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Reagan's Recorded Racism & The Origins of Old-School Hip-Hop | Diane Guerrero


You're listening to comedy central for two thousand nine hundred ninety from comedy central's World News Headquarters in New York. This is the daily show with Trevor Noah. Here's the deal aw man you guys are amazing. I feel like we already know each. Oh this is amazing. Our guest tonight is one of the stars of the hit Netflix. Show are is the new black Dan Guerrero is joining us great conversation the but before we get into the second round of the democratic debates are officially over and it was long it was contentious and it was the closest we'll ever see a U._F._C. match sets in a retirement home but now that the debates over we can catch up on some of the other news stories swallowed up by the debates because so much other news that we don't cover when the debates happening so that means it's time for another edition of in other news the kick it off with something fun cab drivers in New York are used to seeing some crazy things happening. They're backseats but this next story is easily at the top of list delivery cab driver in Brooklyn could moonlight as a midwife after helping couple welcome their baby girl into the world right there in is car Lewis. Leonardo couldn't predict the drama that unfolded in his back seat picked up to and drop off three simple cameras were recording as they always do when he picked up a couple earlier this month in Bushwick the woman in labor and with the baby breathing the couple wrapped in a blanket and Louis kept on driving you you realize that was the first word that baby her damp and I hope the parents give that guy five stars because I'm just happy when my driver offers me like a mint a phone charges. This guy was cutting umbilical cords and even though this might not have been the ideal plan for these parents you have to admit after being born in a cab that kid it can handle anything in life unlike those other babies that are born in like a bathtub while in years playing in the background come like I'm allergic to collusion real baby. The only thing that taxi baby is going to be allergic to is people and slow up here. Would you want your. Let's move on because if you think a baby being born in the back seat is the weirdest procreation story. You'll hear all week you might want to think again. There's been some new and disturbing reporting this morning on accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein I from The New York Times Times that he believed he could improve the population of the world by fading the Human Race with his D._N._A.. Epstein owns a sprawling ranch in New Mexico. According leading to a new report he wanted to use the ranch for controlled breeding using his DNA to improve humanity the article reports Epstein surrounded himself with leading scientists and would tell them he wanted to have twenty women impregnated at a time on the ranch okay first off Jeffrey Epstein's Sperm Ranch is by far the worse flavor of salad dressing. I've ever heard of and secondly why is it that the people who want to spread their DNA I always the last people who should be spreading their DNA. Nobody's ever ever looked Jeffrey ever seen them being like yeah. We need twenty million more of this guy. That's how come Idris Elba doesn't have a sex raunch outgoing and don't say oh Trevor Idris. Elba can't get pregnant while I'm willing to find out it started out this Jeffrey Epstein's story was already appalling but now everyday it just keeps getting more and more strange because not only the Jeffrey Epstein wants to populate violate the world with his D._N._A.. Apparently he also told people that after he dies he wants to be cryogenically frozen right. They said they want to he said he wants people's cryogenically freezes head head specifically and get this his penis. Yes completely true which doesn't make any sense so because what you've got a head and a penis and nobody how's that going to work. There's going to attach the peanuts to your forehead like a flash at Unicorn. Is that how no I don't get why ah you'd want freeze your peanuts. Have you seen what happens to appeanas. There's been cold for like two minutes. I don't think it's going to hold up well after being cryogenically frozen after one hundred eight years F._C.. There's going to be like all right eight. That bacon wrapped dates. You gave me now whereas my penis. What why are you guys looking at me with something on my face all right? Let's move on some other news because while Jeffrey Epstein's breeding compound was super gross the part about repopulating the earth might not have been such a crazy idea because apparently we it came pretty close to sing by an asteroid passed closer to the earth than the moon and nobody saw it coming asteroid twenty nineteen okay was reportedly undetected as it hurdle towards earth at a speed of fifteen miles per second before flying past. NASA says it was just forty five five thousand miles away from Earth on Thursday scientists say they missed it because it was coming from the direction of the Sun way what scientists just missed an asteroid heads was the earth because it was coming from the direction of the sun so we all could have died because these scientists didn't do this coming from the sun the worse what's even worse is now these scientists have told everyone so now all the asteroids no the Earth's blindspot. It's going to be telling each other if we approach us from the direction of the suns. I'll never see US coming. Why do Asteroids Sharman Nyanza Question is why do Germans asteroids now the scientists the scientists say this asteroid wouldn't have been big enough to destroy the earth but it could have wiped out the population of a small city or normal sized democratic debates and I really hope scientists? Don't miss this kind of thing again because if an asteroid is coming we all you need to know as human beings. We need to know so we can go crazy in the streets rioting partying. That's the best part of an asteroid is when it comes to you like we're GonNa die then Bus Next to you guy this is stop. I know I sound crazy when I keep seeing this guy I think God is angry with us. There's been two earthquakes in California. I mean floods on the east coast then heatwaves and now an asteroid us by this much this much and you might be like Oh trevor that doesn't prove anything Oh yeah well. What about this in Las Vegas scientists scientists say the weather has been a factor in bringing on an invasion of grasshoppers in Sin City? It's the insect invasion putting on a show. No one can't escape a twenty four seven onslaught of grasshoppers that really sticks with you did your covered in Rocha's covered winded for many the first impression felt downright biblical migrating horrid bugs so big you could even see them from space okay. Can we agree. God is definitely pissed off and of course he's GonNa hit Vegas. I it Sin City. The women all naked the mineral fluids fluids against God's people and the grasshopper evasion is super gross. Although there's a small chance that wasn't invasion like it could have just been one grasshopper with Bachelorette Red Party. We don't know one last fling before the oh this is random but my favorite part of the story and this is completely really true is that Ugandans sold the story online right and this blew up on Ugandan twitter because apparently in Uganda these grasshoppers APAs are a delicacy. This is completely true so Ugandans were laughing at America's Ovalles guy and they were like no we will come there to help you take over the problem. It was amazing and you might think that's crazy but basically it would be like if white people that Uganda had a plague of Sushi. They'd it'd be on the first plane flying over. I'm going to save them from those crap rawls in other news if I was to ask you in the audience what's the biggest problem you think the American government should solve right now. What would you say anyone climate healthcare from while you're all wrong but if you said instagram than the Senate's graphics has got your back and new Senate bill may ultimately affect how much you spend when it comes time on social media it's called the Social Media Addiction Reduction Action Technology Act or Smart Act for short as the name suggests it is being introduced to fight social media addiction to do this? The bill will crackdown practices. This is used by social network sites. Keep you online longer and that includes features like infinite scroll for news feeds and auto play videos. That's right a Republican and Senator is proposing a new law to curb social media addiction and you have to admit that it is becoming a real problem social media's messing with our brains like yesterday. My Buddy told me something that I liked and I just tap toe twice on the void. It's a problem now. The Senate is bill has suggested a few things like limits for APPs like how much time you can spend on them which is fine but I've got a few suggestions that I think would be way more effective active like I was thinking how about for every half hour you spend scrolling online your phone automatically tweets out a picture of what you look like while you spending all that time school. That's the thing if you WANNA get people instagram. We make a new feature where we say every seventh picture on your feet has to be a semi nude photo of both of your parents yeah yeah you see you're lugging already yeah and I know what you're thinking. I don't and have any semi nude photos on my parents. Well I do. I'll send them to you and finally in other news. Here's one pretty big story that got buried because of the pre presidential presidential democratic debates and it's a story about an American president who is racist and no it's not the one you're thinking of some surprising audio recordings have surfaced of a phone conversation. Nearly a half century ago between President Richard Nixon and future President Ronald Reagan President Richard Nixon recorded himself talking to then California Governor Ronald Reagan in October nineteen seventy one the day after the United Nations voted to recognize the People's Republic of China Reagan had phone Nixon at the White House to vent his frustration at African delegates who celebrated the vote <music> cover comfortable where the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation said it said that fifty years ago he shouldn't have and he would be the first person to apologize. You'll be the first person you should be the only person to apologize. What does I mean? It would be weird if he was like well apologize but only if those monkeys apologize I what a strange thing to say. Also they like if he said there's a recording he said the thing so now that recording come out Ronald Reagan will have to be cancelled which is going to be hard because life cancelled him I well it takes a lot of work to cancel Hansel a dead person. You got to hold a seance some this spirit back from the dead. We like Ronald Reagan. We have called you back to tell you by Felicia so now because of these newly released tapes Ronald Reagan officially has a racist Asterix next to his name as do many former presidents Woodrow Wilson was a segregationist Andrew Jackson wiped out native Americans. Thomas Jefferson had sex with his slaves and George H W Bush shot to Puck Yeah said it proved me wrong so on the one hand it there's disturbing that America has a history of racist presidents but look on the bright side it also means that Donald Trump is more presidential than we thought we'll be right back in studying for standardized test doesn't have to be stressful boring or expensive Magoche online test prep provides students everywhere with effective accessible and enjoyable able test prep for exams like the G._R._e.. G._M. A._T.. L. Set mcat and S._A._T.. At Mugu Dot Com you'll find tons of practice questions study schedules nls video lessons and access to expert or team if you need extra help if you're retaking attest Magoo offers a score improvement guarantee if you don't improve you'll get your money back. Study materials are always up to date and super relevant to the questions you'll see on the actual tests students who have used Magoo's love it one student who a US Magoo's to improve his G. Mat verbal score by six points says Mike wants skills were already good but I needed to improve my verbal score. The question sets and explanations or amazing visit Magoo's dot com Contributed so much to American culture dance jazz presidents who owns embarrassing but there's one contribution that maybe bigger than all the rest to learn more about that we turn avoid junior for another edition of sleepytime <music> but welcome to see pizza. The only show the full of culture today. We're going to talk about about hip hop and I mean real hip hop. Not This new school trap mumble rep when you can't even understand what they're saying bike hub at Perkins in Hobart obiter. That's the sound Fred Flintstone feet make when he driving off his feet just joined Amigos today. We're going to talk about old school hip. Hop Legends Like D._J.. COUDERC GRANDMASTER FLASH RUN DMC OF COURSE BOSS MA short-lived group readily Roy and the TRAPEZOIDAL. It's Brooke right after we took that picture a huge argument over what exactly a trapezoid is this report a single track 'cause my roy tonight. Let's discuss some of the seminal moments in the birth of Hippo Pau starting with the fortieth anniversary of Rapper's delight. The first commercially successful Repsol represented like Gut everyone one rapid in fact thanks to represent light hip up what's so mainstream it even lit to stuff like this and every wrapping cat I know painfully hip hop survived that commercial. No represented light might be the reason <unk> commercial but what gave hip hop. It's flavor was undoubtedly the sound of the record scratch. A A lot of people don't know what the Rickett scratch was actually invented by Exit Young D._J.. By the name of grand was at Theodore was practicing in his his room when his mother came in and he stopped the record with his hand which led to this that's right that sound was accidentally created by a young black man trying to avoid an aspen now. It's the signature of hip hop. Also the sound of winsome Shipton gone wrong. The condom had a hole in it. What do you mean it wasn't beat you? Maybe a dentist but that ain't my mouth but before you could scratch on the turntable you I needed a turntable and that was one of the biggest obstacles force Byron hip hop deejays turntables were too expensive. Luckily in nineteen seventy any seven an act of God changed the course of black history. A massive blackout hit New York City and in the ensuing chaos over a thousand thousand stores were looted now. I'm not going to be the one to say that. Black people had anything to do with it but let's just see that the next day there were a bunch of brand new D._J.'s in in New York City now before you judge those people who looted on that fateful day remember that looting can lead to some beneficial super-fix black people looted and now we have hip hop white people looted and now we have museums will learn Mondays didn't just woke themselves and then stored seventy seven uncle bebo also took part in Luton but because of the darkness he couldn't identify what he was taking. He thought he stole two turntables turns out. It was too lazy. Susan's never did become a D._J.. He passed the hill out of some catch well. That's all the time we have today but before we go I want WanNa make peace with the trapezoid leroy if you're watching US tonight. I'm sorry that I said a trapezoid is just a square with an attitude. That's what I'm I'm sorry. Having sex with your wife Liz has been C._P._T.. And remember for the Culture Newark his Massan and why would you never Hulu right back it it is an activist and author and an actor who can currently be seen in the Netflix series orange is is the new black please welcome Dan Guerrero in the show thank you for having me and congratulations on the final season of Orange is the new black arguably V show that invented binging absolutely yeah. I'm glad to be part of that hill welcome but it it really was the first show where Netflix food before that Netflix show where people we'll pick up things here and there and then ours is the new black came out and it was the show about a women's prison and it showed all of the challenges and people just binged the entire series. Why do you think the show has has connected with so many different people well? I mean what the show has tried to do is humanize people story <hes> <hes> peoples stories people especially that have been labeled as criminals that have inch of castaway by this label people who have been affected inherently by this racist and unjust system and people deserve those real stories on honestly it was the first time we got to see a ton of people people of Color on screen and people are really excited about that. It was really a groundbreaking and is as a groundbreaking show because of you know just just what you said the way the stories were told were human in a very real well way. We learned why people go to prison. Why people stay in in prison? You know some people had a history of crime. Some people would just victims of the moment in their lives your character Maritza correct connected with so many people especially in this season because we saw her we were watching the show and your character gets released Double Sentences Right. You pay your dues to society you. You know people make tons of money off you by you being in jail and then <hes> and then you pay a second sentence by being thrown back into detention center and then ultimately deported and we saw that with money and we saw that with so many of the other characters on Orange's new black you originally going to come back on the show and then it was thought you meant this show. No no no no are interesting. You get really pissed me. No no you originally originally back. I mean you've been doing other shows and you know you've been spreading your wings but what what was really wonderful to read was why you went back for the final season of orange and that was because Marissa's story connected slow so closely yours but in a different way you know you wrote a book beautiful book a memoir about how you came home at the age age of fourteen and your parents have been deported s and your life changed forever from that point and and this show certainly inspired me the people that I worked with <hes> inspired me to share my story to use my voice in this way. I mean seeing the way people were being affected. <hes> by hearing these stories by empathizing with these stories stories. I felt a sort of a duty to share mine and and the fact that orange I don't know I mean. I don't know if I was an example or if I if I'm glad that they took this opportunity to talk about this issue. That has so much especially you weren't. You weren't quick to tell the story. That's that's something that I that I admired. Is that you know. It's not something that you you always warn US leave. It's not something that you acted about before. This was a big decision for you. I'M GONNA take my real life and basically portray. It's on the show. You've also started living that activism. You know we see you now. You know working with immigrants who are who are learning about at their rights. We're seeing we're seeing you know lobbying to have laws repealed that have been shown just why it seems obvious but why do you think it's so important and how do do you think that message can get out there. Well I mean I shows through our we can teach so much through art. We can help people empathize. I mean I feel like that's the big problem. In this country right now is that I mean obviously that and like money. Everybody wants money. <HES> AND PEOPLE WANNA make money off of human bodies go figure and children in cages <hes> i.. I know that's not not to joke about but <hes> it's important. Can you repeat the question. Are we going to wait. Is this taped right. Yeah no no sorry. I'm Laura Water this. I completely understand where you're coming from. It's like it's like if the question again. Your question was weird if you I'm saying for somebody who has portrayed this character like we we've watched you as a character and then we started seeing you live that story in real life you know you you started becoming an active speaking to the issues that we saw your character portrayed the why of it is what makes it so so interesting. Why do you feel it's so important for people to understand the human side of the conversation in immigration because because we're not the the reason why these laws were put in place is because we have disconnected from humanity right if you don't know what is going on out there when you don't know how people we're living than you are most likely. GonNa just let these inhumane practices continue going on when you label a person a criminal then it's so easy to strip them from their humanity from their due process rights and we all have due process rights right and we'll what you meant. What were you asked earlier is. Why do we want what what do I want. People to get out of out of this. Show out of this story is that we have terrible policy. In place so right everybody talks about how trump is making making this worse how he's how he's used <hes> immigrants as a scapegoat but this has been happening for a very long time and laws like the nineteen ninety-six laws that were put in place that expanded detention centers that weakened due process <hes> laws in immigration court and created needed <hes> more detention. <HES> programs are laws that we need to get rid of these are the laws that need to be repealed. We need a new way forward and the way we do that is by all of us coming together and acknowledging. This is a problem we need to abolish the system that we have. Right now oh and start new right for me twenty twenty <music>. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Who Am I Joe Biden. Stop no the the the there is a there is a conversation in America right now in and around who America is and what America is what I've always enjoyed about your story. Is You have told it with nuance. There is a duality you can be an American kickin who is also an immigrant. You can be an American who is Mexican. That's America story you. Everyone should be part of that Irish American Italian American etc when you look at your journey going Ford. We see the activist but what do you want to do now. I mean oranges and you back. This is the final season yeah what's exciting that you've got. That's not in the world of activism where you're just having a good time and and having a good time. I don't know I don't know what that's like. Well look I think that for a long time I was still even when I shared my story even when I came here last time and I talked about my book I was still always still holding onto that shame of of having my parents separated that actually lived through that what and honestly like this is the power of community since this season has come out since we have actually witnessed the atrocities that are going on at the border order and we're seeing actual human lives be destroyed. I feel like I have so much more support and I'm. I'm incentivized to continue going on I i.. I want to tell more immigration stories until the cows come home. I don't care I know people. Ask Me are you. Are you afraid of being pigeonholed. I'm not I want to continue with this work work and yeah. I want to have a little fun. Maybe I'll take a trip I don. I live at take a few trips fight for people at the border fight for the humanity of other human beings and then come back <hes> and yeah. I'm maybe a little less nervous with ones should be nervous. You got an amazing story. You're doing fantastic. Thank you so much for being on the show. Colon seventeen always is the new black are available to Netflix right now. The Amazing Guerrero the daily show with criminal years addition watch the daily show weeknights at eleven content central on comedy central and comedy central watch full episodes and videos at the daily show dot com follow us on facebook twitter and instagram and subscribe up to the daily show on Youtube exclusive content and this has been a comedy central podcast.

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