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The world, famous fill every show and Phil Hendrie show dot, com and record I'd like to say that I had been told that I cannot do the announcing. He's been told that hold on hold on. yes, Margaret. You have been told that you can't do the announcing since you. WanNa. Bring that up. I I. It's a little bit embarrassing. CAN WE TURN THIS GARBAGE DOWN? Please turn this satiric fill. This sewage that is masquerading as I really loved band. What's it called? People WanNa to know Margaret you. That's a little phony Baloney. Phony Baloney Anyway. What do you mean Sony? I've told you that when I hear music. That is stepping on me or going over top of me or whatever you call it. Out Yes. Robert Thank you drowning me out I. Hate it! I hate the guts of it. I hate the very parents of the people that wrote it. But once it's turned down and I'm allowed to speak freely that I love it. Yes. I'll fill. Don't give me that look as a unit. You think that makes sense never mind. Never, mind welcome to the program. Yes, that's right Margaret I've asked you not to do the initial announcing on the show because you get sidetracked with fistfights in all kinds of stuff. Fistfights what do you mean you're? Brandon. My knows everything. Yes, I cuff I cuff its face when it gets out of line. What's wrong with that? Well just to sidetrack, so let me look what we're doing now. You know, look what we're doing. With a dog. She! Bates you into that you see field. You really get you get feminine. Wait, wait, wait, wait look what we're doing now. We're getting sidetracked. Track because you don't have me. I'm GonNa talk calling the shots on the show mark know you wanna you WanNa. Fight me for control of this thing, but I'm calling the shots I am not i. Beg Your Pardon Ladies and gentlemen let the record show I am not fighting for control of the show. I'm fighting for control of my little piece of it mine. Yeah we all have our pizza talking about mine. I'll get mine I, want mine. You'll all get yours okay well. That sounds like a threat to. A little bit. Yes, it's not a threat. You'll get the do whatever you get to do. Whatever that may be and it may not be a whole hell of a lot on some shows considering how I'm feeling right now now. Let me just on wrinkle. The news copy here. We already did that. Yes, I know. But I liked to have the welcome to the program. Folks. We have well today. We got a number things first of all that whole thing going on in mckinney. Texas did USC at this general. What do you think they? Were you belching. Yes, I said. What do you think of that and I felt the gas come up and I did stifling well. What I think about it, is they. They, they had that cup down there now. Is that a cop? Or what was that may talked about? The one cup that was was small. The Small Cup apparently was a smaller man. Yes, they have small. See the PD and I suppose professional sources like that. Hold on from it. All I asked Margono speech all right fine. Was that a cop? Or what was it? It was a cop. Yes well the guy was four foot, nine or something you gotta be. Still. Wasn't he was a smaller man. It was a short shortcut probably about five five or something. I thought there was some kind of hype requirement. I think there is a height requirement was some agencies and some there isn't. What you be small and then another one they may let you be big, but that all depends on another one. What do you mean on another one type in some agencies? Yeah, there's a when WE WERE IN NEW YORK! I noticed that the New York police higher short men and women La I. Don't know whether they have little smaller cops. I don't know. What you just did when you said smaller you as your hands apart about the size of a milk bottle. What the hell are you trying to get at anyway trying to frighten me? What do you mean? Frighten you I don't need a cup going down the street. That's as big as a milk bottle I won't have it. I tell you general. Hold on wait I'm. I'm not talking about that. But what was that guy? I don't know and I'm not even GONNA I'm not gonNA speculate that the size of that cop had anything to do with what would happen, but that guy has been kicked up before we do any of that I think Harvey. Wasserman is going to have that news break, and then we have coming up bobby duly. Talk about what Bobby is here to talk about the whole gated community aspect of it. Yeah, Bobbie Dooley will be here to talk about the gated community aspect of it. Then, we have Dave. All of who will talk about the COP thing see I want to get to the bottom of that one. Now we're GONNA. Talk about how big that can be, but it will he get into the relative sizes of them the milk pilot so forth. They don't have another milk bottle size. You don't know that all right. Hold on. Yes, Dave will and then Jay. Santos is going to update us on Dan Amora and the guys that have escaped and frank will also be reporting in from. He is playing a round of golf, but he will reporting it. Wait hold on ESPN, hold on Phil. You want frank on the show. Yes, I do. Well he's playing a round of golf as far as I, know at Rancho Park. And while he is playing, he will be checking it. That's what he told. All, right? What is it with you? All of you know I'm GonNa. Have to report this the Frank. That Phil looked very uncomfortable when I told him you were playing around. Rancho Park and would be. Let me, just make some notes for fun Margaret you do that. Cabs drawing up doubts. Mr Great Mr Gray is GonNa. Hit an into battled institution. He's not GonNa hit into a mental institution. You Mental Midget, because there is no mental institution near Rancho Park. See all the air I had to expend to tell you that. That's all I'm saying is I could care less personally. You're about to say you could give a shit maybe. But. All I'm saying is that if he's distracted by his golf game, he won't be district. Frank Gray is a consummate professional and a great attorney I'll have you know. I well. I certainly understand the here is a Bob Bacon. The traffic tells what's out up here, Bob. How's it look out on the highways and byways this morning? Was Really. Appreciate Los. Angeles and anything can happen right now we got. The. Tom Tom. He went up and down there. If you're on the high fi sideway freely on the Pacific Coast highway, right now. There's a slide down a man. Flip down about plan that band spank. Monkey about the San Bernardino becoming from Riverside area, the love this WanNa make sure you've got a hybrid and make sure your mental midget hurt, too. Because if you are asserting yourself and there are some of the side of the world, you don't WanNa make sure that you got yourself player or some kind of Hash Baffin or a slapdash, and you got the right kind of hat. Hamper Dasher near you. With traffic? Now here with our good friend party. They were with a new Ad Goddamn. Everywhere but with the news break here on the Phil Hendrie show. I'm Harvey Weinstein Texas Oscar resignations over Putin party incident. Police came Krav action in that cyber. And I do you want me to? I tell you people. Don't want want to be interrupted. Harvey Your Miss I. WanNa, be interrupted otherwise you can take this entire segment Harvey Weinstein's news break and flush it down the toilet along with every other thing that we've ever tried to do for senior citizens fat a second field. How do you? How do you pronounce that one word police that killed? By. Police spelled P. All right. Okay, the police officer. CELLNET! Wrestling team to the ground at. Fat Pizza. Party resignation, Tuesday and city. Police. Yes, police chief! Okay Margaret, good for you. You Pronounce Police. I would think you would be an attorney. I guess I know look I accomplished like I don't necessarily know how to pronounce it. Anybody want to comment on that. We. Don't harvey just doing well your the general. Yes, it is watch how you talk to me. I'm a Marine Corps veteran. Go ahead. The. Big. Commits any. HEFF say. Grad. All Leopard or at an event. Brian effing that Oscar savage. Eric's taxable. Well one was out of control taxable residents resignation from the forecast. A rally. Day. Confirm. Excite I've got gas. I can't. I can't deal with Shit I. Felt so thank you very much. Harvey Hi. Harvey Weinstein with with with with the news. What are you looking at? I mean. Is that the news? Break what you know, you're gonNa have someone's going to hit the tell that guy. Nobody's GONNA. Tell them anything. You know he's GonNa. Tell them anything. You guys wanted it. Well I didn't think that the didn't know how to read. He knows how to read the problem is he has the wrong glasses every morning I told him I told him and I told him again. You get the glasses on. The. Disneyland ones don't WanNa do them. Even. He's wearing a Disneyland one. What is that his? His granddaughter brings him these oversized Pluto. Glad the hell happened to the thing there, but his granddaughter brings him these oversized i. don't know what they are Pluto glasses or something that she got from Disneyland. or He got, and he wears those. is He doing it for a gag I must know he's not would. You must know I've got doing a gag to please his granddaughter. That is very endearing, and I understand that, however if the old man has lost it to the point where he thinks these Gargantuan Pluto. Blesses are where it's at that right. There is scary. When I don't think so all right? Let's put it that way. I don't know I. Don't think so, but we'll find out point. Is You guys wanted that news? Break there it is. Going to be going off Accor- Arab I didn't understand it said about what he was talking about. Is this guy this cop and Texas resigned? His police chief said he was out of control. I don't suppose that's going to change the opinions of anybody that was you know defending the cops or anything, but a lot of people say I've Cox's Okay and everything going still think the same thing. You're not going to change the minds of people just because someone comes along with authority and with knowledge of the situation and says well. Here's what happened and They're all they're gonNA say they will. They're going to say that. The police chief was forced into saying that I. Force the guy in the sense that when the police chief say hey, you know. My officer was behaving properly I'm sorry that you know you guys don't dig that, but that's the case well. They think that there's GonNa. Be Some kind of a riot you know. Every time now I would dare say that well. I'm not even GONNA. Get into appeal. Don't do it all right. Fine fine fine fine. We do have bobby duly at the. Western states, Homeowners Association, and she is out there. They're doing a lot of planning still for aid summer tackler. They got coming up. Bobby is going to be talking with us about the gated community aspect of this thing, which a lot of people find absolutely fascinating I do to Bobby Goudie. How are you? Doing very very well. Thank you I'm so sorry that we are brought together. To talk about something so very very unfortunate. I'll. I'LL DO IT Steve Steve. I! Do leave my husband if here and we are hearing some music. Is that I'm sorry Phil. We are right now. We're doing the very last run through her fashion show. this evening where it is sex where part of. The presentation that's. Music Dennis. Suspect. I don't like this music speaks said this is the music we should use. Again I'LL DO IT Steve. Steve said that this is music. We can hear you say I'll do it Steve. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm sorry sal. I I, no problem we can. If you have something you want to say, Steve but she's chastising him. I didn't want to be heard on the air every time I slapped down. That's. Literally. I guess you tend to. so we are doing. Doing a little run through I hope it doesn't somebody. No, no, no, it's fine. It's fine I'm bobby. We saw in the news yesterday that this event. This barbecue that was happening. That was attended by these young people was at a gated community of some kind. Did you see that? Yes, I. Did and I got? A lot of phone calls people. La Times. Everyone was calling me and saying is that. The kind of gated community you have and with the greatest of respect. To the people attending that barbecue, and does individuals that were I guess they're around the pool, sitting or laying on the. folding chairs they have. That's not really. It's not really what we do here. Yes, technically, it's a gated community, insofar as I, guess through the gate, and you have to have a code or be recognized to let it to be let in. But all similarities between that place in ours cease there. and I would not want anyone to Why are you saying that honey I mean the point is? Do you believe that that place is? Is. Socially is morally reprehensible. What what you find fault with well any number of things first of all the individuals that were there. I'm not talking about race now, I'm talking more along the lines of. who I would like to see photographs. We are very careful. at Western states, we try not to allow photographs to be. Put Him across We've tried to let photographs be taken. they're not flattering to our community There was a man who is photographed. who had Jean Shorts? Some kind of a Ban Lon? Short sleeved shirt tucked in. He was big and he. Does very big and. Already had the mustache. And he looked. He really looked as if he was someone I would buy something from not someone who would be purchasing. Something brings where we know pistol from Brazil where he looks like the guy to work produce. So, if you have anyone in your data community, who looks like someone you purchase something from Bristol Farm Avocados to someone who be in their legitimately and had every right to buy something there. That man looked like the man that you would go to the back and part the plastic curtain and say. You're out of shucked corn and he would come around the corner with the Apron. All right, what what you're saying is that Maddie looked like some kind of low class. Duly stood up. General. Though you've got spending it on. The guy looked like some slob. You Know I. Don't think we slop. SLOB, but you're taking seventy words I, don't you? Know. We're not seeing so many weren't. Bobby yes, you are basically hold on, guys because I really we if you don't mind all right ahead. Go right ahead every time you jump in you it up. Far Be from me to carve it up. Miss Duly. I'm trying to get. This thing moved along. Killed Phil Y'all go ahead. What's your problem? What I'm trying to get to something here? I guess you've got your. We have the fashion show. Yes, hold on! Let me just try this and now here comes Mary. Mary's wearing very thin luxurious thongs. It is very very thin. It barely covers what we would call the Golden Highway. Now as she turns, you could. The thongs slips down into the Canyon of design. And covers, but we like to call the toll road to the Hershey. High all right, okay. Hold on for a minute. Hold. Did you. Can say about it. Well I. Don't know what's going on there. Wow you know. Can we take a break here? I think you should feel I've never hold on. We're gonNA take a break. We'll be right back. Bobby Duly Steve Duly here the world famous Phil Hendrie show. They went to the western states. Homeowners Association just a very quick break. We'll get. They got a fashion show. Anders there, there's A. Only ruining. Exist Nolan Bobby Addicted reminding you to get your fill Henry show backstage passes Rubber Leonard Hitter. Stay Spans get two kinds of backstage. Pass. You can get the all access backstage. Pass, or you can get audio only. This is Margaret Ray telling you that if you visit the. Website, go to the online store. Many wonderful things their. General camera shot reminding you that it is our youtube channel the real bud Dickman Channel that also many people are discovering. I'm Phil Hendrie and put it all together. And what have you got you know? Why. That you. Every, show website. Client. Bobby. Steve Duly at the Western states homeowners association. We're talking about the events in mckinney Texas. The police officer Eric Case Bold has been fired as you know. There may have been other developments I. Don't know, but what's body I. Apologize Trying to to about not trying to embarrass you just saying that. Somebody announcing. You're doing I know. You said I didn't say that. It was all right to come on there and talk about the toll road to the Hershey highway or anything like that. Don't ask. What is your? I'll have to talk to the to to the Association Turney, but I was assured that we'd be able to do this as well as talked to you. I don't know Ms Duly. Henry either you want to do this or not. What am I doing in here? Do you mind undressing? Oh, excuse me. Boy. Would you get the hell out of here? Sorry There, so I just slipped in there. Saw My wife's. Wow You saw my wife will area I know. I did not averted my eyes. So I guess now you're stuck now. You have to allow me to do the announcing. Otherwise I feel sexual harassment, sexual bereavement, sexual beaver search. Okay, okay, hell is sexual government. My wife's. Never mind. Go ahead and do your announcing. Kim The Leotard now. This is me I'm going to be coming runway and I'm going to be announcing myself What do you mean you're going to be announcing yourself? Well. Why don't you have someone else? Do It do it. Do it. Why don't you have someone else? Do it because Margaret? One, qualified and capable to announce me as I come down the runway ready. And you're on. Now I'm coming down the runway and you can see me. I'm wearing almost a full body stocking. This is what we call the PEEKABOO Caraway Leotard. As I. Turn and here's what the audience will go. Through this again Steve I'm coming down the runway as I turn. Oh. We can't do that. We get back to the thing. Within the discussion of all. put that on hold for. So Phil. What we require here at our homeowner's association are people that if they are going to allow themselves to be photographed, and we are going to allow the photograph out. Then the photograph be speaks class culture, taste style, those are the six or five I don't know how many laps culture case in style. That's four. Okay, those are the four things. That we adhere to. You had the big fat man and the man that was on that tape. From Kenny with an oath. Then, you had a small police officer. Then you had teenage boys, and then, of course you had the black teenagers now. I never liked to see our black teenagers photograph without adults. And you dirty racist. I Beg your pardon. What do you mean you never liked to have the? You'll know what I said. Don't you that back, wait, wait hold on for a minute here. Hold on you that back. I will not wait wait. Now. Why would you call her dirty racist until you hear what she has to say? Well! Why would you do that? Go ahead, bobby. I, would go to say. Now. I'm going. Now I've got two things I get to do I. Get to do this whole fashion show with the breakaway. Her she. I hers away. I get to write Ville. I don't know anything about her. She highway and also get to call Margaret. A. Osei. You are a quivering cow. On. Now what I was going to say in Steph I don't like to see our black teenagers without our without their parents anymore and then I like to see our white teenagers without their parents. Oh, how do you feel now? You made that up just to make yourself look. How do you feel about it? I swear to. Save us a lawsuit. Otherwise I feel. Fine. So basically right, let me get which is one more turn, Phil then I turn. Off Steve It's not yet. It's all. All right. What are you trying to do? What what? What is it that you're doing I'm wearing the full body Leotard. That has a full open back. I turn. The Leotard comes apart at the hips, so you're seeing the back, exposed or the front when I turned, you see the back exposed, and we're anticipating at that moment. The the crowd in delight and desire will go like that Steve so far has been doing it wrong. And everything. Just do it the way she wants to. I'm trying to let you sounded the last time you went here Yours General. Let them do it, okay. Body walking down the runway now she turns Oh God. Dan Health Authority. Do it. One more time felt all right then. We're GONNA then. We got to get all right. I, don't care what you do. It's fine. I'm telling you didn't are gated community. We don't let some sal run around in her. Mill and we don't let we don't let the beast master who ought to be in the back at Gilson's or the a bristol farm turning the plums. What in the Hell Henry I. Put all of this on you. Naturally No, I do and it's time. When you call these people up. And you or or Dickman does, but you want to, and you tell them what you're. Get them under control. This woman hangs the phone up on you because she's trying to get to talk about the beach master when she was talking about the man in the back, the counts the plums. She was talking about the big. Fat slob that was on the videotape that mckinney Texas videotape that she said was the kind of guy. You'd buy something from not the Kinda Guy who would buy anything. Else. He said Gelson Lucy said boost farm. All right, so she said Bristol what temperatures event there is a distinct difference between the two cut ever. So the guy is there at WHO's. Been doing this doing Mr Henry is GonNa. Be Really let me do it. At, Bobby Bobby please don't hang up very frustrated. When I? When you go to the back and you part the plastic curtain and the big oath. Is there like the man was on videotape? That's the guy who gets the Santa Rosa Plums from. God, You know what I hate your guts. Please don't do. She hit by ball. What did you do I told him once, and I told him a million times not to use the term Santa Rosa Plums Four. You know what? All right I didn't hear him do that. Nobody would ha. Oh Big Wow! Nobody not made the connection bullshit. Nobody made the connection bullshit by body. You WanNa. Watch it. So. What's the next step here the next step? We're first of all speed the music. Oh started. Right now, Bob. People turn one more time. Steve Bobby turns one more time. That's what I want like there. I'm looking for that good man. That's what I'm looking for Steve. Stood one more time in Phil. Then I'll wrap up with the. do that. All right fine all right now. Bobby walking down the runway in the one piece tearaway Leotard. Turns Year. That's that's exactly what I'm looking for Steve Duly. As, she goes down the runway. You'll see the bobbies wearing. Heels from Burma Sacchi. She is wearing the anklet and she's wearing the necklace from glow. And, she's wearing a pitiful Tiara which is Brunette in color from Godzilla up, New York. Now she will turn you're. You're a fucking. All right. Are you guys done practising for now? Yes, Steve sit down. Sit Down and turn off. So what we are doing as we've drafted a letter to the people to mckinney. Gated community name of this community now I do not and frankly Margaret I don't want to know because if I find out, it will stick in my mind. God knows for how long I don't want to think of them any longer than I have to. But I would like to advise them if you're going to have residents photograph to publicly. The Homeowners Association there needs to take much much stronger hand that woman that waddled out into that and she waddled out into full camera view. Put a floor on Sarong Lou are what you call them along. what is a? And what does that a? General, thank you. She wanted out. All right, thank you very much, bobby. She wanted to move on and and these people are. should not be photographed. People off it's. Always cutting people off. But you all right. Yeah, well I was people off gag gaw. Gag. Steve the talked US bobby three. So, yes, and I think that what has really hurt that community. Is Not so much that there was anger. It has anger that was directed from the Tub of guts to the children. The TUB guts to the children I don't care what color it could have been a black mother to white children, a white mother, Tha Black Children, a mixed, a a mixed nutbag, a party pack what we call the party pack, or if you will the Mulatto or the Maluku What these terms. Very twenty below to I'm talking about. The people are supposed to what race. They are. Okay all right, so you're saying when that woman was yelling at them. It was the fact. She was a tub of guts. Yes, yes, yes, and then got into it with those those kids. So when you see a mother who is hammering on the head of a child. And she's wearing the move along and she is a party path. What did you say God David What? What what you say! She's a party pet. Generally what she's saying I in other words. She's a below. What do you call it the whole Indo? Blue Malato mixed race is what you're saying. But that's not what she was Cuban shift the Public God's. She was a roiling broiling moving and and. Consuming thing on the horizon that eventually when it was made known was wearing them along. had tear up. Okay, thank you I'm bobby telling Bobby? Thank you very much, thank you. or I mean. yeah my name's Mr Henry. Said Mr Dooley, what a moron! Why don't you shut up? Okay? You want me to shut up I. Tell You what why don't you shut me up? Take it easy, thank you. Don't let me fill. She exit on. Hey, look! You're the one that egg that whole situation on Edge Ron. I. Don't mean Egg. She wants a term. It's term us all right. You guys you don't get along, so let's face. It I tried very very carefully to get along with her well. You didn't try hard enough, okay? Oh, is that right? That's right. You didn't try hard enough and whoever allowed her. was that you since you want to do the whole? She wanted to do A. Like, what do you call a bundle fashion show then? Yes, you wanted to practice fashion show. Go okay. Yeah, that would probably be. That would probably be acceptable. I said, but you have to make. A difference hold on general, not done yet. Look. Art I'm not done yet. General I'm trying to get sick because Mr Henry. You want to go ahead. Now, I said that'd be acceptable. But. You can't go like turn and your, but is going to be there and everyone's going to go. Yeah I, said no, no, no a thousand times now, and she still done it. Well, even proof there that the woman is out of control all right well. We'll have to talk to her. You know, but I will tell you the the gated community some of the gated community insight. I was hoping we would get. was a little on the weird side any other news that we have the the end of Lacey. Pe- is asking for US Justice, Department, Review of the procedures the mckinney police department. This is happening now you know well. It's happening because what they're finding out is a lot of these thirty five. What do you mean? Barney fife I mean a lot of these police forces. They got nothing, but a bunch of Barney. Fife sort around on it. They got the US. Justice Department to look into each and every one of these police agencies to make sure they're adhering in the Constitution of the America. You know we're gonNA find out saw. Black super rights well yeah I. Mean That's that's. It's unfortunate, but you can have a police department that has the authority that a police department has. And it turns out that they may be running roughshod in terms of people's individual rights. I'm not seeing a strobe about mckinney. I'm not even saying true about anybody. But but when they went down to Ferguson and took a look at it, then whole place was a man. It was a Zuid half. there was a press conference. The police chief defended the actions of the other officers, but he said the The police officer filmed His actions were indefensible. He said the police officer is out of Control it showed the video case bold, who's white pushing a bikini-clad black teenager to the ground, last Friday and brandishing his gun at other black teens after he and other. Other. Officers responded to complaints about the pool, party, the actions of Casebook as seen on the video, the disturbance at the community pool are indefensible. He had originally placed the former Texas state trooper on administrative. Leave the incident this case to be a trooper now. That's a pretty hot stuff. Yeah, state, trooper, you kidding me, Texas, troopers and everything now wait a minute man. That's different. Yeah No, it's not. It's the loan. It's the lone ranger, though stay to the lone ranger. What do you mean the lone ranger? The Texas Rangers Different From the troopers. What are you doing thirty two to review? You're putting your fingers around here until you're looking at people like you're like. You're running some kind of an apollo thirteen. It's about to blow up again. I'm just saying the Texas Rangers are different while they did. I don't know just different. You know will thank you for that explanation I. How tell me Tell You the Texas Rangers? where the big hat all right? Yeah, a Dickman don't piss me way go ahead. The Texas Rangers where those big hats. And they've got the big You know the star and walk around like there's. No like their shit doesn't stink. and what is it Texas trooper? At a Texas trooper is a guy that's got. He wears the uniform. And they walk around like they're. You know what doesn't stink pretty much. And you being serious I. Don't know you asked me a question. I'm trying to give you an answer I think. The Texas Rangers are like the FBI of Texas but does it what touches they wanted to. What does in Texas just open up at Department of State notes thing you know they'll succeed. Then next thing you know. The one I cut a deal. The United States defend them as they send their crap all over the world, and trying to trade it with the south in the North Koreans. Kid Out all right all right. let's not get into that. Okay repaired by the way is running for president. Jesus Christ coddle. I would think you'd be very excited about that. Why what? What? On? What about me, says dimwit? Is there something on my forehead I've always thought you were a bit more conservative can. We can talk about that at some other date. If you don't mind, we'RE GONNA be right back in the world. Famous Phil Hendrie show coming up Dave all of to talk about the hiring and firing a police officers. How's it done specifically this whole discussion we got into about how tall guy was. One Cup was too short. No, no, no, no, no I will not accept that damage. A midget cop and you. Well. We'll be right back. world-famous Phil. Hendrie show this Nigga wish. Army. Chip Canaan and I have been a backstage pass holder for so long I. Just can't believe it. I love it I have an all access pass also I get to be involved in the chats that they have on Friday night with Phil. Hill tell you things about his life. It's neat. The. It's the all access pass from Phil Hendrie Show Dot Com. Get One you get A. TURT- description, but you get the all access one. That's better. Phil Hendrie show from the L. Pacifico in southern California the. Guy On TV, right now named Albert breer who looks like a young Casey Kasem. Margaret, grey. Cup in the not throw it back here on the show. That is the the music of Travis Scott. What do you think of that thirty five hundred? Travis Scott Brand new. To Man said. caboose Travis Scott the guy that singing right now, okay? okay, you know what you've got until you got that. God used by language that God Damn Diane Keaton she couldn't sing. If you put a gun a loaded shotgun to her head and every kid she ever adopted. Diane Keaton Cheryl. All Right? She's got voice. What remind Diane Keaton singing here. I can't stay whoever that is. I can't stand the sound of her voice. Did. She adopt a bunch of Kids I. Don't know to be honest with you. All right so we have Dave going to jump in here with us and talk at this particular juncture of the program about the hiring and firing police officers Dave I. Know that you probably were following the news. As much as anybody else and. What do you think? Well I mean first of all machinery. My condolences go out to the people of gated community, or whatever it was I heard body. Do they talk about it? you know there's a lot of people's. You, know I mean that's not lapd I can only vouch for LAPD. Place, but I WANNA be any PD's is where it's got to be. If I wrote it, so you know I don't know if you want me to sing it. Head, what does this is? P. D. is for me. LAPD is a place to be we're. Do I WANNA BE LAPD. Added to the sound of of of of of you know. That's that. What what what is this a song? You WanNa spend the whole time. Yeah, we have things that we're GONNA. Talk to them about zoom. Look ahead. Semester I'll go ahead. We'll. Go ahead okay, goes. No, no, no, no, no, no, no no NA NA NA NA. Na Na NA. No, yeah, no, is it a whole bunch of other stuff? And it goes. LAPD. Place. I WANNA be Batman. That's for me. Be Five. To be b by the Petey. No. No, no, no, what? Is that the whole song? You're generally just going on another not and five. It's an old son General. It's an old Aren Beeson. Called Again It's called thousand dancers. Irene into its own land of the LAPD. which would be la you know, and that's what I? Was GonNa go land of the NFC deeper into parenthesis? or how they say parenthetically, was that parenthetically? parenthetically, it was okay, so it's called LAPD, parenthetically, the L. Airline with no, not A. Landed a LAPD critically. WOULD THAT BE LA okay, so? That's the name of it now that we got the name dot, US going. Like 'cause, this is a this is the old land of thousand dances, so people know. Donna and I want sing it like a like a Hannibal in in Carthage Not Hannibal and the Carthaginians. In Canada the head hunters. Cannibal headhunters Hannibal the Carthaginians. You know something. Just general, don't hold on. I don't know whether you want to be a cop. I historian or just stick with that auto detailing business IRA idea, the whole thing's has to pieces fit. Like a cannibal in the. In and I'm sorry. Man Hannibal and and the and the kid and the kid killers not. Tech are you serious so cannibal and the headhunters? Owners Cannibal in the kitchen, bitching I'll bet you like something as sick and twisted sadistic that just sing. The Song Goes I. You gotta stick it like that you know. No No, no, no, no I'm not on on on on Nah non on Oh okay. Everybody come on. A lot of people right you know. Why are you singing that as if someone has remained you with a road Ruder, that has razor blades on the end of it. Word you general just this is the way the original song. Never mind. Just sing it Williams. God Man. You know you need a vacation. No I. Don't need a vacation. I need people to sing the freaking song well. Goes. Na. Na Na NA NA NA NA NA NA. Hold you want, but it's not. I do the part where it goes everybody. He wants to know you don't yeah. You can't average he. Goes. No No, no, no, no, no, no I'm on a non on not yeah, not Nah Dickman And that goes like you got to learn how to don't know if that's the other one. PB Pan. For me, I like to era td a law. That's the place gotta be We're WHA-. Then it goes What's for me? F- PD What's for tea? Party thanks a lot. Dave about it. That's that's all we need. So up! This is the song that you wrote for the LAPD. GonNa, get you into. A pastiche Kennedy Fester. I don't know I mean no I. Just think you know it's by saying. Hey, you know if if I can grease the wheels a little bit. Here's a thing I. You know like if they say I mean do. What is your last name? Ola? Are you having a hard time with that? Because my father's name was deeply before he changed to all of. When he came over. When he came over from where Czechoslovakia? You're not even Hispanic. Mostly Hispanic on my mother's side, but my father was tickled. He was tickling. So how is it kid Lewis Lavar? Then your. Dad's name was Duke. Louis but I changed. or he changed that one because everybody in the family was only. Do I actually my mother's name. Your mother's name that ain't the way it's done supposed to have. The dead name could do it anyway I. WanNa do it man. No, that about you, Dave, so your father was Czechoslovakian. Do you have any contact with that side of the family? Not really no, I mean. My father came over after the checked up after the to the. Schickel Slovakian after it was invaded by Russia and my father got out, and he came over to America, but he was really young, but then he met my mom, and and your name is which is the mother's name yeah? My father didn't WanNa have no Czechoslovak name or anything. He adopted the ways of the of the. We're like my dad says he adopted the ways of of the MOM and I go. Even my mom goes yeah I go what? Kind of weirded out and everything. Yeah, well, it's pretty weird. The named Duke Louis. Came, and but that's my dad's name. Don't mess it up, okay, but the obviously the family abandoned it. Let, let's get on with what we're saying here. We have Dave on the line with us, ok, but it goes like man. I don't WanNa hear that song anymore. Man. We're talking about the hiring and the firing of police officers. Yeah, well, I mean. It seems to me. If you're talking about mckinney, we know, but mckinney now why the the whole thing that we'd reason why we got you on here. What's it again? My Name's Deborah God man know who he is all of. Whose this deeply! That's my bad man. He came for Charleston from. He came over from Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia all right I. Know who that is. We want to know about this this cup? The Cup that cut suspended actually got fired. And he was suspended then he quit. I guess that COP is four foot to is data blue Goddamn at Frodo no, yeah. I know I get stuck to. This is I have to tell everyone. Latest, we all get stuck in this five foot. Two Eyes Bloop, so please forgive US I. Don't you guys do well I? Do a Mr Okay fine. How do you know the guy was five foot two I? Don't I mean I'm just saying if you look at the guy. He was much shorter than the other police officers that had made that that we're responding to the initial call. Okay, 'cause I, you'd have the initial call then you have the responding officers. Don't you have the on the scene? And then you have what's called the lead the lead agency? Okay, like for instance if it was if that dude was still a Texas ranger, well, I mean, he wasn't Texas Ranger. Was Never. Texas Ramos a Texas trooper if he was still Texas Cooper. But I showed up and I was Texas. I was a Texas Ranger. Fat chance that had happened. God Man that's cool. I don't mean any offense day, but you're gonNA. have to go a long way before you become one of the fine esteemed man at the Texas Rangers. As, they do man you know what say that again. You don't even know what a Texas Ranger does not even know what a Texas Ranger is yeah. You don't even know you guys sound like a hearst. You sound like the Hershey twins with the squirts. You know all general. You don't know what a Texas Ranger is. So what are you give it a whole song and dance about it for because it's an esteem. I know that the never buy. Texas long razor right there, the lone ranger, but whatever I mean. Let's say that the first guy on the scene was this guy casebook. And I show up okay this while I'm six foot one okay, and that guy's five foot two I, the blue or what you will do, should you know what's the five foot two? So she, so he she, he is short short. If I show up I'm like Texas. Ranger and I go. Hey deeply and I do think that'd be my. Case both. What's up man and he's all little tiny Texas trooper as all. Oh I. Don't know. I. Don't in looks like there's some black people here. Hey, back off cooper back-off. Texas Ranger I'll take over from here. And while you're at it man as long as you're down, there man, you might give him my boots or punish. That'd be a riot. Okay fine, so you get the jokes off at the expense of the guys hype these jokes. These highest jokes I think are very highest. General give it a rest. Everybody else gets to do the Oh God. There's no such thing as highest. There's all kinds of bigotry in this world general. We might as well try and not. Extend the jokes all of it. Okay. I was simply saying that guy was. Never mind. I've got a million lines I could use here, but I'm the guy that's GonNa sit here scratching by not sniffing fingers and waiting for a better day. That's about it only what I'm saying. Is it up there and let's forget about whether you're a Texas ranger or whether you're a Texas trooper. Let's say you got a five foot. Two is a blue God damnit. Would you knock off with that? Let's say you got a little tiny guy. Five three. Okay, yeah I would say to that officer. I'm sorry, but you know what you're not big enough. Because here's what happens during I think this the psychological part of it and I think this is what the whole thing. What happened to the guy what what what went over there? When you're five foot, two and over a girl can do to you. Has Anybody seen by Gal we. I five when you're short got when you're short. All of a sudden, and you go over there. You're short and you're white. Not as all these big tall well, nutrition, well-nourished, Young African American teenagers, and you're all. Oh, God man, I'm in the land of. The Hill I'm in Hell. Man I'm little. I'm white and I used to be a trooper. And now I'm just a mckinney COP. It's bad man. It's bad. Well I. Mean then you just you your gun, you know, and that's when if there isn't like a Texas ranger like if that's what I would be. Or. LAPD IF I showed up. LAPD showed up. Didn't mckinney COPS would back with the hell off because we would have the jurisdiction you? Can you don't have any jurisdiction there when you talk about yet, but you know what you're talking about man. WHY WOULD LA PDF jurisdiction in Texas? Well okay, you're right. I mean what I meant to say. You're going to make a great cop. If you get out of the first graders, thing LAPD. They'd have to be a Texas like you were saying that Texas. S. Stupor not the Texas through the Star Trooper. It's a Texas trooper at Texas troopers. What are you? Oh, yeah, that's right Texas. Trooper would have joe if they were the lead agency, but the Bikini cops for the lead agency. That's right lead agency. You know what you're. You got a lot a long way to go before you become a cop or really. Mystery says because you don't even know what lead agency is you don't know who has jurisdiction. You don't know how tall someone should be. You can't say five foot two eyes of. Did the same thing. Five two I have bloomed I, didn't say thank for two I of blue. Oh my God, Jesus, Christ. The cuts on one I. Blue Eyed Freak, five foot, two with one blue eye. Friend. You know what I consider myself dead. I'd go ahead and put my hands up and say you know what without depth perception. You're probably GONNA put a bullet right through my mouth. Well I think that's very wrong. Because if there was a Texas super there or I mean not a temper and it never mind okay, never mind. I think that what you're saying is the every police agency has a different standard and I don't think you've made a case at all. That five foot two is a blue. Or. Anything else is necessarily too short. I think he has I. Think what you're saying. That cop was was. It was too far down in terms of perception to see what the hell is going on, I think he was blocked by knees I think kneecaps blocked in okay. Dave thanks very much band, but very very best of luck work on that song. I'm going to work and I when I when I finished it. DIGIT NON-COMBAT I come back and sing your song. Day Okay again NA NA NA. No, it's got us on. Like Hannibal the kid could not the killer. Do, that one more, it's Hannibal and the head and the head hanger. Cannibal and the headhunters. Accountable hit owners by good luck with that. I don't give a shit what he was going to say I got. I got to get out of the bit. You know this is. This is part and parcel. I think of how wrecked and carved up and. We don't even have time now for Jay Santos and a report on Dan Amora. We'll do that tomorrow. Something tells me. You'll do it tomorrow. Yes, we'll do it tomorrow because something tells me. WE AIN'T GONNA have time. To we don't have any time. We've run out of time now. I will simply say this to you. the data more with US Jay Santos. He's up there playing. GRAB ASS parking lot. There was a report of. What report? Here they got a report from the dental or police for the New York State police that there were some guys and I'm quoting here. Can I have that? Individuals Conseil citizens. Auxiliary Police California and the New York state simulated, please. Play grab ass throwing a football playing catch running around the cars. Et Cetera et CETERA. Oh for Christ's sake. See what I'm saying. Every and that guy shadows is doing that in the name of your show old. I will figure it out. We'll figure it out I. Promise You I can assure you. We'll figure it out. We'll have Santa's tomorrow and we'll figure out. What in the name of God and and man has to have. we thank you very much for listening to this show world-famous Phil. Every show Phillipi show dot com. World famous villain show executive produced by Phil Hendrie, Foresee Emperor Incorporated. All rights reserved on podcast one I'm Margaret Gray. An ASS. I told you. Not. To member you methadone. They may not even have you back on. Care Man. J. Sandwich from upstate New York and we'll be here on your porn. Would not. We weren't playing. Grab Ass. On here.

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