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Now, remember, the damn levels will you fill because. Yes, sir. This is Margaret gray. By the way. I was listening to me, you know, something that was a missed opportunity. Yeah. We're no, no, no, no, no now, listen, but I made it up to you. You mean you made it up to me when I pop the knows. Yeah. That that was a bad scene. Man. Hey, you know, what Phil? I did when everybody else around has been thinking that he wouldn't Margaret goes after this guy every other day now. Wait a minute. What he's got you there, Margaret, it's true. I didn't. But did I ever belt you in the nose though? But you stood me up and worked me over. Remember the time. He worked me over in an alley. He did. What do you mean? Worked you over that alley. It didn't take the kid outside and had people stand up and you took a few choice shots. What drugs? Are you guys smoking Margaret, I was here a bunch of times when you guys look at there's going to be anymore that okay, otherwise, we're gonna have this place surrounded by swat swat team. And we're all going to have to like throw our weapons out even though we don't have any what does that mean, you know, speak for yourselves, but what throwing your weapons out what I think we're going to unzip shit. See that right there. I take it easy. No more a bud. Just because I said that. Deserted to get belted. Listen, man. I know I puppy the whenever that was last year. Yeah. It was yesterday. So it wasn't yesterday. Yesterday. Was I was guest hosting yesterday show. You bet if we just get to the spot here. Wait a minute. I was guest hosting yesterday's show from year ago. Oh, that's right. Yes. A year ago? A right. What are you gonna start to cry? I'm making a point here. But yeah. Right. You ended in the year drums, now, we're gonna hear the already. For these guys. Get more wise ass as the days go by. I remember a time when they had some respect around here these kids grow up. Okay. So thank you very much mortgage for that observation I want to mention to everybody out there that I'm assuming if you're listening you like the show, and if you like the show, you're gonna love beyond the darkness. I s this is the one with the goals of the demons now what's wrong with Bram. She's getting up. She's just trying to be comfortable Bray. All right, Honey. Yes, she's are you, okay? And everything that's not going to pay attention to you, man. Get up paying attention to you either. She's not paying attention anybody. She's old and she's staring at there's a thing as additional water here. Now, why isn't she drinking the water don't worry about it? We got a show to do. You know? Why isn't she? I don't know. Why should not drink? Why? She's not thirsty. Maybe that's a good sign because you know, she was slurp in the water down. That is true that's kidney disease, though. You don't think she's being cured of it to, you know, I don't think so, but maybe it's under control with the treatments and the things and everything she's a good kid. So you talked when Kim today over the Margarita mix. Another time general Kate. Yes. Sure. Whatever you say it, boy, he looked filtered this he carries like I've ever been to electrocute Shen but della by electric chair, right? I've never seen a man electrocuted in electric chair. But I think I just saw you it looked like what you just did. I'm sure okay. Yes. That's what I said. If you like by show, you're gonna love beyond the darkness on podcast one. Tune into discussions about all things paranormal paranormal. Yeah, you're right. I said they're para normal. That's got it with world renowned. Researchers and experiencers challenging everything we think we know about ghosts ghouls angels, demons aliens, monster encounters Imps. And. In els. No. We'll L utterly evil. Are they it doesn't say Simpson elps while assuming that will not deal with Simpson elves dwarves, not dwarfs, but the supernatural ones what's a supernatural dwarf. Oh, yeah. The fellowship of the rings. And the hobbit are hobbits mentioned. No, they're not Margaret, you know, full whether or not, I don't know, Phil. Yes. Things that are dark and deep demonic and malevolent hobbits. Anyway, oh, what did it feel thinks? Everyone knows what a hop is far as if I saw hobbit anywhere near me. I go ahead and tap, it's ass. You just said you can't hobbits. As you got that. Right. So download beyond the dark this every week. Cap. It says Margaret, you know, what there's no law against capping hobbits asp. But I wish there was just a see you go inside for that. Wouldn't you like to know whatever that means don't just keep going homeboy? So download beyond the darkness every week on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Phil Emery show from L Pacifico in southern California years vista. Thank you very much. That's letter. We have but different with us. We have Margaret gray with us. We'll general Gaylord Shaw with us. And we got you with us. And we're all together, you can see this altogether. We're all together. Yes. You can see us all together we were in a restaurant. Yeah. Did you walk into a restaurant? What's the story with you? Anyway, feel you're laughing at us is if you've got some in bind. No, I mean, I'm just I'm still left about Margaret wanting to Capela hobbits ass give it a rest will you feel? There's children listening, and it could traumatize them gear. Well, it didn't seem to bother you. When you said it. I said it as an adult moment. In other words, I telegraph that I said what about hobbits are hobbits evil? Now, the adults out there know that I'm about to talk about, but you know, chrome to the dome. Yeah. Okay. Croom to the doom. All right. Well, I guess I'm the only one that didn't pick up with them. But anyway, thank you Margaret for that. Thank you everybody. Welcome to our program here the world famous fill in reshow and filling reshow dot com. Now, I have a special announcement to make we're still looking for to the two drawings. Don't Bhadra Vard, Bob reward and great Scott exclamation point. Okay. These folks are in our be as p database. Our on our map, which means they checked in on one of our chats. And we're having a hard time fund these guys so what we're going to do on Friday night. If we do not find either one of these guys between now and Friday night. We'd have another drawing on our chat this coming Friday night. Well, you guys better get hump it on this. All right. Because this is getting to be embarrassing. What the hell Phil? What I'm, you know, first of all the things happening at Santa Anita, and Arcadia, and I'm drawn names of people in Shanghai, China and a guy in Pennsylvania. What did they great Scott guy from we don't know we're trying to find information the guy? So we may have another infect I'm pretty sure we'll do another drawing this coming Friday night flow. You're gonna have somebody from the look let me tell you something man, there's gonna be a couple of ESP's in that luxury suite or I'll know the reason why. What does that him? So don't just to say in this one of the things that when no one knows the reason why so that'll happen on Friday night UBS peas out there be watching and listening to the chat the Friday night. Check coming up Friday night here on the world famous Phil Hendrie show website, and like that their man. That's that's pretty weird. Great scott. Yeah. Grades him. And if you're listening, great, Scott, if you just didn't for whatever reason, we didn't get to you couldn't find you. Or we got something wrong. I'll bet you. I got money that says the the username was entered. I think probably the wrong way or something that could be. Yeah. So anyway, as the as the saying goes, that's where it's at coming up tonight. Stephen Basell is gonna join us. There was a story that he was he was referencing. You know, this guy George Conway that he's the husband of Kellyanne Conway. Yeah. This cat is married to Kellyanne Conway who's a main spokesperson for Donald Trump. Yeah. She's like the V main spokesperson. Yeah. These he's he's begging on Trump and everything this guy, George Conway. I guess there's a liberal or something or a democrat. Maybe not now George Conway's a Republican, but he's definitely a non Trumper whenever they call those. They call them never Trumpers. This guy seems like he's more than a never-trumper. I mean, he's like a diametrically opposed to Trump. And so Steve Bozell is going to be calling because Bozell along with you general. Well, I know that bozos a Trump supporter I voted for Trump, and I would say the off and on I support him. All right. So you're gonna come on and weigh in on that because he's. He finds that troubling given the fact that he his wife purchased some kind of a bookcase at a consignment store. He doesn't like it. But he's got no say in it, something of what he's taking it personally is that it. Yeah. That's he he's I don't know if he's taking it personally. But he's he's wondering why he doesn't get to have the same leeway with his wife that George Conway gets. I don't know that does not guys like publicly talk about Trump and everything and Kellyanne Conway is. Yes. She she's in the office and stuff snuggle enough being snuggling up, Jamie. She's she's a big supporter Trump. So what's it like at their house? I'm should listen. You guys what I love about working with these these monkeys specifically, ladies and gentlemen, the monkey stuff, but I like working with these guys is that they're so clueless. When it comes to the facts of life, a man and a woman don't have to agree politically for them to have a perfectly happy in wonderful marriage. I give you Mary Maitland. And who's the guy the skinny the bald headed guy that looked like skeletal James Carville that guy they kids bald headed guy that look like skeletons or whatever the guys who was the wife. Mary Matlin you guys. I don't know. I never heard of her. Yeah. I think it's very Maitland Matlin or something. Now, that's interesting. Everyone seems to have forgotten her name but not his anyway. So they're on opposite sides of the track politically, and they've got one of those great marriages, right? Yes. It's one of those Washington DC power. Marriages. You know, I would say that Franken I are similar. Why is it? It's like a it's like a Turkish bath in this dumped though, it's really hot. But open a doorway brace. You don't want to I understand. All right. But it is one of those Washington DC power marriages. If you wanna call it that power marriage. That's interesting. Well, Steve bozo. Joins us from corona California. Think is on his way home either home from work or on his way back from the store and a mission. Some kind of Steve how are you, sir? Thanks for joining us. Steve, I'm we're talking about you. And and you're you know, you brought up George Conway, right? Turn it drive. I listen to radio just briefly is how it's and listening to a lot of the talk programming. What did they say? In the talk radio talk a little bit about this point. And how George Conway seems to be able to say whatever he wants to say the rest of us. We don't get to say what we want to say. Yeah. It's pretty interesting. You know, like you were saying you support President Trump. I do too seems like ever since I had supported President Trump. I've my rights as a man gets gets smaller and smaller shriveled up. You know, shrivel up. You know what I'm saying? Like, I we. It seems to you at your house. What do you mean? My I mean, George Conway towards Conway seems to have more rights. I mean, he checks. Oh, but he doesn't support President Trump. I support President Trump, and you what about you general? You're right shriveling. I'm not sure Lynn, but my rights are not shriveling up able to say what I want when I what. All right. Well, I'm I don't know how Pinon aided is your house. But at my house, just pretty opinionated. Do you? And your wife agree though, politically, right? Okay. Yes. We'll see. That's what Steve is faced with much political at my house is it's I just wanna have an opinion. And when I expressed by opinion on something that my wife's origin decided on chill. Do this. You'll say, yeah, that's great. And you gotta waves her hand almost like she's saying can someone get some air freshener here. I mean, I know it isn't that? He's taking stuff we seriously like that. We may not always taking stuff wave seriously do tend to take things to a very graphic extreme it's like your wife's waving as if you need air freshener. Well, you ought to be there at my house, then when she doesn't because I'll say like, I'll give an example. What's this bookcase? She bought this on consignment. Is that consignment store over here in corona? But let's consignment. It's another words, it's it's a piece of furniture that was given to the store to be sold by the store and the store gets to keep a piece of the price and the person who gave the furniture, they get to keep a piece of it. In other words, like a commission sale. Never mind, dick. But okay, go ahead. Steve until it was a it was a consignment. I know that's what it was that. What it is. Yes. Okay. How do you know? What's consignment sale? That's what my wife told me that put April doing, and I go K, you know. So I I get home. She calls me up. She says I got a new book ace on consignment from historic over here in corona. I just play you kinda say the name is during go ahead. It's a place called Edwards and son. Okay. And they had some consignment items that were from Mexico, beautiful pieces of furniture from Mexico. So she told me I just got. She said, I just got just got it in now picked it up. It's been delivered and said, okay, good. So I knocked off early because I wanted to kind of get into truck and prepare myself, as I went home 'cause I knew I I would have an opinion that I wanted to express the opinion. Wait, wait, wait. What do you mean? Duct off early. This sounds like it was a big event. Well, no wouldn't the big event. But I've been reading about George Conway getting to say. He wants to say. Hold on, bud. You worried about George Conway getting to say what he wanted to say. And that made you want to go home and talk about this piece of furniture. No, no, I was going to I wanted to see the piece of furniture. My wife told me he'd bought it on his consignment deal. And I was on my way home. But I'd just been reading about George Conway saying anything he wanted to say. So I was you know, thinking about that as I was driving home. So you were sort of preparing yourself not to like the furniture white say that because obviously you wanted to have a strong opinion. Well, it could have been an opinion in support. Yeah. I mean, but again getting back to this guy who's married to this to the support of our to the to the president's chiefs jock jock the president's chief spokesperson. Yes. The president spokesperson. Now, I forgot what I was gonna say. You're you're on your way, home to express your opinion. Yeah. That's correct. I'd so that your wife flying this furniture was your way of expressing a strongly held opinion. Yeah. I mean, I I've always wanted to. You know, this is really not about George Conway. This is about you in your own home. Not being able to express an opinion. Steve. No, no. It isn't. I mean, it, isn't it isn't. But I get away it is. But in a way that it isn't. Okay. So what's is it or is it yet? But is it or isn't it a way of expressing an opinion in your house? Yeah. I mean, what's George Clinton got to do with it? Oh, oh, yeah. Because he came out and said that his wife's boss, basically is an idiot and they're still married. He does it all the time, and you're still happily married. Okay. So why don't you try it? I'm that's why I did today. So I got home and my wife has his bookcase. I'd made up my mind that I would say that it looked like, you know, they'd pull it from the bottom of the ocean or something like that. I came up with a real good thing to say about it. Would you do that? Because I wanted to have an opinion that was contrary to APRIL's. So that'd be endless president. So that we can have we could be begin began a tradition of having competing opinions on things and not have it be bad. Is this the very was this the first thing you guys have ever disagreed on pretty much. Yeah. I mean, we pretty much agree on everything that's much. We agree on it. But April pretty much calls his shots when it comes to raising the kids and she pretty much calls his shots when it comes to school. They went to and the food to eat and the clothes they wear. Right. So she calls the shots, but comes with the kids. I mean. Yeah. So you were looking for an area where you can have your own opinion. I mean, I'm not looking, but it would help there's something that she that. I could just come out and say it so all right? So here comes this consignment bookcase. Right. And I sent to her. She said, what do you think I said, it looks like they pulled it from the bottom of the ocean? As it looks like it was laying at the bottom of the ocean. And she goes, what do you mean by that? I said look at it and say, it looks like it it just came right out of the out of the bottom of the ocean. Looks like there'd been stuff living on it live, maybe barnacles attached to it. I I don't know. I've never seen anything to come up from bottom of the ocean. But if anybody if anybody came up from the bottom of the ocean, he'd looked like that. I mean, I mean, they they look like that. I mean, I said he'd and she said the same thing you said he said, I mean, it would look like that. How does your wife take this very strong held you sound like you're made on a jello? That opinion that mean, it means you're like will. I hope you're holding in your stuttering. Steve you don't sound very definite. I'm very, and I told her it looks like it comes by the ocean, and I stood there. And I put my hands on my hips, and I pointed at it, and I pointed at her, and I said that thing looks like it comes from way down like at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico after they had to oil spill or down downtown, man. Okay. And she goes she she waves her hand like it was like there was a bad cloud of stink and goes. Yeah. Thanks and continues looking at it measuring it through where she's gonna put it. So in other words, she blew off your opinion any but pretty much. Yeah. So you know, you guys really cracked. Yep. Steve you and a couple of the other guest to feel brings on your on the verge of tears because your wife just kind of waved their hand, you'd opinion, obviously was not very strongly held. That's why she just missed it. It was his strongly held as I can hold it. Yeah. But you didn't really believe. It man. That's why she wasn't did. She think you're kidding. How could you think? I was kidding. I'm looked serious. I I told her I said, I think it looks like it comes from the. On the bottom of the ocean. Yes, actually said what do you mean said, it looks like it was it was thrown overboard, and it drifted way down and way down way down way down and went down further, then any skin diver. Scoop scoop scuba diver has ever been and you'd have to go down and be a deep sea diver with like a tank. Okay. And it was just and it was sitting down there and Philly swam along and looked at it and said, wow, you know, what air of the history of civilizations. This come from to find out if something comes from Mexico. I don't know. Why we're where are we talking about? This. The Kellyanne Conway, George Conway. So. Yeah. Well, I mean, th there's doesn't seem to be any connection here. Steve. I mean, you, you know, you're talking about nobody. I what are you talking about? Well, you were inspired by George Conway. Yes, that he gets to say what he wants to say, George Conway is an attorney in Washington with a name value name recognition. His wife is a pretty prominent person people are going to pay attention. But more to the point he has these strongly held opinions that happen to be in the contravene or our country to his wife's. And that's what makes it interesting. But my opinions our country to my wife's nobody's paying money to hear you talk about how you think some bookcase. She bought on consignment looks like it came from the bottom of the ocean. What does that mean? Anyway, I'm not sure, you know, sound for the bubble. He'll listen some of it looks pitching. What does stuff in the bottom of the ocean? Like what for instance, if they bring up a Greek God or something like that? Butts talk buds talking about like statues, statuary, end the MTA quickies. Steve, you know, I'm not familiar with that, you don't know it until the antiquities, for instance, antiquity pot borger. It's gotta be you beater, just pin. All right. Well, you guys gotta listen. Okay. Wow. I heard that through the phone antiquities. These are very ancient at very valuable artifacts. Some that are reflective of civilization. You know what I'm talking about? Don't you homeboy? Yes. Sure. I know what you're talking about. I'm not talking to you talking about. Yeah. I understand. Thank you. But I'm still say that to be able to say that and not have just get, you know, I I'm absolutely sure that George Conway will come home at night and says to his wife. Yeah. Hey, do you see where they brought up about me and the Washington Post? I'm sure she doesn't waiver hand like she's waving off. Just a pungent spin. Of a pungent stink. You know? What's so funny? What's so funny? I mean, Steve this is a guy this guy Conway's of attorney what what what kind of relationship, you think they have. I think they've got one of those relationships where you know, they they avoid talking about certain topics. Now, that's the that's what I think why. Yeah, I've heard it said that there are I think we've mentioned this this show before I I know there's a state of the art relationships. That's right and one of them, this is state of the art folks, this is what marriage counsellors marriage therapist will tell you one of the state of the art six six 'full kinds of marriages is the one where the people just avoid certain topics. So they just don't talk about it. I bet you anything. That's it that that could be end. Then there are the other two state of art marriages, which is they fight like cats and dogs or they. They agree to disagree. Well, yeah. No, they they fight like cats and dogs or they just they just bring it up, and they disagree something like that. It sounds like any kind of marriage. Right. So maybe what they're saying is all marriages can succeed if they're done the right way takes two to Tango. Steve St. L is our guest here on the world famous. Fill injury shows. We talk about this this bookcase that his wife brought home on consignment. Steve told her it looked like she pulled it from the bottom of the ocean. And she just waved him off like it was a pungent cloud of gas in front of her nose. And you're saying how come George Conway. Yeah. I mean, I just think that it's it's it's invaluable lesson. Well, I think the lessons in the Conway marriage Nutting, you and your wife, April waving away, a pungent cloud of stench, or whatever it was that you represented to her at that moment. I don't think I Representative pungent cloud of stanch. I mean. Wow. What are you saying seeing anything that Senate? What do you think you represent your wife? I represent a man, I'm a full grown, man. Okay. Yes. All right. And I come in. And she says. What do you think about it? Both L your wife calls you Bozon. Sometimes. Yeah. I mean, you know, you call her by her maid. What's what is her maiden name? Bonham Bonham is are made me April bottom and you ever call her John. I don't understand John Bonham not really he was the drummer for Led Zeppelin. Nevermind Andro for Led Zeppelin. Okay. Oh, I don't his he where does he live? He's dead. He's been dead for almost dead for almost forty years. All I'm sorry to hear that terrible. So. Yeah, Abrams maiden name, his Bonham never mind. You don't call her them. Do you know 'cause their last names Bozon? Wow. I'm talking to this guy on the phone never mind. Steve just talk to Stephen Boselli in the world famous. Phil Hendrie show. We got Dr Jim Sadler. Who's going to check in with the okay for what who Dr Jim Sadler is going to check in on this issue about marriage, and you know, making these points with each other. So hold on. I don't know. I wanna talk to some quick. So coming up is going to be Dr Jim Saturn later on in the program, Dr Ron Turner on climate change. And this idea that there was a whole bunch of stuff on the radio yesterday here in Los Angeles. And I don't know whether this was just the spin they wanted to put on it. They said boy. Everybody from California. We'd never be able to put up with that mid west weather. We'd never be able if that midwest weather. Oh my God. Oh, my and Dr on toners, our Californian who's lived at and I have lived in the midwest. I lived in Minnesota for a year through one of its worst winters as I was told they called it a one hundred year winter. And so we'll have Dr turn around and talk about that coming up here the world famous Phil Emery show. This is the Phil Hendrie show on the Cavaco broadcast enterprise. Hello, dick millman on the chairman of Cavaco. We bring on interesting shows like the Phil Henry show, Bob crutch, Berg, Stephen Ellis. And of course, the Zoot suit. Our we bring those shows on and then we throw them off the only one we have left is fills. We hope to keep that one. But even if we get rid of it, he'll be able to go somewhere as all the other shows have and we'll have to shut down because we need programming, and they don't I guess. The Cavaco broadcasting enterprise, dick, millman, speaking. Here's the world famous fill reshow from the L Pacifico here in southern California in general Cayman, shown and outfield. All right, man. Be sure to join us for Friday night chat as we indicated at the beginning of the program here. It looks like we're drawing another name. We are looking for great Scott exclamation point or bub Rivard or IV. Yeah. Can't find these guys. But then again, we're drawing names off of our ESP board from all over the world. The first name we drew was in Shanghai, China that guy just happened to be listening. Michael Welsh now that guy was at Shanghai China. No kidding. Yeah. We've got people to check in with us from Japan from China Lennon, places and his cat. Obviously couldn't make it. You know? What what can imagine? What do you mean? Why couldn't he may ease in China? I know the airplane eating can get on an airplane man to come to Santa Anita for one day. Just not gonna happen. Right. So let's get the chaplain that we wanted to talk to now we have another bathtub situation here, which is fine with me. I I'm okay with it. But I just wanted to make sure that, sir. I fell at Hello Steve. How you I'm fine. I am in the bathtub, and I do apologize for that. I I hope that. I I get that. I'd be in the band. He did tell me being bantam. Yeah. I know. But okay. It's fine problem. There's no problem. Steve how how you doing? I'm fine. I'm doing I'm hanging in. All right. So we get underway. Okay. Just if you can keep the splashing. Well, I'm I'm relaxing here. At the end of the day. I'm splashing around a little bit. I've got it makes you on Charlie's to you. But I have a couple of items here. I've got a a a World War Two destroyer. I've got a both and I have a ping pong ball. And I bet the around the tub, and I'll give an example here, I'm gonna turn the water on and. Yeah. And I wish them into the water. I pushed him into the web of Paul. Yeah. Into the waterfall. I mean, the whole push him into the waterfall of the weather coming down, and it allows me to heal a relief. Okay. I wouldn't call it a violent thing. But allows me to feel a release. I've you so I'm gonna push them like the destroy us. Right into waterfall. Does he those are the the sailors getting destroyed by it? That sounds is that some sort of therapy hold on. Put some hot what day here hitter. But I pushed the seal boat and never again. So what was that? Is it some sort of therapy that you do? I know I wouldn't say Skippy. Well, it so it's like a little kid. Okay. If you wanna call it that I mean, I'm an adult man who needs to express some angst over the. Quite frankly that the lousy day I just had and a lot of the patients that I had that were very rude to me. So I imagine that my patients, and I don't mean this literally fill, but it's your way of expressing some aggression, though. Yes, it is. And so my patience I see them as being on these ships. And I'll say, okay, there's MRs Kafka and here is husband, Jim and put them on this shift push them right in a push, right? I see him. He gets just he just ripped in half. By the the waterfall g. You know, something I find that very disturbing again. I find very disturbing. I can't get you. We could turn the water. Thank you. Dr. I care. I said, I find it very disturbing. Here's another one. Are you listening to what people are saying? Get the ping pong, Paul. Can he, but here's Dr Turner pushed the ping pong ball sector Turner right here into is a fake there. Talk to Toyota. Hey, Elmer Fudd you say something. Yeah. We'll just wondered if you can hear us. Oh, I can hear you now. Yes. Okay. That's great. So thank you very much for demonstrating that. Okay. Just started watches here goes. Oh, yeah. See? And and what does that do? Exactly. Well, general I know that you combat veterans. So you probably think that went I have a a made up guy on the boat. Then it gets destroyed under my ball fall. You don't think it's means anything? But for me it does it means quite a bit. It means that that person guy. That's the guy that gave you a bunch of crap. And now he's been you know, he's been blasted off the boat by the waterfall. Yeah. So if he has good I do have Stephen bozo on the line. Okay. It was gonna fascinating and Stevens talking about here with us tonight. Dr Dr Sadler. I is that his wife. You know, what I can't? I'll basically George Conway is is married to Gillian Conway in Washington DC, and he gets to say anything that he wants to say about his wife. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let him wait a minute. Wait a minute. I just need to do that one. How turn the water up? Okay. Go ahead. You. Yeah, I'm good. So George Kylie gets to say whatever he wants to say about President Bush, even though his wife works for President Bush. So when my wife bought a piece of furniture. I wanted to say what I wanted to say, even though my wife thinks the furniture looks good. Okay. And whether you I came in. I said she said, what do you think I said it looks like you found it at the bottom of the ocean? Like, somebody just. And they let and then she waved wave me away. She used the motion of her hand like she was waving away of funky like a flak a funky like a bad sandwich. That was in the refrigerator, and she's waving a stink away. Well, I mean, you what you said there wasn't all that really terrible. What did you think she was going to say, what did I expect? He was going to say. Yeah. But you should what big deal. What you said. So you said to her that you that that that you thought it looked like the bottom of the ocean? Yeah. I mean, you don't think that's a hard enough that big deal. Somebody says, I don't know. But if someone said to me, it looks like you bought your car from the bottom of the ocean, I'd say, well, obviously, it's not it's it's brand new. So you must need last name. And I think that's what what you life. Probably. Did. She probably took what you said. Tibi veal lightweight you know, like big. Wow. And she just kind of waved it like p you, smells, you you ever heard that to you smell. As you what it gets a play on T U P U spells you which is what we used to Shane and people to put it's put down you say at a cocktail party. Well, p you smells you at cut tail parties. Yeah. What about it? That said that's decidedly something that's very juvenile kids used to say to each other. Well, all right. But I mean, you probably it it was it was in the culture p you spells you, yes. And it must in the P you, smells you. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I understand. But that's what you I was saying it what what you said was was so insignificant. She just went p you, you know, spell spells you, smells, or spells. It could've been either way. They either way take no watch. Let's say y'all wife bugs you and she's on the ship going for the waterfall. Okay. Hold on hold on. It's name April. Name's April, April Tae. Bo. Oh, no. She did. And and she's not really dead. But you're able to deal with it. You know, I don't wanna kill my wife. I know I know that this is just figured if thing that you're doing you, you you you you you on saying. All right. Dr sadler. Thank you. And just to encapsulate. What you were saying. Thank you. We we don't need you anymore because I'm you guys. Don't really get what I'm doing when I pushed ping pong ball into the waters. They have you're you're you're killing people figuratively that budget today. One of them was April Bozell no now. No. It was fun. Steve my wife bugging me that much. All right. Well, I if he wanted to he wanted to you on the bliss out, I'm not listening. I don't wanna push your under about a massive waterfall. What kind of waterfall we talking about the winning it Africa to win the comes down the one that you know, like in the King Kong movie, a big one like Diagara, FOX something the one in Africa. The what in the King Kong movie, a big one? Okay. Ms standard, you guess what? Guess what? Guess what's about to happen? Now. I guess I'm getting pushed onto the waterfall. That's right. He's still and I'm just gonna put you Monday. I did I didn't feel Henry I'm dead. I have not talked to him. Thanks a lot. Dr sadler. Any minute. I'm gonna put Dr Jim Sandler on the world famous. Fill Henry show talking with us about some jazz. I don't know what man we were trying to address the issue here that is paramount to Steve was Stephen, I appreciate you. Did you get anything out of this particular our? Yeah. I mean, I got I got. That might that that I I St. Boes L the world famous villainy show coming up next is Dr run Turner on the topic of climate change of Phil Hendrie show brought to you by elf cereal. Eat it your ears. Go spock. Hi, my name's Sal every morning. I start out with a bowl of cereal and the next thing. You know, I start to sound like this like a leprechaun. But that's as close as it gets for me to be enough. Now when I stop eating then I go back to being myself here. I'll take another spoonful here of elf cereal. And here I am. I feel very very very mischievous. And I want to go out and blow things up and make people turn into toads elf cereal for the elephant all of us. Watch your ears. Go spock. This band. This Apache Tomcat. Henry thank you. Dr Ron Turner has been a frequent contributor on our program having to do with. Well, having to do with things relative to climate change in. We welcome back to toner on the show here to talk with us about climate change. And and the ins and the outs and all of that stuff. Dr Turner, always great to talk with you. How are you? And I understand that you are in Minneapolis Saint Paul right now. St Paul Bill have been lower town. Saint Paul's your old stomping grounds now you are out on the street right now and your but to remove your shirt, tell me about this Bill. There has been as you bet you'd cub and Terry the local dues it Los Angeles about a California is not being able to deal with the midwest weather that big a deal with thirty below. Whether it is today say Paul Minnesota, and I it is just absurd while I do Cup from California, you do to you've mentioned you lived in Minnesota, I live here over the years. I used to teach at university of Minnesota back in the nineteen eighties. So I don't from where I bugged coming from where where did you live in those days right over there? The park. What's the name of that park there near the the Walker said that caused the culture center, okay and lived there while I was teach. Ching. It I moved around a little bit without the wise Etta for wild. But you know, I've certainly had by fair share winters that as you mentioned. What winter were you hear Phil? I was in Minnesota Minneapolis ninety three ninety four that was one of the worst winters. They've had it Betty a year. And so when I heard that they do today, California was it if you're a California, you can't put up with that kind of weather, but that that arc Bago. What are you talking about? They're like, well, you know, if you're a coastal California, and you just can't you can't hack that stuff. You know, there's a difference between being able to hack something I think. I think I'm going to be doing the segment, right, right? But I need to let all of my guests. No, including you run that when Phil starts talking about something don't interrupt him. If you don't mind. All right. Ron you? You get you get the lay the land land. So as I was saying, yeah, you know, I hear this. And there's a big difference between wanting to live in that stuff and being able to live in that stuff. You can live in it. If you have to I was there. I lived in it. Okay. And I didn't see myself complaint. As a matter of fact, I used to pull out a gags like what you're about to pull. I would walk into the station wearing a Hawaiian shirt Hawaiian shirt jacket. No jacket. I mean, I came across the street from from heated parking. But it was like six or seven maybe ten below you go walk, but it was a gag making a joke because they knew this fill the guy from California blab LA anyway, anyway. I gotta take my jacket off. I'm gonna just show these people here in the twin cities here at Saint Paul what I've all about this is gonna take my shirt by jacket off. I'm gonna take my shirt off. This is people getting the Monja hold on. Okay. I know what I'd do it. I've got a service hot coffee here at a lobbyist Bank right here. And I'm taking my shirt off right out. Boy, it's cold all fall. I put your shirt back on man. Hi, california. Being I'm aware. I could take it. I've say these peak. I showed these people I could take I could take it. I pay it. I take it. I got a check of the jacket on all right? Oh. You're going to get frostbite just doing it for a couple of seconds. The people are scare them though. That's scary. If I went up to a couple of pedestrians, and I said, I've California, and what do you think they said, we did you hear them? Yeah. No kidding. What another which you said, you're from California. They didn't disagree with you. Well, how they gonna do that. Because it was obvious by the do fall stuff, you're doing. Oh, you guys stick Ono Noto? They I would I said that if I from California, they looked at me like you're a lot tougher than I thought you were they weren't looking at you like you need an ambulance. Oh, I'm hey, Ron, you know, believe what you wanna believe? I believe this. I'm a Californian, and I just walked down to the middle of this sub zero weather here in Saint Paul Minnesota at I don't care. I don't care. Okay. You know, man. If I were you I had to doctor after this. Why you don't if you got frostbite out of this stuff enough it oppressed by watch. Now what I doing Phil maybe this cheating. I am spirit a little bit vacillate. Oh. So that keeps the Poor's coming here that is cheating. Oh, it is teething. I don't know how much about it subs. You try general that you tell me. All right. Don't don't get so excited your nose plugs up again. Going out there where I've been lower town Saint Paul fill those where it is on wherever it is sixth. Yeah. I ride to reuse live here ago watching Ron will you all come on the list. Hi. Tell her I e four. Who want to? Get inside. Oh, we got. We got a cop high. I've I've prove on a radio show. Let me talk to the guy this still Henry. I thought he I'm proving that the California I could take it. Your California could take you got. I got my identity Gatien here by my pants put him on. I'm gonna put my pencil. Yeah. But I just did you have your pants off. Wait a minute fill. I prove I'm on a podcast, California proving that California could take the cold weather better soda by my pants. Japan. I put my pants on. Now. What were you wearing man? Underwear? I was wearing a thong. So you're out there in thong older, we feel and pocketed cop. I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I swear by God. I swear to all by God. Please clear the air. I'm I'm leaving right down. Yes. The people the banks could stand here Jesus. But I proved it Californians can take it. Oh, you don't think? So. Eight you know, what man that guy on a haul your ass in for whatever they call it a fifty one fifty. So you think and other words, I need seventy two I seventy two hour hold. I talking to the guy on the radio. I don't that's what you know. I don't think you need that. But I bet you the cop was tempted to do it. Why would he do that? If you're a threat to yourself or others, and you by all means look like you're a threat to yourself standing up there in a in a bun hut. Were you wearing I had a on a thong? You had to be out of your mind. I'm telling you right now. Stop doing that. Ron you're going to die DACA die. You're good to get frostbite or something g that kid run. Knock it off eight Bill. I lived. I know you live here. I live here. Okay. Do you ever do this? No. I never did. I wasn't that freaking dumb. I did it for you. I did it for the people that can't afford you. They just think you're another California with a screw loose. That's what they think. Well, you know, what let fake there's a whole colony of California's live but a soda roof. You know, this or I do I met a lot of them. You've met a lot of. Yeah. I did. There's a whole colony of California's a live outside the twin cities. Yeah. And I do it for they're the ones that don't stand up for the bells. They walk around the people that live in Minnesota who. Lived in California move there because they don't wanna be Californians anymore. They don't want to be. They don't want to live in California more. They wanna live in Minnesota. They wanna live far far away from California because they don't big it so run what do you think you've proved let me Louis Cimarron, doctor, this general, this is this is a coach your general, doctor, right? This is general gala Shaw. Yeah. Rod Carter have been who. I bet you still feeling you bet. Got my shirt on. I just got my pants on. How would he been standing there wearing thong? We'll talk to you. What do you want me to do? So you're like twenty minutes damning there and a thong. Yeah. Cop left. There's people in the Bank. So what could be on it to be honest with you a couple of women. They were they were what checking your rear end? Okay. Yes. Put your goddamn clothes on. I me, and I bet you to be okay. Put your clothes on. I got Pat dot okay. How about your shirt I'm getting to it? What about your shoes? I'll get by the panther on. So you're there barefoot with no shirt on. I'm just talking to you. I'm kinda joined the victory. How you doing? Now, see those two people for the bag who saw be strip at walk out there nude or I said, I had a fog. You had an thong. This. You know, as I said, you'll be lucky if you make it through this day. I mean that argument, you know, what you're talking about. Okay. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. It gets cold enough there. That's ovadia. It gets those that right? Yeah. I mean, you're the, wow, you're the climate change expert. Hey, phil. I don't have to do about all the states whether it the precipitation though that there's climate change. Okay. Focus. It's called climate change dot global war. Big global warming is a term we used to use called climate change. Okay. Have you got your clothes on you? Put buy socks on. You know, I think you enjoy standing naked in public. Oh, sure. At Ted below. I don't think so you're in a hook whatever it is a Bank lobby Bank lobby slowly, putting your socks on putting you know, what I did forget though, I have a dry pair of underwear better. Take bypass. Now, just leave on the phone for God's sake. I go wet dog out of these. You could see the wet state of fog at the crack of the pan. Okay, run. Thanks so much for proving. Absolutely nothing accepted, you're from California. So you're mentally. Diseased which means to that cop. We all are Bill. I've got a on. All I gotta do is strip dog off real fast. Okay. If I could find the dry underwear have you taken your pants off yet alot to you? Yeah. Right down here the cabinet show. But. What thing? That was fantastic that was Dr Ron Turner on climate change. And he just proved something I don't know what this is the world famous. Phil Hendrie show. Thank you everyone for listening to. This addition the world famous fill heavy, so I've boggled. Feeling be show is executive produced by Phil Henry, proceed corporated all rights reserved on podcast. Don't forget Friday night. The Friday night chat, we draw another name in our endless drawing of names for a day at the racist March thirtieth at Santa Nita. I'm general Kaelin Shaw somewhere in Minnesota. Dr Ron Carter has a wet phone on and nothing else. What? Ding. Hey, Dunya don't play. Yeah. Can't wait and comb Moba. Fake. On what? Nightmare.

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