In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale


the time powerful sorcery when Ben or objects maybe Pune with wondrous capabilities welcomed. Now playings in the name of the king. Retrospective series are kingdom. Our existence is threatened from without you have been brought here as the prophecy has decreed part of now playing video game movie review series. Why did the Gods failed? Why hosted by army. He was stopped by all until until the dark once rows Justin. He's known for his hasty opinions. And Stuart must be the warrior they all talk about this podcast may contain detailed plots boilers and harsh language not listener discretion is advised. All right. Let's get to it today. We're discussing in the name of the King a Dungeon Siege Tale starring Jason Statham Leelee Sobieski. Ron Perlman John Rise Davies clear for Lonnie Matthew Lillard. Donald Location Will Sanderson Tanya Salt ner Brian J white with the Ray Liotta and Burt Reynolds Turtle no circle. Who's more out of place here? Lillard or Reynolds. We'll discuss directed by movable this is the now playing podcast host who feels like he's trapped in a dungeon movables Dungeon Arnie Stewart. And this is Justin. I'm just here to figure out what these actors did. Or what type of Bet. They lost end up in a movie like this. They got paid. It's worth asking. Has the problem been all along that they didn't have enough budget house of the dead they had to make do with twelve million postal cost fifteen million and alone in the dark twenty million that. Maybe just Uber Vision requires more. This movie is going to cost sixteen million dollars. I don't know why it looks like a Hollywood squares. Wrap Party medieval tie but he just for the record. It made thirteen million international under five here in the state. Great Evens a hundred and twenty million on a sixty million budgets. Let's start with the property. Itself Dungeon Siege Gauntlet. Yes dockery needs food. Badly Dragon slayer adventure. Even there are dungeon crawl games. I know in love. When did this come in two thousand and two? I was at the peak of my game infatuation. I was running the Review Games website. I went to the game developers conference which this year sounds like it may be cancelled for Corona. So I'm stuck here getting you bola instead but well done sir. One of the big games that I played a lot with my friends was Diablo. Which is a dungeon crawl game? Where you pick your character class you mentioned gauntlet and gauntlet could be seen as kind of the root for all of this. You go into a Dungeon Jackie slash. You heal yourself. I mean they get far more complicated than gauntlet and warrior needs food. But it's all basically that roleplaying games right. It's all dungeons and dragons as translated computer and Video Games. And that's what a dungeon crawler is. Except when I played final fantasy that felt like dungeons and dragons literally because it was turn based combat. You're like I cast this. Yeah yeah in the Dungeon Crawl Games. It's hack and slash and not all of them are medieval. My favorite dungeon crawl game of all time is marvel ultimate alliance now. I'm a marvel. Zombie all admit but take marvel. Outta that game it could be South Park ultimate alliance. That's a fun game. It is a wonderful game. But it's the same thing you're just going through and there's hordes of enemies and you're just mashing buttons and using spells and things to take down dungeon. Siege is one of those. I remember coming out. I didn't buy it at the time. I was aware of it. It was a fairly new development company gas powered games. I'd read interviews with them because I read every single interview with game developers that I could get my hands on to get insight into into what I wanted to be my career and you know when it came out I read the reviews. I went back and checked the reviews. And everybody's laying. The Oslo sounds like the gold standard. And this was one of those that maybe had one or two nuanced differences from that was but was more or less. Rip-off is that fair to call it. It's in the same genre. I hate to use the word. Rip Off because there's a lot of games like Diablo. Diablo was not the first nor the last. But yes it may be the best and once you create a huge game like that. There's a lot of hangers on. I mean once you have doom and quake you're going to get a lot of redneck rampages and Texans. You know what I'm saying. So yeah you're chasing after the money because obviously a game that popular. Yeah even if you get a third of that and I think this was a modest hit but again sixty million dollar movie. Maybe sixty million dollars inflating that. That's not a lot of money compared to Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. I mean he would have a lot more than that for an installment of that. But it's a lot of money to throw it a property. Nobody has that much feeling about with games like the minute. I see a menu where I'm managing my inventory. I'm out you know I just. I don't play those type of games. That was one of the big things in this game that they tried to take away from Diablo. They all love Diablo visit. There was too much inventory management. So in this game you get a pack mule so you could just have a huge inventory of stuff but I did this game for the first time as lead up to this review if our listeners are familiar with steam. It's a platform kind of like I tunes for Games. They have virtually every game on their. Here's the trick with steam at this pissed me off. I didn't realize it until buying a two thousand two game that was made for windows. Xp Year maybe even windows me and trying to play it on my windows. Ten Machine Steve will happily sell you the game. They don't promise it's going to work so I spent about two to three hours. Reading online tutorials and stalling frame rate limiter software. It all this shit just to get the game to play and then when I finally got to play I'm Linden. It's fun it's fine. You know I played through few hours of gameplay probably a little bit longer playing the game than I spent trying to get the game to work and it's perfectly acceptable. You know it would be much more fun to play with friends where you can do that online. You can have a team where the three of US could be on there and what it did. That's very interesting. Is your character in Diablo. You're like I'm gonNA play a wizard. I'M GONNA play a fighter. This you start off as a farmer I was about to say. Are you a turn up farmer? Okay so you are. The farmer has no name. Because it's whatever you choose to name your character okay and as you play you pick. What class of character you are based on your actions so if you fight more with swords you become a fighter if you start using spells you become a magic user and that kind of thing. I did watch some stuff online too. I watched all the cut scenes because I didn't have time to beat the game but I got to watch all the cut scenes to see the story of the game. It's almost not there. There's almost not a story is just these things siege the town and you have to go and fight them and go underground and try to get a sector from some goblins and then go and fight the bad guy. It's like Diablo. Had A lot of atmosphere. It didn't have a lot of plot either but man when you played Diablo two and three. I felt like I was in this Medieval world with realistic non player characters. And just immersed me this. I don't feel ever got there. I didn't play two or three. I did read. That too was somewhat problematic. Three was not very good because it was actually made for both windows and xbox and playstation as of the game mechanics were totally different and not very good because of that. But that's all you have. I mean again much like with King of fighters. I'm like why Dungeon Siege. There were only two games out by the time this was done. Though we all know how Oval Works and people come to him and he's like sure I'll I'll make whatever into it and I'll exploit all the people while I'm doing it and lose money and make money personally. I mean yeah. He's con artists. That calls himself a filmmaker and I had the fortune of not only watching the long kind of this movie but also seeing again with the director's commentary and what he talked about with the trouble he had about adapting this game was. It's a top down perspective. You're never very close to the characters like it's for the creative screenwriter to suddenly fill in a whole lot of blanks and we all know at this. Point had ball is not detailed oriented. He is not going to spend the time to develop character and create this Kingdom of. I was amused because the way the dungeon siege game starts as you're farmer and you're out on your farm at up comes old Norwick. Who In this movie is played by Ron Perlman and Nora is telling you oh we're under attack and then just dies right there and now he's telling you go to the castle and help save the King Dome and I'm like well you brought in Newark and you're brought in the Kingdom of ADB? I also want to point out to isn't even the Kingdom of Ab. It's just like completely unrelated except for game play. I think dungeon siege. Three does the same thing so here this movie and I assuming the sequels I haven't seen yet are all really based in the world of Dungeon Siege. One Okay and so obviously we keep talking about a video game but we all know what will was really chasing here token Lord of the rings that add just one all the Oscars and the feeling was that fantasy was viable in a way that had never had been on film before. And Yeah if you throw a little money at it you can really get a whole lot of money. Back part of the reason why they were spending sixty million on this was they thought this was going to be two films. He thought that he was actually gonNA break it into two and tell it episodically and normally you know when you're doing that you write that into the script right you like okay. This is where the brakes can happen. No they filmed a bunch of shit and then in the editing room. They actually said you know. We don't have a cliffhanger that separates one from two. We'll just make two different cuts so there will be the atra. Google cut which is just at the fleet two hour and seven minutes or when you finally get it on. Dvd You could hang in tight for the two hour. Forty two minutes thirty five minute longer. Uncut director's vision as it were and that is what I sat through twice. I don't know what you guys did who I don't know if I could handle another thirty five minutes of this on celluloid. I sat through the regular over to our version. Yeah it's still too long but the strange thing is I wasn't than watch it a third time to compare the theatrical uncut. There are sites on the web that will do that for me. As you can imagine mostly it was just elongated scenes. There are no subplots removed. There are nothing about the shorter version that you aren't going to get longer in that. Nearly three hour cut. So you're just seeing it go on long but there's maybe one or two details. I can bring up as we go through this plot but more or less. The shortest experience in movable film is the Best Experience. I think we all know that by this point. I couldn't find this digitally and so I picked up the in the name of the king. Three Movie Blu Ray sets that had all the bonus features and everything and I only had that cut to watch and it was the two hour forty minute one and I was wondering if some of the subplots of things were cut out of the other one. You're telling me no it's pretty much the same but just more of it. That seems to be the case there. Are you know maybe a dozen brand new scenes but for the most part every scene that goes on three or four minutes longer in this uncut and you know what for all uncut? I didn't see any bubis. I didn't see any blood. It's all. Pg Thirteen and yeah. I don't feel like you get anything more out of the longer cut except forty two minutes robbed out of your life that you know already. What do you do it? And you're watching bull. They do call it. The unrated director's cut and I didn't see what would be unreal couple scenes of blood very minor. Blood is that extended. I didn't know. Yeah one of my favorite things because I had to watch all the features I that Straw but the behind the scenes diary is really good because it's just raw video with no sound. They couldn't even afford to like Mike. People just watching the actors mill around on the set in Vancouver and I kid you not the actress. That's playing salona Jason Stephens. White at one point. She's holding a script and you can see very clearly mouthing the words. This doesn't make sense standing next to Bali in who we've seen. He's in all of ables movies. He's the uncle character. That was the star of House of the dead. And he's just kind of staring off in the distance as she's ranting and ranting just thinking chick. There's nothing you can tell me. I came from house of the day. I was a little disappointed when I read this. Cast list that there was no Yudo clear and there is no Clint Howard I also got to listen to the director's commentary. Which is just trolling. It's just straight up. Ova Bowl I kid you not. We hear him bringing his dogs in from outside and playing with his dog he answers to cell phone calls from his agent about his next film far cry and he leaves her thirty minutes and comes back. Eating a slice of cake quotes to survive. I need to survive. I have to eat cake. You know. Obviously the ban knew that there was nothing to say artistically about this film and so we have to do the hard work. He was unwilling and talk about this plot. Jason Statham plays a man known only as farmer lives peacefully in the Kingdom of EBB WITH HIS WIFE. Salona and their sons F. One day the Kingdom is invaded by the Supernatural Krug. The beast kills F. and takes Alanya hostage king. Conrad played by Burt Reynolds. I love it my favorite thought. He could never look worse than strip tease. I was wrong but so good. King CONRAD ASKS CITIZENS TO JOIN THE ARMY TO BATTLE THE KRUG. But farmer goes to rescue his wife accompanied by his brother-in-law bastion and his old friend. Newark played by Ron Perlman. The Kings Magus or magic user is Merrick played by John Rice Davies. He suspects foul play and stays at the castle to investigate. Sure enough. It's Evil Magus. Galleon played by Ray Liotta because every medieval piece of film needs gangster. He does the ray LIOTTA LAP like every seat. I just love it. It looks like he's still in Goodfellas. But Yeah we're in this year huffy sleeves and all it's great evil. Maga's Galleon is masterminding the Krug attacks he's seduced Merrick's daughter. Maria played by Leelee Sobieski at from their sex he was able to steal. Some of America's Magic Galleon is conspiring with the Kings spoiled nephew. Duke fallow played by Matthew. Lillard who wants the throne for himself? The sounds like we're playing mad libs just so so depressed that Freddie Prinz never shows up maybe the sequel galleon poisons the king and fallow was blamed. So the Duke takes an Army Legion tells them. The king is betrayed and tries to take over but merrick cures the king upon seeing the Lord Alive follows troops abandoned him farmer tries to save his wife. Nora is killed and Bastian is captured and farmer is rescued by Merrick. Who knows a secret? Farmer is really named Camden Con. Read the Kings lost son when fallow succeeds in murdering the king with an Arrow to the chest? The Duke believes he's next in line for the throne until farmer's direct lineages revealed and fallow was killed by the king's guard for his treachery but Galleon is still out there with his crew. Planning more attacks. So King farmer leads an army to attack aided by Merrick and his daughter Maria whose own magic powers have grown merrick fights galleon and is killed then farmer tries to kill the evil wizard but farmer sword is no match for galleons magic until Morella sneaks up behind Galleon and stabs him in the back killing him without galley and controlling them the crew retreat. The Kingdom is saved. Farmer is reunited with his wife and rules over EBB. Is there kind king and credits roll? I wish I could see of all the behind the scenes footage who've abol pitching actors. Can you imagine him like you're going to be playing orphan named boy and you grow up to play farmer named farmer? Do you want to do it or not? And Lebron Jason Stay. Them was not his first choice. He said neither one of them really wanted to do it. But when Jason realize he could do martial arts. He came aboard his number. One choice was Kevin Costner and he was very mad that they couldn't close a deal with Robin Hood because quotes Kevin would only do it for the money. He wouldn't really be behind it for the art of it. You mean he won't repeat the mistake of nine ninety-one Robin Hood Prince of the to his credit. That movies great. I don't know what you're talking about but it's terrible. Oh it's awesome awful. We'll discuss sometimes but I have to ask. We talked about sixty million but I'm watching. This cast list come up as I'm watching this movie. I mean I knew Jason State that was on the cover but almost every person in here is an actor who I have liked in something else. Even Matthew Lillard has his moments. I mean Burt Reynolds John. Rice Davies from Raiders of the lost Ark and as well as some great Shakespeare on stage and the show sliders Leelee Sobieski from deep impact. I mean this cast assembled together could make an amazing film. Tarantino would hire this cast diverse and eclectic enough that I could see Tarantino hiring every one of these people to be a movie set in the Twentieth Century or the twenty first century. Absolutely I mean the idea that Burt Reynolds is the king is such a joke that I never get over. It is attorney hilarious. What kind of Sassari is going on here? That's the best part is he'd never commits to the roar. He's just burt reynolds in a king costume. All I could think of was nor McDonald's. Burt Reynolds on celebrity jeopardy. Because that's about the performance. Were getting for chewing the gum and own dying. Now it's opportunistic. People had holes in their calendar and Saul paychecks and hadn't become a thing yet when they started filming. This it was two thousand five. Most people had to hurt of house of the dead load in the dark hat and come out. There was no notoriety to working with this guy yet. You just knew that they were making some Shit Lord of the Rings Rip off and they were GonNA pay probably too much money to do it. So why not and. That's what it feels like. Everyone is just like why I definitely could pay off a house or a car with this. I get it. So that's why you sign on and yes Kevin Costner's alone and not wanting to commit to the artistic merit of playing farmer and this again it's a game in and of itself. That didn't have a story line. It's just people walking through a forest killing things. And so what is this story going to be? What is the quest this token? What is this about? It's about selling turnips. As I think how. This wonderful quest begins the very first seen. It begins with something I never want to see. Which is Ray Liotta giving pillow talk? Well I mean we've seen it before but yes I don't know what to make of it. It's a strange moment in which every Kisii takes from legally Sobieski is making some like Tolkien valley somewhere learn. It's called Christ wind hold at some point burn. It's like with every kiss like it's on fire more. I don't know what's happening. It's clear that like his cheeks are like turning purple and they knee and so it's telegraphing the idea that she's magical and he sucking her power but to do what I don't know okay. That was a special. I just thought Ray Liotta aged four lake. Then no I. I believe that was. Cgi Work there good CG. I thought it was real. I thought it was sclerosis. I I think there's a lot of good. Cgi IN HERE. We can talk about it when we get to stay with them. Just to set up Jason State them because I wanted to know where he was in his career at this point. Yeah I mean. I knew I'd seen him in lock stock and snatch way back when when that kind of lost track of him. You know Italian job but this is after the first crank which I really love and the same year as death race and transporter three. Well don't get confused. This came out in two thousand and eight but it was shot in two thousand five so I actually met them at the press. Junket four crank and I brought this movie up to him and he just kind of and when talk about it because you know like everyone wanted to know like why did you work with UV. Abol your two by two thousand and eight. Everyone knows who've abol is a piece of shit and with this guy who seems to be on the rise seems like he could have been had a bigger career than he ended up having quite frankly but the answer was that at the time he was really just coming off the first transporter and the money was tempting. And I'm just GONNA put out there. That Hobson Shaw made almost eight hundred million dollars so you say bigger than earlier than he has. He founded in fast and furious. I suppose I guess I feel like a more distinctive career a more respectable. He didn't have to be the action guy that he became but at any rate that was his traction to this part he said I did this movie specifically because it was an opportunity to get my bonafides as an action movie hero I only had had transporter and that was a small b movie so this was in attempt again. If you saw the budget and the aspirations you would think that this was going to be a much bigger film anyway. Poor Guy Yes. We all know who abol is by this point and we all know where this movie's going was throwing boomerangs of things in the game. Is that something you could do? You know I never got a boomerang in the game. I was fighting with rakes shovels and things and swords. So maybe but let me put you this way. It's not iconic and let me put it this way. Jason Savings obviously never held one before because every time it leaves his hand. It's in the work of CGI ARTISTS. And so why do that again? He's a martial artist. He didn't want to do this movie. He felt awkward about being period. And you said you can use your Kung Fu fighting techniques here. We'll we'll incorporate it you're the Kung Fu farmer will make that work somehow yeah. Everyone was Kung Fu farming. That's the movie I would watch. It would play with the right tone. This could be a funny parody of tolkien. But we all go. Both famously does not get humor to him. Postal comedy and House of the dentists serious well and to your point with the boomerang though it is set up in such a way like it's either needs to be a nod to something big in the game or something that pays off later in this movie which apparently it's neither nor we see him use it two or three times in the beginning and then get stuck in a tree and we never see it again. I think it's supposed to be some kind of signature. I can only imagine it being something you had to include because this is not Australia just it takes me so out of the time period. There's so many things that he could be throwing or using magic. I apologize if it is in the game but I never saw one and you know there's Ninja here that they weren't in the game either so okay. Yeah Wow all right so anyway. The point is he is a simple man with a dark past. He was orphaned and Nurik saved him from some battle. I mean we could see them ladling on there that obviously at some point he's going to have the birthright of the kingdom absolutely as soon as they're like he's an orphan and all this but the introduction of Ron Perlman as Norac Ron Perlman just couldn't control that pig pig was really running through his legs and about the trip and right. Now I'm sure it wasn't rehearsed about who is like you get one take and we're moving on. They probably had just met thirty seconds ago somewhat of a metaphor for this entire movie. I thought for sure both wife and child were dead meat though because it does not take long before we start getting. I'm glad he has a family now and I'm glad it's US I mean is very funny I mean here's the wife saying you never tell me you love me. And then turning around and picking up his son and I love you. Oh so much well we can see which way the dagger is. GonNa Fall here a little child definitely not gonNA make it out of act one and you're right. The wife will be in question she disappears. Maybe she's abducted sloppily. I think in both cuts. We see that she's alive long before farmer will confirm that she's alive. But yes it's a family in payroll. It's Mel Gibson role is feels like they had one hundred million more in a respectable director. Mel Gibson would have probably played this role but I don't know the actress playing his wife which is part of the reason why I thought she would also be marked for death. Claire for Lonnie. I only know her from mallrats. Who was she in Mallrats? She's the main girlfriend. The daughter of the game show host and that was twelve years before this so she looks vastly different. She was a last minute. Replacement will was angry that he was like. That's just wouldn't do it. They kept backing out. I mean he just doesn't seem to understand how he comes across and so he was frustrated. Apparently Claire Floor Lonnie and Jason. Save them go way back their friends so basically he made a phone call and she came on as a favourite really to Jason and not to has she ever spoken to him. Since in many friendships I would think but the money how is to help the one that's going to hurt doing in the name of the king three not a dime to be. You know you're you're fighting over Nichols in the dirt here at Lea- she probably got a comfortable salary. Everyone here as well paid. And you know technically speaking. There's some shots here. That are professional. I actually am surprised. They have rigs that are on ropes and this long drones or a thing they have some aerial shots. That are kind of cool. Yeah I agree completely. There are certain camera moves where I'm like. Wow the money is actually on screen. This is probably the best looking who've movie we've gotten to yet. Are The people in the movie aware of the Kroger prior to the events that kick off this movie is? They don't seem surprised by their appearance of these monsters. They just know that they're getting killed by them. Well first of all. They can't decide what they're called. Because it's Krug Krugg crag I heard four different prudential himself calls them with two different accident fully admits he goes. You know they're basically ORCS. He's going to hide my blatant theft from token here. The point is they know that there are some kind of dog creature that I think magic has made them man like I think that they were on four legs and now they stand upright and hold swords and everyone's kind of mystified that the they're laughing at the idea that Krug's are walking. It'd be like saying an army of dogs came in and shot me. I mean it's just bizarre. Yeah okay so it is just kind of aping from four knowledge of ORCs than in hoping that the viewer doesn't get lost by. Oh whether these anthropomorphic dog creatures that are killing people and so yeah we get some Kung Fu here with David. I don't think it's particularly good. It's not bad though. Here's the thing. Is We just watched? What should have been a good movie? We just reviewed king of fighters. I watched this after King of fighters. Ed you see in a wide shot. Jason Statham leap in the Air. Kick a guy in the chest punctured other guy with no rapid cuts. There's not a single shot with Ray. Parker Mag cure anybody in that film. That's as good as this one. Shot of state them. And I'm like. Wow that's really cool. And then he never does it again. The whole film as he not. I guess you know there's like this is the extended sequence and they're always cutting away to supporting characters this movie. At least the uncut director's version feels very meandering. I don't know how the theatrical might play to you justin but I felt like it just takes forever to get through a scene because they keep breaking it up with five other scenes but the crowds come out of the woods attack. Him at his farm has already gone off to the in laws and by the time it gets there his sons debt and these creatures reminded me of nothing so much as like the nameless dregs and suicide squad who were like Gao homes. You know I know you said they're like dogs but they just look like people in bad mushroom costumes. I'm totally getting shades of battle for indoor made for TV star. Wars movie. Here I agree. I'm running out of compliments. I can say that some of the shots the area of us were impressive. A few of the CGI tapestries are okay. But yeah once we get into the of these villains. They're not scary. And I did see the longer cut and I will say I was getting a big Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson vibe okay. I mean yes I feel. This movie is too long but I also feel Peter. Jackson's movies are too long when you watch the extended cuts or even the theatrical cuts hobbit and so when we have this long scene of Solana with her father at her son and talking about the bells of war. The nobody has had the ring and years. And all of this. You know I'm just thinking. This is an acceptable made for. Hbo Version of Lord of the Rings. That would be game of thrones and this is not game with no no. It's not game throws but the production quality seems higher end. Tv based and. I'm just going with it as we are introduced to an expansive amounts of characters. You know the war has happened yet. We still cut back to Murielle getting sword lessons from Commander Terrace. I'm just kind of soaking it in and we're also introduced here to duke fallow and my God. I surprised I thought for sure. Matthew Lillard would not be able to play period. I mean I don't tell me he does. I think he does so much better than I expected. Keeping my the first time I ever saw Matthew Lillard who was playing serial killer in hackers and I think he actually does okay here. I'M NOT GONNA say I'm completely convinced but I'm GonNa say he does not feel like California surfer boy 'cause playing okay. I've having the exact opposite like all of the people in the Kingdom feel like they have had no coaching in language in costuming and how to carry themselves any other time then like what they do in their own trailer like they themselves and that's fine because he doesn't care either like he is not a detail oriented person do whatever you want and he will more or less film it and go on. He does not have a whole lot of direction for these people and consequently this is a world that does feel very modern to me and all of its performances. In all of its presentations I will say that. Lillard out of this huge cast of people is at least being consistent and giving it his all. You know what I'm saying like he is committed to this character is created now whether or not it's period appropriate or not. That's another question. But he's there for the long haul and he's and he's GonNa go for it. I'm not GONNA lie though. Marjorie was with me for some of this movie very little. She couldn't take too much but she was there. When Matthew Lillard finally meets his end and I did go. Zoe School undermined your own. I don't need to say another thing. There's no tie breaker needed. You've already admitted he is not here. No I can't not see Matthew Lillard but I'm just saying he's so much better than burt. Reynolds okay. I mean. That's not the way to go here. Here's what I would say. The thing about Lord of the rings is it has a vast number of characters and subplots as well but it has a wonderfully simple middle lynch pin that I care about greatly. How are they going to get the ring to mortar? I can't tell you what this movies about. I don't know what the quest is. I think it's maybe the find the wife but even that I'm I mean you know what I mean. What are we trying to do here? You see and I think fellowship of the ring you to those reviews in the archives. I Love Peter Jackson's fellowship of the ring. I feel that one is very clear. Get the ring to mortar. By the time you get the two towers with wormtongue and the king and Gandalf the whites over here and Sam and Frodo or over there and all of this bore Amir's dead. Yeah IT GETS MORE MIXED UP. You got the end okay. So that's where I feel. This movie lies is. We've got what I consider to be several parallel plots. But I think they're all pretty clear. Farmer wants his wife back if she's still alive and Norrick as well as Solana's brother bastion or going to go with him so we've got that story line. Which with stadium as the star should be our main storyline. But isn't yeah. The shocker. Is that you would think that we would follow them at a road. Movie setting step by step. Having incredible adventures along the way they try to straddle a bridge. That's fallen apart and fall into a river yet medieval zip line and then there's like some chicks that are like aerial artists in the trees that the NYMPHS. And that's it. That's all I do have to complain. Because when Ron Perlman and bastion fall from zip line you see them falling and their way high up and you're like Oh my God. Are they going to die? And then they land in water. You never see them land. How do you not have the shot of stunt men hitting the Water? You see them falling. Cut to Jason Stadiums like home alone. All no face and then you to them and they're just swimming. How do you have to shot of them? Landing in that water. That bothers me. Yeah particularly when you could particularly when this is a well funded production. That has the people capable of doing that stunt and the camera people give him ten extra minutes and they can set up and get that shot but it's the steamroller ova is moving on. He just doesn't care about coverage all those pickup shots all that second unit stuff is just not getting covered here and so it feels very disoriented. The way it's edited I agree and I. That's why at for long stretches of time. Forget about farmer during the first third of this movie. Isn't that amazing? That Jason Statham could be an ova movie and he feels like he's a bill but this is a movie about Matthew Lillard and Ray Liotta. I wonder how much of the version I saw. Cut some of the stuff. You're saying because to me sure it's two hours long but it does mostly feel like stadiums movie like maybe they cut some of this other stuff from the shorter version. I mean they still do cut back and forth to the castle interesting so that could be the impact. Okay yeah and that could very well be all of these. Supporting characters get endlessly. We get who they are in one scene and I feel like they get four or five to reestablish is very simple like I get it like we have. John Davis a veteran of Lord of the Rings. He's playing some kind of don't even know what a magazine is. The magic user Right like I get close around and shit okay. Magazine is actually a word from the game. I don't know if they made it up or no word you know. I just don't know enough about it John Rallies Right He. I completely forgot he was gimle. And Lord of the Rings. He is perfect here he is correctly. Cast NO YEAH. You can do this in the sleep. And he is probably doing at least half of it and so he has this daughter that wants to be a warrior. What's that not a plot? In Lord of the Rings. Wasn't there some female that dresses up in a suit of armor at some point. Yeah because she defeats the guy at the end because he can't be defeated by any man and it's so strange like half of it helped me out this issue made of magic. We don't know anything about the mother other than she's dead but she has magical powers that she's learning and at the same time Ray Liotta seems to be making out with her entirely because he can suck those powers from her and from her. Bloodline is what I got. Is that by seducing her he was able to increase his power from the more powerful bloodline of John Rees Davies. But he was seducing her and also teaching her and I guess maybe the stronger she got the more he was able to syphon. She's also reading a book that her dad wrote on the payroll of magic. So again with title that you would think it'd be about not learning magic spell because their payrolls it's not clear and I don't need the fine details movable I got it I got it but seriously you could cut all of this right. You could cut her completely out of this movie she off to be the warrior and she gets lost in the forest gets captured. Like I don't think she ever has. Maybe the last second when she kills. Ray LIOTTA BUT UP UNTIL THAT POINT. I think she does damn thing in this film. Could you not remove her entirely? I think you could. Because she's not even needed in the end to help save the day they just. Kinda put her there because she still there right. Yeah they dress her up and dragon. She gets to yes. I think it's a magic sword too. It's like she has some magic powers. I don't know it doesn't matter. I understand her role you know. I understand what she serves. If you're sitting around saying I want to make a franchise and John Rhys Davies is in this one movie and we're going to set him up to die and we're going to have this person carry on. I don't know why you get Leelee Sobieski again. Not exactly playing period. But I get what she serves from a franchise point of view. But yes she. I also forget about for much of the story. The beginning half of the movie for me is all about Ray Liotta and Matthew Lillard. Burt Reynolds for sure. And we've already discussed burt reynolds the accent. All of it his eyes. You WanNa talk about some magic like could you please give them on the same side of the face. They are so stretched out. It's like it's horrifying to me. I thought a lot of it was his helmet. He's not even trying to put the costume on right. I mean that helmet that helmet mentioned medieval times. And that's exactly what it looked like. He was a waiter. Yeah he's the cool king that everyone wants. The throne is baffling to me. But yeah and just all of it burt. Oh it's just so painful to see I mean people forget. I think it's easy because he did so many trash movies. But he wasn't like a legitimately good actor at one. Point is better than this and then he had that come back with boogie nights that he kinda threw away to now ten years beyond that. So this is what all of that Oscar hype. Gotcha it's strange that he's the king strains that he. It's all about him at this nefarious plot. Basically Matthew Lillard nephew is next in line and less this magical son that. Burt doesn't even know that he has and got lost and was hidden by his magazine. Because it's better for him to be a farmer growing up protected by anonymity. I don't think he was hidden by the magazines. I think he got lost in the magazines. Like fate works in great ways. Because if he hadn't been lost he would have been killed. All right I'm loss. That's all I can tell. Yes that we all know that Jason Stadium's going to be the king but they take an inordinate amount of time for you to find out that Ron Perlman token so wouldn't he no. He was just wandering through in a battle. Okay I give up is fine. Whatever in Burt Reynolds doesn't help us out with his acting in the scene because he may has a line that's like I thought they were all killed your children. Do we delivered line implied like he ordered the magic us to go kill all offspring. That were out there. We we have no idea what happened or why is challenged like there's never been even mentioned that he had a son again. That's the kind of clue you WANNA drop early. So that when we find out we'd go oh I didn't see that coming. But of course if they mentioned that he had a son that died and then we also know that Jason Stadium is some orphan named boy that grew up to be farmer. We would it would be staring us in the face. Oh Yeah. They're doing their best to try and hide. What few cards? They had in their hand. Who is worse? I really WanNa Know Burt Reynolds Array Leo Albert without a doubt Berg Bird is lazier he. He demanded to in bed for in quarters of his senior. Really otas chewing scenery doesn't know what movies and laugh for. No reason again. He's just camping it up. He's having some kind of fun. It does feel better suited for a gangster movie but yet I feel like really. Iota also wasn't onset that much because most of Ray liotta scenes are alone. He's somewhere and he's telepathically speaking her. He's possessing one of the crew at talking voice over and I'm like is he on a blue screen set for a couple of days. He showed up for the fight and he showed up to screw Leelee Sobieski and the rest of the movie. He had no interaction with the rest of the crew. You know over balls commentaries that everyone was great. Everyone was everything. I have no idea how he interacted with the rest of the cast. Ray Liotta Oval. Oh he was really pissed off because of ood would bring his friends to the set there. No close said it was very difficult to work on these sets. He was not a happy camper with the way this went. Well I mean I can imagine that must be true for a majority of these actors. They've all done better work than this. So we know that the direction is failing them and they're floundering and yeah we when the movie out. It's an embarrassment that you were in a nouveau bowl and it'll always be a stain on his resume. I know this movie predates it quite a bit when Ray Liotta was in his. You know night of the cruch war gang thing that voice he had it. All I was thinking. Is The bud light night from those commercials? That's going back a little bit but maybe you know who's drunk is Bert. Though like you know they they talk about him. Quote Unquote poisoned. I'm like that's not why you're stumbling around. He says to Matthew Lillard drinking wine with breakfast is not the greatest path to redemption and makes Matthew Lillard poured out. I've done. He just wants the wind for himself up and he was told earlier that morning. His handlers definitely definitely hit in the bottle. That's why I would argue that. Burt is both more fun to watch the most fun in this movie to watch and Yeah just woefully wrong for what they're trying to go for. I was surprised how much of the movie burt Reynolds was in because early on. It's established we get Duke Fallow Matthew Lillard character saying to Rayleigh Otas Galleon. We need to speed this up. I need to be king. I'M TIRED OF COW TOWING. I need to be given the respect. That comes with the title. Since I'm not being given respect for who I am. So galleon poisons the king and he's like sped up so I think burt reynolds he signed onto a few scenes. He showed up for a week. He survives the poisoning. He's in most of the movie. I'm like you know lengthwise. He doesn't get a lot of screen time but he had to be around for much of the shoot. A lot of different scenes a lot of different setups. I'm like wow. It's not a Cameo. It's not a glorified minor role. He is in more of this movie than Jack. Nicholson is of in the company of men. Yeah and he has to hang around long enough so that when farmer comes back from his voyage of nothing by the way of getting wet in a lake and hang out with some chicks and trees that he can say. Oh Yeah. You're my son and make some metaphor out of seaweed like I mean it's just God awful what he has to do in this film but you mentioned the Tree Nymphs. I do have to say Chris. Donna lochen caught my eye. And you know what? She's blood rain in the blood rain trilogy. I'm not dreading those movies. She's blood rain in the first blood rain movie. That had a twenty five million budget. She will go away for two and three and they will get less cost prohibitive. She doesn't look like it in this movie but she was in Terminator Three. That's primarily where I would know her from but here you know different hair not wearing a dominatrix outfit. She's leader of the Trina months. Yeah she's pretty good actually for whatever she has to do which is absolutely nothing but it feels like she actually bothered to learn how to use the rope and come down on the vine and gets through her lines without cracking a smile or cracking a forty that rope artistry or acrobatics was a. Who's a thing around that time? I remember pink putting on a whole series of shows where she would do songs with those ribbon strings and everything so I think they were kind of reaching into pop culture. A little bit there with these trees in other region everywhere. Whatever works I just saw them coming down. I'm like oh the walks. They're going to join the fight by the end and I was not wrong. Although their inclusion is bizarre because again what is the fight ultimately if I ultimately is that Matthew Lillard who was also poisoned along with the king but gives an antidote from Ray. Liotta eventually has to run away the cower that he is convicted as some of the men that the king is dead and that they should follow him. I'm not quite sure. Plus they're hanging out with the Krug like that would be a tip off. I would think like if I were suddenly in the same battalion as my enemy that maybe I shouldn't listen to Matthew Lillard. In fact Matthew Lillard should be the tip off. Shouldn't listen to Matthew Lillard. Some of the extras give good facial expressions when Matthew Lillard is like Hey Delly daily for the me and just some of those extras given the side. I I get the impression they're like. What the hell are. We really supposed to be doing here. They're more than happy when burt reynolds throws up to be like. Yeah we're going with you. Bert Yeah Basically. Lillard is just doing a Joaquin Phoenix Gladiator. He's snivelling little bastard. We can't wait to see him get his come up and have this character character. Bearish who's just been kinda hanging out in the background. Who will eventually? He fears the day that he's going to have to serve him as king but gets cut his throat when John Rhys Davies shows up and says no you can. You can kill him. Because he's a traitor yet. They poisoned the king and he survives and Matthew. Lillard suddenly is Robin Hood. The Master Archer. It does take two shots and put rose sees one. Arrow go passes like I'm just GONNA sit here. The second one had sim I mean. He's not really giving his all in the fight. I mean again. I think of return to the king. You know they're out there. Even the kings are swinging swords and things. Burt Reynolds is on a horse. But I think he's just sitting there chewing the gum like Yemen deep fighting. Good I mean would you really want to see UV of bull of all people direct? Burt Reynolds any sword fight. I mean that would be heavy. Stop I'll tell you what. But yeah you know. Eros remember it from Deliverance Burns better days. Maybe it's better just to stick with the arrows. I don't know as long as this movie is. I feel like we're just tearing through the brush year and we're kind of at the end. I mean unless you missed some of your favorite meandering parks and walking through trees endlessly. It takes forever to get to the two hour mark. Feels like and that's where the king is finally killed and Matthew Lillard is killed and it feels like the climax of the movie. I mean there's a big battle with the crew and Matthew Lillard kills the king. There's the dungeon of the Dungeon. Siege is that place that's burning and characters we don't care about around Perlman and the other Guy Balian. They just got thrown into the car with the wife. We've known that she's been alive longer than we should have tipped us off to that much earlier. What happened there in the dungeon siege? I felt like if the movie's Dungeon Siege. We needed to see them rescued. Or whatever but I think all happens is like Bailey and picked up a blonde chick. He'd spent time chatting up this blonde from another. You know what I'm talking. Yeah right and north dies. I mean NORC triumph. You're right Ron Perlman Outta here. He's like I am not doing anymore. This in the shorter version to this register at all that they went to the dungeon more. Or whatever the hell they are. Yeah I mean a little bit but the dungeon felt the most set. Pc Out of all the setpiece like out of everything with this budget they have. I mean we're in forrest were seeing. Cgi Castles this literally felt like something. Gilligan's island just took creighton on a dark set. You know they're literally breaking their manacles off the rock and I mean it looks like they would come off rather easily. I mean even if you haven't been eating in three days drinking it looks like they're about to fall anyway. So yeah it's all kinds of strange so that's going on your right while there's this big croup versus Tree Lady and King Army battle and it feels like the climax of the movie. I mean we're like we have the new king he is here and Matthew Lillard gets his throat slit by that terrorists who didn't Wanna serve him and the terrorists makes this face like. Oh what have I done? I've committed murder. Nothing ever comes of. It is just a big dramatic moments. Lillard is now out of it and I feel like the movie should have credits rolling. Pretty at does feel like if you're cutting it in two you cut it. Unfortunately at the two hour mark. There's only an hour left. That's not your next movie but it feels like a pause of some sort and then it hits me way Ray Liotta still out there. We still have more to fucking do. Yeah and of course. Guston at the two hour mark. You're done like again. We're still suffering for forty five more minutes more or less or watching credits. Roll your like Burt Reynolds in two hours out. Imagine all these subplots registering with you but maybe it does it move fast. I mean do you feel engaged is not the word I know. You're not engaged. It's still a slog like I don't know what extra forty five minutes they could possibly add this. I mean everything. You guys are talking about stuff. I have seen. I mean no. I don't think they cut anything major out. It sounds like they just trimmed scenes down a bit at large part. That's exactly what it looked like and I'll never understand why all of a sudden they're climbing on rock faces. Did that make it into your cut? I have to feel like that got cut. Yeah when they were trying to get into the cave entrance this little weird boomerang rope trick and the way it's cutting this one is the two of them. Get on the rope and run off the cliff and grab it and state them. Let's go but it looks like he just falls off into nothing and then they cut to him grabbing onto the side of a cliff and then kind of free basing his way up. Listen you missed such amazing scenes. I mean Justin. I think you need to go back and rewatch the other one because you missed the scene where they name the pig and you missed the scene where bastion tells his wife where the food stocks are before his journey and most importantly you miss the scene in the crew camp where the crew commander controlled by. Ray liotta comes in and Finds Matthew Lillard about to have a three way with skinny chicken and Chunky chick that was going to get kinky. I was actually like ooh. This could actually know. Pg thirteen this happening again. You wish that it was more trashy in the Oval Ball. Since this thing you're right. It's just littered with scenes that go nowhere and don't expand upon the characters whatsoever. It sounds like you guys got to experience. The first cut I experienced the second cut and what should have been put out is like a fourth or fifth cut like this all still needs a lot of fat trimmed from it. Yeah exactly you have to give up the idea that you have some grand epic tell most of these characters have no point and they should be removed and we should be focused on Jason. Statham your star. That's too good for this that somehow you nabbed and you make his action movie and he's in almost every scene and then maybe you just have something. That's you know mildly passable. But again they're going for Lord of the Rings They Want Unsolvable. You don't hire this. Cast just to focus on Jason State them. But here's it's called editing like yes you wanted Lord of the Rings and then you look at the footage in no. You don't have it. So let's get real editing where you get real. It's time to say goodbye to all the things that don't work and that's eighty percent of this movie. Burt Reynolds Goodbye. You a really bad in fact. Can we call it something else? Let's call it and Dungeon seats and we won't even acknowledge there is a king right. We don't even need you in this bill. But I have heard commentaries with directors and editors where they specifically say. We wanted to lose the scene but it has important information or has a setup so we can't lose it. Editors jobs are yes to trim the fat but they're also to make sure that what's left is coherent which. I don't feel was successfully done in last week's movie. Believe it or not. I'm right now saying Luvabulls. Bloated mess is better than the ninety minute fighting movie we did last week. I mean I can understand why you might feel that way and again. I'm getting some laughs out of this which I didn't get laughs out of much last time. But you know what the funniest part is? The bookbinding seen like the big battle. It's finally time for them to have his big fight with Ray Liotta and they have sword fights where the swords are fighting on their own through magic I figured that was John Rice Davies Ray Liotta and I figured John Rice Davies is like. I'm too old for this shit. I going to be in your movie but I'm not going to do the sword fight scene. Uber's I would expect on their own then. Yeah and then like okay. You're GONNA stay them. And he's bound by books he gets literally attacked by flapping hard bound books. It worked for Ash and evil dead two as comedy. A book tornado takes down then traps on the ground. That's just you know that. Say had to be mad that like no. I WANNA do a flip. I wanted them. They're like nope books. And if Jason Statham is our hero. He's our new king. Shouldn't he take down? Liotta he does saline and I thought it was going to go stupider than it does because he says you have to use magic fight with honor and I've like but that's stupid because you're GonNa die so you know I wouldn't like it if ray Liotta was like I have honor and then loses a sword fight but by the same token it's unfulfilling. I know that Leelee Sobieski needs to get revenge. He penetrated her. She's going to penetrate him something like that but no Arnie. We don't need legally. That's what I'm saying. Cut Her out of this movie entirely your ads. Your instincts are absolutely right is about some guy that started as a farmer finds out that he can become the king and has to do so by stabbing this magic. Ray Liotta and that's it anybody that doesn't fit into that scenario by. We don't need you in this film. She should definitely not get the kill if it does. It needs to be more teamwork and less assassination. I don't know what she accomplished by doing. All of this. Did she do it through her magic? Does this prove that she is her father's daughter? It was kind of like a magic sword. Yeah I mean I almost think like there's some sort of like dark side light side power struggle going on here. That's just not spoken about. You know like we're supposed to be rooting for her. Because she represents the last of the good power and Liotta is the dark power if that's what they're trying to do they're not talking about it. Well then she should be the star of this movie or have part as equally important to that of Jason Statement. I mean again. This is what you do and writing you. You work out what's important and you make sure everyone has their moment and you don't go rolling into production until all of that is ironed out. I'm just saying if with director other than over at the helm somebody who really cares about story and character. Everything you have here could work but I mean again I think of Leelee Sobieski as the live tyler. Just because we focus a lot on Elijah. Wood and SEAN. Astin doesn't mean Vigo and live can't have their moments and here. That's what they're trying to do. I see them trying so hard to do it. But just not hitting the mark ever well. Yeah because nobody's really thought about the story and there was nothing to pull from from the videogame. The video game didn't have these characters they're not honoring anything about the game. The only thing I can tell it's like the game. I did see a little bit of the footage. Was that when they have those cameras on ropes and they go swinging by and you see all these people fighting in the trees or whatever and you have this pan shot in the air like. That's the only thing that's like the game. Otherwise yeah they have to write it all on their own and I think interestingly enough the writer that's mostly credited on this did cleanup but his claim to fame is splice. If you saw that horror movie like Doug Taylor like he's someone that went on and had a career of some kind so look they had somebody there to shape this but I believe he came in last minute. I think his duty unfortunately was try to fix what you've had broken. And that's just no way to approach an epic but it does feel just kind of over after Leelee Sobieski Stabs Ray. Liotta in the back. After three hours I felt like I should have something a little bit more climactic but Ray Liotta is dead. The crew just run away. Well we find out. That stadium finally can say what he's always wanted to. We're supposed to understand. He was a reserve person. Couldn't tell his wife. He loved her and now he loves her so much. She's not GonNa make do the sequel. The big payoff is supposed to be. That state is unwilling king who finally decides to take the throne and he's going to be more of a King of the people but none of that is set up in such a way that it's a satisfying payoff and the people love Burt Reynolds. I mean it's not like burt. Reynolds was a bad king and now they're like Yay. We have a good king. I mean otherwise. They probably would've backed Lillard a little bit more so they go from having a good gang through having another good king and I mean that's better than having Matthew Lillard as a tyrant but the status quo of the people is a net neutral. Yeah well we'll find out in the sequel. None of these people matter anyway. Did this film matter Josten Stewart. I feel like there's a chance on this one. Do either of you recommend the name of the King? Add Dungeon Siege Tail Justin. So this movie to me is just more proof that you've abol is an alien on our planet as a film student and everything we see of his is homework. Pity sending back to his home world and getting graded on and I think that home world may have watched this movie and said Hoover. You've done it. You've delivered us the best movie you've done so far. Please come home and said no no no. I have two more of these movies to make. But if I'm integrate this movie I'm GonNa give it to grades. I'm GonNa say I recommend this as the Best Ubale movie I've ever seen which is saying absolutely nothing as far as an arcade movie goes. Hey it's a little bit more competent than stuff we've seen even just last week was such a mess that maybe felt competent in comparison. But it's still a mess. I mean it's just uneven. Everybody in this movie is in a different movie than the person their on screen with. I mean I had fun because of the people in this we be because of the cast. I mean if you take burt reynolds out of this. If you take Lillard out of this I'm not enjoying it at all. I mean joining how fish out of water. These guys are in this type of movie and that's enjoyment. I'm taking from it. But as like a no name poor man's version of Lord of the rings it fails spectacularly. I mean aren't you said at one point this would have been a good eighty S. H. B. O. type of production. I think if this would have been made in the seventies this would have been just fine for made for. Tv's ABC Sunday night movie. But that's what it is. This is two thousand seven. There's real money being spent here and at the end of the day. If you want a good laugh I think you could probably fast forward through parts and just wait till you see something that looks Kinda funny. Which is most the time going to be Burt Reynolds in period costume looking very confused? But I almost want to give it a slight Brown arrow. I'm not going to give it like a flaming red. But it's not so bad that it's good so it's just this side of not recommend Stewart. I wouldn't call it. The second best movable I still feel like postal is probably a little bit more to his strength like it plays to his anger in a way like I felt like he was more revved up and passionate about what was going on. I got more of a sense of the director from postal than here. I can tell he just doesn't give a shit about any of this fairies fantasies. All of the stuff. He is not a director that cares. He doesn't have the right temperament to tell stories and I know that he retired like he is apparently now gone into the restaurant business. Which I can't imagine. What do you order a steak? And they bring you a cow a hammer and say go at it. It's like I'm not GonNa Bother to cook it for you like I just feel like you've abol doesn't care to prepare. He leaves it for you and and yeah in this case it does leave for some Brown era fun. I do Burt Reynolds in this movie. Ray Liotta is pretty good too but again I saw the uncut director's now. That is way too long for any movie. No bad movie is good for three hours. And this is interminable. It's an easy flaming Red Arrow for me. I'M GONNA agree with Justin. I mean I went back and looked at what I reviewed postal as and they're close to neck and neck but I do believe this to be the best movie I have seen and it made me remember something wrong when I think of over bowl I think of pain but house of the dead had its moments you know is not the worst. He's just consistently bad and here. I saw this and about halfway through the movie. Yes I'm laughing at Burt Reynolds and I'm having fun laughing at Burt Reynolds and I'm having fun laughing at Ray Liotta. I mean just the anachronisms there but there was a brief moment in this watching where I'm like. Could this be recommend? I'm watching it. I'm seeing stay. Tham do Ninja moves. And I'm watching the tree nuts. Come down and do acrobatics. You need to go to bed then you just wait to tie no no. It was a brief moment. Yeah you're sleep deprived. I'm sorry you're that tired it is. I think the best movable movie. Here's the thing at the end of the three hours. I didn't feel like my time had been totally wasted. I felt like this was semi competent. Recommend if not competent. It just didn't hurt as much. No but some of those aerial shots. Some of the camera work. I agreed technically there were a few shots. That were really cool. Visually it did not suck and I felt like stay. Tham was not really bad. He wasn't great but he's British and you know that always helps with period pieces to give people English accents. I mean it's not fair but it's true. Sorry Burt but if you were British wouldn't have been quite as bad so I didn't hate it and is it not recommend good but it's not a strong nut recommend isn't that a flaming Red Arrow. It's just a Red Arrow through the heart of Burt Reynolds. But I've seen so much worse when it comes to video game movies I look. This is the Fifteenth Best Video Game Movie. I seen yes that was fourteen silent hill. Oh God that's way better than this. You know my biggest disappointment with this movie is it. The credits didn't have that classic. Burt Reynolds blooper reel going. I think was in flaming horrible terrible. There's still plenty of time because Jason Stevens. Outta here and they're bringing in doll. Has there ever been a good movie with Dolph? Lundgren built top bills. No I don't think so either. Maybe he was stopped building showdown in Little Tokyo. Which is a guilty. Maybe I need to revisit that movie. Maybe I'm praising it way more than it deserves but I remember loving that movie in college like it's not even the worst that it's going to get. We are only halfway through all the movies. We how are going to have to watch done to house of the dead to alone in the dark. A postal an in the name of the king but only one of the dead's was his. Yeah I'm counting it all. It's under his umbrella. We've still got two more of these dungeon siege movies. Three blood rains and a far cry. So there's plenty of chance for him to I. Guess get better or get so much worse. I'm going to predict the ladder as we continue down the dungeon. So you're saying we're a far cry from over. I think so boy. Well we'll see how much you're smiling next week. I'll be smiling this Friday though. Why is that because this Friday? We are starting our Tom. Cruise retrospective series. Yes due to the whole corona virus situation. A quiet place to got moved so while we did have a quiet place part one scheduled for this Friday and a quiet place part two scheduled for next Friday. Those are in our platinum donation series. Instead what we've done is move up our Golden Nation series and we've added another film to it. It was going to be eight. Tom Cruise movies risky business through born on the fourth of July. But now we're actually starting one movie earlier. 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You cannot touch me imperial law now. Playing podcast is it exclusive trademark of in Gaza Media Inc and may not be used without the expressed written permission of in Gaza Media Inc. All rights reserved. What nine are up tensions? Are you in joining farmer? The vengeance further the benefits of a husband now playing is in Gaza Media Production Copyright Two thousand twenty and no part of the show may be reproduced re purposed or redistributed without the written permission of Gaza Media Inc all rights reserved for content. Keep them on the first time I ever saw Matthew Lillard who was playing serial killer in hackers and that has forever screen. Yeah Scream says hackers. No he was playing serial killer not US serial killer. He was playing a character named serial killer serial L. Oh you didn't watch skateboarding tapes for those who've been diesel trying to sell the mad ball but I do feel bad though that King Khan reed did go to the magical land of Florida to divorce the queen where the divorce lawyers are all in favor of the man and then he returned to the Kingdom of Eb Right Anderson. Yeah he moved he moved into Florida. Like let's go to move to Florida. Then he divorced her immediately but rather they were residents of Florida. He got to keep all the money. It's a no contest divorce St Ali. Strange that he's the king. It's strange that he it's all about him.

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