Spittin' Chiclets Episode 238: Featuring Mike Sgroi


Hello everybody welcome to episode two hundred thirty eight of Spin Chiklis present the by pink. Pink Whitney the pink lemonade. Flavored Vodka from our friends at New Amsterdam Vodka. Boys were coming to you from the mighty Mississippi for the NHL All Star game. This Saturday night. We got a full slate on tablets. Say what's up to the boys Biz. What's going on buddy? How you enjoying Saint Louis vast five? The Mississippi River is up to one. That's running by the arches. It is either Ole Miss Mighty mighty mother pick one up every day. What am I s Isis? I don't think anyone can spell Mississippi fashion. I can and that's actually impressive. Pretty impressive that of course is Ryan Whitney with Doug. What's up buddy? Not much pleasure to be here another all all star game huge jump off for us. Last year we went out on the west coast wagon tour and ever since then bugsy and teddy join. We kind of really took off as a podcast. This this is another all star game great interviews. Today we got some more big time ones lined up tomorrow and the next few days. So it's it's great to be here now. Listen I've had my beach shoot downtown. Saint Louis today didn't help their argument against mine in terms of it was a Wednesday and we didn't see one human being right around lunchtime downtown but we know the fan base is strong and we know. Come Friday Saturday the place. It'll be rocking so downtown. Has It tissues but still to pleasure to be here. What's the Will Smith movie? Where he's he's basically the only man left? I am legend. I thought we were in. I am legend yes today and I said it's holiday you know it's Wednesday still bill more active in San Jose San Jose and last but not least Mike g the producer Mike Riley. What's up buddy? What's up guys a lot in astrology? I spent all last last night going through Pictures and videos the west coast wagon timer. When did you add nostalgia to your bag of worms? I actually have the extensive vocabulary I says yes I just don't bring it to let me tell you something As somebody who does this for a living you got good words you gotta use them. I mean what's the point of having an extensive vocabulary. If you're just GONNA come on and grunt and growl and barely say anything. I guess. That's a good point. Come on it's like play to your strengths here. What was the point? You're making when I cut you off after an astrologer law style just from from all the pictures and videos of the West Coast Wagon tour. Bugsy Teddy gain on A. B.. He was awesome. He he was freed. And he's he's he's had a zillion beer since that trip. So good for him One of the funniest things about that triggers remembering back is when we went on on the roof after we woke up one morning in Venice and I had a bunch of scratch tickets and remember bugs. He goes how do you play them. you scratch them bugs. It was a night of Patty play scooping that he asked that question. So we're going to have to forgive Do you remember what Bugsy did did that night where I ate mushrooms. And then Bugsy told me to start hitting jewel and you look over. You guys are all giggling and I hit the jewel a couple more times and he goes have you have you ever smoked. EMT now it's like. Oh no no no no. I just took mushroom bike. So so I've start frigging prank. And he's like Yemen that's that's deemed he's like you just go take a wild ride. He's a calm. Everyone down and come back inside died in and he said it's it's just a jewel dude I thought you got. Bugsy I don't think I would is that. I don't know who it sounds crazy. It's also so we got a couple of other guys helping them this week. Pasha who's been here plenty of times. He's been around and chef Donnie as well so going to say thanks to those guys for helping. Just get into town. Last night got settled. Then we had a day of interviews like the width dogs said we've got several Blues Alumni on deck going to a nice Italian. Join tonight with PAL Joe. Vitale definitely look forward to that. But we are here for the All Star Game. We do have a couple couple of big updates. Foyer This lure just come over the Wire Austin Matt is will not be playing on the All Star game due to a nagging wrist injury. But he's still gonNA come to town saint lows. They'll do the thank you know. He's a youngster. That's Nice sees not going to skip off to the Bahamas or anything. Not that I blame him He's been replaced by Auto Brady Chuck. Who's got fifteen goals and twelve assists in forty thirty eight games Of course his brother Matt was already playing for. Wow It's the Pacific division so it's pretty damn cool to Saint Louis Brothers in Saint Louis. Both plan with the whole family has saw. Aw Nice little story. So far for the game has been played yet wit. I mean how cool is that you get to be not only making all star game you with your brother in your home hometown where your dad was a star. I mean it's like Everything's a lining up perfectly for that family and Matthew Chuckling. He deserves it right. I mean he's been playing playing the game clean. He's been playing the game on the straight narrow. Though I love it I mean I obviously we're biased. I'm big fan of both those guys ambig- walt but I think the the the chance to be an NHL all stars like you dream of winning the Stanley Cobb AB dream winning an award and definitely right after that plane and All Star game or games so to get that to get to get the chance to do that. Where you grew up where hockey's certainly exploded as you've grown up? I mean both those kids have kind of been the wave of Saint Louis Talent that we've talked tabun all these high picks that they have and it all goes back to Keith playing here with all the other alumni. So it's just A. It's a very special weekend for for hockey city. That after winning the Stanley Cup is finding the more so on the map and people realize how great a place it is to play. Damn you killed back I am feeling it right. Now listen we crushed in Mississippi. Mis Isis Ip Biak Ivan Ivan Ivan. Like working my bag off all day and people think these interviews reading. They're not sometimes. You GotTa really grinding. We've done that now. We're recording and this is the easier part so I am buzzing. I am making a lot of sense and I do have a lot of facts going through my head right now and for you to call me out and basically say that you're doing a good job means a lot because once once in a while when you get a compliment from a CO worker goes a long way I say. Did you get into my mushrooms when I was gone. No I actually like dead sober. I mean you had a beer But just a touch on the CA- chuck thing. This is about the fans. The fact that the Ottomans added Brady's a no brainer In this town is is going to get the C two of the kids that they basically brought up in the hockey world because it takes a village we know that all the Minor Hawk I love which is all the xt mates. They're going to be proud to see these guys going. Head to head. And the three on three competition Ari absolutely. I can't wait. I'm not sure. Do even though who square off squaring off who. I haven't seen any lines yet. So that's that's I'm guessing it's uh-huh it's Metro Atlantic Pacific central so. I thought you meant where guys replaced as far as the skills were concerned. But that's just getting too far and details but oh that's when you're just like please don't put me in fast skater. Unless you're mcdavid. People don't necessarily want to do that one I would. I would agree with that and come to find out. The three on three for the females is on Friday so that will beef up the skills competition as well. So now we have two days to look forward to the All Star game In the fact that Matthews is still common which. I don't know if they're forced to do that even though they're injured I could imagine he could've probably stayed home or went on vacation. Considering he is in fact injured occurred. I think he would have still miss the game while regardless Kudos to him for still coming into joining the festivities I think that for one of the young superstars and league. He is down down to to be around smile and interact with fans and does like that spotlight. Where that's not a bad thing fucking need guys like that in order to grow this game? So Kudos Kudos to him and it's going to be an awesome week. We had another significant replacement as well. Chris Kreider replaced Perrin opinion withdrew to a UB. I the The bread man has been a one to the season. Come on Biz. Everybody's going good tonight. Twenty six goals forty two assists in forty seven games. The rags is still pinpoints out. But he's been fucking head and shoulders every worth every cent they've given them so five no doubt about it absolutely and and a lot of people disappointed because there is a guy who is very popular with the fans and You know he's he's not shied. Ashore was personality. He's got that crazy hair now and he will recently. He's been kicking the air. I think he did that. Prior to this season I'm now I'm like guaranteeing I'm wrong almost but I'm almost positive that he did that leg kick before either way scrape celebration. You show the flexibility you show the power show the strength in your Qua- in your quad and your Hammy so the issue I have with the whole thing. Is that it sucks. You can't go but I- Chris Kreider is the replacement was a little bit surprising to me. And you know you look at like the season Savannah. Jazz had no. I don't know the health of these guys and even like Ryan Strom now. I'm going through the list of scoring for the for the Rangers. But Chris Kreider is isn't exactly like the guy you're dying in a three on three all star game. Yeah he's fast. Shitty might be exciting as hell in the skills competition but you gotta lean more towards the ask the real high level skill for this game. I feel like you're still hating on them. Because of that off how you went to BC. Not to be. But I was. I was making a joke on the fact that you posted a video recently of the worst offside and NHL history. And I believe he was a part of goes he just skated ten feet off side and fast and but he also also didn't really realize he was. Offside why don't you dump the Puck in because you're going off next to go maybe in the case of players replacing players they actually ask the guys. Hey there's something you want to do as opposed to getting voted and maybe the asset managers these like not doing. I'm going to Hawaii. And maybe he's maybe. AP's got few DJ sets. Do you think helps the Rangers. Because they're trying to create Kreider and now that he's an all star. They're probably got a bit more for Fan Saint Louis one of his Islamic spots. I'M GONNA say no I'm GONNA say like when you're doing that trade if it goes down in the rangers dealing with deadline like him making the All Star game isn't going to bring you you back anything more. I don't think I mean I think it would be a shot in the dark whereas maybe eighteen mike the Luster of all use. It all starts easier to sell to your fan base. I mean people blurred duped and whoever whoever's agent is will try that Shit right absolutely no no doubt about it. We also got some really good news for US guys next. Yeah we did find out the All Star game who is still in business is going to be done in. South Florida is the panthers will host it so we don't have to worry about packing pants. which are you going to show you Alexa off? But at least you'll be able to bring the clubs sore. You think one. I'll be on camera with my gosh with shorts on no chance and to sorry. We're going to be playing golf every day. I'm not don't book for one interview. Next All Star game. I'll just be sweet pink Whitney sweet well these pillows to haul my God. Are you kidding me. Talk about a great pillow. We get the back. I mean this is bad podcasting. I guess I forgot. We weren't on video even though there's a camera in front of us but don't worry about me next year in Florida at the All Star stargate. Trust me I'll find a fun fun way to enjoy my weekend down there. I'll be an all star in life. Maybe we could have Brian and Keith down. Join US similar how to to Bugsy Tidy pursell helped us. So who knows Keith. Yandell the all stay. You know who I know. We'll get down there and I'm going to beg him to come onto doesn't we're going to hunt them down outside of his house. Is Roberto Longo. Now he just retired. He's he won't come on with us. I feel that he's hysterical. I listen he he needs a little time away. He wants to decompress. Yes you want to count as money like scrooge mcduck is at the guy's name huge mctighe dive in his safe through the money. That's Roberto Longo Right now with down in Florida. But I think by then we're going to be able to rope them in and as I said if not we'll just kidnapping Pasha like Roberto Longo. You look like Roberta Roberta Lago intro. Check had a baby mark Anthony and Mark Anthony. He's definitely got the mark. Anthony Dushi nece onto the next. I saw some goings on Chicago Sunday. Night Patrick Kane scores one thousand. Nhl Point when he assisted on Brandon Saad third period goal in a five two win over the jets and and in doing so became the fastest American to one thousand points beaten J. by almost a year I mean what I think. He's safe to say he's one of the top two or three in the conversation. Asian greatest American forwards. Ever know when it's all said and done you're looking in your watching. What will be known as the best American hockey player ever Not Not just my opinion. It's a fact and if you're talking about Mikey Grenell bringing in big words like nostalgia to the vocabulary of this podcast. Let's talk about the night in Chicago the other night because not only did Pacha can get on it with a gold plate or whatever was an tiffany vase surveys. Christopher don't even know where thousands called I they got gold puck there. You go go pocket. Tiffany vase vase thing. You're then getting to witness on unbelievable ovation for the best coach in Blackhawks history. In Joel Quenneville. So I know him leading into a second subject but the fact that it was all one game in terms of Cain getting the celebration because it happened the prior fire and Quenneville returning home to not one not two not three but I think four different standing ovations if you're a blackhawks fan that is full. Blown Nostalgia astrologer because you think back and you get to see Cain and what. He's done what he's meant to that entire organization and the man who basically helped him get it all done in Quenneville so that night was awesome to see. I'M GONNA call it the network for whoever puts on the Blackhawks Games because they didn't even get the fucking TV they didn't even get the the live Quenneville feature on the scoreboard on the television. If you weren't at the game hawks fans at homes weren't they didn't get to see it. Live those those special special television that that those people. I should've been able to witness. So the whole night was awesome Kane Kane's Ability to continue to just light up this league as as he gets older last year which I think is best year ever and I. It's just shows that his hockey IQ is above everyone else's so he's got the hands the skills the vision but the way he thinks the game is what is the true like gives him the true ability to like change games. I mean you could set it anymore perfectly. And if I actually would've listened to that and while in the air at that altitude I probably would teared up and although there is one debate are we considering Brat halls and American or Canadian. Why well because you said by the time he's done he'll be the greatest? American hockey player of all of the threat hosts considered an American. And he's he's better than okay. All right fair enough browse better goal scorer but overall the career. I think I think Patrick Kane has it. I think I definitely think by the time it's all said and done. He probably would have surpassed them. I just I think that maybe are a from a different generation. That may be up for debate but other than that with that was That was a ton of time. The one thing that was a little disappointing was actually I shouldn't say disappointing but the Blackhawks fans. They really gave it to call him when he was announced that night and they had one five in enroll going into the game. Ra Congratu off the snide Florida. Got That win you pick them. He's he's back in the game but in a special night and understanding that the crowd loved Quenneville when villainous so happy to see him back. The hawks complain some good hockey so the new guy gets gets Buddha. I mean I. It's almost like you feel a little bad for them but still overall overall just a a a great evening and the Hawks didn't get the job done but you almost feel right seen Quenneville get a win when he's back there the other news on Tuesday to a dustup not not used to seeing Jonathan Duncan Keith. I mean these guys are two future hall of famers used see in skirmishes and practice all the time. But it's usually not to future hall of fame especially you guys who won three Cups Biz. What do you think was behind that? I mean. It didn't seem that one hundred percent serious but it wasn't all that playfully. I think the same thing I thought when I saw it happen and Saint Louis just last year that there's no way From the outside looking in at least for my perspective is that could be a bad thing. You have to guys who clearly still care who who based on what they've accomplished. Some guys might have checked out by then but they're still they're still some fire in there and you mentioned that five game win streak Before losing to to Florida the other night But I think that this is this tells me that that older core group still have some passion there and I was reading some some comments online. Like oh you need to control your emotions more blah blah blah this. I think you'd be naive to not consider this a positive I. Ah that sounds crazy. Because they're like fighting so in the end it's like. How was it happening in pre game skate? That's what I was wondering if it was pre game skate. Yes yes yes definitely an odd time concerned. There's battle drills with eight an argument over like a TV show or movie. What the fuck started that? They were doing like the skill drill. When you go around the center? Ice Thought wouldn't want if there is one show that could could probably make some fight. It might have been the the ending of the. What's the fucking one that just ended? That had a terrible end. Gaining thrones game of thrones. Sorry I draw one. That had the terrible the shots thrown either terrible endings but there was one specifically that that's all I read about online for fucking three weeks. I never even watched the show. So that's a a has as the video that showed it from the beginning. I only saw the one where they like getting up. He's already over there video of the fight actually going on no and actually I actually dug into it. It was actually just them tickling each other on the ice and people thought that there was something going on. There is having a ticketing fight. So let squash all the rumors about that scrap and the thing about Quenneville going back to that. Quick is in any press conference I've ever seen of him and talk and the guys he's I don't think he comes off as a very emotional Oceana guy you know. He's giving you quick answers. He's kind of guys guy. You know what I'm saying but you could see like a little tear in his. I think the third or fourth time the videos they showed. And if you think back no matter how tough of a guy you are in this the three Stanley cups what he called push their i. It would have been near impossible for for anyone not to be emotional and come back and seeing all that and the one cool thing to wrap it up at the end after the game he said I I'm just Kinda like guests on this Claudia paraphrasing that there was no bitterness whatsoever like in in the way it ended and leaving and even though at the beginning you certainly have. You felt certainly one way. Mean when she go back and you've moved on it's like there's closure and and I think that that was just great for all the fans get to see us. He basically summed it Pakistan. The memories completely overshadowed any type of as he might have what it takes a little while. You know what I mean. And and it's been been long enough now for where he's he's he's he's completely moved on and Florida's playing good hockey. They won six in a row and they've covered every single over this year. And and I thought once I set it that it would stop. But it hasn't no they just score goals. I since you've said it. It might be unbeaten. Somebody sent me the list. I think they were Second at the time I'm in the League as far as covering their overs and they were pumping it like eighty six percent. Yeah they're playing like one thousand nine hundred eighty style hockey. It's winning and like I've said before Bob ever gets adds to the level. He was at in the playoffs last year. Lookout man they're gonNA cause some fucking damage in the playoffs eight lyrically. I haven't dove into a shocker But I would imagine that. Maybe if they're if they're controlling play their outshooting teams may be. It's it's tough for him to get settled in a role where he's not relied upon his heavily and and he's finding it harder to get into games because he's not seeing those now another ultimate spins on deferred fence of Karachi it. That's that's the mental aspect and I'm just. I'm just spitballing here. I don't know 'cause I'm fucking spoken to him. Another aspect L. A. N. Y. brought up analytically Likley was because they play so run and gun and that eighty style of hockey. How many high quality scoring chances are those shots? They are giving up our from dangerous the areas and I haven't dove into that 'cause I don't dive in the analytics but those are just some things to consider as to why maybe he is having struggles in Florida hopeful hopeful. I'm sure that families based on what they've invested in this guy he can turn around and learn how to play up to his quality of goaltending under his. Now new circumstances stances and now I'm fucking buzzing. Because Year by Mike he pulled it up Washington's first and League at hitting the over Florida's second. They're both sixty four percent at me on the back. It's a great job and I actually noticed number one team in not hitting the over going under Dallas. In every time I can take a Dallas game. It's to nothing three one so thoughts out to that one Like you said that clause what do that was awesome. I mean even if you're a fan of the team and not it was such a fucking long applause. Not used to seeing from a guy from another team. And you know one thing coach shoes got one of the all-time dust is in. NHL History. And I'd better uses a Philips one way to keep looking fresh like that Philipson. Circle has the most innovative electric crewmen products. That help you do what feels right. The Philips norelco one blade is the one to that will let you trim edge and shave any length of here with a single pass. It's easy to use US for both face and body. Perfect for Miami. If you're going down for that football game or rough and Rowdy your style is made simple one blade does it. All go to Phillips dot com slash norelco Bass tool to save five dollars off the Philips Norelco one blade face or the one blade facing face and body shaver by using the code. Check let's so get on that. Check that out. Also some other goings on in that game in Chicago hobble. Frank Vitriol Western mass represent got US fourth Hattrick of the year the other night there were three teams with four hattricks Edmonds in Boston and Washington. And he's got four all his own. That's like I mean it's anomaly but it's fucking hilarious. Another thing too about that game. Did he not have all three goals in the same period he may have. I had but I'm not sure I think he had them all in the same same period which is remarkable and he's just a goal-scoring machine called a natural hat trick. I think isn't it no natural when you get them all in a row teams like three team goals in a row. I I don't know if they can. They be special teams or the three goals in a game in a row not the other team scoring and also I don't fuck it. No I think it's your this is going to be. The people are going to be fuming in their car. Right now like some dude dude dude is on the highway in between Calgary Edmonton and I you morons unnatural Hattie. I had one last night. Men's league a three goals in a row for your team. No Mix ins from anyone else so sorry reckon in red deer. That was fucking Nice. What else are we also do? How about Nola Chari Harry Reid? He's got eighteen goals. Already in forty six games played. He had eighteen in his first foyer and Boston combined. One hundred eighty games played as a buddy climbing. Might it's a he might win the fuck and Cy Young Award with eighteen and three record right now teen goals three assists. Yeah Yeah and I forget against what team the other night. But he ends up getting the winner with under five seconds Minnesota Against Soda and there's another collapsed by unbelievable surgical tip and quickly quickly going back to the guy that Boston would. You say they gave up bottom a little bit early. Dogged them too. Yeah I can take it up like I only smart enough and doesn't make plays but his shot is so good and he's so fast he's actually Kinda Kreider. Bikaner remind me of each other and and I believe the Toronto is from Massachusetts right but transom. Yes last Springfield Area Tattoo of Springfield on. That's right Sometimes Navy plan at home just that actually added pressure now. He's in Florida place to fly under the radar and not have to deal with friends and family constantly asked him but the bruins maybe maybe that's benefited as careers. Well back to Charlie. I think the Bruins just had him pegged as a fourth line and they weren't going to pay him more than X.. Amount of dollars obviously Florida off it to him and my first instinct Shipman. Maybe the Bruins weren't utilizing the utilizing the way they should and I looked his shooting percentage. This year is twenty four point seven so I think he's. He's got a pretty good dosa. The puck luck. I mean not to say he. He is allow Atlanta. But maybe the bees probably should have had them in a couple different roles. But that's a that was a crazy fast to be leading the shot percentage Senate by probably ten percent for people who have over fifteen goals yet. So that is fucking nuts is pretty but either way I hate to see him go. I love this game Lotta Lot of sandpaper to what I think. He's a perfect in a bottom six role. It's nice that you picked that out because a lot of people are probably like could've been a superstar here whereas you know he's a guy who now he's getting a little bit more of a role there and in a season where he's really taking advantage but once the dust settles he may in fact be exactly what they thought he was. Yeah yeah a lot. A lot of his goals and this is not a knock. Its right place right time. He just you know in the right spot a lot of times you know a little bit though Selecta also play. He's playing In three minutes more per game this year so I mean granted. That doesn't seem like a ton but it ends up adding up and this the shooting percentage it will always. Let's go back to the mean at some point so yeah this year. He's hot but man it's it's unfortunately no it wasn't as contract here but still it's nice to go in and make a huge difference. I would I would definitely use that argument as well. The fact he's playing three minutes more game and some people like if if if let's say he's all of a sudden going from the twelve minute range to the fifty minutes range. You're so much more in the rhythm of the game. Where which it's it's very hard to describe to fan but most nights I would play under five? I felt like I was completely out of it every shift I I was going one hundred miles an hour out there. We're now he's kind of like in the flow of the natural pace of the game. And maybe that is why he's popping. Why shooting percentage has skyrocket? And I think that if if you're going to try to find a complaint about the Bruins in this awesome awesome run. They've had this year's toughness that physicality so the Chari scoring is just a kind of a double whammy of the fact that you miss how hard he played. I mean that guy. I was a beast. You saw what he did to poor Wieger I mean he he was. He's a hard guy to play against in Boston. Not a bad problem to have. If you're the bruins where like you're having to make tough decisions. Not like guys like that goal but they got guys in the pipeline so What else really? Well we go from hot to cold and I think the only thing called the me gambling right now might be the Winnipeg jets jets. They've lost four out of five seven out of ten ten out of fourteen They're a team. There you know could have won the Cup last year. They were certainly contend the this year they just can't seem to get had it all together on the right page with. I know you had a few things you wanted to say about them. Yeah just A season that was kind of doomed to fail from the start. Start when when when the whole buffalo news came out and a team. That didn't really even have a good defense with Boffin. All of a sudden doesn't have him You look at like China win in this league with N- not not enough top. Sixty men is is near impossible because you talkable goaltending and scoring but Winnipeg's back end. It's not good enough right now. So they they have times when they're able to score and then they have so many times when they can't defend and five on five they have they have no ability to get flow in like dominate teams. Five five and you have to be able to win games like that as much as a special special. You'll teams league. It is if you're a five place just horrendous. It's going to be impossible to be consistent. So they're on this tailspin now and you just look at like. There's not much that's coming back. I mean they'll get a couple of guys couple guys back from injury but no one enough to be able to say like all right. Well that's all they need to get going again. And there's been plenty of question marks about the goal tending. I don't think halibut's been been that badly but it's just like a a team with all this promise. They lose their best demand right before the a year and ever since then and along with the WHO else did they lose was Tyler Myers all they lost the guy to To The New York Rangers who signed after they had to train them. Fuck how it's not coming into my head. Oh trueba true shirt. Like I'll actually saying you gotta give credit a Peon. Who came over from the Rangers has looked awesome? Awesome He is like he's been a a really bright mark for them. But it's the other is in the ability like not build out your own and not be able to defend and they do have some guys is up front. Who who need to get the puck speed? They need to be able to like get a break. Oh Pass on their tape in Winnipeg it. It doesn't happen and it's just difficult this day and age age to go out and get that free agent defenceman In Winnipeg fans. Don't take this as an insult. You're not exactly the first spot that a free agent defenceman wants to sign line and if you guys are going to get him it's probably going to be an overpayment And also I don't really know who's available here close to the deadline assuming assuming that Buffalo's not coming back this year. I don't know as anyone heard anything about that. No I think there's going to be a big beef about the money that we've talked about before I think before that get etc we're not going to seem on the ice so I mean it's it's it's evident that the you know the top six even top nine forwards. There are not the issue they're going to have to go out and land a defenseman and if if they want to even have a snowball's chance in hell taken they were just in a playoff spot. I mean they were playing good hockey and things at certain a turnaround after that the stumbling out of the gates but It's it's IT'S GONNA be tough to sustain the winning if you just don't have a back end if you're spending too much time in your own end. That's what I was GONNA say. The one civilized about this slide is that as bad as they have been. They're still just three points out of the second wildcard spot with two games in hand so you know if they can get through this based on how they could end up in the playoffs and the one of the athletic that a pretty good piece on them this week but in shadow to the athletic for not writing like newspapers used to expletive deleted like instead of putting swear and they just throw. This is right in there for years. You never saw that you know read newspaper stories. Just Donald Hall. If I was a writer that would be me. It'd be like fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck faulk. Faulk the end sit there like sick and business fans are still a great article twenty. What hey we're both readers? We know who we are crush. My girl for me base. Christ Azima some goofy stuff. I guess we uncalled the hurricanes after they beat the jets Tuesday night with the storm surge. We've had some fun with that will. After the game the other night they played dodgeball. I mean it wasn't a full game. They just kind kind of goofed around for a little bit. I talked to Sarah Sivy and the report the athletic she says No. It wasn't a full game. They just fucked around but I would you take on. It is like. Is this going to get your point like this is just fucking ridiculous or is it having fun. Who is I mean? I definitely think that the line is definitely being teetered on next. They're going to have a UH gladiators they're shooting the tennis balls from from from one of the goals. American gladiator BASHO'S I've I mean I would do anything I loved when they they had to win to be the Guy Shooting you with the rocket tennis balls and The one where you jump down and you got a springboard and grab the balls and then put him back in your basket ascot. That was a fun one. Yeah Yeah but it was all about at the end trying to like the Aggro Crag nickelodeon charges combined the game shows. Let me tell you something. You could talk about dodgeball. Being the one. That's like. Oh my God this. This thing had gone to the moon when they had a basketball who there and they were like Dunkin on each other like I. It's already been long gone in terms of craziness so you might as well go completely ape shit hit now you can re reenact the Pacers Pistons Brawl but have it all be like with actors. Fan Jumps the Ice Justin Austin Williams soccer's But it's all part of the storm surge. Sally I I will give them props though they have been creative about finding new ways in order to have these the storm surges. I bought the Halloween trick or treat one although obvious was genius right. That's a really funny on Cherry. Here's his top ten list. What let's let's try to think of a few off the top? What would be another ridiculous storm surge? Maybe they'll actually take our gosh. I don't know I don't know it's just something I don't have the top may I would think from a movie or a TV show. Gladiator like no. What's Breif hot like? All I have make up on his face like Mel Gibson style. Here's one maybe Maybe there were already done it because I don't watch every game Musical chairs due. They should have. They should have a healthy scratch. Dress up in a full-blown NHL issued uniform of the team. They just beat. And bring 'em out with an open casket and then give it a funeral to that guy because they just buried the team. Vince McMahon like you bring like a guy in a Penguins Jersey and then like the caskets open and those fewer starts and they slam shot in the crowd goes nuts dark but like talk about just burying your enemies no pun intended. I'm down with IT I. It won't go down. I don't think we'll see that one anytime soon but I'm trying to think outside the box right now. Maybe they could do a ladder match you look to the royal rumble in brush stage in. Well we all know acting are sorry we all know wrestling's fake and they're actors so maybe two guys can play characters get two of the healthy scratches to play Play a whole match maybe even lower down a cage wjr and and and then put the tax out. He had the pads on so the tax on the healthy scratches. They'd have to have costumes costumes. All they have to have like a ray mysterious mask on. It was such a big wrestling fan so I like wrestling. Yen's used to watch him and Jason The barber. I used to watch all the old matches together on the plane. And I'm like you guys already know what happened though. They would look back at me like I had five heads like fuck you so anyway and we had to become one little controversy on Long Island. Even though the island is beat their crosstown rivals the ranges buried trot sat baas off of the whole third period sending a message. Did you cross afterwards. He was asked about trump said. He's fine he knows why that's between Madiba's on the coach would little bit of a smile on his face so you know he just got a little too individual Joel Intransigence Sorta just reminded me. I'm the fucking Bosnia. Well I mean I guess I'll start I've mentioned on the fucking podcast before that. There's a validation nations talk to now. Listen some of you Fox online you come out me and you know what you know what I did is I kind of backed off because I don't really want to stir the pot because maybe they have kind of figure things out and and and I I use the words creative conflict all a timeless and matthew bars elves and artists. He he steps on that fucking ice in the way he works as he's funds Easel. He's an artist. He is his poetry in motion. Okay and sometimes times his thinking and his self interests are maybe not in line with the teams or Berry Berry Trots has dealt with personalities. One comes the mind in Alexandra vetch skin he had to finally get him to buy in and sometimes with the talent that these guys are it is difficult to to get through to him. Map Barzel is very young and early on in his career where there might be also things going on in his head where he's feeling like well if I'm sacrificing my offensive numbers in order to pay the structure game that trots wants. What's going to happen to contract negotiations? And that's what I said the first fucking being time I talked about it. And some of you fucking peasants online dismissed it and you and your little fucking people were like. You're making that up and I respect brexit. You you did. You did back off did you. Didn't want no smoke at the time but look what happens. Now Biz a little validation in your life because let let me tell you something for a guy to assist in the first two periods and to get benched the entire third period and this isn't just a player that is is like a maybe a random to assist in in a game guy. This is your best offensive player. That is a message that is loud and clearly being sent by Berry Charts that I don't give a shit. How creative you are? I don't give a shit how bad you want to try to make something special happen every time you get the puck. We do not play hockey like that. We're not going to win the Stanley Cup. which you guys won't anyway? Sorry I understand. We have no chance of winning the Stanley Cup without playing the structure. That has been here since I got here. And I'm not saying Berry Charter Sane. This I'm saying that's kind of how it's going. I mean like this guy knows exactly how this team needs to win and so matt parcel you get in the offensive zone you get down below the dots you try and do whatever you want. That's what makes you an artist is saying. But when you're at the offense to the defensive blue align don't turn the puck over and I'm not even saying that's exactly where and when the turnovers happened. That's exactly what it was but it was a which was an obvious move. It was an obvious What's the word I'm looking for? Who is an obvious decision by Trots in that he was doing something that that eighteen cannot have be done regularly and win games now? Perfect time to set an example. I believe they were up three at the time on the turnover. The other team did not go back in score so they're going into that third period. I believe check. If I'm wrong. Here are a up three. Nothing so trots probably thinking. Hey we don't need anymore goals we. We can probably finish this game without him. But I need to send that message now now going back onto what. I talked about the first time in the fact that everyone thought I was completely full of. Oh Shit is something has to happen here. There has to be a break in the levee is Matt Bars L.. Going to buy into what Berry Trots is selling. I'm not saying saying he has to. I don't know what their relationships like. I don't know what's being said in that locker room. Now if he's not clearly there's going to be communication between Berry retracts and Lou Lamoriello and saying is this guy going to eventually buy in and if not what do you do. I think that that eventually this this this is GonNa be fine and and and we're just kind of diving very very deep into it but come contract time as I said the first time. Do not not be shocked. If there's a little bit of a holdout islanders fans and I guess I can just leave it at that but when I say things like that and I and I make comments I would never never make a comment like that without having any prior knowledge of it. So I'm not gonNa tell you where I get my information but if I'm saying something like that on the podcast don't don't you fucking come out so all you fucking islanders fans who did I just fucking bent you over I think no spit sandpaper fairness. I think what you're trying to say. Is that any take. You have moving forward. No one could tweet at you disagreeing or calling you out. So nobody's allowed to give you any sort of negative feedback on twitter. Just I'm just saying if you are you're GonNa come let me by my opinion. I would expect that you say hey. I was one of those people that came at you. I'm sorry for coming at you. You're right I want the fucking. Hey I took my chin and so should you. He's the no sturdiness. Oh that's a good night Grenell. He's got a lot Boston. Rank question. Bizet was Three Nafta to coincidentally basell to assist and then the maid at Ford nothing early in the third which even gave trots more incentive to sit him and of course basell will be era fay after this season and he did end the plan only fifteen minutes in that game the other night so I say I offer Sheet City Hall. Fuck I think he gets. It's offer cheated right there. Well I'm not gambling all my chips that I just one on on an argument but I'm willing to by the way we got word you'll hear in a later chocolates interview that we did today. That Lula murrow just not happy with the question on this podcast. You're never going to hear one. 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So the guy basically had a slam dunk. I mean I don't know how laughable it is in the cage l. but it's funny money is fuck over this. Well he's daddy good no one eulogy written. Or what have you got the Tim Stapleton fucking street and Russian K.. Chill game storm serves. If they were the hurricanes they just have government built soon army machine that just washes away all the fans and they're just doing Russian gas ASA fucking hookers in the ice big orange. You fucking FEM DOTS for four hundred bucks. Each all man Ivan's over oversaw ignore Eager Gore breaking off off. Because those things don't happen speaking creek and off I just saw that Oh Boy Stapleton was inducted into the Illinois state like Hockey Hall of fame or something so shadow to use tapes. That's a hell of an accomplishment. Buddy your your hall of Famer the sandbags will be coming out soon. Which is sponsored by? Tim's boy as well so body. Beef Jerky all God is guys it. It's not beef Jerky Biltong. It's no sugar. Thirty two grams of protein and half the amount of sodium radium that beef Jerky has biltong. Is the next wave. Jump on it and I speaking of Russians Guinea Malcolm and had some pointed comments rezoned fans after they booed Goalie Matt. Murray during the Bruins game the other day when they felt that fell behind three hundred quickly he said it was stupid. I'm not understanding. Our fans Muslim two cups APPS for us you boo him. Why if you come to the arena? Support our team all of us. We try we place so hot. This year we worked so hard to injuries. We play good hockey. Maybe not last couple Games not early this game but we try. I understand you pay money for ticket. You do what you want. But it's tough to sit on the bench and here that I don't like it. We have that in Philly Pittsburgh Berg and you probably remember idol the late Cincinnati bengals coach Sam White when one time the Cincinnati Bengals fans act. Because you don't live in Cleveland and Cincinnati. This is like old rival video. That sort of reminded me of I I love to see this because it it shows that that it can be hard on players and like I know. There's so many fans out there. I've had this argument with friends. Hundred Times where fully especially especially for can mutant Foley's like fans can do whatever they want. They pay arm and a leg to go to the game. They WANNA boost when they can boost and one hundred a percent. That's that's a fact. I'll agree with that. My my thing is you're a donkey dude. If you're there booing someone if you're a grown male adult holt and your legit screaming boos at somebody on the ice playing a game trying as hard as they can euro loser so Malcolm's kind of saying that in a nice way like this guy has had an awesome career as a penguin as short as it's Ben. He's got two Stanley Cups. He's having a tough go of it. And you guys are doing them now. That's the fan. There's so many people are shaking their head at me right now. Listen but you're an idiot because I'm telling you right now to boost somebody if you care it all about the team and you want the team to win. What is that doing? What good are you doing? While blind got prime example. That is I go to the game Vancouver the other night and every time Tyler Myers got the PUCK. If it wasn't right off the stick you could just feel the tension in the building and I fuck and said to the in my section like some people around roundout. Mike Mike. You guys are all over the sky like you're not helping your situation like he he. His anxiety is probably through the fucking roof roof of Rogers. Rogers arena right now. Because he feels that you hate his guts. I I can feel it I I was blown away by how I don't mean ragged on this because I'm bringing it back to Arizona fans but like there's not a guy in the lineup right now where that happens or in recent memory. So it's it's I mean some fan bases can be extremely hard and as you said what you're not well let me give you some legit personal experience. And I've I've talked about all the time where I joke around like like you know that I I was. I was terrible for many parts of my career. But it's easy to joke about it now. It was horrible dude. And when you when you're when you're getting paid money and I'm not saying Murray's going through any of like the same type of issue in terms of fan base hating you that I did but I know Oh for a fact when you're home fans are booing you. It is the worst feeling in the world I had so much anxiety about it and it was so brutal. 'cause I was talking to my dad. Who helped me through my entire life and career and talking to other people and like you're sitting around and you care so much if so much pride to make the money you make can you're trying so hard and nothing's going right and so even the games that start off good and you have a good I two periods? If one mistake is made you start hearing it again ball and it's meant and it's it and I'll admit it's it's not having Like you're like my mental game was not where it needed to be dude. I didn't I didn't have the framework that you needed to battle through it but I'm not GonNa sit there and say it's easy because when you care about what you do and the people that like a rooting for all your teammates in her that you know love the team so much if they all can't stand you do it sucks on. This is also help the rink named after me pillow. I'm holding but you know what I'm saying. I mean this is this is like it's time in in these guys lives ever battles that year like I need this fucking change immediately. In the harder you try the worse it is and we're also talking about a guy was helped them win two Stanley Cup getting the Bronx Cheer Ten seconds into a game. We'll have you done for me lately. How are you like it's just? It's it's the way of fan thinks I'll forever be baffled by I aggregate that I say that because I played at the highest level. I don't really care because you are insane in the way you act towards player and we're not being biased bias. Because we love Pittsburgh and and their hands but they are very hard fan base because remember when Marc Andre Fleury was going through that tough stretch where it was like a football ballgame when they played the flyers and playoffs the one year it was like seven six every game the most wild first round playoff series. I've ever seen in my life. And they wanted him on that. They wanted flower out. That was when he was a dark dark time and flurries career so Ease off on Murray guys. He's done a lot for you and also fairly the recent. When did you have a motherfucker? Fan was face or do you just like Catholic. Never crossed outline mother fucker about a thousand fans face if you came up to me in the bar which plenty of people didn't you're playing so bad I'm like why are you playing buddy. Get outta my face right now. What are you supposed to do like what are you gonNa sit? Take it if they're gonNA come up to me. I'm at least going to be like body. What are you doing for a living? Did you play hockey growing up better than you. I mean I'm trying my hardest. She wanted. It's a somebody and say to their face. Your your lose this is this is the same thing is born. I'm it's that's just to the extreme. He's like a your fucking awful this this year but my stole my old lady still wants to fuck no dude. I'm not Ray Whitney I'm Ryan. He said Oh. Yeah you just suck Busy I know those one one other item. You WanNa talk about before we go to interview by the way we mentioned bring on a team that you guys Mike Roy. Yeah so wild interview here Mike. SG Roya we'll go into it and the interviews brought in in the lockout era we talk about the the Ahl the toughest league in the world that year Mike's Kreuzer name that that people probably don't I don't know once you check out the hockey DB and you see the you hear the stories he tells us it's you'll be interested to kind of find out his character and the type of guy is and there's a story That that is told that is the fact. I didn't remember. It is like really kind of has me worried about where my brains at and my memory but I think you'll enjoy it so we're going to go to Mike score right now. We are now pleased to be joined by a former teammate. And myself and somebody if you check vote this hawk this man's hockey. DB Yobe sitting there for three hours reading through the twenty five different pro hockey teams. There might scroll the man that told me to call him. The real is is is a part. I WANNA welcome as I just said. Mike scored a spin. Let's walk what's going on buddy voice as you so it goes back a long way that I played played with you during the NHL cancelled season down in the minors. It was a great league down there. Thirty nine games. You came into Wilkes Barre beating people up and then since then and talk talk to your senior in what seems like probably fifteen years but We got in touch. Somehow you want you were willing to come on the show so how you been excellent. Excellent lots of the people that I know. Listen to your show. I'm still very much involved with the hockey community. And I guess there's definitely been a few shows where you guys there's just been some some Some scrawny stories sort of put onto the side and the boys so they should definitely give you guys a call and man. I'm glad me on. Well I I do appreciate and I will let all the listeners know that when when we met I think you said you were a pro poker player you also you also took part. I believe you took part in the battle of the hockey enforcers in the. We'll go into that later so we're going to bunch of stories but I I want to go to the hockey and I see you know you grind it out in the North American league. Jesus that was the Iron League that it was the tougher. USSL and ended up release back then got a number twenty year olds in nineteen year old young kids today beaten a pass out of young player for the United States National Development and we were just trying to work. Let's how did you end up at all. And what happened there You were just ready for pro hockey. Give me the breakdown on how that went down. Yeah you know as a kid. I was pretty good hockey player. Believe it or not so I had someday my last season. Juniors I played towel well ended up. Eighty two points in the fifty goals and I got. I got a scholarship to hockey east at Umass Lowell and I went there. There was thirteen freshman that season And I just I didn't fit into the program there and I would have stayed around and got the education but I'm I I wasn't there to scholar. It's you know what I mean some Mike. There's no fighting here. Like Gosh it sorry you know could have totally so you're there for six games but the year before that there's has nothing on hockey debate. Did you take a full year off. No I went to I went to I went to To come see junior B so they might have got the stats. I Creek University at after semester. And that's the they didn't take your pool. I didn't take a full season off after that. You didn't and then So then so then you left university diversity After that what was the play Toledo what it allows is actually destroyed. Believe it or not so Tim Whitehead was actually the coach. And he's I win and I'll say I'm trying to play hockey. I'm trying to be a hockey player. if you're not gonNA bring you on your team is somebody's GonNa play next year. I'M NOT GONNA play next year or do the same shit. I'M GONNA play rocky looking right in the eye and then even cracked by lineup in college hockey. You'RE NOT GONNA you're not gonNA play pro. Acne I have my my mental or slash best friend on my wedding Tony He married a couple of phone calls and crabbers city Rookie camp where I got the shots and stuff ended up going to the Detroit. redwings main camp from there and play five. preseason games with Disney genie be experience so and then ended up until Lido. And that was the start of the uh-huh of a carousel of teams so starting off in Toledo that building must have loved you. It was chaos. The glass probably went up about to your your eyes when you were on the ice. It's the fans was the guy with the megaphone. Still there at center ice. Oh fuck yeah it was. It was ten. Tasker was the guy right behind me. Who is an absolute fucking period? You and that place was so loud. The low ceilings. I think even allowed smoking a number pitching and the only thing separating the stands even the penalty box low. Oh classes like a string you could just turn around guys. We throw a proper now. You're so many brawls with with the standards band or Larry and I think they had the sixth sixth or seventh Zamboni ever made and the thing the thing would break down every game that wheeling would would would go into their so. I'm sure you've got some great stories from that city and and then I mean just the H. L. Train kept on going into New Orleans and take over from here. I WANNA go back quick. You mentioned Tony. Kerr tallies that the men who used to coach the Texas team in the North American League actually Texas tornadoes junior the junior blues and Springfield Junior Blues first and then the Texas Tornados He got me. And there's a Lotta a Lotta Funny Maestro Stories for major sixteen to offer I basically Officially begged him taking on Springfield and He just he saw that. I needed you saw. That was an angry kid that needed some guidance and without him might be dead or in jail. Probably you plan on sorry. Sorry I didn't mean tend to up here but I'm saying you played a lot of years in pro hockey and probably have thanks to him but the first two years is what I'm looking at and it's three teams both years. I mean meet sixteenths in two years where you just get used to moving around like what was that like for your life style. You know some of that self inflicted. There's no doubt yeah. There's no doubt I created a bit of an alter ego I mean you remember back. Then I'm I'm a little bit of a different guy right now Not Too much. But you know I've created an alter ego and listen anybody right. So some expendable commodity there was a lot of teams that wanted to use me But it was tough to keeping around the playoffs. That kind of thing so well you mentioned the alter ego and I brought it up but when did you start going by the real. How did that all begin? Call me the real okay. So so teach out uh-huh Legendary Guy Okay embroidered. It's a Jim Montgomery. Who was playing with Ashley in Texas? I don't know what happened to him. And he's a great guy. Great coach you know really fucking pissed off. I hope I will be getting coaching job somewhere else but he was my roommate. There was need your mom and your eating and One day I was was We're all taking a picture. Jim You're supposed to be like a tough Guy Utah Grizzlies you know In shaky fucking he put the real all my embroidered and on my skates on my gloves. All from Montgomery just just just made it up out of nowhere so in one day. We're doing this shoot at the gym and I shaved. I went in the bathroom and I shaved are in my chest and I came out. You know the Syrian hadn't really hadn't really taken hold yet hadn't really taken hold yet just a cartoon character. Everyone starts losing their fucking Shit. I just I'm like why did every fucking did it backwards in the mirror. So the are was backwards. They they don't everyone is I guess too and then I decided third person for years toys as I was looking to get a hold of you I want to go back to Umass Lowell from it you said it was a numbers thing was was it that you weren't GonNa get enough ice time. You not fit in the room. What like what was what was the factors? Does that leads you not stain to alter long. Well I don't Tim Way and it was a little guy I got. I got recruited by their coach. And he wasn't GonNa play me. There was too many in the rookies on. That team ended up doing really well. I mean I could see the writing on the wall. So and he wasn't planning only have four games of that season and I was. I was hungry in practice. I mean I'm hungry guy who passionate guy so I wanted. It wasn't He wasn't giving sniff how how many how much you're off ice habits and an offseason were boxing classes and UFC classes and in in basie completely altered your game to the fact that you had to be meet had to play pro hockey. I was I. I was Kinda like that before I was I was taking. It was crazy because I wanted to be a hockey fight and I wanted to and had a little bit of skill to like. Wasn't one of those guys that I mean. I like to play. It wasn't well guys. Take Kid you're not gonNA make this team drop the fucking gloves. I was like itching to fight and I would score sometimes too and I had some pretty good goalscoring season when I was seventeen years old. They used to have these tough man competitions right so I got a fake. Id from one of my buddies and started entering into tough man competitions as an amateur boxing with zero experience I two hundred habits or boxing slashed up there and fight with absolutely no training at all whereas fighting the one bar When bar on Mondays sign up one? Another bar on Tuesdays Wednesdays. That was my summer trainings. Seventeen on until I started going professional so spin. Knuckle Michael Bras. All blood was fucking wild. There would be these crazy bars like some of them were used like the rocky and Orlando like Shaquille. O'Neal Michael Irvin urban like backstreet boys. Now we're going. Watch this you. Just go and sign up. They'd have like two two stripper battles at the end like a glove on anybody that would show up and for me. That was great. That'd be working out some pretty good Glenda. I got some really tough some great dude in a two so It was solid a great training. So all I mean the coast the the U. H. L. The AHL. We look you know you look around. Where did you feel like it was the hardest to fight eight every night? I mean no matter where you were it was every game you got in one was it. Was it more difficult than one league than the other. It's not one league than the other. But the you you know as well as I do that lockout your that. We played out the toughest year sportsman every team had their. NHL Guy they're fucking American guy and then a couple of middleweights and then a light light-heavyweight every team kept everybody. So it was that was the toughest year. What are you doing anything else that to help out dot I mean maybe a little uncomfortable the mention but mcdyess any steroid use? I have no problem talking about my steroids. I asked I absolutely do and I have absolutely no problem with people that I did it just as as well as everyone else backed them too. They didn't test so if they're not testing and everyone's doing it pretty stupid not to do it. I mean that's just that's just I mean now that never consign them. There's all kinds of people that are testing everyone's testing and you literally have to jump through the hoops. You get involved in that ministry but when you're competition is all doing it in your fucking idiot not to the level on the ground now. Did it help you at all that. Enhance your game at all in any way or just helping the fighting. It helped me stay in the gym for longer. So it definitely helped me a recovery it makes amid a pretty solid difference for me because my my qualities lying my aggression my quickness as as a fighter just sheer skill wise so the couple extra pounds drop so much late in the season and do whatever. I'm eating fucking seven thousand calories eight thousand calories during the season. Today's sometimes just wait on guys. Lightened is like you know. GRONYEA and fucking McIntyre and scurr lack. And he's fucking guys. You need that. I took that rebounds. I've heard guys say that you can let your Max like twice a day and you distill. You don't even feel sore. Just it's unbelievable. Yeah I mean it's it does. There's different things to different people so it makes you a little fires hours. How is your background where you get the ball you in a couple of bombs I mean yeah? Hey It's funny you bring you bring that up because we can go scores the question I have and I never even got the answers when you got to Wilkspur the law co year and and we took the pictures on the ice. You know you're posing for case you get a goal or a fight. Why do Chernoff for everyone? I don't know if you understand and scores. He got in a fight his picture go on the big screen wilkes-barre and you have no tarp. That was part of the of the ego of that. The alter ego the ego part of it you know. So that was That'll be the pro wrestling then. townie coming back there and I sort of took on to help me with the job now. Did you know genuinely hate any of these guys who were fighting or was it more like you. Were just trying to like talk yourself into hating him because it kind of had to be done like it was fun to. Hey guys like I why even now. You're actually never met the guy like Brian McGrath. I no I love the guy if every person so many mutual friends or whatever and he's just a fucking Dick on the. I enjoyed hating you. You know Dennis Bondi same thing. I'm sure they're fucking in Greg guys off the ice. There's a couple of like cowards in the East Coast League That I didn't like and we'll talk about. Hey guys I don't mind fucking tossing tossing. CARSHIELD's fucking day Bob. They have to get it out of jail to watch y'all abby. Now we've kind of we've talked a little bit about it you know. Obviously we have some differences in how the game. I'm sure played and stuff like that. But you know he's doing his thing and we don't really want to another war and you know respect him but I didn't. Those are the guys that I hate. Antagonized organizers where the passion absolute passion I hit antagonize remember. They drove you. They drove you nuts. What you're it's funny you bring of course so I started thinking of the post concussion stuff how are you doing now? Like how's your head. I mean I can't even imagine how many concussions you had you know this is the problem. Nobody ever fucking talk to any of us. They're like hey guess what fucking Lake's going great at killed it for twenty years. If hockey like man I showed. I did everything that I wanted to physically. And now I'm living the fucking dream right now. I really am. I GONNA beautiful fucking. I got a beautiful girl Mary. I got an amazing business going. I'm running on the striking coach at one of the top enemy schools in the world. CL- I've I've the best students from Florida taken some of these kids as a coach and now there's some of the best players in the country I got a beautiful son. Who's he's better other than I could have ever been at that age of hockey I mean it doesn't get better than it is right now for me. I'll tell ya that's incredible and an Ma something you got into even while playing correct act. Oh yeah those those those tough man sites and all those those amateur boxing sort of Segue to that 'cause star just winning is winning and winning and then they send you know I'm talking to some real news and got hooked it up right a very early age I Seen Dallas was the first time I really got hooked up with the line thing. I And they're the guys that really took me under their wing and that's when I started really starting to blossom 'CAUSE I was getting professional training in the summers and I was working with the top guys in the world the US hours American top team you know Orlando those guys go. Does all that fighting lead to any type of aggression away from the ring like are you. Were you getting in bar scraps at all at back then or more maybe even though you just whacking everything in Wilksbury squeeze I have I tell you I have extraordinary appetites just in general. That's who I am as a person super passionate and I have extraordinary types. That Ashley took away from the aggression that I needed to get out. I used to get it out. I needed to get it out so until you right now or it may have been another steroid two hundred pounds exactly the same win right now. I'm exactly the same way so I it it somewhere to put that fire. You know what I mean so if I if you're not exhausted at the end of the session on your approach fucking players so we'll go go into that battle hockey enforcers kind of explain to people what that was and how you got involved with it and and listen. I was fifteen fifteen years ago. That is never happening again. Let's say it. Is it happened in Finland again. I think they didn't spend North America north. America yeah exactly no. It was What was funny about that? As I had signed a contract with New Jersey lamb rail and Armstrong and then I agreed to do that but I didn't tell them about it so I went there with absolute war All respect to demand around the mine now one event who beat me in that decision in the final I still do not believe I lost that fight so and all respect dude is an absolute killer and he proved himself as a killer over years and years after before that But I definitely think that absolutely that was a draw. Sixty four thousand dollars for the winner. Seventy five thousand dollars for second place. That was a big deal for me. So yeah yeah given. I went out and had a pretty good time after that though I bet when did you realize that it was over and I see it took like a year or two often. You got back in but I feel like you just. I would've kept doing this forever. If allowed would have I br. You know that's the thing is I didn't. It's not like I left unharmed unscathed. You know I took my lumps just like all athletes. He's doing it when they're left so I I. It was the second time I've broken my neck and Well the first time was a pretty clear break and Binghamton and I was on. I was on my road that year. That was thousand year. I was going to do it and And it took me a long time because I had muscle atrophy. What am I discs? Smashed into the right side of my body. The nerve and I and in my whole body was like nothing the whole right side of my body with all my slash issue so building it back up was really tough and I did and I played another six or seven years. I think got that and then by the time I last year in Evansville I I I really went. After it's hard. I was trying to assign and get back and He's in the doctor's like do you realize you keep playing so that was the that was the beginning of the end for the career. I stuck grounded some days to the solar bears with a part of the. You know the local team here the East Coast team the way hockey now. I'm pretty sure I could play till I'm sixty and keep challenging these fucking twenty two year olds. There won't be so. Yeah that's how I was able to play in the Hansel and do some stuff and help lead when our young getting so was the second neck break that had happened from hit was happening in a fight. With what were the circumstances. David Coachie believe it or not. David coachee play year before right. Well maybe two years before that so would right so he I hit them we. We're going pretty good. I caught him with a nice one and he had hold my Jersey and he went he went down and I I tried to keep them up. I try to stay standing on. The kind of keeping on and his weight was all supported on that Jersey. Hold on my discipline by. What's his weight but the big guy too he's well? Let's try to brighten the mood up a little bit here. You also played in the UK. Like our Buddy Biz over here for the Sheffield steelers. What was that experience like? Did you WANNA stay off the plane. Just one year there. I should say no. I'm glad that was a that was a super. You're telling me that that year re motivated me my my buddy Sean Nick Moro. remotivate me. He he He beat me pretty clean in a couple of sites when when I used to get a little bit better him mm-hmm in our in our younger days and that was when I decided 'cause I took a few years trying to be a goal score. You know I I. I twenty five goals in the coastal one year. I mean I was doing okay But get no call up so I went to Europe like England make a little bit of money. Try to have some fun and memorial is there. He smashed me a couple of times. And I remember going home for being fuck doc. We're we're doing this. We're doing it the right way with the steroids. It wasn't even that I wasn't even I kind of passed that in my career but I definitely went. I definitely went hard with lighting for night shelf years after that so scores I I didn't play with you. Whip play with a little bit when when guys come on we like to hear these stories that they they they usually like to tell one of which wit TB up four was your your lexus. Can I hear more about Alexis with no power steering this guy. It was a workout Z.. Noisy the house it Alexis then well L. A.. Today it was a really warned. Were you just pumped to be driving. Alexis it was like pretty much brand new but it was solved when I got it when I right left mall. I ended up being managed a nightclub and ended up making some pretty good money for about eight months and I was able to afford one. Probably not the best purchase purchase with the money on back But and then I just didn't plan playing in the minors ain't GonNa be you can't fix. Your exercise ran that soccer the crown and then once it became too ugly and it was like this cars to you know I can build my lots and and make them more uncomfortable for myself which will make me a better fighter like any. I know I used to do. Not Use channel changes of straws or shit like that just to be fucking angrier little. I'm I'm getting. I'm getting up to change the TV knowing me going into tonight's game boy. I love you getting a lexus. He scores He's like I got fifty six grand in my back count to fifty. I can afford it. Yeah let's get this thing. Was it that Najer Dean and flurry When they were hurt one time and practice? I don't know if you've ever snowblower. And they suck and covered Brennan tires thing and snow and just just shaved off the lexus emblem. So everyone's walking out to the car after practice. All Color Ella. No Alexis saved off. Went said you didn't mind the no power steering help you work on your grappling. You could fight white not only that. But I didn't use two hands and I'm turning so no power steering not allowed to use two hands and when it was hot outside. ATM telling you just one hand. Just try working working guys garbage bag onto a good sweat in. Do you have any memories of like crazy celebrations when you one on fights because I know for a fact some of these leagues. You must have been going bananas after a win I go I go pretty nuts Yeah when I score when when I when I was a fight but I got a couple of the terrier the one year where I was no. NHL that year. So I think it was Josh Gratton. I really get along with them. And whereas in what what Bin wilkes-barre one nothing. You know. Michelle Terry and I got so many great stories about him. The way you talk to the Shitty say to me so I was also renowned for a couple of games. At that time we started Winston Games and I was punching out some guys and everyone was having a good time and then I I did pretty good against Gratin and sprint into the box and they jumped up in wellspring jumped up onto the box seats and start getting the Wilksbury crowd into it. And you know let's go. Let's go into place where bananas we stored within thirty seconds after that against its Philly and then we scored a minute after that and the place just didn't quiet down the whole take time and I'm going sparking nuts in the box and we end up winning the game two to one Next Day at practice. I'm skiing around the ice on cloud nine Terry and comes over to me. Goes ex great fucking celebrate like that again. I'll send you back to the coast case away from me out of my bag. What other -Tarian Stories You god God I know the coaches have been under fire but I think that -tarian walked that line? Pretty good of where he was he would strike fear in a guys but you know there is no lot. There's no kicking going on. Uh I got I got to. I got to rape -Tarian Stories When I walked in when I walked in for my I you know I was coming from wheeling thing you know? I've played a few games. I come in. I'm walking into his office and I see how do I can't remember who was. But he has his this binder and he's got this binder under open and he's flipping through pages shaking his head as he's walking out of the office not that becomes relevant later so I just. I made a mental note of that and I walked in. I extended my Barneveld to shake his hand. Like you Mr -Tarian for this opportunity. I was super excited. And he didn't shake hands. Sit Down and I was okay because goes I heard you like to have a lot of party. You're not gonNA do that here. Are you going to go to the coast plus take off the hearings. You look like a rapper. My I talking to me so I guess that's how it wasn't everything. Come to find out and each. Yoda was the goalie at the time and he had gone on and before that and it was supposed to be. He said everything you need to know. Andy is in this binder about how you're playing and he says you can leave now so any opens opens up the fucking binder and his goals against average is printed out on on two hundred pages. I told the civilian ties. I the my favorite -Tarian is when when he got the job in Pittsburgh the next year when Ed's Oh got fired and and he had a meeting with Malone the first date the coach and he walked and he's like hey coach and he's like I'm not here to coach rockstars get the fuck out of that. So he was he was he knew that. I like to have a little fun off the ice and he had a MAC firing last week about thirteen games. And we we started off that year like one eight and then they called me up and we went thirteen for thirteen or fourteen after that. We're right at the end of that. We're at the end of that. Little streak you talk. I see in that first meeting year but it doesn't matter what night didn't wins. You have eleven o'clock curfew every night no exceptions and I was like okay. So they put me in Do masses basement basement and And I we're we're doing really well that you have to. I would club Windsor so Like I gotta go to the bar and have a beer so by having to be talking to this girl and it was Friday's or something. I've been talking to this girl. And all of a sudden they get this wave of smoke in my face and she looks at me like yeah. I kind of did that on purpose. You could tell gala dinner is and I was like. Oh let's just not pay attention to it right. Kept talking happens a couple more times I turn over my buddy you got a fucking problem and I'm looking -tarian right in the I. It's eleven fifteen. Thank you for you to go home Republican skirt the money out of my applause here on the thing and went home and played it in five hundred stuck in something blowing smoke in bus drivers faces. He was right. He was literally leaving over my shoulder. And I was trying to be good enough doc. Plus some guy out here or something you know so who is who is the best player in the NHL you ever play with them and you mentioned you were a flower but I I mean you spend a little bit of time in the H.. One that you were like Holy Shit. The Sky is going to be next level managerial thoughts. Basil was was special especially thought Carter with special I thought that bore kids with Special Dunkin Buffon's Fuck I ran into him one time. Holy Shit I went flying. I didn't even know US company. Hit him over So many talented players. Nobody nobody sticks out like so so there was awesome teams. Yeah no but not one person not one person who do you WanNa teammates from the the quick the lull still in the NHL. Did you know that it was that. Ron Hansie Oh hey fuck Ya. Haley's he's had a long trip. I keep forgetting we. We're ruining curler. Rulings eighties a great guy. You're on the edge off a little bit. What's the closest you came to an NHL call it was that ever within like grasping yours at like never going to happen? It was always. It was so close to Gra- It was I was just so close every year it sucked so the dollar Dallas wanted to call me up and They told your tally. We can't give that guy money. That was how this her line. I was in Albany one of my best years in Albany where I went a little crude you the second round that you're jumping on watch but my on the fourth line with David Clarkson Cam Janssen AH killing it? And they do lamb basically called me up like I'm taking the twenty one year old so bad I was so mad time looking back he was Kinda right. So yeah and any other wild stories. You got that you are prepared to on the PODCASTS. I'm sure your your mind was turned a little bit when you found out your coming on as I can't. I can't believe Whitney you're not telling the the gun story would call the Armstrong. I can't believe you haven't you didn't lead with that. That and all my memories they must colby. Oh 'cause you wrote you wrote it on the board. You wrote it on the board. The next day Arafat dove. I'm starting to why don't you tell it when I have mush brain call Colby Armstrong fantastic. Only he was just play with beloved him and he's He's harmless to the bars ours too in the in Wilkes Barre Hajer that hotel whatever. It was and Somebody who's not somebody was pretty mad. I in through a water bottle of his ahead after the after the club at him and I was kind of away from the group and I went over there and confronted the guys. They they weren't expecting. Did I remember this. I remember remember that this was actually at the woodlands. Yes yeah the woodlands woodland and I I I I kind of embarrassed them a little bit. You know you know. He thought he was fighting. Colby and now he's GonNa fight me so you know it's too and change a little bit and there's a lot of people out there so he got frustrated and we're all still hanging out with a bunch of people outside and he pulled up in the car in a car like bucks in minutes later. Pulled a gun out pointed right at my head and everybody's diving for the cars and let me dot strike me down right now. I'm not like shoot me you fucking pussy. And he just looked at me like what the popularity now and then did. Did you pull the weight and then I just don't toe that aren't hundred crawling out from under cars afterwards looking at me like I got three heads go. I was crawling. Rock with with fish with three is in that little Brooke and I remember being like Oh my God just stood there and said shoe goofy that the fact that I didn't remember that shows I have serious issues or that. You just been around a lot of good stories Eh. None that intense though. I remember saying this dude is a sick puppy. I saw true as well interview guys. Who'd be like? What are we talk about? I don't remember I don't remember much. It's it's not great but mike other than the guy in the finals from the battle of enforces. Is there anyone else you still want to crack at. Oh Wow that's a hell of a fucking. I The guy that I had mentally pictured my whole career chores Laura. That's the guy on asked. That's the one guy I wanted it. I never got Hey do you fight. Are you still fighting like you've seen in Emma training now well no. I'm not. I'm coaching coach a fusion accelerate. Now so that's what I meant but do you do your fighting on your own or no. No no no no no no kid it takes all my energy. That's where that's where my energy goes. I got more for doing sparring at time with these guys but I'm using my athletic knowledge while doing drills and I'll do shit with them so I can keep a high pace for for for the guy that's It's definitely a passion. Technically that our pilot. I'm I'm very much technical student As well as mental exciting so but what about a guy. Glad you don't have to fight ever again. How about that? Well Boo got obviously was the toughest guy. I ever fought recipes and I was Kinda lucky that I got him. Soared word on this way up and I was able to do. Okay The one guy honestly scares me. The most is Steve MacIntyre. I washed like I was watching fight after frightening. That's great dude. I the owner but play after fight. I'm watching them going. And it's the the first guy that I've ever looked at and go fuck. Do I beat this guy. Like he's the only guy I've ever ever said that about I. Just I had no idea how to beat them. What are you what are you going to get a left or right? I one of them's GONNA in your career. That guy is that's a scary man. You still play a lot of Polka at all. I know you I read that you played like the play poker all member. What you've lost the plot and you punch in the tree outside my apartment? I think I just remember that. Oh my God I tell you guys be real so hard to play pogue if you guys yeah you fuck you lost money it was I remember him. He's like you can't cough fuck. I bought this game. You Ass stall just GonNa call just because I wanNA see Merely bankrolled that little casino at your at your place. That was fun house we've talked about the PTO making thirty eight. and Are you trying to play with you bake. It goes two weeks ascraeus. Didn't you win a car at the world series of poker something now. I took doc At six fifty ninth I can't remember exactly I placed I wanted to I one fifteen grand satellite. I'm wondering USO satellites so. I did really. What does that summer I went in? I got it. There was a million five was the was the total pot so and I I last appeared in court the second day I did last tube so it was a good one. I later on after I played today I went on a hell of a run when I played in Syracuse at turning stone I turning so so I remember Rammer Ramsey Abid unreal guy. He'd be like screw. I'm I'm just GONNA fucking call to see what you have your member when he won twenty grand when used to jump in and go to Atlantic City and shit after after they were like one o'clock in the morning too. I remember I saw at the table and then I went upstairs. Came back down. He was still at the table. I was like Oh my God. This is the biggest one I've ever seen casino and it was in. It was in the minors whilst crazy. Thank you for coming on this. This has been awesome. Anything else you WANNA say to the fans there or any other stories. I mean you guys I feel ten podcasts. If you WANNA call back any kind the story down we'll We'll get a great response after this interview that we'd glad to have you back on just just one thing. Yeah I Right now I coach. I coach kids kids. Sue believe it or not. I'm a developmental coach All AGES SCROLL CONTACTING SKILLS DOT COM is my website. And I'm I'm I worked diligently on on developing young athletes and So if anyone wants wants to check it out by all means you might have already Senate where you at located Orlando Florida. Okay we appreciate you coming on and look forward to doing it again you you continue to do well. I'm really glad to hear how things are going for having me on Thank you very much to the real Mike's growing good to hear that he's doing so well though is A really cool. Talk to catch up with that guy. What a character? He was Moving on I gotta I gotta eat some crow again shocker. It's kind of what I do on this podcast. Ilya Kovalchuk talk about making me. Look a fool he is lighting it up. I believe he has four goals already with the Montreal Canadians I was all over them right. But I mean Marshall does not look good. Who knows if this turns into like contender this maybe a little bit of a trial for him? Montreal may be moved him. I don't know what's going on. But he's looked good and he's he's kind of a basically proven me wrong in in saying that he's got a little left to give his legs up. Maybe Berge Ronald something of value Chocolates bumps okay here comes on ad read from the Biz for a one week period. Ea Sports have handed the keys over to us to determine which players deserve a ratings increase or decrease in NHL Twenty hockey ultimate team. The bumper slump program will feature ratings changes to any player in NHL Twenty for one week starting. Today it's completely wheatley up to the chickens crew all right so I picked three guys and I gotta start off with this Elvis Mercy Lynn Skins merge LEKA's right. I guess I I guess okay. Struggle with the last name share panthers got the wrong goalie from Columbus. And and and we're going to. We're going to bump this guy up just because of his story and what he's done don all of a sudden since the Corpus aloe Injury and and I believe there was even a little rift between him and the media where he had to say. Hey I'm done doing interviews at some point right all right Calypso no Moore's Lucas I'm not not that I'm aware of one hundred percent to be honest with you. Anyway he's getting a fucking bump all right ground so he wasn't eighty two he's going up to an eighty two all right so he's got a couple points there next guy on my list. Justin Williams welcome back. I don't even know was he. Part of that dodgeball game or not. Yes he was. He was in the midst of the dog ballgame while he's probably the one who thought of the idea yet so much time Retired and missing training camp. or He's probably actually she been thinking of all the storm surges so he wasn't an eighty two that's pretty that's a pretty generous rating coming right into the NHL out of a four month hiatus and and he's getting bumped to what eighty five nice. Lovely three point bump for our boy Justin Williams grappa Williams and last but not least the superstar that none of you knew knew about. I know I'm bias. But I'm going to give Connor Gar little bump he was at eighty the best value in the NHL based on point production at seven seven seventy five average salary over the next two years and he is an eighty as I mentioned getting bumped to a eighty four. Alright so that's a big shadow. I'm not a sports one of our sponsors. NHL Twenty go check out those three guys. And I'M GONNA pass it over Grenell for the final details we'll actually base if if if you want to. If you WANNA bump someone up to a ninety nine you can so going forward any players out there that are listening. If you get on business good side you can get bumped to a nine now you can beat the the best overall in the game so you actually on the radio and general home like you could make the best player in the game. We might be the most was Powell powerful thing you have in your arsenal of life right now. So if we have any Any hockey players currently playing at the National Hockey League level. That better down to come on checkups for an interview and you play. NHL Twenty frequently. I would be willing to to give you the ninety nine all we should have had them on and then our scores are the rating we give them is. That's basically what we thought of the interview. Yeah and if your shit we fucking don't we're GONNA put you to the age version version of a of NHL Twenty. Oh Yeah. We're GONNA make you skate around like me my last year. You're going to be an overall of a forty. You're going to have to address you as a mascot in the game and speaking of mascots what the fuck is going on with gritty. Ra to tell you. We're GONNA save me my mom kicking me when I'm down over here. Yeah here's a guy who you haven't mentioned for a while but grittiest back on the news and no not just banging a barrel at the game with the Astros sticker which by the way it's a gritty learnt from the Astros stroz spelled L. E. Aren t which is fucking hilarious But no it just came out a little while ago. That fire Bush himself is being looked at for assault by the PHILLY. Police Department He allegedly punched a thirteen year old. Now this story started way back in November when the boy and his dad. We won't mention names. We'll just the father and son they were at a photo op. What gritty during the A game The father's a season ticket holder or was in per CBS sports. The Dad said his son padded gritty innocently on the head once the pick was taken gritty. Get Out of his chair In quote took a running start and quote in punch. My son is Odyssey. Could that's why the father said now conveniently enough all cameras in the area are appointed elsewhere. the flyers conducted comcast owns the flyers. They conducted a thorough investigation. That found nothing to support the claim that gritty in fact assaulted the kid. Now this this is where it Kinda gets a little eyebrow raising. I Guess The dad took the send to a chiropractor about a week after the alleged incident. Now if my kids said he got assaulted or hurt hurt I probably would go to a doctor. And that's not as an insult to Cairo practice but then not medical doctors. I would go to a fucking hospital and doctor. He took him to a chiropractor to the chiropractor said he had some sort of of injury so then he reached out the comcast gave him an email and basically they couldn't come to an agreement on. I guess compensation this guy wanted his kid featured on the Jumbotron tron ought to be able to get pre-game autographs in the Locker Room Comcast countered by saying. We'll put him on the bench before the game and then the guy calls the cops about a month month after the quote on quote alleged assault. So something's off feel like well. I have a couple questions. I'll say or thoughts one. Did you say it was a thirteen year. Oldboy and it was in November. Yes we were there November. Mikey you did you get salted by greedy. I did it was exactly. Yeah okay second thing. I was standing up for business. Ruined his jacket. Yeah thank you thank you. That's a fucking man right there. Thank you and second thing. Second thing You go to the chiropractor and you come back with this as the injury when you need to make money in some sort of lawsuit lawsuit it's basically going in there and saying. Tell me the most longest confusing term in the chiropractic world. So I can give this to the people. I'm suing because his injury was a contusion Susan to the Lower Thoracic Spine with sub book. Sation what the hell is that. He got hit on the head by gritty. I mean what the faulk so all see exactly what happens in this thirteen year old kid and his dad. You don't WanNa try to take gritty for a ride because if there's one mascot it'll do dirty it's a scumbag from Philadelphia now. Just for the record. The father did say I just wanted apology. And something special for his son. So I don pose an actual assault. He probably would have called the cops when it happened. But that's not the way it went down so speaking of incidents With bullshit we had another ugly incident which we have to talk about Because we do on on the show branding manning of the HMO's Bakersfield condors was suspended. Five Games for use of a design. My word this is the league. A racial slur against the player on the Ontario Reign The former fly did release a statement. the game on Monday night. Ironically Martin Luther King Days last night I made comments to an opposing player that that was stupid and offensive. After the game I spoke with the opposing player in person which I'm very grateful for. He allowed me to apologize. Took full responsibility for what I said to say. I've learned from the situation as an understatement. I promise to be better And then just about an hour to go before we started recording an article by Lisa Dilmun in the athletic she actually spoke with the Kings prospect. Boko mom who was the person to slur was directed to himself released a statement. He said I've taken some time to reflect on what transpired on the the ice against Bakersfield Monday night would happen is unfortunate for everyone no matter how intense or a heated game gets. There's no room for this and our game in no excuse. I am very proud to be an African Canadian hockey play into Stanford all the players that are in the same situation as me. I would like to thank the Kings in the Ontario Reign Edmonton oilers in Bakersfield field. Ghandi's condos for their professionalism and helping me handle the situation last but not least I cannot thank my family and friends for the continued love and support at this time I I will not make any further statements or comments and I would very much appreciate if those wishes were respected which we will do as soon as with Donald pining here You would think a that branding men would be old enough to know better than the do that. And be that we'd be fucking done with these stories by now unfortunately Biz would not So I guess the only thing thing that we can say about it as we know for a fact it wasn't an an mom right it was not it was in this when you really splitting. He has like I said before. The show wasn't a racist. They call it a racial term. which you know it wasn't it wasn't that worried but it was something I could still be construed as offensive? Yeah and and and it's just really unfortunate. I mean I for the victim here I mean fuck man like you said with everyone that's going on lately. It's probably the last thing he expected to hear on the ice. and Andy if he hasn't probably dealt with any if if not enough situations in the past Or Not that's not the word I want to say it too many situations in the past. Excuse me you know. Now he's gotTa to deal with it again And at the professional level and as far as manning's concern I don't know him personally. I have not reached out to anyone regarding this subject. Object or the type of guy. He is I it's it's very unfortunate because if it if it isn't truly who he is and there is no past You know there's no pass of any of that type of racism and it was just spur of the moment for whatever reason made him say in that moment but this is something that's going to carry he's GonNa have to carry around the rest of his career and life and it's just unfortunate on all fronts and it fucking blows and these are the stories that we don't WanNA cover You know if in fact that he has been exposed to that type of racism in in his past. Then you'd hope that a a situation like this maybe uh-huh helps them think deeply about it and change his ways once again. I don't know anything about this guy with on Martin Luther King Junior less Jesus Christ first. Let's just leave it at that. He released a statement. He said he was very grateful. that he was able to speak to Boko after the game and apologize. So yeah he so you hate this stuff. It's got. Yeah no place in the game for absolutely non the fact that you would ever even consider somebody's skin color when you're playing hockey and battling for POC together like it just like crazy to me. So you like to see suspensions. It's five games right that. That's worthy of five. Yeah you you just love to give people the benefit of the doubt. But it's just it's like fuck dude like what would trigger you to say something like that based on everything that's been happening thing lately like faulk. Yeah Yeah hopefully we do it on the thousand shows and we wanted to do Any more of these stories. And if we do a thousand bettencourt I'll get a little bit better other than lately although I did get a w the other night but I wanNA talk about bed. MGM It is the home for spitting chocolates for sports betting this year. The same guys that bring you. The world's most spectacular spectacular casino resorts and top notch. Entertainment have a new sports betting APP IN NEW JERSEY. 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We're GONNA move on to the corner and like I said last week Was the worst ever or onate. I believe on just posted plays on the corner. A plus a a couple of tweets I put out awful thankfully I wasn't doubling down like a younger me would have done back in my twenties really got buried But it was still ugly. Fortunately certainly we got a few days off this week with the All Star game this basically this is the last of the NHL Fr- until I believe Monday But of course there's going to be plenty of things that I bet on and I think I'm going to bet on the most competitive game all week in which I think is going to be the. US woman. I A Canadian woman and I'm going to wait around the US women's to win the three on three game Other lines and yet they're still. NHL Games being played but today's were recording on Wednesday. It should be out by Friday. I'll have a blog up Friday with the proper line and everything so oh man again for this week's corner I am on the. 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