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Ability to media sick quoting love. I like football. I like football season everything that goes with it so much happier that ensured sound. Can you imagine if rob gronkowski said that we will be saying. Here's tiring from football. Look at how i would actually love for bella check to say with greeny greeny said in a texas more than two kayla. Which was oh premium. You didn't. That's how he says. If you just like that homeboy d from clark anyway we'll start with ezekiel elliot. The cowboy seemed to one back for week. One more than jerry jones implied elliott is back with the cowboys after agreeing to a six year deal with fifty million dollars alba's guaranteed pablo. We all understand the distractibility of running back. Cowboys pay too much. I think they did because i do fundamentally agree with the nerds who say that value over replacement player here matters right tony pollard the difference between him and zeke elliott behind that offensive line probably smaller than the contract at zeke received but i'm not really flabbergasted by this i mean he'd be todd gurley by five million dollars on the guarantees and teams employers everywhere businesses. They tend to pay to avoid the unknown especially when what they got actually maybe the best that the position right but they already told us like if you're getting mad now about the idea that they paid them more. They took them number four or the draft like they told you right then and there what they thought they had and this guy he is actually exceeded the expectations. I think the most would have had when they took him fourth in the draft now with zeke d. as important here here is that when a running back is going to be worth the kind of money that he's going to get is at this point in his career. The problem is ordinarily by the time you got a chance to get that kind of bread. Your contract is at its end. They start using all the miles that you had against right. I think he's probably worth the money they are going to pay him to have. They basically can get out of this. After three years. That's his law go window as you'd would expect with everything they invested in that offensive line. They're going to figure out what to do with deck and cooper but this is probably the best player and they're paying him even not even like he's their best player just like he's a really good running back so this is what's weird to be then what we've been doing for this entire summer because we got was jerry jones saying that this specific deal was insane. He was saying saying that. We don't need a rushing champion bowl arche. We won't set the market except that now. He's saying to everybody loud and clear. We need this running back to win the super bowl. So what was his grand plan all of this. If there was one grand plan to the hope that he would come back right like this at every turn. Hopefully he'll come back but in the end we're probably gonna wind up having i'm going to pay him to a degree for zeke mad. I hope they give me everything that i wanted but in the end i'm probably going to wind oh coming back which is basically every negotiation that there is it is through the history of time. He's eight. Maybe just maybe wait this out long enough. He won't take all the money that he wants and i think they looked up and realized now man dues go camp out for wild if he needs to and i think that eta point zeki look and you're like we're not getting any more money out of this do this and now the cowboys are in this position where they are being very cow boyish. They are believing in their own exceptionalism because the other reason why you do this beyond the fact that they were gonna. Do it the whole time anyway. It's because fundamentally you believe that look todd. Gurley has the orthopedic knee. We're gonna hope in bank that this does not happen to us because still obviously the truth about running backs does remain yeah but the thing is you got to do that with every football ball contract that you signed regardless. We make this very particular running back and only difference. We're running backs. Everybody else is the shortness of the back end of the contract but that's not really what we're talking. What about here with ezekiel elliott like the cowboys signing up. We get the prime of a potential hall of fame running back. I don't think that's ridiculous. I think it was ridiculous if they did this. Guy like adrian peterson for for example which i think is a fair comparison. Give it was impact is on this office that they have so yeah. No by good you go ahead you make this move you make this decision and look. They got to win now team. That's the point we can't lose sight of. This is a team that should be competing for a super bowl. If you've got a team that should be competing for a super bowl. That was the additional levers that eliot had in order to get the additional money and you know it's a little hard to say as people uncomfortable jerry's getting kind of old banking window number two with the point that he's at in life well well. He is knocking on various doors. It's true but he is also somebody who i think can afford. This is a weird to also have reaction of like fifty million dollars guaranteed not follow the m._b._a. But there's no shock but also think about this every time now. One of those quarterbacks gets windows thirty dollars deals when we go oh my goodness thirty million dollars is always always somebody to pop up right quick and understand. It'll be like hey but as the cap has grown. This is the smallest percentage smaller percentage of the captain used to be. You can use that exact same logic when you talk about this deal. What is fun to me. Is how use a totally different lodge doug about quarterback contracts been anybody else's our next thing is antonio brown because his response to this disciplinary later letter from raiders g._m. Mike mayock which describes fifty four thousand dollars in total fines this preseason with it's the post a letter to his instagram stories with this caption quotes when your team wanna hate but there's no stopping me now devil why everyone got to pay this year so we clear at raiders in quote so bomani. Are we clear no. It's okay. I guess i don't okay. Are you okay matt. How're you going to make them pay like. I just explained to be right fast. How exactly is it that you are going to make the raiders eaters pay and i can't imagine the frustration that you got if you grew or your maniac rely hey man we've been finding this dude and we've been keeping quiet. We're not trying to make spec allow double. We're trying to get everybody body on the same page and this goes turns it into a thing that winds up on our television. Show winning didn't have to be like that. It is not just a thing on our television show. This sounds like a threat set like what is on the other end of this promise. You're all going to pay. What more do you want. It's telling that the stuff that he's mad about in this case fifty four thousand dollars worth of fines there was missed walk through ms practiced blah blah blah. That's not even the stuff we knew about. The stuff that we knew about was the frozen feet was the helmet it. This is the other stuff that only thanks to antonio brown bo. Do we know that all this other stuff was happening to the thing that i feel like if you're the raiders that you wanna be able to trust what to do like this is that we're all in this together and i understand the idea if that's what they want and this is a repudiation of the idea that we are all in this together because this did not have to happen and my guess is the fact that they find him for those things and they sent that letter. Some stuff happened before then some of it obviously that we i know but they had to have been brought to this point to make this decision to do this. So i stay. I and typically one person has not out here room football's right not rooting for the raiders but i do know what it's lied to be at work. If somebody don't add right dog right not so much you you act okay. Thank you the make the playoffs stuff here. It's kind of like well. What does he supposed to do right now. Now he is the villain and it's telling like we're not seeing much of gruden bridges. Antonio brown part of me is honestly disappointing. More of all of this aren't heart on hard knocks for what we have. Here is a guy who doesn't really seem to have an exit strategy for any of the controversies that he gets into but we also have a guy like who is he listening to who was advising him on this because none of this is a good look for that guy in specific two things one this is gruden versus antonio brown right like even though gruden is not in the front of this grooten bruton is in charge of everything here. It is absolutely gruden versus antonio brown the other thing and i've been saying this is about antonio from the beginning. This dude is never been on a bad team right right like think about what it was last year for the steelers to just not make the playoffs. We have never seen this dude on a bad team. What happens if they are bad like. I remember different sport everything else but the hawks one time. I got the bright idea trailer j._r. Writer and the thing about j._r. Rider was really by the time they got. It'd be better problem imported but at least portland it being good. The hawks were bad and man man he he. I don't think he made it through the whole year with the hosby because he wasn't built for that. This dude built for playing on a bad see. This was the preseason. Nothing of consequences even even happened and so the guy who missed the practice before the playoff chase ends up feeling. Maybe i can dunk on. Everybody just like ryder accident. What happens if he plays well like he's played very well and they're still bad. He's playing well in the dual can't get him the ball. Good luck coming up next with the chargers trailed gordon. Your home is important. That's why geico helps make it easy to save on condo insurance because home is more than just a place home is where you took minimalism too far because there's only one chair in your entire condo in when you're only entertainment is one card not even a deck of cards but a single card and all your guests have to share one plate and one fork but you're convinced that less stuff means more freedom. The geico insurance agency could help protect the overly minimalist broom closet you call home call gyco and see how easy it is to switch and save on condo insurance news coming from above hive. They can live a deck appear seventeen. Why do i read a made to a second year with the hawks in e._s._p._n. Get naked issue has come out and so the eagles off got naked. Jasmine jasmine are eagles fan and residents and look there is a body positively at play here which i applaud but at the same time on you know that these guys as soon as they hire going to shed about half of what they're carrying are well. I think some of them will i think that's their office a lot and who have to gain weight to play and then the ones we have to lose weight in order to play. I remember this. They have to get naked issue one time and my husky homeys man that was liberation for them. They were still represented on those pages good for you huskies out their jeff. Howe shout out to my skinny brothers. We deserves love to but i ain't gonna do that here. We go skinny. Fat would also likes them clause. Today's i quote per a league source. The chargers have told at least one other team at the price for gordon is the first round pick and a fifth round pick. Mike florio of pro football talk so bomani is a reasonable asking price for one melvin gore. If you think he's worth that then you might as well pay him like that. That's where i get confused by what it is that they want. If they think he has that kind of valuation then he would the biggest a guy that happened to keep who knows maybe here looking for a sucker. They're looking for the my dick out here. Who do to get their running back. I don't know but this is way too much to ask if you're actually trying to trade him. It tells me they're not actually trying to trade him. It's also way too much to ask if people have been listening. We've been following the melvin gordon story for months. It's now in all we hear is at the chargers. Keep giving him very hard nose when he asks please sir. Can i have some more because he is a running back. Who is like zeke elliott feeling feeling like time is wearing on him and so if you wanted to ask for a first rounder you had to pretend like you wanna this guy more than you have been for a very long time. It'd be fair to them. They did offer a deal that he did not take and i don't blame them for saying alright seizes here. We're not gonna do this. Either you show up or you don't but no nobody thinks yes. You're going to get a first and a fifth round pick for him although to be fair maybe they could have got him before. Bill o'brien gave up his first round. Pick who just couldn't wait to give somebody is first is round pick that is fair. It is fair that they did offer him about ten million dollars or so and melvin gordon ended up wanting more and now that offer is just off the table entirely and so yes come mom down people who want to undo the mistakes that we made because we kind of regretted although we're not even sure i get but what's it gonna take charge decide that they have been like what would be required how what they have to start. Is it possible they could start and they could be winning but the running back position is not producing because i think the one thing that's a little unfair in this is this is not an average running. Back is in just some regular dude. He has demonstrated himself to be special not necessarily like great hall of fame level but you're not just going to get another dude like that off the street and so i get this idea but we can just go find a running running back you can that doesn't mean you will and the issue and the complication is that when they did not have them for i believe the first four games of last season and and they had that running back by committee those dudes whose name escapes me right now but nonetheless four no in his absence that's the markets melvin board who has described like otherwise there was a fantastic fantasy football player but isn't as important to his team nasr quote. There will be upset. It takes aim amen guard jarrett hawker about taking on number one clemson this weekend. Let's watch dr been upset. Oh yes it does there will be an upset guaranteed victory. I'm pretty confident in my ability in our teams ability so giacobbe talking to talk he was so confident that he did not even reveal that he had been prediction until he was asked a follow up question to the first question and so the question that i have this dude who i did not know existed until just now how to this position like did the locker room empower you to do this because i hope i got to say that i was not familiar with him and i am going to assume that he's pretty good at his job because he had all those people around him with those like microphones right not every offensive line has all these people that are hanging on your words so okay. Maybe he's in a position to make these statements and to say these things and speak for the team. I'm just saying if i'm one of the people that like get the ball and it has to get hit. I wish that would that would have been my preference in this because if you're a and m. your best chance at winning his game is if clemson didn't take it as seriously as you do. This probably decreases the likelihood that clinton will not take this game series because remember last year in college station. This game was close. Kelly bryant was the starter in that game. The argument forgiving kelly bryant a ring gears. He really came through and helps. You guys win against take say is do. They play play a quarterback right. Now is a whole different level. Kelly brian was baby. Lozada's goes yes at texas. Am ranked number twelve right now. In the country i believe clemson his favored by seventeen and a half points. It's all of which should make this kind of a non story because clemson is of course a strive college football universe but to your point jimbo fisher came out and was like oh doc. You said that i gotta say this though and this is me speaking for myself personally. This is not for anybody else. Please eggy talk all the noise. You can in advance of this guy be as optimistic as you want right. You guys are ready to turn the corner. You got all the money in the world. You guys zillion dollar coach. It's it's all right there. This is your chance to take over. Go aggie make this happen. I wanna see good things happen for you. I don't wanna see good things happen. They actually did all the way up and come crashing down. That's what i prefer but you guys seem to be headed in the right direction. Is it landlocked oklahoma or that. You hate more the requires some clarification that takes too much time but if they give all lose all the gangs perfect that'll be great. Just go to break due spending the side though i've seen people who are good at this but that guy is i think the best of all at tells me there's a story about a dream deferred out. Why are you doing get your pen back later our number one hundred and ten million dollars because that is how much george guaranteed money jared goff will receive as part of a new four year one hundred thirty four million dollar contract extension the most guaranteed money in n._f._l. History so bomani rams regret giving that much don't know they won't regret it because he demonstrated if nothing else that he's on that good enough level at the very least right like he was awful as a rookie stand the very least he's been good enough. He has not been good in the playoffs right but they're going to have to find a quarterback is a measure of rolling the dice there aren't that many better out there that being said if sean mcveigh is the genius that he is advertised as being you gotta think why do you need to pay any quarterback thirty million dollars a piece supposed to be the quarterback whisperer as they say a._m. As he's in the dude's ear basically up padilla's time like he's basically like this is where you need to throw the ball. You should be able to find another dude who can do that right. The takeaway from from this story to me is if not the rams then who if the rams were not going to be the team that moves on from there now veteran quarterback. Who's who's gonna make a ton more money because you know they can. Just go get someone else on a young cost-controlled contract to play quarterback for them then who's going to do this. This is a team that understands the salary. Salary-cap understands all of the stuff about technology. They have the offensive guru that you described if they won't do this with jared goff. Can any team be expected to be even more risk. It just tells you what the scarcity is at that position. Really you go year after year looking at drafts you're get one. Maybe two out of a draft graf per year so let us take the twentieth dra- for example which is a pretty good draft a quarterback cam newton andy dalton and colin kaepernick came out of their draft. Those last two guys and points have been good good never had really been great. You can make the argument and then you've got cam newton. Y'all that's a pretty bumper classic quarterbacks think about the next year in the draft the two guys at the top at the top of it neither one of those not in the league the other one is now at career backup status you. Can you get russell wilson late like you get lucky when something like that happens but that's all that comes in per year in the draft you you can't afford to let a quarterback go if you've got one so this whole mcveigh thing right when jared goff not just struggles during the playoffs but he struggled in the floor games before the playoffs offs. Where do we give credit right like at what point is sean mcvay the genius and at what point is jared goff disappointment. How'd you disentangle. These guys in is interesting because i don't even think we need to get to a point of disentangling necessarily but we are still at a point. We golf where it's fair to ask. How good is he or how good is he not like this distil. I think a somewhat of a mystery but the timing works out well for because look the rams got to figure out. What's gonna do what their cat. It's better to get him in now than it is to do it. Later who knows the cowboys blowed. Oh boxer dak prescott then. What are you ultimately have to pay but i don't know if they have a quarterback. You can win a super bowl within. I'm curious as to whether or not they think they have a quarterback. Ubiquitous superbowl with those prices are just basically for quarterback. I think the fact that they got it done before you know pat. Mahomes paid is probably the reason why they can celebrate. Look at him and do you live. What got you do what you ask. How many extra pairs izzo twos lonzo ball says he kept on hand during the summer league to switch into each quarter because he was worried about dissolves ripping up. Let's watch lonzo explained on josh hearts podcast planning. They was not ready. There's really no one knows is but demo had a backpack. He had extra four pair of shoes to switch every quarter. Today was just rip on following allen was running everything on my. I'm not the planning of shoes i don't care. He's just switch every brand next every every game on the cool. Wow you have my shoes from those games. I did just slowed why <hes> why did you. Why did you wear them. Just because you guys are shooting. Why did i wear <hes> probably surprise here lonzo reveal. There's about his own shoes. I mean part of me is because lonzo has been such a good son. Can you expect someone to have been more accepting of all of the trash that he's been dealing with because when he got the big baller brand tattoo removed recently. It wasn't because his shoes were exploding. It's because he was literally relieve robbed and defrauded by his dad's friend this stuff that he dealt with some he ate so puerto rico surprised because i thought lonzo may have ridden this all the way through the great wall. I got exposed that it was a con- you might as well tell it all right. There was nothing at this point they need to have about love to hear a little bit more from his dead about this this whole situation but suddenly bought those damn shoes i don't know if you ever got him into male but this tells me they tried to these things and they tore apart or or the streets new now dog you don't want to play ball and does man they gonna fall apart on you telling me the other day no way in the world in them shoes and would not have put it on the internet second and things explode slowed down. We just heard was the sound of a lawsuit being ridden because you just said that go drives you can get paid. Cut me in enclosing. There is enough being wouldn't be willing to do with anyone tried to call me nothing any one this guy clearly in the beginning of this gas right. That's her. That's him wait a minute. You're telling thing me that there is another move for that gentleman right there to make other than falling onto the floor near that andy capp jimbo plenty plenty already in the handicapped spot cool. This is work got well. You can't do that at a cr taste birthday say look look beyond say this guy petition you waive. All rights iced everything once you try to somebody you try to somebody and then expected to be protected that is absurd. I would have done nothing. The guy dumped all and that's right. I got my life is geared around not getting. I've come to appreciate this in closing. I would like to now take you out to the philippines college. Basketball leased for a young man named richie rivera has just emerged as the national inspiration that my people have always he's dunk as burl tech athletic play one of spotlight that show bomani jones. This is how they do in the philippines college basketball league. Wow that absolutely exists using the things people could do with other tall. People aren't playing way pablo. Yes no excuses no excuses if he can do that. You have no excuses. I was going to say i didn't know we could we could do it. No the guy gave him the oops kinda look we can do that explains why you insist upon overrating jeremy lin so how dare yada questionable coming up next.

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