Just World Fallacy - FT#80


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Edible dot com today game rated e for everyone gaming system sold separately. Nobody has more respect for women than i do. Nobody hillary clinton wants to polish it belaboring. She wants to abolish our second amendment like big. They didn't deny it. I don't think anybody denied it. Other presidents did not call it write letters and some presidents. do anything in many people have come out and said. I really do have to ask yourself. Where does it stop. Hello and welcome to fallacious trump. The podcast where we used the insane ramblings of fool's goldfinger to explain logical fallacies. I'm your host jim. i'm your is mark. A logical fallacies an error in reasoning. The results invalid arguments and logical policy. We're looking at this. Week is the just world policy also known as victim blaming also victim blaming yes. I own episode. Fifty oriented dr bennett. The author of brilliant website logically fallacious and he said that one of the things that causes logical fallacies basically is cognitive bias. They're often born in cognitive biases. And this is a great example of that because there's a cognitive bias called fundamental attribution era and a advice basically is just where our usual quick ways of thinking let us down or send us right kind of reliably one direction then. The isn't necessarily helpful. It's west stereotypes. Come from a and this one is where you attribute your success in something like a. If you're in a good situation you that to the good choices you down eight and you'll talent and ability and stuff like that but if you see someone else in a situation you're more likely to say that they got lucky or they were in the right place at the right time with that kind of thing and in in a negative way. If you see someone in a bad situation you attribute that to their choices and negative traits about them but if you're in about situation yourself you more likely to kind of make more excuses for yourself and say well. This is just circumstances bad it you know these things happen soon outside of my control. This is incredibly common. Everyone does an compensated by really really really difficult to i mean. We don't even talk about eliminating them. We we ideally as critical thinkers. Try to mitigate them and try to at least be aware of our blassie's notice them site were. That's where that's come from old. Try not to think like that. Yes but this mode of thinking which is a site everyone does as responsible for for this fallacy. Which is basically looking at the world and saying well people get what they deserve. It is just world. If i'm doing. Well it's because. I make good choices if people are doing badly. It's because they make bad choices. The just world name was coined by social psychologists in the sixties called. Melvin lana who decided he theorized at least the a belief in a just world is what allows otherwise compassionate individuals to rationalize injustice. Stay believe they couldn't stop will prevent so if if they see bad stuff roy doing something about it they can just say well you know yes because they that person did you know is a bad person. So they don't feel and yet to actually do something and he did various experiments. He did experiments with people watching someone. Electric shocks and the worst. The person suffered will they were pretending the the observers kind of came up with explanations. They thought that person was a worst person. He did one experiment where he had two men doing puzzle solving puzzles under the end. One of them was randomly awarded large money and and they had observers looking at this happening. They told the observers thought the reward was completely random that it was not tied to how good they wear puzzles but when they asked to evaluate the two men the observers set the one who got the award was smarter more talented and better solving puzzles more productive even though they been specifically told the com- utterly random tied to at all because they were seeing the the good thing that happened to someone as being somehow tied to their talent their ability their their choices liking had the golly. That's how deep deep cynicism liberty difficult to shake but it's not to the same degree in everyone couple of research at harvard university and Ucla conducted surveys to examine the characteristics of people who have strong beliefs in a just world. Who who kind of feel this very strongly. And they found that people who have a strong tendency to believe in a just world also tend to be more religious more authoritarian more conservative more likely to have political leaders and existing social institutions and more likely to have a negative attitude towards underprivileged groups. So trump's support lousy. Well that i've read an article this week by as to campbell. The boy was boaz spindle. Obeys now a reporter maltings politic and he adopted the phrase from somebody else that he'd recalled sado populist and he says we'll. Boris is a site populist. It's about making people feel that day all better off than somebody else because then that plays into this kind of thing which says. They are to blame for their misfortune. I'm in charge of my destiny. So everything's fine with may of because because we all live in the same world and is deliberately being decimated by the few expensive many. But as long as you've got some people who you can say well you'll make terrible choices. That's why you're worse than i am. Then i feel better than new. And that's all you need. yeah so. He's kind of plays into this innate bias. Yeah yeah and there was. There was a poll done in two thousand seventeen by the washington post kaiser family foundation asking basically about poor people. Asking you about why y.'all some people pull essentially. Yeah and forty. Six percents of christians basically said it was because they lazy compared with twenty nine percent of non-christians. Nice christian astute. So yeah even though poverty and giving up you'll you'll worldly goods is supposedly a christian. The do they klay savings yet. If you pull. Syrian full basically should work program and in that same poll when they split it out between democrats and republicans. Twenty six percent of democrats blamed a lack of effort for poverty while sixty three percents of republicans did so. That's what we're working with. Say actually yeah and so. That's what leads to the coins of examples that we have here today. I one from trump comes after the shooting of racia- brooks who was the black man who had a bit too much to drink and fell asleep in the drive through lane in a wendy's he was kind of where cannot by the police and they tried to arrest him. He resisted grabbed One of the police officers tasers and ran away and while he was running away the policeman shot him in the back and kilter charm in the back so his his crime was ultimately drunk driving. And resisting arrest either. Of which is the penalty is death. No and this is what trump had to say about the event that took place yesterday was i thought it was a terrible situation. But you can't resist a police officer and you know if you have a disagreement you have to take it up after the fact it was a very sad very very sad thing and look You really you take a look. It was out of control. The whole situation was out of control. I heard today and just got a report that the police officers lawyers said that he heard a sound like a gun like a gun shot and he saw flash in front of him. So that's an interesting you know. I don't necessarily believe that. But i will tell you that's That's a very interesting thing. And maybe that's so they can have to find out just up to justice right now. It's going to be up to just. I hope he gets a fair shake because police have not been treated fairly in our country. They have not been treated fairly. Police haven't been treated fairly so yeah when when trump says i hope he gets a fachet case talking about the policeman who shot the black man not in debt. Not so he yeah. He doesn't get disingenuous society. Where you've got to dispute. You need to take it off with the there's never any afterwards but yet trump is is essentially saying yet. It's a bad thing that the police shot someone bought two full. he shouldn't have resisted. He shouldn't have way because we shouldn't shouldn't when it comes to being black in in front of policemen just resume because if you do bad things happen and it's a very common thing that comes out when you know. Jacob blake in wisconsin When he was shot in the back people said oh you know he was. He was possibly may be reaching for a knife jones. Floyd obviously people were saying. Well he was. He was a career criminal and drug addict and he. He held component years before none of which factored into the fact that he was being arrested for possibly passing a counterfeit twenty dollar. Bill and thought isn't a death sentence. Case does you know put they bring up these things and say well you know they. These are bad people. The bad thing happens to them Because because people like my choices and it kind of explains it away for them it that they then feel like mary. Some there is the need to do something about it. Yes them got to be outraged and do something about it and engage with the black lives matter movement in a positive way for instance. They can just go. Yeah well you know. Chapin's to ship evil is beyond my control icon. Actually do anything about that. Which is another saying. I'm more i because i'm successful in my choices. Another example of trump using it as an excuse not to do anything is after the the shooting at the tree of life synagogue Wit went off which he was asked about. Whether it was maybe finally time to do something any fucking thing about gun control and he said this. This has little to do with it. Have you take a look. If they had protection inside the results would have been far better. This is a dispute that will always exist. I suspect but if they had some kind of a protection inside the temple Maybe you could have been a very different situation. They didn't so if they had had an armed guard insight the synagogue. Then this wouldn't happen to them. Yeah it wouldn't have been. Yeah it's so they were they were wrong to not have massively armed people in case there was ever a massively person coming out. Yeah so. I think that happens armed guys full. Yeah yeah because they because they made by to them. Essentially didn't have a coke. Yes kamei's third example is actually from The next generation of fallacious trump's this is from eric. He's actually defending something. His father set because This is when roger ailes fox was publicly accused. I guess because he'd been accused for many years but public they accused of sexual harassment and don't trump was asked by usa today what he would want to do about it. You know what if vancouver was working there and had had this experience and he said basically that he would hope that she would get a new career roped a different company which is not necessarily the best way to deal with that kind of thing and people thought. Yeah that's don't that's not the answer and so they asked eric bounce it on Actually ironically charlie rose was asking him about sexual harassment right and he said This is what he thought a banquet. Ivanka a strong powerful woman. She wouldn't allow herself to be objected to it. And by the way you should certainly take it up with human resources. And i think she she definitely would as a strong person at the same time. I don't think she would allow herself to be subjected to that. So the issue is the woman who is the result of the harassment was because she allowed herself to be too. Yeah she allowed us. Thank were subjected to sexual harassment but if anchor being a strong person strong woman wouldn't allow herself to be subjected to it. Fuck all the way off when you get fucker some more. Why how that is really. That's use the usual. Well if you go out dress like that yeah and you expect. Yeah so it's it's another common feeling that people have about domestic abuse is saying well you know if obviously in that situation i would leave. I wouldn't stay in that situation when it's absolutely not that simple. And you'll calling the person who is experiencing that you know we can help listen and essentially stupid for not make any and their own fault for not making the right choice the choice you would make if you were in that situation. It's a is defying. I'm because i'm because your view. The i wouldn't do that in my situation that goes back to the cognitive buyers. The i would. The i always make goodell dances and the right choice. Yeah that's why. I find myself in that situation very different using it that those statistics about the from the christian fraternity. You'd think it's a very humane thing to to put yourself in somebody else's shoes and so yes. I would probably do exactly the same in those circumstances. I don't know the i would do anything different. Yeah but you'll you'll weirdly. Assuming christians are humane. Yeah for those hundred reference from from the propaganda taught school. They are nice. People do unto others do unto. You turn the other cheek and you know. Look out for your fellow man and taking strange's to have who need help. Yeah that kind of stuff. Yeah yeah across the outside of that. Yeah but no. It's it's all league. Where does it come from. You know it's the actual story of humanity's kaneohe naval killing killing the brother and in order to get that's what it is. It's not it's not about. it's not jesus is asked. He came along to fix that. Because we thought chops maiden and yet. That's what we we are an old testament race with kind of people that will just be jealous of other people success and derogatory tools. People who fail. Yeah you'll failing because your stupid. I'm succeeding because i'm brilliant and that that guy's succeeding because he's had all the luck in the world. Yeah so that you will you know. I'm i'm middle is within. The fallacy leans more towards people who are successful even if that other people All successful because they could people Or because they make and feeds into the line is trump defiant. That he is successful means he must be good. He must be talented. Yeah yeah stuff well. That's certainly the message that he said every possible. Tommy his mouth so we got one more example in this section because when you start looking for was if they say it's just every welcome where so i stop this This is from santa. Mo brooks republican sir and this was when trump was trying to get a bone care. I've attend And failing again and again when they finally came out with the republican health care bill which totally failed This one thing that makes it about my understanding is that it will allow insurance companies to require. People who have higher healthcare costs do contribute more to the insurance pool that helps offset all these costs. Thereby reducing the cost to those people who lead good lives. They're healthy you know. They've done the things to keep their bodies healthy and right now those the people who've done things the right way that are seeing their costs skyrocketing again fuck off so you got the people who are healthy. People who have make choices. They've lead good lives. They've done everything right. Meaning all the people who are unhealthy and half we'll have pre existing conditions fucking cancer or whatever your position. They didn't make your choice right. Yeah and not. That essentially was the depending of health. Bill was you know you you get healthcare. Your good person. You'll not good enough though. Was the argument when the when the post war government setup and jess in the uk that there was those arguments that it was with the whole of the tory party's view of the welfare state of which the united states was part is. Whoa people will just take advantage there through their own fault. They're ill because they can't afford to get health care because they've made the wrong choices. So the the socialist government was all about well. It ought to be free for everybody. Not just those people should be free at the point of access for everyone. Not just those people could hit the to be able to afford it. But people can't and we as a society in the twentieth century in a post war society ought to be able to support those people who are less advantaged than us and yeah they had to fight it through government near if you read. some of. The statements made at the time. They very similar to mo brooks stuff about what you mean. All of us will and wealthy people are to have to pay for the poor and unfortunate and the have made the wrong choices. There is that correlation between only people who are stupid and lazy and poor get ill and and is therefore pick for being stupid and porn making wrong choices behind there is therefore now it's just ghostly and to to be absolutely as fair as i can beat a mo brooks did. He did follow this up by saying really after that that some people who have preexisting conditions You know it's it's not through any fault of their own that they're in that situation all right. Oh nice of you to acknowledge it. But he but that wasn't yeah in any way addressed in the bill that they were trying to push that they will. They badly acknowledged that and they were absolutely trying to and went through several calls to try and strip the preexisting conditions requirement of the insurance companies so in a way the fights. I acknowledged it as well. 'cause 'cause you can join in a way where it way except if they just don't get the people who have preexisting conditions by exist and don't deserve to die then then they sense. Not now is the time. I think marks british politics order speaking of the uk government and their attitude towards people and health is around for. And it's nothing that the government can do about it. Since such javad has become the new health secretary who is well last month was when he had he's had two jabs but he caught cove on the twenty four to any recovered on the twenty fourth of july was tweeting. He's the good news. If we discovery relative term good news and hey was extolling the virtues of the fact seen get out of jail free called thing come along to save the government the bottom of the tweet he put please if you haven't yet get your jab as we learn to live with rosa than cower from this virus so you everybody just away so are you saying that the more than one hundred thousand people colty undyed did so because they were too cowardly not brave enough in the face of corona virus. And it's not the government's fault it's their lack of courage as angeles. Sorry is basically saying yeah you can you know there's As he's learned to live with it not everyone got to do that. It's like when people say you know people have been having having babies naturally for a hundreds of thousands of years. Yeah an enormous numbers of them would dying when they tried to do that. That's a good law in the road. Yes yeah yeah. Yeah so learning to live with it or the global south who survive and not cowering in the face in our brave go get it and that's there there's an even stronger element of the just will victim blaming fallacy behind the government's overall change of stance on kovic since javed's appointment concedes a proper bullish. You get back to work. Not the bang ankle. Didn't live by before but since javard. This is absolutely declaration of how the government is no longer going to manage the control of the outbreak. Not that they ever did before really. And in the u they usual policy of shifting responsibility and blame away from themselves. They invoke this fallacy to imply if you get coverage. It's your fault for not doing the right thing. And yeah so the even the people get the jabs get kovic. So where does that land him. You know it's all about well. Actually it doesn't prevent coverage like we said he would just means you die from it. An big toast. We should say it absolutely still does prevent just one hundred percent yes late. Nineteen ninety-five percent prevention as well as reducing dramatically. Yes versi illness. Unfortunately in such and the labor mp tweets it in response one hundred and twenty thousand. People who died didn't cower. They fought for their lives. Frontline workers didn't cower. They kept calm and carried on. Millions in lockdown. Didn't cut cow. They followed your roles and made sacrifices for others so glad you're recovered but please never treat illness as a weakness on his part of the the think the stance the bully stance with sanjay as part of the continuing cultural that. Boris employs to ferment polarization. So we've now got the jabbed versus the jap notes and there's no sense we're talking about the social collective support post war government. There's none of that with. Let's let's all get it to help the thunderball. Let's protect those who can't or won't get jab although that kinda was the first reason. The reason for the first lockdowns shield the elderly. Let's save lives protect the nhs that was a very socialist kind of sentiment cynically awful. They already bought and the shooting early thing. Turbo ally they using the. If you don't get jabbed. I might get it from you. I'm looking out for me. Approach so that war between the kind of the if you're not getting the jab then you're you'll making a bad choice. You're a bad person and what that's doing is threatening me. So that's the culture war that keeps getting promoted as you know they'd never come out and say that but it's just behind and to a certain extent the the. It's it's promoted as the right thing to do. If you don't get it you'll die and that's your problem. There are people that do the right thing at everyone else. Does that mean. We're doing the wrong thing. There was this notion in victorian times of the deserving poor so there's like the ferris clauses appropriate. Well they were the poor and then there was the deserving poor who probably trying to get al policy was the people that don't they just lazy and they're undeserving of our charity and as though different really when thatcher extolled victorian values. That's precisely what she was talking about their. Aw people who are deserving of our charity and they're which four whom the welfare state is available and there are people who deserve it and we should withdraw from every so yeah exert to british citizens returning from raid countries as we traffic system in the uk. If you come back from red country annual british says in your allowed back in the country but you have to quarantine for ten days in a hotel at your own expense. So here's a clip of interviews with people in quarantine and from channel five news and on good morning britain on tv. There was an interview with dominic robb. Who was questioned about what okay how you enforcing this and just listen out for his reply vis-a-vis that but also he'd stick satan to people who do the right thing they're all paying at least one thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds to stay here. That's the minimum for one adult not including children for that. They expected a basic level of care and hygiene. They claim wasn't matt. There were concerns about hygiene outside and inside rooms. They actually been there for. At least three days they're funded that. Actually the people in hotels out wearing masks. They're allowed to go out to smoke. Cigarettes which makes a nonsense of the isolation is over to have. The idea is actually putting into place something to see it through. Isn't it but as with enforcement across the board not just the relationships with the wider social distancing and wide social an measures restrictions in place is difficult to fulsome. We do rely on people. Do not think but there is very clearly that penalties and the enforcement and the accountability as we already showing with with the fines that have levied which have been high level finds the phrase that they use this quarantine. It's not holiday so that the several things going on in there so there's dominic robb evading spectacularly the question about so you're making people go into hotel at their own expense. Throw that price if you're in hotel for ten days and it costs you a hundred seventy pounds of night for a hotel you expect some level of service and the question quote riley to hear ms. So who's who's enforcing that they are provided with a humane service and they're protected from being outside or the staff dot wary miles all of that stuff who's enforcing that and he he just spectacularly goes off and says well it's very difficult to enforce social distancing we're relying on people doing the right thing and then ends up with one of the customers saying they said to us. This is quarantine holiday. So this whole implication behind is that you've come into this country from red listed country. It's your fault so you've just gotta suffer the consequences. It's it's proper victim blaming because they're saying go you know of course he's on hygiene. Of course we're not going to make sure that the isolation rules are in force because it's this holiday you why would we both into ended up. It's both effective. Yeah and no awful. Yeah yeah yeah yeah and actually did not bothering to do either because somewhere along the line. Someone's making money out of it and it's been shifted out to private hands so the government doesn't have to do anything about it and they would just say very. I think it slipped out we relying on people to do the right thing and actually what is the right thing. We've we're doing the quarantining and yet nobody's stopping staff not wearing mouse. Going people going outside if you'll know if you know influencing in some way or having a system that it really isn't any different from self-isolation in your visit if the if they just trusting the people just stay in the hotel and not not makes with other people go out perfect then it's not. Yeah it's not any different from saying okay. You can come in the country the house now and don't go out for ten days. You just trusting the separately citizens so they live here. Yeah yeah i. In a way you will not guarantee you're not in a building full of people have come countries that have got virulent viruses in your own home. That's yeah so it's well you'll have subsequently law firm the of maintaining that suing the government. Basically saying that mandatory hotel containers is a fundamental breach of human rights is led to the false imprisonment of people who are fully vaccinated and tested negative because the only difference between a red country amber country in terms of what you have to do on. Your return is up to and we'll talk about that later until recently you had to quarantine yet to self isolate and the difference between quantities. Relation is a hotel bill. Lamey on the people have been away somewhere. That we've decided is now dangerous and you want to come back and example number three because always looking. You're right there's so much stuff turns up when you type in government it's your fault and loves left sale. Is the home secretary. She's putting a new legislation which is going to make being a traveler or romany or gypsy. even more illegal and matthew. Paris was roy to who's a xm and times newspaper columnists was writing report on this and in the comments section of it. So it's in the times and bury mind these regions of the times. And you kind of expect. Maybe that's my device you kind of expect level of decorum and politeness etiquette and possibly even intelligence. One of the commons was that their children are deprived of education. Is the fault of their lifestyle children. Moving all the time cannot have a settled education that they die young is also their own fault to they just blatantly done and it's cost nothing to do with the government policy continually moving on travelers forcing after the raiders are just it plays into their cognitive bias. It's therefore they die young. Is there fort that browse questioning. Well why is it that they don't young of. Why is it that they can't be allowed to have a settled. Education is it's a polling to read you go through the communist section. Somebody's commenting in the comments section. On how appalling the comments are and that they the the the kind of house rules of some of the comments have been deleted because you can say with discounts be deleted for breach of the house rules. And you think these ones done breach suhel roles that you could just say the reason they die. Young is their fault. Logic comes and goes they told to changing minds from stink the job by seeing the wildcats patsy ramsey and the wildcats of course the pet shop boys. We've done to deserve this. In the fantasy in the wild we like to look at the fallacy of the week from a non-political perspective. And this week. I example as she comes from bill o'reilly friend of the show. Yeah this is from His radio show in august of two thousand six. We clip Scour the internet but it doesn't seem to exist anymore But he was discussing an eighteen year old who was murdered well raped and murdered unfortunately and He said jennifer moore eighteen on her way to college. She was five foot two hundred and five pounds wearing a mini scott hall. Talk with a bad midriff. Now again they go so every predator in the world is going to pay that up at two in the morning so i mean this is classic victim blaming so not predators not not with predators nowadays. Yeah she was just the uses. The word predator is caught telugu because surely somebody who protects somebody else aged When it's essentially saying except that there are predators out there and make bad choices. Yeah like this person. Data them on. Yeah yeah and sadly this is. This is so typical. It's almost a cliche basically the Yeah if someone is is attacked is what what were you wearing. Fifteen years on and sarah everardo died at the hands of off-duty policeman who writes in kilda. Same thing same thing happened. The first day everyone was on this second day will what was she wearing and she was walking home in our own. What could you expect really. Yeah so our second example comes from the movie trading places fantastic but having recently still little bit problematic and eddie murphy comedy. It's not yeah. Yeah but still funny. This is where the brothers randolph. And mortimer i come up with that that plan to swap successful. Dan ackroyd homeless. Eddie murphy To see what happens. Very steady young man. We're lucky to have a memoir firm for us all how wash exeter harvard. He's the product good environment scuttled. Nothing to do with environment with his genius put winthrop anywhere. And he's gonna come out on. Top breeding randolph. Same as and racehorses. It's in the blood. Say renzo is in favor of the nut side of the debate whereas mortimer is very much nature side. He he thinks that it's basically good. People have got where they are successful. People have got where they are because of who they are because of their genes because of all of that stuff whereas randolph. Says you put you person in the right situation. And they will they will thrive and ultimately is proven writes in that he wins. The one dollar bet that they make on these people's lives spoiler alert for for like forty year old film. And yeah basically this whole films kind of this fantasy is it is investigating. Yeah yeah the. Two sides of thank debate about is is it. Is it about lock or in inherent traits that people have. Yeah well. it's an update of my fair lady. Isn't it. it's the same thing where the guy to women. And i come to the office of that as well. 'cause they 'cause they ruined dan which life and he turns to crime so yeah. It's kind of my fair lady plus the reverse of it plus boys from brazil so Finally example is from a woman called amanda patel. She's an australian journalist which eighty mile. And i think she was press secretary for. I think it was william hague. The torian wow was the leader and kind of teenage statue fans. Needless to say she's an awful awful person society and this is this is her views on obesity which she has dined for one phrase again and again. The male associates writing articles about are really wanted for breakfast this morning. It was one of those tasks they can stop. Yeah lots of yes slabs of the white bread and brown sauce and a couple of friday's that was my dream. So what if i had for breakfast. I had a banana and some yogurt. And why did i do that. Because i'm a choice. Auto wanna be fat so i was absolutely spectacular to here but the governments can now to give gastric surgery. Basically giving people a gastric band to all of the obese people in this country your freshman costs between five and ten thousand pounds the stats for what they were all. We now have almost a third entire bridge. Population is our base. So you do the mass what that is going to cost us because those people chose to head a bacon sandwich in the morning and not have an say fan people fat. 'cause they 'cause they sandwiches instead of bananas and it's unfold pow from the nhs to what she's saying is it's all very well to one a bacon sandwich double from oregon braids and stuff but you. You need to choose not to like i did. Which is the right choice. And then you won't be fat and then you won't be a drain on the ideas and the only reason that people fat is 'cause they choose to eat bacon. Yeah that's fundamentally ed. Which is the wrong choice. As the bad thing to eating bacon is never the reacting to do now. It is in every situation shots. One of your options is eating. Bacon is by default the also through that. Yeah as i said. At the beginning we will. We will have this bias of attributing our own success to our ability in choices and other people's failures to their choices but it seems like some people take it to extremes and it's whether you're fat old poll all assaulted or sexually harassed or shot. It's your own fault. So we're we're gonna play fake news folks. I love the game. It's a great game. I understand the game as well as anybody as well as anybody yes. It's time to fake news. The game where. I read out three quotes to which real mona made up and mark has to figure out which one is fake news. You say you'd like people to believe that my polling scores all my fault. But what what you've fails realize is i'm fighting the law of averages and that's the real culprit the situation you find yourself in. Let's say it's just yeah just just spout clock to pump. Now do wrong choices. Those games live out choosier specifically about choosing the or not choosing their own one. Yeah so yeah. I'll team this time as we've done this before she did this back in episode fifty four. I think we did this. It is Statements that trump has put out through his website 'cause he used to so he gets he pays louis harrington to do almost nothing but copy and paste his statements into her twitter account. Food roy what we go back to is because this week he released a statement which any entirely said in all caps bullies. Never fight right. Now i've got no idea. What the fuck he's talking about. Neither does anyone else. Maybe he's talking now cuomo but it's not entirely clear or if he is what that means but anyway thought drew a bit more attention back to his His statements that he puts out so here all three statements that he made recently through four. Dr number one. This resolved tom brady visited the white house and had a bad joke with with joe biden thome shady needs to do his research and realize how rigged and rigged it was the last election was maybe he was too busy. Deflating balls weak grip to follow what is happening all around great country including maricopa county georgia in pennsylvania. When i'm back at the white house will see who he jokes with. The answer is me your favorite president if i even invite him so much voter fraud. It's a balancing of madness. That one statement. I turned down to book deals from the most unlikely of publishers in this. I do not want to do such deal right now on writing like crazy anyway however when the time comes you'll see bookable books. Actually i've been working on a much more important project right now. So yeah you writing like crazy now because right like crazy anyway rushing like roseanne year we know as a great description of how he writes. Yeah it's actually doing the books and actually working something more important. So despite the fact that he's turned down to book deals. The most unlikely publishes who. Who's the doctor zeus. Who would that be the people that put the you know. The straight to the ballgame been people. Don't want to do that. Because i'm writing and i'm doing this really important thing and actually something else. I'm doing which means a cart right so don't ask me. He didn't even say that. Live and just put it out. This is going down and got somebody to post it statement number three and nobody had ever heard of some of these people that worked for me in dc. All of a sudden the fake news starts calling them some of them by no means all feel emboldened brave and for the first time in their lives they feel like something special not the losers that they are and they talk talk talk. Many say. I'm the greatest star maker of all time but some of the stars like produced producer actually made of garbage dump. No notice nobody said that many reasons. I'm me three stars who've made many many. Yeah one one more than a few. Yeah some of this is actually might have gone beach then. Not stars of wall. E's nobody has some by all of a sudden fake news talk k. My turned down to book deals. See the thing is we. Don't get the the joyful thing of hearing him. same that's the no but some of them. Yeah yeah yes. On some shady a whole Of really what. The book deal on tappan. And i really liked the first one but then that could be just being looted of false false. Its allure being made a full sense of trump's. Okay i'm gonna. I'm gonna make the wrong and bad choice. I'm going to say that. Despite all i find commits styles made the garbage. Something about that. First sentence sounds a bit jim sarkhej. So i've gotta have number three is the one you made up in the case of the other two which you convincingly the book deals okay. Say a statement. Over two convinces a strong word. Yes real that is a statement that he off. He's he's he's writing like crazy writing like crazy. How the most unlikely of publishes think what we need is somebody that publishes exam by persona somebody that she's rare rectal examination testing kit instructions or something like that. I would like to by. The title of the book should be writing like crazy a title. You'll have one was real and one is news all good book. No i can't take credit for that. Actually this was a a This was posted on twitter by this harrington someone else and but it went round as as if it was a real statement everyone bryce it believed it and was passing it around getting all. Can you believe he said now. China thank ola. It's posed lower all over again. Is you know it. S really hard. As i've discovered to write stuff. There is crazy than the stuff he would normally say. Yeah so yeah you can write bullshit and it's like yeah. I can totally believe that trump said that. It's like we had that day. Someone says His he put his trousers on bites from a podium and everyone was like i can totally believe that. Yeah thoughts sounds like came. All those ones the baht wrote remember. We had the stuff. And then you just think oh. Yeah perfectly convincing. Because it's just that but this one the results convinced by that was it. Does that kind of the slowly bouncing bowl losing energies through you know. And he and all that stuff and it just goes from k. this ever trailing off thought and with a and he gets in. Yeah it's about me. Who zizi rejects with me. If i even invite him just and to top it off again in a convincing way. They put the answers. Your favorite president and president is in quotes. Yes does it's using that that kind of accidental thing. Yeah so which means that number three was real He did say to stall produced a mate of garbage. No a yeah 'cause this was when he They would basically new books coming out. I don't know why that they will came out in a bit of a flurry. Um from people who'd worked at the white house and yeah yeah. This was basically him saying well. They were desperate to all of these people who were saying bad things about me. Yeah they're losing because they're losing his famous because even though made some gop just such a shit thing to say. And it's just as you know it's not presidential. As italian ex presidential it's just continuing balawi from an aggrieved failure. Perfect excellent no. So yeah okay. So we're up to seventy games and three thirty three which is forty seven percent. Just you're you're almost at the fifty just averages and the law won for the ones going above and beyond for the ones reaching out helping out and lending a hand for the ones people count on you can count on grainger grainger offers supplies and solutions for every industry backed by twenty four seven customer support and specialists to help with hard to find products. Because you've got everyone's back we've got yours call. Click grainger dot com or just stop by grainger for the ones who get it done. We're all a little hungry for ways to celebrate this summer in my right. Luckily stop and shop has everything you need to do. Just that with premium cuts of me sustainably sourced seafood and fresh veggies. That can go right on the grill. Order ahead for delivery your pickup at stop and shop dot com yes. It's time for the part of the show. This week at least is called arizona. It's still not logical fallacy. Because they're still going on kinda still. Yeah but yeah. They're not going anywhere. It's just a pooling. I mean we needed to go anywhere. But the efforts continue so the latest news is that they the the republican senate leaders In arizona requested the russa's as we heard when trump was saying where the and the maricopa county board of supervisors who are involved in actually running. The elation wrote the best letter. Bite them to explain why they they wouldn't guessing the routers and they wouldn't be getting any further help from that so i'm going to read the letter. Almost the entirety. Yeah oh yeah senators. It is now august the twenty twenty one. The election of november twenty twenty is over. If you haven't figured out that the election america he was free fair and accurate yet. I'm not sure you ever will the reason you haven't finished your quotes. Audits is because you hired people who have no experience and little understanding of how professional elections or run the board has real world to do and little trying to entertain this adventure in never neverland. Please finish whatever it is. You're doing and release. Whatever it is. You're going to release. Pretty there was. No fraud wasn't an injection of ballots from asia nor was there a satellite beamed votes into our election equipment. It's time for all elected officials to tell the truth and stopping courage and conspiracies. Release your report and be prepared to defend any accusations of misdeeds in court. It's time to move on. And yeah that is exactly what needs to be said to these people grow up for these things didn't happen just wasting everyone's time get out the thing that you say you're threatening on a love that and what is kind of a counter demand which says you know. Just be prepared to defend any accusation. So you'll you'll going to come out with this report and then we'll just go. We'll you've made all this shit up and you'll trying to policy off and you can't get away with doing that without some kind of comeback because it's your bringing the reputation of free and fair elections into disrepute purely on a political basis. Yeah yeah yeah. So example of one of the coins of claims that they are likely to make because they've already made it is from doug. Logan is there. Were seventy four thousand phantom mail in ballots counted even though there was no record of them being sent out by which they mean in fact he was seventy four thousand two hundred forty one people. This voting by early ballot. Who aren't on. What's called the ev thirty two reports. Which is the list of postal ballots. That was in towns So that fast launch without an as these people without knowing anything about how elections iran. Yes that may just do on. I may sound reason suspicious. Because you guys roth just asking an election official. What's the reason for that. Yeah yeah exactly. But if but if those ballots were sent out to people in the post but those people still voted early by using those pilots. How did they get them. You know what's going on. This is almost seventy four thousand ballots. So you know a paper the arizona mira and Abc fifteen local lady station. You know just awesome. Question looked into it for five minutes. It turns out that didn't didn't do the first glance it turns out the nine thousand nine point. Four percent of those people seventy three thousand eight hundred nineteen voted in person early voting centres. So there were early ballots but they didn't need a ballot to be posted out to them. 'cause that's how the election works in arizona. Go their vote before election day still counts counted it so not all postal votes are early and all early vote supposed to. Yeah absolutely. that's it you can go to the voting place pre election day and vote in person. You don't to have applied for a a an early ballot. You really only need to if you are posting your balance because you need to have something in your house basically that you can write. Your photon anna trivial trivial. Easy thing to find out if you have a concept of how. The election is run but as john zarrella you would ask. You would think so. Yeah but as he says they they have they. They hired people who have no experience in little understanding of how professional elections are run. I mean the entire thing basically has been shown from beginning to end from from trying to kind of maintain the building. They've ruined all of the voting machines. They can't be used anymore because they've they've essentially gone in today find met in a way that means. Yeah now ironically. They can't be sure that they are secure for the next election. Essentially yeah because they've been messed with by people who don't know what they're doing. Yeah and i mean we we will. Obviously we await to see what their outcome is. What the and ends up in in the courts whether it. Yeah i mean. It seems answering misdeeds seems inevitable this stage as it has for awhile. Now that it's going to be very similar to the cracking lawsuit thing where they all going to make their various claims. Just as mike lindell has been doing he in his in his cyber symposium over the last few days the they make a claim and then someone who knows what talking about says. Well that's bullshit and has why and that claim yeah and and the thing about the crack and stuff was even more scared because we've become a matter thing because he's no longer about well. It's the whole election thing was fine. The accusations that you'll making are untrue. So what they're now doing is saying the the lawyers are saying well these untrue accusations we ought to be allowed to submit them because there's so many of them. Yeah so some of those things are happening. And so it's just gonna go on and on and on because the years show in this when this comes out is is. They will list kind of twenty different infractions where they found some anomaly or claim that they find some anomaly an even though each one will be explained away by people who know what they're talking about they will say look. We found so many problems. I'm i am confident. That will be one of their arguments is so there's got to be a problem because we found so many problems. Yes but all of those have been counted sought to out and hopefully that ever the the justice on cracking case. Who just say as a lawyer did you. Don't think the ought to be doing little bits of due-diligence little bit of soul. No no because this is what they said. They said that they thought it might be something. That was a bit unusual. You're okay so the fact that they were speculating. Is that what you're saying you. Yeah well there's all these facts now. It's a fact that he was making stuff up. And to kind of yeah. You're right it will happen. There will be the next level down where they will say we've got this is short is true by sheer weight of numbers. And if you using that argument. The election was true by sheer numbers was the the definition of the bloody election. But i love the way that letter with is now august. Twenty the election of november twenty twenty. Lancome ago yeah. It's getting further away. you know. Just hurry on publish publish your bloody thing. And let's see what you guys really got yet rather than continually ask for more stuff you know. Can you give us the air. The dead space between the server roman outside world a isolated service from the internet. Can you give us that air. Because we saw that there's not enough oxygen molecules or something doug logan the head of cyber ninjas has finally also come clean about who's funding part at least because there was always one hundred fifty thousand dollars from the republican senate but it's actually cost over five million dollars and what that has been contributed by people. I don't know how is contributed by people by political groups run by prominence trump supporters including michael. Flynn sydney powell. Patrick byrne and correspondence from one america news network so i mean it's not surprising tool it's not like they all wasn't expecting that it's exactly who ending it but know nobody's saying to doug logan okay. Are you not just an artist charlatan. Well the arizona mirror is yes. They said they decided that the especially with this absentee voting statistic came and they said the american clues that logan could have any made session egregiously false claim through the profound incompetence or ranked. Dishonesty they said. Logan who was in charge of a team tasked with determining whether they were problems with the twenty twenty general actually america county either. Didn't take the basic step of checking the names against the master list of voters or knowingly told the world something that was untrue. That's very very polite of them. Absolutely kata fares posssibility that he's just rather than worrying about do i earn a billion trillion dollars a year. So we'll be keeping tabs on on what comes out with maricopa county but i don't expect it something that is going to travel much and finally some things we really don't have time to talk about. Say what you like about antitax. But you've got to my their principles just not prepared to put untested remedies containing. God knows more into their bodies. No matter what they're eating horse de worming paste fuck me. Yes in the desperate attempts to prove they know more than science by killing themselves. Anti vaccines have seized on a small study from egypt published on a pre-printed website before it was reviewed which said the anti parasitic drug ivermectin had shown promise in treating covert the fact that paper was subsequently pulled due to ethical concerns including plagiarism and calculation of data points which were quote mathematically impossible increased their interest if anything and so spurred on no doubt by republican politicians such as senator ron johnson promoting the drug started to ask their doctors for a prescription doctor. Stenner emmanuel the demons sperm lady. We talked about back in episode fifty. Five gladly prescriptions. But all the non crazy doctors were a bit reluctant. So the truth phobic wacko. Loons wins instead to farm supply stores which saliva makes in for de worming horses and sheep those remedies that dosed for horses that way over a ton even heavier than most trump supporters is probably. Why there's been one. Texas poison control center welcomed described as a noticeable increasing calls regarding ivermectin. Misuse of repeated defensive. Her upbringing elisa doolittle says on several occasions. Through an regan's in my lady magoo go. I'm endearing it's charming is indicative of her background and how she will. Not stand for being insulted by higgins in these social experiment to pass her off as i born idea the upcoming race meeting ascott. Not really something that one would hope would stand up saying call law right wrong representing himself as a full for a client. Second appearance in the show scheduled to mo brooks. I did read it. Originally as mel brooks and are not far off asked to be dismissed from. Eric swells lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to incite the january six riot. The heart of most argument is that when he spoke at trump's rally on january six he was acting within the scope of his employment and therefore has immunity from swallows was lawsuit. Working for trump will mean. you're innocent. What anyway okay. They mo- where's your proof or your shreds reverence. Well it is defense. He did present several facts. And the court document lists these somewhat tongue in cheek under the heading verified brooks facts among them number one. He's sixty seven number. Two is never smoked tobacco number six. He's never had a motor vehicle wreck in which anyone claimed he was at fort. Then it gets slightly order. Seven includes he has always been faithful to his wife together. They've raised four children. All of whom married none of whom have been false. All of whom are laura abiding. None of whom have been arrested for anything. All of whom i college degrees and jobs and between them blessed him with ten grandchildren with two twins twins mine two of them and another granddaughter. On the way where with amount of innocence bus association case dismissed. What more do you need. May i ended a chorus of the rain. In spain folds mandy on the plane and someone dragging him to the cells shouting move your blooming ours. Remember just a couple of minutes here. When he thought you'd heard the stupidest anti-vice that can get well. The new times talk to employees of an eyewear company in the big apple to find out their opinions on the vaccine and found the range. Vote is including one employee. Who said she was consent because she thought a vaccine had caused the characters in the film. I am legend to turn into on these. This is obsessively not just the ravings of loan disturbed will smith. Fan is in fact to claim widely shared through social media with many noting that in the movie. It took a couple of years for the vaccine to have this devastating effect so just because the millions of people have been vaccinated trying to your brains yet. It doesn't mean they won't aside from the simple finds. It was not actually a vaccine but genetically modified virus that led to the zombie. Vampires in the film. There's one other important thing to remember about this. I think the screenwriter. Vm legend akiva. Goldsman puts it best when he tweeted. Oh my god. It's a movie. I made that up. It's not real is he. Only moments ago. We're extolling the virtues of the guests are online platform now. We were taking the pace big time well the boundaries of the freedom of speech they say they uphold de being pushed to its limits as online jihadists have been flooding the balls with pro isis propaganda. This of course despite trump having defeated isis remember that he told is often enough it must be true helpfully response. Jason miller trump acapella and get a platform founder. The us the only isis members still alive. I'll keeble warriors iding in caves at eating cookies. Okay so trump didn't fail then few when that's some why they've gotten them caves because they're posting after exalted videos of trump jumpsuit being executed by militants How long before the constant conflict. It's free speech. Hey wait that anti-trump and that's just a tad to use and his attempt to double speaking. It's a way of making trump good in the process. Finally make miller's head explode of seen the film scanners actually that's morbidly fascinating just saying just saying i mean if you look at jason meta his head is always just on the verge of exploding. Has that color of the tag still on the shirts. Let's see what he's hating life before in the wealthy suburb of highland park residents received a letter in their mailbox is last month from a group called dallas justice. Now that's a began. We are writing to you because we understand you are white and went onto demands. Wealthy white folk pledged not to send their kids to ivy league schools in order to make space for students of color. A note on the associated website says please note dallas justice now will be publicly announcing the names of those who have and have not signed the pledge naturally it raised samaya garnered some press including a feature on tacos tonight which nikolay means. It's bullshit. this is such an obvious right wing hoax. It's shocking that the letter isn't signed. By jacob wollen jap berkman but so far at least then involved however dallas justice now has been traced back to right wing p offer arena because the right are as at covering their tracks as they already humor and politics over. Its sad isn't really built. And i saw this story. It was going to be just like third paragraph as no woke means you lose everything that goes bad trump at that so of course it's true except he lost. He's not woke as bad but he's not woke. Yeah on never mind without remembering he's an ex president and a future. Inmate trump waiting in a piers morgan. Kinda way i guess in pontificate did about the progress of the. Us women's soccer team in the olympics. Big sports pundit. He's not but trigge mice the troll he as if circuiting headed by radical group of leftist maniacs wasn't work they would have won the gold medal instead of the bronze light to the knee. Taking marxists means from the european soccer tournament trump also ignored the fact that canada whose team has spent much of the last week showing support for the non binary and trans midfielder. Queen won the gold medal. Still anything to do down his fellow americans in the name of his fellow. Americans and trump away. They're talking shit walston the only goal thing he's ever one on our paid for of fucking gold toilet. I used to think that florida governor rhonda santa's was stupid. But i'm not so sure anymore. See ron wants to be president. And hey how. Popular trump was among republicans after his handling of the pandemic cost hundreds of thousands of american lives. So ron seems to have decided his best shot. At the republican nomination is to kill as many floridians as he can the fucking scary thing is. I'm not even sure he's wrong. In the state that is responsible for almost eighteen percent of all the new virus cases in the us where that's are up over fifty percent from last week during a surge in the delta variant which is far more likely than other strains to infect children to scientists is fighting hard to stop schools mandating mosques for their students even threatening to withhold the salary of school officials. Who tried to you know value. The lives of children vacuous traits and lauren. Buber tweeted this week. Democrats want to turn the country into portland. Republicans want to turn the country into florida. Nuff said and she thought that was a point for her side in british politics. this week. I escaped boris island. And i'm in france. Having moved my return date to a week earlier because of having to selfies late back in the uk dude heasley made up traffic warning color code. Amber plus that only applied to france returning from the rest of the entirety of europe with two vaccines certificate with mania. Fine go straight back to normal life and to work and not need to use anymore leave cetera etcetera but not franz all no no no no no no no some cases of the beata variants of the virus were counted on the french territory of larry union which is about six thousand miles from paris but this of course meant that the whole of france is dangerous in reality. I know in boris's head. The cases in larry union were less than parts of europe. And those in paris lesson those in the uk but anyway it was nothing to do with macron's objections to the uk government trying to tear up the oven ready brexit withdrawal agreement. This turned out to be half bites and causes major problems with tearing up the northern ireland. Peace agreement no of course. Nothing rea- r. Left england on the day that uk government changed it back to ordinary amber. So i don't have to isolate yet. Thanks because it's another week. Not in the sunday uplands of post tip. Britain jealous alert. It's been thirty one degrees bright sunshine here all week and red wine is less than three dollars a bottle. Vive la revolution. So that's all about arguments have full reasoning. We have this week. You'll find the show notes. Fallacious trump dot com. And if you trump say something stupid and wanted to ask if it's a fantasy kentucky tazrin the content page you think reviews ourselves and if you've had a good time please give us a review on apple. Putt koster all wherever you pump. Calls and you can support show patron dot com slash. F trump just like astro man level patriots. Max beaver has to. Stephen biko shoots rocky number off buchanan. And i'll talk to scotsman level patron lauren. Thanks so much everyone we really do. Appreciate your continued support. You can connect with those awesome people as well. As the dismissing the facebook group on facebook dot com slash groups slash fallacious trump or music is body outbursts and was used with permission so until knicks. Donald trump will leave the last word. That's like mommy i. There are no shortcuts to mastering once craft gifted athlete. Still train hard. Great scientific minds relentlessly studied the world around us and talented leaders. Always strive to be better. Nasdaq's world reimagined is a podcast for becoming a better more effective leader tune in weekly for conversations with global leaders from the boardroom to the battlefield and beyond for lessons worth hearing listening today. 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