Heaven and Hell


Jay. Forester. You listening to five minute. Five minute dob as a weekly podcast giving you purchase. Buddhist wisdom for everyday life episode twenty-three, Heaven. Help. The Buddhist said. The Double Prada. I won twenty six. Some enter the womb. Evildoers go to hell the good good heaven. Those free from worldly desires attained, Nirvana? Now. It's not hard to understand the attaining. Nirvana. But what's the stuff about going to hell and going to heaven? That doesn't seem very Buddhist. And yet we find it in the Buddhist scriptures. This is because I think that. The. Proclamation of Buddhism within the West has been sterilized of anything smacking of religion. So that Buddhism doesn't seem religious. But Buddhism is a religion. Is a religion that tells you how to attain the best destination the best life. So it tells you how to live life now. So that, you have peace of mind. It tells you how to attain Heaven after You die and it tells you how to get out of the cycle of rebirth, which is called some Sarah in Buddhism through attaining Nirvana. So. Tells you these things. But we really here mainly in the West about the meditation and about finding peace and things of this nature. But this isn't the complete story of Buddhism see you get a skewed view of Buddhism. So, lately, I've been writing for PATHOS PATHOS DOT COM. And Have My. I. Have a column there called the Buddhist said. And every week I do two articles where I explore the Buddhist teachings from the Pali Canon the earliest scriptures of Buddhism. And one of the things that. I'm trying to help people. Understand. Is that Buddhism is a full religion. It's not just find inner peace. It's about avoiding hell it's about attaining heaven and ultimately attaining Nirvana. So. One of the things I explained in my articles is the difference between the conditioned reality and the unconditional reality. So we live in a conditioned reality. And that conditioned reality has five basic destinations. You have the hell realms you have the ghost realm, you have the animal realm, the human realm, and the heavenly. Realm. And those are the five destinations that you can go to in this conditioned reality. Now. If you attain Nirvana which is complete liberation, then you leave this conditioned realm and go into. What can only be said to be the UN conditioned. You can't call it. A realm realm is conditioned. So I, call it an unconditional reality but that is still saying maybe too much about it. We don't know. We only know what the on conditioned is it's unconditional born on made on created on fabricated. And it's with that understanding then you begin to look at the Buddhist scriptures used. Yes Buddha tells how to get out of the cycle of rebirth. But he also tells you well, you're here. And if you don't attain Nirvana, the best thing to do is to practice the Dharma. And the Dharma has three basic printings if you will you have the ethical training. The. Mindfulness Meditation Training and the wisdom. Training this is the insight into the true nature of reality. So the ethical will give you a good rebirth. What you want is you want to be reborn as a human because the divine places, the heavenly places to pleasurable for you to meditate and the hell places to painful and of course, by Hell I mean they're temporary. So they're more like purgatory 's all these destinations are temporary. Nothing is permanent in the conditioned room. The only thing permanent is the uncommissioned. So when she realized that what you do here, effects where you're going after your life. Then the Buddha says ethical standards is what you do to make sure you have a good rebirth. That seems odd to many people who think of Buddhism has just a meditation practice. But this is what the Buddha taught. He taught a way of escape from the conditioned reality, but he also taught within this conditioned reality how to get the best rebirth so that you can practice so that you can attain Nirvana. So that's my take on heaven and hell, the five realms and the Buddhist big picture teaching. Thank you for your kitchen. You've been listening to five minute Dahmer five minute. Dharma's a weekly podcast you practical Buddhist wisdom for Everyday Life To subscribe to the PODCAST, please go to five minute Dharma. Dot Com till next time may the Buddhist wisdom enlighten your path?

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