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Hey, I'm Brad milkey, and I hosted new daily news podcast from ABC news called start here. Every day we get you up to speed on the story that are going to be driving your day. We get important context from experts with on the ground access, and we do it all in twenty minutes. So start smart. And subscribe to start here from ABC news. This is perspective. A closer look at the week's top stories and the stories, you may have missed. I'm Sherry Preston. Coming up Jon Stewart heads to Capitol Hill with nine eleven first responders, delivering emotional testimony. It's what gave a reeling nation a solid foundation to stand back upon to remind us of why this country is great of why this country is worth waiting for and you are ignoring them, a baseball legend shot in the Dominican Republic soul, Lisa pointed to know that someone like David, who saved. So many lives can have someone after his life. And I'm sorry, I. And friends and collaborators remember music superstar AVI Evita a year after his death. He was a healthy guy that point he didn't seem like he was on a destructive. Paw a toll all ahead on perspective. This week comedian a native New Yorker, John Stewart blasted. Congress in emotional. Testimony on Capitol Hill calling on lawmakers to fully fund program to help nine eleven first responders. It's what gave a reeling nation a solid foundation to stand back upon to remind us of why this country is great of why this country is worth fighting for. And you are ignoring them. ABC's Ben Siegel is covered the story for years, he was there again covering the hearing this week. He talked about it with ABC's Brad milkey on our daily podcast start here. It's been than seventeen years since two planes, flew into the World Trade Center. But experts will tell you nine eleven is still killing people in the last year. Fifteen retired New York City. Police officers have died from illnesses contracted because of their service on or immediately after nine eleven and yet the families of first responders who got word their loved ones either died in the flash or watch them die slowly in front of them. All those family say this has been years of frustration that frustration came pouring out in front of congress. You'll said you never forget. Well, I'm here to make sure that you don't these families are eloquent, they are courageous, but honestly, these lawmakers might not have been asked much about them, were it not for another New Yorker, your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity. One thing that running out of in a searing address the comedian Jon Stewart became visibly emotional, as he described the pain. He had seen around him and asked is any New Yorker would ask, what are you doing? ABC's Ben Siegel covers the house. He was watching this hearing unfold in Ben. So what was it like in there? Brad, this was an emotional hearing. I followed this issue for awhile. I actually walked through the halls of congress and with John Stewart and some first responders in two thousand fifteen the last time, there was a battle over money for their healthcare funding, but I've never really seen anybody as aspirated as Steuer was sitting before congress. He was mad. They responded in five seconds. They did their jobs with courage, grace. Acidy humility. Eighteen years later do yours. He's mad that he's had to come with, with these first responders who are some of them, literally dying of cancer up to Capitol Hill. Trundling between offices to me we lawmakers there is not a person here. There is not an empty chair on that stage that didn't tweet out. Never forget the heroes of nine eleven never, forget their bravery. Well here they are. This is a fund to help pay for the healthcare of these first responders. It's running out of money. It'll be it'll be out of money by twenty twenty idea that you can only give them five more years of the CF because you're not quite sure what's going to happen. Five years from now. Well, I can tell you. I'm pretty sure what's going to happen five years from now. More these men and women are going to get sick and they're going to die. What is the issue, then is it a funding thing? Why do these families have to keep coming back again? And again, so this is all focused on something called the victim's compensation fund. It was set up for first responders and survivors of September eleventh, to pay for their any illnesses, that they've developed from the attacks and from the aftermath from cleaning up ground zero in the pile in lower Manhattan, that fund is running out of money. Congress put about five years, more funding about four point five billion dollars into that fund in two thousand fifteen but there are so many people Brad coming forward with cancer and other illnesses. They're gonna run out of money early, and they're having to cut some of these benefits, flipped searing should be flicked these men and women should be up on that stage and congress should be down here answering their questions. As to why this is so damn hard. Stewart and these first responders they want this fund authorized permanently they don't want to have to come back to congress and make this request again. But for congress, it always comes down to how do you pay for these things? You know, they're still waiting for an estimate of how much this would actually cost. So for many people, especially in the house, this is a no brainer. But we're expecting some resistance in the Senate, where things get a bit more caught up in the politics, as well as the price tags. From patient fund is running out. Do you support reauthorizing the fund? Gosh, I looked at that lately, I'll have to, we've always dealt with that in the past, and a compassionate way and awesome. We will again. But I, I haven't looked at a lot of pressure on these lawmakers. But as always the question will blast Ben Siegel covering this fort? Well, you said at years now. Thanks a lot. Thanks. The full spectrum of presidential politics was on display in Iowa this week with a twenty twenty presidential race is coming into sharp focus, President Trump and Democratic Front runner. Joe Biden paying a visit ABC's Ryan burrow has been on the ground in Iowa. I spoke to him about all the activity in the Hawkeye state over the past week, Iowa. Every couple of years, always comes into the national spotlight when it comes to politics, and I actually, you know, somebody from the mid west. I'm happy about that because I think you get all big cross section in the state of Iowa, and you certainly did last weekend with all the Democrats before we talk about the Joe Biden, Donald Trump faceoff. Let's talk about all the Democrats who were there last weekend. I mean was there, anybody who stood out or just seem like such a crowded field as it seems to everybody out here? It's very crowded. And that's what's making this really confusing. I talked with a bunch of people who've been following this very closely and yeah. There were nineteen candidates who shoot up. This is an annual. Event Democratic Party holds a hall of fame dinner and it was on Sunday night. And we saw Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Pete Buddha. Judge all making essentially five minute long pitches to the voters in Iowa. This is why you should vote for me. This is my plan. This is my proposal and of course, getting some shots in Donald Trump along the way, some of them got shots in Joe Biden, because Joe Biden was not there that kind of kick things off here in Iowa, and we're eight months ahead of the Iowa caucuses, and they're interested and excited to be a part of this process. And having candidates go through their backyards everyday isn't something that turns them off and makes them interested? It helps stimulate them and get them talking about some of the issues that we'll be talking about in twenty twenty so we should say that Joe Biden didn't show up there because he was in his granddaughter's high school graduation. He got some flack for that for not showing up, but he was like, look, you know, family's important. So after all those Democrats met President Trump was there and the former vice. Was there and they were taking shots at each other in Iowa weren't they, you were there. It's funny because I was a pretty big state, and they were nowhere near each other during that stop both ad multiple stops. But it was pretty clear that the other was on the others mind the entire time the way that they were trading barbs back and forth. Joe Biden, on the east side on the campaign, stump calling Trump and excess stencil threat to America says he threatens the core values ripped on Trump's tariffs ripped on him for climate control and really mentioned him quite a bit. I'd say probably about seventy five percent of, of his statements were targeted attacks at the president. Meanwhile, flash to council bluffs, where Donald Trump was. And Donald Trump continued calling Joe Biden sleepy Joe, call them a dummy before even flew out there and talked about some of the things that the Obama administration did that he says, hurt American farmers. So these two. You were clearly on each other's minds, which, you know, keep in mind, we're still eight months away from the caucuses and was an interesting dynamic. That's for sure. Speaking of American farmers. What are they saying about those tariffs? It's hurting them a lot there to things that are really crushing farmers right now at this moment, if we freeze this moment in time, there are two things. Number one, the Chinese tariffs are really hurting farmers because for the soy, farmers for the corn, farmers and most of the farmers who farm, Cornyn, Iowa, Illinois. They're really doing it. It's more livestock corn as well as ethanol. And what's happening is China's saying, well you know, because of these tariffs will we'll just buy from Brazil instead. So that's hurting their ability to sell this export. Number two, is flooding, there has been substantial flooding along the Mississippi River so being in the eastern portion of Iowa. And a lot of the corn growers can't even grow, their crops able to get seeds in the ground Biden has been saying is a lot of this has to do with climate change. Something that the president has refused to deal with so. That's kind of how Joe Biden was hitting at him on both ends. Now, Donald Trump defending his agricultural approach saying that, look he's just approved sixteen billion dollars in aid for these farmers. That'll help them kind of get over this hump with tariffs and saying that he's also loosened some of the restrictions on ethanol previously, you couldn't use e fifteen gasoline during the summer months. A lot of environmental group says, say it creates more smog, but he says that, you know, loosening these restrictions and allowing the sale for twelve months of the year is going to be good for the farmers and keep them up on their feet. Okay. That's ABC's. Ryan burrow in Chicago, who with this presidential election. Coming up, if it's true that Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, are the key states you're going to be busy over the next year or so. Oh boy. Here we go. Things Ryan coming up a sports hero nearly shot to death. Inspiring youth basketball story on perspective after this. These days news comes out of Washington, so fast, it can be hard to keep up. I just don't think this is going to play out the way everybody thinks it's going to play out. We're getting giancarl prediction. Look, we need special music for this. I'm ABC news political director recline. Join me along with ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl every week as we break down the facts and turn to Washington insiders with tough questions on the powerhouse politics, podcasts. Or are you going to talk to moan? Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. Welcome back to perspective. I'm Sherry Preston. Red Sox legend. David Ortiz affectionately known is big Papi arrived in Boston early this week after being shot in the back at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic. Police called it an ambush attack. And afterwards he underwent surgery in Santo Domingo hospital before being flown to see Red Sox team. Doctors in Boston. It's been an outpouring of support for tease. Here's former teammate Pedro Martinez on MLB network. So these two point to know that someone like David who saved? So many lives can have someone after his life. And I'm sorry, I get for more on big Papi's legacy. And what he means to Boston, and the Dominican Republic, let's bring in ABC sports. Correspondent Todd ant when the news came in that David Ortiz, you big Papi, beloved figure in Boston had been shot in the Dominican Republic. It really was really a shock. It was because, you know who doesn't love David Ortiz. Now, you might say, you know a bunch of Yankee fans but that that's on the field stuff even off the field. The Yankees organization, you know, Yankee fans all respected this guy for what he has done on the field for the Red Sox. And also what he's done off the field. He's a he's a tremendous philanthropist. He's a guy that's always giving back. He means so much. And really, he really cemented himself in Boston. Lore sports, especially after the bombing the, the marathon bombing when he took the mic on the field and just yelled out an expletive, but then said, you know stay strong Boston. And you know, Boston strong was then the. Rallying cry for that city and really for the rest of the country, but are teasers right there. Rallying, everybody like this is his city. You know, I mean he's from the Dominican Republic, but, you know, Boston's really his his second home and quickly after he was shot. They flew him straight to Boston. I mean that was what a lot of people were like, wow. They really care about this guy. Well, that doesn't show you love from the city and from the from the Red Sox, especially to do that. He did have a quick surgery. I think to do some immediate repairs that had to take place because the bullet went right through his organs, and his abdomen. So they did some work there, stabilized them, and they took a private jet by the Red Sox and took them to, to message to Boston mass, what d- what do we know about these, these guys that are arrested for this. I mean it's it's it seemed like a bounty hit, but it was only for like eight thousand bucks. Well, here's the situation, we don't know a lot, and I'm sure as we go on, we'll find out more information as of now, you know, when it first happened. They actually had got the, the shooter, you know, he couldn't get he, he, he sped away. But apparently he was on a motorcycle crash, the motorcycle people from the from the bar in the area found him beat the heck out of them. And then they they held him till the police came. Then they said there was another suspect then four more suspects came in. There are a lot of suspects in there. The probably getting a lot of information who are these guys. Well, the father of one of the suspects that his son belongs to a notorious Dominican gang of drug dealing hitman, not a good guy. Turns out prosecutors in New Jersey said, we want one of those guys because he's wanted for armed robbery in New Jersey so little by little things is starting to come out, but I think the fact that he survived this business, the beginning. We weren't. Sure, right. And his family has said that he's been up, and he has walked bit and stuff. But he is expected to stay in the hospital for, for a long time, recovering when it first happened. We were told that it was just it went through his back, and then straight out through his stomach and said, other major organs. Had been didn't get hit. But then later we heard about the gallbladder and we heard about part of his intestines. And, and so it really became a whole lot more serious. Tell me one, again a little bit about David Ortiz in the city of Boston city of Boston really likes their sports people. Great sports teams. And there they really do other colleges when Boston's a great town, it really likes it really is nominee yorker. And obviously, you know, we as fans of New York teams, you always want to beat the patriots the Celtics. You know, the Red Sox, especially with the Yankees Red Sox, but a tremendous amount of respect that city is big time, sports city, and they're showing it. I mean they're teams are in championships, seemingly, the last ten fifteen minute Bruins championships, but sorry loss, tobe, lose the right. They lost the blues book, but they made it to the finals. And the Red Sox have won three championships. And that takes us back to David Ortiz. This team had not won a championship eighty six years. The curse of Babe Ruth. He came in and said, what curse what are you talking about? We're going to win the championship and in two thousand four down three oh to the Yankees. They came back and won. He was a big huge part of that. I mean he was really the face of that Red Sox team. And he was for the for the following two more championship wasn't. They didn't just break the curse. And finally, you know, end the Schneider. And win six years. They tacked onto more. And I always say Ted Williams was a God, David Ortiz is beyond that, if it's possible. I mean, he's you know what he has done for this team. Ted Williams never wanted to championship here, and it was a sort of an abrasive relationship at times with Boston and Ted Williams. Not so with Ortiz, it was love from the beginning to the end, and he'll be back at Fenway park, you know and, and greeting the fans and I'm sure he'll be out there throwing out the first ball maybe for the start of next season. That's kind of a day. Absolutely signed. I love talking sports with the great. Thank you. Elsewhere in the sports world. A youth basketball team helps students get to college and beyond the Bronx bass pro scholar athlete cardinals team right here in New York, help students succeed on and off the court in school. And in college admissions, the program is help students get thirteen million dollars in scholarships ABC's Byron Pitts as the story, hopefully colon. The country's top high school prospects. Members of the league pro scholar athlete program known as PSA I will be a part of the PSA program for the rest of my life. Have you basketball program? Youtubers coaching next generation NBA star and their roster proves. Sister program was founded in two thousand nine seven graduates currently playing do Landau message band. The programs of passion project before old college friends, Terence bunch, Williams, Jason Pooley, Justin. We're and Drake. Charles the programs not just about success on the court. It's about success in life, starting with a college education, but their goal they say, isn't that just motivate students to be the basketball players? On fourth. Goodson. Unless Eric Khalid long coal Anthony. No. Well, both recent graduates from the same programming with what with two very different pans on as coal infamy. I play with his say for all of high school ethnic committing to play basketball at the university of North Carolina live on ESPN just weeks ago. Really weren't all the schools that recruited me. I mean had my final four but today we have an going with North Carolina from my first month of PSA. He's kept me on track, whether it was coming to my house, make me get out of bed to make sure I was doing my schoolwork just been there like a big brother from me. When is Eric colle- long descriptive, almost every sin university? I was there five years got my MBA Eric's NBA dreams weren't realized he credits PSA with sending him on a different road to success. You can do basketball, envy's more foreigners show that no matter where you come from the work in, and you're gonna be whatever you want to be the essay has sent sixty two student athletes to college since two thousand nine and awarding over. Thirteen million dollars in scholarships every year as a new generation takes the court for practice. They're talented nesper ration- reminder of a legacy fulfill out of action anyone ever think of a basketball dream is one day in the NBA finals is that the dream for these boys. I would say basketball laws is between for each one of them. But as they go through the polling, mentally older base. Locked realize as I'm facing dream is a lot of other smaller goals can catch it as that of the pay me managed in the future. When basketball is over this. Cabal has been called a beautiful game ended in the goal of PSA is bigger than bowl. It's living a beautiful life. So at end of the day, the goal isn't to create great basketball players, that's fine. But to create Greg grown ass men. Yes, thanks. Positive, they'd be one. Vibrance and the Bronx. Coming up remembering music, megastar, AVI cheek and the making of his posthumous album on perspective after this, get cashback for shopping, you were already going to do racket in is a free member base. Loyalty program that lets you earn cashback on shopping. It over twenty five hundred stores like Macy's best, buy, Nike, and more shop online internet percentage of every purchase you make up to forty percent cashback every three months members are paid the pay pal or another method. Sign up today at Rockhampton dot com. That's our A, K, U, T E, N dot com. Capital. One is building a better Bank. One that feels an axe nothing like a typical Bank. It's why the reimagining banking and building something completely different Capital, One. Cafe. They offer accounts with no fiercer minimums, they also offer one of the best savings rates in America, and you can open a Capital, One account from anywhere in five minutes. Capital One, this is banking. Reimagined open an account today. Inexperienced banking reimagined for yourself Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital, One NA member FDIC from ABC news? This is perspective. Closer look at the week's top stories and the stories you may have missed. I'm Sherry Preston. Coming up, we'll visit some of the most luxurious homes in Los Angeles. But I. Last year. The world learned of the death of famed electric musician of Ichi. He died by suicide after struggling with drugs and anxiety. ABC's Dan, Harris spoke with friends and collaborators about the music megastar, who are remembering him following the release of his album after his death. More than a year after died by suicide, the music, he left behind has been really in a new posthumous album, entitled Tim, which is allowing of each's fans to revisit his life and legacy. Since you. We sat down with some of his collaborators who opened up about his final days sharing behind the scenes videos and candid photos collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business. Everyone from Chris Martin of Coldplay. Moves. Jim madonna. He won an American music award. For favourite electronic dance music artists. And was nominated for two Grammys and countless other awards. Everyone knew of EG, even the president, some of us Vanson sink to Allah, and itchy but away from the spotlight. Tim was wrestling with substance abuse that led to health issues. He suffered from pancreatitis here in the documentary of each true story released less than a year before need is based on, however. However, today, and I've been today they don't think I'm going to be fit for shows and publicly. He struggled to keep up with the intense demands of his lifestyle privately. His friends say his anxiety grew along with his fame. I think he had a kind of invincible mind state, like nothing can touch me. I'm capable of everything I can party tonight and still do this tomorrow and then travel halfway across the world. Bended pantera, and Salome alpha K known professionally as Vargas and lagola co wrote several songs with Tim over the year. We met him win the Ernie days because he just had released. From the beginning, he loved writing the songs like super old school on piano, or guitar number on tracks. He was like, super intimacies and love the structure, melodies and was super picky about everything. He always had a really clear vision, where he wanted to go with his music. And he had this idea about we should make some country music with this other thing. And we won't disown punt. Hey, brother. Brother themes spohn. Cover. He took that farther and he will wake me up. Landscape of electric music around this acoustic guitar vocal, basically took the world by storm. He was so musically prolific. They created the song along with Mike Tigar. It just a couple of hours, but it would go on a mass nearly two billion hits on YouTube alone. I had no idea that the song would connect with such a wide audience the way that it did. Tim traveled the world in luxury performing in front of thousands of during fan, but he also did not shy away from sharing, how his lifestyle and grueling schedule was taking a toll even sharing this moment of, of, of ticket or snuck in. Often a song or downloaded it loved Cullman to their hate that the, the buffs show momentum it, it's your salts and ideas about the music that helped me of all an ado old, everything to you in two thousand sixteen. He wrote a letter to his fans and outsing he was retiring from touring at the age of twenty six I don't know if he is a victim of being to smoke. But maybe that's one of the cusses of genius. Almost Joe Janik met Tim, in two thousand eighteen when the two were introduced by mutual friends. They work together on a latest album. Hugh as a healthy guy at that point, he didn't seem like he was on a destructive poff atole, but on April twentieth two thousand eighteen Tim was found dead in Oman, where he had been vacationing his family released this statement. Our beloved him was a seeker of fragile artistic soul searching for answers. He could not go on any longer. He wanted. To find peace after months of silence. Tim's family announced the new album with most of the music completed his collaborators turned to notes and emails Tim had left behind to finish the work. We talked so much about it. And we would got back to the how he felt about this music. And he wanted this music to come up. Tim was very much. Uber. Jan yak Tim's lyrics have taken on greater meaning like in the song ENA thing that Stephanie, one of the most haunting souls for me because of the chorus lyrics which we didn't really discuss. No full LA at the time when the record plays the final song. The parties will be long long gone or the tenders and the hang on, we'll go fight himself. Number one. Which appetite and didn't seem quite as intense as it does. No. Today. Tim's legacy lives on through his music the near they his snapshot of all of the best things about him was a songwriter. He was a produce any wasn't just. We did the Jade, and an important note here if you or someone you know might be struggling you are not alone. The national suicide prevention lifeline is always open. You can dial eight hundred two seven three eight two five five for free and confidential assistance coming up creating the Broadway hit the prom. We'll talk with the show's star about its themes and impact on perspective after this. Hey, I'm Dan Harris from ABC news, and I have a podcast and you've you listened to it. It's called ten percent happier. It's all about how to stay sane in our increasingly insane world. We've talked to everybody from the Dalai Lama signs vide-, both for human to rupaul you have to explore this life. It's fun. And interesting may even change your life. You can listen to it for free on apple podcasts or on your favorite podcast app. Welcome back to perspective. I'm Sherry Preston. Rodway hit the prom was nominated for seven Tony awards this year. It tells the story of a young lesbian woman in highschool facing backlash and hate for bringing her girlfriend to prom. ABC's linsey. Davis reports on some of the show's themes and its impact just. At the heart of it all a fictional story about a girl named Emma high school lesbian, who's promised cancel because she wants to bring her girlfriend as her date and his face with backlash and heat. Your character's story. Is one that so many young people deal with every day in real life? How do you put yourself in to their shoes? She is based on real individuals and real people who have gone through this. It's incredible for so many reasons that the story is being told because kids still go through this every day. They're being expelled. They're being hated and shunned in their communities every single year, and that's insane to me. It's an all, too familiar, storyline, a tale of discrimination faced by gay couples trying to carry out the school tradition of going to the high school prom. But with a same sex day started as just, you know, reading different articles about teams that aren't able gay teens aren't able to go to their problems. And you know, it just feels wrong Chad Baghlan wrote the show's lyrics Chad tell us about when you were young and your experience going to the prom. If I if I can put you on the spot, I would never in a million years, even consider taking. Of guy to the problem that just unthinkable. I know what it's like to be bullied because you're gay and the fear of walking down those hallways. And, and so, so where are you out when you were a nice. No, no. And I was, you know, again talk about fear. And so, that's, that's sort of the wonderful thing, I think about this show because I wasn't as brave as the characters are in the show. They say quite often the audience members aren't just looking for signatures, but wanting, or in some cases needing to say thank you, and share their own personal stories that play out far from the bright lights of Broadway. The Macy's day parade this thanksgiving while more than twenty three million viewers watched the cast of the prompt closed out their performance with the first same sex kiss in the parade history. While many lauded, the move, others pounced conservative group for America tweeted, millions of small children, just want to girls kiss, and had their innocence broken this morning, but Macy's stood behind the decision. A Representative releasing this statement at Macy's. We are guided by our corporate values of acceptance respect integrity and giving back and now as we find ourselves in the midst of both com season and pride month that calendar is apparently more accepting of celebrating both at the same time. Then some high schools Constance mcmillen was denied permission to bring her girlfriend to prom in March, a Mississippi high school made waves after mandating that students and parents signed paperwork, insuring their prom date would be of the opposite sex in two s in two thousand thirteen this Indiana group of parents students, and a teacher fought to create a separate what they call traditional prom viable says it says it is wrong, and we love the homosexual, but we do not condone. On what they're doing. For so many high school girls problem is what dreams are made of high school senior Nicole, in for and her girlfriend, Livia Gatto are no exception promised so much more than I expected and just being able to be completely open with my girlfriend dancing with her kissing her. I think our friends, and then our community, just in our school, supporting us and showing us so much love was like crazier than we ever expected it to be. Yep. In their Westchester community of suburb outside Philadelphia. They both wanted to be able to be joined prom queens, then dance with each other something that wasn't allowed in the beginning of the year. I was looking at different scholarships. And I came across something dot work. And I saw take back the prom. Do something dot org in partnership with glad created the campaign to highlight discrimination and get students involved coal shared her story, then she and Olivia met with their principal. And eventually got the rules changed the girls even got nominated to the prom court, but for all the fun they had both agree that prom is much more than just a school dance. I think prom is such an experience and a teenagers life, such a social and political event. There are a lot of people who had experiences with prompt so they feel they can't be who they are because they're afraid of how someone else is going to react to that, Nicole into Libya say, they're thrilled to finally feel heard, and seen on a stages large and impactful as. Broadway, when I heard that there was a musical about a lesbian couple of going to prom. I was super excited. It is a national issue. No matter what town, your phone, no matter what community live in the problem is, they're changing hearts and minds isn't often the hope of a Broadway show. But one goal here is that beyond the toe tapping memorable melodies, the entertainment just might also inspire. I'm Lindsay Davis in New York. Coming up hundred like a dance floor in your house. Explore tactics real estate agents used to sell luxury homes in L A on perspective after this have a dream. But don't know where to begin. I didn't want to be limited looking for wisdom for women who've already been there, you will constantly be given the opportunity to lose yourself. Welcome to ABC's no limits. I'm your host Rebecca Jarvis and each week. We're talking to the game changing women about success lessons learned along the way. And of course, the worst advice and really thought about this worst advice ever you can hear new episodes of no limits every week on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app. This is perspective from ABC news. I'm Sherry Preston. A disco floor a Warhol thing bash and over the top amenities are just some of the tactics real estate agents are using to sell the ultra luxurious houses in LA's crowded buyer's market, ABC's, Marci Gonzales, recently took a look inside. Check out the hype surrounding the homes. It is a wild night in Beverly Hills. Music pump and on the dance floor. Cyber zoos. Heels. And an at big game, a vintage dress up global of weight to it. Golden girls. All about it in a walk in closet. Almost as big as my apartment voting to the disco drag closet. It's incredible. But this Andy Warhol thing, bashes of just for fun. And it is a lot of fun. This event has one goal down this brand new fifteen point six million dollar house in this market. You really wanna make your house stand out, you want to keep the buzz going. There is a building boom in Los Angeles mansion size with multimillion dollar spec. Homes bringing up all over. L A's Pasha's neighborhoods right now. There are sixteen homes on the market that cost more than twenty million dollars with so much supply selling high end houses is getting competitive to this is only been on the market for five or six hours. Yes, it just try to put this on the market and see if the buyers come. Why not try that first before throwing a huge party like this? Well, that's no fun. And. And buyers have choices. And so we wanted to differentiate differentiating is key with even more luxury homes on the horizon. That's to what Jason Oppenheim end his identical twin Brett are stars of the net flicks, reality show, selling sunset. We're far away the number one real estate team in Hollywood. He's Los Angeles real estate experts say the market is getting saturated with new construction, there's a surplus of ultra luxury homes, the random developers that are building these fifteen thousand square foot apple stores and asking forty million dollars. Those aren't selling and they shouldn't that's the big difference now, I think its quality that there's to echo what he's saying. I think there is a lot of supply. But there's not a lot of great supply. A buyer for the high end requires creativity. Some agents are making professionally produced movies showcasing the life you could lead if you bought the house. The point is housed on the harbor. He component eight Duffy's on their doctors for starters. Celebrities are also getting in on the marketing game. When I first saw stock in nineteen ninety I also fell under it's spell, and blocked. The punt Michael Douglas himself narrated this sales video for assists. Daca his two hundred acre estate on the Spanish island of my orca over the past thirty years. I've put my own Mark on the place. But now he's ready to part with it for thirty two and a half million dollars. No time for me. Let someone else enjoy the privilege, the bench of stuck, and if they celebrity spokesperson doesn't entice you to buy of the over the top amenities fellers are now offering. We'll help feel the deal. This house in Newport Beach, California, how some room to grow and smoke. Marijuana other homes offer. Extravagant extras that are a bit more mainstream Jason takes us for a drive. So do take all of your clients out and Rolls, Royce to one of the properties. They're selling that comes with all. All the bells and whistles, and then some wine cellar. Yes. And curated with some of the best one in the world. And that wine comes with the house, as well, these five bedroom nine bath, forty plus million dollar dream home in the Hollywood hills to house comes fully furnished complete with a one hundred and seventy five foot long pool this pool wraps around the entire house its own spa and a place to keep a dozen cars that looks more like a museum for those who can afford to live large the party, so to speak. Is far from over. I'm Marci Gonzales in Los Angeles from ABC news. This has been perspective. If you want to listen to any of our past shows, you can subscribe to the prospective podcast, give us a review. Tell us what you think it really does help. You can find it on apple podcast. Spotify Stitcher, wherever you listen to your podcast. You can also find this in other ABC news shows at it. You see news podcasts dot com. Perspective is produced by Eric Malo. Thanks for listening for ABC news. I'm Sherry Preston. 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