PFL's Donn Davis & Ray Sefo


How do we approach treat fighter in a way that really makes it a fighter? I League fight it has to be pulling he had put five behind him and fucking Bernadette for the best of them you can't be you can't be fucking banking pampering. That was a good fell. GotTa look at pull your own weight. Hey everybody buddy welcome to another episode of Hot box and I'm Evan Britain. I'm Mike Tyson Mike we got a couple of great deaths today really interesting Don Davis and Ray Sappho of the professional fighters league. Thanks for having us the guys you guys have. This is pretty exciting. What you guys have going on so tell everybody what the P._F.? L. Is and what you guys are getting ready to do. Share this is the second season of the Professional Fighters League <hes>. We're we're on E._S._P._N.. Thursday night's prime time the professional fighters league is think of March madness meets Emma may but it's a real meritocracy no promoter no executive decide who's going to win or who's GonNa fight. This is all about the fighters meritocracy and transparency so it's like any other sport football or explain that what do you mean so the fight isn't GonNa say do they go with. I WANNA fight that guy yeah guys make the fight yeah so it in football or basketball right now. Maybe maybe we'd all wish Lebron was in the finals but he lost win the A._F._l.. Seventy two fighters start the season we have six weight classes five men and women. There's twelve fighters in each weight class. They get to fight twice in the regular season. The top eight make the playoffs and it's all more like a tournament will know theology yeah thing is a season like other sports regular season playoffs and championship so if you do the best in the regular season how many for fever yeah eh two fights in the regular season each firefights twice you qualify for the playoffs so the top eight in each weight class make the playoffs so once again like March madness the eight seed. We'll fight the one-seat the seven you wait in between fights the fight to normally there's about forty five days in between fights yeah so you'll fight. The regular season is may through August. You'll fight twice as a fighter. The playoffs are in October. What's interesting about the playoffs the month no you'll you'll fight you know once in May and then once in August if you're a fighter in the regular season okay but here's what you like in Mike? You never did this as a fighter and you did almost everything a fighter the playoffs. Are you have to fight twice and win twice in the same night to make the championship. I've done that environment as a kid in boxing fight three times a day four times a day that's right yeah but in in the in the commission rules an anime fights five rounds of five minutes twenty five minutes so obviously if we had the quarterfinals semifinals forty five days apart and then the championship forty five days part nobody could remember who's fighting or why you'd give up on fan so what we did as quarterfinals semifinals are the same night in each weight class so you'll fight two rounds of five minutes. The winner will go back get re-taped recheck by the Commission M._R._I.. Or X. Ray if you need it you have to get re cleared and come back out and then you'll fight your semi final fight so you have to fight twice win twice over mean Evan Fight Right Evan wins for Evan fucked up now. We can't fight for what happens. Then you know it happened once last year it did Evans not clear to fight and Mike you would take his what I gotTa. Go Get fucked up again. That's highway for a million dollars. Totally different situation totally different for it had only happened. Once last year we had a we had a fighter ROKA's head wasn't cleared couldn't come back and therefore under the rules you know the person who he lost came in now. It's interesting. That's how you have the thought it you know like a tournament style buffet. If I three died today four times a day right championship tournament base you're going to semis quarter semi finals rat east back in the day where there was no rules to too long to the ruling tomorrow look we we started professional fighters league for fans and for fighters and it's pretty simple there's three hundred million may a lot of money out there for everybody yeah fans and they only have one choice watch kind in a U._f._C. or nothing else and if you're a fighter you've only had kind of one choice or two choices maybe ballot or U._F._C. so if you're a fan. This is an alternative for you to watch if you'RE A fighter. This is an alternative place. We have more control and more upside monetarily so you know just like everything we all. Don't wear the same shoes. We all have the same beer. We all don't have the same water. This is just another choice in the marketplace of absolutely how many fighters you guys have ray you WanNa talk that yes so this year <hes> because there's twelve fighters third division and the way classes from one forty five to sixty five which is the weight and then this year we've added a woman's lightweight division and then the woman's lower division. We only have a fight as there so this year. I think it does <hes> a total of sixty eight fighters last year was total of seventy two plus alternates so roughly a band you get crill Cyborg we had heard the she doesn't have a contact with anybody she she's just lots of great fight Pacheco and come back everybody. They can come back here. You're you're you're right but I think Chris Cyborg. I don't think I notice she's on the contractor. You see she still has a contract a matter of fact she has think shelter on the shelf I don't know would you. I mean you know she had a tough loss in the last fight so I think <hes> fighting until unpredictable right you can knock me out right and then you get knocked out with him. He become the grazing coming. I beat Eh. We've seen that happen a million times a lock in more ways to win or lose right because boxing yeah a lot of people and look it back to Chris Cyborg. She's got one more fight and then we saw yesterday and E._s._p._N.. Piano. She said she's going to talk to all organizations. You know probably including the A._F._l.. And so we look forward to anybody WHO's a free agent exploring their options from fighting when I experienced them fighting and this is why I'm very successful. You know what I mean. You have to have the best fighter bath right. You know what I mean. That'd be evenly matched for people to be you know anticipated you know sometimes you watch boxing these guys so mint commits match at the Beth fight fight the best fighter because of promotional grudges between other companies and stuff and so the greatest Beth fight never get a chance to fight each other. You know yeah but look there was something interesting that happened in P._F.. L. Three last week so we have Johnson who was Ted. Oh fighter. He's our only undefeated fighter my and he was four no in the A._F._C.. He left the U._F._C. Because you want. An opportunity to make money for his family is very vulnerable that you wouldn't make enough money. Well you know what happens I. Fight but ask in the P._F.. L. Last week wow so a lot of people said hey how good are the P._F.. L. Fighters well. We just signed our only undefeated U._F._C. Fighter and he has asked kicked in his first outing so back to the depth of great fighters fighters in the world remember fifteen hundred pro anime fighters in the world and we've got fighters from fourteen countries so if people don't think that there aren't great fighters in the N._F._l.. Rather mind come watch what happens. I can guys do this. I don't know maybe because promotional but listen. I'm I'm not trying to be brag it and stuff but this is what I put it in this perspective. This is what my trainer did right. He took me and he said Hey have the best fighter in the world. He's probably fifteen <hes> if you don't believe me somebody beat them. Can you do that. You ultimate fighting. Ima may have the Beth fight. It's almost like putting them on the chopping block boom. He's in the ring somebody they had an can anybody beat Oh yes so are you suggesting as a brilliant marketer that you are that that U._f._C. and Ballatore N._p._F._l.. Each put up some fighters see this nasty brilliant mark yeah well. We we make it better if you beat him. I give you a million bucks. I'll do that the A._F._l.. Put up a fight. I give you a million bucks. That's what my my training the training training we get the best fighters the best if you knock him out. I'll give you a hundred thousand. He's only fifteen if you're not come out and do the men while I'll tell you if people didn't say you were only fighter will now name you head of marketing for <hes> M._M._a.. Global right for all all three organizations but that putting your money where your mouth and we'll see you the best fighter you were if I'm the best fighter that million dollars and he's fighting the way I find this are fighting the way I fight. Nobody in the planning could beat me. I'll take that million. That'd be nothing. It's all tell you what let just just because we're so excited to show here's what we'll sign up for and then you just gotTa Get Dana White at U._F._C. and Scott Coker at Bella tour to sign up for once we get our champions from the two thousand nine hundred and season in the N._F._l.. We'll we'll put up our champions and they could put up their champions and we'll put up a million dollars for each weight class. Let's go hey whoa let's go very go guy and listen matt away. Hey and we'll even the Mike Tyson. uh-huh oh yeah hey listen. That'd be beautiful. I like that as well but listen. Let's let's showcase. Your finest shows what the world have to worry about. This is what the world has to worry about so in this while fans sir watching they can actually go and score points right or score. The fighters score the fight. There's two things very innovative about the P._F.. L. That we've done for fans first of all. We've all gotten used to sing data analytics particularly if you're young you know under thirty love to watch it on your mobile phone so the P._F.. L. Is the first ever wire the cage we call it the smart cage and the data that comes from it we call K. genomics so we put chips in the gloves. It's with the fighters consent and we also got the commission approval approval so this chips relay real time data that we put on the screen so so far what we put on the screen is punch impact how hard that punch land so last week N._p._F._l.. There was a thirty point eight mile an hour punch pretty serious panchen not your kind of punch but you do way more than that but pretty serious anime punch when those light gloves we also display obviously strikes and take downs and coming later this year we have something called the burn which talks about calories and energy output because nobody would believe that an enemy fighter if you do a five round twenty five minute fight more calories burned than an N._B._A.. Athlete in a full forty eight minute game so the kind of things that we'll be showing in terms of analytics super interesting if you're not really an M._a.. Fan But you're sticking ball sport fan gives you context you know what the heck's going on in the fight and obviously later this year as gambling is approved and more states. There's become interesting prop bets on your mobile phone. You could say hey I'm going to bet on what's the hardest punch in this round and you could do that for additional engagement as a fan we should also in the future. Maybe one they put a brain put a rib. Put a harder put a show and showed impact. What impact does when they hit degrade? I heart the shoulder the ribs right idea you know has anyone collected that data. Well we collect Alexa impact now look we collect data and his ray knows we also share it with the individual fighters if they asked to help them train. It'll become available to themselves now. It's only individually available to them themselves and and we just use it obviously for the fan experience and talk ten knockouts in the P. T. O. O. O. streetfighter streetfighter here eh he this came out of nowhere Hawaii but he's a beast o o s ray discovered a ray cooper and he's back this year he lost in the finals. Else was big upset the finals but he's a favorite this year particular fan favourite you know he's just got a huge right hand ray are you in charge of the fighters and picking them and liaison in between the League. Yes that's correct. It's awesome yeah and Mike You love story so this Ray Cooper see on the screen Hawaiian The F. So his dad ray cooper junior lost to jake shields and Golly with fighting yes and Ray Cooper the son saw that when he was eight years old cage side and he came back to avenge his father's loss in that fight ep the Oh motherfucker then a man a young A._B.. The old ass Nigga man so so ray cooper the third beat Jake Shields Shields in retirement too bad guys. Oh No oh fuck. This is the the Sweden <hes> this Washington. Look alike oh so l._S._I.. So size and assassin Mike and it's also todd Gurley who's a big fan of the A._F._l.. He was at P._F.. L. One man Ooh so you guys have boss Rootin- love boss as the ready Randy coach water that's awesome pretty awesome to legends but the guy inexperienced they know varieties exciting for the fans to the stadiums and stuff beautiful stuff. We did great fighting now interesting. You're showing the highlights from last year. We should note that we only invited back thirty six seventy two fighters fifty percent. We upgraded fifty percent of the roster back to that supply wideband fighters. You know this is about two hundred free agents every year around the world and we had a big demand to get into this year. Ray Did a selection show which ran on E._S._P._N.. And it was very cool. It's an hour show and review tape upgraded the roster and all those divisions. That's awesome. So how do you guys do it. No defense like rocking Thakin robots and Mike. We got to tell you about Sean O'CONNELL guy in the. Top Chef so awesome awesome crazy well here's even crazier goals and shit so he was an underdog and all four of US fights and he ended up winning the million dollars retiring in the middle of the ring and and this year. He's our color commentator on E._S._P._N.. I'll say he need to get in shape a little though you know get in better shape yeah but you know he came out and we did a special on Sean also on E._S._p._N.. which you should watch all through the eyes of champions and Sean said Mike when he looked at his opponent cross ring he does he's bigger than me? He's smarter than me. He's faster than me. He's black belt at everything and you know what I thought. I've got this guy and he did anyone that million dollars Oh beautiful two million we now oh God oh isn't that done so right isn't isn't tiller. The guy whose mom comes to every fight yeah his his. His fighting name is Mama's boy yeah yeah. His mom is his biggest supporter. She's she's like round the cage just jumping up and down yelling we look at all of the greatest generals history in the polling Alexander the Great I'm showing me the all Mama's brace right interesting interesting Mama's get it in mother and stuff. I was very afraid of my mother said I was very afraid of my come away those on my ass we're back yeah because I was bigger than her at about eight to all right. Let's look at this one. This is a good Oh. Let's see this jumping. Oh man come the moment you guys gotta get too weedy man. You guys got to get some more fighting than these guys to compete with these. Oh God you never took a flying needed. You never mind life when one of those look bad does <hes> not good we had we had a flying knee and in two weeks ago that was number one highlighted sportscenter first time sportscenter had a number one highlight for May fell with a flying knee ten seconds into a fight it was a brutal is okay. That's the first thing you see when a flying is you go. Wow that's great. That's a great knockout. I hope he's Okay Cooper again. Come on the protect. Daddy Eddy this finding a Hawaiian Guy Right Yep. That's right cooper. The third that's cooper the Whangarei guy really strong power Chris from Ukraine yeah and also young raise only twenty five twenty six which is very young and Emma Child Rochas vicious consistent consistent unconsciousness almost like a f._e._M._a.. Mike Tyson there. You GotTa be roader. Perpetual truth stuff guys so Mike as you look at this M._A.. You think if you're coming up now as a twelfth thirteen year old D- Box you're mike you experience with money. I was getting what was making the most assume that there were even money symptoms definitely definitely I'll know it would be difficult different. I don't know don't know we're in. It's a different era. I just wonder if any part of this may appeal to you as I thought I couldn't believe it. What did you see that we thought it watching all the time? We never thought Dan Severn those guys are Kim Shamrock. I Oh shit yeah you know and I had the keep watching. This stuff is no way not gonna while flying so what's shocking broken fucking leg nuha so that's Alex Nicholson whose back this year. What's what's you know he's a heavyweight so to do a flying knee at two sixty five the boom the big I mean it's one thing to be a lightweight and other thing to execute that thing to sixty five live images incredible with the human body can do label and what it can endure yeah absolutely so I love this Nicholson again so watch watch this now? Keep watching. You'll be surprised breath. He too aggressive watch. He didn't have good defense. That's right so he would always be careful. He got hurt. That's dangerous. Exactly I see that cut yeah. He had about twenty stitches Joe Right on doing comedy and I are both sitting there that about ten seconds from being called because of this twenty stitches over the I got too aggressive and look at this doesn't see it comment to me. I don't know about you right. That was the most shocking fight I saw last year it just out of nowhere. The Wang is with heavyweights anything could happen and no way because it was so this resounding the punch was so rebound the anticipate it with nowhere to be filtered knows what the fuck happened almost like magic. I'll look at us as a great story behind this. This is the championship I fight of our championship. Oh Shit so this was the most money made in combat sports last year per second to see that that's Lewis Taylor. Oh gave you take that back to your coin such thirty seconds into the fight Mike any earn a million dollars for that now. Obviously you can out earn them in your prime but anime that's big buddy so so Lewis Taylor is thirty nine years old and he was an underdog at fight and he comes out and what I loved is and we probably can't pull it up there what he said after the fight so he brought up his wife and his two kids Mike and Front whole crowd he goes. I don't need no fancy car and honey. The houses paid off here. He is and baby. I had enough money for both both you to go to college and that's what I'm doing a million dollars and that's what the N._f._L.'s about. It's the American Dream Mom and entrepreneur built in the N._F._l.. This is about providing fighters and opportunity. What they do is up to them? It's not up to ray. It's not up to me if if they win they advance and if they advance they get a million dollars and that changes our life and the P._F.. L. is like Ooh if is just about opportunity and that's what we love building this thing it will build a company and we love help build the sport. It's awesome. That's fucking awesome. I was up here L. O. J. Yesterday right and know what he said to me. That lost concept sometimes because I get so competitive I want to win and if some people want to see a regular life from people various very simple people you know being a fighting you become you get caught with so much grandeur and stuff and you wouldn't the excitement and all that stuff and there's some people that you say some people are just ordinary. People don't hear nothing and John Sometime I can't I have no concept for that. All My life I will talk about the world is yours. You know me I look at the planet now. When I look at the picture of the planet and thank God I went to that you want to chip for yourself? How much time you have to do it? You know and the situation. Did you say that in this situation. How much would we WANNA chill out? Can this organization to the lower part of the world and I look at my life in that perspective. What are we going to is? A Cannabis Company typhon ran as. Is it GONNA chip on the part of the world. I and I always look at it positive perspective yesterday to feed the greatness in yeah. I know that was really interesting to hear him. Talk about that as well because I'm like that too Mike on thinking how many people's People's lives am I going to change how many people are going to impact the better. What can I do with my time here? Exactly I'll always dreaming for you know stratospheric success and you know <hes> paradigm. I'm shifting impact you know but to think you know a lot of people they just want to be able to take care of their kids. Send their kids to college. You know put food on the table not stress about bills and taxes and all the fucking shit that we have to deal with this remind yet I believe our situation us being able to comprehend the reality that we have to deal with immortality one day. You know my frightens against people. Could I get at a certain age. You get fifteen well. It's almost over when you look at it. In perspective that I was born and now I'm fifty and well and the possible I won't be another. This is almost over. What do I do now and a minute nothing I can do? It can't stop it. Oh Shit continuing to go have a brief effect of a movie. What do I do? It's GonNa come yeah but that reminds reminds what we're talking about before the show the tagline of the P._f.. L. Is what do you fight for and to be alive is to fight for something whether you're fifty four. I'm fifty seven right. We're all thirty five. We're all different ages and luck embarked in thirty one. What am I talking thirty one thirty one but look you're either fighting for for money for the ego for fame for house for love? We're all fighting for something different and that could change as you get older. What you're fighting for? Now is when you were nineteen but if you if you're not fighting for soften yea live anymore no changes over exactly right now. I'm fighting for to be the best ACA- possibly being life him being. I mean even whatever differences I have did have people that's a rat man is almost over the building to leave behind your word. Build is interesting also lot. People aren't builders their managers. Are they just want to take care of. What's there right right? You know like to go work at like you know I._B._M.. Because it's their right nine to five nothing wrong with that you know and and you know and other people builders want to do something new had been there before you know and to me that's also the fun you know. Let's look look what you're doing. This is your third or fourth or fifth career. Your bill your building right. This is my sixth or seventh career P._F.. L. Didn't exist two years ago right. Everybody said U._F._C. is is the N._F._l.. Why even do this? You know. It's not unassailable like the N._F._l.. We think there's a better way for fans and fighters. We'll try to do it. You know because we're builders. Were just crazy enough to think there's a better way and if you're a builder if disruptor you gotTa sit there and say you know. I don't want to do something a little different. I don't like things the way they are and to me. That's that's that's a different approach to the world. How Brooklyn of contact <hes> that look at it? He's coming to the P._F.. N._F._l.. I have no way that you need to have rock this. This is higher work right this listen. I'm probably talking too much with this. Is the game play. The game is known network. We have competitive organization. You don't you to have people on the streets knowing what's going on in the business. Kanda years is word of mouth is the easiest thing in the world to find out if we all in cahoots and stuff. I think the best part of the show is all this work that Mike's not for the P._F.. L. Hosts the show that is just the best part about is you're young and there's really you know this is how stuff is made. You know what I mean. Everybody's not happy where they are and we have. What's what's the word? There's a fresh. Thank you the word they would. We have <hes> we have to fulfil our lives. That's the word I'm looking for. We have to fulfil our lives. You know people at this this <hes> disgruntled <hes> where could Louis. They need to have their life fulfilled. You need to have your together. We could fulfill he took his life and that's how world has worked as had always worked. I worked at Vanderbilt Working Rockefeller that I work with Karnicki. That's how you know they we all work together but still work the part they were enemies Rockefeller and Carnegie Eighty Despise one another. I believe it with the guy pack gas glass whether the name I feel eventually he committed suicide over some incident that he believed was caused by Mr Rockefeller and <hes> the always enemies. That's what I learned two minutes America. That's a good show. I love that show inspired me so much yeah you know that Rockefeller had to get a loan from he had to he had to get the to train US oil had he had to put the oil and he he didn't have enough oil for <hes> Mr Manuel but he told me he did and he went to church and prayed and prayed and prayed and they hit a fucking guy. I didn't have enough product enough oil efforts to put on his trains. It's crazy left his way through it so hey so you see you've been around fighting thirty years. What's your advice for us? We're trying to fighter I league. We treat them better than several ways. They have guarantee number fights. Little opportunity make more money their own control but from your perspective because you got real history right you've been around everything yeah. How do we approach and treat fighters in a way that really makes it a fighter I league how would you think about that? The and this is what I must tell you about. Fighters fighter has to be fighter has to be pushed he had yet for fire behind him and fucking browner there for the best to Kamata them you can't be you can't be fucking treat them like a baby. You can't pamper them. That was the could file nigger. We got work. You GotTa pull your own weight from Jalousie perspective. Excuse me and that's how you get paid you. When you get paid more you win the more money you fucking get and that's how it goes in life? If you lose you may not get as much money but depends how blue sensational fight you may get the same amount of money even more could more people make fucking calm. You know that's just how it is. You know you don't take a bunch of stuff sucking their Dick Hunt. Take some money if you want to go. They need to be on your knees begging. Give me a fight fight anybody. I'll fight for nothing. That's an interesting thing. Let the world female fight for nothing. I fight anybody former fighter. Put you know that's if what I think that from my experience you WanNa fight so do WanNa do let me see it. Get them prepared. Don't you throw them in there and he's not prepared this. What you WanNa do let me feel you? Let me have beautiful your we feel much you. I love you though families cut you have matter of fact showed a world. I'm putting the camera on you so the N._B._A.. Has always been talked about as a place at players players really loved the league whereas the N._F._l.. A place where players said they don't love the league. We want to be more like the N._B._A.. We'll can I ask you what you're saying your policies on something like cannabis cannabis and C._B._D.. And guys being able to use that as an alternative legal you know that should be legal in the league so I when I think about a player friendly leagues I played in the N._F._l.. And it's very much US versus them you know and that sucks and so to me when you talk about a player friendly league. It's really interesting to hear Mike's Perspective on that you know and I think that is true for any combat sport athletes you know needs aged. Be You know you need to be have your ass in the fire to some extent now I think when I think about a player friendly league I start to think about like you're saying the N._B._A.. And then you start talking about drug policies you start talking about <unk> out all of that sort of ancillary things that affect a player or a fighter's day to day experience of being in business in a sport you know and I think that so what are your guys takes on. Those things says the boxing m._M._A.. are still governed by the state commissions in those those rules. They'll just like Oh. I thought I would do like that. If I'm fighting a weight friendly state your guy you guys don't have to be tasted for we but you're going to be tested for the steroids and all that other shit you know you gotta get the blood test and all that other Luigi one of the week from the state yeah listen and fighters no. They're not GONNA get too high when they're fighting and may not get hired today the fight mega to hide yesterday day before today. I'm not going to be hacked multiple. Don't get high get high today other fight it a competition yeah absolutely <hes> well. I mean there's a lot of good things happening. You Wata removed to see so C._B._D.'s allowed the U._S.'s policies really interesting to me we had Jeff Novitsky in here who's their head of player fighter health and wellbeing or performance performance and he oversees all of that and you know he sees the the insanity of the cannabis rules. You know I mean guys taking punches to the head. You know you're sustaining this. These traumatic brain injuries our federal government has done research and shown has a patent on cannabinoid as neuro protective antioxidants so they've seen in proven in scientific studies that can nab annoyed the chemical compounds found in this plant actually helped L. Protect and he'll the brain from traumatic brain injuries. You know so it's obvious to me that this is something that fighters and pro football player football players should be allowed to consume to aid their recovery the U._f._c. it just seems like guys can smoke and then they can't for a certain period of time before a fight you know. I don't know what your guys. I think whether it's the N._F._l.. The N._B._A. and I may soccer occur any sport when you look at all changes always start with the athletes because there is no sport without the athletes I agree one hundred percent so <hes> you know whether it was free agency and baseball right not in it start with the athletes right the League never says let me tell you what I think's a good idea free agency right you know when you rewind the clock of all major changes. It always starts with player advocacy than player leadership so I believe that let's you're talking about. That's the path where it will come from. Also whether it's you know from sport acts or sport why I feel great. No no you go ahead. I was just GONNA I. I was GONNA ask these guys if there's anything that you know people should know about or <hes> about the P._f.. L. Happening right now. <hes> what do you guys have gone on. What's the what's the summer look like yeah? I'll start in the. I'd like a comment <hes> a N._F._l.. Season is ten events six regular season events you know each events about ten twelve fights and three playoff events in October and then the championship has always New Year's Eve seven pm to eleven live so gives you something to do you see on T._v.. Right and so we just just finished the first half of the regular season so fighters fought one time. We'll start back in July with the second half of the regular season. Raw fighters will be able to fight a second time so once again E._S._p._N.. To live in the United States hundred forty countries around the world on local local T._v. each of those countries but I would encourage people to follow P._F.. L. On instagram follow p._F._M.. facebook follow on twitter and say what fighter do I love. What stories do I love? What are they fighting for? And what would you like to see him fight. Yeah Ah what what. What can you really become part of because this is this is a place we can really come to follow their stories engage in their journeys which you can't when it's just a one off event so we all love a you know a mayweather McGregor or a Khabib fight? Those mega fights like watching. Mike Tyson is dead. We all watch those but the P._f.. L. Allows you to have that context narrative of the stories because it is a season and so I would encourage people to kind of now that we're just just halfway done with the regular season tune in and say who is going to become a real world rocky these guys fight between ten and twenty five thousand dollars and fight six market become a world champion the share and they're each to earn a million dollars that is a real world rocky story sorry if he liked that movie it actually plays out in real world pretty awesome a dig the format thank you and Ray. Why don't you just give them like the two or three fights or Ray? You're really looking forward to because you actually you've recruited all these guys from scratch and nobody knows talent like you know to mention you. Look like you could whips amass can probably be all of them still. No you know we just had last Thursday. We just had heavyweights and the light heavyweight go that part of the decision I was looking for most too because the heavyweights and light heavyweights and I think I kind of yeah exactly. I think I'd jinx myself because I said we're going to have probably yeah about eight or ten finishes. We had five so it wasn't bad. Let me said the P._F.. L. Four July eleventh is the women's fifty five division lightweight division and the man's walked away division and again. You Know Ray Kupa West. We saw up there. He's going to be finding on their card. There's a few other guys you know from all of from Russia from Brazil that came out and and Mobley who actually enter the worst saw through sportscenter the fly need that he was able to finish his opponent with and so you know we. We've got a lot of good young talent that that we. We saw there and so for me. It's because it's the season I look forward to every fight and so <hes> just to see who comes through how they attack the second fight and so on and so it's exciting round to is <hes> starts July eleventh so I I would just leave you with two thoughts. I think these champions were eager for the Mike Tyson challenge so we'll put up a million dollars in each weight classes champions against U._f._C. and allegory. So all you gotTa do is get Coker and Dana White. Just let me know but in a second thought is call him out. We hit me right here. I'm GonNa let Mike do this. McCoy come on Dude Dana shipment pitman all right coming do have some brawls mango shipment Scott Coker data white on behalf of Mike Tyson. We're glad to put up a million dollars for each of the P._f.. L. Champions this year against your best fighters and his weight classes asses for a pay per view event A._F._l.. Ballot or U._F._C. Michael they're. They're GONNA do some fucking Caulkins fucking Scott. Yes Scott Coker Kristen on that on that <hes> the other thing. I'd like to thank everybody should watch Kayla Harrison Kayla Harrison. Do you think the other guys are GonNa do it. Do you think they think you serious. You'd rather well. They look they know we're serious but they're but they're not going to do that. Why not why don't you guys want their guys? Mike Mike what for example how long did it take for W._B._Z.. M._B. The I._B._F.. To even unified a toddlers take year the Y ears. Everybody had their own little island and money and now once you start lose I start from scratch again but it's still got the money but you could build another star but once you start losing doesn't lose so dramatically we can fight again if they're interesting fights competitive grain fighting keep fighting. Keep fighting right until they get married. It's right and look look. We deeply the fight. They become good friends become look. U._F._C. has the best fighters in the world. We don't pretend to have the best fighter in the world. What we're saying is our fighters are damned good and some of them can beat their fighters? That's what we're saying really and what look here's the analogy I would do. Julius erving wasn't playing in the N._B._A.. He didn't have a play basketball in the sixties and neither did a lot of great basketball players. There weren't enough teams in the A._B._A.. was formed there are not enough places in the U._F._C. and not enough cards for great fighters to fight the off sees a great organization and they have great fighters. There's just not enough outlets right now for the great fighters and that's why the P._F.. L. Exists Dan stuff Scott have to hear this fucking go. He says you hit fighters can fuck your fighters. Don't be scared now. I don't think this kid this is this is the first open invitation you given now. Reproach Font is the first one yes reproach Yvonne respect. How do we approach mind that the French word mom MOM? I'll tell you real challenge. Here's a here's a real challenge. Is Everybody would love to see Kayla. Harrison is a P._f.. L. Five hundred fifty five pound two time judo gold medal winner Ronda Rousey. You've heard of one bronze once okay. That's how could Kayla Harrison's. You'll be other than Chris cyborg. Amanda Nunes this you should fight crime cyber thighbone with here right thighbone looking for the fight. If you want to say what's the fight it would be interesting to everyone everyone. In the World Christen Kayla Chris and Kayla boxes sometimes know what happened in boxing sometime. Sometimes the guy's got two different guys. Let's make the fighting we deal with it in court. They may hold on the money and everything to fight and we deal with it but I'm telling you that's a fight now. Look Chris has got twenty five fights on her in terms of experience Kayla's quite new Kayla's bigger and stronger. Hey Hey time time then. That's not fit the same way that that's that's a that's a early twenty twenty five. That's the same way it'd be. They can't remember bigger. Nobody raise as no. He railed Chris fought at one forty five but she's always said she's glad to move to one fifty five. She's always said that okay well. We gotta get back in here. We had Chris back in but you just got me riffing on potential U._F._c. p._f.. L. Interesting fights for fans since we're great deep respect look if I if if the P._F.. L. could build a business as great and as an as successful as U._F._C.. We'd love that author awesome memory. We gotTa Talk More Shit Now adven- whatever kicking fucking Asobie well if you get a chance to kill you I'm on the side of I've never been a talker reason. Why raise got me sitting directly speaking a few July July Eleven E._S._p._N.? Two Thursday night remember if if it's Thursday will mean challenged again to keep that flowing because that's going to keep people what do you plan on your social to absolute Harrison Chris Cyborg talking twenty twenty. Let's go right July Eleventh E._S._P._N.. into if it's Thursday it's P._F.. L. Knight on come on come on out and we're going to get the Mike Tyson one million dollar weight class Chow exactly Alex gotta work done. Let's go going happy and stuff move slow. Thank you thank you. I appreciate it trouble Mike Scam. You can't win money match. You gotTa tell them mother fucking the mother Fucker Joe Big Chair to work on that talk shit some fucking. You can't do it man right fucking way all out all out extra or have a Jewish debating team fell on instagram twitter. All your social handles fell N._F._l.. anime on instagram Thursday Nights E._S._P._N.. Two E._S._P._N.. To check it out fight night great having you guys with everything well. That's a I love positively guys Mike. Hey this awesome episode man with fun fucking challenges without this is fucking groovy. I love this podcast. Take home baby taking.

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