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Santa kind of sad. Thank you know. That's pulling out the door eric. Welcome to best podcast this size. But isn't that. What does that mean when you make a hundred episodes of the show. Your your syndicated platinum alone. Whatever i have no idea but what he said where we've been on way too long. 'cause you guys this about the playstation showcase we talk about our favorite episode moments for podcast. We talk about love. We talk about lessons. Learned along the way you know you may learn about. Somebody's life by just asking you as simple question. Yup you may be sitting next to jeff basis and you may not know it if you just ask came. jeff bezos. Whoa crazy you know what i would say that women cannot have like just twenty grand like you. Don't how much spare change sat. You know the amount of impact you'd have on my life just that just give me like one percent of a one percent of one percent of a one percent stock share in amazon. If i was like please don't say please. I would please. Yeah yeah. I had some other stuff. Whatever desk podcast. But you know what to expect after one hundred episodes. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe that's a bad thing Stay tuned for some great content and some ads. Thanks supporting us. Yeah my we always say goodbye. I fought welcome harden your regular scheduled podcast listening for this short break. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the hundred dabur sorta. Ged over easy finding happen. Let's go go boys avenue of the camera on nice. Nice on you to bring a handle my There we go. No no no in my recording. It looks pretty good. Are you flipping him ish. Yeah i am okay. Good flip him because they we're doing yoga pose. Were your three wait. We're guys get down here. That's what i was doing. I was like. That's why had like this when i don't know what this hand was doing. This i was trying. I was hitting hitting yeah good job. Blue cutting good We did it. Boys can make the little beep on the inside. It's going to be very satisfying. And it's i think just a little over two years. I think we started august. Twenty nineteen i. I just like to say real quick. That i love you guys g over easy at the start was kinda just a way for me to talk to my friends because at that point i was single alone in the lowest point of my life. Honestly if i'm being with you guys so G over easy was kind of an outlet for me and it still is so. I just want to say i appreciate i. Don't cry i swansea. I appreciate you guys certain office and we came so far from so far. And this is the last episode taps can renting it so no. I'm just really thankful for you guys. Because if i kind of started off as like let's just do it and honestly i don't know how you guys talked about it at the start but i'm just really thankful that you guys continuously wanna do this each week Because it was a funded passion thing that we all had all started. And i'm just really happy where it is now because it's really the outlive where i see you guys and talk to you guys because we used to have that dream team where it was like all right thursday. Let's around for two hours. And then it kinda eventually got the point where each of us not even talking about the video game anymore like that and it was just kind of talking about life and stuff and that's why i'm thankful that people on this dream team videos. Well it's like well you still get those. There's just called digi over easy podcast. So if you're not listening will you're not listening to what the fudge so hopefully someone gets here somehow. Glass got one hundred episodes to catch up on man or woman is just. It was gender neutral. Non binary is yeah. Let's go see one hundred. You're back off sick. What if they prepared nothing. Nothing of it saying thank you to my friends. Also we kicking us down. Why was thinking about going to christians to do a thing but then his office is messed up and sydney came back from backtracking trip with what we think is a common cold. We'll find out tomorrow. So yeah. I was not going to like over. Yeah exactly so well also. My office is in more disarray than usual. Because i don't know if you can tell very very subtly on my god he's got to see. I see the little seattle hairline. We believe it or not. It's not the wind. I got a c. Unit right about my face buried now. Is that why you weren't able to go to your office. Last week is because people were in there installing or something and then a very confusing process. Now well so i. It's like a mini split. Ac unit it's sitting right above me and then it goes through the attic all the way out to the house down through and then there's a bull fan on the outside the house so no more hot number. Being hot no in fact now have turn uk. Sometimes it gets too cold. It's a great pro. And even when he's freezing he still sweating and well and get this rob. That means i can have hoodie season. Two oh just in time for. I haven't been able to wear hoodies for years. Because i should be coming to you next week. By the way oh salvia little rock and now because i can be all cozy. Turn the Make it colder boom. Everybody's happy there was a slight problem. Now they laughed and then after like an hour. It's sitting here. And i just here Mike cuts out the thing but the audio listeners. Anyway point is. It went on ferguson tanzanians. This was pretty loud thing. What the fudge. Because they said it's silent and to be fairly right now. I don't hear saying it. The recording won't here thing it's silent but it's blasting me it's great but there's a filter when the condensation build up inside has to pump the water out. Well i might this. I will go crazy and it was happening in time every minute and twenty seconds on what the phone. Yeah this is like a one time thing. And that's like just on my. I can't do it so we called them. They came out and it turns out. One of them installed the filter on the wrong side. Stall on my side. They're supposed to it. Goes through and like my closet sought in the closet side so thankfully this is not going to be the norm. So they're coming back again to put the filter on the other side. Then i won't have to deal with that but aside from that sounds like a buzzing chainsaw but it's it's probably the best purchase i've made my entire life. Is it just as loud as your old. Pc was like the fans or little wider. Having was a jet engine. Yeah one the thing too is. I don't even have it technically. There is a like a quiet mode which not quite powerful. Those two degrees. You got that on thank you. It sixty sustain it was sixty seven. You only even numbers i thought so so yeah and then i can adjust the angle so tied to bone right arm your ogre the mode. I can set a bob. It's green anyway. When i feel air like blown onto me item air blown onto me away as our Our room gets super hot at nine the. Ac just doesn't get up there. So sydney put a fan but she had to put the fan. A certain way to where i was getting. No air hit me. I i will not sleep. I have you know me. I have a giant fan at night that just blows on my face the entire night. So i i just love getting blown by anything i love. It doesn't get blown rob yet. But man lucia loan as exceptions. That i wasn't a in a plane crash. I like the first time like two weeks. I had a dream whereas best friends with drake. That's nice that's better than car. Crashes and way better homes they wave. Oh it was sick. That's massive yes. Injuries were best friends last night. Share that he did. Did you convince him to get rid of that. A girl lesbian me mass as weird that the whole album is kind of weird but it has to songs and that's it way that reminds me standa. What are your thoughts both you. Oh i like it. I listened to a verse of anything moon. So for me right. I used to be the biggest konya stand in the world. And then he got kind of weird and then like the afterlife a- pablo and then he got super weird gaza and i don't say weird and like how he produces or how he makes music because like he's always i mean weird gun like all right. Connie i don't think i can stand you. You're being cosc- baca chan. So now he's on his gospel taibbi and you know gospels not my thing but i really liked donde. The only problem is it's like like he could've made like absolute banger album with like ten tracks and like gotten rid of fourteen track i. I'm over this hole. Artists will put out music in an album. That has twenty songs have to afternoon. So listen to your music are just. Give me the bankers. Let's move on if he cut it down to like tension. Bangers i would have been like this is a banger album. This is best fifa pablo at but like because there's twenty-something tracks on it. I'm just here like yeah. I don't remember like half most of this album but like there's a couple of like absolute gig giga bangers like so solid seven ten for me. Yeah what would. What's the giga bang. Gatsby anger for uber. Oh my god Jesus lord that she fox hurricane box jail fox like noon. because moody's again fucks. It's like sensual kind of kids so much so much intercourse. What why. I would make a if if after grid with us on. I would make sweet love to it. Just give me an album. Cover though conway what i say. That folks to heaven held that fox Come to life. Probably my favorite one that when fucks extra hard and on fantasy and then like other seventeen sons. You're like. I don't remember them. Yeah pretty much i. It's not the type of my. Just listen to on the background. After like being a certain mood. I got yeah. We know you're not gonna listen to it. I know i'll have to pretty recent song. Okay oh bad guy. Has billy irish now. My guide was mr hubbard. That is recent guy no way to ask for four years ago. Yeah so. I'm just now catching up and baton Where i'm begging begging begging. You man is really wasn't. I'm begging begging you to recent songs that aren't you almost cultured. Now yeah thanks so aside notes. We'll get to some like special reminiscent stuff later. Backstory to two things i threes. And there's nothing special happening There's nothing special. I'd my birthdays them. Four days five days. You know what i planned nothing you got for. I mean i can episode. One hundred is great but like we were there for sixty nine. You know we were there for ten. Oh and we were talking about milestones. We didn't mention the one twelve twelve house that'll probably be a banger plan fire whereas yeah is different and then we'll skip one thirteen and actually go. We'll have won twelve part two one then. Everybody will be like like whatever happened to one thirteen. And if you don't know they don't know we've never seen one nets up. We just have one thirteen. We've never seen an episode one thirteen. And that's that's what sent to our just adds text please. We're still contractually obligated episode but yeah like literally anything in my life. I'd can't plan ahead or anything special So it kinda the same thing like this just kept getting closer and i was like man. This is getting close and then got close and like right before this. I had to go doctor's appointment. I get outta my doctorate. Well right before i go to art like we do anything special and i was like now you. I haven't been doing that sense. Like what twenty. Sixteen like fuck. Whatever have that drew it is true. So that's the way. I think we're best at and like shirt like if Like fruit summit. All that kind of stuff comes in the future like that's current summit is where all the budget goes all. Yes that's like all the budget. Planning everything goes to for some people. Keep asking me through. Someone gonna happen to me brandon tomorrow. Give me say right. Let's shut down again like what you want from me once we once everyone gets that third booster is going to be around for. What has it like the rest of our lives anyway. The other thing. I wanted to bring out so i mentioned Been having a few personal training sessions right the guy during your personal trainer yet. Have you farted during a personal training session yet. But it probably wasn't noteworthy like if you times i've like noticed far james like going down. I'm at the bottom of a squad and it's like oh i get out of this. I have the hell out of you. I'm sure you've done some flash on ripper exercises while we also gonna do anything heavy so nothing like forsman that nothing that will make you. Ripa fatty okay. Though i mean rid fatty is just on the daily like. That's just the thing so anyway. His name is jonathan really cool. Did jonathan yeah shot jonathan. It's crazy He was telling me about his life. Or whatever and i was like. I don't mean to be rude but like how old you he says forty now is like you can leave day and you'd be like thirty one. Maybe thirty two great firs age. Those people they're like aging. I'll just guess someone so like. Sometimes i'll play the game where i just look them up. I was like eh is probably thirty. Five thirty thirty six and look up and it's like forty five. Well that's like two. How old is for geeta. Because i think you're right up there. They got some saying thanks dad. Who's who's the guy that plays agent. Paul rudd like that guy dude. Like mid thirty seven are not that little bit their total wolf. He's the president and ceo of mercedes very handsome very handsome european looking man or handsome. No total total wolf wolf. He is like the epitome of like old european. Good looking man like is fired. A total wolf. That is who i wanna be. Toto is total wolf. Total office four fifty dude. He looks like he could be thirty. Nine total gone to a wolf. That surprised me but anyway that's because he was like it was all starting out because it like yeah. I used to live in colorado. He's like but i moved away. What did he say moved away ninety three but he went to high school here. So it's like wait. What i thought he was a couple years older than me turn. Pc as as possible earnings forty. But then you know outside learned for eleven years Well he went and got a film degree creator. He went to film the green for eleven years. Worked at this pseudo production company for films and on worked on almost every during that time worked on almost every project with steven spielberg what the fuck. Yes steven spielberg and peter jackson and Yeah you just as mr trump. Sorry i he's taught me something and it's like blow my mind cause like when i grew up in like at first called i wanna be a director. I want to go on a film. So he's tommy all this stuff he's telling me he's in the room with all these people watching movies and he's like fan with a bill that makes me feel better But he had to work like side by side with all these giants Queued me in on some like trauma back stuff. All hollywood it. He gave you a script. He's like this is. This is the one. I'm telling you will also like he worked on sony projects. Because i guess the company he was with his like there's the production and in the film crew and he's like the intermediary to like go in between everybody and stuff But it's just crazy. Like i hadn't asked him i would never know and he just did that. Probably eleven years of his life telling people to know maybe branch out. Talk to somebody. Make a connection. Maybe you'll learn something about somebody if you're too afraid to ask somebody about their life. Maybe you'll learn something great. Yeah i'll bring up another in which you brought to one hundred here. Yeah exactly. that's why it's not about fireworks and celebration. It's about learning here knowledge. Would you guys rather have learning moments or fireworks. You don't want to know the answer b. s. explain it and it was like. That's so cool. He like explained. Apparently ryan gosling is a bit of a diva. And i'm one of offering. I would be one on one of the projects. He dad like he told me not to disclose. Because i guess it's never been publicized. But there is a project who's was working on that ryan gospels and that they had to fire him but i guess it was under like no one really knows about it because he was being no because he was being such diva though about athlete. The best wise mouth is gone. Sees a diva. Everyone hates wolverine. Yeah he's i guess he's just like he's a a method actor through and through like he's just really ryan gosling ryan reynolds rang. Yeah that's definitely lying lying ryan like i don't know what he was with. Walgreens men they are gosling There's something else. Oh and then. I had to ask him because he worked like he's credited district nine he worked he worked meal. Bonk's is like did. I have to know 'cause like no one knows for sure. I feel kind of rumors. Like was that supposed to be the halo movie. Are we breaking news here. And he's like it's so funny you ask because that was a whole year of my life. I got the scoop. I got the scoop baby so apparently it was like with I forget who said. Like warner brothers and fox. Where like co doing it because oh so going to be so expensive in big and when they first sent scripts He was there for all the script readings. But i guess like in hollywood when you go to deliver script. It's like a big thing. For like a i read but you go you give it to them and once they're done reading like you sit there while they read it and then you just take it so they never have it just in case something leaks but i guess in this case they just had a dude as master chief going around giving people the whoever had to read the script and then he would just sit room for like two hours and then take the script and leave i. It's gonna take a lot longer from you. That she is gonna be in there like say the. Hey i need you to read that script over there. i'll get to it like them on. Can we just like. I'm on the clock. Bam sparks chief so explain and then it started the ball rolling new bomb campaign like new zealand. He started filming project. Going is so when you say. Is that the kind of the halo footage that we've seen where it's like a brew and then there's like a master chief like drifted and stuff like that He he didn't know about that now. i'm not sure. Do you know what. I'm talking about. The i do. Yeah okay but so. I guess they're like a year into it in one day. fox wonder just calling like hey. We're cutting everyone on this project's budget by fifty percent. Just like we're having everything. And i killed project gorge. So he had like a year's worth of footage and everything and just literally caputo. There went and say i mean it's sad. It was probably for the best. I mean let's be real video game movies normally don't perform especially at what came out. Twenty thirteen district district was sick and they did that on away shorter budget because any explained how that went on to become district nine earlier. He'd made a little short film kind of about that and so they turn that into district nine pitched it anyone thinking about an alien refugees. Kinda right that like non humans okay. Because they didn't want us like they were afraid to use the word alien because isis like it might people confuse it with you know. Immigrants and refugees baba went and talked about is fascinating fascinating. And i would've never known and this goes even further. The guy that came out to initially like scout my room. Whatever and give me a a price on a ac unit Just snowball do. He's like late forties early fifties Goes down whatever figuring stuff out. And i had my fruits on shirt on from back when the samurai run and it has like the kanji on the back and this has like samurai all that stuff. And he goes he goes. Oh what disciplined. Did you train it. And i'm like oh no it's just it's just it's not like that man and so he goes onto the fire. We'll let me show you. Then he goes on to explain met. He had an earlier age. I don't even remember what this was. It wasn't was like beyond. Taekwondo is pretty obscure is like tycoon issue. I have no idea. And i guess early on in his early twenties. He traveled the world in these tournaments to compete. Because i guess yeah. I guess he's like one of the best in the highest belch. You could possibly be anyone about that. Well funny enough. Yeah i was actually being filmed for new season. That's washed it. Yeah we were watching season one. Okay we but so he goes on to explain that. And i'm like that's crazy. Any explained like all the places he went to visit and then even went to japan like a traditional place. Where all this started like train their blah blah blah blah so cool and then. He goes on and goes. Yeah but then dropped that to play the bagpipe as what but yeah just about your heard is out out there right. Little eccentric except at the age of fifty. He's getting flown around the world to give lessons. because he's regarded as one of the best bagpipers in the world. Funny see guy. Yeah and so he kind of does ac in the meantime because like he came into my room and say oh cool set up like right now i have to zoom calls with my students but like this would be a great setup and apparently that's a thing he gets paid pretty. Well guess meantime just kind of your own understanding. here's fridges. Constantly surrounded by like incredible people doing like what normal people would consider like pretty dour jobs just like oh personal trainer. An ac unit guy. Oh what did you do in your past life. yeah. I was professional bagpiper. Yeah i worked would okay. Yeah what do you and your free time like you just got. Your game is pretty. Make you play video games See okay see. This is where my mind goes. It's like or was he just fucking with you. Yeah was like he saw that guys. Love the fuck that says on his back. So if i ask them what this report is he's gonna be like and then i'm gonna tell about the discipline and to having a good. Maybe he's like. I'm gonna work my new method acting almost blake. Said he'd do that. If he was like method acted he would like wait. A table differently. Every table would be different character. Blake's a different kind of guy though But yeah like like what like what you just never know. This kind of stuff is crazy like you never. You don't know who's around you and what they've experienced and done in life's bazaar so ask questions connect maybe not just like rant leela. The problem too is a lot of people now are so it's on walked a hey man. What was your past fucked. What it's getting my mail like these are different because you have a little more time habits more but yeah i wouldn't be like stops. Hey that's what i love about. Like conventions and stuff in like meeting fans and stuff is because i get to hear about their kind of their lives and all that kind of stuff because they know us and they know that kind of thing so yeah so i get to meet like fans see. Were they all come from an. It's that's like really cool about my favorite part about meeting fans. It's just all their stories and stuff like that. That's what i miss the most packs. That looked really pop. Yeah dude. I can't believe it. That dead no pun intended. Those unaware great segue rump. Yaks pry backslash calling west right prime though. Isn't it like the biggest report was i. Don't know if they changed the west because they have like we st- north ceased. You know all those different ones so I won't do the video of some guy like the main hall or whatever of ski packs taking video the floor and Yeah it was. Probably one of the i think band i was there. I think you can hear him. Go like band is over there in the corner. It was the pack south. And that's impressive like it made tax feel like pack. South had like that kind of you know it's still had a to it. Yeah but she likes her saying that. But you don't expect it to be huge and big you'll get any packs primes and it's like it's a whole thing often and it was. I mean i told you it was going to be. But i i mean that was like yeah and so it was crazy Well data wanted to see like. Hey you guys wanna come out a couple months ago. Oh god i didn't that would have been i would. It would have been good to like hang out with people like the convention itself the west face. I would have given them in the moment a little work like seeing you guys at the house and like doing all that kind of stuff would be sick but now like they're also like selling the house and stuff to move and they're all move and shake in the big world you know papers exchange through hands. They're you know they're crazy. They're they're in a different life now. basso packs was underwhelming. By just like. I can't imagine it's going to happen. No nothing is going to happen this thing. They just kinda jump again. I mean twitched on would technically be happening in a couple of weeks but that's not happening. No maybe he's good. It's not because i feel like especially like this year. This close i feel like it would just be one big like walk out or something probably rightfully so but be crazy And then and then who would they get. Can't have tam. dr lupo youtube youtube. Yeah bitcon vid- com. That's that's just a whole zuma's and is that where you're highly wanted to be. Yeah well heidi clemes san your son. I don't remember bob. I want to be mixed full. I like where's your dad seal. Just like i was. Just i was like. She's i forget. Pay tree wonder if he still watches. He's probably he's probably he's probably just like yeah. I used to watch you guys in d. one. He's probably the man. I i used to watch your mom on america's top next up runway model. I think it was seriously she used to be on their famous Take talked by the way palm. You're like me whatever. The i don't know you gotta. Hey yeah yeah. I would really like when you make an account you have to social security card. Have to like it's like here are some and you have to scroll through a whole bunch like analyze your profile. Whatever i'm still yeah there. We're still trying to figure out your profile. I'm not even halfway through. I still don't know what i'm doing but my profile. Oh yeah followers. I guess you can fall. I have to. It's our naveh and my wife. Okay nice catch me up mr fruit. Y. t everything else was taken in your regular schedule. Podcast listening for this short at brick with everything going on. It's like a half to hide myself up with the music. Before i go to like any kind of occasionally if i'm going to move i got listen up to some height music to deal with people no matter how you're feeling about getting back out there. There's no denying it's an adjustment when the world gets too loud. Something i love to do is create my own soundtrack. By popping in my worry wireless ear buds. 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Such as third party and cash deposit fees may apply. Can you please you all the cringe just trends because it would be hilarious. You do the trends but just knowing. It's ironically you doing. You have the take talk specifically just to do the take talk trends but we know it's cringe so it's just like so like the next dance when you see you gotta go for it and the people eat it up the leader right up mr fruit. I saw you post that thing about. I want like a social media expert. You got one right here. host cringe tick talks. But you know they're cringe. Well was where it's like people like. They're transforming they act like they're like grab the mic choke the cave weird weird behove i to go down the whole. It reminded me 'cause like shark. Showed a thing like you got to do this. Because i guess like the mr fruit hashtag has six hundred thirty thousand views. He's he's kind. Wish i had to look it up. A lot of it are some indian fellas just putting hashtag. I don't even think they're talking about me and they're completely random. I don't know where those are. But then i look through like half of them and it's all just moments. We all miss from destiny and it's just during team stopping. Oh no hey we. We live the beautiful time. There's fan cam. i'll take the bank love. Thank can't see a like arfan can shed. I don't even know if you can tell when they posted it fair. Kansas fat ass song. You know you know what i mean by fat song makes you wanna move that fat al yet. It's all just like d. One stuff or okay among us clips. When you're next the next talk you're doing. This is like what sydney was telling me is. The latest trend is people have song. That's playing and it's just like you look ahead to the is like this and you have good lighting so you have goods. You have gray mardi ahead. you're already ahead of the game. you like. Look at the camera. And like you're acting all dramatic and then the beat drops and you pretend like you got shot. That's like the new. Like guys like you got to work on your acting chops and then it just cuts so like everybody knows what you're going to see the mr fruit take talk that the latest tick doctrines done by their favorite youtuber us. Anti-dumping let's jump the gun because most of us can be gaming clips. So let's just like when i do start mistake again in the game or flow. We need the new kids. Get then you know. Throw for thrown up. Talk at work with me if i did. I'd be like and i was like trying really hard trying to make it. The process industry works in his. Just wants to live vicariously through like you sound. Ironically like dude. Just do it i. You should do their next time. Elbow little higher it's stat stat bump bump don't make me tell you again. Okay just put me in front of fucking camera. I'm coming over road to tuck no but it's one just why you'll see. I'll pepper the man but the problem is even if i get all the zimmer's then there's going to be like okay. Well that's it. They're not coming up on youtube. Let me check out his smp. Our and then before you know it take talk saying that multiple personalities with our names. That's really weird. Answer weird have you seen that heard by kids out there that saying that multiple personalities like they're named after like tobby init- and like wilbur. It just like they just have they just really like these people. Pretend it's weird some else per social the extreme us or vet corvette. That's come on ross. He's so in tuned to the to the zoo generate talk cringe so follow take talker and so i just see all talk cringe. You might as well have a tick. Talk them no but you're scrolling through talks well so on read it was like i fucking hate talk. I say i hate it all the time. I don't support it. And then i go and read it in. All it is is take talks like so. We're just we're just watching take talks but just through read it to say we don't have it. Take talk top as a part of the team. I won't read it. You know it's crazy. How massive tick tock makes people because like you never know mr. fruit. You could be the next tick tock star there. I thought about this. There's this old guy. I remember from the paragon days and he just normal normal streamer you know he was really entertaining thing really great player to and then like i look. I see is twitter. Because i was falling. We're falling until as he's like he's like he's like brody well maker house like oh this. Is this a siham star from paragon. And then he's like he's like yeah five million tick talk Fans book the fun. So i look and he's just like yeah. He's legit got like a million instagram followers. He's not like five million. Like saying it was he do does he do the for. He's he's like like ticked things. I don't know how to describe it. Is he an elevated elevator. Opens up today talk threatens. He doesn't like acting stupid. This is just normal dude plan paragon. He's like a tick tock star. He's like thank god take paragon shutdown. Because they'll let me move on. And now we're i am. That's what he's he's like gideon who is a blessing or more schori is paragon makes stars see. Look at mr fruit. He started as a paragon player. What's that yesterday. yeah. I can't believe you left. Paragon did spend a long true. My free in new giga wasn't gonna sir shortly Yeah you know. I was just a little flaccid overall. But there's a couple of bangers. Mr i i'm sorry i didn't mean to upset you. I have a question raised. yes rob. what kinda games star wars okay. It's been so long that too afraid to ask what kind of games star wars knights of the old republic fucking dare. You don't even ask like we. We leave this pot. It's an animal show nor fucking dare year day. I don't i don't know i. I don't know either. Republicans never played it either is an action rpg. Basically an actual. That's the way it's so it's not an emo no that's no no. That's i mean that's still live star wars old republic right public. Yeah this is nights. Had the old republic nights of motoren konno's call code orange action rpg and people are like so it's not glass. So is this a remake or it is remake rematch remake accessory master. How remake. It's a remake right remake. This it's a remake act rather have rogue squadron. No one cares about what you think rob. How fucking dare you cool the nights. It's not who asked what rob thought no look bad. Plus she back there my to talk fall where rooms no offended that you said. Bring that back. I played both of those and to be fair. I probably spent more time puppies and they go. There's my there's your answer but code or is legendary. I've never played code. My little brother loves it though. Can't believe you but it's not what it come out this year or no not didn't have released date or if they did. I didn't catch it. And i kind of assumed everytime i see just a cg trailer or assume that's not coming out in three years. No gameplay g get. Because when i saw that didn't have any that's not a doc- went up thirty. Let's joke though. May maybe i'm in the minority here. But i'm all down for the the superhero movies but the superhero games. I think we kind of talked about to like when he's in video game forum like blue had a good point whenever we talked about it. Like the fantastical and like the like. That's what we expect them. Video games so it's never like yeah. Yeah like i will say when it's done well. They're like spider man. Like i can't true. Yeah and because it's insomniac. I care but actually like adventures. Whatever that ping yeah making it just like you haven't really really show. Yeah yeah but that's like this like guardians of the galaxy thing that just kind of looks like a game like imagine like A garden of the galaxy with the team that had got war behind it or something like wyman any franchise and make you like auto industry games. Had that kind of prowess with like the same as the movies does so like when let's say like shake g. comes out which something we need to either seen it have you guys are offering like shinji i mean i do and i've seen you sought. Yeah blue you see it. I have not seen it. Close my ears. Sydney sick did. I don't want to say what you want to go to the theater. I literally like wha- thursday night is when i saw last long. Because she was on a backpacking trip. So i was like wait for her to get home soon. Receipts anyone me and rob. I'm not trying to die. Will add to be fair. Like like bless showed picture of his theater. I wouldn't go to that theater my theaters now. Many people are going back still like wrote to ourselves kind of being us fight by approach for me is outgo will. This is my plan of attack. Right is i'll go when it's like right about at the point where it's going to go out of theaters and no one's watching over there. Just go to a matinee on day dig dude. There's still people going to all time here. Major cities alright can't do that. I'm scared So i don't know if this is real or not but the are the god of war. Art director is tweet out a picture of thor. I like fifty minutes. Is that real pretty thick thick boy. I thought this is gonna be like a reporter deems its subscriber chat. God damn let me. Just tell you guys thor endgame times to milk titties dude. What for just really that big. I guess i guess. Chris hemsworth has just made this idea of four in my head as is beautiful blonde man. That's sick. it's like more realistic. You know it's not like it's more miller ass door with the say there's a lot of christian millions sick the frigging hold through like the major protagonists. This one trilogy last one frigging take on owed and baby. I think they'll like the third one is kinda kinda like the first three games where it's like. I got a story. Driven second game is like fighting in third one. It's just like a boss. Gauntlet your whole fighting. Stop i can only be so erect. See the showcase. It had the war three video. And i'll be honest. One everything about it look sick but then when it is shown a little thing of when like we got a preview of thor in the original one like he lands and he's like you look like a guy who's not scared or whatever like are you a tricky area or scrawl. Let me fight door baby. It's going to be traced. His voice was kind of let that took me a second to get over. I was like oh he's puberty no teen and I i talked about it. There goes the tier theories. Yep you're right i. I saw that immediately thought that. And i was like well i mean you could begin debated in like that's could be an alternate unit or the or an alternate universe credos. Yeah could you bait. I had no idea. But yeah might be but i had to say i'm enjoying Shema more than i actually enjoyed gabor yet. I k- i actually. I was like joint. But no i like it a lot more than i liked. God of war. You being 'cause i like like just running. I think it's christian. Kind of said it when he's playing ghost. Is you kind of run. You see this is. This is mongol territory. Okay well not anymore not i. I liberated this. And i've just been doing that forever. Do any of the main. i think. I'm like like already like sticks with older whatever that is completely different. Though at that point they're different genres like you're saying i'm enjoying exporting. Open world game. But isn't that an open world game to ask that you did. Yeah yeah but not the same way that like to open world games like nine times. I tend to explain god of war going to be like it's a it's a single player experience and i can mention open world you can optional. I'm sure a lot of people. They'll just be lying through the story but yes she. I didn't i did everything i i think. They're completely different. Things it's fine if you liked to gain more but a c. Appreciate them yet for different things. It's like yeah. I mean i can't no one can really tell you not to enjoy a more than the other. I was just like how dare one. Yeah and then. You're like well. I'm not even doing the main story so it's not even comparable you know. Why am doing the main story i got. I just got to the next island after doing everything on the first a act to yes. It's fun games. Kevin is going to right now too and he keeps like asking me things. Like don't spoil anything he's like dude so when someone is crazy dude like what. Yeah i just got that a i got. I just got this armor that you have to go get from settlements you'd like six seven minutes and save him is that the kazakh warmer at is. That would be the dripped out in the white. And then i gotta dripped out on the white as high. Look good ya was there anything else. That was announced other than bouldering. Star wars up. I'm sorry god spiderman two. Oh right yeah. I'm just not chunk of soccer. Best ones when he say for everything he loses it man anyway. I guess they gave seven release date. I know okay. Well not you okay. Now you've got to not. I'm not saying i'm not saying. Hey guys just saying nasty. All right jason's like the racing car games. Those are fun. I don't know why sma. Gt is like too little too late. We didn't get support like actual valid like budget behind. Gt for the past like basically to generation and open. Yeah yeah. I don't know what like four is is kinda like cornered the market. You know what i mean quantities note. Hey not as the work on it. you're going to be fantastic talk. Sandra see marvel spiderman too. I didn't see the trailer but it's pretty exciting comes out next year i think right. Apparently i don't know if this Radiohead and epa games. Tease mysterious collaboration kid. A amnesia exhibition at playstation showcase. Radiohead the band. Yeah oz. little this weird. I don't know raider has like very like anti establishment and anti corporation and so when they did like an epic games like k. anti corporation but they and harmony. I mean yeah. I was like kay interesting. Guardians of the galaxy. Comes out the twenty six of october. Whoa that's so anyway Uncharted legacy thieves collection on charter. Foreign las legacy. Cps five and pc has announced the insomniac is making the wolverine insomniac is making every game. ou go swire. Tokyo still very intrigued by that. We got some more snippets of that It's been teased dr pepper while now on time really longtime gte five blade the march twenty twenty two if it's a new game That didn't come out nine years ago but here we are getting trailers for the same game a decade. There was this forespoken thing. Oh forespoken looks really good. The shane and the dubbing was will saas but the game. It looks really cool I have no idea is about. And i kinda like it. Looks fun though Alan wake remastered. Released announced though is teased on twitter earlier. This week project eve hack and slash bouba. 'cool it's been made by cream company with jiggle physics That's all i could notice in. This is your so. God is like this isn't decision. How they work mayhem like up. Just some water balloon strapped onto seriously bizarre. Oh and then. Tiny tina's wonderland. We finally got some gameplay which i don't understand what it is like it just looks like borderlands so it almost looks like what they did with The one that was in space what was called the. Oh the borough is the actual like yeah like that. It almost gives me like far cry. Blood dragon vibes. I don't know if you've played that as back like twenty twelve or whatever far cry three came out and in release far. Cry three blood dragon but it was like a separate game but it was like made on the thing and it had this like super sent wave thing and it was really cool but as his own came but it was shorter. Some wondering like how like how big of a game is like. What are we talking In retro in relations to a normal borderlands but it looks cool and now he's like magical powers and Looks like they can have some fun with this whole rpg like dungeons and dragons esque setting. We are role playing rainbow. Six extraction It's a game yeah. Yeah i'm not crazy about shooter. Maybe it'll be good but always play it nice. I saw still to this day. I was like oh cool like expansion very much succeed. And then i and then i was like. Oh it's its own game tillstrom jets Anyway anyways And that was mainly The announcements i of course first and foremost but that god war rag narok dude people were like it. Looks the same and it's like when was it. What did you do did you want them to do. Like god for techno ways to god of war. Uncharted twelve god of war. Breath of the wild. Do what you want. That's exactly what i want when i want all of it yet. Soga so i'm super hyped And then i'm i'm excited for our tokyo. It said like springtime. Twenty twenty two. I've a film escalade so three years. Yeah and then co tor. I'm really interested to see what they do with them. Low too 'cause it'll be fresh. But i'm ready. I mean yeah. It was just an cgi thing whenever but it's just cool that it's happening excite the announcement. Pretty pretty exciting is very short. Sweet to the point. I have to admit i was like this it. But that's how they just shotgun. They're like there. You go want to be fair to though they were all like exclusives so unlike xbox that could pat it you know or like other people. They're just say hey. Here's our first party. Here's what we're working on. Yeah it's a good amount of eight or nine or whatever yes. Sony does first parties. That's what they're known for. Yeah those the playstation in an hour and fifteen minutes from a recording. This football's back. That's right that's right football and yes what else is back that. I cannot wait for my movies a year. The matrix bro resurrection mac. I can not wait. But okay. I i hate to say this. Don't say don't say well. I don't want job no. I don't know if they need to cut the hair but it was just like. Oh my god john wick in nature just fucking to conic like it's like. Is he more than neo. Like my really saying though. Here's the one. I think john wick is definitely more culturally iconic than neo is now right now yeah. 'cause what matrix was twenty years ago or whatever. Yes like okay. That's that's probably not the that's probably not the most popular answer now. County that dude. That's pistons dog died. yes now. here's the thing. I think you're getting mixed up. It's not. You're seeing john wick. It's you're seeing keanu because counter. Let's be honest. Plays the same thing in every role be honest counters. Kiana and time. We're gonna was like not really held as regardless as an actor as i mean. He started picking his roles a lot. Better in like very stoic. Let's do that suits him. It's like instead of going outside of your your toolbox you know. Yeah no maybe just you bills really good at hammer. Now stay hammer now like iraq. The rock is not exactly dramatic actor but damage he saw. I would love this either. Rock and a dramatic well. He did his weird action roles where he had to be like hypodermic. Like the mummy. The scorpion king terrible. But they usually what fuck it. I'm the rock bitch. And the rock plays iraq now or Reynolds jason ryan reynolds ryan relatives plays ryan rail yet ryan reynolds as ryan reynolds and different movies. Giants state jason. Tatum always just played jason. Stay tham samuel jackson. I'm samuel jackson motherfucker. Like sometimes it's good to not go out of your comfort zone. That's right leave that to like. Oh what's the leonardo dicaprio movie. That's coming out together. I didn't see the trailer for it though. But the catholics really I mean any leon down anyway. But yeah that jennifer lawrence jonah hill mistaken right. Yeah like these comes out christmas eve. Oh wait what. The crazy thing is matrix comes out. Twenty second two days before that cau- ham bigger. That's that's this year for me is my sex Dune list good too. I don't know what to think about that one. Yeah especially because. I don't even think know if the second one's happening so and it's not like anything. Blinds shades beautiful. I'll watch whatever he could like. It's supposed to be like a two or three part movie. So if we're only getting it's going to be a bit of a bummer. Ten of like the way like one or warcraft ended. You know it was like you really think we get another one. Never not that bad. So as far as Shanxi in the ten rings login. the ten rings It didn't feel like a marvel movie. And i mean that the best way possible. That's great to hear. Yeah it was nice like it was grounded. It didn't feel too big yet because like at this point to like the marvel universe anytime anything happening. We'll why isn't so felt really nice and localized choreography. Probably best if any movies crazy. The fight scenes. What i really like to is like the fight scenes went on and it wasn't like like quick cuts and you're like trying to fall the action. I just like boom. They're going through and it's sick. The hallway through plenty of fights characterised refine like the story. All nah i was really happy. In fact it clear. What go i was going to rewatch. Wow and you know for me. Oh you're by yourself. No one could the first time. But she's like. I liked it but not enough or sagging i did and i think also part of it. I'm just so starved of the movie theaters. it's always been my getaway. I just wanna theater So yeah that's just my spoiler for real. I really liked it Is there anything we want to touchdown before we move on to questions Looking on the past hundred episodes brother butts right. That's right let's go down any idea. I suppose that's all i got. That's tae desi. Seven years old true got funding old and decrepit and memory lane. Yeah it hurts anyways so. Gt over easy heavier episodes. I wasn't gonna weigh myself scale. So i mean i'll take my shirt off. You take it off. Let's go delays. No no way. Our ad readers will not like it. Yeah they're like put that add that reads ahead take we have to like. We have to put a little kabale our advertisers. Like unless you're wearing sunglasses look honest. I probably way a little less. Probably like a pound or so. I'll tell you this. I like until the pandemic i was going to give every house in the best shape of my life and then it's been about a year and a half so i have like a year and a half on bash. If my life. I'd say about a year and now it's been a year off so about at where we started. Maybe a little better. I mean you've probably retained a little bit of the will bit of the musculature from from back. Go on you want. Go ahead the all right. That's enough out of me What about favorite episode favorite episode of man. Where so many from yeah. I'm thinking through ninety nine personally. Well i'm gonna be selfish and say literally any episode where re predominantly talked about folk. Amman is my favorite episode. Yeah i i would say. Probably the for the fruit summit ones where we liked. Talk with like busey's that was mine. Mail man that's cheating. Yeah those are probably my favorite. Those are always the best. We gotta do that again. Hey cova can we do that again. No op sorry not go back to whatever you're doing i am off off. Was just so much fun. It was nice to have everybody in person. i think adds something And ironically that's how he started so evidently it's all been downhill against anyone past the first couple. No okay. yeah guess. We're like when we were. I liked when we a our guest block that was. I really enjoyed that. We should do that more often as we said that. And we said we're gonna do more often and then they're like every ten minutes we'll get a guess and never had never worked in on it. I can't think yeah. I can't plan so that was cool. I think more so the coolest part for me is that we were able to keep doing this and we felt like there is a smaller community of duty over easy listeners. Here the discord For the patriot on that are all friends and all that stuff that talk to each other and all that kind of stuff. So i think that's probably one of the things i'm most proud of. Is i think the kind of little fun community. We've harvard over here. It's just all supportive lasts just talking into a fucking microphone. And i don't think we've ever gotten loss or anything like that in the process of this just like how we started the dream team like it was just kind of us talking into a microphone. And it's still one hundred years later. I would say going to say the memes. Come from on reddit. those are always fun. Yeah i you lasagna. How was gonna took it from me like right before the i was going to say my favorite part of this whole adventure from like from a purely just like content standpoint is the fruit read it and how massive the memes have become. Yeah and like even like the little king calorie and shit like small things are funny thing is hosted like the fudge. This about the podcast. That's right that's tax should have been there babe. I'm so proud or fruit from way. Where where's this from is from gee-gee easy bro. And that's right yes spanner-like out right at holding it down. The cove was happening. I know christian wanted to try have us all do like a an experiment kind of thing. Not like an experiment but like What was it called like that thing you want us to do. Oh yes the deprivation tank. Yeah just things like that where we could like actually have like some more stories and all that crazy to think that there's just more this podcast has been done more in quarantine that it has not in corentin and a lot. That's we ear. Never really the split is like seventy thirty. And that is he's been mostly in quarantine the so so i remember we talked about like covert for the first time at that point even called corona virus. Now sitting there with my ten am crazy maestro. I really thought you're like you kind of put me on like can. I was like that will never happen here like it. Never does. it happens everywhere. I don't want to say i told you so. You know it's one of those. Like i wish i was wrong was like beckton. They're like yeah like worst case or like worst case involves and we all die and we're all screwed best case. We cold flu in cova season just like did i threw. It was like doomsday. He was like yeah well. The world's getting infected probably screwed and then it happened. And i was like well. Guess jeeze happening. Seventy percent in now a. I think it'd be so politically heated as it is. Now though like i just i thought it would just totally just be a night. That is probably what surprises me. The most about it now. Like if i look back so it never in my mind ever ms like become kind of a political hot topic here at all ever you say that fortunately Yeah we were here. We are pretty much anything. That is like yeah. This is factually. Based i don't know about that doubt conspiracy. Yeah i love the pokemon episodes. And then i would. I really misuse editing. It was always kind of really fun for me. It was like an hour and a half to kinda. Just go back. Listen cut it. In almost enhanced the podcast in the sense of making jokes by cuts all that kind of stuff. So cain cutting gave me a creative kind of freedom to which is that. I miss with during the podcast. But it's all good Reminds me the last step. So we we're talking about joe rogan and people in the constant what happened. It feels like you just flipped like last episode. You me how much you'll rogan for. Stop roll Tide i listened while ago literally. I stopped listening to him when the pandemic in. Because for me for me. The joe rogan. Podcast i talked about them was the interesting guest really great guests people and topic. She would've never even thought to look up or hear from boom all time and then that went away. Like i was never big fan. Like when he just friends on the comedy ones that i wanted to learn and stuff and then that way and then it got really political and super political and then he got really opinion and it was just like kinda like pseudoscience political you lost and then yeah and then he just know what he just takes. Everyone sides deepened. Yeah so like. I never has an opinion and it just interesting guests anymore. He had one episode Kinda towards the beginning of lockdown or whatever where it was like a virologist wherever somebody studies this things like talking about it he's like yeah like this and then the vaccine baba and the next w if someone is do and getting the vaccine man and it's just like just and i get that he's also i think it's a device uses to to just get people talking and yeah which is fair but yeah as far as that if i had made clear i have not listened to jeroen and a long time. I missed like joe. Rogan neil degrasse tyson and geragos sleep dr dude and rogan. Like that was his name for me. It was like a big light switch. That flipped off. 'cause i had like dabbled in and out and when he was ironically. It was the bill burr episode. where bill. Burr gonna fucking do this. We'll just like we're not gonna fucking do you like hey man. I'm not going to pretend. Like i know what i'm talking about in this topic. That is clearly for scientists and then at that point. I was just like wait. What do i listen this cooking. Just didn't listen to it again after. That's just not what i wanted to listen to like. Yeah some people's but yeah at that point is like and then i kept looking and then at the point where i was getting like interesting guests it was just like so few and far between and somehow would always get political to and i was like i wanna just want us to our next one hundred episodes. We will see you at twelve now. I guess is the next big one one. Twelve is the big one morning. Hydrate yourself think capri sun are you. Are you drinking blue. No make my boys zoom in. Here's the sex is zoom into my cold dead eyes. Think augurs okay. We start with the qna. Now yes sorry. This wasn't a big step. One hundred classy says. What are some of the wallace youtube rabbit. Holes you've been down where a lot of time passes while he watches shits videos. Okay okay so there's this there's this I sat like crazy conspiracy person. But i'm not so it's called mystery recaps and it's just. This dude goes through movies. That are like really bad. That i don't wanna watch. But he explains the whole plot in like has the clips playing in the background. And they're like about twelve minutes long and it just like the perfect amount of content. That i just. I i watched legs with. Oh yeah i think. I watched like sixty episodes the other day and it was just like of movies that i had no desire to watch like one of them was a logan paul movie but the premise of the movie was. Actually you know as a test like back when youtube was kind of dabbling in the film films. Type thing so it's like mystery movies. I don't really want to sink an hour. And a half to so he just kind of explains the plot of the movie about twelve fifteen minutes and it's great called mystery recapped but he also has like other ones where it's like all other kinds of movies and stuff as i guess that rabbit holes. I don't i pretty much always get sucked down horror rabbit holes and then like i'll start getting into like weird like strangest like strange occurrences where people were caught on tape before their deaths. Type thing. you're like yeah. I literally blessing how i get driven down halls and here we can see in this phone walks. Yeah i'm the guy. I see it i see it. It's fall y'all time to replace your water intake with pumpkin spice law tastes and going out of your way to step on that crunchy leaf because cosies time of the year is here. Find your comfort in undies lounge. 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I just went through all the rest life of japanese firemen. Like an office worker of wag you be far by casino guy like yeah that guy. That guy's awesome weird. But i definitely go through like travel ones which is like writing on the on a hundred and fifty dollar Tokyo like no bullet trailer bullet train or like Yeah boat rides of gaga's. That's all be taken ride on your japanese mom. What she johnny rumor Who is your celebrity hall pass. I don't believe in passes. So there's your answer to that if sydney's right there with the gun rob playing twice. Don't do hall passes just threesomes dude for real good to grow up to. Yeah i mean like in. Actually i would never actually do a whole bass and i think claire asked me that and i don't really have an answer. I mean i haven't answered. But i'm not going to answer. Who is julianne. Huff always she. That the dancer yeah. She's in safe haven as well. Yeah i'm a fan. Oh by the way. We're dancing with the stars fans by the way Cody rigsby my peleton. Instructor is a contestant this year. We're pro tone. In structures are celebrity enough to go on dancing with the stores. Go on all about. I hope he gets to dance to brittany. Yeah me too z. Train ask how do you define a donut. Because there's a boston cream donuts. That are not the ring shaped so are they. Just pacers at that point yeah. It's just like a donut doesn't have to have a hole in it. It's all about what's in. it's just all about the pastry. That is the donut. I guess for me. A donut is either something that has a whole middle or the whole is filled with something so that the whole in some way shape perform has a purpose if that purpose is to have no purpose than so be at it as a doughnut. Showing pastries filled with jelly stuff. And those aren't but the direct center has to be filled for it to be a don't because the donut the ideology behind doughnuts is the dose centered. There is no there or it is filled so that there's no dough so it is a doughnuts. The lack of dough in the middle allows it to be a doughnut. I'm kind of taking. The side of their abstract wonder made up by at this point. I'm just roll with it. You know when he mentioned donut and then boston cream pie done. Whatever now's my guys. Got point like they're just to just pastries like i feel like if anything the donuts are the woman holes and if it doesn't have a whole doughnut pastry okay. So then. I think the boston cream pie when they're misnamed boston. Cream pastry you gotta you yet. Because you've got you've gotta stop it somewhere cause otherwise. What's what i feel like. Names are just a way for corporations to keep us down. Well one branding and it's like like when someone says. Hey we're selling donuts here like they're talking about so it's like at this point it's like it's just become a terminology even though like i don't if you if you did it like in a slightly different way like it would still functionally be a doughnut at that point. Donut a bagel okay. Dude won't bread like once blow What's donut but did not a patient lyford grain like different. But they're not gonna know you're no you're no. You're not just doing devil's advocate. Just be silly. they're both. Let's see a little risque. What are some funny call a big pastry walking bagel. Okay what are. What are some of the funnier idioms you guys have heard. The best i've heard is time to make like a donkey's dick and hit the road making saying that donkeys have huge wieners. They do i think so. I- horses. I think i think the term is actually a horse so he deums what are what are what i'm looking at her. What is my dad. He loves those co-head an idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a figurative non literal meaning attached to the phrase but some phrases become figurative idioms while retaining the literal meaning of the phrase categorized as formulaic language in idioms figurative meaning is different from the literal meaning. Said quit i. I don't know i get name. Oh fuck my clip. Jesus christ read they slash them like oh come on like one's like cat got your tongue. Snug is a bug in a rug once in a blue moon butterflies in my stomach. These are examples. I can't. I can't pick one off of me sideways filming a boston cream doughnut. And call me sally. That is one of them. Mean that isn't idiom because like none of it is real idiotic sweaters. Hey that's not nice. As the one that you think would be way popular if it was more. Wait what you stop right. There could lose this blues. just wondering. Don't come on you think would be way more popular if it was more. Well-known isn't that croak like isn't a pokemon already way popular because it's well known no i there's different picks that like pokemon like if they were advertised or had tation when me more popular question. You like They could have done more. The cub fu. No what's the name of the ku wallover from gin seven the koala. Oh the the sleeping one. Yeah i like he could have done something. That's my answer it with other regional birds are pretty woman Always you can get like a photo of all pokemon. I think Pants support so many options. Probably have so many so many possible answers. Peach you under it on. I'll come back to this when i have to think about it right. You okay right you represented. It's not but people know about right to say they know he just gets shafted. Exactly stops have to right you. Marker say if you had an unlimited budget but you had to make your own costume yourself. What video game character would you costly as probably a good. Oh yeah that's good to gas and myself on mouth. It's right now. this is okay. i'm trying they say it ain't blown away master cheap because it an operating spartan or you knew they like batman i get like an actual use like from like Arkham night that frequent prototyping survive all the money. I make a sick thing. that's like futuristic. You know why go like i have it. Keen spiky hair. You know as just as an example No okay we'll this question. You will know for moon pie. What are your thoughts on eight there. Currents on playing through shadow bringing in tv ages law and haven. But it's still a pain in the ass. I think finishing the main story should grant you fly. to be honest. Eighth occurrence are fine. And i understand that there to get you to explore the world It's Just i'd rather just have a current be where you finished story. You get the eighth current nike fly. I agree. I mean. That's how i feel. That's my thought process goes outta Throughout the many years that dream team and the essential team have had fun with so many memorable means to commemorate your hundredth episode. What would you consider your favorite memes. And least favorite memes. That when guys thought really underrated. Also congratulations on one hundred. You guys have indirectly helped me over the past five years. I wish you best on your next one hundred. I mean we kind of touched on it. A little bit for favorite ones One of the underrated ones was blue. Cheese nuts joke. This one that kind of i back on it. And i was like that was extra kind of funny. I should laugh more israel exit after you said it was one of your better ones. I was like fuck. It was so i should have let him know that with the laughter. 'cause after thinking about it. It was kind of funny outs like that was kind of funny. Appreciate yeah so we kind of talked about that already Blemish asked if you can own one hundred of anything what would it be one hundred baby hippos one hundred taco bells to make it interesting. Nothing obviously monetary diamonds gold but it can be expensive hundred of something. I guess like A hundred i guess. I can't say one hundred bitcoins. Corvette corvette Topping corvette white. Walk like that way. Talk like that so i miss ruse dancing. Chet hopping on something. That like i have that like i. Just don't wanna waste. We're still talking about a hundred. No we're on. If you can own one hundred of anything would be one. Hundred baby hippos. One hundred taco's to make it interesting. Nothing obviously monetary but it can be expensive one hundred. jeff bezos. I a hundred original monet paintings. Oh my god. I'd want a hundred silicone casks of ryan reynolds penis ore. That's huge. You'd never lonely that you thought it was gonna resell them. No oh yeah gimme. Yeah give me some ryan gosling dildos. I'm saying ryan reynolds is hot. Right now you know. Yeah but hard than ryan gosling rang. Gosh is just not making movies at mormon who cares gossiping up your ass. That's massive that who knows we'll find out with the rocks. I wanna know no. He said i'm with all got. You gotta think it's like okay. Done sign after listening. After years of listening to podcasts. I decided to drop my only chance of and support the best podcasts instead mike. Unh cherry pot. If you could create a spinoff game of video game series but on a different genre what kind of game would you make. I would make a mass effect game with a turn based tactics like x com much from mexico. You may go. Blow your minds okay. Hit us with it pokemon but nimmo. Why are you break. You heard i. Would you hire hero. Three and mo- yeah. I would do destiny to isn't mo all right. Do you think that's a joke. But i would do as an animal guys right magic. It was just made failures feel bad but it's not all right. It would be sick if it was. That's by and make our destiny listeners. Feel bad enough for playing it. I'm just saying dude. If hey if there wasn't that would be a blue me playing the other day. I did catch him. I'm playing weekly to keep doing that. he did. He's like mr flu what it looks like. I'm going to the shattered thrown picking up. All the mystery are wiggle ass after listening to the podcast. Five episodes at twenty seventeen. Can i say thank you for actually continuing this for one hundred episodes it been the best part of my morning listening to this podcast question time fruit and anyone else. I've been struggling to lose weight. Even though losing it would be amazing to help build up self confidence. Since i have none would have you any tips on helping start keeping consists in the gym and eating and stuff like that. Do one thing at time either. Do jail or food. I have been on weight. Loss go journey for a little while. Now and i have to tell a. I'm confidence in yourself. First before you lose weight you should have confidence because if you do because you're not going to suddenly get self confidence if your weight when your way goes down you have to gain the self confidence to lose the weight. So get yourself up. Your worth at king ricardo. The heart says what are some struggles that us older gamers face that new gen generations will never understand congrats on one hundred campway for four twenty milestone probably screen. Peaking as a kid true. I later speaking. Yeah i talked about this. My little Nephew he's like a ten or eleven. Nerd is i guess. It's the phrase whatever anyways. What's your sisters. My sister's son. Yeah nephew right. yeah. I don't know. I said something about scrimping. He's like what and i was like. What ono they don't know i moved. They don't know what it's like to play the mad cats controller dude. Because you're older brother you go over to your friends place and they get the working controllers here. Here's your off brand controller dude enjoy does like walk-throughs and guides and stuff like that. I don't think my god like as a kid. You're not so isolated. If if you don't know how to get through a game you can literally just google youtube the level and watch somebody play that level back. Thank somebody somebody had to come over and do it like my brother. My older brother for instance would always play final fantasy seven fifty hours in but then he would like it or take a little bit often. Come back like three weeks later. Doesn't remember he is no way to find out has to restart you start at like seven different times stuff like that. Like you're going through game. Like good luck did. Yeah or like having to delete something on your memory card. Except i think gamers have to do that now. Still cause or you get debated like i got all time. I we go and be like you hear rumor like in pokemon crystal do you. Oh you and red and blue. And crystal i remember. It's like dude. You can duplicate your pc any pokemon you want. You can just clone corrupted my entire game. It was a troll sach How to unlock right shoe and super smash brothers sixty four. Yes you have to do. One hundred hours of something or whatever and then do a certain button combination and then over like where will achieves pictures you can like all and then right. She would show up like a week debate. You know We got a question here from glaze says i had my own revelation had to cheesy easy. Because it's so interesting. Do you guys think with an inner monologue or a voice. You can hear in your head or process thoughts in some other way. It seems so obvious that everyone would but no apparently not everybody has an interlock Inner monologue their head. I found this out through amex. Rpg plays or something. amex our place Where a couple discovered that one of them didn't have anyone reading and couldn't have conversations with themselves speaking out loud while the other could have an inner model. Yeah definitely have been remodeling fisher. Just my voice. Though like i think most of the time i do but sometimes like i will definitely not be having word thoughts but understanding what i'm thinking. I don't know how to describe it but ninety percent of the time your monologue. But sometimes i don't think about it at all and i just know when i really long thought about it but like i'm not even english when i read i can i'll notice sometimes. I'm giving things different voices. It's not always my voice. Yeah when i read cicero's couldn't even i couldn't get through that Stargate asks hello been a long time in the main channel. Decided describe in the celebration of one hundred episodes. Well thank you. I was wondering if you guys ever plan on playing risk of rain to as a group again and as it is one of my favorite games of all times and a super fun watching you guys play. I remember a few podcasts. Go you guys said. You'd like the game and i wasn't sure how long ago you played it. They added a bunch of stuff. And it's more much more powerful release I love it. I was playing at the other day on. Ps five with some friends. because they played pudgy. I fucking hate pudgy. And they There's like what risk of rang game is the greatest game. I was like all dude. You guys love it is. I mean like i. I didn't lie about the game and told them what it wasn't because it game. And that's all i've been playing with my friends. Lately is risk of rain. So it'd be down to play with krishna beluga soup fun play. Play hope me love risk your screen night. All your back on league sadly. It's an abusive man. Ohka you just went. That's back where you have. T- that's your destiny like my destiny is a destiny. Your destiny is league of legends. And i put way more money than industrial tell you pre game by the way little. Johnny boy asked how many works for second can eat. You guys type. We ought many guys. Yeah we actually did this. A while ago. I think fruit is slightly faster than me and then rob is doing his best. He's doing the best i have to like. I'm not really. I'm a great hyper when it's coming for my thoughts like because then i like to think about while i'm typing already. I don't have to like i'm typing. I'm already thinking so. I already know what's coming but if i see what's on the board in front of me that's tough that i'm not gonna. I'm never going to learn how to properly type. Because i never learned either like the principles of how to type on your keyboard. I never learned that so. I just have internally like my my hand placements are w d and then i don't know what the fucked rest the keyboard is. I just kinda like is kind of vibe it. I am always on as yeah well. That's what is that called home position. Tom I think last time i i did it. For like a video or sub. I think i'm like one fifteen. That's fast. I see i would probably have probably like sixty something. Well that's like one fifteen like accounting errors and stuff too. 'cause like if not i can just be like bowling ronin aso relatively longtime listener first-time caller as new light player. Dessie to who started right when it went free to play on steam Through shaq unfortunately and now into be on light. I feel like i'm having my personal destiny. Golden age of destiny having come from war frame where i used to have to sit under two hours and have so many gripes with constant constant droughts among other things anyways. Do you jealous of all new players with how much they have ahead of them. No yeah. I'm not jealous that like i don't enjoy the game anymore. Like i'm out like when someone's like i loved. Sem like shop. You played like i. I would never do that. I have my own gripes with the game. But i'm not jealous of anybody. I don't feel jobs. Because i don't think this is the best content game has ever had for me. I go through periods of having my own golden ages. Okay yeah this is a good game and then for my issue is bungy. Inevitably always messes it up. Somehow like they do something and they ruined it. And then i just go back to well. They're gonna fix the game over the next two years shadow keep shadow keep. Was that where. I was super. High going into shadow. Keep shadow keep was just a mess. Then they started doing the content vaulting. And i was just like we're gonna be going through this for a year and a half two years before they fix all this. Guess what we're now. We're finally at the other side where it's which queen and it's like oh yeah destinies tight again bunch going to mess it up eventually so i don't get too excited but i will get high. Im getting back to the desk. And i'm approaching another golden to side. But you are a little height. I'm pretty hype. Like i'll probably which i'll be like extra hype and i'll be like destiny sukkur good but like i'll always have that voice in the back ahead like don't get to attach because he's gonna mess now always hurt. You hurt you somehow. I think it's one game to like play. The game constantly in bashed the game constantly. I think for me. It's just like i don't play at all so it's like i don't even think about it. Say look out for more destiny content. The ooh i'll tell you this. If mr for goes rob. I need to play against what all right. I'm there yeah. We might have a throwback. Og destiny sometime. I don't give shit. Just let me know what time i'll be there. Sharp boy asked if you swap souls with your pets for a day. What would you do in your pets body. And what do you think your pet would do in your body. I know exactly what i would do. If i was max for a day i would drink water and i would see why after my cat drinks water. Why the fuck this you'd freak out and run around and start screaming. And what is happening in his body to make him react that way. And why does he do it. I'd switch with author. He poop got to be something to taste delicious. That's what i'm saying like. Why are you still eating. This man like i got no. What would you do my body. Is it make double poop. Like if he does he eat poop and then he makes double poop and then like does he eat the double to ripple poop. What at this point. Two hundred like does your body does like okay so if i eat a piece of boot yum i eat. It must stomach various my stomach breakdown. The poop again back into pu Oh that's already pooped like. Just let it through. Like you know what i mean. I someone that a lot. I've no idea like does your stomach breakdown thought about or does it just like wave it through swings poop looking through. What would you do me body blue. I wanna see how fast like a run because boomer's a fast motherfucker dog can run. Seattle feels of fast. Just he feel how it feels fucking zoom. 'cause i've never met a dog like around. I mean there's probably fast dogs but like his being that small and agile like that dog can fuqing run. I would wanna see how fast like run like i wanted. I would want to know what the zoo me's feel like dogs get zoo. Me's yeah they're just like days. Like i gotta run now water. I don't get why he does have to know what that feels like. What would bumi do nothing. I don't wanna know sleep back. Sleep yeah. I don't think i wanna know boom. He's a little center. I'd be scared We have the mythical t- granted granted you read any. What manga slashed light novels dearie. Also congrats on reaching one. hundred episodes. can't find an answer my car. This is the question we need answered later. I'm going to go deep into later tonight dan. Why don't you try some poop snort shirt way. Sorry what was the question. Do you read any mangas last night. Novels light novels that night. I have the are zero novels. That's it otherwise we have the my hero ones but claridge that i don't wanna get ahead of the show I don't read me. Maybe some time but for the most part twats the shows i definitely used to you but i don't anymore some like if i do read it like i'll read like ahead of anime that i just gotta know now but otherwise. Yeah i don't really neither. I've lost my. I've lost my my manga oko asked. What is your favorite thing about. Oh gosh foco about the communities have grown oko. I got your message on f f and. I never responded because i lost username named again. That would be really a hey finally finished my all. Do you wanna play kill to charge. It's blue. I'm sorry but then i was like i logged out and i was like fuck oko message me. I lost the message by the little french ships that i always see made in each community in stuff and all that kind of really cool people conducting over something equally enjoy. Oh i remember. There was this couple they were like. Hey thanks for like. Hey thanks for letting us meet your chat. And i forgot who was married of relationships are in your chat. Yeah relationships have their thanks to leave for introducing getting introduced like 'cause we talked in. That's where we i talked in your chen. Thanks for letting us be each other. And it's like i forgot who was damn it off. They were great. You're comment to this twitter. Sicily it's the deceive liu so like i i talk about for destiny and someone says like oh this reminds me of this refers via and someone goes yup. I used to love fruits destiny content. Now concert is just what seems like bad indie games that do not appeal to me. His us visit pokemon does logs pulled in. But i just missed the dream team. Shenanigans from destiny. What and then mr for response with what the i remember. Sh- makes me. I mainly just took offence to the games the grapes or We're gonna do rapid-fire on these ones. All right fire saying hey guys. Congratulations on one hundred episodes. Now don't rush me for this. But has anyone been in playing an impact if you haven't already since it's a slow start on release. It has gradually improved and increase in popularity recently. That thing is cash cow. I'll never play now a. I've been interested. But i've just never been like that interested enough to play it. I had like no interest at all. I have to go to the new region. I haven't done that yet but aside from that. I've done everything you only play. Pc though right like I don't play regularly though. I try to convince item one. Gotcha game in my life because that's already expensive enough. Yeah that's my issue. Like i've committed to like there's something going to take a lotta Wool by it's gonna be pokemon tc g. I can't be doing that for everything every a hobby. I have sky cleaner says. Do you guys plan on doing trials. This weekend or doing solo cues for video. I made it physically. Rob was asking me like god. No it's i mean first of all. Hey i can't recovery account now you know making his life. trials probably. Isn't that like the appeal of trials. When charles released and we didn't you data. Let's do a boys. Let's just do one cardinal just for the memes. Get all sweaty poussin and go like. I'm going to have all the time you very angry like. I was back in the day. So we'll just go until a loss on the car that's it. I still remember me when when ever that. The last time. I played roseland. We we will go for the flawless seal. Yeah yeah i mean worse than what we did get it and we did become sweaty. Got my cell dire promise and whatever estra says motivational question for episode. One hundred congrats. By the way. About two years ago i finally got motivated into working out and fell in love with 'em dropped about forty pounds. I felt great but a couple of months in actually ended up breaking always bragging breaking my back with a kick. I didn't know it was hurt. And i kept truck and on but now i'm in constant pain. I've gained back almost all that weight. And i wanted to know for y'all's what is your suggestions to try and stay healthy. And even though i'm injured. Thank you for amazing. One hundred episodes in can't wait for one hundred more. I mean i don't know how he broke his back and he didn't know ended up breaking my back but the kick i didn't know it was hurt and kept tuck Truck and on. But now. I'm in conference at holy crap. There's no you must if you if you broke your back that's it. There's no way you're you're like on the ground broke. Hey you might like it might have been like a a like a hairline or something air like something that been untreated became worse if you're doing a kick and somehow just like no. I think breaking batman by the juggernaut and snap it in half. That's probably what came strong. He didn't realize yes. Or maybe he's like one of those people that has can't like no nerve endings. Whatever you just can't feel pain but even a you're you wouldn't be walking right your body. I mean yeah. I don't see and then like i'd recommend cycling but i don't know how that works with your back. You know that's uncomfortable. I hope you don't secondly used the collect the rum rum rumble rump. It's it's a kind of stationary bike. But it's one that you sit where your back supported but what is it like. He wants to know stuffers back. No what is your suggestions on. Saint healthy and fit even though he is injured up. Well even if you can't you know move much to any of that Just watch which he as big theme. That's where majority of health comes from anyway as the hardest thing for me. I is far more important exercise. Yeah exercise is important but died his leg weight loss wise. Eighty diet twenty work. That's how big of a difference this trae born asks a an actual conversation. I had with my co workers this week. Do you think fi- auto draft one on one on the wild in the wild. I would hug your graph. I would never fight that you but at that thinks coming for your broad swinging. It's negative your dad like this is really hurt. Ready just like shung cheek. The drafts coming at me. I'm just going to move the neck. Grab boom. I'm writing the neck and then the weight he'll eventually is so tire. Whom in a clap. I think i think i have a better chance against the kangaroo. Do draft route. You underestimate kangaroos. So i think speaks elements like i'm just dead out right there baby shackled For fruit similar. We're flying to australia. We're wild pig room. I just want the first kangaroo. We see. I don't wanna be going against the mike tyson candidates against anyway. We're just we just blindfold rob take on like a twelve hour planes rabbit of kidnapped all right rob. You could take off and the rubs like you did mr. It's i i. I would say i the i backed up from fifty res robot. You wanna find a fucking kangaroo robes like oh my god fruit. You didn't mytalk ringing. No i think i'll give i see. I think i think i have a better chance against a kangaroo giraffe. Unless i think he was both like your like. If you think like breaking the drafts legs is probably your best. Move right but like that leg is thick as you. Are you know what i mean. Like if a drafter swings at me while with a neck. Like i'm going down. You are not person's idea though of the swipe grabs the moment and them and e while you choke it out well i'm just saying it on its head up and if it does get tired and then you just wear it out then you just made out of noodles like those are some. I'm thinking i'm writing a sing for a couple days. Maybe you know. Where'd out battle of attrition. that's right. Humans are good at endurance. That's what we got on. Are we as good as animals and burns. It's actually yeah it's actually one. Yeah that's actually like how man today just chase them. Down kiss crystal ass with author birthdays coming up. What's the best way you guys celebrate your day up doing nothing. I don't really. We talked about this. My family's never we never really celebrate much. I prefer just a very chill day like dinner. I don't like celebrating anything of myself. It's just weird. Well i am going tomorrow night to clair's dads they're throwing me a party because i guess on their side birthday our big thing and so i might. You guys don't have to do this. Then we want happy happy birthday. Yeah van and it Papa data my ass. Currently listening come up. Oh you did oh celebrating. I don't know. I don't like any like being over stimulated on things that i don't know i never found myself my my things important and it's not like a really said no. It's more like. I don't want to deal with this for my birthday. I would like to be left for you. The best gift you can give me is going away. Thank you yeah. Leave me things papa. Data mass currently listened from the university. Flat i just moved into having moved away from that time. And i've been watching all of you since before. I even started high school. So thank you so much for the content and being part of my journey so much older. But like i i don't know i think it's kinda cool. I'm glad i guess. I'm still here and you're still not making the talks about packing. The texting. one days question is what would be the plot for your ideal b. movie sequel. I'm glad you asked so the waas i've thought about the wasps are coming. And you can't tell the difference between the good bees and so now. There's a civil war amongst bees wasps hornets. They all different. But it's but he exactly they won't want to rule them all and before you know it. They're all coming in together. It's racially charged from three directions. And then and then buries bastard child half human half becomes an eventually rollerball. Yup it's terrifying. There's this movie. Actually when i went to go see the green knight. There's a trailer before also from the twenty four production company room. I guess they get all the wounded anything fartsy artsy movie. It's it was literally like it starts out families on this farm and mill nowhere. They're sheep goats whatever and the goats or there are goats they like their go farmers whenever the fog go goaded. You know saying she. So they're going and something that ball bots ton and then like they're sheep's having trouble and it's having a it's it's like labor whatever and so they're doing it and then there are looking at the sheep now. Oh my like. They're like a shock and then they like take take the sheep theme running their house and then shows them trying to like nurture it back to help and then eventually it shows it's a it's a goat human. It's a baby with a go ahead and that's the whole movie and then like the goats are like looking at three first of all. Who's fucking go. Yeah that's my but then the weird thing is like the goat parents had. The mom is always like outside their house. Just looking at them giving them away and it just gets and then they're like fighting goats or something and i mean fuck. It did fuck it. This other movie started so. That's your movie. Mr fruit is this but yeah i like that idea. Yeah terrifying all b movie horror movie. Oh i could see that every sick and that'll do it for episode one hundred but rob i. I'm sorry guys even even episode one hundred house end but dad five more minutes. Swear fucking god. I'll turn this car o cheeks. I'll turn this car. Kern around turnaround measure. If your kids like he had turnaround bitch do it. Well that's There is that one. See where it's like the oldest child playing video games and he's like saying something he goes. Oh like oh my gosh and the apparent comes in like well watch your mouth young man and it's a middle child and kind of chill whatever and then they they say something equally like it's like we say one cuss word. Come what did you dislike. Wash your mouth out so and then it goes through the youngest kid who's just sitting there cost cinema like the people on the bike. Whatever all the stuff in the parent comes and then they discussed the paramount. And there's like shut the door. That's ripe ironic. That's exactly is exactly how it went with me. And my brothers strew thing they just give up. Where can they find you and your brothers on the internet mischief fruit to talk mischief fruit. Y t you guys find me everywhere on. Talk as well in my. He's my director. You could find me on mr fruits. Stick talk jeez. Dance to the better at below thing works viral. That's it in his followers. By the end of that post. I might have to give up youtube. Why bothering don't make me go on to talk the next episode english one. Oh one right be there either w late otherwise we'll send you to go get a tardy ticket. Which is ironic. Because now you're missing more class stupid. Just see me there at the honda summer sales event one summer adventure leads to another start with a new honda and beyond your weight at desert treks lakeside getaways mountain paths so remote. Eat an actual map for a limited time. Well-qualified buyers can get one point nine percent. Apr on the twenty twenty. One honda accord and zero percents. Apr on the two thousand twenty one hr v. or pilot shop the honda summer sales event. Today see your local honda dealer. See dealer for financing details at the honda summer sales event one summer adventure leads to another start with a new honda and beyond your way to desert treks lakeside getaways mountain path. So remote you need an actual map for a limited time. Well qualified buyers can get one point nine percents. Apr on the twenty twenty. One honda accord and zero percents. Apr on the twenty twenty one hr v. or pilot shop the honda summer sales event today. See your local honda dealer. See dealer for financing details.

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