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Episode 74: Quarantining 101


Well one to the special cove ED nineteen episode of others random stuff. I'm Jacoby and I'm heather together. We make a other just in case. You're wondering that's not actually heather because heather dot allowed to leave her house not because she has the virus but because we live in Washington state and there's a statewide locked down where you're not allowed to leave your house so I'm here with Megan who's here because she also lives here. Yeah I was forced into this. Oh she's not breaking any rules so we're just having a little wool special podcast this week without half of the other team because she is not supposed to leave her house so We're GONNA do a short little episode. We're not going to do journalism today. Because I want to wait until there is able to be here again. we are going to just do a A ran an icebreaker question. Okay and that's what we're gonNA talk about today. And the icebreaker question for everyone is and I really want to hear people's answers. What do you do when you're quarantined at home because of Cova Nineteen? What do you do in your house for weeks on End? You know when you have no access to other people or things or businesses or anything so. Megan has a list that she got at school right. Yes that they handed out when you left school that when when they handed that out we did not have the mandatory quarantine like we do now So part of this quarantine is that all non-essential businesses must close restaurants can only do takeouts basically of grocery stores takeout restaurants in pharmacies and banks is it. There's there's not really anything else in healthcare facilities. But you don't WanNa go there. If must you have to so? We're going to go over some of the things that you can do when you're home either by yourself or with your family So today This is Tuesday in case anyone didn't know it's national cocktail day So I'm not drinking wine. I actually made myself cocktail here. I did talk to heather. We did a video chat right before this. And she also made a cocktail at home So that we can both have won. She says to say hi to everybody and she really wished she could be here. But we were all bolted drinking cocktails on this fabulous national cocktail day. Megan does not have a cocktail custody. Sixteen so getting some like orange juice and cranberry juice and just like pretend you can just you can have is called a mock tail so like a cocktail but without the Yummy Quila in vodka in it. So it's a mock tail yum. Yeah so do you. WanNa start on your list. You have there for shirt things to do when you're sheltering in place what's number one. It's not number one but it caught my eye. Okay almost immediately okay. Learn how to belly dance. Learn how to belly dance. That's on the list the school gave to you. Do you want to read it? Learn how to belly dance or just okay. So where do you learn how to be? I'm guessing YouTube. Probably has belly dancing videos for we. You know I have a friend who Aerial Silk Dance. Ooh It's it's evil stepsisters. Audrey Oh Nice Nice Nice Nice okay okay. That would be fun if you ever want lessons online video chatting lessons. Well it'd be hard to silk dance in your house with the Kazakh hooked to the ceiling. Is that correct? Just GonNa Hook and you know you don't you can't go to the store and buy silks though. So just use their four. You'd have to use an old bed sheet or something. Just hang on there and you know might not work as great. But where do you? Where do you buy silks just like they say for you? Know what you could probably buy from Amazon. But they're coming from China on just GonNa tell you right now. So very tiny silks all right. What's the second thing Learn how to play. Learn how to play a new instrument. Okay what if you don't have an instrument now? What if you're quarantined in your house and you can't go outside to buy a new insert? Yeah so you're stuck with spoons. You can learn how to play. The spoons online keyboards. Okay Okay Yeah Yeah What else you can make America out of some beans and construction paper. Yeah Okay Yeah. Yeah Visit every park in the valley. You could probably still do that because you are allowed to go for a walk The governor said but you have to stay six feet away from everyone else so you could go to the parks but you have to make sure you don't interact with anyone at the park so usually because like invite a friend of the park. Stay six feet away. Text each other. Yeah Yeah you'd still be in the same general area but just you can't get close to each other so yeah yeah Paint your bedroom again. You need paint. I don't know if the hardware stores are open if they're considered any central service. Maybe what if you wait if your pipe rakes in your house or something? Yeah and you just go there. Probably Open okay. You could do that. You can't you're okay. listened to a comedian slash. Become a comedian off any venues in. When at your open right now you could like record yourself and posted online right. Podcast you there you go. That's a perfect quarantine activity. Make a podcast. I think that's on the list somewhere. Is it wait is it? It should be because that's a great activity. Get to it later but I feel like it's on here. Okay okay next yes Make a picnic for you and your friend or family. Hey We kinda. We weren't going to have a picnic member. Yeah then it didn't happen then. We sorta eight insides but we did go outside for a while to get shaved ice. The Oh guess. The shaved ice truck drove pastor our house. And so we got You got a Red Bowl. Dad got a shaved ice so that was fun. I did lay outside and read my book because it was Super Nice Day and then we sat outside listen to music really loudly really loud too and then I noticed the next day the neighbors were playing their music really loud almost like a competition. Maybe because you were pointing songs from the musical at full volume just one. Just I don't see what the problem is. It was so loud and it's like the longest song I doubt they've ever listened to it. I've just like you know broadening. Their neighbors only speak Spanish. They probably didn't know I know what they're thinking. What the Hell is? Yeah and so the next day. They're like we're playing our music. I before those crazy people come out here. It was crazy worth their broadway. Musicals blasted in the neighborhood. We play our music once in a war but they can play their music literally every day. And it's no problem. It's so loud too. It's great by. I actually don't minded over by earn. Okay all right so the next. Thank God jump rope. You need the UP. Get a rope. You need to have a jump rope good. You can jump up without having a jump rope. Get the bed. She used for aerial silk. Now just pretend you know us pretend that you have the jump rope. People do that all the time gems they do. I see him to it. It's like a thing the thing that is the dumbest thing. Well it's a thing. I don't like to jump rope because it makes my glasses bounce down and it makes me dizzy. I just the same reason. I don't like to jog because my glasses bounce up and down and it makes me dizzy glasses who they just tape them to your phasers on this. I don't know I don't like it. I don't teach a dog a new trick or you don't have a dog can teach the parakeets to likes it or something. Oh maybe we can teach your parakeets assholes. How about that the teach him to be quiet? Trust me I would`ve. If you put a blanket over the cage or are they quiet. No no they just screamed because they want the blanket off okay. They're smart these scream when they wanna go to bed. You'd think they'd get tired. But they get more energized. The more they want to go to sleep. Skateboard don't have a skateboard. But Hey kei caller people your age. That's something they could do. I would die on a skateboard I also would learn to make a new type of food. okay all right. Yeah could be fun. There's tons of cooking videos that you could look at and make something Okay Guy and your favorite food. We've been doing that a lot. You have I've been done too much my favorite food like I need to tape the Fred Shuts. I can't get in there anymore. It's not gonNA happen. I also want what is it that this quarantines going to make me gain forty pounds by the time we're done yet but so is everyone else. So the average will go up Sing K. Discover a new music genre. I WANNA LISTEN TO DUB step over my core Dean Hell Yeah. It was a joke by the way. I don't know what that is. A step is is the worst kind of music on this planet. I think I looked it up once because it was in deadpool dead pool and so I looked it up because I did not know what he was talking about. And anyhow I don't remember now what it said but we should loosen the dumpster out of this. No okay maybe. Hey it's on the list. We should just do it. We should just do it. Yeah let's just do it okay. Anything it's on the list. It's on the list. We have to do it. Go to Disneyland. It's on the list. Go for a walk hike. Run or bike ride. Okay Yeah I can do that. Be Six feet away six feet away. That differ that Cadillac category was doing a little something for yourself. Oh okay all right. Next category is invest in your education. Oh this one makes you super excited. Some of them are cool. Okay like the first one write a short story song. Play or book okay. That could be fun now. That could be fun. I'll just write a whole musical and I'll get so famous you you should do that. I should you should do that. I should give serious. I take my friends who took the songwriting class in school. Yeah Yeah just they can do it for me and I'll take credit perfect study for the SAT. Which I think got cancelled always. Sat's I know. But I'M PRETTY SURE GOT CANCELLED. You can still study for it because you're going to take a later anyways. Whatever do a virtual lab oh like science experiments and star okay. Yeah you could do that like the like the volcano vinegar baking soda or whatever thing virtually. Oh that's not virtually that's messy in your okay. Oh I don't know Research to the country and location of your dream vacation okay. That'd be fun. Sorta you know with research a vacation and you can't ever go on. That's great what's your dream vacation Besides going back to Disneyland. I'd like to go to Greece. Actually I'd also like to go to Paris. I knew that one and Oh lots of places I'd like to visit England and see all that stuff and Italy and there's lots of places I want to go you. I want to sneak into Cuba. You don't have to sneak about trump re closed. I don't believe so. That's I thought he did. Maybe he didn't if he did. It's fine because all I have to say. I have family in Canada Canada. Yeah would you do you go to Canada and you say hey. I have family here go you. Take you take a boat to Cuba. When you get there you just say hey. Don't stamp my passport and they'll be like cool and then you go to Cuba for as much time as you want and then when you come back you're like again. Cuban people don't stamp my passport and cool and then you go back and you come back and really get visiting my family Canada. It's apparent according to my history teacher. It's really easy to sneak in Cuba. It's that or you go through Mexico okay. So that's how you snack in before they opened up the yes. Okay all right. That seems like a lot of work to Get to Cuba but Beaches there are so beautiful. They really is and all this stuff. There is so cheap and they love American people there which is like unlike any other country so yeah most people hate US exactly okay. Well Cuban is Cuba practice the foreign language that you've taken it school. You should do that. I should yeah I only know. I only remember three signs. You took that class for three years. Yeah you better know more than Dad. I know high. I know I would make you do it on the podcast but unfortunately it's it's sign language and no one can CEO. But you'll have to practice you know what's really great about sign language. What cure ever in trouble. Someone's yelling at you. Whatever just put on a we scared expression and when they're done talking you just signed to them. Sorry I'M DEAF. I Dunno then they'll talk and then I'll talk to start talking leg shit. What are the chances that when someone started yelling at you in like sign language that they're gonNA chances that you're getting yelled at and you talked to them in sign language and they understand what you're saying that would happen to me? That would happen to me. I know it would but the chances are slim all right deaf people in the valley. And what's the next one? Pick your favorite time in history and learn about five interesting people from that era. That sounds dumb. That sounds like something the school would tell you to do. Yeah yeah all of these sound like something. The school would tell me that. Except for belly dancing actually. My science teacher wrote this up. It's not like a school like okay. Got It from three separate teachers. Who told me they typed up? But I'm pretty sure. My Science teacher likes his a lot. Pretty sure the white all the teachers were taking credit for doing it. That's funny my English teacher was like I typed up this short little list. I hope it will give you inspiration than I got to my science classroom and I was like and she was like. Here's this thing and I was like. Yeah I've seen this on so many of my friends. At consignments like this font. Yeah my English Teachers. Never given us a handout. All right. What's the next one. You play an online math game now. Doesn't that sound like fun? No that doesn't know you should play some online Algebra. Megan that would be fun. It'd be like a game but you get to learn algebra type in the quadrajet equation before the zombies break down the door leave and once you do the equation right. You get the easy to blow out see you know. Destroy the zombies. That's how it works. I would make the game of you may talk. I would play the game made it but unfortunately I'm not I a programmer. Not a call your uncle all right. That's an x one. Figure out your Grit Score. Work on improving that scorer. What's a grit score okay? I'll write us a map in plan. The ultimate road trip. That's that is fun. We did ultimate road trip last summer. We did that was fantastic. We went so many places that was so fun. Hurt the entire. You just did but you knocked off so many things off. Your bucket list did accept the popsicle. We'd never found the popsicle. Which kind was it again? Spongebob Spongebob. Spongebob popsicle. We'd never found it. Then he knows where we can buy. Spongebob popsicle you guys know the ones that they always feel like gas stations. That the picture on the Rapper. So much better than once inside like one of the is is always drooping I I've never had one of those. I would really bad member. We did see one in a vending machine in a mall and the machine was out of order. I do remember I was like this was the salvation and Kagan from Yup Yup. That was that was sad but that was a fun trip Write a lab about something. You're curious about what does it mean. Write a lab write a science experiment. Okay Yeah I don't want to write out a conclusion for a lab that we want to write a lab on how to mix a perfect cocktail. Tequila. You can okay. Are you curious about it? I don't know maybe they drop plans for something. You WanNa make a metal woodshop near not in those classes. I would die if I was in them I would. I would have my hand chopped off. Set a budget for you and your family. That's Fudd he you know what's fun accounting so we just go one more of these things here. Okay what's the last section family and friends helping out okay? So now this was written before the order says this is include like doing things with people yesterday but okay so we can't. Is there anything on there? We can still do okay. taking care of younger children siblings. Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah Cleaning the house. That's fun. Cooking meals depth. That's also fun. Yep Dishes K. doing yard work. Oh superfund like everybody wants to do that. Sweeping the sidewalk. Who has your decide. I want you to go sweep the sidewalk tomorrow just because I want you know what? Let's do a little little social experiment here okay. This is what I want you to do. Let you go out tomorrow in the middle of the day. Sweep the sidewalk like really good. Like like you're digging into it and get it like super clean like even spray some shit on it like and let's see if any of the neighbors come out and sweep off their sidewalks. See if they're like seeing US and they're like oh my gosh. They're like disinfecting their sidewalk. Maybe we should too and see if they do it. Someone comes by and is like what are you doing? Did you hear the governor? The governor said we have to disinfect. The sidewalks was susceptible place. Please do that tomorrow. You'RE GONNA be you're working from home so you watch. I'll come out and I'll point at spots in the sidewalk and point and you can scrub it like really hard and I'll be like okay. Yeah that's better. I'm GonNa Tell You tomorrow that you told me to do all this. You're going to go what I love this. Okay let's let's do that okay. Anything else giving the dog a bath. Don't have a dog becoming a dog walker. Requires you to go with a cat people. Yeah you can't do that right now doing laundry. Yeah that's fun. We do that all the time. My favorite thing to do fun fun cleaning out a garage no have a garage but we have a shed washing in detail on cars. You could detail my car. I don't know why I thought detailing like giving a car paint job I was like I don't. I don't know if you'll be killing telling high school kids washing windows. Yeah we have that one window that the cats put their nose on all the time. And it's like super dirty disgusting. We should wash it one spot. They just come out really ground in there it stinks. It was all her snot. Like Edge Dodd Hall and neglect Picking up litter in your neighborhood. Oh that's fun. Yeah okay. I'll just go over to David. House into his yard up all of his trial. I'm sure he will applaud me. That would be very neighborly of you. Megan very neighborly. I'll go give them cookies. Being positive and supportive. Oh is that what it says at the last thing? Okay well. That was a nice. That's a nice list that your school gave to you. The belly dancing part was kind of weird. But you could do that with almost any light. You could do yoga if you don't know how to do that you could do. Thai tea can do all kinds of different stuff. She said it like you are so wise in the ways of Tai Chi. Never I've not done. I've only done it once. I do do yoga. Though you do at home you'll do. Home Yoga yes so that is our list. That is our Corona virus at home. Keep yourself busy. And that's like in addition to the normal stuff everybody does like watch net flicks play games. Play Computer Games. Watch TV WATCH MOVIES SEASON Twentieth Diablo. Three if y'all WanNa play now's the time now's the time to also do any movie marathons. Yeah you were thinking of doing like our Lord of the Rings buyers on Lord of the Rings Star Wars is a good one. Harry Potter's a good one. I almost said Indiana Jones and the Marvel Universe that has very. That's has that would keep you busy for a week. Just the marvel one would. There's so many movies gotTa have all the or or just how Disney just Disney plasma and you can just about movies. We should be watching one every night. We haven't done that whole the marvel movie. That's a whole road that's like that's like third week into quarantine. Yeah Okay we're only quarantine ver- no well. It just started this week. What well the the actual order. That makes it illegal for you to get out to be out of Your House. Just started yesterday so give it a couple of weeks. We'll see you know if he's been emptied two weeks you have because school was been out for two weeks but yeah so where he's doing okay and surviving this and nobody's sick and I hope everybody's feeling well and hopefully next week will have heather back. If she's allowed to come out of her house. Which would be nice so I know that she would appreciate it so until next time everybody. Stay safe and wash your hands.

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