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Live from npr news. i'm jack speer in a news conference today. President biden said he is open to fillibuster reform. Something many democrats are pushing for more from. Npr's more lion much biden's agenda will not be able to pass the sixty threshold in the senate and many democrats want to overturn the rule that requires a supermajority to break a filibuster biden. Repeated today that he is in favor of a reform that would require senators. Who are filibustering to keep talking on the senate floor as they were required to do in the past. But he said he was also open to other changes if republicans decide to obstruct everything. There's complete lockdown and chaos consequential filibuster. Then we'll have to go beyond what i'm talking about. The president said his main goal was to get things done for the american people in that his years in the senate have given him a good idea of how to get things done in that chamber mara liasson. Npr news after shuttering. His goal of making sure one hundred million covid nineteen. Vaccinations were delivered to americans. In his first one hundred days in office president biden effect is doubling down by saying today he's setting a new goal administering two hundred million shots in his first one hundred days bringing the east room of the white house for his first solo. News conferences. Taking office the president noted he reached his first goal. Forty two days ahead of schedule. The us carried out more than two dozen. Cyber operations abroad protect us elections last year new details on election security emerging at a capitol hill hearing today. Here's npr's greg. Murray the head of us cyber command army general. Paul nakasone worn last year that he'd be taking measures against foreign adversaries to safeguard the november elections. He offered a summary in testimony before the senate services committee. Us cyber command conducted more than two dozen operations to get ahead of foreign threats before the interfered or influenced our elections in twenty twenty. Nakasone did not name. The countries that use cyber warriors acted against however the us intelligence community recently reported that russia and iran both attempted to meddle with the election. Gregory npr news washington. Bad weather is hitting parts of the south today including a small rural community south of birmingham alabama pictures and videos circulating showing damage including in the eagle point neighborhood of hoover alabama more from npr russell. Lewis here in birmingham. It is still windy. There are still bolts of lightening and claps of thunder from this storm system. That has brought this particularly violent tornado into the birmingham metro area. The tornado moved just south of the metro area hitting several neighborhoods in communities. It appears that the hardest hit community is In eagle point that scenario in hoover which is just south of birmingham. Npr's russell lewis on wall street. The dow is up one hundred ninety nine points this is. Npr major french. Hospital says france waited too long as new. Variants of the corona virus surged and now a strict lockdown. Maybe the only way to avoid a major crisis within the hospital system. They're npr's eleanor. Beardsley reports francis. Currently what many people call lockdown light with some businesses in school still open speaking to be. Fm television professor philip juve on from the george pompidou hospital said france had let the situation go. Since mid december without making tough decisions culture over dubrovnik of nip rock of their earlier. You lot now shorter and more efficient. The measure will be he said. Now we've lost time and we have a knife to our throats. I don't see any other solution. But a tough confinement. France has already rescheduled eighty percent of other surgeries to make room for covid nineteen patients. The french government is trying to speed up. Vaccinations by bringing in firefighters and the army to help run mass vaccination centers in sports stadiums across the country. Eleanor beardsley npr news. Paris giving business owners who might qualify a bit more time to apply for forgivable loans under the government's paycheck protection program lawmakers passing a bill. Today that would give applicants to more wants to apply for the federal help. the measure is already cleared. the house and goes to president binds the desk to be signed into law. The deadline will be extended until may thirty first. The loan program was begun last year to help. Businesses survived the coronavirus pandemic. We'll after gaining ground. Yesterday gave some of that back crude oil futures tumbling four point three percent to close at fifty eight fifty six a barrel in new york. I'm jack speer npr news.

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