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Full Show (Daniel Jones, NFC East, Freddie Kitchens + Baker Mayfield, Week 3 recap)


Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Jerry Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode. Soda undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate so skip Shannon. Let's get to it down disputed. We are live from Los Angeles I'm Jenny tap here with skip bayless Shannon Sharpe Good Morning Ginny or you. Let's get it over with the red carpet. Who is the the person you interviewed other than yourself. You know somebody who was it. Let's see mad at Mandy Moore. Oh that's very good interview. May I ask you if you to read cover wobbly skill. I I'd be watching the national football league but that's just me and by the way let's get back to the real world show Dallas Cowboy. What about two cases Didn't they cover. You didn't bet a nickel on come better drop. Did I tell you they will come. We did New England overdue said one would win by thirty the nine and one woman by forty nine and you were pretty far off that I think the Patriot took the foot off the gas giants Gordon. I mean the jets Gordon offensive touchdown happen happens. That's why it's back to covert good job. Good job to the cowboys. We've got a lot to get to today. Okay who is to blame for the browns loss. We're going to go there. How concerned should we be about Kyla Murray's performance yesterday also allowed to discuss we are going to start with skips. Cowboys Dak Prescott had nearly two hundred fifty yards passing and two touchdowns in the cowboys easy thirty one to six win over the dolphins yesterday on the Ground Dallas ran rampant. Zeke Elliott Tony Pollard both racked up over one hundred yards and averaged over seven yards per carry meanwhile the eagles yeah they lost by three to the Lions at home and once was sacked three times and completed only nineteen passes on thirty six attempts. The loss drops the eagles to one men to while the cowboys. Yep they are now three ano and feeling good Shannon do you believe eagles are still the best team in the NFC each I do. It's just hard for me to put the cowboys on the pedals do this year because they played fourteen and so as hard for me to evaluate. I think this week they played the saints. Nick Nick Sunday Sunday night the emphasis on. I think we'll get a better picture or clear picture pitcher of just how good the the cowboys are although the saints does not have debris but back to the eagles. They're just it doesn't help that you don't have Abdi Jagdeesh Sean Jackson. It doesn't help that you don't have Alshon but that's still not an excuse for why they played so poorly yesterday. I thought they have a lot of drops. So that's the thing what I see what Agla skip he. He makes them unbelievable play to catch a touchdown where he has to spend like six times gets the ball to the end zone and then a routine ball. He'll drop it. There are a lot of drops yesterday. When you look at them they ran the ball fairly well. You can live with that thirty or tenths of one hundred and twenty seven yards four point two yards of care. That's good enough uh but they gave up three sacks with just a little off. I'd say just just little off but you know we're bailing them. Aw sooner or later dust settle yeah sooner or later the smoke will clear in at the end of the season yeah over here pounding that Dez you won't be pounding the desk because the eagles will be sitting in their rightful place which are the top of the NFC east. Yes the cowboys are three and old there comfortably atop the NFC east but they I still haven't played the WHO's got to play them twice. Still giants looked a lot better yesterday. In the in the last two years we will talk about that when also but skip. I just I believe that they'll get the kinks figured out with will be a little more accurate out of make every expecting to have drew brees. Tom Brady pinpoint accuracy but I know he can admission right. No no no no no Dak Prescott. We'll have that either but that's not that. We're not talking about really. I haven't spoken goodwill you. No you shouldn't speaking. That's what you do you sell it. You gloating over there cowboys by cowboys. I just believe once the dust settles they they get everybody back. Whence will play better he must play better and he will play better and when it's all said and done at the end of the regular bliss season the NFC champ will be the Philadelphia? You're sticking with that. Why would I go anywhere else after free game. We're not even the quarter pole yes Shannon. I'm feeling Ling Sorrier and sorrier or you don't you're looking wrong or an wrongdoer and you're going to lose so much more diet mountain dew the breakfast of champions the nectar of the Gods to me because you bet me I believe it was five cases that the Dallas cowboys would not make the playoffs started yet but now we're three games in three and that's big leg up on the one and two Philadelphia Eagles and I gotTa tell you over here. I might have to get a Lebron James Memorial memorial soft cast from my hand because it just gets blacker and Bluer Metallic Bluer by the Sunday because every Monday I have to smash this desk and it just we'll do that next Monday. I'll bet you case right now. This is just one case on that right here right now. On Sunday night I got Dallas you got you're gonNA Teddy Bridgewater having having trouble breed. WHOA well is it. Yes you got it. I got done how I'm up. Forty forty one forty two making wet day. It's a good day so before I unleash on everything you just said. I got a few trivia notes notes for you. Would you believe that the Dallas cowboys over the last thirteen games dating back to that win and week ten last year at Philly our eleven been into over the last thirteen games counting obviously the three this year. Would you believe that's the best record in the whole national football league over that stretch. That's even even better than the two super bowl teams the New England patriots and the Los Angeles Rams Right. So would you say that's good. I don't know who knows maybe it matters. Not We're talking and this year. It's the same quarterback on the same the same hall of fame trajectory. It's still Dak Doc Prescott would you know who leads the NFL and Qbr after three games just atrocious performance yesterday Dak Prescott he leads Oh. He's he's at a ninety four because he had a good qbr. Yesterday he had an eighty four yesterday better than you know. WHO's no but you know who new mahomes is now at ninety one for the three games and Tom. Brady you know who is at eighty eight so it goes ninety four ninety one eighty eight would DAK Prescott at the top op after three games and would you believe that over the first three games this little trivia note apropos of nothing. Would you believe or the first three games my quarterback who can't throw his way overrated in about to be historically overpaid. Would you believe in the second half of those three games. He's now all twenty. Nine of thirty two is that accurate helped me out twenty nine of thirty two. That's ninety one percent completion rate which over the second halves the first three games leads is the national football league as does his average yards per attempt of fourteen yards per attempt over the first three games in the second half fourteen yards that it leads the national football league so would you believe that yesterday after my Dallas cowboys all time stunk up the first half. Would you believe after my cowboys. We're in danger of actually losing to the Miami Dade to stop. They should have trailed at half time. They got lucky because there was a fumble inside the five live. There was a missed field goal. There was an onside kick that they recovered that they dubiously got called offside on. I I don't know it all added up to barely leading tend to six that they shouldn't have led they got completely outplayed in every way shape or form in the first half. My quarterback came out in the third quarter and said no more. I'm taking this game over here. We go and he goes nine for nine. Deduct Prescott in the third quarter for one hundred and thirty seven yards which included -cluded a nine thousand nine hundred yard touchdown strike to his Ban Amari Cooper and at the eight yard. We could see it if you want to see it but I know you gotta get your care is it's not who I knew your bow and guess who he beat once again. That's Xavien Howard is he. Not a top five quarterback is he not maybe a top three cornerback a back bone on the but where he volume oscillating outside leverage and by the way Maury Worthy Safety Amari for winning winning motion we didn't motion at all last year under Scotland and now people move before snap makes a little harder Xavi travel so he had to travel across the formation and he couldn't quite get his feet set and boom. He got him inside because he'd gotten outside at the goal line in the first half. He beat him twice. Just took him came to the cleaners twice Avian Howard. He complied trust me before before you go any further skill. We're talking about the dolphins a team that scored zero points yeah before I got into scored zero poison. Two second-half yesterday in a team only scored seven points so if you talk about scoring or lack thereof you're talking about a team. There's averaging four points a game. You hope to continue this place. Pace would be the worst in the history since they allow the four would pay and that's what you're brag about well on defense they do have that guy just mentioned Xavien. Howard they have Eric Rowe Bill Belichick favourite corner memory start as super bowl start him yeah. I don't care what the deal okay you talk about. BATUM AC- who was a Patriot two years ago and was in that run to the Super Bowl and that stretch. He's on that defense. They've got not some football players. They got some pro football player three of them in everybody Orazio or the pro but without trying to hide him up like the feminine steelers steelers. Have you stopped the Parker. Do you like him. He's a first round pick tied in from Penn State. You know him. Don't you know oh you should he was the second round pick. He's one of the top rated is either for back to throw the ball like he did because Jamie mentioned it both guys with over two hundred yards so how he should would've been perfect. I'll wait. I'm glad you brought that up. Was I not the first to market on Tony Pollard. I told you after one exhibition game. I said wait a second Eh. He is legit he complained. You laughed at me. You Scoff Not Tony took over the fourth quarter yesterday with ninety one yards to get to one zero three three sixteen yard run for a touchdown capped it off and it covered the spread. You see what I'm not doing anything. I'm just telling you what my I I stole Manto. He can't play what about Zeke. Zeke took the fourth quarter off. He already had a book twenty five so the ninety one but he would have guys zeke would have been over to wouldn't we'll wait a second he. He looked really good to me. What's Your Eyes Tell. You I don't waste Your Eyes Rolling by. How does he look when it just happened but I got an opportunity to see them. BOHM's play Miami need to stop. A man needs to play colleague Kalija team okay. This is ridiculous giving you overhear pounded table. I'm GonNa tell you one more time and one of these Mondays. It's GonNa get through your skull does not the cowboys will go as far as Dak Prescott takes them. The leader is the driving force. He is the playmaker. He is the fire starter in the third quarter. He was the one who came out and said okay. I've had enough. We're going to take him seriously and we're going to stop this. We'll stop what the second half to take them. Serious down. Get Ready to works out young coming of age football team that does not know how to step on the throne of an overmatched team the way Tom Brady's auto what you mean. Young right do visit line been extended period of time quarterbacks in his fourth year my one running backs in his first year. Daniel Joan Joan Yeah is young your guys a fourth year gap. That's unacceptable. He's had that seat on Jersey. Which means is three years. He you want to hear nothing about him. Being young yeah well. They're going to go as far as he takes. They wouldn't be Orleans on Sunday against Teddy Bridgewater and by the way the saints had the most surprising impressive unlikely victory of the day yesterday at Seattle they lead that game twenty seven to seven seven mid third quarter and they hung onto win thirty three to twenty seven and yet. Would you believe that Vegas isn't buying in yet because my cowboys are three point point favorites Sunday night in New Orleans superdome. Jd I'm like Chick-fil-a I normally closed on Sunday really guess who's going to open their doors on Sunday so cowboys it can come true. I was shocked that Sean Payton went with Teddy Bridgewater and not taste some hill. I'm so relieved. Thank thank you thank you about it. As a heady bridgewater stats yesterday look at their stats they got crushed. We're GONNA talk about this indepth later now show but they he got crushed by the Seattle seahawks and they had a special teams return for a touchdown and they had a defensive return for a touchdown and that's how they stole all that you see you. This just told you the truth. I remember a time when Dak Prescott that they was winning ballgame right. Prescott was doing measly measly. Nothing really all look at Mach quarterback. I skipped. He had one hundred and thirty five yards follow they needed with that. Deep is the now the very reason to how all won a game. You criticize them. You lauded when the cowboys winning Gay Dak Prescott the very same gives you the case of Teddy Bridgewater. Thank you thank you. It wasn't an ability to bring it back is not that I'd be able bridgewater shoot. I bet against your team. Okay good because I don't trust be like my taste good yeah and by the way your team Carson. WINCE'S WHO I N C team they get to go Thursday night on a quick turnaround probably without Alshon probably without playing to Marine Bay they go to Lambo and they are five point dogs. Would you believe that Carson Winston is a five point dog to Aaron Rodgers who end put up much numbers but they're put would've been the three. You know what what's your what's your I think it's three checking over the last thirteen games it's eleven and to do like the eleven and to the NFL I have nothing is happening in Dallas but all I hear is the quarterback who is the most he is. The most just overrated in obviously he's the most underrated in over criticized quarterback in the national behind commercialized. He'd name a quarterback. That does more commercials does he can't throw maybe Baker may not may be. We'll talk about that and your quarterback is commercialized. He can't throw roll my quarterback but he's twenty nine or thirty two and second half and he was nine nine in the third quarter who knows I don't know so. Let's go to your quarterback. Carson Wentz because I watch this game carefully only in the fourth quarter. I actually had to tape the fourth quarter so I could go back in just really break it down and guess what I saw. What did you see I saw Carson wins. Make some really good throw yes. I saw miss a whole bunch of and I saw them. Drop passes some people's that it was up to seven I didn't I I'm not sure about seven but whatever whatever I'll give him the hall skill Beta Utah the Shannon shot the hall of fame at that ball would have touched his hand and you're gonNA call it okay. We'll say that the ball touched the handed. I should've called it but in the end once again Carson Wentz didn't make enough plays so Dak makes nothing but plays Carson wentz fails off offer two fifty two cowboys did so. Let's look over those less thirteen games that stretch my quarterbacks eleven two years in the Games. He's been a available to start. He's three and five three and five in his last eight starts. You love that because I don't love that a little bit either three to five hundred or correct okay so they're down twenty seven twenty ninety four to a team you had little to no respect for the Detroit lions because they got tied by little tiny collar Murray in the opener at arezzo about little tiny along we are we're going to talk about. Him didn't have a good game yesterday but he did a risk yesterday. Nothing good okay so they're down. Twenty seven twenty four three sixteen eighteen left your ears and they get it first and ten at the twenty and there's a quick short pass and then there's an incompletion and then he on third and eight from the twenty two he throws was it deep to Galore and this is a big play in the game because they're down three and this is not a good throw to me. It's just just a flutter throw. I don't know if we could see this. He just throws it up and again. That's that's underthrown and he's not open okay. So that's a huge place in on fourth down. He says okay I got this and he tries to run it up the middle way back when and what happens he takes off up the middle and he goes nowhere and that's it and they give the ball all back but Malcolm Jenkins blocks the field goal because they get a short field goal attempt out of it and again. They got an illegal block in the back. They were going to have the ball to twenty two but they got it all the way out the fifty so here's Carson Wentz on the hot seat again you gotTa make some imply you gotta get it home right you. At least gotTA get three out of it and what happens after after that. Let's see the first plate Zakar. It's tell me this is a good throw if you would please the all the all pro yes he the earth you yeah. No you got it and he wasn't ready. Although I remember somebody Randall Cobb last week and a guy pick and he said he should've called. Oh okay all right so then we get. Let's just go all the way to the last play because there was a drop little Holland kid that subbing he dropped one but it it finally comes down to fourth and fifth from his own forty five and he drops back he had a hitch a couple of times there and then he flings it to our data whiteside capped. It are why I size like six six. We drop it. The other kid were Sean. Melvin gets his hand in the face. He's not a kid. He's actually a vet but the point is what if that ball is thrown to more yards what would happen. What if what okay what anymore yards whiteside catch okay. What did we catch the depaw. Hello hit him in the heels of his hand. In hand. You're slow down at the one and wait for the ball to get to be a little air underneath it as Nick foles would have done and dropped it over the top to his tall receivers load happen. What what did they do right now. We should be dropping ball trying to mend his call okay. Do you WanNa skip you gotTA. Stop Look at this the ball here. They made his guilt okay but you let the cornerback get in. I don't know if he's a corner tapie were Sean Melvin but again the got in the play and got his hand up in his face and bothered him and are gonNA whiteside said after the game yeah I should have caught it but but that ball has to be thrown see Dak Prescott is going to get that ball where it could be caught. He's become deadly accurate. It should be called defend into coma. He got greedy in the first half. They were just trying to talk. I don't need an explanation I just. I don't need an explanation. That's what I'm here for out here to provide the explanation one team one and this team lost again the one and two and you've got to be a little. You won't admit to be at least a nervous skew concerned when Thursday Thursday night shaky when Thursday night five hundred got your back. I'll take Aaron Rodgers Thursday night now. You won't listen to a case Thursday in a case Sunday night. You're eagles. You're you're you bought completely. We are not even concern. We got take them to. do your mouth did if I did not say I wasn't concern. I said I'm not concerned at the end of the season right. Now we might be on the temporary low. Oh yes cabinet rough right now but when it's all said and done at the end of the day when the book closed we'll find out if you like reading the book what if the Eagles Fall to one in three while the cowboys surged a foreign. Oh would you be done then region. Would you give it up. You're three and one at the polls you try to you based out out of your. I'm sure you'll be happy with three and one which would what you'll be 'cause. It's better than what I mean. I didn't think the Dolphin would be this bad. The giants Washington Okay Billy plays in the same division so they get to play the same team okay when we played them. We'll see. Let's see what what happened when we play when they play Miami. Let's see what happens when they they've already played to Washington. D to Washington. Yeah beat the brakes off. They didn't exactly beat the breaks down seventeen eighteen nothing in the one game home they were down seventeen nothing you like that and we have what we did came and wheeled off thirty two straight. Yeah Shannon. You're in trouble trouble. No we're not you should be backpedaling. If you want to do debt consolidation China's debt consolidation with you okay. I'm giving you chances cancelled cases back. I'm betting one case on Aaron Rogers. Come on you Carson Wentz. I'm betting on Teddy Bridgewater Okay Bridge Ward Yeah Sean Payton Sean Payton Not Trust. I think I'm sitting real pretty good. You you sit in what they call. The proverbial can't speak capable fans. Are you an Amazon Amazon prime member. Did you know that you have Thursday night football. Yeah that's right Thursday night. Football has returned to prime video for a third season the cool thing he is you can catch all the action on your TV on the web or on your mobile device anywhere in the world and the experience is next level with prime videos x ray feature you can access next. Gen Stats play history and team information and now it's available on. IOS android fire tablets and fire TV. If you're ready to hear a new take on the game you can switch over to sport broadcasts legends Hannah Storm Andrea Kremer for the play by play so if you you don't have cable or simply want to experience the future of football tune in this Thursday coverage begins at seven PM Eastern and kickoff is at eight twenty twenty. PM Eastern also available on Fox and NFL NETWORK NFL network simulcasts subject to change Thursday night football is presented by Bud Light Platinum take on Friday the Patriots cut Antonio Brown after the receivers threatening text messages to one of his accusers Bronstein with the Patriots lasted just just over one week and he played in only one game after being released. Ab tweeted that he will not play in the NFL anymore and called out the League for not getting thing is guaranteed money. ABS reportedly filed a grievance against the Patriots as well Shannon. I start with you. How surprise argue that? New England cut ties is with AB SKIP IT for a I. The part of me wanted to just like woke up yesterday morning and I'm trending. I don't know why I look and AB. He tweeted something and my first indication that I was preparing for the EMMYS and I said you know what I should should just go haywire and and do what he did but I said No. I've always tried when I got into analyze and critique clear skip. I've never tried to make approach because it's never personal with me amass to do a job and I tried to do the job the best I possibly can and keep personal feelings out of it. I don't like or dislike anybody. I I try to give people my honest opinion on a certain situation and some things I'm more versed on then others but to make to get back to Jimmy's original point. I'm shot because for them to cut him. They had to have had the same information that you and I had when we opened our show with on Friday skip. The information came up Thursday night so it's hard for me to believe that Robert the the author fit the information to you and I and the Patriots did not have this information uh-huh because what did I tell you about the Patriots when you practice they expect you the information that he sent threatening the second right yes on Thursday night. This information broke Thursday tonight. He practiced Friday morning he did the Patriots had to have had that information and I've said this week's players. If you practice the Patriots expect you to play in not only play play whale so what transpired between the time that they had the same information. You and I have this and our two afterwards. Yeah is is reported that Mr Kraft's got wind of the second text the text that he had sent to the second lady that alleged that he had appropriate behavior with her yeah and he was furious. I'm thinking coach. Belichick was going to be okay with that now. Let me tell you what village I wasn't going to be able to give it to. You and I was talking off camera as a coach. Belichick just walked off just walked out of an interview. It was going to be hard for me to see a scenario that every single week it was gonna be. AB AB AB AB coach Bela check really does not even ask. I ask answering questions. That's football related shit here. They football coach Yep. He's like you ask him a question like. Why are you asking me this coach. You are Arpaio coach coach the Patriots. You are playing such team and so we're trying to get information so to ask. Abe He walks out. It was getting being harder and harder for him to deal because you know what he likes to minimize distraction not only minimized him. He doesn't like to stretch so what if it appears to me what happened happen with Mr Craft without a meeting he flew back. He got wind of this information that had just taken place Thursday night. He says I'm doing I'm out. I was with because they can say this is the way the Patriots do is give you misbehaved over there. You didn't do that here. Oh you said that over there. You didn't say you bet here Would you got in trouble in why but you didn't do that at Z. Those text messages came on the Patriots Watch and that was a bridge too to far for them. Yep that's what people I will and that was my only thanksgiving. You know what for me. I just couldn't understand Ebi behavior in Pittsburgh at the end okay. Now you get what you want you go to Oakland and you bring the very behavior with you thirty million dollars skipping then and he releases the video. I'm three three YEP teams looking at that. The patients said all of that aside where he did that Oakland. He would never do that with us. He gets release skip. Yeah what did you do. He says takes thank you for the opportunity. Go into chip go look along the way and then all of a sudden the real Antonio Brown surfaces right and here he goes Mr Crou- big bid myself everybody else no no personal. Accountability is everybody's been spoke is my is. Mr Kraft's then he finds himself in the situation situation Mcginn. AB At some point time but you have to do a long a long a hard soul searching yeah you have to get in the mirror and look at yourself. These these wounds that you see are self inflicted. They are that's it. I'm so glad you took the high road because Antonio keeps taking the low road and low road is GONNA lead him right out of the National Football League for good. I know he threatened battened to quit yesterday and I don't talk I agree but I I was shocked. This happened right after our show. A couple of hours. Ask Show on Friday because in the end even the New England patriots finally had no other choice even in those guys even Robert Kraft and bill check who kept sticking with him through all already happened just the same craft and bill check who played latium at Miami the week the Sunday before they played him and not only play 'em he inserted him on the second offensive play of the game and Tom. Brady Eighty immediately force fed the ball to Antonio Brown both believe they went out of their way to get him the ball they did because if you go back and look at those plays others were open but you know Tom Tom he's masterful man he just wanted to get him the ball because I still believe that he and bill belichick wanted to basically shoot their middle finger at the NFL. Oh world say see watch what we can do with this guy that you all have shunned and yet in the end. I can't applaud the Patriots Ritz because they finally did the right thing right because there wasn't anything else to do right right. After Robert Kraft's wait he sent a threatening text to a potential witnesses. You say right avenue we just so low if given you ugly and so the evil and it's hard for me to believe that they told him they didn't tell him zero tolerance. They had to let me nothing so think about what they did. They went right out and grabbed him. When it looked like he was playing his way out of acting his way out of Oakland and what happened comedian he post. I just want to see this one more time. If we have it pleased the first big post about this new world with the Patriots look at this he's sitting on a pile of cash character of him and the caption is the Patriot way well. If I'm bill check and I see that I'm who would he put put up with doing that except for that guy for a little while right because we both agree. He is all time gifted. Yes no question about it. We we saw at Miami. Am Yes three balls right. There is no doubt about that but he is also gone completely over the edge into entitlement into this brazen. I am above the rules above the law. I can get away with whatever I wanted to remember but he said it when when he got released by Pittsburgh he said everybody for moving forward. They're going to play by my rules. Yup Do understand they will never gonNA play by Your Room. There's always going to be on their terms or you're not going to be here in. I WanNa make it clear one more time. We're not talking about the accusation in the civil suit because I have no idea you who whose right about that one it's. He said she said I don't know I don't know I'm just talking about the pattern of bad behavior that dates back for one year that you can look at. Here's a guy if he just behaves for another week. He gets thirty million dollars guaranteed for the raiders. He couldn't do that so he lose. Boys that contract. They released him. He gives picked up in twenty. Four hours skipped. If he behaved for another forty forty eight hours he was supposed to get five million dollars today today. So if you be good for another forty eight hours you straight and he couldn't wouldn't do that so let people like what's going on. I said and I always get this one thing. This guy asked me. What advice would you give or parents. Have what would you have. Your son surround him with surround himself with people that tell you what he needs to know not what he wants to hear. I think everybody around Antonio's saying he needs to hear a B three day. Trial you scale what what freeing what logical freeing would tell you bro. Oh you did right by not showing up to work. You make it twelve million fifteen million dollars yeah you could you. I wouldn't go to work either what freeing what legitimate friend. We'll tell you man you go what you won't do for. Ab You straight and you know the offense and what would a be pays for everything I tell ABC something he doesn't WanNa hear guess what but in the process what they don't realize okay the gravy train if Abe Mitha degrade betraying. You'RE NOT GONNA get any money anyway. Even if you tell me what he wants to hear so now who paying I cannot I cannot believe in skip two things I hear people like. Ab Head is and I told YOU SKIP AB AB didn't have this thing can concocted ABC with for the very first turn the raiders were going to hold him accountable for his actions. You are not going to miss practice on I watch you are not going to Miss walk-throughs on our walked and when that happened he booked because see. Here's the thing you see what this does the NFL looks at this and say see this is why we don't get guaranteed money. Ab doesn't get that. Let's get an upset this before not all but we're one of the few race of people that when something bad happened community everybody gets lumped in now every black. I player that plays in the NFL gets lumped in with the game no guaranteed money that's how they go at because see with AB thirty head that guaranteed money skill you see what every day yeah he was on his best behavior until he got what he thought guaranteed money indeed he started pulling your pants down and showing his book but guess what they did they picked him backup and they kicked him in his book to get out of here. Now he's radioactive right now. Skill is GonNa be hard pressed that NFL ern warning. We're still investigating Biz and basically they say you signed him at your peril because still wind up on the exempt list which would be a paid list but still exempt and they're still not sure about whether they're going to punish him and so that hangs over him yes in. I don't believe he plays this year. I don't even history he can say he done with the NFL all he wants to but I do not believe that there's going to be a team that touch of him because he's radioactive. He's bad for business right now. I think he's toxic. Yes I think he has shown in you that because of the power of his social media he will retaliate against you and he is basically signal after signal to any team that wants to sign him be careful. Be careful be careful because you see three occasions. He did it to the steelers did it to Oakland he due to the New England using facebook live against Mike Tomlin in in the locker room right going public with a private conversation with Jon Gruden. What Free Abe that was a good idea that facebook live. That was a real rough way to go. What a real. I'm talking about a true friend someone that that's really really has your best interest interesting mind who would say aby good idea bro. Yeah so I also think that because Robert Kraft had no no other choice he actually took Roger Goodell off a hot seat because if they were going to stick with him through thick and thin or thinner thinner right they could have stuck with them and then it would be the responsibility. The onus would fall on the Commissioner's writers okay. What are you GONNA do. There's no criminal charge here. You're going to suspend them. You'RE GONNA put it on the exact. What are you GONNA do. Roger and instead Roger had to heave sigh of relief because once they cut bait the New England Patriots said no right after after the Pittsburgh steelers at said no and Oakland basically growled to him crawl threat before he just dumped all over them. They finally said okay. That's enough of that. So what did he do. Skip he went public and cut me release me Bokov as they boarded his contract conduct detrimental to the teams that that means they boarded the guarantees. Jon gruden still was going to allow him to play but it was gonna be basically a week to week. Things you behave you get paid. You don't don't you don't any like Nah. I need my money because if you give me that fifty million I can come to practice. I'm already going to get paid you. Release Me Skip because he's the best player on the opening day roster. Guess what you guaranteed so you can act the food. That's what he kinda hat. Pittsburgh over a barrel because he was a player they had given him that money had already given what twenty million dollars so what could they do yeah okay so. I remind everybody he threw furniture office fourteenth floor balcony in Miami and endangered a child who was not yet two years of age suit was filed there and he got busted for going over one hundred miles an hour in Pittsburgh had to pay that price and he's had several domestic accusations that have trailed him out of Pittsburgh with the woman of the mother of his son on leave it was and in Oakland. It got so ugly that he challenged Mike Mayock on the practice field to a fight said he's GonNa Punch him out and called him cracker whacker which again that's just it's conduct unbecoming for this League a League that values its shield its image in it's one hundred celebration season right so my two cents of advice for Antonio is I've been covering this league been around this league for a long time even longer than you played in this league and the one thing the one thing I know for a fact about this league it will go along without Antonio will be somebody all time greats yeah from Jerry Rise to Joe Montana John Elway Peyton manning going and it still flourishing may eventually I hate. NFL's business is booming still booming. I watched it yesterday. Skill told everybody I say this all. He'll watch as a he'll show on Oakland. Oh he got the Patriots the Patriots way a friend of mine. We were taking them back and forth. I because you told me I tell you what I give it two weeks as I'm GONNA give it to who are attacked him gave it two weeks. Excuse me text me yesterday morning borrow how you know you like. I say because I know him. I know I know that behavior. That gets skip. They say you would change. If you hit rock bottom. He's never hit rock bottom. He acted a fool in Pittsburgh and got thirty million guaranteed local. He acted a pool in Oakland and got fifteen million guaranteed not from New England so what would the repercussions for his behavior zero zero. Now we change the guesswork from here on out skip. He the salaried worker that means you do the job you get paid that guaranteed money that he was going to get through paying you because they know you act the food you get out if we give you our money but all you do the job backed up now they will file a grievance and they will fight through arbitration to try to get their guaranteed from from New England. They will have a chance. It's a fifty fifty is really vague because there's really really really structured in the team for it. Maybe it is but they did play him in a game name so that's going to be a point for his. He played the game yeah but these give that's why. How much money did he get at the time of signing. Julio Jones got a sixty six six million dollars extension. He got sixty million dollars not come with ninety five at the middle of the season. Maybe that money do I was mad when I saw what he did you yesterday. I was like what are you doing. This is the move you're gonNA come after he made it means skipping all. I've done the criticized his be. Maybe on the field. That's that's we go see what I what I said when it was very cool to do that just come up over indicate led the league and and yards yeah not say the steelers should move on with on how dare you say that about a beat and get but they look at it like Shannon you bring a aw black man shouldn't say bad things about another black man. I do see color but you know what else I see right and wrong yep and I'll always gonNA call out right and roll. Ab Be in this situation in the way he'd be eight is wrong wrong wrong wrong. His actions have consequences and someone said this yesterday. I don't remember but it wasn't the AP quit the NFL the NFL quit him and that's that's where he well he goes. I think he's GonNa have to the refugee out because they just went. Are you ready for what's ahead. You can't always predict the future. You can game plan for it. Generations of families and businesses have harnessed the power of Pacific to help them reach their unique goals. Whether you need to save enough money to meet your needs ensure. Your family is protected or make sure you don't run on out of money. Pacific life has a variety of financial solutions that can help Pacific. Life counts more than half of the one hundred largest. US It's companies as its clients has been named. One of the twenty nineteen world's ethical companies by the ethics fear institute protecting what matters most the people for one hundred fifty years and counting. That's the power of Pacific. Ask A financial professional about how Pacific Life can help you game plan Dan for your future or visit. WWW DOT pacific life dot com I see we're going to jump to what happened last night and I'm GonNa go right to the fourth quarter quarter with the browns so they're down for points and Baker Mayfield and the browns run a draw play on fourth and nine and not surprisingly they came up short short then late in the fourth Cleveland at another opportunity with the first and goal from the four yard line the browns called four straight past plays with the last one resulting in an interception from Baker. That is the game for the rams after the game coach Freddie Kitchen said he regretted the play calling late in the game but Baker said it was more than that take a listen. If you're looking blame somebody blame me. Don't blame me of our players. Don't blame any of our other coaches. Just blame me because I can take it all right. So you know just blindly go go rach article and say I must have game up. Go article and say smile faulted. Things not looking like it did last year because it is. I know what you guys are. GonNa try and do is talk about the playcalling they call him but I said executions the most important thing you know whatever whenever we have called we gotta do our job all right Shannon how much blame that does Freddie Kitchens deserve here. There's a lot of the blame because give the office coordinated the coach and he's the play caller. I Guess Bakersfield Dangerous yesterday. Did you wake feeling dangerous. Gear Alexa dangerous lately. He needs to feel the need to wake up feeling danger. Tennessee woke up feeling real dangerous and that they did. Did you know what skipped look. Freddie is learning that that's to wear two hats in the NFL gets a really hard job. That's why a lot of a lot of guys. Just give that up they either just keep the headset on so they can hear everything or they call you like Andy. Reid is very unique cow Shanahan and guys like that a very unique skipped dream to be able to call the plays and be a head cold but Freddie the the thing that's hurting frady is expectations afraid of the head coach last year if they didn't have these expectations but because of the way they played the close out the season yeah and now they add dale they will add alleviate Vernon they they get they get agreement. We've the draft you like who the brow and you see the subtractions in Pittsburgh. Maybe is no longer there. ABC's no longer there yeah yeah and then what week two bengals out so now that really ratcheted up taste so now everybody expecting the browns to be really really good look doc. That's why I say each year in of itself because last year has no bearing on this year and I think the browns players and and fans are starting to realize that Freddie is starting to realize the expectation that comes along with expectations. I'm the head coach because he didn't have a whole lot of experience calling rolling blades. He's never been a head coach so now he's the head coach which means he's the CEO of the operation but by the same token. He's got a call all the plays now. I don't know what the hell call now. If I didn't no but elsewhere Freddie Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wild Wings coat the fourth and now you can't what the hell is that draw draw play on Yahoo. They were GONNA try to fool Agassi's pass. It got eight yards do remedy it was he ended up seven yards short. I was wondering if I was missing something watching. I'm like wait. Am I getting the goal. You got shows. You got nick. You don't give you one. Kerry now was a live. Let's put back and let's run. It is so you go so you got nick who you save or. I'M GONNA keep everybody happy. I'M GONNA get down. Here's Kevin Jarvis if Catcher Chila. It'll be thirty okay. You give make sure one crack please. okay okay scared. We're told you you keep trying to keep everybody happy to win. Games in everybody's going to be saying 'cause everybody because everybody's GonNa be safe because they nobody's gonna be getting their catches and you'll be losing games and you're going to be in a lose lose situation wages and you're going to be a part of their now that Jimmy and de Havilland. They look like hold on Okay John Dorsey now. We gave you everything everything that you want it. You got a quarterback overall. You got all these weapons. Jarvis Landry got a you got Joel hurt him but here's the things when you you made that trade y'all trash because you got the ninety nine deflategate boy human too. We're talking about the guy who had zero Saxon three the playoff games and it has zero sacks against the cowboys and the Guy who took the Cleveland browns cannot protect Baker Mayfield. They haven't for free games and the Rams took full advantage of that last night. What did I say Friday. Baker Mayfield is about to be in the wrong place at the wrong time against Wade Phillips defense offense that Cap Tom Brady and check for almost the entire super bowl. Am I right about you. Skip in another thing before I let you go. They traded their bust of Islam lobby. Get Out I'll be at the end of the day. You can have all the shiny pieces. You won't skill all these cashier that look nice. You better have a guard or to guard the money now. The money right now is six Baker Mayfield. You got a bunch of predate cashiers. You Got Jarvis and he got dale. You've got all that stuff. I did pillows but nobody protecting the money in his sketches for fifty six yards really the impact the game. Do you remember any of Nope. NOPE nope nope no so given that that was Wade Phillips Defense and right now. I think that defense is even a little better than then. Bill checks defense. That's how good it is because it has more star power to it because to leave did a number on Odell last night. I don't care what you say. You know. They'll get loose down on the field one time he had a nineteen yard catch. It didn't do much okay now back to Freddie Kitchens. I'm not sure he's going to last a whole year. I'm just not sure because bag years kept finding coach in the middle of the how I think it's it's just getting a little darker and darker in Cleveland because remember they have to go go to Baltimore next Sunday Baltimore better than everybody thought in there I think five point underdog there are five and a half actually five and a half point underdog so that the game you better believe believe it or the forty niners three and Oh yes they beffa movie bouquet. The next game is a Monday night game in Santa Clara against against the forty nine. It's Elizabeth game and then the seahawks visit. Seok student looked great yesterday but they did go to Pittsburgh while Rothlisberger played the first half right. They're capable of beating the browns right now because the browns aren't very good right now what if they lose those games and fall to one in six what's Jimmy Haslem going to do with the expectations -tations through the roof of them. He already got one coach. That's still on the pay. Roll can still play a huge. I I know you have another guy on the payroll. Just bring somebody else hears Freddie's problem after the game. He's adopted this new. Oh poor pitiful pitiful me philosophy where he just says you. I'll take it all you know. Get the lay it on me. Don't blame the players blame. Oh Freddie doesn't really look like a football coach. Does he looks more like an offensive line coach so he he doesn't look like the head coach doesn't look like he's in charge and after the Games he's kind of admitting yes screwed that one up and I screwed that go ahead just say well. If you invite the media to run through that door trust me they're going to run through it and trample on you because he is now the easiest target in the national football league. You WANNA blame Baker. Can you not really do you want to blame Odell. No not really how Jarvis no hell out him yes. Yes you know who I want to be right now. I build Danny Jones. That'd be real petty. Okay believe anything you say I'm just saying I can't believe that guy number one he could do that. I don't think he's built. He's built wake ain't skill but you know what I think. Cleveland's defense is really good remember that they had four subs playing in the defensive backfield last night. All four starters were out in hung in and did that I mean I guess why they did it to me. Jared Goff's overrated scale. He's overweight did everything he could. CLEVELAND WON'T DARWIN THIS GAME. How many times do you go on the road and turn it over three times and win the football game you tell me it was three to one and turnovers with l. A. Three to Braley won the Dow many times. Do you get away with them. That's the recipe you want. The best recipe the loser role game yeah. Turn it over thank you. They did that and they still won. One hundred ten million guaranteed right Jared Goff my money yup lots of money so back to quarterback. I love Baker Mayfield old. I'm sorry I got to tell the truth is having a hard time. He's starting to lose a little bit of nerve because he Bolton Fast Komo News. I gotta get out of here. I gotTA get out here. He needed to stand in especially on the goal line and just make one of those rows without looking over his shoulder. It's the Ford downplay. He bolts pockets so fast. I know the play hard off the right. I think yeah I think that's probably a dollar and that was that was ended up being a clay that end up being getting away with the thing is is that sometimes these quarterbacks they look in the bubble instead of stepping up. They look into get outside up that skill once you get outside. Guess what you're doing you telling the defense. Basically I got from the Hash to the side attitude rolling to the every once in a while. We'll talk about Lamar Jackson. You'll get away with a bail out with Obama did you. Did you know you don't make that. You'll go broke doing that. I would agree but Baker. Hey sometimes you gotta you gotTa Take Chops Okay so back to the fourth the nine call the line of scrimmage. I was convinced they were just going to try to draw off-side right and it was a long count and I'm thinking okay. They're not jumping. They're just call timeout. Just call timeout just called Ulsan the bogey now. We'll skip Baker. Baker was debate and I can't believe that idea to call it his boot bag John. You've got to do yeah in the whole offense looked like it had no conviction like you didn't believe the play at all and again. Sometimes you can call a play play and if the playcallers hot and everybody's on fire you'll just make it work. I have seen draw plays work on fourth and long where you completely fool all somebody and I'm going to remind you that defensive front did to my running back the best running back in football in a playoff game policy him they took Zeke out of the Game Iran twenty times for fifty three yards during the big fourth and one that he tried to get early in the fourth quarter. I play the fourth quarter well. They can stuff you so it's the one that it's not. GonNa work against. They're just too solid across the front there. They got cornerstone. I think the thing is like okay. I got a draw play call. All I'm expecting a certain front expecting a certain coverage yeah okay what happened with. They don't give you that front of they. Don't give you that coverage yeah. Most teams will do what I have. Tom Brady gotta a draw yeah. He doesn't like the front of the covers. Tom Brady is gonNA look around he goes. Oh we need something else. Sure okay. I got it so look Baker Fan. Do I mind putting the ball and bakers hand four times to try to throw it into the end zone for a touchdown. I don't I get you. You want to but again to me. That's an easy second guess because it didn't work but the third downplay is the critical play and he throws it to that big six seven tied. He got it up. It was a nice throat. It's up in his hands where you could get it. Unfortunately the rams around that rap. He got his hand up his face right octave away and by the way that Guy's bounced around the league so he's not the best but earlier he did he did in yet. Baker said I screwed up that play because he had Jarvis on across any drag yeah and and he could hit Jarvis. I don't know but you but you but you know what's the. Here's the you make your mind where you're going with the football developed. He knew what what he wanted to do and it was a good idea and it was his well executed. The Rams just made a better place. Look the same situation. Jared Goff had the same play with Cooper Cook who Google drive why he'd ride over yeah but he just lost his guy look yes. I know it would have been a touchdown or if he just looks under newly when you eat. He made up his mind when you're under fire the whole game and you're seeing ghosts. Yes you're just saying I'm going to lock in and I'm GonNA throw to him. No matter what in it almost worked in stitcher one into you know who does a lot of that Jerry Goff those pigs that's true. He made his mind up. Even schober turned turned hurt and read with the routes. I'm pulling the ball. Do you need a backer wheel and run with deal. Throw it. He did so wanted to Baker saying no reason to panic yet but they're scheduled doesn't get a lot easier back end so certain if they gave it up. Give it up so much grouse yeah hey guys. This is Jenny Taft and I have a quick message for you about Neum. Some people think that all diet and weight loss plans are the same but that's because they haven't tried num. Num is a new totally different approach to losing weight and getting healthy that uses psychology edgy and small goals to help you change your habits making it easy to lose the weight and keep it off for good neum combines the power of technology with Real L. Human support offering as little or as much help as you want along the way and since neum is an APP. It's always with you and easy to use which which makes it super easy to stay on track and reach your goals. It's just as simple to get started. Just go online answer a few questions and they'll create a personalized personalized program just for you. Noone can help you lose your old way of thinking about food and dieting. So what do you have to lose visit. NEUM DOT COM slash podcast and O. M. Dot com slash podcast and start your fourteen day trial today. Change Your habits. Change your mind change for good with the Daniel. Jones era is off to a great start for the giants. The six overall draft pick led his team on an eighteen point comeback and passed for three hundred thirty six yards and two touchdowns. Jones rushed for two touchdowns as well. Look good doing it. The comeback was also made without Saquon Barkley who left the game in the second quarter due to an ankle injury so shannon to disprove that everyone was wrong about Daniel. No Hell No. I'm not jumping to conclusion for one game and gets a bad team. Tampa terrible. They got one win but Tampa of the terrible football team so I'm not jumping to collusion. Danny Jones had one game in his college career like this which has for three hundred yards two touchdowns passing and two touchdowns rushing so no. I'm not jumping to conclusion Leslie Isley. I'm going to hold up but let me tell you what I will do once they get tape on him because they were all looking at it in the preseason. This is what I'm telling about the preseason from a guy that played in the preseason a lot the offense and defense. They're Nila because I'm not GonNa try to show you. I'm not trying to give you any secrets. Would you pick up any tendencies of something that I might run against someone. In the regular season skill so moving forward they have tape on Daniel Jones he the little bit more athletic than maybe they gave him credit for that lasts. It looked like they were playing twenty two man which was way across the board man to coverage. He hit a crease. Nobody's there now the ocean opened. We must be careful. We run this coverage because that's a covered you run against manning because he loves manning isn't going anywhere. That's covered you. Give guys that are not mobile. You can run that covered but you'd never run that. Coverage against column never read that Lamar Jackson would rush for three thousand yards in a game if you ran that cover gives him so no. I'm not jumping to conclusion he. He had a big game. Do I believe manning could have done this absolutely not because a lot of the time they were the pressure came he was able to get out of harm's way with his legs and and his arm look like it's more livelier than what our meals at this juncture last re agreed so they made the right decision but I'm not GonNa just like Oh yeah they he got the guy. That's the guy right there. No I'm not ready to do that nor am I but I am ready to say congratulations on a tremendous spectacular hackler opening performance of your career because he lost saquon second quarter. Yes lost him. He didn't have the guy you call the best running back and football and that's Schachter he can that's one guy he's bringing quarterback in really because he doesn't he lead the league in sacks. I'm sure yeah because he what's going with the Broncos Argos. Get on the field because you play my on all right so I'm not ready to be sold because I think that Daniel Jones Jones fell into the perfect spot you talk about expectations dooming players dooming teams he he actually had no experts he he went from a way too high pick and everybody's estimation to we expect nothing of him because he's not very good but again a. and just tell you what I saw. I watched two games last year because I was watching the other team and he just didn't leap to me. He didn't jump off my screen gene and I know his record was seventeen and nineteen at Duke but I didn't usually you can see a kid has some potential play in the league because the way moves because of velocity. I just saw your basic seventh-round choice who might make it as a backup one day in the league and again. I'm going to give you this. Yes he's he measured six five and eight so he's taller than you think he's to twenty one and he ran a four eight forty at the combine will at that at that hi the four eighths pretty good gotta measurable. Okay six five to twenty eight you can put weight on so he'll be end up being around two forty prototypical. Okoye talkback pass and he can move enough to get out of harm's way. Yes and he's got a nice arm. I do not think he's got a cannon note. He's got a nice all right and yet so so far he fell into a situation where his coaching staff is doing everything in its power to make him succeed because if he doesn't they don't because they all Shurmur and gentlemen the GM they his Basque and if he busts they bust gone so they're going to prop him up in every every way they can and they've done a really nice job of putting him in the perfect position to succeed at this stage of his career so I give you all of that but I'm also going to remind you. He lost three fumbles in the preseason he was in for four snaps against my cowboys in the open and lost another one and yesterday three more fumbles so so ball security and you know that market art is all of a sudden everything's GonNa Swings from we despise you do because we despise Shurmur and Gilman for picking you. You're a nice guy and now you're the toast of the town yeah right. Let's see how he can handle that. He seems like a great a kid. He's been able to shrug off all the criticism so far. The Baker Mayfield shot so far. Let's see what happens when as you say people game plan and he has an off game because he will have an off game because they're not good enough to back him up when they start playing better competition. That's what's going to happen. It's a shank away from probably not even doing this story. I mean I mean tap did everything they could to get missed it. From thirty four yards Bruce Arians he better. He took a delay to push him back because he thought he'd be a little better a little farther from the UPRIGHTS. Sometimes you can get so close that it's like a weird angle in the distance. Get cut down in the opening up the pass just don't because I wanted to go to shoot three. You WanNa chat dunk or you want to. Steph Curry three-point report shot Stephanie the greatest long range shooters killed but I'm taking the sagged. Oh skip get take take the basically chip shop. Push the guy back for what I don't know because it's more of an extra point links now. I don't know of any right on schedule. He just flat leaves it right. Yes it wouldn't even ashamed he just missed instant run to me and yet james had had thrown a horrendous interception earlier that got them to kept the door open and in Janus James finally hit Mike Evans with a deep ball that I thought James could've put a little more air underneath because he had a step on your man Jack Rabbit Project. They're killing VICUNA. What have lost his job. Everybody go extinct yeah. He was messing with the handcuffs accidentally yeah yeah he got him. They've been doing a number jackrabbit lately. Oh I got to give Daniel Jones this because if you look at the history through the giants when eighteen or more points that they hadn't come back since nineteen forty nine it was fifty eighth straight game so he did that and from from eighteen down at Tampa. That's that's skip doing on the road. That was the most impressive thing about eighteen obviously a lot of points but to do it on the road in the hostile inbound about. I don't know if it will cost. I mean it's not like they said it's not like this to o two bucks at that he was going up against in the crowd going rockets but look give him credit skip. They won the game he played will a win would offer in the second half. He threw for three hundred and three touchdown in Eli had never done that in his career a half so what a start but you know what happens member camps. I two games when he threw four hundred plus now. This poor kid might have just said his bar way too high exactly Yep. I mean only got only got to the ball high and maintain that they can homeboy really yeah you'd be able to last game in Denver he for lie I to eighty and he gives came out next year and pick right away. Lift up this. You really only want Dodoma. Homeboy Dak Prescott sit there the first year he went thirteen and three and he just keeps moving that bar up deck held accountable Mahal Board skip who has better record over the last thirteen games. Oh Oh boy or my guy I think my guy does sorry guys record my guys one thousand four thirteen my guys sixteen to four inches in in twenty games in the last thirteen eleven to Dak Prescott. I love home. It's about talking about the MVP yeah. I'll give you can you say Lombardi though he will have a Marlo will. We'll have both of them. Both really let you pick the eagles. No no no I got. I got Home Hobo to win the championship game home. Let them both you think waiver from Biggs Eagles. Sometimes you'll get into the river the whole Oh book deal really and they're going to win it all all done. D- All about you know that team up and Foxborough. They still look pretty good to me right. uh-huh Dak Prescott had nearly two hundred fifty yards passing and two touchdowns in the cowboys easy thirty one to six win over the dolphins yesterday on the ground. Dallas ran rampant Ezekiel Elliott Tony Pollard both racked up over one hundred yards and averaged seven yards per mccarey. The cowboys are now three now and sit alone unease and we're joined by former all pro cornerback here career highlights. Wow you know what I was. GonNa give you. How about them. Cowboys head meet. Nobody Alabama cowboys ain't nobody so we're saying overrated. I'm saying overrated not and the reason why I'm saying overrated. They haven't played anybody. Nobody nope the east team has been that it'd be the on the five hundred you know who they beat the Miami. Dolphins as tanking they scored sixteen points and three they did not well. They weren't tanking yesterday in the first half worth it. I guess they were the Washington askins played against case keenum. We we know how that goes case. keenum would just there. We're not talking about the ally the allowed method okay allow the pick city okay. You're going to give you whatever you want. No I'm just trying to figure only bright spot that is that right now and he's proved me wrong four hundred three games that because I'll say he's been accurate. He's entitled something that he hasn't been doing. I mean is who was he planning secondary. Okay just say like new movies. Come out and they show you the trailer and they've whether they say skip. The movie has not yet been rated but this movie has been rated. This is overrated really and I keep telling you this clever report. We should just go to commercial off. I got nothing I've never seen someone get so excited excited about his team being three and it'd be the bunch of nobody give you know. The dolphins aren't any good. Let's let us think is get big score ten zero role in six an NFL team scored didn't score again be a shame finish the case keenum case Keenum Hill battle you he'll he's eighteen and none of them made the playoffs that he's battling. Wait a second the news now I think there's this thing called the Minnesota miracle if you if you WanNa take and they had wouldn't have historically great defense we are never seen anybody hold someone to third downs like the Hilton in the history of the game so if you go to nick foles is even better than I thought he was about a team. Your team is playing in the giants. You Know Eli wasn't any good at this point of his career. The giants defense all about Apple. Maybe Dragic revelatory Jat Reverend Wright Rodney Peete all upset about no more killing jack on it unaffordable sugarcane Zagreb. Oh you don't skill you happy like play. WHO's on your schedule doesn't NFL team but the teams they're beat. They haven't been very good. We'll see as the season starts darst regrets and we'll see but we got a case of a matter of fact. I want to cases on what I want to cases on Sunday night. Okay got it to cases. I Got Dallas straight up aw man you're already. I gave you out gotta. Give you the point. What are you talking about your accepted. I just said straight up. I'd love to cases you on two or three hundred three two okay two okay and I will. We'll take Green Bay on Thursday nights. Will you love you some Carson. wentz everybody points. I'll give you any points on that. You love the you said. They're still gonNA win these so you're the hall of Famer. I gotTa do you becoming in the field would August. I love it that my main crow is just piling. All my cowboys overrated. I love it that my man all the rented. They haven't played anybody to have the handed. Both know what your eyes are telling you. They're really good and they are coming together. Yeah there are taking off and it's not just this year. You have to go back over the last thirteen games dating back to what started at Philadelphia last year in week tin. My quarterback got Amari. Cooper and skyrockets happened. They went eight and two over the last ten last year and now they're up to eleven into an over that stretch that's the best record in the National Football League and they definitely played some teams down the stretch last year and they did beat beat. Seattle and a playoff game and they came pretty close to beating the rams here who until thirty June twenty two and by the way did play the best against that. Ram Defense that you've seen in quite a while because Tom Brady struggled Baker Mayfield last night struggled against that defense and Mike my quarterback had a QBR of eighty four in that game which is really really good because he needs some really good things against a really tough defense and my quarterback threw three games plan quote unquote. Nobody the quarterback who cannot throw says this man who is inaccurate leads the League to hold National Football League in Q. Be All turned uh-huh and over the second half so the first three games this year by quarterback is twenty nine or thirty two that good twenty nine or thirty that's ninety one percent which of course leads all quarterbacks and second half so far this year and he's thrown for an average yards per pass attempt a fourteen yards like he's dinking DAX. Is this guy but but that's not what I'm seeing. I'm seeing bombs away. I'm seeing Kellen Moore. Just take the wraps off and here we go and they did not have their second best and sometimes their first best receiver Michael Gallup yesterday hoping they'll get him back. Maybe not for Sunday night at New Orleans but for Aaron Rodgers there's visit which is a week from Sunday. I got you on that one in my defense it hasn't been great so far except on third down and again they haven't played anybody say both of you have to choose scare through. ooh anybody. England Leeds in third down conversions. We're not really not we cowboys. It's New England played in only Miami right right so my defenses allowed the third fewest conversions on third down because they ain't nobody all right yeah yeah and again. Can they rush the passer not sure about that. They got little. They got after Josh Rosen second-half yesterday. Maybe they started rich and fire. Maybe they're gonNA get after Teddy Bridgewater life crazy and all I know is I got three cases of Diet do and I got Dal's straight up on Sunday night. At New Orleans wants and I love it well. I'm going to three two okay two cases because my team is loaded and my team has the best leader in football as a playmaker. My guy just keeps making plays. I loved what he did. I don't care if it's Miami. They were in trouble at halftime with Miami. shrove lately completely outplayed them. first-half. Miami should have been had seven or ten points because they Miami and you know what my quarterback came out in the third quarter and goes nine signed for nine for one hundred and thirty seven yards because he just said no more not in my house. I'm done with this. It's over and my team will go as far as my quarterback. We'll take my team and again. Zeke is the best running back and football but he can't play quarterback and by the way there's this little kid named Tony Pollard. I don't know but I told you he was straight up. Legit wasn't the first thing games well again. You have the best running against the dolphins. Okay Mom and get twenty dollars. Aw I view behind it off this boggy twenty our yard a quarter in the fourth got ninety one twenty tell you Tony Pollard play you better. I believe you can play one. Hey he can catch it to watch how they start using. Both of them both watch over much but a weapon. Steve Johnson. He's probably not no problem and he's not a good one. The milk good to one they use it perfectly. Kellen Moore will put in Tony Pollard for series here and there just to get Zeke completely rested up so he can just run it down your throat in the fourth quarter. Yes that's love. Let's give it up but that's that's been the Mo for the entire since he's been there. I've been trying to tell you that I mean you rush for two hundred and fifty yards. You'll quarterback all your quarterback. This got stabbed. Oh stop it. Just stab. quarterback took the game over the third quarter when it was in the balance the balance they should have been down at halftime. You Watch the game gain they. They should have been down Komo now yard line. They recovered an onside. I didn't think they were offsides on missed field goal from forty seven. They should a letter to have time for December seven. I'm sorry sorry I'm sorry. My eye test is telling me really good as told me all out there feeling really good about you can only only beat. Who's on your schedule. What you always tell you the cowboys a really good yeah? What did he tell you about the dolphins again. They got some some pro football players. Vian Howard is as good as you were. He's really good. He's top three in the league. Am I right. No you know if you watched him. Yes Hey latte out. Single cover still single called here. Sorry he is recruited you do not oh you guys have one good year and then all of a sudden. You know to do that at one hundred year. We'll go look at the off season rankings. He's the top three I I don't know football. I don't tell you I think he's really good bill checks favourite Corner Eric Rowe. You don't think he can blow uh-huh checks. So why don't I know you do. Belch blew super bowl starting him. He did the Super Bowl if he's dead is is how Stefan Gilmore who house even how Stefan Gilmore now but I'd say he's the best right now. He's like the best defensive player in football right now. I'll take him over ninety nine of the Ram. Any Day forced tonio someone about the schedule but you know we're just GONNA have to keep trying around here. Mahomes and Lamar Jackson Jackson did not disappoint Sunday mahomes had nearly four hundred yards passing and three touchdowns Lamar at two hundred sixty seven yards through the air with another forty six on the ground with a rushing touchdown. The Ravens made a late push but it just wasn't enough as the chiefs on to win thirty three to twenty eight. We are now adjoined by Fox. NFL analyst Michael Vick Good Morning Busy Sunday for you guys yesterday. Now you've been a mentor for to Lamar Jackson for awhile now a couple of years now so was this game simply a matter of Mahomes outplaying him. It was a matter of homes out plan and and his wife I mean the second quarter explosion in which Patrick just did things that just went over our head. I think he probably hit you know five or six different receivers within within a span in and plays that you know some place we thought the play was over Patrick Mahomes and firm to go out and throw for three hundred yards and three touchdowns does he won the battle in the passing game and I thought that's where the game will be one. arrowhead is a tough place to play in A. Lamar head his opportunities to to make plays in that game eh overthrows accurate at times and just didn't do enough in the passing game and I knew that's what it will come down to but Patrick Mahomes he he he just continues to impress and shows the mastery of what he's doing and Andy Rees offense and this marriage between them. Tool is something that we might as well get used to two. Things are not going to change this. Guy's history is releasing. I love what he's doing and you know who's who's GonNa come into Arrowhead ahead and beat them besides the New England patriots that is good question New England. We'll go to have opportunity to do that. Are you going to. That's going to them about in in January anywhere everywhere that matter. We're going yeah why you say that. We don't know we'll see you can do it. Their hands bonds borough. We can do it department do a cornfield now. We meet the depressed really yeah but it's going down losing the corn skill the his simple homeboys on another level yeah absolutely. I don't think you'll find any you won't find any football person to say. There's a guy playing better football than Patrick Hatrick homeboy the first guy. NFL history to have three consecutive games in which he throws three fifty plus three touchdowns zero interceptions sex is not to start a season point times during the season so you go back off hundred hundred year anniversary got one hundred little debbie. Nobody's doing what he's doing a might go back to back. Jack really the widow Lombardi and went on Willow Bart Bay. Let's put you like seventy. Two seventy. Two percent completion can interest you in that about four four hundred yards a game ten twelve zero peaks yeah. That's what we are in three games. that what we are three games gambling right you know. I don't pay over six thousand. I remember you loving him. Before the draft. Somebody jumped on the bandwagon belatedly girlfr- If I met a by how really we had him on the show to grow come to come to find our booed off about three or four years jam come on that Buddha. Just Lamar outplayed them. If you look at Lamar's number they ended up being really well but a lot of that happened in the fourth quarter skip when the game Kinda got out of hand and he was able to kind of freelance a little right but Michael Mitchell something very early skip before you go that second quarter you remember what he did to the Oakland. Raiders talk dropped Zillow's what he did to them dropped twenty plus on the Baltimore. You gotta be careful because they can hit you with flurry at any given moment yeah and open the game that is correct correct so I agree with both of your assessments and I thought yours was very objective about our young men that I know you really love because he's he's a good kid. He's got ability and he's got a great future ahead of him but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time yesterday. In Kansas City's defense is a little better tyron. Matthew is all over the field because he always has been all over. The field gets his hands on balls because he's got good or knows for the footballs I've ever yes. He just around messing messing stuff up. He always gets gets around. He'll he'll see where you're going to throw it before. You even know you're gonNA throw it there. But what I saw yesterday is Patrick. Mahomes has obviously the green light in pro football. It's just like Andy loves. Andy wants him to win. MVP's obviously you'd like him to win Lombardi but he he can try anything at any moment and feel really good about it. Feels supremely confident in Lamar had to play yesterday with the yellow light a caution light because you don't want to turn the ball over there real just all hell breaks loose. Guess what I loved it. He did not turn the ball over. They didn't turn the ball over one time. Did it keep them in the game. No because the game wasn't as close as the final score to me because it never felt to me like they were in the game and Lamar Lamar did some good things into your point. He had twenty one incompletions. That's just too many you just can't you gotta hit a few more of those rose with more accurate throws. He tries to do too much and again. He's trying to run with the football. He ran very effectively. They had two hundred yards rushing Russia. Is that what happens is is that because they take you out of that running game because it would you behind by say you run out the clock trying to catch up and that's what I wanted to see. I wanted to see how their offense will look trying to live from behind play from behind. I was very interested to see how that would how that will play out and I don't think it gives off minutes designed to come from behind so let I think this'll be a learning lesson for them. Look if we get behind the only points then listen. We got to open it up and do some things can't be too much more to RPO tightening. He has a new game-breaker from University of Oklahoma named Hollywood Brown who scored some teams before but yesterday day he threw him nine balls in Hollywood to for forty nine which wasn't enough impact missed a couple times and again. That's the game-breaker breaker match mahomes small fleet remember Earl Earl Thomas he take away those those big play he can't unless unless you got to Earl Thomas but the thing on the plate harmon he's in the middle of the field it just that he's like three stuff too late and when Marvin catches the ball. UCI thicke wiki accelerator like he left early or runs okay but that didn't care what was impressive was Baltimore's. Defense is really good and Patrick made him look for nine on third down five. You put five hundred yards on that. Defense Kim you've done something and they only only had the ball a little a little over twenty seven minutes just imagine if if that defense ever force turnovers. Bacon Force you to turn it over and you give them a whole astray with to There's no telling what is numbers. GonNa League is in trouble with this kid and I got a boy for years. More credit bows here because because there's no tyreek yesterday they didn't have Damian Williams and other Oklahoma kid who was their best running back to me but they didn't have him yesterday and they didn't have the left left tackle Eric Visual okay and still that happened. I don't know what thirty four thinking about any joke because he ran out of bounds and they got it helps to save that tantamount now and you should hear that clip talking with Shaw Labyrinth over there doing what are you doing. Would you see this year. Everybody's football's third down on third and they were they. Do they know hand off to make them. You know homeboy did this first down. Um really we know Andy Reid offense and yet you better. That's patching so successful. I don't know how this is. Patrick mahomes still still trails. Dak Prescott and QBR threes because it'd be Kinda cute our love quarterbacks that run that gotta run into data love him it just takes into account that they can run but y y run back and get throwing the ball in the UK and run in that but if you go twenty nine more local QBR's skyrock he's two hundred yards clear passing than anybody passing touchdown than anybody. That's that's all I know my guys ninety four three games and your guys ninety-one wow what about the potential. MVP candidate Mike Okay. Did they act. They won't get a vote about being unanimous really about to be unanimous. Call it off and declared over right now. We can do to be in the club how you don't see what to do. You have a special hall of fame ceremony this. Maybe maybe win. Inducted already Croatia on Friday a day the Patriots cut Antonio Brown after the receiver sent threatening text messages to one of his accusers round with the Patriots lasted just over one week and he played in only one game after being released. Ab tweeted that he will not play in the NFL anymore and has reportedly filed a grievance against the Patriots so Michael. What would your advice be right now. At this point to Antonio Brown just walk away from the gang. No get away from it now. GotTa take a step back and look at things for what they are. These personal issues and personal issues will always override football and in some cases. You have no no one else to blame but yourself you know when I went through my issues. I wanted to point the finger at a lot of people and I was you know I was disgruntled. I was upset and yeah you can get into that mode and then you started five good things. Social media wasn't around back then writing you know but now that's the world we live in from dealing with and sometimes it can just it can cost things implode so did it help you to be forced to get away from helped me to before it helped me to get away from the game you know and I was still a fan and I still love football that that'll never die in this heart and it it it it it. Wouldn't you know in my heart at that given time. I knew I wanted to play again but I didn't know if I will ever play again so I was prepared to deal with. The high became right but you know this is a personal personal matter that needs to be taken care of. We need to be taken into consideration very I seriously and I I was on the. I just walk away from the game right now. He needs to find someone to be honest with you when you were when you were dealing thing with your thing. I'm GONNA give them a call. How many doubt good Mike when you were going through what she was going through. How many of your homeboys told you what you needed to know. Instead of what you wanted not here very few. That's his problem very few you see for me and I've been I've been very fortunate that even though skip muscles didn't have a job since nineteen eighty five my brother not taking care of blue five say something if I do something wrong she say Shannon. You know I love you but you're wrong. My brother Said Abra that in the right way to do it my homeboys homeboy. Hey I ride which but you're wrong in this occasion. Give that's what you I need Yup. What good what good if you're going to cosign every everything that I do you cosign what that's not a friend and that's what happened with. Ab Ab is looking for someone to blame for his misteps AB. You'd do the Walkin. You can control the behavior that you're exhibiting. You didn't have to miss practice in Pittsburgh Yeah. You didn't have the walk throughs. You didn't have to take the approach that you did. We we're not even talking about. The things man skit for the most part. You and I have not even touched on Miss Taylor's situation because we don't know anymore than anybody else. That's going to be a Judicata at a time and a place. Please let that work out okay but it's true. You thought it'd be a good idea to send those kind of messages do to include a group chat. Someone that you thought might have said something about you or you think is lying about you. You thought that would be a good idea and not one of your home was the whole of wait. Wait wait. Let's let's let's think about this. Let's I think about the ramifications. What's going to come about Jacqueline. Bake about how this is going to look. She said this you do that. People are already the people are GonNa say you try intimidator. Are you threatening. Did that ever. Did that. Not Cross your mind but it's my fault is Ben. burgers pulse is Mr Crass Ball and not one point in time. ABC's you know what is my father is. Practice is my fault. I miss walk through where where your homeboys you'd have one home but you laid up in house Dingo to practice. Not One home was a pro what you're doing scale. I was talking to me warrants out on the on the show and I like sat brute. have any you guys ever just laid up at home. If they you know go to practice Sean I'm sitting in the two million dollar house. I've got an Olympic sized. Everything roles range the Near and how and how I got this is where I need to be and I said No. I ain't going there and it's like their skill. Who thinks like everything that you think about this. What if they'd be going to do this. Go make thirteen fourteen million dollars a year. What can you do and the very thing I don't get that provides the opportunity for all that rises hotel toll side everything in the house and the Big House at Fort Lauderdale is because you go the brightest bright isn't because you play and you say I ain't going to date and how somehow is my poor for pointed out what I say skip. Don't get mad at you. Get Mad at the weather. Don't get mad at the Weatherman to tell you that is rated Halpea mad at the rain. Don't get mad at me. 'cause I tell you it's raining outside. Indefinitely anger is give everybody tells him that he's wrong. Is Your fault my fault because I'm acting up. I'M GONNA say this one more time about this. Man Michael Vick said it before it again because it applies right now. I despise what you did what you had to pay for but in my career I've never had more respect for a professional athlete bouncing back from hitting bottom than I have had for this man man because I believe I've been around enough to draw this conclusion. I believe he's a good man up who went down the wrong path surrounded by the wrong people in listen into the wrong people and he paid dearly for what he did dearly and he came back and he didn't just play well. He played great and he he redeemed himself in many ways and he's now on a successful career arc. I have the utmost respect for that. Koska in it's it's a powerful statement of what you've done to what Antonio and again. We're not talking about a crime over here with Antonio Right. We're talking about a lot of bad behavior behavior. That's led to him being on the thinnest of ice with this whole league right to the point that he's in danger of not being able to play again. I think that's in in play right now probably not but but for the rest of this year I think he's going to be forced to take a hard look inside himself because I don't think anybody's going to touch him and others as you say radioactive toxic. It's just too much. There's too much on the table right now. The NFL's made it very clear they are still investigating. We don't don't know how it's all going to play out but I'm pretty sure it's not gonNA play out well for him for the rest of this football season whether he plays next year's up for grabs. I don't know but the point is I just hope Antonio who has a good side to him. I've been around him a number of times. Do He has a good side. He's got a great smile. He's got great charisma wants. He just gone over the edge into I am bulletproof. I can do above your rules. I I can do whatever I wanna do and you know that feeling from the battle days in I just hope he doesn't wake up in ten years or twenty years and say what was I thinking. Look how much I threw away his his man. He's not just good what he doesn't have Michael Vick. That's going to happen look regardless of how this all plays what he plays next year from now. He's GonNa wake up and say what did I do because still to this day. I wake up saying what did I do. Why did I do that why it makes to make those decisions and so you understand that Chew Office for your own actions activists cod you understand that that's the only way you're gonna be able to move forward in life and to Shannon's point. I have people around me after I went through what I went through to help me. I had to listen. I was a different person united to be more conscious of my around us. You need somebody to push whether it's a friend. You know whether it's a coach whether it's a father figure somebody other than that. You are going to go down to continue to go down the same unpack forty million that forty million dollars left volume table all you have to have you know what GM will give. Have you forty million dollars. All you gotta do is just keep. Just just behave beat. No no you ain't gotta be hey act professional professional edis. You do your job. That's all you gotta do. That's ask you to do anything outside. The purview of what you would normally do any job is at profession. Shen and he's like Nah. I'm doing my way. Ab unless you only team unless he got to three billion dollars 'cause the last team to just so. We're for about two or three billion dollar now. Let's get some money and you and I don't know about you always going to have to do some. Someone who's GonNa tell you what to do so broad that thought out your mind and everybody l. from me. I'd Never WanNa own a business because I don't have that kind of time. I I'm good coach okay with you know when I took the job is like you know what time what time do I need to get up. Is it will call time. Probably there'll be four o'clock. I'd say I'd be there. Three were demand. It'd be here Blah okay. I'm up at four o'clock back. I'm professional. I'm not when you're paying. What are you paying that kind of money at Aby. Do you want. Do you understand the skill you leave the steelers angrily you try to steal the rate has been back before you you try them. You did the New England patriots. Throw your lifeline drowning. They save you. You trash them. So what about the other teams. Don't screw it up for the next generation to come behind you. There's a good point what you got to understand listen. Isn't that why we're has some significant meaning. That's why we don't guarantee money my yeah absolutely. I Love Antonio and I wish nothing but the best for him moving forward but think about the guys is coming behind you. You know think about the kids that you have to motivate. NBA Inspiration to the lasting effect turn this around make this a positive have of you can't after the personal issues are resolved still think about someone other than maybe because for the last decade that's that's what it's all about when you say forty million dollars and you do that that gave me kind of chills just to think of Louis just the time machine Michael bigger spirit with all the way you look through the big. Thank you always for joining us. L. Murray completed more than two thirds of Louis passes and threw for two touchdowns but the good news stop there for the rookie. quarterback. Murray was sacked eight times eight and was only able to pass for one hundred seventy three yards off his thirty completions. It's the fewest yards at a quarterback has ever passed for at least thirty completions in a game so not sure those numbers Bursar Shannon. How concerned are you after that performance from learn how I gotta go revolutionized. The game who said the five foot five quarterback returned a little bit that was okay quarter known order noise true five ten to five nine and a half. They should be concerned scale for the simple fact. Is this the problem that I thought he would face all year. He left the best offensive line in college and went to the worst offense of landing in fail. You can skip. He got sick eighteen times fourteen games last year. He's been sacked sixteen times times in three games this year. It's a good note and gave you that one day Stephen. We'd be we do it to working yesterday. Pull the double duty everything yeah we do. We do print out all the time and I felt skill early on. This is the problem that he was. GonNa face. You're not gonna be able to see what the guy could really do until you get allow offensive line. That can protect now told you what was going to happen what happened. Nia is that the second game of the preseason they played the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland raiders used them all like almost every passing down and what we're starting to see now if teams blitz and more every passing down a cliff king's mercy said well. He's been small all his life well. When you small you don't? WanNa take those blows. He goes down relatively easy because he don't WanNa take that he don't want to take that. Punishment can't douse okay but that's that's. My point skill is that they're going to blitz him. The only thing okay that guy could really run fast but you know what the NFL's teams do. They have different player that can really run. Also those guys on the other side are more athletic than the guys on the offense. You know why because the cornerback Julio Jones running for three he got to do it back up. That's why I got out of the League early. No all those guys killed. That's what makes the defense guys. They're normally more athletic than the offensive guys because because they gotta do what a guy doing naturally going forward. They gotta do it going back. Okay so conclusion. He's a boss. No no no no. He's going to struggle well dish year until they put him in a situation where he can get protected you see he wants to escape the pocket but they're doing a great job. If you notice how they lived him they've listened from the outside. Ah because they want to force him back up into the land. They're not letting him get us out because he could get now. There's no question about that and guys that are scary could really run. Might rampage may give me. They're going to really do something bad to put this four three on them. They tried to keep them in the pockets kept me because these small gains lanes to throw through so they forced him into into the pocket and Boom Ba ca left a pocket on him but he's going to struggle this year until they get an offensive line that can protect this. We're not going to see just how good he is or is it until that day happen. He's learning on the job like I said we wanted and you know. It's not going to get any easier for college. No the most important when things for cliff Kingsbury to figure out you know what style of offense do we We put it on moving forward. you know as is growing pains the defenses are not going to get any easier more athletic they're. GonNa come with the blitz game because in week two in our preseason game came after after one preseason where he has some some success yup we anxious to see how he would handle it and it wasn't good so they'll beat the blitz ever times. I I still think he had a productive game yesterday. Passing the football he just didn't do enough and that enough has to come sooner than later because you know these. This is not going to get any easy easy like I said but everything is checked down. He pushing the ball. I mean you Birdie. I mean thirty completions for one hundred seventy three yards so he threw I mean it was a lot of drinking and Dunkin. So what's your feeling so far. You seem three sample silence. I want to see the next three games all right okay and see how they make adjustments. Smith after the first three so you're not sold on him as an NFL quarterback I'm sold on them as NFL quarterback because the first two weeks he did throw over three hundred yards. Carolina's defense is no slouch so so they brung a little pressure and they they made it difficult for him. what I WANNA get through the season and then take a look back. I say we see the second season. K. is always a season where you can give a guy fair share vase where he goes so Mr Sharp yes. Yes I remind you peyton manning started rookie and led the national football league interception heck. Yes and I remind you that as this man just suggested that column Marie in the opening game against Detroit proven to be a pretty good team right one at philly yesterday beating the chargers right at home against Detroit he brought brought them back. They roared back thanks to Collar Murray in the fourth quarter and went all the way to overtime and wound up a tie and he played exceptionally well in that game then in week two to he went to Lamar Jackson and they were thirteen point underdogs and they hung in that game because Kyle really lit up in the fourth quarter and kept them barely afloat in that a game and it took Lamar Heating Hollywood Brown with an exceptional rainbow throw in that game and keep cuyler at bay so what happened yesterday. Kylo took the ball the first time and he completed seven eight passes including a touchdown pass any ran three times for twenty eight yards. He looked pretty good to me. He looked like he could actually early play in the National Football League and that was pretty much the end of him yesterday except for a throw that he made near the end of the half and if we have that we could see you you got it. I don't know I call for so much that I'm not sure we have this is just a Christian Kirk is that a short pass caught that ball ed hands. That's money throw that a dinkum don't throw it and catches in channel. Oughta he wanted me to wear so that helped his stats a little bit of Christian Kirk and that's the guy was throwing all day long through twelve balls and he caught ten kind of but he dropped that one okay can this little man throw the US's policy of a big enough to make it in the national football league. Yep is arms much bigger than Eh. What you're what you're seeing skill okay that you mentioned against the Lions. It was the fourth quarter what you saw against Baltimore. It was the fourth it was situations where where teams are playing lacks. They said we're not gonNA give you a big plays in so he hits hits there in the game in early on when you got to make plays early on teams like okay. We'll come get you. We got time to make up. We don't see that okay but yesterday in the fourth quarter he tried to get it going and could not like get it going in who tried a couple of throws that were bad ideas and that Dante Jackson words a second round pick out of Lsu got him twice and on the other side side of the ball kyle and he's just lighten it up. Lighten up the airs. I WanNa see I wanNA see Cala. Comparison wins and I will retry. One of my statements ideas say year two was the year when you find out what your quarterback has well Lamar Jackson Sodas last year in his rookie year that you can't be okay to write a rookie season and then I go back to Matt Ryan so flaco as rookies. I think they both made the playoffs so the standard has been set really really high but the the different kind of Joe Flacco land where would arguably the best defense in in a field at the time rain well. Matt Ryan's defense was Sosa was so so but he's still made the bright and I think the thing is is that he's he's look look when you the number one overall pick. What did they tell you you were to abandon rented really bad team and the office of line is this is what I don't understand. Is that instead of okay you took collar number one the second third fourth picture B. Linemen. You'll get received within DB go to you guys got to build around him. You Bill You. Protect the Guy Okay and just for the record. The new head coach got fired at Texas Tech Twenty six thirty thirty. I WanNa see what what what what cliffs go to. That's lifts your about it. It's not a whole lot of you know what we don't show a whole lot of Reza the going to unveil it. I'm waiting for offense yeah. I'll be waiting for three weeks unveil offense still look to you it in two fourth fourth quarters and re random. West school system for years office is completely different so cliff. Kingsbury has just skip bayless. Why different ever televised different seahawks next week? We'll get him baby. Okay Okay Michael. Thank you for joining us this. Though the lack of drew brees it did not seem to be an issue for the Saints Sean Payton opted to go with Teddy Bridgewater quarterback and his two touchdown passes enough for New Orleans to hold off the Seahawks yes yesterday thirty three to twenty seven the saints Costa the cowboys this Sunday nights and that's a good one shannon. How difficult will it be for the cowboys to win at New Orleans. What is going to be tough schedule. New Orleans is very very took place to play. We know what the Mercedes Benz. Don't we know what that building represents They get route out up to spur their team on this. WILL WE DALLAS I test this isn't a drew brees test but the Celtics the sub you know nice life fill in your knife billing notice. I mean they look this gang that they want and Seattle was not as close as the score would indicate because of thirty three fourteen with three minutes left twenty seven to seven mid way third. Yes so Seattle to to garbage time I the last three minutes of the ball the game the mega mega look respectable but it wasn't skilled you know they got one hundred fifty seven yard found to drive okay Seattle. New Orleans played unbelievable. This was the best game that I've seen them. Play dust far less. You know what they're capable of. It is GonNa take this kind of Herculean effort because the cowboys are formidable especially in unplayed quarterback who can't throw. They have a very very good offensive line. They have a running back. I believe right now now saquon running back and put out by it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it doesn't matter so we already got. We already got. We already got what we got on his game so just so you know what's going down. I don't know what went down yesterday and Seattle because the harder I look at the box score. The more misleading against Seattle went up with five hundred and fifteen yards to teddy bridgewater to sixty four hundred and fifty seven came in garbage time. Didn't they just tell you that so Russell Wilson threw for four hundred and six yards and teddy threw for one seventy seven but guess what New Orleans returned a punt fifty three yards three touchdown in New Orleans returned a fumble thirty three yards four touchdowns and all of a sudden it just tilted the scoreboard in favor of the Thomas. Now you always tell me there are three phases on a football game. There's office deepest especial team and now you want to disregard the defense in the special teams and my correct you say the win win the world horror pig off walk into. Oh you you you have a problem with them exactly at but they come in and get to hear boom. Come Sunday night energy that you got right now and need that Monday morning. This was overrated a window. Yes it was because that defense was getting shredded by Russell. Wilson a lot of defense fences got Russell Wilson Russell. We get to play the New Orleans. Defense ride is the same defense. They going to bring a new. Maybe they keep their better players. It doesn't have to worry about is that y'all don't have rousselet quarterback Russell Wilson. Oh we got the leading. QBR quarterback in all pro football going to New Orleans against that and I thought it was pretty good but it didn't play very well yesterday and they got away by stealing one in all of those guys. Seattle has gone to sue but once who said we're to a third one of the thirty second and third year with a handoff away from the two times with motel whereas you'll guy being a we're talking about Teddy Bridgewater who had a grand total of sixty two yesterday skill zero one hundred which is okay all of those where you're gonna be going to green screens to be doing. A lot of commercials really seems to be backing them up. Okay okay. I think he's doing just fine. Shrugging dougy soup Campbell's chunky there yeah Calvo Chelsea's brother's Yogurt Lebeau that mattress Etxeberria the most sleep number's at all second half so far in three games twenty nine thirty two that is that accurate wait in a second but he can't throw so my guys simply the most underrated over criticize quarterback. Maybe in the history of this league but here's the thanks go. You played the giants you play Washington. You play Miami Yeah you can do you can blow job in the first half and then come late in the second half when you play better team. Yep I agree yourself yourself behind the eight ball. I might not be down the stretch yeah okay. All I know is checked down Teddy. I'll take tastes got some Tibo in him and I'm just happy that Sean Payton went with check down teddy watched by guy. KGB really all taste KGB ladies. Don't we know his tail yeah that Little Buddha Gordo Damon due to that movie cleaning out but you a clean them out but afford his daddy cage. You lost his poker. You guys did flopped the nut so I I would a tour to one point. Komi Joe Day Cub Sunday night your night is i. Would you know as a matter of fact I'M GONNA call. You Know Oh ed Macauley knowing what the game we have to wait a second. I answer. I'm a forty two cases do have. I called you one not one sometime if I know that you you do you do you slaves beat cases. Do we Gabon it two straight up now. You can't get any confidence in when you can't even give me three little measly point. I mean I you proposed. It and I accept it right now. Breaking news this morning Jaguars quarterback Jalen Ramsey called in sick. Today and woman is practice after reportedly coming down with the Flu Ramsey Ramsey wants to get out of Jacksonville but the team currently has no plans to trade the all pro so shannon. What does this tell you a betty gagging ridiculous but I I can't COSIGN J. Rail now I did was try to call in USA. I wouldn't feel a little world coming. Let's let's take a look at you. They said we got some of that. They get here at Fox at worked Komo Jalen. Go call the at least own show up to work man. Come under the weather and you just have to take a look at. I know you want to get the guy doing too much coal side and all this this and this is what they call the blue flu. That's just say well if you you won't trade me I'll just stay sick sick the whole week and this is after the owner shot con said not only WanNa keep him. I WANNA pay them yeah so so they want to pay him one and I thought maybe he'd get caught up in Ninsu mania right no. I I think the biggest thing is I believe he loves the ownership but but I don't believe he can stand Tom Coughlin. I think that's that's the issue. I think that's the problem. That's what the the the rub of the Crook this argument it. The the problem is is isn't he. Coach Coughlin does not see well. I think Tom read him the riot act and he did not like it and these new kids you gotta be you. GotTa handle with kid gloves mask. That'd be sick forever. I mean how many days get sick just doesn't work that way. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Johnny tapped. Join US again at the same time tomorrow morning nine thirty eastern see you then of of mine.

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