. I don't know if it's going to be for the reds. From my boss' at Fox apologize for the people who signed my turn that down we'll hear the rest of it. He apologized a whole bunch of people in the wrong order. He's probably got a let the run call go there right? Off. Yes. Yes. That would have made it funding though I'm just telling you the awkward comedic time. There are a number of things that are funny here including The ball sailing into judgment free zone sponsored judgment free zone in a game being played only because baseball is grabbing dollars. I pride myself in think of myself as A. A man of faith. As you drive in a deep listening by Kosti. Listen, the timing you can't write that better listen to the crash. Combined with the perfect sentence of thinking of yourself as a man of faith and when you hear the crack of this back, I pride myself and think of myself as A. Man Of. Faith. Driving a diesel fuel by Costa. Janos it will be a home run. That is straight talk it is brought to you by straight talk wireless no contract no compromise. These show aim free time for some ads. Mike what is the courtesy I've gotta give on that sound played Fox. Sports Ohio. Now I'm not. A rare time where we're doing mccurdy, they don't want the courtesy. All right more bonus sports update from Christine Lisi. GimMe that Banger. Or not. And sorry I'm sorry Christine Mutsu, God's because I've only been telling him for six months to mute as microphone every time we come back. And finally, chipotle goes through about two hundred, fifty, thousand pounds of Avocados every day which. I don't write these by the way is almost as much as Dan ways. You don't know Lotta. Christine listen you're going to need to shape up around here because I'm not going to shape up. Shape and you've got to do better than that. Do not soften those you. You have to do this very you have to come in strident and you have to kill me and you have to read what's red. They're just like Scotts did accept more professional. Exactly right mistake number two for you. Yeah. Yes mistakes. Yes. All Right Christine. Thank you for being on with us as always Thank you to finish as well. The only thing from that microphone that sounds good. Today we're going to get to what you're. You'RE GONNA object to that with a grunt. What are you GONNA object to? Claiming the I I I would say the first couple of segments agree with you I knowledge die sounded terrible. Perhaps I'll. Show. You, know I did I yelled at you. Pointed but then as the as the day wore on the voice came back and since about ten thirty, this morning, it's been relatively flawless. So I'm going to start speaking a half hour before the show moving forward to myself just walking around giving tastes got you've been doing this for twenty years like I mean twenty years and the boys voices is the one thing you got to protect guts. I. Got Explain something to the audience. You've got a great radio voice like an old fashioned. You had one you had a great radio voice and it's no longer in its prime. It's got life experience. I can here in it it's got heaters. It's got regret I can hear all that stuff. It's got sleeping issues. It's got not taking care of its body because it's eating peanut. Peanut EMINEM's an ice cream at at midnight I can hear it. Art Well I'm Gonna I'M GONNA take measures to try to try again fixed I'm GONNA eat ice cream at ten instead of his night Chris what are you laughing at what are you laughing at you? You don't want me to bring this up anymore I'm just imagining Stugatz later on like polio ruler out and like measuring something like, Oh, I got this Dan, I'll take care of it. Yeah. I scream. and. Ends a little bit earlier than normal. Still, not to exercise but I again, I will address this and trying to take it seriously perhaps T-. Okay. So getting to what you guys were laughing about during the break what did you hear from those NBA press conference? Is that? Had you guys laughing I thought you guys were making that up that can't be true that Donovan Mitchell actually said something about we're just happy to get a split. As if he was going back home and getting on a flight like that, that couldn't have been he just went to go to cliche. Yet they did their job. They got one of the first two on the road and yes, Mitchell is acting like they're hopping on a jet going back to Salt Lake City for a big game three. He's walking back to his hotel and then walking to the same court they played games wanted to one just with different stickers at. The notion that this is real or feels like the real NBA playoffs I'm into it, the players are into it, but they are speaking in cliches that make me happy but they also make me. Laugh. Now they do kind of have a point though both teams do get to sleep in their own hotel bed tonight. So that is one thing that they all have going for them. It's the case Dan where everybody gets to sleep in their own bed and nobody gets to sleep in their own bed. Wow. You're so right. That is so true billy. So. What were some of the things they were? Can you explain to me what the specifics were of Donovan Mitchell and what he said you're telling me that he said we've got the split as if like that's not. That's not what happened where he is. He forgetting that there's not travel that he does not know that getting the split in the first two games doesn't really matter if you don't have like does he know what are you guys alleging here? No, you need to get the split, Dan if you're the road team because in home courts back in your favor and I think. Also kind of said like we got we need wanted to, that's all we need to get done I'm pretty sure that they think they need to win one of two road games to get the advantage in the series. I mean Brad Stevens said we held serve. That's all we did. These kinds are going to the same push as why wait a minute? True You have to be a because I'm not listening to any of these press conferences what what? Billy? Seventy sixers are also down. So I don't think that Brett Brown actually said we got one of two because they didn't get one of two I thought you were saying that he was saying we've gotta get one of two that he was saying before the game as if during the pre-game press conference because you love going for useless sound at a Brett Brown, a press conference of Dan. Now, they've got to get four or five they want to advance. Thanks for nothing. Thank you. I I. DO appreciate that it has next to nothing to do with what I'm talking about. But I do think these guys are so wired to Kinda say flitwick and gotta go out of the same way where some of that is coming out me billy Chris, just find it funny that there is no homecourt. They're just courts with different stickers. That's it. Are. We sure that they aren't going with the strategy of where they have hotel room they sleep in. That's really nice when they're home team. When they're road team, they have to sleep at a different hotel room. That's just like the worst possible hotel room you could possibly be maybe that's the case. That's a terrible idea. I don't understand guts. One of the worst things you've said in a long library of awful things that you said like, what are you talking about? Dan Talking about ridiculous premise here, and we're saying that if they want to create some sort of home court advantage in this bubble, they could make the road team sleep in tough scenarios in the bubble safely, which is not as good as when. You know what I think. This is actually a great idea. Know what they should do think when this is done, what they need to do is and we'll do this for next season because this season it seems that we figured it out but the policies to be working. So maybe they'll do it again next year but with improvement. So what they could do next year is when you're GONNA travel on a travel day, just put on like one of those Disney Trans or even the monorail and just have them going around in circles at the region of flake like. A six hour flight across the country you just need to ride around the moderate six hours then. You did the traveling. Six Our All. Right I WANNA explore this part of it a little bit more because I thought you guys were headed down the path of the making the road team like sleep in a cave with a bear or something just to stimulate things. We've that to. All right we'll explore that and more brennaman laughter I. Suppose Manx. Tony One more time. Please tell the people we are going off the air here in a few minutes but tell the people where they can join us after our lunch at one o'clock eastern Heap Pacers where can people find us tell them slowly? Which DOT TV slash Lebatardshow and friends again, that's twitch dot TV slash laboratory fronts. So we will be there stugatz included Fleming Stugatz in his natural environment watching a game. If you WANNA watch a game with US last last few years for the Jimmy V. Foundation Somebody's paid a whole lot of money to watch games with us we're doing this on twitch For no cost totally free virtually self promotion yet all in an effort to promote the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz podcasts already one of the most popular podcast and the history of sports talk radio. We're doing a lot of things with visit digital push. So this is interaction with the fans that we promise and just to get you back to subscribing and listening daily. Little Must Win for the Pacers today. Dan. You want to go back to Miami down to. I, guess. Yeah, I guess they would. They would be. Stupid. All of it the quality I did think that Stan van. Gundy was interesting. The quality of place to God's I hadn't considered the idea rested guys focusing one hundred percent on basketball that would explain the skill level. I'm seeing in these games where the shootings, crazies God's like guys who are just covering beyond what's reasonable guy I had not taken into account the idea i. Hadn't thought of the idea that flying all over the place over eighty two game season. The guys aren't going to be a sharp that if you put them in a bubble without the kinds of temptations and nightlife that they would normally have, you're absolutely getting a fresher specimen at the height of physical performance science. That's why you're getting what you're getting from Lillard and it seems so clean. Right. Yeah. Offense the offense has been great. The defense has not been. Nearly as good and then you combine that with the fact that these guys you had three months off. So in some cases, you have different rosters you have guys who have been able to rest. You have guys who've been able to practice of again offensively it looks really really good. He's really really good. I disagree with you I don't think the defense is bad. The reason I'm noticing that the offense is so great is because I'm looking at the defense I'm like damn that was good defense to and it doesn't matter because these guys can keep making shots making shots I, don't actually think the defense has been bad. I think the level of play. I'm watching is better than any of I've ever seen. I'm not kidding you when I say playoff basketball in a bubble what I'm seeing on the court looks to me more skilled than anything. I've ever seen while watching basketball and I hadn't considered the idea that fresh legs without any distractions whatsoever that it would make a huge difference in the quality of play. We, need to figure out how scale this. So ever after every playoff game, Dan will give us a rating that game was played at a seven out of ten and his name was played at an eight of ten. So we know after a game level of play that we just witnessed. We do like the idea like the road team right the team does not have home court advantage. There has to be some disadvantage for the road to we're thinking that may be home team sleep in the hotel road teams at the sleep out in some sort of tent city like something like that. You got to make it more difficult for the road team you have to. I mean but like all the accommodations at Disney are pretty good right like what are you doing? You're making a tent city like what? What are you know? No, no Dan. They have a camping ground and Disney we think that the road team could have to stay at Fort Wilderness and they have to camp out and obviously they're on the road. So what happens when you're on the Road Dan, you don't get cooking. So they're going to have to eat a little bit less than some of the food that you get at the nicer home hotels. Now, this kind of goes back to Christmas, original idea where people were moving back and forth. But that's why look is going to be a lot of teams on the move Dan. Each around less and less seems around the move because I don't know if you know each round, we lose some teams. So have the monorails of play, but we're also going to bring some of the trams into play. So if someone were to get into the bubble, they may be confused as to why it is that there's tranches. Kinda doing wheelies figure eights around around the parking lot travel days. That's all we can say. Some of these ideas. I love. Like. After after game, you see for six hours on a tram just de'andre Jordan. Is He in uniform? Do you have him in uniform? Dumb Baba close.

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