How Is Our Podcast Doing?


Hey there I'm Eric Olsen in. I'm Kevin days. Join us on our journey to building a one hundred million dollars company. Hey, everybody. It's Eric today. I'm going to do a little bit of a different episode. I'm going to actually talk about this podcast. And we're we're out with the podcast, and some of the numbers and things of that is certainly interest to me, I think it may be of interest to you. If you're thinking about starting a podcast or flash briefing what you can kind of expect and how you can put it together. So this podcast of the very particular format, which is a journey format where we come on. And we say what's really kinda going through our minds right now, and how we're progressing through this journey of going to a one hundred million dollar company, your listener that should be no surprise to you. The reason I bring that. I was because there's different formats we have the journey format. There's also the interview format there's lots of different formats, we wanted something that was frankly quick and easy for us to do. And we didn't want to have to create. Content. We just wanted to document we're doing so that's the format that we're using a lot of times when it comes to podcasting and flash briefing. There's the discussion about equipment and about software. We are using a marker fallen called microphone called the audio Technica. I think is what is called frankly. I don't really even know that much about it. I bought it on Amazon. There was the one that was recommended that and the pop filter and the stand that costs about ninety bucks shift from Amazon good enough. I've got some acoustic foam behind me as well to kind of dampen and echoes that may be coming from the wall and sending run in front of a wall. That's my setup for software. We use a system called try cast. I can record in the browser. I can edit in the browser, and we can publish the browser. And then it goes out to all of the podcast platforms and to the echo. How are we doing? That's a great question. So as of right now and today is. March fifteenth when I'm recording this Friday evening. We are at two thousand five hundred and thirty four dollars for the last thirty days. Is that good? I don't know. It's something like eighty or ninety dollars per day from what I hear the average podcast guests about a hundred and eighty downloads per episode most podcasts our weekly this is also a daily flash briefing. So flash briefings are typically Daly, they can be weekly but typically their daily so we get say eighty five per day on average and over the course of a week. That's I don't know. What is that quick math five hundred six hundred something like that? I think we're doing pretty good obviously love to see bigger numbers. But it doesn't really matter. All that much was important for us is to get this information out to people who need this information who are looking to grow their business people that that frankly, we can help if you're one of those people, and this is helping you then great. I don't really care if there's one two or thousand of you. We just want to get the message out if this is helping you please outta love to hear your feedback. I'd love to get your feedback. You can Email me at Eric at this is a Ray dot com. Any question. You asked me we'll answer it in one of these episodes if you'd like to leave feedback and either the Alexa app for the flash briefing or on one of the podcast PA forms. We'd super appreciate it review. Us rate us. Thank you. Thank you for listening. I hope you heard something you can in your business right away. Finest online at journey to one hundred million dot com.

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