Flowbee (MM #3546)


With kevin mason. One of the hottest topics of the last week has nothing to do with washington. Nothing to do with politics. It has to do with celebrity and hair cutting. You may have heard that. George clooney mentioned last week on. Cbs sunday morning that he cuts his hair with flo be. I don't know if you're familiar with the flow. Be i think my brother-in-law's had one for years. It was almost bought as a joke years ago. it's a combination hair clipping system in a vacuum cleaner. All in one and of course you would think flabby is going to be the hot product now because of his good enough for george clooney. It'd be perfect for you right well. Of course thanks to covid nineteen. You probably can't buy a flabby. Because they had to shut their factory down back in april. Due to covid nineteen protocols. There are still some out there. But they're impossible to find lots of copycats lots of but sadly the one time a company could've taken advantage of something it's not meant to be core sadly they won't be able to capitalize on it and that's kind of the strange world of twenty twenty in a nutshell. That's publicity you couldn't pay for one of those famous people in the world mentioned your product unsolicited. You can't even sell the product for it What a world we live in.

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