Episode 4 : Federalism for the Future and Our Minds and the Media


Man time is talking about. Amassed week tonight. And a gentleman was. Talking about why he called gypsy cops. These officers who. Get into trouble. Maybe a little bit too quick to shoot. Get a few too many reprimands for being a goon it just pack up Goto nother state and other job as a peace officer. Now that had me thinking immediately towards something. I've been looking forward to talking about, and it's called Federal's. Federalism is government that combines a general government with a regional government division of powers of equal stacks. Now, this is the opposite of a confederacy in a sense that, while federalism, the federal and state governments are equal yet one will be found supreme, depending on the issue at hand and a confederation. The state government is supreme AMI teens rights to succeed or leave the coalition. Hence the confederacy in the civil war, they were fighting for that. Exact right. The federalist party was the first political party in the US led by the likes of Alexander Hamilton in Don atoms, federalism is responsible point. They express powers found in the constitution, which state that general government answer, right to Levy taxes, regulate interstate and foreign trade on to declare war now over time the power, the government has increased here in airport industry or economic reasons. In the beginning, the federalist party bump heads with the Jefferson led democrat Republicans. Now, of course, we have the democrat party, and Republican party. But seeing democratic Republicans together actually gives me another vision age increase in ancient Rome Roman Republic. It sounds good. And all but it's basically a bunch of only ox have they've say in get together. The lower classes, have very little say and the Democratic Republic, just says we vote for the old yards who are going to make all decisions. And if you look at you as politics that's for the most part one it is. And we got to pretty wealthy people running right now but we're not talking about Democrats or Republicans, right talkin, about Federal's. I expects the opponent apparel ISM would be confederacy. They're afraid of having too big of a government that frayed of tyranny and you. Here, the people who want small government now, claiming the same thing corruption at the federal level, telling you, you going to do with your life, the Haza thing you can take the federal government out, someone is going to call shots. Doesn't matter what it is. You know, if it's not the federal government dance going to be the state government, if it's not distinct government ends probably going to be the wealthiest people if it's not the wealthiest people, it's probably going to be the people, the best proximity, if it's not them it's going to be the people with the pointed sticks. Hey sale. Quickly gets rather barbaric. I think many of these state, right? Politicians nowadays, just wanna be able to whatever they want without anyone looking over their shoulder. I don't think they are looking out for the welfare or freedoms of their people, and his another thing if you have a corrupt tyrant at the state level, MO the people on their own. No one else is going to be paying attention. But if it's a federal thing, federal government calling the shots, if one state Representative is growing around. It's going to get the attention of every citizen in the country. Those with this confederacy mindset in states. Right mind sense. It's like they're jerk at the party who wants to leave because we decided not to play the game that they wanna play or the person who sits at the bar participates while everyone else is buying around. But when their turn to buy around they wanna head out the door, you know, you can't be a part of something for military defense in economics banking system. They wanna cut out anytime you want after you benefited from those things. Like, why would you wanna be involved with anyone like that type of person you wanna be on your team who wants the right to run? I think there's more reason nowadays is more rationale, be behind a free NUP than there is to have the right to succeed but enough about that. Let's talk about federalism, because, as people wanted to believe that we need less government, I believe we actually need more. Let's government hasn't helped us much at all. Because again, if essential government isn't calling Cole shots. Someone is in even if it state, they're not gonna care about the rest of the people in this country. Maybe polluting river that runs downstream tell the states they don't give a shit if it's not a state government. It's some businessmen, and they don't give a crap about the people. They bite by doubt. It they don't have to show. He by best off with the strongest entity that is run by elected officials. Inspected the in Dyson seeing who's in charge after the dust settles. Let me be specif-. In where we need. More government, a newer federalistic a new federalism, l mean the new federal ISM in eighties wear is actually like the opposite to do those things like no child left behind Simpson's United. They come up with these fund names actually mean the opposite of what the legislation does. And the newer new federal, ISM is actually taking power away from the government. How I see that new better? Eliza is a acceptance that a world power needs a large government, a large bureaucracy. I think when people hear large government base not gained visions of a totalitarian, regime, why heavy-handed communist regime, but it really comes down to who is calling the shots up top. You can have a small country launch country, you can have lack of regulation. Hi, big Yele Shen. You still have maybe an equal chance of having a tyrant. I argue you have a less chance of having a bull fledged hiring in a larger government now lodge empires, like role, Mike Reese, China gay they at their height, the central government was best. Sometimes you had regimes wears allow corruption, and then sometimes muck of the draw you had these leaders that win around cracking heads, and ending corruption and running a tight ship, you might tell me that, while the whole country was built on slavery. That is true. But let's think we as a species outgrew or about past Lavery technology, outgrew slavery is just simply cheaper force to use machines now and allow the things that had slaves for then are now done by machines us, so let's take slavery out. Issue. 'cause instead of slaves, we have everything out, coffeemaker to dishwasher technology, has taken the place of slaves so Enosis Cise, you had security, you had a place where they developed culture. And yes, you do have places in Greece that developed even more culture. And now a very civilized NA, made all kinds of manual and contributions to math than philosophy. But then they get their answers kicked by Rome because Rome strong centralized government that was able to react faster, physically and strategically because Greece was too caught up a net individualism. Those individual cities worked for them to certain extent made sense in some ways, but not when you run up against the machine like the Romans built through a large bureaucracy, and we are large nation and our just certain things basically, anything that keeps the country ally. Live and keeps the people in the country, taking is a matter for the central government, you wouldn't have gypsy tops if all the departments were into connected, right, if someone shoot somebody on a job without 'cause he shouldn't work anyway, he shouldn't have the ability to work anywhere. We have schools, some children learning one version of US history and someplace else learning another version, you can't have that is not good for unity and all the different types of testing, you should be able to teach practice law. Do real estate amongst other things without jumping through all these who's disaster response instead of a hurricane hitting a tornado than estate look into the government and seeing what they're gonna get. And then depending on politicians dogma, how much money he wants to accept because president might be. The of another from another party, you know, there should be no politics involved. It should be just straight up. Reaction disaster comes at federal government is in charge of that in Qom area, activate do what they gotta do and you have gun laws. That's one of those things that is responsible for keeping people alive in the country, civilized, and have it state by state doesn't make any sense, because gun laws oneal strong as they are in the weakest state, forty eight states can have very, nice very solid commonsense gun legislation. Have the other two don't then it doesn't matter guns are going to get everywhere. Anyway, I wanna talk about healthcare, Healthcare's, one of the ones I feel that's very important to become a federal issue. Forget about state health care. Let's talk about federal. Healthcare, because in the next ten years, I see a lot of interesting things coming down, the pike we have things like three d printable bone implants, flexible bone in place. We have new antibiotics that we're finding on own bodies new viruses helpful ones finding with Eno buys. We have the DNA editing crisper now. No. Have you heard of that as a Luma sheen can actually fix you DNA? We have iron nanoparticles have just recently been discovered in rats to we activate as cells ability to attack a cancer. You have other things coming out in some things when discovering more more like acupuncture and just going to the chiropractor different foods, you can eat as allow things we can do that. Do come rather cheaply, but I'll healthcare is left in the hands of the private sector coming out. The way we got to make sure private industry, doesn't a try to block them discredit him or B find ways to Mark up the price. How I see it is, again, it's very important fast. When it constitution was written. It didn't have the technology nowhere near you. Hide your family doctor now, the had have taken character on Horace to several miles to see you, or you had to see him. They wouldn't be able to dream of this situation. I'm sure they did this would be a type of thing that would be on the federal control. You can have the private entities, you can have your private health care HMO's and whatnot. And they give you the Mercedes package. I think can cover all kinds of stuff, but for the most part is alive things that it's not profitable on these companies, get involved in and some of these things they rather deal in remedies Dame church. Now, if you have a single pair. You, you have a government option healthcare. Let it compete. So capitalism to me is not win the industry, conspires against the people they're supposed to be competing. They aren't really the all have a price in mind. Now, if the government is providing healthcare in making deals that allow medical suppliers, make our salad living, but federal government basically, regulates the price, because they are not profit driven. They give a rational one ethical price on things, and then that allows the rest of the market to compete ethic instead of spending subsidies on these arms hookah companies or these insurance companies, the government has its own, and it doesn't go to anyone profit, all the money stays in the system for the benefit of people. And then we know have good subsidies point private entities research, we can research own things the government can take. Of wearing about outbreaks worrying about the cheap medicines dourness Cecil and let the private industry, worry about the design of stuff because they cannot be trusted. Some might look at the handout, I don't think it's a down. It gets taken out of their paychecks. So might say survival, the pissed now why should just keep having kids. And they're going to go in government shines, yada, yada. I wouldn't be worried about so much people abusing the system which are now but I would instead encourage contraception. Okay. So basically what I'm trying to say federalism, is something that we should strongly, consider, maybe it's a political party that needs to resurface. I think it's important when it comes to healthcare, besides healthcare, we have infrastructure issues. We have seems to be like endless natural disasters. We have security issues. It's definitely time to kinda step back reevaluate and not have his Goshen about let's not be fighting off. Those who did this. Mantle of government, instate a status quo. We actually have to increase government. Okay. So I'm going on that tangent back to number last week tonight at got me thinking about something else, how old school journalism is debt to born like a lecture. If you can remember that far back and it's not flashy doesn't make us laugh, doesn't make us angry just playing all news, it became out of fashion. It seems like the communication sounds revolution has created in tire populace with ADD everything comes at us. So quick fast that to actually pay attention focus on what they're telling us our ability to absorb information mirrors how we eat. Jerry, we could eat normally buy in general, as a nation, we eat terrible. We could read research backed information. We have as much time for that, as we have to cook a proper and balanced meal. So we get what is fast? In one is easy. That's the type of news that we need. But how do we go about our showings? You have Fox News, CNBC, AM radio, the talking has, like rush. And then you had the books written by all those people who going go on Lehman say, don't really do the research, then you have things like the daily show last week tonight. The Kobe report south park. Family guy Simpsons and it's all sarcasm and satire to we be so easily separated between those who respond to fear anger sex, and those who respond to humor. I don't win sex because you do see like on box. You can see they intentionally try to cast attractive women, and you have a lot of hard cone right-wingers, who had a crush on sale of Pailin minded mo- that homecoming Queen never got Megan Kelly. You know, and then you, you watch the show and then New York Post they have their gratuitous pitchers of women. Don't pay attention to parties. Let's not talk about their political leaning matches talk about some people are getting their news while they're being made be scared or angry in others are getting news. While the laughing oars that humor away to expel. At possibility as won't instead of gain angry just laugh at things straight you. I would love to have this dialogue in the future. But right now, I don't have a live audience, though. It can be too soon extent. So feel free to Email. Oh, message me or whatever. Boom of communication, I have opened at the time of you listening to this, and I will get to it on future apsos by regards to how we obtain our quote unquote news. I know some will say that they're those reacting to the base instincts in those mortar that need to laugh and make themselves feel better, when having to witness that human tragedy. That is the other group. And then one side might think the other ones are blind to basic common sense, logic that head all twisted up in special interest, and conspiracies in how they find that humor in such issues is a tragedy in its own. Maybe. Personality is track to something that you brain. It's used to getting that type of stimulus nor maybe one part of your brain is just hardwired to react to certain Wayne, the only way you feel comfortable, getting this information is from an angry rant. A snide and sarcastic commentary who knows really what makes one of these things more palatable than the other. Why can tell you is the reason why we choose either forms of what unquote news information is that the regular Fennell news fails do its job as well. They come on thirty second segments telling you, you might have poison in your refrigerator. Tune in at six there's a category twelve hurricane heading somewhere in your direction. Tune in if you wanna live the highway could being Gulf, inflames, your relatives could being danger, but I this message from our sponsors, and we're going to be held captive. We're going to have to sit through these commercials when going. Ban detained we're gonna want somebody pretty to look at what gonna want someone to mess with our motions or make us laugh. Hopefully this gets you thinking thinking so much is that you want to let me know. Email. Next time, I'll be talking about the election after and I also have a message for the millennials again. Thank you for listening.

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