Crisis on Infinite Earths: Parts 1, 2 & 3


Yeah the world's will live live world's will die in the Arrow verse will never be the same. Hello again everyone. Welcome back to the Phantom Wendems- zone podcast on one of your co host. Charles skaggs back in the fan zone once again. Not Talking watchmen this time. We're GONNA take a little side aide detour for a little bit to talk about. Oh just this. Little event known as crisis on infinite earths the dixie. W Do air overs crossover joining me of course is my fellow Phantom Zone Co host Jesse Jackson and a low Charles ask you. I'm doing great your prices. I'm ready I am and because this is a crossover we couldn't just do it with Jesse N- myself we had to bring in somebody else to do a special crisis crossover so joining us all the way from Milan. It only once again actually for the very first time here in the Phantom Zone. I stand corrected DJ. Nick welcome to the Phantom Zone. PODCAST I well. Hey guys thanks so much yes indeed this is my back official baptism or risk if you will on the on the condom zone podcast. I'm I'm so so happy you know it's like I said to you guys whenever I get to talk few boats and do this stuff with you. It's like Hannukah Christmas and Kwanza Owning once. Thank you so so much for this early Hanukkah gift really appreciates that. Don't worry don't worry nick. Your Genitalia will remain intact. Once enough is enough. I'm sure I'm sure. Yeah you don't need anymore. snipped off so for those who don't know here the Phantom Zone podcast if you're if you're not familiar digi nick the host of the wonderful whiskey and cigarette show where where he talks about country music and also the host of the new happiness in darkness podcast where he talks comic book movies movies so he kind of does the movie version of what we do here on the fan zone podcast and of course does it far better than yours truly. That goes without saying right. So those I would I would tend to disagree Chaussbourg so As you can tell You know we've know nick for a little while. Now he's been kind enough to join us on Titan. Talk the titans podcast and of course on next up everywhere the doctor who podcast less than Bruce Bruce. He's done the Charles and Jessie try right. Well now it's now it's now it's because now he's here on the fan zone podcast so we'll just see figure out how to get him on ghost. Would somehow I think I think my opening opening theme should be. I've been everywhere you know hayward that was a great johnny cash version in my opinion so I love Janis version so yes all right see we even worked a little country music for you go all right all right so Yeah Crisis Earth. So we're going to talk about parts one two and three and so. This was the the first three episodes of the five part. Crossover the air just this week because here we are talking on a Thursday just two days after part three on the flash so so part one with supergirl Part two was bad woman. Part three was the flash rush. And you know I'm dying to get your thoughts on this before we get started though. I WANNA throw a quick question to both of you. Ah did either of you happen to re read crisis on infinite earth and the original. DC COMICS MAXI series by Barb Wolfman and George Perez before watching in the CW crossover. I did not. You did not nick. How about you indeed? I did yes I binged binge read it and I have to say it was one heck of a crazy read as it our listeners do not read it all in one set to in when syncing because you will start to lose touch with reality strange so I did read it and I loved re re reading it and for for those who have not read read it please please pick it up. It's amazing yeah. I reread par issues. One through eight. I didn't get through. I figure I could probably you know like Iran time but I figured I'd be okay because parts. Four and five are in January so as long as I read it before. Then I'll be good right so I definitely you wonder I. I had a feeling about the flash episodes so I made sure I read it through eight for the for the death of Barry Allen the flash in the comic book series stories and Apparently I was justified in doing so. So and she will as we'll talk about so guys early thoughts before we get started because I want to break this up into We'll break this down by episode by so we'll do we'll talk supergirl for a little while Al.. We talk for a while. And then what stock of course the flash so parts wants human three in that order understandably enough You know before we get started though. Jesse let's start with you What are your general thoughts about the first three episodes? I don't know if they could have done a better her job I truly don't I think that you know the And you know I really enjoyed enjoyed The their version of talking dead with Kevin Smith the crisis aftermath spell. Yeah I I really enjoyed that right and I I you know the Marku by right talked about if we if we came up with a hundred ideas and only do fifty of the cool ones we still had fifty call items and I just think everything about this has been a perfect it you you don't get a lot of a time with every character but the ones you do the time you get a really well done. I am so far very very happy with us. Good Nick how about you. What are your general reactions on on this? What we've seen so far? I would pretty much echo Jesse's feedings as compared to the previous two crosses of course which were not at this level. Should we say of all when it comes to doing. You know such a huge crossover rents i. I think we could almost equate it to the TD version of end of infinite infinity. War in an endgame. Because that's how big I think the scope wars fatigue and buying large. I thought it was incredible. It was amazing how they were able to balance everything so well like I said it was incredible Davis basis in depth but to be able to get everything to work properly and for the storyline to make sense and I think also I tried to see it somewhat it from the perspective of somebody who had no concept of what a comic book crossover is. What a big crossover event is like on the scale and I think they did a wonderful job? Also for the neophyte compared to somebody who like ourselves is used to a huge event in comics. Yeah I- echoing both your sentiments guys. you know obviously as you can tell by the decor behind me with all my big crisis hardcovers And Crisis Crossover hardcovers. I'm a huge crisis Geek. I've loved this story ever since it came out in one thousand nine hundred five thousand nine hundred six Obviously coming off of MARV Wolfman and George Perez is tremendous run on the new teen. Titans and you know Oh being a fan of their work and watch in reading this phenomenal event for DC fiftieth anniversary. Back in one thousand nine hundred five You know where for the first time. We saw the rebooting of a a major comics universe in their in their chronology energy and I know reboots have been commonplace especially in light of recent years but you know back in eighty five eighty six. This was something huge. This was this was a monumental event. We'd never seen anything like this. especially on this scale where every DC character just about was involved often this crossover even if it was just a cameo appearance like on some of the characters. Here in this era verse Crossover and so this. This is something I've always wanted to seon screen or you know. I thought it would have been great to see it in an animated form. You know like you know like an animated series or movie Because of the scale of it but you know you have to take what you can get so we get but thankfully we get at least five episodes of this crossover spanning of course all the the main. CW Air over shows news and featuring all the characters that we've known from the beginning all the way dating back to Stephen and Mel who essentially you know like the the Robert downey junior of the Arrow verse. Where where he you know? He founded that That modern Renaissance and and so so I have to take into consideration. Okay yes it's not what it daily what I would want. Not because hey you've got practical. TV LIMITATIONS YOU GOT TV budgets and you've got all these guest stars and you're already probably pushing things as it is so so obviously there had to be things that had to be sacrificed. So so I'm you know I try to keep that in perspective but given their limitations and and you know and given the way their continuity has gone in the air over so far. I think this is a phenomenal event. Absolutely so chauvel yes all right. So if you haven't heard of meat gushing about that enough All right so let's get started. Let's get into our first Episode Episode supergirl episode. Nine of the show's fifth season crisis and infinite earths part one aired on Sunday December eighth twenty nineteen tele play by Derek Simon and Jay. Farber a name that Jesse and I are familiar with the dating all the way back to Jay being a member of the original Titan Talk Amateur Press Association that we all belong to you back back in the nineties. Yeah always like and I've always been a little bit. Not a little bit very proud of the work. He's done he's he's done some great Comic Work I've really enjoyed that The couple times I've emailed him. He's been very nice at least pretending to remember who I was. And you know and I was just thrilled that He's very active on twitter. And it just seems it's like he's having a blast and this was it was just a great start. Yeah and you know yes I realize I'm outing him as a fan fiction writer from back in the nineties but obviously he's gone into the bigger and better things and I'm pretty sure he's okay with that. Housing turned out. I'm guessing directed by Jesse warn. Who is one of the regular directors on supergirl and obviously we had some notable guests stars? I mean in addition to all the main cast asked which is we could be here another half hour just reading that cast but I did want to mention the guest cast here. We had Erica. Durant's as super girl's mother mother allure Zora. who had been seen before? Obviously Burt Ward returning as Dick Grayson in a very great cameo. Robert Wall comes out of nowhere. Yes you reprise. Alexander Knox from the one thousand nine hundred eighty nine Batman. Yes which was immensely cool us. Were hoping for Michael Keaton. But you know you take what she can get and It was so cool to see Robert Wall And obviously with Jesse and I being host of the titans of Titan talk the titans podcast not the APP We were glad to see a quick cameo of Alan Richardson as Hawk and Karen Walters as the Second Robin. Yes from Earth. Nine as we find out titans on earth nine and we got to see Russel. Toby the as the Ray. You whom you may remember from the Crisis Unearth X.. Crossover yes not too long ago. A couple years ago so and yes don't forget. Yes the Bat Hound Ace the Bat because he agrees walking walking working as the bad house but he wasn't wearing his mask. No so he's he's so great said so he was in in his civilian the same way. Well that Dick is so. He wasn't eastbound. He was just eight. Okay Fair enough fair enough okay yes. I know semantics teasing now all right all right so so before we get talking about this. Let's let's talk really quickly about the cameos in this wine and nick. Let's start with you first on this one. Then we'll get to Jesse because I'm sure he's got a few thoughts. What is your take on the on the cameos that we got in this in this first episode? Well I was geeking out like old outdoors when it came to the cameos because recently the impact on happiness knotweed actually discussed Batman from eighty nine with John. Sarno common friend of Alice. Yes and and two zero but again you know after having recently re watched Batman and myself being a huge fan it I feel that was actually the very first bill. Might my parents took me two hours. Seven seven years old at the time we went to see it and it was just wonderful. I did not expect that and not to mention the Easter egg of him reading the newspaper with. He's the Batman from that movie and of course you hear the hint of the school from the film as well which is one of my favorite scene songs songs as as it together with Superman one by in blown away by that and of course who doesn't have a cameo by but woods. That was another wonderful wonderful way with the F. appearances well and what was great was they could have just thrown the these. These sort of appearances away not done so much for them but even even though she received would just had a few minutes on screen it was so poignant and so strong it was enough to be good fan service but at the same Anton it meant something. And that's what I very much appreciated the how this event is being handled so I was very just as happy as Larry when I saw. Oh these these these folks these folks that we'd known you know in previous incarnations in other shows movies and Jessie how about you. Yeah I you know Oh word had leaked out that there were going to be a lot of cameos and I think that was wisely done. I think that is a perfect way to get us. Excited But it was still great to see burt ward and him you know do one of his traditional title Holy Reds. You know Is just perfect I I made the joke that I I did not catch until afterwards that ace made a cameo I just said you know Burt Ward in real. Life does a dog food he has. He has a company that makes makes a very healthy dog food. And so I was like Oh look. They had him because of his work with a dog foods. They've got a dog and then afterwards words. I read someone you know as the town. I went the Ray was was a nice shot that To their err previous crossover seeing the titans just it did you. Did you expect that I kind China hoped that we'd get a little tightness right I also think it's a little fun to see the earth number and do the kind of. Oh what's its earth. Sixty six because it was Batmans sixty-six. Yes you know. Yeah that's the reason that there is a little Easter egg in those earth numbers. Yes I like kind of puzzled. By what the Earth nine is. I didn't either But a lot of them you were able to get at it. It just was a really way to set the table And I also I I don't know if this is a complaint or compliment so it's kind of both it. It didn't feel like a supervisor girl episode. It didn't feel like a bad woman episode. It didn't feel like a flash episode. It it just I felt like this unique thing. even though I guess you actually were part of that like that. The you know the show runners and their the riders and the crew. It was for each of them. Because you when you read a little bit behind the scenes about how welcoming each cast was and all that stuff so so I just think he was awesome. Great Start. Yeah I mean yeah. 'cause they use a lot of the for each episode they use their writers their their directors directors and a lot of ways and it seems like they have a a little bit of a Emphasis more than the others others like the Super Bowl episode had a little bit more to do with the supergirl Setting in the bat woman episode had that woman setting a little bit and then released the Batman setting and then the flash obviously had more of a flash setting for for as far as screen time goes but But I love all the cameos. I love the fact that they weren't intrusive. I love the fact that you know they do. The convince Cameos at the beginning. Kind of get things out like just kind of gets you pumped trumped up a little bit and you know it kind of heightens. Things makes things more exciting. So that when you're then they dive right into the story or back into the story. In later episodes I think it just raises the enthusiasm level. It's almost kind of like a and yes it is kind of like is fan service but so what I mean because because you know why not I mean this is. This is a huge event. You're rewarding everybody just like marvel did when with infinity entity war and you know and and End Game where you have all these characters and you're rewarding the your audience for you're staying with you all those years and watching all those movies and spending all that money so on their on their merchandise and whatnot and so. DC's they get their chance to do that here with with the With the errors and so why not have fun with it. Exactly exactly. I mean I intend to win. Lower was actually saying you know the Fan Service Charles. Unfortunately now you know the would find service has now derogatory connotations behind would say it's fan service in in the in the positive sense as in. You're doing it as almost almost present to the fans. It's like here's what you get you know for being subpoenaed for sticking with US throughout these years. This is all kind of thank you to you as fats. And when you do casting right That is a nod to the past In in most cases they're actually good actors to begin with so why not give this You know that that chance is that you know. How cool is it? Originally when Helen Slater played you know cares adopted. Mom Right You know because She's a good actress. And you you want that connection. So I agree. SMALLMAN SMALLVILLE had that did that as well. You know the reference to Lois and Clark actors and supergirl You know and so it's just. It's this kind of traditional Lois and Clark even had like adventures of Superman actors. There's and Superman the movie actors on. Yes so it's it's it's a nice tradition. That's been started. And it's a great way for like an especially in the case of burt ward to bring everything full circle all the way back to the one thousand nine hundred sixty six Batman TV show well and we're going to talk about at this when we get to episode to episode three right Two different actors have said in interviews. Who's they were so happy they got endings right and so we'll talk about that? Yes spoilers you know. We'll definitely definitely talk about that for part three. I'm yeah absolutely. Yeah because remember. Remember who you're talking to hear absolutely so we're GONNA talk about Mr John Wesley Shipp. Don't you worry again and I and I and I you know I mean to a little bit the paragon are the macguffin. We gotta have this but I think it worked. Well I think there. There's a little bit of mystery. I like the interactions of the team. Back and forth It was just really good. Yeah and everyone got a chance to shine. So let's really quickly. Let's talk about some of the the the events that took place in this first episode highlights After stir of course you know the Cameos We see This horrible sequence of events where Argo city is being threatened in by the antimatter wave. And there's a great echoing of where you have Lois and Clark who are have relocated there under that Red Sun and so that they could raise their son Jonathan You know the and they have to put him in an escape pod. Echoing all the way back to Superman's origin. Where Jor El and Lara? Put Cal in that pot. So here's cal l after you know. His parents did that to him. Sending him to birth to escape crept destruction. Now he has to do it to his own son. So Jesse so well done Jesse what did you think of that. I I it. Watching I did and I liked it because It yes it's on the nose. Guess they're hitting you over the head. Hey look remember how cal was sent now than he's having to do the same the thing And then I you know I I love the fact that they told us. Afterwards that the dialogue was almost directly from Marlon Brando. Superman moves yes And that was great I was really It was touching being in. DC that I liked it a lot and I was it. It felt right. It felt right that this this hero. you know. We do this for his own. Son was absolutely yes. And because of obviously Lois and Clark one it would obviously sacrifice themselves for Jonathan. Because that's who they are and yet how about nick how about you. What do you make of that sequence? You what I I love the fact that this coal back to of course the superman origins being a huge man by myself my only only criticism was I would have expected a few MOATS. Here's from Elizabeth to lock and Tyler coach. Linda's case because you're sending away your only son and they seemed upset about it but I would. I thought they would have been more heartbroken. Because you know this is your own flesh and blood. So would've expected just a little bit more a little bit more emoting on that thousand thousand that I absolutely loved it. I mean I'm a huge fan of visible because I was a huge big follower of the TV series Grimm Leach. I didn't know I didn't realize that. Okay Yeah Okay and she ended up marrying her co lead in real life. Yeah so yes. She was amazing and grim. And I'm so thrilled that they brought her into this verse today I didn't know that that's cool. All right yeah. The I agree nick. I think that there should have been a little bit more emotion for that scene. Especially you know I thought that Tyler Heck. Lynn should've just had this hort. Like look of horror on his face when he making that decision like realizing that. And and you know I don't know if it's more him or if it was the director Jesse warn but yeah I would. I would pump that for a little bit more emotion but otherwise I thought it was amazing. That was that was my because it's a minor gray but I think it's fair one. It is yeah I think it could could have been played barry especially after John Wesley ships exit And how more effective. I think that was more because yes because the. CW has often done heart tugging scenes so you think they would play. Would milk list like there was no tomorrow right. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I totally agree all right. We see harbinger now Lyla michaels. WHO's been on era for quite a while? Now she's rocking the harbinger costume and powers and she's gathering all the various heroes for the Monitor and she brings them to. Do on Earth thirty eight. Because hey it's the supergirl episode. So what better place for a headquarters right and and you start seeing quantum towers or as you know. We used to call him back in the day. The giant tuning forks that was routing up out of the ground. You know these little devices the monitor so so so nick what what did it mean to you to Kinda see those iconic crisis characters and artifacts coming to life. Well when Audrey Mary Anderson said I'm Harbinger I was like no way you know just like Oh my God so happy about it and I was fist bumping and everything else it was wonderful and we got the towers it was straight out of the Comex and you know having recently read the comic version again as we mentioned the fact that the seeing those I think it was anybody who's read the comics must've just had a field of so happy to see that You know because this was yes there you go exactly and I was almost. I hope I know it might be a long shot but I hope that later down the line they it might hint about the concept of metal because of course we know that. That's what the NATO So. I hope they do that. I really do. Because maybe they'll say the the Dark Knight Metal Crossover. They might do for sure but other than that. I was a super super happy about it and I just couldn't wait great to see more of this because I thought they are on the right track. This is going the way I hoped it would go and so young definitely no complaints and plus love Audrey Audrey Marianne Marie whenever she's onscreen and just just see what your thoughts a-. I'm exactly the same place. I was very happy That that we had this You know this chance to see this It there there. It appears they're doing everything right right so I was really happy with this right. Yeah yeah I I feel the same way you know if the just to see the you you know the fact that they did the the Quantum Tower or the quantum towers accurately. And you know any look John F. just as is like exactly like you want them to not just some device cooked up like a little miniature version star labs somewhere. I was very happy about that and I've been a lot of fans especially myself. You know they knew that. LYLA MICHAELS was the real name of harbinger from crisis in the comics. So you know. We've been kind of waiting sitting around for years like well. She got to become harbinger. And here. It is we are at the crisis crossover. And she's harbinger. So I'm really glad they went there. It means a lot worse because hey she's an established character. It's not just somebody so it's like it makes perfect sense all right so another big moment was when As the heroes are preparing to defend the tower Oliver gives his daughter Mia smoke oke her own green Arrow suit before talking to berry. And so so we had a kind of a passing of the torch moments with giving Was it here Catherine what's her name. I'm blanking under name McNamara. Yeah Oh Nick Damara okay tomorrow all right all right I stand corrected McNamara. Thank you so Giving her green Arrow suit because hey she's getting her own spinoff green Arrow in the canaries. So perfect timing right so yeah so I I love the fact that you know hey just like crisis kind of spawned new. Heroes during the crossover you know heroes like the second wildcat you'll end up bond says or the female doctor lights or or others This crisis is doing the same thing. Yes so so Jesse. Let's start with you. What what are your thoughts on that? That passing the torch moment so I really loved. I enjoy Wade. The future kind of story line that they've had all year with And so I love the idea of giving the suit and and Seeing a male is playing this very almost like this world weary person like yeah you know I I. I know that there's a lot going on here and so I really liked it. I was very happy with it and Just everything they perked was perfect. Yeah you think about all the stuff that he's done Aro- in you know the the five years on the end you and traveling across the world. It wasn't that he wasn't just on the end. You as we found out right Arrow me. He's just probably a little burned out by this point and he's ready to He he wants to give everything up and get back with with Felicity well what I'm taking is. He knows knows he's supposed to die. Okay so that is. He knows he can't change that he's putting things in order before he leaves. Yes Taksin. That's how I looked at that. That's that's the weariness I saw is that And and yeah. He's trying to get his affairs in order. So that when this happens because you know if you remember they had the great episode where they kept doing doing You know groundhog day. Which I love that idea that that is now a shorthand? If you're in any show you go. We're doing groundhog okay. Oh okay now I understand the But with quit right just kept. He couldn't save him. Yeah and I which was a great great use of him coming back to For this final season so I I was really happy I also loved kind of jumping ahead the surprise of killing Green Arrow that early. It's like Oh wait a minute I was. I was GONNA bring that up next but if you want to talk about it go ahead. Well you've one of the things that has made crisis stand the test of time versus. Some of the other books that have used that term is is. This was consequences that lasted for years. Berry Allen died yes resort whilst by wild west Flash for the you know like next yes Until two thousand eleven carrizo L.. died read there was no supergirl. I mean you know brainiac five. You know mourned her and this stuff. They're the you know all of a sudden The Google Earth One on earth to only existed in one universe so the Justice Society lose to the Justice League. They weren't two different. You know that happened and that stayed for years so I like the idea that they're you you know. Hey we've killed one of our league characters. We said we're going to do it. And guess what doing it right away. So I was very happy with non act. Were you shocked at the quickly. A little bit. But it was As they say it was a good death you know him doing what he had to do. And I thought that was a great death scene where you know. He's talking to his daughter so that was just really well done okay. Let's get nick on this. So Nick what were your thoughts on on the passing of the torch and Oliver's death scene. Well if you Stephen Katherine Katherine McNamara have a Great Chemistry and they definitely work that father daughter relationship super super well and I'm really looking forward to seeing what will happen to this upcoming Arrow series which way apparently Katherine McNamara will be leading the team as it were and you know when you do get those very intimate. Let's talks new passing the torch you kind of feeding that. Something's GonNa Happen Pretty soon because if you know. TV or movies have taught me anything. Think it's when that moment happens you know something's going to go wrong and and it's a yoga at all you know he's just he's just saying this because he has to say and he's passing on the towards was he asked to but you like being something's GonNa go horribly wrong by the end of the episode and you know and did we talk about a great way of going out. As with the character. We talked recently redone. The titans season to recap talked about cheap deaths with Donna Troy completely the opposite here because it came full circle the characters incredibly well served though the same time I I can say maybe a little bit of pretension that I had a feeding we don with Stephen a male just yet but at least as far as the you know the as appearances throughout the throughout the the Corso but it was beautiful here. And here's the case of great emoting. Because this was tugging at your heartstrings and you could feel that the two actors were really invested in the moment and I absolutely I love that. Yeah I was a little surprised that they did this thing that you know. They killed off Oliver soon. But then you know in in in very next episode in in Partout and Bat woman there are already trying to resurrect him so yeah so any sense of loss is quickly written off because Oh hey they're trying to bring Oliver back already so it so it wasn't as emotional. I don't think as it could have been but but especially in a but maybe we're gonNA get a stronger death scene maybe in part five. Perhaps it'd be or or if you take an account will hey they still have four episodes of Arrow laughed before that show signs off. So what if they kill them off how they get through the next four episodes. I guess we'll see but thank you. And the father A Children's theme obviously is pervasive throughout this crossover. Because of course you have this case and of course you have when he comes in multiple coastal Black lightning with his his family backgrounds and so there is a lot of parental situations going on and I think that sexual beautiful theme which carries on and throughout the series as well. I think so all right now Really quickly because we're obviously going to running on time here so Does Zebedee have like one or two favorite lines from the episode. They WANNA share. Yeah it's not no worries it. Yeah I know I kind of have mine altogether so yeah so. I've nothing big in the first. Would you have any. Yeah I mean I just. I've got a few just a couple of really quick I like Sarah Lance to Rape Palmer. where she's saying you know? What after their trivia tonight loss well? Congratulations you changed. History and lost US Trivia night. I thought that was very funny. Good time travel joke Like Superman with Oliver Queen. We know this is the tyler. Heckman Superman Where he's saying I'm going after him referring to Jonathan Jonathan and Oliver Says Clark can't and superman replies. Those are two words. I'm not used to hearing in my silent. Needs me. Yeah that was well done all right Ratings Jessie. What's your rating for this one? So I'M GONNA give it part one. Yeah part one. You know I'm GONNA give it nine out of ten Rockets sent from Argo city tonight. Nick how about you. I'm on the same page with Jesse I'm going to give it nine over ten red skies. Nice I was I was Kinda stole my but I have a little bit the very ation on that one. So I think we're on agreement on this one I give it nine out of ten holy Crimson skies of death. Nice Nice well done good for you or all right absolutely. That was because that was epic epic. Line all right. Let's move on part to The ninth episode of that Woman Season One crisis part two which aired the following day on December nine twenty nine thousand nine written by Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson Anderson directed by Laura Belsey so we have some writers and directors from The Bat Woman TV series and this one we have guest appearances once again and by Erica. Durant's but this time is the earth 167 lowest lane as we know from Smallville and we had the amazing appearance of Kevin Conroy. As Bruce Wayne from Earth Ninety nine. So how was it. Just to hear Kevin Conroy as Batman Batman Jonathan Check reprises Jonah Hex but this time from Earth Eighteen Tom of course as Clark Kent from Earth One sixty seven. In the SMALLVILLE earth I guess and we had the voice of Wentworth Miller doing the voice of the Leonard. Ai As an in an apparently artificial intelligence based off of his captain cold character. And that's from Earth seventy four a a version where the legends retired. I guess so So any any thoughts from either view on these guest stars before before we get into Topics go ahead. Jesse I you know The fact in an interview Tom Welling it said well. Okay you wrote a scene that I can't say no to And it is just it was perfect. It just truly was and to have Kevin Conroy. Who is who to to? Many people is the voice of Batman. A defendant BENEFA- yeah yeah to have him be able to play it on screen and to play a kind of you know calm version yes. Damaged is just gives him a lot of fun to do It was just really really great to see and It I felt like they step their game up in the second episode sewed which was hard to do because we were all gushing about how good the first one was. Yeah exactly and nick any general thoughts about cameos. Well I. I was a huge fan of smallville growing up so I was super happy to see Tom. Welling again my has the guy gotten big. I was like wow what you humanity is amazing. Met Him I met him in person. Recently here Columbus for was a real Columbus and yeah dude is Jack's I was like. Wow you know so I was blown away by that. He was one of the CMO again. And of course being a huge fan of Batman the animated series and also so the all come video games which also voiced by Kevin Conroy. I was super super happy to see him. It was interesting. The version of Bruce Wayne they gave him in this particular episode but it was one of the here is for his voice just beautiful why. NBA Voice so so much. Join Buddy yes we. Yeah I think we would all love that voice just if nothing else just to just how intimidating and the authoritative it is yes. It's fantastic. I mean you think that man my old repeat saying that voice granted it was. It was funny when we were you know if you watch the crisis aftermath aftermath specials where where he was asked to read lines in in the Batman Voice and that was pretty funny but yeah it was it was very good sport about it. He was on Kevin. Smith's podcast earlier Several years ago and he told the story that right after nine eleven Everyone was wanting to do something and He went there and someone said well. What we really need is like like can you cook? And he's like. Hey I'm an actor I've slot so he was in the back cooking eggs and doing everything and so The story as he tells it is Someone's like you know who's cooking breakfast. Who Batman the Ha- get Outta here and he said while scrambling eggs? I am night. I am the Vince iceman. Yeah and just this music nick. I just think that is so amazing that you know. Here's these first responders tired and to think that you know Batman is cooking cooking. Their eggs was a great story. That's amazing indeed. So yeah it was wonderful to see these. These folks will have to be on this. I would have been even happier if vite seeing my friend. John Schneider there as well but I suppose you know yeah well remember. He was killed off so exactly exactly in fact I I remember that so I said okay. Why why was he? Maybe he should've been on Lianne you you know if you had if you had oliver going there and you had the specter showing up up Jonathan Kent while you're at it in exactly me bogus. It's it's it's it's just meal loving John for what he does just means a great guy that he isn't just you know I know how much he loves mobile in how much into him so it was like. Oh It's a shame that you can give you anything to do in this crossover but other than that. I was super super the happy with this for sure. Yeah I think I've talked. We've talked about that nick that You know he's my favorite. Jonathan can't shoot to tell him that the way we appreciate yeah he was amazing he was perfect. Yeah he's he's he's Jonathan. Kent you want you know. And and in in just to throw Kevin Costner. I'm throwing a little more. You know love on Smallville I I always look at Smallville. And then I look at the The Star Wars You know officially early Middle Trilogy but the trilogy that supposedly it's going I the Darth vader saga and. I never felt as much as I did. I wanted lex luther to be good. I mean Smallville and his role the way they played that and they wrote that you kept wanting to believe you didn't want him to go down that dark path. And so to see smallville treated with such respect and such love of I you know I'm a little glimpse I gotTa Tell You. I got a little misty here in the eyes but you know if you noticed they said that lex becomes president. Yes so So we did go down that dark time. Line that that the prophesized or whatever rate line yes so yeah. And he's he's probably like probably getting impeached right now just all right So this this episode is notable because because this is where they bring in the kind of bringing the legends of tomorrow into the story line You know we get the introduction of the paragon concept up so that we find out supergirl is the paragon of hope and White Canary Sara Lance is the paragon of destiny. And apparently. There's two more in the book you know we find out. There's like another Clark Kent somewhere who has lost more than any man should be the paragon truth while there is like and there's also paragon of courage if you go visit Bruce Wayne on earth ninety nine and Obviously that turns out to be bat woman so we can and Let's see so We have a mentioned that felicity smoke has something called the Tome of the Guardians. And I'm wondering wondering if that's going to come into play later in the in the series in parts foreign five of the Monitor Saves lex Luther speaking the of lex Luther and brought him along just to basically caused trouble with the reasoning. Oh he has has a part to play and it's like well could he have done that. You know or somebody else to play that part. Maybe why did he get luther. But but okay I guess he did choose from heroes and villains in comics. I guess all right So so Obviously just reeling off the death of Oliver. They come up with a plan. Hey let's track down a Lazarus pit only to find out that thea destroyed them all on earth one so we have to kind of go elsewhere to Others where there's still some Lazarus pits that the hasn't gotten to yet to bring Oliver back. And we have Irish mission joining Lois and Clark in finding the Crypt Tony. In which of course turns out to be Brandon routh as the Earth Ninety six superman in honor of course of his Starring in Superman returns which came out of course in one thousand nine hundred six. So so what was everybody's reaction to Brandon routh donning the superman costume once again and I know I keep pretty hard about it. I'm sure Jesse did to suggest. What are your thoughts really quick? Yeah I was really happy. I did not have I mean I think when you pull pull apart almost any movie and especially DC movies you can you can. You can find it lacking but I remember Britain time enjoying that movie and really liking. How he played Superman and Clark and This was he was right there you know. He was very different than Ray Yeah and which you should be You know that's that's the that's the skills and actor that he's able to make characters distinctive. Yeah and and I love seeing the two Superman Dan in Iraq and you know nice glasses and kind of feeling back and forth and and him despite all the losses the idea and He still optimistic and I think that's one of the things. Tyler brings to the role to who is he. He appears he's having fun. Yes he superman and yes. He takes his responsibility seriously. But when he's guest starred on supergirl he he's he's having fun and so I like that even though and it was a great fight scene gene I just loved everything about that. That was great. Yeah I know I love the fact that you're like you said he was optimistic and I was glad that he obviously didn't go down. Earth Ninety six. Go down the road of Earth Ninety nine Batman so I liked that a lot Nick what about you. What did you make of brain? Ralph Returning Superman. I have to say I cannot wait for somebody to choose. Superman returns on happiness dot. DOC discuss it because I really want to go back and watch IT I. I was so tempted to do it before watching this but I said to myself I'M GONNA hold put it on hold to somebody chooses it so I can watch it again because I do have very fond memories of that movie and definitely produce to brand new route Doing such a great job of distinguish himself between Rape Eh and this superman and I think the interaction as Jesse was saying between the two Superman was wonderful. I thought you know as as a fan of Dr who it made me smile because it made me think of the crosser events of the day of the doctor when you have the Pentagon after losses on that. Yeah Yeah and so I had that in my head you know that was. I am sure you guys did sue so I felt that was that was brin and only know it was. I just love Brandon Ralph Through from both on legends on in Superman written so it was it was just splendid spending stuff and I'm so glad that they gave him this ro and they The fact that you had played the man of steel previously. Yeah I've always felt. That brand out is a very underrated superman. I agree because Superman returns wasn't as good as we would've liked. I don't think I think Brandon routh should be held in higher regard word because I thought he did phenomenal job in that movie. You know especially you know echoing. Christopher Reeve without trying to do an imitation tation for process so I liked that a lot. the other big thing obviously in this is where Kate and Kara go-to Earth Ninety nine and they encounter Bruce Wayne only. It's not the Bruce Wayne we were hoping for and It's the Jesse said it's kind of like the kingdom come version where he's wearing the exoskeleton suit from kingdom come but but it's not the kingdom come personality per se. It's more this way this we find out that This is bruce that has gone over. The edge has has taken up killing and had to be stopped by Superman. They have big throwdown where that Earth's Batman Killed Superman but in the process S. became horribly crippled in the process. So Nick. Let's start with you because I know you're a huge Batman Geek What is your reaction to Kevin Conroy? Playing this particular Batman it was a very inter- I it was very interesting. They gave him this kind kind of Batman to play because obviously in Batman the animated series and Video Games. He is very much you'll straight classic Batman and to give him. Shall we say this salads almost hired version of a character very similar to a certain extent to Dark Knight returns. That's that's what I had in mind especially when we found out that he killed superman. I kind of had the tendency my mind when I saw that. And but it was a huge shocker. At the same time I I say once again I say Kudos to the writers forgiving the this because you think to yourself okay. This is a guy who is pretty much crippled. What's he what function will he play? Within the the grand scheme of things is he going to be the calculating mind. Because you know of course. The Batman is a genius so it could have played that role on the team when you find out that he's not exactly your friendly neighborhood Batman as it were. He's kind of a totally. The opposite I was I was shocked I was I was genuinely shocked at that but I think having Conradi that wonderful wonderful job and being used to just hearing his voice back she seem physically acting. I was just so so happy I absolutely love. I think Ruby rose Who I was on the fence about I on the bat woman series has really grown into the role that she did and she did a wonderful job in Banja with breath? Karen Koehler Roy. So congratulations to both Ruby. Anza Kevin for sure in the in the scenes they had together. Yeah that was You know with with bat woman. It almost almost felt like that was a turning point for her where she's able to see the road that she could go down and maybe has to kind of reevaluate. Anyway things a little bit so we'll see where that leads her and Jessie what what. What are your thoughts about About that woman and Super Meeting this particular Batman well what I loved is they. They didn't they they went all in You know you. We didn't have a redemption Ark with this version of Bruce Wayne he he was He thought he did the right thing. He was Convinced even in his death you know and I liked that. I liked that a lot that you know they because this earth breath you know right. This place has been so damaged so I I loved that the way they did that and show that And we've already talked about it with so great to see you know him under. He's got a suit underneath the EXO skeleton and someone showed a picture sure of kingdom come Bruce wars suit underneath the skeleton and it was just really nice. Done seeing the Fox guy. You Know Vox Lucius Fox. You know kind of trying to have to provide them. I mean well. Actually it's Luke Fox. I'm sorry it's because Lucas Lucius Sun on and I like the idea that supergirl Oh and bat woman right kate. And Kara are bonding and I see you know that's a really really nice Extra thing that we hope we can see in the future i. I liked that their version of the world's finest for US old time comics. Yeah that was. That was something that was kind of introduced in else world a little bit that world because you know where they shake hands and then you know Guggenheim on the on. The crisis aftermath special talked talked about how there would be a relationship to kinda replace. The you know the Stephen Mel Grant Gust in you know Oliver Queen Barry Allen Relationship and obviously I think this is it. I think this especially once if if what I think happens and everybody ends up on the same earth by the time of part five. Yeah Going forward you that they'll be able to see each other interact more often and so So the because essentially that's kind of like yeah the CW version of the Superman Batman relationship the world's finest relationship hip and Only this time obviously with a feminine. Twist and I'm okay with I'm perfectly okay with that all right and so there's some other things and now we need to get moving Just really quickly I'm GonNa hit the highlights you know like we had Constantine showing up again in so I was very happy about that being constant you know. Hey did constantly podcast back in the day so of course. I'm going to be geeked about that Heatwave they've babysitting Jonathan was awesome. I loved him reading the book. And I I love that continuing subplot that he's actually a romance. That's right writer. And people love him then even either this alternate earth version is. Yeah does that. Yeah I think it was pretty funny and go ahead and of course the big cliffhanger where we get to see at long last a live action version of the Anti Monitor sure. Yes so quick thoughts about that before we get into Quotes I was very happy with the way they did it because I think if they took it directly from the comics might have seen cheese. It works on the printed page but it might not have worked in live action so Israeli happy the way they did and just anything else from you about that. No I just. It was great to see and You know once again. They're they're rolling along telling great stories young. All right Jessi anecdotes about this episode So yeah couple go for it so The quick one. Yeah when Ray Palmer goes love your suit if you want. I could probably give it upgrade and cake visit how attached you are to your hand and Very Hummer's pretty attached and I would quote if I could. Yeah the whole Clark. Can't LEX Luthor Lois Lane. That's smallville scene is almost perfect but I just did. The End. Were ARACA grants. which is one of my favorite Lois? Lane's she is just amazing she is You know Hey was somebody here re talking talking to the cows again and car. That was lex luther from another earth. Apparently the multi versus ending and Lois ha ha smallville. You made a funny. It's taking you about a decade but you'll get the hang of it and Clark What the girls make a mess? You see they can't wait for you to see it. Oh that sounds like a job for for us and I just I. I'm not it is it is it is it is giving us because yeah we found out they had two girls. How great is that? Yeah and he never wanted to be superman you know he the blur he always wanted this and so you can see that you know he. He had a good life but he chose to go with the woman he loved and the raise kids on his his family farm in. That's just perfect. I'm still a little suspicious about whether we'll see him suit up and impart five with. I'm hoping so. I'm I'm hoping because you know you know with everybody blinking out of existence. I'm hoping that even though they gave Clark this ending. But I'm hoping we get a little bit more. I'm hoping that'll be a special surprise. Fingers crossed okay. All right I I have no knowledge at all. I'm just fingers crisscrossing on this. One of my favorite quotes Really quickly harbinger. where she saying? Come with me Mick Rory and I promise you'll have plenty of beards drink and stories to tell the multi-diverse needs saving and its heroes need a ship and heat wave replies. You had me beer. I love that. Yes cain Bruce Wayne where she says to Bruce well I'm not her her and Bruce says I'm an I'm not an old man held together with wire and metal and kate replies fine. You're a broken pissed old hermit waiting to die in this eleven eleven bedroom. Seven bath coffin. But apparently you're needed. I am giving you the chance to be a hero again and not just Gotham the whole damn universe. It was great and then of course. Kate's line lex Luther. Kind of a Dick Yes enjoyed that quite a bit nick. Any quotes you liked. No no I'm good. I'm all right all right I do have one more okay. Go ahead when Lois is trying to convince Clarke. You know that after he's been taken over and I'm just going to give the thing they would want the she talks about Perry and Jimmy Olsen and she goes they would want your memories of them to lift you up not drive you to darkness. That's the truth Clark. And the truth means everything to you. Remember who you are and I went cast. That's that's Superman. Dan and that. That's Louis Lane. Being to a different Clark can a different superman. What she is? I thought that was a really really great. Seen all all right so Nicholas Start with you. What you're waiting for this one? I'm going to give this also nine hundred ten on smoked cigarettes. Okay Oh nice because of constantly you said that that was a great line about the smoke break. No it's part of the thing is. I'm sorry I'm going to send a mentally. I have to go a ten out of ten Really you know wood chopping scenes. Okay yeah I I just I just thought this was as close the perfect as you can be all right well. Apparently I'm the odd man out on this one because this is actually my least favorite of the three episodes. Wow so I'm giving in an eight point five paragon detectors okay because I was a little disappointed. That we got Kevin Conroy. But we didn't get get him as a more traditional Batman. Feels like kind of a waste to me. I mean it was great. It was great to see him. But It was a little disappointing and it was also disappointing that get at least at this point in the game so I may have to revise my rating later on that. We didn't get to see Tom Welling. And in the suit okay fair enough so I. I would have been disappointed if we had gotten a traditional Batman man. I thought this was a nice twist to give us though Yeah so I mean I was expecting more of like the older Batman beyond Bruce Swayne right kind of Kevin Conroy voiced in Batman beyond the NFL. Yes so I would. I would have been happy with something like that but instead hey we got this. You know the broken down Murdering Bruce Wayne so a little bit of a disappointment for me. And that's just my opinion. I I don't I respect everybody else's view absolutely due to you too all right all right so moving on par three the ninth. The episode of the flashes sex sixth season car to believe that the flashes on six seasons already crisis an infant earth part three air the following day of course on on December tenth two thousand eighteen. Tell the play. by Laurence Sertow in sterling gates. Who is a great writer on supergirl? Who's been phenomenal on the flash? He's written some of the greater. funnier episodes like He's done a lot with elongated man and he's one of the flashes better writers at the moment tricked by David mcwhirter and Obviously big guest stars John. Wesley Shipp as the Earth. Ninety flash whom we last saw in the world's crossover and I was very glad that that wasn't the last time he got to see him in the suit. Because why are you gonNa make a suit like that. And then we have him in a couple of scenes absolutely so exact so thankfully got him back. And I was very happy that cress Williams got brought in as black lightning and in and if you notice if you watch the black lightning episode. It's almost like you know like one of those crisis crossovers from back in the in the original eighties. Where exactly where it was like a tie in issue you like it wasn't directly part of the story and it was it related to it and so really if you you didn't watch the black lightning episode? I really recommend going back and doing that absolutely absolutely so I want to just point that out One of the cool cameras I really enjoyed in addition obviously to John Wesley. SHIPP Ashley Scott. Back as the huntress on earth two. Oh three and not two thousand three. The year. That birds of prey was on on the air which only lasted for thirteen episodes? And we also got the voice of Dina Meyer as the voice of Oracle. So how cool was that and We got to see Stephen. Lobo is Jim Corrigan. The Specter although not quite the specter here Got a nice. Little flashback to Amanda pays as Tina McGee as we got to see some footage from the original flash TV show from back in the nineties so it was very eric cool to see that all clip again and of course one of the big the biggest and best cameo so far Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar. Earning Star Yeah straight from the Lucifer series. This is someone that If they had not brought him in you would've love like you would have understood him not being there but how cool was it that they brought in Lucifer and of course he's on earth six six six and and if you see afterwards on twitter there's this whole thing where they're talking about he they wanted to keep it a secret he he you know He. He lied about being over there up in Canada for a friend's birthday party I you know you're too. You're too good good. Yeah deducing this It was really really cool to see him. the the the banter back and forth It just it obeyed me smile that they and you wonder there's whoever the creative people are are making decisions out of love love of the fans and stories not their pocketbooks because And I guess maybe because Warner Brothers is the big umbrella but you know these Sir all different networks and working this out and they're just like you know what had to be rea- yeah difficult. Yeah it was. Because he was a Fox show that ended up on net flicks. Yes and but it wasn't warner brothers productions so I'm sure that helped and and of of course Lucifer's owned by DC comics that helps but yeah you know. They're they get soap. For whatever. Reason brothers gets way too possessive especially especially the volving Batman out their characters and so. I'm hoping you know things events like these that I'm hoping in kind of make cracks in that that that Blah that wall that keeps the things from charing back and forth. North freely. Like marvel does so Several years this last I'm GonNa do name-dropping now apologized. It is yeah. This last Labor Day I met Chris Williams at Dragon Con and very wonderful guy. We had a great discussion It'd be a Nice Nice Guy Y'all really and then two or three years ago. All three leads from the birds of Prey Red Dragon Khan and I was able to talk to all of Tom Did a sketch of them. As civilians playing with action figures of each of their characters and all of them said we were just too soon. y'All a gift. This show had been like ten years later this we would still be doing that show and and I agree very well well to be fair the actors that play Dinah on birds of prey. She's still doing it because hey she's playing Allah sombat woman and right now. It's Rachel Scars Radiation. Yeah yes But I was so happy to hear diners. Voice of is able to see Ashley. Scott Scott it was just so cool that was I loved that show. I you know it was so much. Potential will end in a lot of fun. And and what about you what are you. What are your thoughts on the cameos? This time I was you know what as I remember Jesse sharing this story on Titan. Talk right before the three of us you know actually became friends and started doing this stuff together. I was listening. Thank you guys. I remember one particular episode. Jesse shared this anecdotes on the podcast. And when I saw you know the the cameo I thought to myself I have a feeling of being somewhere down in Texas. Mr Jesse Jackson is smiling to himself. Got It so so you you are On my mind that Jesse when that happens and I was actually know personally super happy for you because I remember when you shed and just the way you express that how much you love that show and how much that's and that's me that moments of meeting these these celebrities meant to you so I was personally very happy for you when I sold back so glad that they did that. You know as it. That's my man Jesse. You survey happy about that. Welcome and I saw the. I just absolutely love this an as you were saying chose yes. I think you know the concept the titans even when it came to reading comex. Yeah I would. I was the kids that would read over the titans as well and I think that the black lightning episodes is essential official. Right there with you. They're all here. Yes to appreciate the third episode. Because there's so much backstory that you know you actually see. The red skies is in the Free Linda's well and then you know black lightning disappearing and such. I'm a huge fan of the black lightning series so I was super happy actually invoked. It's I Lucifer I was like what is going on here they actually brew Lucifer in and so the band between Matt Ryan and Lucifer was incredible edible and I I absolutely loved it from start to finish resist amazing amazing stuff yeah. Obviously I'm a huge vertigo guy so so even though vertigo the DC closed the doors on Vertigo. This year It was. How great was it to see to vertigo characters? Here's interacting on live action TV for the very first time you know like we show like You know from different you know comics or whatever 'cause you know you had John Constantly Meeting Lucifer Morningstar and I have to wonder if Neil game was watching that because he's written for both characters I and Just it was so great and they're so natural because you know John being the help laser and this is for you know obviously being from come hell the devil so it it makes perfect sense to how these to interact and I know it was nice that the we gotta acknowledgement that well apparently elite Constantine Oedema debts or or sorry loose for old Constantina debt Because of something involving Mazza keen and and and I love Lucifer kind of jibing. Constantine about his name because there's some like a lot of British the people that feel that well Giancana needs to be called John. Constant is so So that was a nice little in joke for fans you know now. I just mentioned that Charles because apparently when he wrote. It's Alan Moore went on record saying it was pronounced. Constantine something might've been a hindrance. Maybe it could have been you know it could have been but but it's obviously been it was established on the NBC series. You know oh absolutely they. They went with Constantine. So that's how they said Constantine Myself Yeah I did too so so I was okay with it but You know obviously I think a lot of people feel differently so so I think that's maybe a little shoutout to to fans who kind of took issue with the way it's pronounced but absolutely yeah and of course you know hey we also got the specter thrown in so we actually Kinda got three supernatural characters in this one pretty cool pretty cool and we know how much big rove the specter plays in the comex prices and I wonder you know How Jordan ended up being a version of the specter? I wonder if that's what they're going to do with Oliver. I just I was just going to mention that you you. You're you're right ahead of me Jesse. He has always. Yeah Yeah I think I think because they obviously you know with they had Jim Corrigan Talk to Oliver. You know has been yeah brought back using this ritual and you know they go to Leeann utera bring his soul back or whatever and talk about that so so it'd be kind of a way A.. And if you think about it now that you mention it It kind of sets Stephen Miller up to be the big one of the big players because if he's the specter he's the one that's going to be duke it out with Anti Monitor if they follow the crisis comics and this it also allows him to to have a place in the verse if they keep that like if he decides to come back as You know the the specter you can have that. So Yeah I. That's what I and I don't think I don't don't think I'm a great detective thing. I think the message they wanted us to know about it. I think you're on the right track though. Yes they do. Give us SPEC expected TV series. I'm all for it because I love the character. And if the US stephen a male as the spectre no having green lantern as not will be on. Hbo Apparently when it comes out I'm all for a spectrum TV series. Yeah that was. That was one of the disappointments of constantly being cancelled cancelled so soon by NBC. Because they introduced Jim Corrigan and they exactly and they tease and become becoming the specter which I think we would have seen had the series on a little longer so that was kind of a little let down but You know spectres one of the characters he was co created by Jerry Siegel who you know the CO creator of Superman. So yeah so. He's a very legendary character. And you know it's so I'm always happy to see him when when he gets his do. Yeah definitely all right. This is the big thing. GotTa talk about this GonNa make time for this John. Wesley SHIPP Yes so knows how. I'm feeling about this so after you know black lightning it gets brought in In Oh any. He's horrified to find out that his family has been wiped out by the anti matter wave and he's the sole survivor driver. He still steps up and that was very cool to see that the black lightning in what they're doing he he's there to take cout the Anti Monitor's antimatter cannon. And Flash fans no anti-matter cannons are not good for flashes. No no and no and this episode is certainly proof of that. I'm just so black. Lightning does his best to take. Check it out but Obviously needs a little bit more to to stop threat. And this is the moment where grant Guston's flash the earth one flash Thinks that okay. Well this might be his time to disappear during the crisis and in this very powerful sequence whence You know grants ready to sacrifice himself. Only have John Wesley. Ships Earth Ninety flash crash temporarily still his speed And take his place stating that The Anti Monitor may have said said that it flashed dies and crisis but he didn't say which one and in that I did not i. I'm sure you have the exact pope the idea I don't don't have to quote unquote though. Yeah the your superpower is making others around you better. Yes you know and I think obviously obviously Arrow maybe the the Father Steven. Mlb Be the father of the you know the aero verses we caught but I think grant as berries the heart yes and and so thank you. This is an Indian. Have this John Wesley Shipp who his played Berry's father he's done other cameos but to give him jake areas character his his character such an ending and to go back and take that clip from the original TV. Show if you were worried you about not enough tears. When Clark and Lois or flying out you know sending their child all right trust me? There were tears in this part of in in you know for the cast I think. And all the people the sea and it it just was a hero's death and what a great it way to use him a just absolutely beautiful. Yeah this was. This was an exit. I know I want to get to nick here in a minute but I you know this is. This was something that I had considered a possibility going in that. You know I knew that the moment I you know. We got confirmation that John Wesley ship was going to be appearing in crisis. Where while witness be a great opportunity to have him be the one who sacrifices isis his life and And and that way obviously great guston's flash can continue as the flash So I I in the back of my mind. I'm always I was thinking this would happen. And then I'm watching this scene and this scene this moment of Barry Allen sacrificing himself to stop that and I'm anti matter cannon is something that I've thought about hard since the reading the crisis on infinite earths number eight where Barry Allen Dizon that comic and that scene has stuck with me and here I am all these years later and and Finally able to see that yes in live action and it was just so overwhelming for me to see and assiette the Amazon. Jo- done justice wonderfully it. You know. John Wesley ships nine thousand nine hundred flashes. Obviously I was a a huge fan of that show as nick was and so to see that moment into C- John Leslie ship ship Given that chance to sacrifice and so ended and they go out in such a huge way saving lies. Diverting that anti-matter wave. This is what I've been running through all these years I'm from flash to vanish in crisis. I'm like Oh it was great. Yeah it yes. It was just amazing and You know in the fact that you know that there was a kind of patch passing of the torch moment. Yes between the two East you felt that connection because we'd seen it that bond with John. Wesley ships with Gusto playing other characters in it really came through and I I was just I was blown away simply and absolutely what about you. I know you've got some thoughts on this. Well I come to. You must be like Charles. Shut up I wanNA talk about this. Never never you know I mean as I said you are just wonderful orator I tell you you could you give speeches like there's no tomorrow seriously but that said I also wanted to add. Let's talk about the fact that when he's doing any disappears we we get that straight concentrate from the comics moments but the Danny Healthman theme that then plays from the TV series. I was like Oh my Lord. Yeah it we're just they're they're they're bitter soundtrack to this event there and you know you mentioned this in a couple of minutes. Blake neely the composer. You better be making a soundtrack right. I want this now. They weaved all these iconic the musical themes in all three episodes at the appropriate times. Sometimes you know where whether it's Danny Alvin the Batman theme the John Williams. You know superman the Robert Walls. Yeah Yeah it just it. It was all there and it was just so beautiful. And it's much more powerful when you get to hear that you know that that heroes theme yeah using that theme seen You know to to give them their moment and obviously you know in a very powerful moment to get that theme it was. It's just raised that intensity. Even I totally agree nick anymore. Thoughts about this. Oh yes well. What was going to lose their ideas that people people have a Lotta traditions over the holidays? One of my traditions over the holidays is is watching the the flash TV the series over the holidays. That's what I do. Because it's a show that meant so much to me growing up one of the very few shows myself and my sister would watch together religiously as kids and that we wouldn't fight over the remote for over the flash and it just meant so much to both of us so into able. And that's and that's what I do. And it coincided with my tradition of watching the flash TV series seeing John. Wesley Shipp come back and and do this. And then that throwback to the tool between him and Tina McGee was just like I was so I was in such a happy place and it's just it. It was remarkable. And I love the fact that gave that slashes an incarnation a full circle story and it was beautiful evaded that because the nineties flex. Td Shoes was sadly Shoots and I feel. This was some way of sailing colleagues. No right was cut short before its time. Exactly -actly yeah. They way of saying you know we recognize this and we want to give you a full story. Let you run the whole race as it were so so. I absolutely adored that and just like with Stephen Males passing the torch on to his daughter. I love this father son son relationship between the two. Barry's and this passing the torch. And then when you get to see the flash symbol on the ground what was such a powerful awful scene it could. It would look great. You know even as like wool paper on my TV on my computer screen. Everyone see if I can find that and put it up there. Because this Gorges Ages hit the print screen print screen and I agree with you on the Soundtrack House. They somebody does this like on spotify or something coming. In all over. That sounds really does a love recently soundtracks for the various shows so. I'm really hoping that any did want for crisis on earth acts so I'm hoping that they do crisis on infinite earths to and You know we haven't talked about it but I thought Jefferson Pierce Black. Lightning held his own. I thought he really was enough. Like Sierra Vans Real ooh Dude and you know and then the iconic you know his macho. Where's the future right? Yes yes life. Is this shit set limit by any means necessary and he kept by any focused a focus. I thought that was really well done Because the idea that gave him a his character moment. Yeah because you know. He's lost his family. He's lost his world and once once again he's putting it behind him and trying to doing a hero bet so I thought that was really well not. I'm so glad that black black lightning was included in this and that they got the little you know spin off like if they showed the little high in it was perfect. Yeah exactly Zac all right anything any other quick thoughts about Parts one two and three now I was just GonNa ask one question to users you guys. What were you thought? So when it came into the concept that we might be getting the third incarnation at the atom with Ryan Choi. I'm all for it. I remembered that I like I like. Yeah Yeah and I thought this was a guy you know. He was really good Playing Kevin in supernatural So Oh I think this would be Kinda Nice. Yeah I'm really good. I thought it was nice that they did a little Easter Egg By name his daughter Simone in in honor of Gail Simone the writer Co Created Ryan Choi So Thought that was nice We can always do with an extra atom. I reckon well they're supposed to be if I remember reading cleric Brandon routh is is ending as Rape Palmer on legends of tomorrow. So so maybe this will be another passing the torch getting another actor so so might WanNa keep an eye on Ray Palmer yeah during crisis in when it comes back in January yeah just saying just That potential is they're they're setting the table it seems because for him to take over all right so johnny quotes Fair quotes Jesse. I do who I only have the one but I loved the they've actually done a couple of inside jokes like in the second episode. I think where White carry says. I promised my team they'd never have to do another crossover but on this one. A route digby goes holy. All Star Squadron. Hi How are you Ralph Pygmy log man ready to help Kick Butt and killer frost. Ignore him it's his first crossover which was by Mike quotes. I love that man. It was his. This is the actors first crossover. Yes he has been perfect as long. Day Ma'am Yes yes yes nicoting could he quotes I don't have any quotes but what I will say is I just hope that the bigwigs at Warner take notice of how things are done when you do you were good crossover than you bring characters together and hopefully we get something better competitive. The Ju Justice need that we got shall we say on innocent matic world. That's I'm going to say. Okay well if you want more of that topic nick and I talked about that on present darkness free plug there all right. Yeah so I got a couple more quotes in addition to that that eat great elongated man killer frost quote Mardo Vu. The Monitor after Earth. Thirty thirty seven gets a radical. He says another earth is gone and Lois Lane. Replies there's only seven left in the multi-diverse verse it's Ironic. I'm watching the biggest event in history. The destruction of every earth and no one will ever read the story gasoline. The point quote and of course I've got to end it with The earth ninety flash talking to Barry Allen just right before he dies keep writing the lightning son. I know you'll make us all proud. Nice dear to your absolutely tissues Still gets me Absolutely Nick. What's your rating? While I think once again you know this is a straight and another nine out of ten because I think the nine outside especially for the John Wesley Shipp Grant Guston moments for sure will not to mention of course seen Chris Williams who I loved this black lightning in our love them prison break as well. So I'm never gonNA give this. I nine hundred nine hundred ten no-doubt for on for sure all right and just see how about you so once again. I'm the easy one. I'm giving another another ten out of ten. I just love this one and I just And I'm giving it I'm not GonNa give it what I think you're going to give it it so I'm going to say ten out of ten fading player cards. Oh okay interesting thing choice. Yeah it's no surprise when I'm GonNa give this one is it I love this episode. Ten out of ten chart flash albums. That's that was my first choice. I said there's no way I'm taking that from Charles such like Nick said it was such a great shot. Got Power Powerful statement and John. Wesley SHIPP I salute you because you were episode and the staff for making this moment happen so absolutely you're giving doing it Giving it to its proper. Do so absolutely all right. If you find that still because I know that you will wonderful when you come to your background I am so stating that from you man. I'll find it if you want me to. You can still you can still if you want but It's out there. I know that all right Let's see I actually. We do have a really quick fan mail. Believe it or not Jesse. We got some finally got some Fan Mail so nice all right. Some readers checking in zone cast On the G mail David Kay proctor who writes to us on next everywhere quite often Is Writing in about watchman. So I thought I'd share goes quickly. You said it's very short. He says I'm playing catch up on the series on several episodes behind you. I didn't read the Comic Book Back in the day but but and I did see the movie and I guess I didn't get it. I do love comic books mostly. I'm a marvel man. You're helping me understand what's going on the show which I am addicted to already. I will put the watchmen comics in my next up pile in my library. Nice thanks for turning. Ernie me onto the show and podcasts from your other podcasts. Next stop everywhere enjoying hearing your voices. Thanks David Kay proctor. That is so if we got decay. proctor reading watchman for the very first time that's awesome right and all that that stuff that's high praise indeed that obviously obviously I'm sure the TV show help the little right but if you know if us talking talking about it and getting David involved because if knowing us from next up everywhere You know if that got him reading checking Alan. Moore's watchmen if that helped at least a little bit I think that's great so I just wanted to share that good all right thanks so thanks. Thanks for listening David. I hope you're listening to our crisis. Crossover special all right All right Obviously if you WANNA be like David proctor write to us at Phantom zone cast asked at fan zone cast I know we're long something. They're trying to hurry through this Twitter at Phantom Zone cast on twitter twitter facebook the fan zone podcast and instagram at Phantom Zone. PODCAST and Jesse. Where can they reach you on the Internet so You can find me on twitter at Jesse Jackson DFW. I do a bunch of other podcasts. But we're we're reaching of an hour and a half so I'm just GonNa Skip Yup Yup Nick how about you. Well I'M GONNA try. Keep this as brief as possible. Is Charles Thank you. You mentioned that you know I do host the whisking skin cigarettes show. It's all by myself. No blame yourself along with it. I know you poignant's that that says all when it comes to me as Charles was saying I'm the host the whisky and cigarettes through country music. Radio show we play everything country from Alabama Zac Brown to find out what what about that you can go to our website. That's skiing cigarettes show dot com and we also host the happiness in doctors. Show the superhero movie. PODCAST for more information about that. You can find us on facebook book. That's facebook dot com slash happiness. This rate podcast. I really recommend it. I've been on it Charles. been on a couple of times. It's a great podcast. Definitely recommend to episodes of happiness in darkness there down that they're not my episode recommend to other ones now and you along the work all right really quickly because I know we're trying to rush this of course at Charles skaggs on twitter at skaggs on Instagram facebook Charles L. skaggs Ohio and check my blogging. Geeky things damn good coffee and hearts where I have talked about all our podcasts. Oh for itself gate media including the next stop everywhere the doctor who podcast that David Kay proctor was kind enough to mention. Please check those out because We have a lot of fund. If you like us here check those out next time next time on the fan zone as we wait for crisis parts four and five to air on January fourteenth twenty twenty with Arrow and legends of tomorrow in a two part two hour special Come back for watchmen. Episode Eight for episode. One seventy five or excuse me one seventy three of the phantom zone podcast with God walks into a bar yea Charleston. I are going bar hopping. We are or a bar hopping A. Because if you've been watching watchmen You know I know that that title of kind of has a double meaning absolutely says God walks into a bar not bar. Yes we'll find out so Everybody thank you so much for listening. I know we ran long but narrow. This is a special occasion right absolutely and I gotta take a minute You you did so much heavy lifting on this Charles organized it he he kept us on track and You know There's I just get the fun. Part is showing up and getting its share fund stories. Thank you Charles. I really appreciate it I I I just do the sit back and listen. Let you guys talk. That's I got easy right. I did easy job. All right. So Nick. Thank you so much for joining us. We had a ball always welcomed. You know obviously a hopefully we can get you back for crisis part to your our second so you know as we talk crisis parts four and five in January -cause school. It's going to be thank you so much but it's going to be impossible for you guys to get rid of me. I am sorry to say that. I don't think they have a problem with that. No joking aside. Thank you guys so much and I I also want to echo to everybody not that please please please checkouts Charles skaggs in Jesse Jackson the amazing podcast. They do because they are so so dedicated. They are passionate about what they do and they do podcasts. The way they're supposed to be done they are done for the fans by the fans so please people okay check them out because they did. Brilliant work cheers neck. We really appreciate that absolutely. That's very kind of you to say your checks in the mail sir. It's all right. Thank you again and come on back. Get socks and watchman right here on the fan zone. PODCAST next time. See you later by everyone. Uh Aw aw

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