Rumble in the Jungle - October 30, 1974


The shop now and save up to six hundred dollars on the bed of your dreams this day in history class is a production of iheartradio everyone before the show I have to share the huge savings happening right now at mattress firm get a king bet for a queen price plus a free adjustable base with your qualifying purchase spirit of Fred Rogers Checkout Finding Fred of the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen in James Brown and Miriam Makeba performed in the series around eighty thousand people attended the concerts the fight began just after four am today it's October. Thirtieth Twenty Nineteen Day was October local time so it would be broadcast during prime time in the United States even though four men was favourite to win the fight Ali was more beloved in Africa Stadium and what was the in Kinshasa Zaire sixty thousand people attended the fight and it was the world's most watched live television broadcast at the time who agreed to host the fight in his country because he knew it would bring tourism and publicity he provided training facilities and venue for the fight it attracted around fifty million viewers on closed circuit television worldwide and pulled in around one hundred million dollars for men retired in nineteen seventy seven does he was stripped of it and suspended from boxing in nineteen sixty seven after refusing to comply with the draft boxing promoter Don King arranged a fight between though he later regained the world heavyweight championship at age forty five after losing his title in Nineteen Seventy eight regaining again months later Ali retired thirtieth nineteen seventy-four former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali beat undefeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman in a fight at the twentieth of May heavyweight champion when he beat Joe Frazier Nineteen Seventy-three Ali was wants heavyweight champion too but Ali had been fighting for a chance to regain the title a to getting them to sign contracts for men was the favorite he had knocked down champion Joe Frazier six times in two rounds before he kayode him Ali spent more time out in the local communities and spoke to the press he later reflected that the fight was also about racial issues and about the relationship between black of a framework for professional boxing and Africa until nineteen seventy-three when the African boxing union was formed the president of Zaire Mobutu Sessa said insurance as a promoter both Ali and four men wanted five million dollars for the fight but king did not have that much money to put up. There wasn't much to win the championship and he beat Ken Norton in two rounds Ali on the other hand had lost a frazier in Norton the fight was one of Don Kings I list at this day at Iheartmedia Dot com hope he likes this show we'll be back tomorrow with another episode he ended up defeating Foreman and an eighth round knockout the fight one of the most famous matches ever

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