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BLUNTCAST #3 George Miller From Tokyo


Welcome to blunt cast number. Three facebook live event that we do every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Why were on this? Sort of quarantine lockdown So if you have facebook check it out there and if you don't you can listen to it here This week or this blunt cast guest is George Miller. George is a former Philadelphian is currently living in Tokyo. He was a journalist at the inquired philly weekly and he was a professor of journalism over at Temple and now he's the associate dean at Temples. Japan campus in Tokyo. And he's also the founder of jump magazine which was an important magazine in Philly that covered the at local philly music scene and so George joins us to talk about his transition from Philly to Tokyo. Japan's dealing with the crisis The Olympics and life in general in Tokyo. And what's different than Phillies? A pretty interesting interview and it's cool talking to someone on the other side of the world. Sounds pretty good. And we hope you'll check it out and spread word stay safe. Wash your hands. The Santa Fill the Yellow Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Philly Blunt. My Name's Carnegie Times. I'm Ref- Greg. We've got a great guest tonight. Very excited to have him on We have a George Miller. Who's coming at US live from Tokyo Japan? Where some big news just came out in the last twenty four hours George is originally originally from Wilmington. Right up in Delaware. Yeah but you know but you yes raise. Your from. Women's does so but you've been over Japan for couple of years now and now it has to be fairly surreal to not just be experiencing this international You know craziness that were living through but experiencing it halfway across the world. I'm not sure what you're talking about. We don't actually have a pandemic here. Now everything's cool right right right and everything is lovely beautiful sunshine outside the trees to bloom in everybody's outside drinking. It's a lovely. It's a lovely spring day in Tokyo okay. Well they're not. I thought that now that they announced the Olympics aren't coming that people were gonNA quit pretending like it wasn't happening they haven't actually. I don't think it's officially yet. I just think I think Dick. Tom went out there and was just kinda setting the tone for what's going to happen by the Labor Dick's. Yeah what's his name. The panel Gig Handle B. O. U. N. B. Like pounded Dick Pound. So still it was there. Was there a a major reaction to that story over there? That you noticed. I mean you can't really go as much so I don't know if you have notes not a serious band Everybody's outside here Tokyo. We went out on lockdown at all like I read about what's adds an employee really sounds very shit joke you we were out over the weekend and there are people everywhere so it past you guys like. I'm not I'm confused like didn't did you guys you guys nipped in the bud and kept him. Moving a big. We had the Olympic wave real big while they were still talking off the Olympics. They kind of kept I. Don't I have no idea to tell you the truth but I mean I think as long as the reality of the Olympics on the Tokyo was still in the air they just kept getting the we haven't had an increase in confirmed cases. We haven't had a massive increase in deaths. Things are stable. It's crazy actually really really great newsmen. Yeah we shut down like Japan shutdowns pretty much on in schools. Shut down so they did like Chemo. Basho tournament they did that in They did that end without people and so they didn't Empty Stadium and so the big events in schools shut down in March twenty eighth to rest in the country is just Britain riding the trains and hanging arc and growing up. Did you think they're trying to pretend like it's You know that they're trying to pretend like things are normal because they want the Olympics to happen. Or do you think that you guys are just inexplicably lucky. And it's somehow basketball. You can't hide this stuff and you know people are dying. You can't hide it so native monkey. Journalists runs over the weekend. We're talking nation again research on. Are they hiding the Ronan deaths in new ammonia Or Flu Death Sore Respiratory Yet. The numbers aren't increasing anyway. So no idea exactly fucking miracle. How do you feel about that? Do you feel like the trust that was really going to do. You think that there's some sort of cover up now man me and my social worker. Yeah yes I think it's time bomb but that's just me based on nothing actually based on what I read in you know in Phillies in Philly stuff. I'm a little nervous. Yes but we're still how you were still going out. But they're not There's here go to bars or restaurants or stores or anything like that. People still go to the park. I was out. Was it Friday night? I went for Ron and there was still lots of people down by Cheney car so people are still Now people are still going out and and and being closed but just because everything shutdown. That's definitely helping to social distancing But I don't think people are taking it as seriously as they probably should especially considering how close we are New York which is getting slammed right. Well my wife and I Like last weekend we decided. We'll get on bikes. We'll go for ride. It's Cherry blossom season. We'll go look at the crease and everything we go out to the park. And there's like a thousand people in this tiny little part in their everywhere and so we're like all right. You know you people thinking locked up for a week. Maybe they want to get out you go to another part Champ Akron People. We go another part. There's people playing basketball outside plan like you know they're playing tennis outside. It is everyday normal On the trains there are. I mean like the trains on a on a on a on a normal Dan Tokyo over we get on the train. Gigi getting cuffed by like five people and if you just like yeah that's my whole body is like especially with really like. I don't know how long people can you know. Play this stay in the house thing man. 'cause it's like people are losing fucking mind. It's only been like a really a week. You know what I mean like. I don't know how this this whole thing. Just this is uncharted territory. Right like you walk past asking you gotta all the liquor stores are all the windows is. She'll go down like another week or so. You're going to be trying to get liquor anyway. Why have a friend who owns a bar? I'm not I'M NOT GONNA you know. Dome under the bus. But he's saying like I can't stay closed for another week like I. I'll give them two weeks. And then I I'm reopening you know like I don't know you know. Hopefully that I think people are counting on. You know not getting rent called in or not getting You Know Pe- you know people are accounting on something going down because there's no way if they make you pay one hundred percent of your rent then every bar restaurant accept the really you know. Well he'll guys going down April first so I have to think. In the next week it was going to be some drastic measures taken so that we don't lose every bar and restaurant city except for the tops fifty You know it's it's it's there's going to have to be some pretty drastic things done because otherwise how to you. What's the point? Why are you paying rent revenue? I know these guys were trying to do the takeout thing. But that's just stopgap right. George have you been in contact with family and friends? Obviously our how you doing you know that everybody seems pretty. Good at my mom My mother's Japanese so I moved here. I took this job. I applied for the job because I got family in Japan right. Well is still in Delaware and so you know she seems to be doing good on any on on on a regular day. She's got like suit stockpiled for like six months. This is a normal day for her doing anything she didn't she didn't go anywhere. So you're big vegetables vegetable. It's just normal life. My father's in Florida so is crazy down there. That's your Ob. The young people work out people at the beach. The beach in he lives in floor Myers and they locked down the beach. That so people can't even go on the beach down there while here in Tokyo man people are people are on the beaches there in the parks the. Climb Mountains. You know. Y'All should come over here. Yeah Yeah if if this was just somehow the whole thing bypass bypass year there. Yeah why not? That's one thing I've been wondering like if you know if 'cause looks like China's kind of gotten past it looks like South Korea's on its way I I'm serious like is Ernie Awesome -bility of there being sort of migration Over that way because if people can't work here for six months but they could go over you know they could go to China South Korea or something like that and work. I wonder if people would actually consider doing nat that. There's no explanation for. Why depend doesn't have crazy numbers like every deal? I mean the people keep telling me like Oh Japanese people the Culture here. Everybody so much more cleaner like they watch. They were rocking the mass. Like way before all right you. People wear masks. And they don't want to talk to. Is there a lawyer confusion as the Olympic nervion postponing do people get that? There's other people coming over there. Probably other athletes bringin that shit right people around the world are raising a lot of stink people in Tokyo or like okay. We're going back to business next week. We're going to open next week. Universities are GONNA open up in April right. We won't open up our summer session at the end of April wine's or getting back to life as normal. That's I don't know man like that. Sounds fucking amazing right now. That's a lot of people ability. Just Jason Shit at everything you. So what is the temple? Tokyo like is it. Is it built in the middle of the hood like are weird? We used to be in a fancy name insane. Yeah Y- we like where the embassies consulates are but we move across town and so now it's pretty funny man because right now across the street from our campus. It's like the projects you see. The extent Temple Temple Temple DEPUTIES PROJECTS. And so it's like it's like really I knew. Yeah and you know. They treat people well on the projects year. So it's crazy where we now. It's like it's like a real neighborhood in so it's great like right around the corner from us. They have distinct on the show. Ten Guy which is the shopping districts was bars and restaurants. All these little places you can buy stuff. It's great neighborhood now instead of where we were with the the consulates and embassies works and so everything's cheaper and law and you can get a you can get any Japanese sake For like a dollar a dollar fifty and you know you can get for. Bucket to of that essential students level is so you loving you loving the choice. You made the move out there You know it was good because you know didn't Philly for twenty five years more coming and my job has asked Liz on between the Tokyo campus and main campus and so they were sending me back and forth the philly every three months. I was supposed to be that right now. Actually metric got cancelled and so last year I spent almost monthly. I don't forget you watch you see students in Tokyo that in Philly we got we have an interesting mix to students so forty percent of our students are Japanese and so a lot of the kids are. I'm half Japanese so a lot of a lot about being mixed backgrounds And so the kind of cross Golkar's we have a lot of Japanese students or just fascinated by western culture and we have forty percent of our students Americans which includes a lot of Of Own and so we get these kids who had like a fascination with Japan so they just want be here and then because Japan's international place we usually pick up like fifteen twenty percent of our students who come from around the world campus radioman man. You'll get like twenty five different languages gently you'll see punches. The kids talk in Swedish and Japanese and French faculty same thing. It's an interesting place so dumb over here. I A Japanese like. How do you communicate details? There might hear South Philly Tack Right Right. That's it yeah all of us so we we got one guy who went to You went to the Newman right. So He's here he's been here for like fifteen years or so he sounds like he's from Iowa for the most part had brought the guy from From South Philly for main campus. Come teach for US last semester. Also McGrady guy hanging out and all of a sudden they just like all sorts of south walls and I was like brothers. She's down there. Brooke everybody in common it was you know yes. My cousin iris-out Philly's Italian versus long linguists family members. Complain about that Salvator notice. You have a background now too. So you guys you guys apply. I look super unprofessional raining. I agreed screen. They'RE GONNA use. Yeah I'm I'M GONNA galleon reached out in front of the skyline. I mean you're just in the kitchen. Mona South Street British Dylan. So so George. Was there big? Was there wasn't much. It was their big culture shock. When you know you've been there pretty regularly two years But still being somewhere regularly and actually moving there from a place like Philly I have to think is somewhat of a culture shock I So when when I was coming to Japan my my family's way down south in the countryside and so they live on the side of a Mountain Hills. Intriguing beautiful when everything though. I never spent much time in Tokyo. Tokyo is a massive city with like you know depending on how you calculated like thirty thirty five thirty eight million people and so it's just insane. There's just people everywhere so when I would walk at night old apartment Kabul them we would walk outside and literally you would have waves of people just coming right at you getting off the train and like you couldn't get through and so but Japan itself is a pretty pretty amazing place. People Nice Man. I couldn't believe when I went there like Ed like ten. Eleven o'clock at night we were in Sinjuku with a business district the amount of people on the street waiting for the Red Light. And no one. No one crosses on red light even. Markham for like three minutes. Everyone just waits and then man rush of like hundreds of people at like eleven o'clock at night last chain comes at eleven thirty twelve o'clock And they'll be thousands of people on the platform. Most of the people like filling their suits and everything faces already because they've been crumpled up in the corner of against the policy we will. We were on the train one time and we saw this guy like midnight. Whatever he's just crumpled up on the floor walk reside at Buffalo here Luke side somebody over and they put it on top of all right shit that would be gone in Philly. That's the thing is like the culture is a big on. You know respect and honor and I mean this is just from what I what I assume I know. But that's a big thing over there. It's kind of being like a respectable human being right now. That's a crazy concept. Yeah man I mean the The whole idea of Japan is that society is greater than the individual. That's what comes first. That may new. That's why we're we're fairly safe right now. Maybe people actually gave Shit and they start. You know little kids and teenagers and younger folks started avoiding people and so we didn't get it around as much had no idea that the quality of several of in Tokyo over here is unbelievable. Random like they had a they have like you could buy white business shirts. Because that's the deficit. Eleven we had business. They send you go crazy so George. What's The music scene like that over there? I mean it's such a gigantic place. There's literally everything that the most thing for me is that they do shows it started seven o'clock and are over at nine o'clock. I'll definitely moving over them at that age. All that off going on no none of that going on you know one thirty. Yeah Oh that's wild. So you're big. Are there any like do you go out and listen to music or you find? Listen to bands that. Are you know better? The hit the hit bands and Japan or more underground type stuff for what I mean. We we wrote around. We do a little bit of this net The music scene in Tokyo so spread out and I mean shows are actually usually expensive in so even if you go. They call lighthouse this year. Even if you go to a lot of small lighthouse that whole like thirty or forty people still like twenty five while we don't go out as much like won't leave and go and see all the shows for free And so that's kind of what I liked it. It's expensive and then like when they get big acts coming through walls it'll be like a hundred bucks for a ticket yet. So yeah it's all got too much you go down so I wanted to ask you. Is there any desire to for a lot of people that don't know you founded in the editor of jump Philly which was an incredibly awesome a magazine that focused solely on the local music scene in Philadelphia? Now a lot of people that were able to get You know great looks from being in that magazine One I wanted to task you. What made you start that How we able to stain it as long as you did. Is there any chance of it coming back in magazine form from Tokyo or eventually back? Golden State's that's loaded questions will take your time. So I was teaching temple and took a bunch of students to London For Summer Program and we went over there and I don't like to just do theoretical classes and so we went over. We studied London from music perspective. And so we traveled all around London six weeks and music's interview. We'll put together Over there and then it came back with the magazine out showing some friends in Philly musicians and artists created people. Now this is great but I don't. I don't know London at all something like this. And so me and all of course baseball with a bunch of people they offer. It was like a Saturday pickup. Baseball Game co-head mostly drinking all day barbecue on music. So I got allow those people involved. They were designers and artists and writers. Saga Furs so just a bunch of US got together and put the magazine together and we didn't know we were going to be doing one magazine. And then stop in or what in the mid one in reaching out to us and they were like Yeah how do I get the magazine to advertise And so it was a slow random and then we just kept it going. How many issues end up making altogether I did. I did twenty seven and then another five without me for about another year afterward. Okay who took you? Pass it on a Somali. Yeah a friend of mine. Runs a grid mckean overhead used around magnet and a few other magazines So he picked it up. He's head with a good business sense so he picked it up. How can how can how can a weird time to start a magazine right? Like how can how can you visited? Seems Kinda Gutsy? But his people still read them. Yes of the magazines gone right here. I know that but I'm saying when you started it which was what ten fifteen years ago. Yeah like even then was a pretty crazy time to say you know what we're going to start a magazine. Oh Yeah Yeah which I love the Internet and everything and I'm on the Internet constantly like I'm checking my email looking through facebook. Show on talk me you guys but I think that there's value in having a product and so like the magazine it wasn't timely like like we did respect in summer twenty thirteen. And it's not like you know reef was the biggest story back then. Reeve was just a good story to tell and so but we did a great kind of story and like you should have been on covers magazine for years in Philly so I I think what we were doing wasn't like news. It was it was kind of like it was a time capsule in it was like look at the amazing Shit. That's happening at this point. And so it's not like you read it in throw it away to me like you read it. You keep it on your coffee table. Your friends come over. What in your bathroom case you run out of toilet paper but you keep it around and so I think there's greater value to it which was always my arguments so I kept issues around for a long time. I still have. I still have the issues. What I what was. How did you get it in? Because it would be like the most random like bars restaurants. How did you get people to carry it so to speak? I had had a nine ninety nine Toyota. Celaya and me and my dog would drive around the city. Magazines could stomach pain in my ass. It was so good at all. It's really missed here. There's nothing Nothing like it into key online to try and find a local bands. But they just can't do. They don't do the same deathly you guys did. Such a good magazine. I mean they were great guys. A lot of a lot of the jumped crew also worked at at the key and so we were all good friends actually You know we all used to do stuff together week. Show with do shows together we would Ryan. We used to have a music writer. Parties at Ferguson stuff So all the little music writer crew we all we already if all filtered out all over the country. So that's what one question I had for you was you know you've been out there a couple of years. Now what is it is there what do you? What do you miss the most about Philly right now? I would kill for Hoagie. Where's your Go-to I lived in north liberties for the best seventeen years before moving to Tokyo two years ago. So I got my guy on draw avenue. Second Android Georgia's Walter's the he. He knew that you knew the my name is George and like I'm Kinda beginning say ethnic so he thought I was free to. Yes so he used to cut me a break. Every time I go ahead and you never you never let them you. Never let them all. You just went day words. Yes crying like you grew trades me. My friends must be managed to me man so whatever. I'll take anything this guy was going to free shows. Neaten HALF-OFF HOAGIES. I don't know how you have is good you so what did you. What is your wife? Say when you know said Baby I'm I'm I want to move to Tokyo Was she on board right or did it take some convincing? Nominee she's She was adventurous though. She's from she's from just outside of Philly. Never been to Asia. Japan young Japanese known anybody over here but she was a good sport about it though. Got A job here now. She's working home. She's probably downstairs listening to me right now. Shaving a head how long. How long are you planning on being out there? I duNno I dunno wins ones that what the Congress in Robeson a couple of weeks. We're good. I'm very good at science. I I know science like nobody knows. Science Tupi is not having a stable genius controlling it ever. We have the civil geniuses puppet though so you know who statistics burn best friends over here man. I'm so have you looked are you? Have you gotten a new dog? I know mookie was like you had a dog that fifteen museum. Seventeen on wall. Have you thought about new pack? Got a fish fish. Yeah Man I can't go through. That again broke my heart. Yeah he was like visa so you know he used to go to shows and everything. Yeah a little celebrity on his own you know. A he was a he was a regular really. Would go to Hugo parts for John with me. You make up deliveries with me with the magazine. Yeah yeah he's like whenever? I spoke at colleges and stuff. I got permission to bring him so he went to. You'll know Arcadia Temple. Saint Joe's I've seen some shots of you teaching in Him Mike. Sitting right right by side. It's pretty cool. Yeah Man Yeah like a shore man. I'm gonNA enjoy with dog. Yeah Yeah for sure question about sports over there. I know you're a baseball guide. You do you go to any of the baseball games over there. I tried to try out for the Yokohama Bay Stars last year. I got shot down. They wouldn't even let you try. Not Now man so in Japan one of the things they do is when they have Japanese stars. Go OVER TO AMERICA GO TO AMERICA. Play the careers and everything And since they don't do like a farewell to Japan they'll come back at the end of the season when they do open tryouts and they'll do like a day or two and then all the crowd will be there and you like a big farewell thing so I reached out to the coach from the Bay Stars in Ashton. Fight do it. He was into it deep with the PR people in the yard. People like as bad as allied without a man. I'm a journalist. I'll write about it. It'll be like this big story talking about cultural differences and it'll get people outside of Japan interested Go to Hama near like now. That sounds silly. You're too old for that. Keeping it honest but should you know what's the same Mike at the game? How's it different from from heroin to a phillies game So the divide the stadium and so one side of the stadium for the fans of the home team and the other half will be the fans of the visiting team and so when the home team is batting. All the fans are going crazy. They're waving flags and banging and the cheerleaders and all this stuff out there. The other team comes up. That's I go quiet. And then the other side goes crazy interesting. So there's they keep they keep the riffraff to a minimum by keeping them separated. Yeah so no fighting. You're wearing the wrong color. They'll be like I'm sorry you're on the blue side. You need to be on the red side over there are there. Are they usually a lot of visiting teams fans there so we went to the American all stars playing against the Japanese all stars last year on so my wife and I went and so played in the Tokyo? Dome will took your giants and so when the Japanese side was batting. All the fans are going crazy. They're waving and then when the American their batting was like me and my wife. Who Was it like you could hear? Us SCREAMING TO THE ENTIRE VENUE. Because that's awesome so as a journalist. What are your thoughts on the current narrative of you know kind of a war on actual real news and journalism Is something that you feel inside kind of dying down. A little bit could be more people realize how much bullshit has been spewed. It's something that we can't really recover from. 'cause there's a lot of people that. I know smart people intelligent people that have kind of fallen for this this trapped in idea that you know they don't believe anything anymore and I think that's very dangerous and scary. I think I think it's really dangerous scary. I mean I think the reality is that we don't have like regardless of what side you're on your left or right you know you take what the President says with a grain of salt. Even people believe him believe in Him. They don't they don't listen everything that he says people on the other side completely disagree with them. And so we don't have trusted source in the government that I think the president then social media has got underway erodes the trust in journalism and so people don't have a trust in journalism anymore. Everybody thinks CNN Yorktown Washington Post A. E. News Dot Com. Everybody thinks that everything is still partisan anymore that we don't trust anyone. We don't have a trusted information. How do we actually function as a society where Yeah? I don't know I'm at a loss so I'm actually studying I think the I think one of the things that can happen is that I think universities can be leaders in communities and so I you know it's Kinda tough thing if you look at. What happened in Philly with Temple Pelvic Asian in West Philly? It's not A it's not A. It's not great what they did but they had power to do stuff and so if universities were able to harness the buildings in the building people on all of the grand people. Aren't there in harness for good. You could actually put hand you control back in the hands of more people rather than relying upon government or guidance. And everything's so. I'm hoping that the education until fill the gaps. Where you know. Journalism has been completely undermined. And we've got a political system that's just Corrupt in full seasons. Yeah but I feel like that. They've two things go hand in hand though that people also don't like or trust people who are educated by their the old liberals anybody that's smartest is elite and they don't get it so you know. I don't know you know I don't know if universities being garbage the truth are going to be any more trusted than you know. News organizations right. I'm hoping that in a burning world when colleges free you actually you actually opened up the meritocracy and then it's actually if if if college is based upon you and your values in your abilities to do college in college isn't worth it's not about who can pay for college it's more about. Everybody should get college then. I think it's a I think we have what we have the ability to create a more democratic space. That's what you think. Do you think that's a possibility? You think that's a real thing that could happen. Or is that sky when I think colleges have to change you know I think this will? We're going through right now. In college is going online and everybody teaching. I think the online education works in some instances for the most people all in education squats. If you if you are like a young person's pay for college right now. You're pretty pissed off at what you're having to go through and so. I think that between the cost of college being so high in this experience which is probably GonNa continue for the summer in. Maybe even the fall. I think we're GONNA see a drop-off in students and so unless we actually create a system that doesn't make college more affordable. I don't I I think colleges will really suffer and so I think the federal government is going to have to take action to make college more affordable and once. They Start Making College more Florida. That's GONNA give information in access to informations to more people. In if you give access to to more democratic base hoping that everything will spiral upwards. I think I mean I come from journalism which is all about providing information people were were were. The intention is to educate people and so now directly in education. I do journalism on the side. Everything done has always been around it. Asian need to give people and then they'll go up from there. I'll have you adapted to the you know the online teaching thing For the moment is it should be see. Is there a big difference in connections? You're making beautiful like it's just Kinda you're talking to a screen and you don't really know what's going on. I spend all my life on the eighth meeting pat on Zim that it's only to do there. I know bids. Sorry you're days full full Zunes but I think it's I think it's fine and everything but the I think the real value and going to college is being around people. Brian Lay said our our campus. We have we represent like fifty five or sixty different countries. And so you comedy sit in the Student Lounge. In you'll meet people from around the world you'll hang on people who have different ideas and different accents and different styles of clothing and everything until you learn so much by being around those people give us more home on a computer you can get an addition but you're not gonna you're not going to enjoy it. The international students like the American people from other countries. That have to go home like they did so a lot of kids in in in the states. Mostly Americans were we have. We have students visiting from allergies in. Us y'all bounce We got a lot of Americans who live in Japan and so they stayed with Sino-japanese students are still here will. Yeah we lost. Probably you've probably like twenty percent of our students fled around the world. Which is her right. Yeah so but it seems weird because it doesn't seem like the viruses hit you guys going back home or the viruses. I know man. I'm trying to get my mother from Delaware to come here. Yeah that's right. I want to take it to the Blunt Roy. Let me get one more question for. I went on rate my professor. You do really well rate my professor. A you have a walk. I delete all the bad ones. Yeah so so. What is that like Yelp for professors gave man so like most of them say Georgia's cool hilarious lecture a little profane he's a Rockstar. His power points are great points gray. And there's this one guy. He had George. Twice George twice a former temple career. I would die before taking him again. The man drains the little bit of fun and injuring that has left in journalism. He hate all right in including his own and he loves me cloud himself. You have to take him ignore his advice. How would you respond to that kid that Kid i? I didn't delete that one yet. I didn't even know I was still on that. It's always the truth man. I haven't seen that thing like ten years. I'm here you're through the second pops up. You have such a high radio. They're like literally like ninety. Nine point five percent are all great. And there's this gap there's always gotta be one Batman's always GonNa be people there people that give thumbs down's on Youtube to like you know Otis redding right. How how how? Yeah songs terrible discussion accurate. But I'm sitting on the fucking dock of the bay to pay used to teach. I used to teach classes like two to three hundred people right in so I mean they always going to have people hate you so I you know over over a tough that class for about eleven years on the main campus in Philly over eleven years probably about six thousand students which is most of the restaurants and an attending staff and so on on. So there's always going to be people who h you don't let don't let Greg Greg Saito in just to spice it up for no reason about my dog. Banks wasn't nothing. She won review about the dog. Maybe maybe he's got his own. Maybe he's got a professor. Mookie looking to the blunt here. We got rapid fire questions. Rapid fire answers. Where where do you come back to philly where you'RE GONNA? What are you gonNA get your first Tuesday Tuesday? Hoagies A hoagie Georgia. A great big Your Music Guy. So what's the first concert you ever went to a man? I don't want to tell you that stuff. I mean the for the very first concert I ever went to was not like a real concert. Man I saw Sean Na. The valley forge music is in nineteen thirty seven and I was like what is your favorite pitch. Swing it swing and every pitch. I think my favorite get. You'll be the first one they go on like it would be the second heads George. What's your what's your music man. Shoot back I gotta go out Do you Pachinko now man. That's just too smokey. What is that like a slot machine video games are they? They have Paul through Tokyo when I was out there. What is One of your. It doesn't have to be V. One what is one of your favorite jump? Magazine covers side reach. Yeah of course. Of course. Yeah the roof. Carter was good and I think the cover was like it was like a big repay. My glasses on I was doing the mouth of mixed Point to the temp thing. But I'm serious besides me. Obviously somebody else. We know's go street artist seated at. He did a design for US. That was really cool. Credible artists yes General Naga fee. But I think the art stuff standout until issue but heavy slime I really liked that cover too. He he's a he did the the twenty seven club and so it was a twenty-seven issue twenty seven club when other musicians passed away and so he did some really hot hot flashes. My my walk up I. What is an Undergrad? An underrated the band or artist in Philly. We should all be listening to man. I'm out of the loop man I've been out for like almost two years now breaking out. I mean Mac and Bush still one of my all time favorite so but doesn't it and like just just a great live show. I mean I'm like one of the reasons why going Ri shows as refund gets into it and not only gets the crowd and get into it and I love seeing passionate music. Immense quo Bursa from Pussy puts on an amazing show and she's an incredible woman she's like a BCC up tiny energy dollars. Yeah was the worst job you ever had Elect on my job my job working at a Bain's Deli in the mall but you know it when the worst thing in the entire world. We had a Hoagie hoagies for a sneaker hookups and so I had some friends who work at logger and so we we. We used to make deals together. That Way Nice. How do you maintain On the flight from Philly to Tokyo was something that you would advise. You will give someone that has to take a flight that well. I don't know man I. I don't sleep general life right when I get on an and I don't have access to email all this other stuff. I just sleep young. I usually buy like Willie to Minneapolis. Minneapolis Tokyo Minneapolis to Tokyo for like eleven twelve hours and I sleep. There's something about the home of the plane that knocks me right out. It's like a that like air conditioned sal. I love it when the when the three of us come over there for the the actual live show. Where where's the first place? You're taking us out to eat and drink. I feel I feel like I gotta take it Greg and I was talking about the dawn from union transfer. He's in Tokyo all the time and he's got a spot here. It's called the cafe. I mean He. He bought a spot out there while now he just hangs out there all the time and so I would definitely take you. There in. Julia is just fun. Where So a lot of the the train shuts down midnight. Twelve thirty one o'clock somewhere around there. Depending on which train line and then afterward it becomes a different place and then you start seeing like the late night people then it becomes really fun. And so we're we're we're be cafe is if the late night party place was like a mile from my house. So it's good fun on there. I see you follow. Elvis Costello twitter your favorite Elvis Costello Song. He's love and happiness Do you have. Do you have a tag tag up attack to MOM's anywhere? Have you ever signed any any of the building now but there may be jump stickers? All over the place there are. I don't think I did it but there may be jump stick with everywhere I go. Yeah Yeah Man. We really appreciate you coming on brother. Thanks good talking with you guys. Good stuff George. Yeah Man. That's out there all right. We got room. Y'All can come over. You have plenty of all right. I'm sold it was on there. Yeah I mean we're all here we're dying to go anywhere man we got. We got the doors all slammed the lock. So we're looking to go somewhere. Do Win my backyard today just screens. I'm dead serious. I mean I'm looking at you crazy. Jao Jao welcome to the home of brother blood. The May's office is that you've creams. Cut Short Switzerland.

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