MagSafe Duo, Apple ProRaw, M1 vs. i9 MacBook Pro and Gift Ideas


Welcome to the apple insider podcast. This episode is brought to you by remote h. q. and incredible collaborative tool that allows teams to work together. Wherever they are you could check them out at remote h q dot com and use the promo code apple insider to get three free. This episode is brought to you by amazon alexa. Get ten dollars off a two pack of singlets smart. Led bulbs amazon dot com slash apple insider and finally express. Vpn get an extra three months for free when you go to express vpn dot com slash apple insider. Welcome to the apple insider. Podcast is your host. Stephen robos and joining me this week. After a week hiatus west. Thanks for joining me man. It feels like it's been about two months but how you doing. Oh my goodness. I know now if you missed last week. We didn't do our standard episode on friday last week. But i did have special guest kansas. The maker of would use and fair right. The ipad app that i used to add to. My podcast did an interview with him about his thoughts about the apple. Small business program fifteen percent commission so it was really fun interviewing him. He's like a one man developer shop and just really impressive. the work he's doing and here's thoughts. He's been in the app store since the beginning. And i thought you mentioned the very first app that he put in the app store under the name and it sounded familiar and actually went back all the way. My app store purchases. If you didn't know you could do this. You can go to the app store. Go to your purchases and scroll all the way down in need of apps not available anymore. You could see. Those apps downloaded way back in the day and i actually had his very first app. Which was wuji like keynote remote. And i remember using that back in the day so anyway thanks again a canister be on the show. And if you hadn't check that out unless new last week's episode maker of would use and you can find out what wou- g means in his vernacular too but the some of those original apps. When when did you enter like the apple ecosystem with that kind of stuff. I started getting apple stuff in about twenty fourteen. Twenty fifteen okay. It's an app stores. It was plenty mature by then. I never had the original iphone. But i had an ipod touch year. One and i had like a palm seven fifty five as my phone but ipod touch and the app store was like wild west and some of them are pretty happy. They apple since sherlock. Many of the things like weiji's keynote remote which you can just do built in with the keynote app now but yeah pretty cool to go back and see that but anyway check out that episode first piece of news apple has finally released the mag save duo charger. The closest will ever probably get to the air power thing. That apple announced a couple years ago. The magazine duo charger. They announced it with magda safe and now does available. You can buy it shipping. Times are slipping a little bit mine as we record will arrive supposedly in the next thirty minutes to an hour. It's you know you can charge your phone your iphone twelve if it has mag safe and your apple watch all in one. It is not cheap. Mexican duo is one hundred and thirty dollars. And like the iphone. Twelve's does not come with a power brick and this has been kind of. I don't know a lot of tech pundits. I've heard joanna stern and gruber talking about you. Know the phone not coming with a charger is one thing the safe puck not coming with a brick is another thing because that things like forty bucks and then this duo charger a hundred and thirty dollars not coming with a power brick little crazy and you kind of need. A thirty watt or more powerful brick to get that full charging capability for both devices on this duo charge. If you use the 20-watt which apple was recommending. What the just mag safe single cable. You're not going to get the full charge capabilities so the whole charging brick situation's a little rough around the edges. But you didn't jump on this. No this is a definitely a product out of time. It feels like something apple should have released in. Twenty fifteen cents mag safe very strange. I mean corollary to the air power thing. I don't think obviously are gonna exist. Now the random placement wireless charging things over. We have mac safe now. It would feel like apple would be taking three steps back to bring out something with now but this also just doesn't feel quite right. I mean it's one hundred thirty dollars. It's definitely something that looks like it's supposed to be pocket able. Maybe it's a supposed to be a portable like your perfect hotel charger. I dunno. it's still feel strange. I it it is missing that third component. That lets you charge. Maybe your airpods at the same time still again no bricks so your out of pocket at least another thirty dollars just to get a suitable charging brick. That'll fully charge your watch and your phone at the same time. And it is the brightest white that they can find it a home depot and on top of that like it. It just screams please steal me i. I don't know it's very strange. Device to me reminds me a lot of that Do you remember two years ago. apple said. Here's our official apple watch charging dock and it is a circular disc. Yeah that was solid white. The puck just stuck up out of the top of in the middle and it was the strangest thing i've ever seen. So whoever designed that obviously designed this it's just the same department. Now that was one device. I did not jump on that single. Use apple watch charger. I think it was a little expensive but you could also like on amazon. I probably got like five or ten bucks but like a little black plastic stand. Basically that you put the apple watch charger in so you get that. Nightstand mode the apple watch lay sideways. I also got all like it was a mac. Lisa isn't it looked like that. It was like a rubber mac. Lisa that you put the apple watch charging puck in and you could charge your watch. They're like a funny thing but anyway yeah the the single use one never tempted me. I got the magazine duo one. Because i'd like to combine both apple watch and maximum charging my phone with mag save every night now Trying to see what kind of patino this leather case gets being charged every day. And i say a little circle appearing on the back of my leather case but wanted to combine those two but also the one thing about mag safe. And i'd be curious if you've run into this if you're charging with mag safe at night or at your desk but when you go to get your phone off the mag safe charger. If you're just using the cable. Apple's mac save cable you kind of have to like either push the little puck off the back with your fingers or like peel it up or maybe even used two hands and so i saw i think vitucci and someone else with the duo charger and also they can just pick up their phone. And you don't have to like hold the charging thing down. I don't know if it's heavy weighted. I don't know if he used like sticky. Whatever they're actually cheating they have metal tables so those. Those are magnetically attached to their tables at their own charging their devices on. Well this ruins everything. Well i don't know if it can be useful or not. I was hoping maybe this duo charger. I it would be easier to just pick up your phone from. But i don't know maybe after us some three m strips to stick it down but are you using mag safe to charge your stuff because you got your pro. Max now actually was a target a couple of weeks ago and there was one maxine charters just hanging there so i had to buy it and i haven't touched it since. Oh it's not that. I don't like it because it's just it doesn't fit into my life anywhere. I have the say techy trio charter at my desk and the nomad base station pro or whatever at my nightstand by my bed and both of those are perfect. I just lay my phone down. It's never a battle What the way they have these both of these Wireless matt setup. It's really hard to miss where you're supposed to put the phone and get it charging so i've never i've never walked away and found my phone dead or something mag salsa a very specific problem. I just don't have. I don't know where to use it specifically i've thought about wouldn't it be cool to have a just magnetic thing somewhere to stick my phone so i've had the thought of adhesive ing to the side of a cabinet my kitchen and sticking my phone to the side of a cabinet while i'm cooking or whatever but outside of that i just don't really have much of a use case for it yet and haven't really found a place to sit at to actually charge my phone with it. It just fully adopted the wireless matt's oliver my house and Have gotten used to those. So we'll have to see what apple does with mag safe and where i can implement that later. Those nomad wireless charges not you and a couple of people. Apple insider have great. I'm seeing if nomad will make one of those with mag safe. Like i wonder if they'll make pad with the mac safe disc or puck so you know the phone auto aligns to it with the little apple watch attachment and airpods like if they make something like that. I'll jump on the the nomad pad for sure as far as that goes. I don't know that. I want a lay flat charging thing kind of like them. Apples mac safe do oh. I like belkins concepts. They've come out with where it's all hovering. You know to two arms one for that. Watch one for the phone. It's all floating in air and then a little place thing at the bottom for the airpods pro. I think If you know no matter or another company come out with a nicer version of that. I'll probably Jump on that. But if i'm going to upgrade to kind of look a little more fancy sci-fi anyway right now speaking of mag save. I think you got a mac safe wallet. And all i'll say is i ordered a mac. Maxine wallets maybe a month ago. And i'm checking my order right now on the apple store app but it is not shipped yet. They weren't available in the store near me and there was gets so anyway. It should be coming in the next week or two. The mac safe wallet. Connect to the back of my phone but you have one. What do you think about it. Well i actually kind of was in your position. I was just fishing around the internet for one of these things. I saw an apple. It was january shipping or whatever and went on best buy it said shipping Dates will update once. You place your order so i said you know whatever i'm gonna order it so i ordered it on best. Buy maybe a week after. It was announced because i didn't know if i wanted one yet. I then i was like wait. There's gotta be knockoffs of these already. So i went on amazon and found one of the first knockoffs and went ahead and ordered that to assuming it would show up in a week and turns out. They both showed up a month later in november on the same day. So i got the knockoff maxine. Wallet and the apple wallet on at the same time immediately. Chuck that knock off to the side. So i'll tell you my experience with that if you're going to get a knock off go ahead and understand that that's exactly what it is i think was about twenty two dollars and it's made of you know kind of that. Faux leather stuff. You pictures all look like. They're just on amazon's website. Look like they're the apple wallet with a they photo shopped off the apple logo and That's all the differences. These smudge tool. They smudged just put their over it real quick. But it's not quite that it's it's kind of ragged. You get it out and it's kind of this floppy material. It doesn't hold its shape so you put cards in it and stuff and it feels like the cards are going to just slide right back out. The maximum portion of it is the same as apples. I don't think you can really trick. That apple has a spec that accessory makers have to meet furred the magnets to work. So that part's fine. It's just the wallet was atrocious. Apple's mac safe wallet is amazing and i. I'm willing to say that. It's probably the best ever and i'm this guy who's bought every wallet on the planet just factor wise to try everything because i'm obsessed with minimalizing everything that i carry for example. I've went from the by fold wallet to a front pocket wallet. That's just basically the cardholders in the id holder right to nomads battery wallet. Because i thought you know what. I could charge my phone from wallet. why not. That was fine. And then i went to back to just the little guy that i went and got one of those. Push a button and your cards all pop out. And it's nice organized way beautiful right eighty dollars pile of plastic and yet gave up on that very quickly and now. Here's this this apple wallet is it's it's i could have ever wanted an. It's as dumb as it sounds. It's because only holds two cards. It forces me to carry my id and the one debit or credit card that i'm going to use and that's it and this thing just slips in your jeans pocket and i'm not one of these people who are super tight jeans but jeans are still genes that are not really there form-fitting so you're not going to want to stick this gigantic thing in your pocket and as a wallet as carry my front pocket. Most of the time don't even really know it's there or i'll slap it on my phone. Nothing's gonna make this thing fall off. I've shaken my phone. I mean if you give it enough force you could probably fling it across the room while detached your phone but it. It is really hard to knock this thing off unless you physically push it against something like your back pocket or something. Yeah i've i've not come in any any danger of losing the saying and it's really just been a nice experience overall so it holds two or three cards. I think you can squeeze three in even bothered to is like. I don't want to push this thing out because again. This thing really does hold shape very well. I could try to see if three fits in but it seems like two is the number i think apple might have said three but that might be pushing it very cool mind says december third through eleven which it's already december third so december. Four th right now. Is people listen so hopefully it will come soon but yeah that's interesting. Hear the experience. And i've seen a lot of people pretty positive about it. Andrew has a video and he loves the want as well so put a lincoln show notes to video and we'll talk about more wants my comes in because i'd love to give more thoughts on it. Have you had any shipping issues with your apple products lately. Because i've had some interesting time with all of my like the last month of apple stuff not really. This wallet has been the only thing that's taken longer than two weeks. you know. i ordered the letter case day one and that came quickly. Mom bod minis came quickly. My m one. Thirteen inch macbook pro. That one actually picked up in the store Because that one was delayed i did. My son is listen to the show. But i ordered an apple watch. Sec from my oldest son that came in like two days and the mexican duo charger. I ordered december one. And it's coming december three so not really They've been actually really quick on that. But what issues of you in well. I ordered to homepods. Many's the secondly revealed order and then about an hour later. I ordered a third homepod mini just for my mom and that one arrived on. Release day so my mom got her pod meeting immediately but the to homepod mini ordered right away. Something insane happen. I don't know what it was if the truck turned over twice on the way here. Basically the to homepod mini ship. Together from california landed in tennessee. Got trapped in a town about an hour and a half away from my house then said your devices appear to be delayed a couple days later. I'm sitting here thinking they're just gone there. I'll have to order new ones or something. They're gonna cancel my order. Couple days later they show up in california again. Get shipped to tennessee again. Get stuck in the same town overnight for two days and then my home pod. Many one shows up on wednesday by itself on the porch and then the order says complete on my on the website. And i'm like what is going on and then three days later the other one shows up. And it's just the craziest thing i've ever seen as far as orders go especially from apple is a ups or usps. I think that one was actually fedex the whole time. Oh wow yeah. That's where medics is usually on the ball. That's weird well. I don't know with the holiday season now. i will say amazon. We did all of our holiday shopping. Basically in one night we did like a massive amazon order. We kind of been planning it for a while and we were like. Let's just order it all at once and see what happens and man amazon. They gave me like it'll be there in three or four days and then like the next day tons of boxes on my doorstep so amazon. I mean if you're doing shopping and you don't wanna go out to the store. Amazon seems to be pretty on the ball ride. Now we've actually gotten everything. We ordered a minus one item. That becoming like tomorrow so yeah. They've been exceeding expectations so anyway kudos amazon. And jeff bezos may listen to this episode. You never know this episode is brought to you by remote. Hq listen during this whole time. We've had a lot more working from home and collaborative software. There's been lots of tools. You've probably used to work with people who are not with you physically and i have to tell you remote h. q. Is one of the best tools for working with your teammates or other employees and make. It seem like you're right there in the same room together remote. 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And when you're ready to launch use the promo code apple insider all one word and you can get three months for free if you collaborate with any number of people online and in your work try out new remote h q dot com slash partnerships slash apple insider and use the promo code apple insider to get three months free when you sign up our thanks to remote. Hq for sponsoring this episode. What i will give some thoughts on had my thirteen inch m one macbook pro for about two weeks now and i've sold my. I nine maxed out sixteen inch macbook. Pro it has gone. And what finally made me jump ship was. I did a couple of tests side-by-side putting a four k video through compressor on both machines simultaneously. I posted a photo. I think on twitter of the results. The m one was slightly slower The video is like four or five minutes long and the sixteen inch. I nine thirty two gigs of ram amdy fifty five hundred graphics card. The maxed out sixteen inch. When i got it. It was like thirty seconds faster than the m one but it sounded like it was taking off because of the fans and it got pretty hot. And i don't do that all the time and i did some editing and final cut on the m one never lagged never slowed down at any issue with it and the one huge feature which you've probably heard a lot of other people saying this but the battery life on the m one macbooks and mac book pro because supposedly got a little better because supposedly gets a little bit better battery life. It has been incredible and for that reason alone. My sixteen inch. If i didn't just pull off a charger like if this was sitting in my bag overnight or if i didn't use it for a day i knew i was to have to find a plug soon with the m one is used it down to like sixty percents. Put it in my bag. Now use it until the next day. Pull it out. And i can basically get a whole another half day of work done or more and never even think about the battery. And that'll be maybe using chrome maybe doing a little bit of final cut here and there just never have to worry about it and that experience just with the battery life and being super fast you know. I'm not gonna notice a thirty second difference. Unless i'm doing a side by side comparison with like the maxed out i nine and so i sold my sixteen inch. Macbook pro has gone all in on the m one. And i will say someone was tweeting about this the other day. But if you have an older intel mac and you use that side by side with new m one. It is like tortoise and hare and the tortoise does not win loudest spoiler alert. Because i'm twenty. Fifteen i mac and hasn't says de but man compared to the m wanted a super slow and so once apple releases that next line of apple. Silicon based max. I'm assuming an i mac and actually touch on right here. Meanchey quo had some rumors that many. Led mac pros might be coming in. Twenty twenty one. Obviously apple's going to release more apple silicon macs and twenty twenty one. They said the entire transition will take place over two years. And we've already been kind of six to nine months into it. So i'm assuming we will see not only an i mac in twenty twenty one of based on apple silicon but maybe that redesigned fourteen inch macbook pro like msci close implying. And i'd be all about that. I'm because the m one is just awesome and you won't see that battery life obviously on a desktop so they won't matter as much but the speed just waking from sleep the touch. Id just opening. System preferences. instantaneous. Is just an awesome experience so i cannot recommend highly enough the one max a couple of people ask me like hey should i get this refurbished macbook air. I'm looking for a new laptop. I say no do not get a refurbished macbook air if you're can get the education discount because you're in school or if you have a student a macbook air even that base level m one brand new one. You can get it for eight ninety nine with the education discount. It is just an incredible machine and it would be loads faster than any intel macbook air. You could get and you can hear everybody praising all these m one's joanna stern lap tell everybody the only knock is that facetime camera which is but in my case. It's not a huge deal. But anyway m one macbook pro two thumbs up. I love using it. It almost has west. Because i know your ipad first user in almost has that feeling of using an ipad as your main computing device because that battery life is just so good. You're not worried about plugging it in halfway through the day am just the speed of everything is just awesome. Yeah i mean the battery. Life is definitely the big game changer. Here especially for mac users. I remember using my sixteen inch. Macbook pro fifteen inch macbook pro. We're talking about twenty fifteen here and that thing dying very quickly. We're talking about three or four hours of constant use editing photos or something and your batteries exhausted. It's over doubling sometimes tripling. That is just insane to me. I mean that's coming from someone who uses an ipad. I don't tell my boss. But sometimes i don't wanna sit at my desk so i will put the news on the living room and worked for my ipad on my couch and the ipad pro twelve point nine inch battery. You know working screen on adding photos publishing articles of the stuff. I do normally that thing. Chugs through an eight hour workday like no other like i get the today insure. I'm about maybe ten. Maybe five percent battery but it holds up and that's still in that twelve point nine inch ipad form factor. No fans and all of that so i wonder What we're going to see in this next ipad lineup. Apples obviously learned something done something different with their battery stuff or obviously these machines just have more space for more battery so they have more live because of the size. But i expect some of this battery life beneficiary beneficial stuff will roll down to the ipads as well very soon and many led. That's an ipad thing. Come into chico's mentioned it before that's right. I think that combined with some battery life improvements is going to be a huge step for the next generation of ipad. Yeah absolutely well. Let's talk about cameras man. It has been a while since you've been on the show but you have your iphone. Twelve pro max now in hand. You're showing off the low light photos that you're taking and the photos of your cat where you see every hair but before you jump into your experience with it imke. hd you know. He does this every year. He does the blind smartphone camera test and he basically goes on twitter. He posts to photos one from a two one from one phone camera. One from another one and anonymous. As far as you don't know what phones they are. He just says vote. You know a or b basically puts all those anonymous submissions people choosing their favorite photo from those to put them in a bracket and then basically tells people what they voted for as the best photos from a phone camera that year. Now this whole process is super interesting. First of all this is a genius. Idea mk phd. He kills it but every year the iphone and the pixel they didn't they don't win like they out of the remember the last time iphone or pixel ever won this blind smartphone cameras. Hd does and typically the iphone and a lotta times the pixel be knocked out in the first or second round of this bracket. And i'll put a link to mk phd's video in show notes and also put the picture of the bracket everything except the main winners. You can kind of see the iphone twelve pro. Max is on this. And according to his blind test the iphone twelve pro. Max loses to the oneplus eight t phone. Now i love to hear your thoughts on the line test. I vote for them. When i see 'em kpmg tweet on it. I'll say you know which is my favorite. And i kind of know which photos probably are coming from the iphone like they're probably a little more saturated you know you could just tell a lot of these other cameras where people are looking for like the good photography side of the camera like they don't want extra saturation. They want a neutral photo that they can edit later. You know some of these other phones. Give those kinds of photos just straight at the camera. So i kinda tell what it is and you see people voting for the other ones. Because they're just voting on like what's the best raw photo almost. I think what people do so these brackets and incubators these tests. It doesn't make me feel bad about the iphone camera can because it takes incredible photos and a lot of times. These photos that he's using are not low light photos. They're not like difficult photos for the phone to capture. They're typically like pretty bright well photos some of them are inside But you know they're not like hard quote unquote photos for a phone camera to do and typically the winter is a phone. I've never heard of like it's a it's a mate. Something or zen phone is in the final bracket on his deal now but it is always interesting to see what people vote for though and and how it plays out. But how do you feel about these tests that you i'm capeeze. D does another. They're they're terrible because he doesn't include the nintendo ds. I camera on there from two thousand nine. This it's a really interesting camera test. I i mean obviously Any even he says it like it's not scientific in any way if anything. It's a psychological test. It just proves what people care about and especially in this instagram era of photography p like you said people aren't looking for the quality of the photo they're looking for what gets the most likes and people And are you know dumb. Little brains y you know. It's it's pretty easy to figure all we like. We like color. Saturation brightness like we like really brightly lit well Photos framing isn't really a question. Unless it's like just totally ruins the picture but yeah the the example photos he gave You know you put fifteen of side by side and it it turns into nothing. It's just a pile of color and mash. It doesn't matter anymore and at that point. Are you even asking. You know which photos better. It's tender swiped test of photography going to put it. Yeah it's it's interesting your brain's going to judge it and half a second okay. I like this one better mostly probably because of color but because again our brains are pretty simple when it comes to this stuff but i hate it. I mean i like that. He does it every year. The choices of phones are always interesting and yeah the quote unquote best mobile phones. Photography things get knocked out in the first round every time just because yeah melissa time especially for iphone. The photos are taking are usually pretty neutral. I would recommend for most people especially iphone. If you're taking a photo of anything if you got the second go hit that auto correction button and the editor and photos you know. Ninety percent of the time you'll you'll probably get a photo out of it that you're just like wow this really pops but that's because guess what it's raising the brightness raising the saturation right and Changing that contrast a little bit and making your little human brain just love it a little bit more. But you're you're really getting down that lizard brain but just say hey you know i mean we're we're just a bunch of robots here all right we're program to like what we like. We like colors and lights if zanny graphic designer knows exactly what you mean because they will submit either color branding or some graphic and you know the clients basically gonna ask you to like make it pop which in their mind means like increase the saturation and brightness. Like that's all it means. Yeah yeah you go. You go to to be a professional artist in college for six years to learn how to raise the saturation slider and photoshop. No offense to the arse out there but they they know what they're doing is the client asks for crazy stuff and then you're kinda stuck doing whatever they want but anyway yes go on. I wanted to ask you So that's the psychological side of photography. What do you think about these other. Companies like dx. Mark who claim anyway to do these super scientific testing to give it like a roundabout score of which is the best phone. Or which is the best camera out there. I mean bottom line. Is i don't care i mean they does sounds cavalier. Like so right. Now i'll put links and shown us to this tube like dick so mark. Yeah they rate every camera right now. They gave the pixel five a one twenty. I don't know out of what win relation to what it's not even out of one hundred. Yeah there's there's no top score. Because i remember back in the day I mean we're talking five six years ago when phones were scoring ninety eight. And everyone's like oh look it's almost perfect is like and then like the samsung comes out and it's a one hundred and one and it was like wait a minute. What's happening here right. So they gave the pixel five one twenty and they gave the iphone twelve pro. Max a one thirty cool. I guess it means it's it's better but for me. That's why i look for austin man. The photographer i want to know what he thinks about phone. Yeah and what pictures can he take. He's gonna take it too crazy. Locales he's going to do low light he's going to do portraits. Like that's what. I i want to see what it can do and like seeing you post photos inside of your cat. You know low light you know. I wanna see kennedy do that because so ninety nine point nine percent of the time like people are not taking side by side photos with an iphone twelve pro max a pixel five and a weiwei mate. Whatever like it just doesn't happen so as interesting. I'm glad people do these kinds of tests. I wanna know anecdotally is gonna take really good photos. How close it is to a dsl. Our style thing. How good is the portrait mode of. I'm going to try and use that. How good is it in low light just general questions so the number whatever but i wanna find the photographer real world tests. That's really what i'm after. I like the number just as something to grab hold of and just something point to but yeah at the end of the day especially coming from these companies who are also consultants who you know say. Hey gimme gimme a bunch of money into. We'll show you how to get this test even better and Most android manufacturers pay the. Oh mark to score better on tests intent but at the end of the day. Yeah it's just about your day to day use of your phone and what photos. You're actually going to get out of it because i've had some time to think about this and listen to other people talk about it and you'll if you listen to a lot of apple podcast you'll probably hear me repeat some opinions from other people because i agree with them but at the end of the day it really is the use case like i. I heard a few anecdotes. That align with what i've done with my camera of the shutter speed for instance like i have the iphone twelve pro max and at first reviewers were having trouble trying to distinguish the difference between the pro max and the regular pro- and you know why even bother getting the pro max but it's definitely come to my attention in testing on cats and kids and no. I can't post the picture of my nieces nephews on twitter on. I'm not crazy but trying to take pictures of toddlers running around the yard. It's impossible task. Even in broad daylight and something about this camera jumps out at me. That wasn't there. And the iphone eleven. Pro and it's the swiftness of auto focus and shutter speed all at once. I mean i m freezing these kids in mid air mid jump running around screaming and it's just focusing on their face and there is instantly no no tapped focus. Nothing like that and just was not seeing that on previous generations of iphone. Usually a blurry kid and a live photo that i might be able to like move the frame on life photo to find the perfect shot but this things just doing every time you know other people have mentioned now night mode where you need a three second exposure on the iphone eleven or the iphone twelve pro. You need a two second or one. Second exposure on the iphone twelve pro max and then once you start getting into those three second exposures on the twelve pro max getting into crazy territory photos as far as like just contrast and exposure and near dark scenes. And it's seeing the picture that you're posting and seeing people do those night mode comparisons with like the twelve pro. Twelve pro max i. It's definitely clear in low light. That pro max has significant advantage. This episode is sponsored by amazon alexa. Now i don't know if you knew but we have a whole show on apple insider just about smart home devices. I love doing all the different smarter. Things like light switches and bulbs in it super easy to control all the smart devices with an alexa is. I haven't alexa. my kids love it. 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The time to get your home setup but smart lighting changes a core around your house and get ten dollars off a singlet bulb to pack at amazon dot com slash apple insider that's amazon dot com slash apple insider. Thanks to singlet an amazon for sponsoring this episode. Now you've also been playing around with pro raw running some of the betas so tell me what what does that experience been like. Dc usefulness use cases with that pro roster. Well funny enough. These last few reviews. I've been doing. I've been using the iphone camera exclusively for all the photos. So if you look at the o. J. o. backpack review and the key chron k. One review. it should go up this weekend You're listening the last three or four. I've done all iphone photos captured and pro raw and they turn out great like it. It's hard to explain. Because if you the iphone just do the work half the time you'll probably get a better photo than what you're going to capture and pro ralph just because there's those billions of operations right happening and it's just making all the decisions for you right. What pro roz getting. You is that full access to every bit of data. The iphone was able to capture in that second. And unless you have the software to really take advantage of that you're not gonna get too far especially compared to what the iphones already processing in that jay peg so i've noticed that i can see sometimes capture really great images low noise high detail in this file but i can only edited in the iphone photos app right now because no other photos. Apps can take advantage of parole until it's officially released some stuff like affinity Can see that. There's a d and g file embedded in that pro role. And it'll pull that out and you'll instantly see already like apple's doing even to the pro raw formatting 'cause that raw photo that you get and see in the photos app is still altered from the original and when affinity pulls out that the n. g. file. It is what you'd expect from. Like a full sized angie raw file which is basically bright whites low color and you need to go in there and tune the heck out of it to get the photo you want which is fine. I mean If if you ever told around with these it's not that hard to pull out what you need but instead of doing all that you might as well. Just get that jay peg that the iphone is gonna take most of the time now. You have a video on your twitter with the. I know it was that what the pro max yeah that was a pitch blackout dark night I think my back porch light was even off. Yeah that was what the pro. Max pointed up at the sky and some trees. That's that's pretty impressive. The snowflakes are these tiny little white specks and you can see them clearly and like. It's clearly night. You could see the tree like that's pretty. That's pretty hot. And that's what twitter compression to. I don't know how if anyone's really mentioned this. But you know that in the previous iphones. I think the elections were the ones introduce this. They could your phone to four thirty frames. It would still record in sixty frames. But other every other frame it would change the exposure of that frame and then remix in live to get a higher dynamic range as you filmed right yes. Were you aware that he is so. So the pro max and i think the pro and maybe the entire twelve line. I have an. I can't test it but I know for sure that twelve pro max. There's a setting now that lets you turn that on for even sixty frames per second and i don't know exactly what it soon. I don't think it's filming at like one. Twenty and alternating the frames. But it's doing some crazy trick. Where even if you're filming and sixty frames it's able to pull out that extra data and get you a higher dynamic range which i have it locked into four k sixty as my default camera setting and have that turned on. So it's it's definitely interesting to see how it pulls out and just in general. It's incredible what these gamers are doing. So i will put several of west's tweets in the show notes and you can see pictures of that His cat and also that snowfall. Which is i think it's really impressive. Nelson's lizards those are your lizards. That is my brother in law's Lizards i've managed to Get those out of the little their little home that they hide on I did want to mention to video. I haven't had a lot of time to play with video. Just because i'm more apt to take photos and video time. It's pretty stunning again. The tracking for Autofocus is insane. I did a little video of my cat. An twitter destroyed. This one's i wouldn't even bother finding it but she's on the ground she jumps up to the couch. She's on the ground and she just she's doing this little playful thing but the tracking on the phone. It's like it wasn't even needing to find her. To focus was just basically following her with the focus as the video. Filming without any need to touch controller. Do anything crazy like that. Almost like you were filming with film pro and had manual control over the where the camera was focusing every instance. It was pretty wild to see. Just how quickly. It was able to shift through that and one more thing on just the camera the video i have the crazy hue lights. Everywhere and my nieces. My niece was staying over with a friend and they were doing. Their silly tiktok dances with the. She lights shifting on the tv. And all that nonsense and dark room and i was able to film them doing this. And the dolby vision hdr. Ill looked like something out of like a movie in it. And it's silly. It's a silly time but like being able to pull that out of just a casual interaction with your camera. Unprecedented like we. We would never have been able to get like that. Good of footage from a video camera even in the iphone eleven. So it's it's just kind of wild seeing so early on the What this phone is capable of apple can continue to improve on this software update. So it's only gonna get better. Yeah absolutely well why we piece of news. That came out this past week. Not a ton of talk about but it was rumored that salesforce the huge you know corporate commercial software cloud service all that was going to buy slack and it came out that it did. I think the most interesting thing is that it had bought slack for twenty seven point seven billion dollars. And you know if you've ever followed up previous acquisitions. I think facebook bought instagram. For like a billion maybe one billion or maybe it was even less. It was in that range i always jumped to the apple beats acquisition because it is still to date. The biggest single purchase apples ever made and it was only three billion dollars right and facebook bodies around for one billion dollars so the fact that slack a basically single purpose i mean i know there's a lot of plug ins and extensions but you know a work collaborative chat app which was not the only one of its time. was purchased by salesforce for twenty seven billion dollars. And you know. I don't know your thoughts on it but i have some experience with salesforce products in the past and like is super corporately. I mean this is for the big businesses its customer management. It's marketing all that kind of stuff in one big app going to it's gonna ruin slack but i don't see them greatly improving slack. You know one of the things that slack it's knocked for is like the mac app which is not a native app. It's running the electron type stuff in. It's kind of weird and but slack work. We use it at apple insider. I use a i in several other channels. It's a great product. I just hope salesforce doesn't like mess it up or do anything ads stories or something to slack. Not but it's super interesting. Salesforce bought for twenty seven billion dollars. Cnbc everyday to because that's one of the channels where Apple comes up a lot. So that's usually on the background. Somewhere and salesforce has an awful commercial on that channel. Just watch it. You'll understand everything you need to know about this company from that commercial but yes slack is an interesting by because again. This is just We've discussed it on the spot before it's a feature not not service really. It's just a chat application. There's a lot going on in it but nothing that hasn't been replicated. If not better in some places i mean i think a microsoft Somebody was just kind of laughing about it on on on an interview. Just they're killing it right now. Like microsoft teams has a lot of good stuff going on with it an i. I wouldn't say it's the better application. I prefer slack but you know teams definitely has some really good features and services on the other side slacks definitely feels a little bit better built if not a little bit more. Corporate feels microsoft teams. Definitely comes off a little bit. More like Dischord like experience or trying to have a little bit of fun with it like. It's the google chat app of business. Yeah yeah. I've used microsoft teams. I don't prefer it. I mean they're they're doing. Okay job i will say andrew wilkinson. He is the co founder of tiny which is a like investment company. Basically he owns meta lab. Which makes things like the project management software flow. Anyway andrew wilkinson actually worked with slack. Founder stewart butterfield and talked about how in two thousand thirteen Like stewart had failed his first gaming startup and talks all about that. Andrew wilkinson basically chose not to invest in slack. And just take their money to give them like an initial app and website and this is an interesting story that you know. Obviously in hindsight definitely should have invested clearly because of the value now has but just a story from like an investing standpoint and something that was not an original idea. Slack launched there were other things like hip chat and other ways that you could just chat with co workers and in businesses but it is interesting story about him as an investor working with slack initially so put a lincoln show to that tweet thread that andrew johnson had its apple links and show notes to those tweet threads. Well you've done some funny things with homepods mini can use it with a battery pack because it should basically a usb cable coming out of the homepod mini and so here this hilarious picture again. I'll put the the lincoln show notes but but a couple of homepods minis to a battery. Pack how does that work so this battery pack is like the king of battery packs. It's total possible output. Two hundred and ten watts. You don't have to buy this thing to do this. I was just playing around. But if you can output at least twenty watts from port the homepod mini l run. So if you can get pretty much most modern battery packs. Some of them are eighteen watts to watch out. So make sure at least out putting twenty watts and if you can get to ports on a battery packs output twenty watts you can basically create a portable stereo homepods many system that you can carry around as long as you have a wifi signal connected. Connecting the homepods to a network. You're good. I was able to experiment with us a little bit. was at my sister's house for a little dinner thing We were doing with the kids and ended up using one homepod mini inside one outside changing networks is actually interesting. Now because used to you'd have to just reset the homepod homepods from scratch and reprogram. It was a new network from a phone or something but now you can actually go into the home app. If you didn't know and it'll say switch to know network and it will list the name of the network that it thinks it needs to connect to the iphones. Connect to tune. It's pretty cool. Seamless process it's head and a little bit and those homepods settings inside the home app but it works out pretty well. That's pretty nice because yeah trying to use a home pod not on your home wifi network was previously a pain in the neck like it was not not easy to do so the nice to hear that process is a little easier. At least you're combining to baseball sized speakers to whatever battery pack and that's your basically your portable stereo and i wouldn't recommend it. I mean i guess it might be neat to do in certain situations maybe if you're cooking out outside and you don't you don't have a permanent speaker inflation outside in which i don't you know i it. It definitely has its uses is just very specifically strange. I've thought about. Maybe like in the future if i had an homepod mini like maybe Connected somewhere Like my living room. I maybe have that continuously connected to a battery pack and then have that better connected to a wall outlet and then just unplug the battery. Pack and pick it up and go if i wanted it to. You know that that might be a use case but this is again very slim use case so it is interesting that it's possible. Yes super interesting. So i'll put a link to that picture of course in show nuts it's hilarious. This episode is brought to you by express. Vpn earlier this year more than one hundred twitter users got their accounts hacked into passwords email address. Phone numbers in more all taken from high profile. People like joe biden elon. Musk even kanye. West actually covered it here on apple insider pocket but these kinds of attacks are getting more. Frequent and more severe is not just twitter. Facebook ebay uber. Adobe all have leaked data such as passwords and credit card info and driver's licenses belonging to billions of users. If someone can hack joe biden just imagine how easy would be for them to hack you. That's why i use express vpn to safeguard my personal data online. According to reports hackers can make up to one thousand dollars from selling someone's personal information on the dark but expressed. Vpn is an app. That funnels your data through a secure encrypted tunnel so that no matter what device you use you can have peace of mind every time. Use the internet. The app connects with just one click. It's lightning fast. You could stream video. Hd videos not a problem and it works on up to five devices simultaneously. So you and your whole family can stay protected. I use the express. Vpn app on my phone ipad. My mac it's even available on smart. Tv's if you want to try that you can also get it on wireless routers to protect all the internet traffic coming in and out of your home. It's super flexible. Super easy to use so protect yourself with express. Vpn the vpn rated number one by seen it wired and many others and if you visit express vpn dot com slash apple insider right now. You can arm yourself with an extra three months of express. Vpn for free. That's e. x. p. r. e. s. vpn dot com slash apple insider visit express vpn dot com slash apple insider to learn more thanks to express. Vpn for sponsoring this episode out real quick. Just want to touch on apple. Did this thing like naming the app of the year. Most downloaded apps things like that. Obviously zoom took kind of like the most downloaded one which calling it the number one app of the year like it's not a great app on ipad like let's just be real but because of the pandemic and covid nineteen obviously most downloaded but a couple interesting ones disney plus obviously tiktok of course but Among us was the number one free game. And i'll be honest. I was like you know something's really big and culture. I kind of like avoided for a while. Because i don't want to jump on the bandwagon but finally downloaded among us and played like with my family and kids. Actually kinda fun. Like i'll give us a pass on like pretty fun to free game. You can play with a bunch of people. They don't have to be local. You can do it online. Like pretty cool. Do you play among us. No but i can appreciate how clever it as it reminds me a lot of those. Even the stylings it reminds me of the flash games of yesteryear. I used to get online and play these poorly designed poorly drawn games and the mechanics were so simple and so fun that you just play them for hours and the of this game like i love it like it's just it's it's cutesy. It's obvious why this game took off fooled around with a little bit. I just haven't played much of it. But i can understand why at one or a by it's been such a popular game. Yeah for sure arrival. I wanted to run up the show with some gift idea. Lightning round where in december. The holidays are here. And so if you haven't done your christmas shopping yet. Wanted to throw out some ideas for those who want to some apple products by some apple so for your friends or like accessories kind of surrounded it and a couple of picks for me obviously the number one probably apple product that it would be a great gift. Idea is the homepod mini. And they don't have a smart speaker already. Dhanbad is awesome because it is not only a home kit base. You know if you want to get into some of the smart device stuff but for nine dollars is a great sounding speaker. You can do the airplay. You might have trouble finding it as far as like shipping times and stuff reminding to see if you can pick it up at an apple store locally to make sure you get it but homepod mini is a great choice and as far as other apple products. You know apple watch. Sea actually getting it for one of my kids but the the sec is a great model. Watch brand new. You can do that. Family setup which i'll be doing once he opens it and i'll let everyone know how that experience is doing. The family set up with apple watch. Se Might be a good option. Also if you have an older relative or you know your parents and they don't have an apple watch as far as the health features and fall detection apple watch my be a great gift idea but aside from apple products themselves i wanting to mention a couple things that use or gotten recently that i really like if you want some home kit apple homekit related products and give guy for that on the homekit insider episode. That's coming out monday. We're actually do a huge rundown of our favourite homekit products for smart home devices and homekit stuff listen home. Katie insider on monday. We have a bunch of gift ideas there and links for all that in the show notes but as far as stuff that i've gone recently because no iphone twelve or save charger or save duo. Charter comes with an actual charging brick. You can have to buy one and you can go with apple's like 20-watt usb thing but that's not cheap either. I'm going to recommend anchor. Which actually has a gang. Charger is basically the size of the five watt iphone charger very small and compact. But you get twenty watts out of it. It's got the power delivery three point zero. Usb on it. it's a great little charger. You can get it on amazon right now for seventeen bucks. So it's a great option. As i'll put a lincoln show notes to that one But did you have a charger or batter recommendation to you. Were looking at for a few more bucks anchor again. I got a couple of these from homepod minis because the apple. Twenty watt chargers are gigantic. One of my homepod mini is. I wanted to put on my dresser and the dresser now has to sit three feet away from the wall in order to fit the cable behind it basically just stick so far from the wall but anchor makes us flat gan charger. That's sits almost flush with the wall and the adapter comes out of the bottom. Perfect for your homepods. I think includes the spec that you need for full mag safe. Don't quote me on that. But it's a thirty watt charger so should twenty two bucks. I think will include that in the show notes too. But that's that's perfect. And another thing. I was looking at for money's nephew. Eleven twelve years old. They don't have all this fancy stuff so this isn't for the people who have mac safe or a home pied. they're trying to power. But this is perfect for someone with an iphone and trying to be portable. I reviewed the infinity core pandora portable power adapter the p. Three they love alliteration. I guess but this thing is perfect for kids. That age has a wireless charger on top but also has three ports plugging things into eight thousand amp hours plugs. Right under the wall or takes on the go i. It's it's the perfect combination thing. It's only fifty bucks. If you want a simple stuff stocking stuffer for a kid that age or something. Yeah one more charger. I'm gonna put that nomad bay station pro that i think you use and some of the people apple insider us so if you're looking at that it's a backward. They're saying if you order now it'll ship december seventeenth. But it's pretty popular wireless charger anti lincoln. Show notes to that so you can check it out. Also a couple random things here. I'm big on bags. Like backpacks and stuff and messenger bags to and you never wanna talk about the peak designed backpacks which are great and actually have one. It's a great especially if you're a photographer. But i wanna plug a different kind of bag. They are not sponsoring the show. But it's just a bag that i searched far and wide for and really like it's from e bags just the letter e bags dot com and they have a pro slim laptop backpack and there's actually on sale right now. It's usually like one forty. You can get it for eighty four dollars. Reverend their website and i love his backpack. Because it's really made for the tech stuff. Lots of zipper pouches and pockets. Where you can put cables and dangles and little hubs and stuff and they also have a pocket just for a tablet. That's a standalone padded pocket and a secondary where you could fit up like a sixteen inch macbook pro. That's what i had put my macbook pro in and lots of other pockets and it got all the cool like carry on loop thing if you're traveling and you can put on your carry on so this is from e bags. Pick design is great little expensive. And if you're not a photographer might not be best for you. But this e bags pro slam laptop is not super cool looking But it's nice and it's super functional. And i really like functional stuff up lincoln sean us to that ebay laptop backpack and also wanted to throw in one more thing. You know if you have kids or if you just have a lot of devices that you're charging maybe multiple ipad if you've got family stuff i've kind of been looking far and wide for charging hubs like docker type things where you can charge devices and keep an organized and so i found this thing on amazon. It's a bamboo. Charging station is like multiple slots for devices and actually has a little attachment even for like an apple. Watch an airpods. As i'll put a link to this. It's twenty six bucks. It comes with like six inch cables. It comes with lightning micro usb and usb c cables which is really useful so it's only twenty bucks. It's a cool. Bamboo charging station. Actually got this for my kids devices again. Airpods section has got a little apple watch attachment. It does not come with a charging hub so charging hub. You can use that but if you don't you will need to get one and you know these vary in prices. But i'm gonna recommend one. I kind of got the most ports possible just so i can kind of future proof. I've any future devices. But i got another anchor. This is a sixty watt. Ten port usb wall charger it's a brick basically got ten usb ports. They're all usb a. But if you get that. Bamboo charging station. They come with usb eighty years bbc cables. And so if you're really justin charging and you don't care about fast charging like you're just trying to get a bunch of devices charged overnight. You can get this anchor. Sixty watt ten port wall charger. Put it in this. Bamboo charging thing and you have a nice organiz charging station for many devices. Especially if you have kids with devices or you just have multiple ones. You want to charge in a nice doc. Type thing out encourage you to get that. I'll put the links and shown us to that and if you don't wanna get stuff separately like you don't want to buy the anchor and the bamboo charger. You just want all in one solution. I'll put a link. This is another one. I had gotten in the past. Is the hercules. Tough t u f f charging station. It's got six years reports it. It's power all built in so you don't have to buy secondary power thing and it comes to those little six inch cables as well lightning micro usb and usb c and so that's another cool option. That's only forty bucks all in one deal. You can slot your devices in a little separators. It fits an ipad even with a k. So just as you're getting multiple devices probably this holiday season. Look at some of these charging stations that might be useful for you and so some of my favorite gifts to recommend around. Well everyone thanks for tuning in again. Last week's episode the interview with kanus from wuji jews developer of fair ipad. And if you haven't yet we appreciate a five star rating in review and apple. Podcast you can get there. You can also tweet at west and myself. Our twitter handles are in the show notes. And don't forget to follow us tweet at us. If you have questions recommendations thoughts on the show we love to hear you there. You can also email me. That's in the show notes as well. Thanks for tuning in and we will catch you next week.

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