Kovalev vs YardeShow Pacquiao How Its DONE with Clean VADA Testing


Here comes again. 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I mean kept the knockout power and most people thought that manning was on p._d. Intended for mature audiences. The views using opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way those are the podcast partners sponsors or affiliates enjoy leagues were here it comes again lunch will be the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new jamaican jerk turkey sub at firehouse how subs freshly sliced smoked turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of caribbean seasoning just five fifty five remedium save time order the new jamaican making jerk turkey sub on the firehouse subs app firehouse subs enjoy more subscale save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary delivery right now at t. mobile get an awesome iphone. Ten are on us when you bring your family over trade in your old device because whether you have mom dad ad or a friend on your mind it's a gift so bold and brilliant you wanna keep it for yourself. Most importantly it's on us in six five plus with unlimited limited everything from t mobile possum iphone ten are we'll have everyone snapping streaming contrary to their hearts content all year long but don't wait. It's only for a limited time so visit a store or call one eight hundred t mobile to get iphone ten are on us if congested customers using more than fifty gigs per month. They notice reduced speeds student prioritization at forty p. b. At twenty four monthly bill credits for well qualified customers plus tax qualifying traded services and finance agreement required contact us before cancelling our credit it stopping remaining balance do sixty four zero down with thirty one twenty five per month for twenty four months pre-credit price seven forty nine ninety nine zero percents a._p._r. One per account take action com good morning t._b._b. And welcome back ladies and gentlemen gentlemen to another morning edition of the box voice radio what a glorious day whenever you can wake up and see high level elite fighters doing drug testing setting the precedent for those fighters to come behind them. This is not a free tests. This isn't for the poor. We we do understand but on this level. This is exactly what should be taking place cove eleven yard showing pack yao how it's it's done with clean vodka testing on high level fights yard ecstatic to be having testing after the spy fight was kind of on a back burner flip-flopping not really knowing what was going to take place so the last thing that we would've expected acted was vodka testing for this fight when really it was announced in august late july but yard receives at least one month of drug testing details to come soon kovolev ward in russia vodka testing will be on hand. I'm i'm excited about this. Happy to report this and you know the number. If you wanna give your opinion on this very topic is one to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one and once. I'm the voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline now don't forget you can add esther gibson skype that'd be part of the conversation and download the skype app anywhere in wherever it's free and you know that it's free and then you can just go ahead and download the patriot act. It's also free and catch up on a bunch of other podcasts that never get played right here on our youtube youtube channel only on our patriot fee for our most loyal supporting listeners that being said let me head on over to my second half the it was dot com light we it was dot com yoyo good morning good morning good morning everybody out there in the t. V. universe backward another one welcome welcome back ladies and gentlemen <hes> anthony yard cova seems like they would have drug testing and play but it seems like one party or made to seem like one party didn't necessarily want the drug test. I know the first thing was to be on. I believe june twenty nine july twenty nine june twenty nine and at the fight would have been it on the day drug testing that might necessarily not been emplaced but i'm glad to see coming off the backs of many paki out and keep dermott who who in my opinion <hes> got a lot of slack got a lot of flack for not having drug testing and they're about <hes>. I believe a anthony yard going over to russia sign copa del <hes> having drug testing is a major major major component because at the end of the day we just wanna make sure both guys are cleaned. Both guys are on a liberal plan feel and nobody has a vantage over anybody on the no. Oh special meetings no special counts. I mean <hes> council no last minute. Oh we gotta do a test because you felt testing now on the none of that shit nevada to make sure their do their job and catch anything everything. If there are any <hes> <hes> foul play at hand and <hes> i know would make it a lot about it but kovalyov is older. He is a little bit not not not a safety excessively odor but he is a lot older than anthony yard yard so i'm glad to see everything on the up and up and on a level playing field that like the previous big side that we had but <hes> yeah man that's the book but we'll be talking about what will break down and what we'll get into <hes> lies in camp. I watched the interview yesterday when anthony anthony yard where he talked about the judges so he was happy and i watched it open workout so it seems like all things go ready for the fight man what's going on. What <hes> what up man good morning good morning <hes> sad to hear. You haven't gotten a phone situated. Hopefully we can get that done. The day <hes> excited to here that there will be no discrepancies in this fight. There will be no asterisk next to display and the reason i put shows pack cows because you're the face of boxing. Do we want to take over. Its cannella taking over yes so he gets that title but who knows or has introduced more boxing fans to box in paco who continues to be in the argument meant for fighter of of all time like regardless of losses dudes pound for pound. Resume is unquestionable even comparing it to mayweather. He's guys that we want to make whether to fight. He's continued to find but he's always had that black that cloud and this particular fight yard and kovolev happening in russia it already had that black cloud. We already know the russians cheating this no secret i can say and yeah i said you go into the hometown of an old dude who's accused of you know acres assume i see and i just know i've heard the controversy with the olympics and the whole russian drug testing once like russia is like i don't know so much about things outside of my own country but you everybody knows russia's a hotbed for cheating is just about a month so kovalyov ever been a cheater absolutely now but now when you go over there you already got that negative doubt in your mind but this is exactly how you clear it. This is exactly what many pack you did not do for us for the keith thurman fight right and that's why it's fight is in question post fight because people are like wow forty years old forty years old you can do that to an up and coming young welts away so wow we don't want to be in that same frame of mind if kovolev is able to upset your we don't want to diminish his win and and the only way that that can happen or rather not happen is by having vodka and the clean drug testing program attached to this fight and they have yards arts quote was. I hope they're testing. Kovolev is much as the testing me. That's how much testing they're doing and this is what i like to hear. Absolutely it's very important that we have a clean sport any when it comes to these championship fights and others magnitude <hes> it's kinda hard man not to have drug testing them in their man. Like what are we doing. If we're going to have the elite of the elite drug that's no send the face of of the sports drug tested known about it. Even though coppola not a is on the face of boxing. He's definitely the face of one seventy five. He is probably the most you know one seventy five out there so i feel like having him drug tested is a great you having yard <hes> tested to also great and i was saddened to see that the way the article made it seem to that the covert ops team wasn't trying to do drug testing on the june twenty nine fight right. Did i read that right or did i am. I still groggy. I did read something like that. We can definitely read it together and see if we in <hes>. Let's see see when bonello negotiation sailed through cola and his handlers win four with the yard clash that ended to make a bigger. Was that a layer where you see that. I'm loss okay. The quote the first call the biggest part layer or or biggest player. They fuck it up yeah. They always doing some typos. We're that enabled us to be a big par layer about sergei not wanting drug testing for our initial date of june twenty ninth. Thank god it worked. I'm not a legend anything about sergei but i'm one hundred percent delighted to know for sure that this will be a clean fight this from him his perspective. Maybe you could be comfortable. You're you're maybe maybe he just something that wasn't necessarily true though combed up trying to do it i mean so we don't know ah that's sexual but i mean i'm not gonna anthony are lower than anything like that but i'm just glad everything's on the up and up and so they can get a fight that doesn't have that that that monday morning quarterback to like oh did he do something else too. Damn good. He looked looks like a motherfucker machine where he really really really clean and now post fight immediate reaction when we're doing live right here on youtube dot com slash the box the voice no no one can take anything away from either fight or whatever happens was meant to happen. There was no assistance there was no cheating and i quote oh fighters who use drugs not only cheating but putting the putting the lives of their opponents in even greater danger and that's a that's a very important guys correct me if i'm wrong didn't kobe actually have a a definitely very possible. I remember something like that so imagine if he had shit on top of that you know what i'm saying i mean he's already scary again no question i believe i did hear that. He had a definite rating so i'm glad to see that <hes> that that we are doing things the right way. I was tested the other week on a trip to las vegas when i was besieged by phone calls as i walked along the strip and had to rush back to my hotel hotel instead of going to eat at hooters of to eat you don't understand the muscles the feed you you just watch him. Oh gee one day all. Why did we go to the restaurant to this. Guy gets so much fu so much food but it's a loved yeah. I mean when you got a body like that. You gotta feed it a lot of carbs and calories to maintain those muscles deflate but and i continue i was when i was besieged by phone calls. We'll show can either who does find then as soon as i got home. I was tested four times in quick succession succession. It's reassuring to know that cova that we'll be getting tested. The same kovalev has the experience but you are believes in his youth skill power. Will we'll overcome that factor and that's why testing is important because if your banking on that guy being old and you being young. Will you want that guy to respond like an old old man. You don't want anything in his bloodstream definitely wanted to ask they had put up some big agents ship before in the rain. Put them the the bengals leadership but <hes> i'm. I'm i'm quick segue. I'm getting kind of nervous. Man around been the slagged lies in the camp fled but was it give start getting down elected last couple of weeks. You just like oh man is getting close. Man magai finally get his title battleship pull. The form of nerves members nervous guys he. He has never been you before. You gotta be nervous honestly like the this is a good thing that we know this jackson. This is really good but it's still in russia like i don't even know another high level fight that took place in russia sure jeremiah cosco germany. Let alone be yeah that ain't high level who fought fucking manual cia man heavyweight world title is not now level versus like manual char some. I know versus looking hey david hey that happening in russia and i say i said oh but but germany though i didn't say russia oh yeah no. I don't remember this level in russia. I know providing a cough. I can't even remember who provide nicole took to russia jones for somebody over in russia and that's awesome like we don't see this so shout out to your one. We got gasiya versus over russia okay. That wasn't doesn't really. I love versus drag. Oh i know i'm gonna get a lot of shift at his but that was artist. What you mean we we had this over rushing league. That ain't high level to me you know taking garcia mega the fuck out and neither one of them motherfuckers have made us learn how to spell the name kidding me. Give them bragging. You come on man. Come on come on as you claim to. Fame is tony bellew one hundred seventy five pounds of like. Let's be real here. Come on stop man. Let them fight for real. He bought the fight. He bought the fight tack them. The main loma chanko for orlando toledo first title shot should call stevens twelve title shot like show you show you official. You find tack nigga. Please man so bad that my here comes again. Lunch will be the the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new jamaican jerk turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked turkey breast. I crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of caribbean seasoning. Just five fifty five for medium save time order the new jamaican jerk turkey sub on the firehouse subs app firehouse subs enjoy more subs saved more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary for delivery stylized lounge presents an evening the progressive box. That's ugo tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling home and auto progressive gonna and finally for that gal of yours. You send him my condolences. There's third live in my s- thank you progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations micro hundred win looking better and and better every day is it was looking like maybe they rob hunter what it was he. Just you take a ride ratnam. I close it looking better with more and more like a robbery is on. I'm saying a robbery we like. I mean joe you fi- intact them and honda for undefeated. I go understanding extending the analogy. Are we saying that michael hundred beat usa. I mean wasn't it like a contingency. Affairs thought he won all right. I'm going i'm. I'm just action. I didn't even watch that fight. I what i'm saying here a member the h._b._o. G._o. man i i believe i guarantee. I watched it because i even the u._c._l._a. Minzhu <hes> tobias issue or or macabre who he fought with 'em yeah tobise mentioned caboose for for menchu some shit like i'm probably pronouncing enroll but we sent him on h._b._o. Before he was returned fighter i'm just not i'm not impressed me. I'm not impressed in two hundred two hundred plus pound do running around the ring like he planned you know but we might see a different thing too. We my and we haven't is two different things. You know what i'm saying like. I mean it's cool. I'm i'm a fan of the boxer at a lower way in any way. Maybe maybe heavy away. If you look like tyson when you're doing like i don't like the way usa does. It doesn't doesn't look good to me. It doesn't look as fluid as tyson tyson. Swag is a little bit different like i'd be repulsiveness clips. You see them train them before. You see them dancing all that she doesn't buy. I'm telling you it's thomas coming. He's not fluid you know not everybody gets it with athletic gene gene and yes people might think he's let it because he's big and he uses his feet but i think he steph. That's just my opinion. I mean he's still done what he'd done. Accomplish accomplish all that he's accomplished you know sixteen twelve knockouts sixteen wins to a knockout all big names on his resume is not like gassiev isn't a name you know oh also moving up to heavyweight lot of rematch is formed there will hunter and garcia have not real heavyweights something matchroom and top rank would do anyway to blind line the fans you know put the wool over the eyes as in the heavyweight murat garcia who is really a cruiserweight yeah. I wasn't never too big or oh. Wendy do eat heavyweight <hes> he's like a power eight man to is is the bios menchu. He's like a power. Just gonna be a struggle for him. I believe i can be proven wrong but i didn't tell you when we are who angry. I don't know like a power as anthony. Anthony are working to the body <hes> that that's right that i sent him abroad on yesterday with a day in the g._m. Everything looking good aw really really sharp eighty. He's bars without a hamburger but it's not the traditional barn has the guy who's coming at him on the hand hinted so it's not the traditional sparring but he has to be clicked <hes> video that ain't that first of all is click beep and say i will say as being sharp in heavy reflexes. That's called active power beer dairy jayme. Does that's not sparring now. I yeah so misleading saga mile. I dunno they said sign about <hes>. We spoil harder than cold weather some wish it in tight on. It's just like not even spun. The fuck is is that yeah laughing joking in the ring. You know it ain't real and and i tell you what i picked up off that i picked up that the the dude is doing the power was in an orthodox position. Meanwhile you got your boy during shoulder roll and he china like i i guess period of right hand with the shoulder and i never even heard of that. I'm a a little worried. I'm a combination fucking do not it is not a i. I don't think that they was quick. I think they do it all the time they do that. They should all the time ed piece like. It's not like he's trying. Take it out but they they are <hes> like reflexes and mapping things kinda drill to what you just be a sharp riding size moving doug <unk> trying to stay out the way. You should like that braff. I go to let me go my phone. Maybe as fast if i go to my history and show you to tie on some of that shit ain't click while sparring in that mall fugger but they got the worse spawn all throughout you bug right now. Which one did you watch it on a failure boxing socio without <hes> yeah i do that okay yeah. I didn't see the second video this has spiraled response should then face for the guy who into the data for our affiliate down goes down in our lives so he he are no what what's the earlier than we watch too. Many videos 'cause but big upset really heaved that be when you meet them in person like five nine five eight go go. Would they fucking. This ain't no more fucking click bait yard all caps sparring. All caps equals hard hard or caps sparring all caps anthony y'all. Let's it written in pre cova workout komo komo on this. This is the second hour they don't yomata getting their straight talking right like you can't do power. I'm telling you man. We won't see we won't see because i love the show the row you know. I'm dying for somebody to take it over <music>. I'm dying for somebody to be on t._v. And these commentators say dan now. I can't believe he got that showdown and he's not part of that. Blah la la because all we hear is oh yea part of the blue line he didn't. He wasn't raised from the crib doing shero. He's copying. He wants to be like you know what i'm saying and and they put this stigma on the shoulder roll where you yourself as a box of van you see a fight. Come out and like oh. It's a it's a red flag to you and that's. I'm going into this fight like you know. Is he going bus out. This show the punch with a right hand down a fake showed the this is what he use always use man man but ain't gonna be no and if the bus about us that that showed pro i will i would like to see enter the possibly get with my guy <hes> james. Thanks tony manages work with james. Jonah learn learn that showed a row learn some different tactics that jane tony academia putting with the bad man. I'm telling you the bad adamo fucking when it comes to that hidden hit and staying at range. I don't deny that he's going to try it. I'm just doing that's going to be his main shit. I'm just wondering when he tries. It is going to get hit with a right hand because i feel like he ain't blocking the right like like i'm watching him do power and the dude is he writes let alone hell of body size like i don't know maybe he was tired. You you know you rise to the occasion. You know you up for your opponent all those good old cliches. Let's just hope that that's true because right now what we got it is july seventh so that brings us to what <hes> sixteen days does the twenty four th so seven is about seventeen eighteen days so you have two weeks from sarah two weeks from therapy no big fight on you know they got b._c. Sports bondage bondage. Should they pumping it on social media pumping it on youtube which is another form associates is going to be on e._s._p._n. Or san man you know i ran across cross a article that did a great job of showing the schedule with t._v. Show like is it gonna add t._v. <hes> in in the u._k. and the u._s. I gotta find a don't know where that was a missy. I'm a dog right now. They always wagging. I heard they want <hes>. You said they was fucking. Shit when iran iran yeah. I gotta be on them. Loss would anna net. It's crazy. I'm telling ah i wake up to are kind of crazy shit. What would you wake up to break can't find out schedule silent on. Maybe somebody else could tell i i mean. I'm sure we getting it on e._s._p._n. Because the bump saying only e._s._p._n. Oriented cardis lately that they should have been on e._s._p._n. Plus a lot a lot of the that was the whole point they giving you the at because it's our cobb like that's what plus is. I'm not mad. He's is china's not going to get a a accurate <hes> time and place so i can watch it. Yeah ah bt sport's already going to be like a russian t._v. You ride though i haven't seen <hes> bob and e._s._p._n. Announced nothing on what may you say something. I had a fucking press conference. That's another thing they got only a fake postal like a digitally made did they never even squared off yet banging oppressor no no no nothing hope they. Everything's going many had immediate workout yesterday. Though i mean he i wouldn't call it like <hes> public media work yet but guys down to the championship so he so he can uh uh sean some things and really be working on and showing that he's still shave scharping out all those kinds of things but i wouldn't call it like a traditional media worked out. It's like i wanted those. <hes> one of those open gym kind of days where you know you just bring people in you. Bring in different different. <hes> you the two channels in different media outlets and let them watch. She were an your element <hes>. I consider like a public workout. You go into a public jam. You've been out there in <hes> vitality general public to watch in so you workout so that's what i consider a workout but yeah we haven't had any press conference the poster digitally may i'm just hoping and there's nothing going come up or or or get in between the despite guys definitely a fight that i want to see. I just want anthony yards approve so so many people wrong guys like under war who said muslim don't want you sites guys who <hes> like eddie earned says you've already got. I mean just all the people that's been. I mean second guy also every since he came on the scene saying oh he ain't found nobody <hes> he he he. He ducked his his his hobby of last year all he did. He did tell he he's not. He's not the traditional box. They haven't been doing only no. He only had two fights so much. It's been said about the young men and i'm glad to see tune day. Anne frank warren do a good job of guarding a a- as far in i mean if you lose not like he lives to a bomb or or or gal who was not good. I mean maybe one of the one hundred seventy five pounds of the last ten years i will lead you to andre ward up there. It says he beat kobe but the at that and then kobe <hes> kim us to claim has been on the best waste lasting years absolutely one of the best. I don't even know man. That's missing like <hes> outside of war the past ten years the face. He's been a face for awesome fun. Sometimes you can sprinkle a done in there but outside of war i don't think about it's been a bigger. I mean i could be wrong with having watching boxing pants but was so quick ward only came up to him. He was the fact you know what i consider as wanting the best of a passing years a guy who beat them twice and he got to give him some credit for that yeah man we got rabbit fight between him and <hes> done at stevenson that never happened so that would that would have been a fight that i would like to to just to she would have played out but uh-huh gab. That's where he's getting better and doing better with his family for sure for sure listen. Let's open up these phone lines any final thoughts on the the <hes> fight. The fact that you guys got some drug testing man so at least you know again. We wipe our brows here. We're happy here care. We don't get we d- yeah because and for your dad's good to you know any muscle bound round dugas that wack stigma of something as they keep progressing if he keeps winning knock people out they'll start questioning like they did a j so this is a good step for for him. We're going to go out to the callers and i'm surprised we don't get a lot of on anyone yet. That's why nobody like. He's not gonna do these. Oppose him. No an ad from dad bad all right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive gotta take these off. What is this. This looks good wow. Where did you get this. I'm talking to you with the hair yeah. Where did you get this good stuff solid. 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At twenty four monthly bill credits for well qualified customers plus tax qualifying trade importance service and finance agreement required contact us before cancelling our credit stopping remaining balanced sixty forget zero downpours thirty one twenty five a month for twenty four months pre-credit price seven forty nine zero percent a._p._r. One offer broke out when he's doing <hes> you question them. Remember to raters five-star ause on i tunes these calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at el camino electrical services dot com yoyo a lot of chatter on social media ladders shit come into my inbox. Ladder participates did just keep respectful keeping nice. Keep it cordial <unk>. Mr say they be based. Sick streets reservoir sit on and somebody got expose <hes> but other than that it's about boxing a this is going to be back yard. I ain't gonna do that so the young oh man but <hes> man this is going to be a good. We finally get to see what yards about. I'm tired of the height 'cause we. There's so many any hype some boxing <hes> we could see they've yard is really about it and somebody who's really good because andre ward the last person to truly beat the phone call so yard doesn't better than but he he he truly beat them to that wasn't no yeah that was that was that was a devastating nocco. I mean but coppola came back in the rematch and showed would that he didn't have it. He just had a chance so you really had to give it to war but <hes> if <hes> a yard does it shoot. I wanna see ward in yard. That'd be real if he'd beat the dude. You gotta fight two times. If as yard does does it better and what are already been talking on saying i won't say talking bad about him saying he he's too infatuated with instagram graham muslims in when you signed and kind of share on oh man now wards never liked this generation instagram fight. He's uh-huh cut cut. This generation focuses more on put in what they're doing on social media and instead of focusing on the gym it's called brandon or if you would conscious about brandon maybe more than hundred seventy thousand oh so come on baby the more i but sometimes his opinion does rub me the wrong way but i mean <hes> can agree with everything everybody says correct but what is it good do very very surprising. I mean that's a problem because i've seen him on h._b._o. But he he pretty good at eight he he is way better than what he was on h._b._o. I'll tell you <hes> but he is a little bit like i'm better than you year. I promise you i said i wanna use that word either you you know i want them to come at me but it's like you said it i'll text you. I let me go out to bouma ranga. You're done with it with the sudanese. Baton whereas going on is so boy eight money mr dissolve the voices two thousand nineteen rookie year and i wanted to talk about anthony yard man. This kid has tremendous telling he has great punch power and he has athleticism. I would lie i to compare him to pass cow who just won his second world title this past weekend in knocking out. Mark is brown also he. He reminds me of david hay which tremendous athleticism that's the u._k. Have great boss and talent shell new money and my brother smart money from t. Dan g who told me about anthony yard. I mean he has what it takes to be an icon. I'm just going to say an icon. If he gets on his resume way. He knocks him out. You have a great fighter who was right pal. He calls them. Have on your resume. We'll be his who've been with andre. The warriors who fight pascal is star john pascoe so i'm just telling you the yard is one of the futures of brock's on the the everybody to check him out. He's going for the knockout. He's going for the kill and mike straight boston. Nobody talking like me. I'm that nigga came. Nobody fuck with me this kiddie c._m._g. Baby we go out to new money. No money no money new money. Just listen. We're going out to pro boxer. Marlen dropped off. It's been in training and marley gotta fight coming up this weekend which dropped off he he was. He was lit up so he got a chat from donal banks all the talk of kobe nello. I would think they don't want to be all in on it. Thanking koga kaput out at any time for it could never fly. I mean happened. Dicamillo should kinda. I don't wanna say dead in the water but is i. I mean no now with some next shit. Now is next but i mean you know out to you know. When am i going to get my respect. Though you know yacht quick quick to call me a fan boy whenever i point thing gag greatness and then then i continued to prophesized on this show prophesized prophesy prophesized the p._b._c. You prophesized got talking about a mangled p._v._c. Go listening to whole now. I of course you know sending before the infrastructure but you said that the b._b._c. should say fuck going on here nine. We say that okay but i definitely said once the world's start getting mad and starts on my he bringing them muhammad ali i was i was pro hemant okay. I've seen that with the lawsuit there bob air mma but against all they all had to run to the cops they all pussy they all pussy. They all wanted to get him to settle. You know what i'm saying. Now they all follow suit. You can find audio byrom saying that it'll never work on network t._v. A little dick you know what i'm saying they all and and the beauty of it was bob got fucked by com. What's that h._b._o. Guy petersburg tehran to bite and nelson nothing so he was once they get what they should fell in love with triple g year he was in love with triple g thought triple. Ji was the business until treated all and failed as pay per views. They had money career. I don't even know where we started. This conversation was like publicized. P._b._c. would would take place papa size and shit and what i told you that even you are overlooking and you ain't acknowledging and respecting my greatness. Okay you know the skill that i've i've been given probably passed down from generations. Let's build up nicely built up you know but i said cannella will get mad. I said canola were hired. A lawyer i say and the love zone not work cut me off when when of mother fucking plane he loved comey auburn that pain is coming bre listen it don't matter if i said the zone own it don't matter if i say golden boy would you think is going to happen. I told you unfair. Treatment will be his reason getting out the contract. It don't matter if he talked design or golden boy i my main wants out dot com on that ain't even i'm sued the best show by nothing my name bennett i in it. Call me prophesized nests. That's all i know you you. You were on a boat but worth it if what's up man <hes>. I don't know a one thing that i am at about is that we don't have a press companies. We have been at a press conference. I don't wanna wait too price. Weakness found is going to be in that mode and not the the as loquacious or or voice at they made it being <hes> in the months prior ios e. I noticed that soubra. He's a champ at that but you know what i needed that because too many of my co host was off and if i cut the mall then they get mad and never come back. Mike is true true. He says i love how mike will cut ness off but won't allow nasa cut him off. He stay keep talking like he don't hear me. He no he hear me say with a straight straight face more better than cure man you go it works. It works honestly. It really does work. Let you all the time and you got your back. We're going out to ask them on big. Supermax texas stand up good morning that after the four horsemen johnson a four yard pillow you sound sound muffled writing on sticking demand for horse sticky what <hes> what about now all good all right <hes> <hes> and is your coppola fight is is definitely a yeah definitely interesting. 'cause i kinda wanna favor yard man but it seems like it's the year old guy. You know. You got past guy winning. You got pack out winning. You know these duffy ghost yes so to win and you got an extra gives getting a stoppage in his last board awards. You know it might be the year old guy so i think right now. It's impossible to fight man so we're gonna have to see what happens but i kinda wanna. Favorite kovalev live man just because he seemed to be resilient. It may be a little soon for yar <hes> but i guess we have to wait a whole lot of yards but <hes> it's intriguing to say the least man but that's all all right. Let's go john pascal auto guys wanted. Man pack you out to let me go to bouma. Ranga in texas shots all our truck drivers out. There man be on evro safe n._o. J. d. supermax holy down be good food or is this a train. Suck job right kind of cheap but whatever the love to terms but i know yeah yeah. Let's let's say people <hes> <hes> yeah i. I just got working on my shit for like two hours to man. I'm just now ready to roll <hes> but real quick mike light. <hes> don't get mad any right now. Don't get mad at me right now. Because <hes> i i lost. I lost two major fights busy. I lost that daniel takers and i lost the tournament fight. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah lawsuit fishy to but i ain't tripping on that. I'm going to get that back early next year early next year but cool <hes> yellowed anthony york right so it is man anthony. Oh i'm tame lions in the camp. I don't know roy is a good thing for you might put the black magic. I'll know my he did jacob phone but jacob with more of his art here yeah whatever man but a i'm lying in the camp <hes> bucket all the way i'm going gone. I'm going to stop his two man listen. I think this is to count. I mean lanzoni only yeah yeah. No believe a man. I'm country contradict. The fuck outta myself gone up. Oh he just ben gill you just took yourself out of the obama. Bring you on in case. You here comes uh-huh again lunch. Will it be the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new jamaican jerk turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked turkey breast credibly sweet mustard sauce and a hint of caribbean seasoning just five fifty five for medium save time order the new jamaican jerk turkey rickie sub on the firehouse subs firehouse subs enjoy more subs saved more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary for delivery hi. It's jamie. Jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave a message at the hey jamie. It's me jamie this. Is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella. Ella group mad harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year sorry pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. No oh did you did that. What mastermind you wanna talk busy at work cash right. You're in. I might not good morning komo tv universe. <hes> just wanted a second oakland things listening to the show yesterday looking at all those a._j. Videos i can see <hes> you know what you're talking about but sometimes you know there's <hes> <hes> i'm not so sure that comes along with taking a beating like that. It was a pretty darn it. You know. Ambien didn't really give <hes> eighteen much much play beside the point yesterday topics talking about today. You know i'm a big fan. <hes> i'm gonna ride with him on this one you can do is he's a little bit older. All goes is not the year of it. It's not good for me so you know some but not for me and <hes> other than that wanted to say that <hes> looking for everybody coming through on a couple of weeks so you know anybody needs need to speak to me reach out and <hes> much it and you want to take a few minutes now that i have to take with the family god years my picks it out. Y'all did you create like some sort of <hes> airbnb co like is there a short link a small so i don listening to the show don't know gail don't know how to contact gail so like is there a way to new title. It like <hes> you know. I don't know i guess i know you can't you can't title don't do that. 'cause then and you screw your keyword for anyone searching not in the boxing community airbnb in new york all right in every if you wanna go to madison square garden for fight his b._n._b. Is available. If you wanna go to brooklyn barclay center for fight that b._n._b. Is available but not only for fights but i'm just saying it's ideal for people that are fight fans because you're right in the local vicinity but yeah you gotta get us a short coat or some way to like like being able to direct people. There were linked now know whether you're gonna that often comes all three cradle websites whatever weeks and one of the week the the the i'm include a link is pretty simple but don't worry about that or like everybody your so yeah i've been on the up and down this week with on the week and my that <hes> would grow to like get in touch with me. I'm going to drop the more information in the <hes> lucky guys. I'm going to get back to work the happen. It's money frightful dummy. Everybody everybody take highland going out to ooh smart money. Money chat do mar her nassau my another day another podcast two three okay the cobra. You bet i mean we we we we just celebrating in the you know the succession of the vodka testing okay well. I'm telling you the good balance one going to win. This just one one through six one seven through twelve. I say seven three to twelve small. Money's on thank you ought to win but it's not money's on seven to twelve off those punish in shots. Your body's going goes down what you're going to the top and the man covina together i mean got within corden last week though yeah and to your good it'd be the new things that you start. It's what's out for him. Egland okay the new baby trust me. I just hope man <hes> frank warren. Can they promote them right improperly guys well. We all taught me we all know citizens greener on the other side with where frank with a eddie we seem limbs netflix sniffly franken go to eddie and there's rumors a billy joe saunders leaving franken going eddie and we seen what empty keg global fear fear. Don't you fight in england. No more hewing fight underplay warned cars though yeah well you know bijal sorta potential. You're cutting cutting. He one of those weird guys the weird shit the people you know what i'm saying. I don't understand right right from the city. He may have people doing why you stopped. People were headed guy. Get negative car and had this lady to go punch another lady. I don't look nobre <hes>. We got no money money on top of money up acquai- boy h. Money was gone on. You sound like you want them. Saudi would that the trunk agr over. He sound jamaican muff hugged. Jimmy can still english jamaica no listen. What's that what's up next. What's up good. You picked up. I missing if you had a prediction yeah. I know smart money to set about. Who who would you put your money on. If you have the last one hundred dollars cohen yard fuck you uh-huh yeah. We'll buy vialli's annette man. I'm splitting fifty-fifty yeah no money now 'cause the the odds on yard or one seventy five right now so so i'll make my money back. You got to be smart money like your boys listen. <hes> it's a tough one. Go away to russia but i don't know if you see the interview on boxing social but i've never seen someone so compose is going into a fire the biggest fight of their life in government backyard. You know you have fight. Is that said yeah. I'm gonna do it you can see is they. Don't really believe it. He he sincerely believes it and his confidence is different level box to box german speaking to joshua brazzi and he told told me listen scott agrees with judo man but you know what that comes from all the years is of thandi telling them he great he believed the height so all you need is to self belief if you were saying this anthony yard documentary came about two years ago maybe two and a half it was a on b._t. Sport the guy just liked fight every tom he talked about his childhood or high school or middle school. It was always like we got beef over at school or so and so we can handle it so it's not like he's opposed to file a. He really really likes to just fight in the innocence. It was pretty good at it noticing on the street so i don't i don't see him. Being you know what's the word i'm looking for. I don't see him being the spotlight being too much for or being too big for him. I just thank man he's ready for and like i said man when you've got a guy as cool as a as wive and just as motivating as has tuned eight years in your corner looking making him make you believe you can run through a wall and he'll make you believe you can jump building. He'll definitely make you believe leave that you can go to russia in beta guy kobe. I mean we all know kovalev with not the the model citizen outside in the rain saying you had the handsome as that we learned about in the ward of <hes> a prefight known san things that <hes> perjure hunter owner said <hes> that that could've came to light so i mean i'm just happy for. I'm ready for the flight. I'm kinda never spotify too but a day i mean i'm i'm arriving about. The homie man been driving with him since high simone dante's box nation about three years ago you go down in texas when he was on the nello liam sniff card so big ups to <hes> apnea. I just wanted to atomic data. She's gonna come on. It's gonna be a racist over three hours ahead or behind them so it might come on like between two with amd them no russia behind you or or or or in front of the hour when it comes to time that'd be easy to tell us all right. <hes> mastermind supermax my work right well on that note knows g._t._o. Instagram twitter shot out the yard and sunday being able to successfully give some body tested and actually have it done hold on a minute my bad h money talk to use oh nestle smart money money just called in stay in the u._k. Right now they doing big things you feel me. Shut us team. They told me about anthony art all right. I'm just going to be real. They say anthony yaar. He's the best thing in the u._k. Right now so i just gotta let you notice. I mean everybody to speak on them. Highly <unk> highly undefeated athleticism power. He has the look he has what it takes to take it to the next level and sergei kovalev one one of the best light heavyweights of all time he was ranked pound for pound number one until you gotta be by andrei and most people feel like beat andre award the first fight. You're not i mean. Everybody says he even throw it. May whether sad that sergei kovalev won that fight so we're anthony are not about coldness mess down. There should make any are the best light heavyweight in the world. Am i wanna roll. I'll know about the best burger because is he. He beat him in a mob oi. John pascal pascale got knocked out by copeland okay f._d._r. With new york comes through and knocks out the same guy that knocked out paseo so that should make him bitterness and he's undefeated yogurt biggest fan base okay eh billy joe saunders. They say he's coming to dissolve. I just got out here. Chalcidice haney nasa timber fourteen the day after board awards doesn't haney any we ain't here. I'm talking. Now ain't no intrigue me when i talk about eighty now iowa we're here. Let's go king cut cut imagine september fourteen ohio wildly andy reid he did follow me geographic nineteen eleven or on twitter at grounds two three one you too and if you're listening right now go ahead smashed at times but it doesn't matter for free future present past all the visibility of the show. I don't know how you riders terrible analogy. Oh freddie roach trained <hes> andy rooney. Lee's abel sanchez sort of talent and e. Wees top ring signed and you know maybe anna fowler exactly and he just santa clara and big baby. I feel bad but whatever man we got. Some super. Tat's first one from mr p._b._c. says mr disown got exposed and built like a mole whatever that means and we got another one from box therapy who's gonna be inboard awards fourteen taking on who's he taking taking on colin right. That's should be colin. I don't know i forgot back. Quick sorry boxing therapy but yard has been touched by lesser competition what's going to happen when kovolev touches. I don't dow yard but he ain't in no cabdriver he fight in the corocha very very true mike any rebuttal to that superjet probably direct you the believer of all believers now all right. It's all about when once you get to that stage once you get to the plateau on how you before if you jason how about how how you take going down if he can cope with question the chain or yard question that body sandwich everyone played out. It's a good fight though i can totally you see coppola of maybe being too much. You're just being on a different level. I can also see yard. Just take no man out for for <hes> well. We'll find out. I mean they're gonna wish they probably took a connecticut good sixteen in the wake up for this one. We'll be doing allow fight chat. We'll figure out and let you guys know p._t._o. 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