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Episode 41 A New Way to Think About Leadership


Welcome to your optimal, personally Konami podcast with Justin Bennet, your personal Konami is your ability to create protect preserve and utilize your wealth. Your financial world. Justin, we'll share strategies and stories to help you optimize your personal economy now onto the show with Justin Bennett and co host, Matt Halloran. Hello. And welcome to another podcast with Justin Bennet people wanna leader when you look at leadership leadership changes. There are a lot of books written on leadership. But the way that Justin is going to explain leadership today. I feel a little bit different and put you in a better place as the follower of that leader. So Justin, when you think about leadership. What does being a leader mean today, I think, in general, Matt people truly want to be lead in all domains of life. But as it relates to money, and planning, I think people appreciate and like to be lead in a way in which they self discover as the journey's unfolding as opposed to being told that, hey, this is what you have to do. And if you don't do it, there are consequences. I don't think that that's well received by by by many people out there. It's certainly not a way in which I. Find myself receiving things. Well, well, especially successful people, right? Justin. I mean successful people love the opportunity to discover more about themselves and making informed decisions. Right. Absolutely. And I think you know, successful people recognize that there are areas in which they are very, very knowledgeable, and then there are going to be areas in which they're not very knowledgeable. In fact, they don't know what they don't know. And when they can align themselves with a leader that demonstrates away in which they can work together and produce certain outcomes over short term, period, whether it be a year, give or take or a long-term period. Call it north of ten years, and those outcomes are consistent with and in line with what their expectations are then that person becomes a pretty effective leader along the way. Because what they're doing is, they're allowing the consumer to self discover, and when you self discover I think the ownership of the decisions become that much more powerful. How did you learn how to do this? Actively learning Matt. Actively learning. You're an avid, consumer of, of information. Is there anybody that you look to, or any books that you've read that you're like, you know, at this isn't exactly how I do it? But this was a good way to inform me and helped me become a better leader. You know. No, there's not nothing that specifically comes to mind, but I would humbly submit that no in doing this podcast and putting other content out there in the various ways in which I put content out there. I'd like to take some responsibility that I am the author of creating this content that work today calling, you know, leader, and leadership, and had to be led type of information. So at some point in a win, I'm not speaking, and in the driver sheet live, and in person with my clients, and the people that I serve they can refer back to this memorialize information that. That they can have at their fingertips at whatever time of the day, they may want. Let's talk about that in person thing because you do a magnificent job of coming out with content on a regular basis that is, is truly showing thought leadership within, you know, your purview of excellence. How does that translate to in person people who are sitting down in front of you? They feel it to would you mind sharing that a little bit with us. Sure. When I say in person, I it's not just, you know, eyeball to eyeball across the table. It's also over the phone through FaceTime through WebEx is through active communication on Email, and the, like, so I think we've used this word or this expression in person, and has traditionally referring to somebody sitting hip to hip, I think it's important for us in me to demonstrate qualities. In which our clients, and the people that we serve can feel as though, they're sitting hip to hip, even if we're seventeen hundred miles apart. And that's a that's something that's really, really important to us, so that we can create scale we could better serve the people that we work with, and the people that they care about, even if they don't happen to live in the northeast and they live in the midwest, or they live across, you know, you know, the, the country over on the west coast, or wherever that may be we want to be able to create this feel that we can create this, this leadership, this way to be led regardless of the circumstances, and we could be connected to the people. I might be way off here. So correct me if I'm wrong, do people who have the same level of expertise and knowledge, that you do when it comes to financial services in other disciplines. Do you find it that they, they are actively seeking leaders like you because they realize that they? No, they know what they know but they don't know what they don't know. Why think what we've discovered over the years. Is that the most successful people are leaders in a certain craft and whether that be ITO in the world of medicine, or whether that be in the world of manufacturing, or whether that be in the world of tax planning, whatever it may be their leaders within their certain craft. And so they recognize it within a personal planning economy. They may not be leaders. And so therefore, they went to align themselves with people that can exhibit, that type of relationship, and that type of knowledge and that type of care, and empathy. And so, you know, people people can really appreciate the fact that, hey, listen. I, I know that somebody is looking at my my planning both. How I've made decisions up to this point, and really getting to understand that. But then also making sure that along the way we have a track to run on so that as we continue to make financial decisions. Those decisions are done in a very coordinated way. So that when we get to some future point in time, and it's no longer person at work, and it's money at work. The ability to convert the assets into income is going to be done in a seamless way to which somebody doesn't have to compromise lifestyle. Closing thoughts. I mean, what, what I feel like I haven't asked you all of the questions that I should. But I love the answers that you've given. So what, what should I have asked you in if we did cover the gamut today? What are your closing thoughts you know, as we opened up this idea that people want to be led, and I intentionally used the word want, as opposed to need because I think the vast majority of the people that we hang with so to speak live a life, that's based on once and not based on needs. And I think when people can start to recognize and understand that how they live their life in various domains is a very once based approach and not a needs based approach. They start to realize in recognize that aligning himself with a planning firm like us will give them the ability to. Recognize that they want to be lead, and they wanna be leading away, which they are learning becoming educated. And quite frankly, they are being empowered to make decisions as opposed to being told on how to make the decision what decisions to be made. Because I think that, you know, approach of parent to child right where, you know, that in and of itself, we can, we can probably spend some time, on at some point in a in a future podcast. But I think this whole idea of, you know, mom indoor dad saying to child. Hey, do this do that is a lot different than saying to child. Hey, I want you to make the decisions that you want to make and recognize that there were going to be consequences with those decisions. And so as you continue to move through life. And although when the kids are young. The decisions may be small, and therefore, the consequences may be small, if they could start to understand, and recognize that the consequences from the decisions are really, what drives the decisions and the behavior, you know, we, we as parents can start to maybe recognized that it's much bigger than telling our kids, what to do, and hoping that they do it, because that's when they give the most pushback. So as it relates to planning and money, we would never wanna take an approach that would tell somebody what to do, because we feel like they're going to give the most pushback. And therefore, they're going to end up in the least favourable outcome, because we're walking around pounding our chest saying, hey, do this, do that you need this, you need that when in reality, they don't need anything. And so what they want though is they wanna be led. They want to know that somebody's with them, they want to know that somebody understands them, and they won't understand they want to know that somebody understands you know, the track to which they could run on that will. Create the most favorable outcome. Because what we always say Matt is the person that wins the game is the one who could spend the most amount of income on the least amount of capital. And that that's an I think an expression that is very, very under disgust and misunderstood rate. So if you can be in a position when you could spend the most amount of income on the least amount of capital, then it doesn't have to be every morning that you wake up and you swing for the fences and it doesn't have to be that, that very, very exhausting type approach, which I think traditional planning creates and we work hard to create empathy to traditional planning and align ourselves with people that are looking to think differently, and therefore create different results. So those would be my closing thoughts for you. Matt fantastic. Will justin. Thank you so much for your thought leadership today. And if you have not subscribe to the podcast, click that subscribe now button blow. And if you know, somebody who really is looking for leadership, please, make sure that you share this podcast with them and it's as easy as just clicking that share now button below. So for everybody, a pedophile group, this is Matt Allen. And we'll see on the other side of the Mike very soon.

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