1794: They Talking Dead?


I listened to the black guy who tips cast because Rodman care in our hot a meta gypsy. Yes, she hit me to some live game to stimulate the neck debate, the left and right brain to baby. Boy, you only he as your last cut, you focused on the patio. SOB a has what that's one of the Liebau either. That's one dot to try to just over that you determine your own venture Andrei got to what station here's my destination. She got off the bus the conversation lingered in my head for hours took a shower kind of sidewalk because my favorite group bring come with it. But what you anyway, 'cause we probably way. But I would you could you probably going through it anyway. But in a half within dot went on my body because I thought it would be Jimmy but examine out of clouds while skis awfully sad. And it's costly. But that's all she wrote at I hope I never had the flow in that boat up shits creek. It's week is the last quote that I wanna hear what going down and all of that is done and they got a new job into when the record player get skipping. The slower down all Yagi, say them niggers earn a crowd, but until Dan I had staffers. Hey, welcome to the black. Cow prior podcast your hose, rod and everybody moves to the back of the buzz you want to start with us. We the type of people make the clue geek current. Hey. And baby. Gang. My jam. We are alive on a Wednesday Walking Dead Wednesday ready to end the week and ready to give you guys some high-caste in Stitcher. Paramedic surge. The blackout leave us biased our views. Appreciate everybody that takes the time out to do that the official weapon of the show is taste, and unofficial sport. But about Ebola ball extreme. And we are sponsored today. We're actually doubled Ronsard. That's what I'm talking about. Yeah. So, of course, shattered out productions the makers of YouTube comedy web series. 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So yeah, I would like to see people do that Zoe is not just a doll painted Brown. Okay. It's not just Barbie. But well, let's let's let's turn the plastic ten down a couple of notches is not that. And the sale ends Monday, the twenty sixth and you need to order now if you wanna get it in time for the holidays, so the orders is going to run out. So make sure you guys go ahead and do this now because it's I converse are limited quality quantity available and trust. You don't wanna miss out on this? And be like, oh, man. You guys are right? These dolls look, so cool. Right. All right. Let's get into our Walking Dead recap. Because you know, we have to do it for we have to do it for the people. That's not here. No more poor are liquor for out of people that got helicoptered out of the show. Okay. Come on. That's right episode seven of season nine which is the one hundred and twenty second episode of the entire series. Wow. It's called Strada various or Scotto. Various I believe which were it took his name from a like instrument some type of violent looking thing that they found in in the stash of who. I am calling the ASL crew now. Okay. That is the American sign language crew because I don't have a name for them. I know they call it longer sickos, but we're just going to star call net crew because they all speak ASL, which is such a handy z pack day, I think everyone should be learning. It now should be the standard that way, you won't happily opposite shooting people thinking ain't throwing gang signs, and they actually I do and soundlink which right? So that's what it was named after it. The lowest writings told you we'd be getting these. Article sabotage this year four point seven nine. This is even this is like. Wounds low that's low as it. Can you just about me well till next week? Right. And as always before we get into the break now Birkett Birkett Dow of the episode, I have to ask you Karen, what did you think about Stradivarius? I loved it. I had about I I really do think that the episodes since Rick has he didn't die with Massey's appeared have been good because they're actually moving they're going towards something. And I'm excited about what they're going towards, and they're not they're not really dragging their feet, in my opinion. And I'm here for all. Right. I thought it was just all right dot it was just all right? Live sitting around live talkin lot of waiting for something to happen. And I feel like whatever's going to happen is going to happen next week. And this was kind of filler I do think he's doing some ground work that we do need. I wanna get to note. He's people some of my favorite parts of the episode were, you know, because there was a lot of talking and stuff, but some of my favorite parts word or talking. You know, I like I'm learning which of these characters I like and. You know, who has connections who and stuff like that? And the different personalities of the people in the crew. And I kind of like that, you know. So I mean, I'm also I like the idea of putting together the work of guessing what happened in those five years between the last time we saw Rick. And now, I know some that's probably tedious disarms, folks. But I like doing both I like the work of where are they going in the future? And what is the cause of the divides between the communities now because I was guessing that Rick dine was going to get the show away out to say and then because he died he's like a martyr quote, unquote. You know died in quotes because he's a martyr and we all coming together. And it seemed like that has not been the case. No in acted see this reality being determined funny. A reality a lot of people. Okay. Didn't a good dad, or at least we thank he's dead. Shifting changes. Because he's not here. No more. We still have these problems. We still. Had these issues. In fact, him leaving may have made them worse. Yeah. I mean, his work was to keep everyone together. And like I said, I didn't know does all the guests. I guess I'm finding out now. We'll find out specifically what happened. But at the time, I thought, oh, this is a cool way to be like, and then five years later, everything was cool because you know, he died in for everybody to like see, but they didn't even rebuild that bridge. And then, you know in like just been real life Martin Luther King died. It's not like everybody can buy out and came together. They still hate niggers to this day. I can see why I wouldn't go that way. All right. So we have three locations. This time we have Daryl's campsite the road to your top. And then hilltop itself. I think I shall start. With Daryl's campsite is the most isolated from the rest of the story and the other two locations kind of tied together. Okay. Okay. Daryl's campsite, Carol. And Henry are chilling. You know, they had just walked up on Darryl. And I thought it was going to be like a real quick visit like come on as whole hop on in. We're going to hilltop. And it was not that. Because Darrow things like from them telling us kind of not telling us he's been out there for a while. Like like, he's like, I might be himself. I like the quiet news not did with people. Yeah. He's just out in the world doing his thing. Just this living off the land living that that doomsday prepa lifestyle, and he was already kind of prepared for that before the quote unquote into the world, and is also one of those things to to where a lot of his time out. There has been for Rick. Well, also just bills like there are only character that would be doing what he's doing. If there was nosy park, right, right? There would just be living up in like, the Appalachians Appalachians just just just chilling animals. Negating? Snake jagged Ryan in rabid jerky and being fine. So yeah, he. He has a dog now. Because of course, he has a dog or another dollars name Dow, right? So creative. Yeah. So Carol's kind of being motherly about him. You know, she's been like a mother figure they bonded in like season three or four over the fact that they both were abused. Whether it was Daryl's brother and father or her husband. You know, like, they, you know, she she didn't call them kooky this week. But you know, they share something bond is so Carol is worried about him. She's like was the last time you ate and he's like Donald hate yesterday. She's like I asked when you eight and he didn't answer, and they showed a Daryl kills a snake with a aero snake desk rock climbing a tree and because the head off puts in his pocket, which I don't know that good eating like what is the? I don't know. I don't know. So you won't get pushing. It has. To be a purpose behind that. Yeah. Like was that a poisonous Meghan like a black snake amid visit tree like only, I think rat snakes can climb trees that way you asking to Rome. One depot will tell you. Okay. He will volunteer that information on social media. Now, he kind of skipped over to the Therese make but apparently rats Mexican crime the bark with their scales. So and that's what it looks like that tree was doing. It means snake was doing. That's make was going. Yes. Would notice what like the tree was doing cabinetry? Cliven make okay, I make mistakes from times. I know you do way that will be really good to see. So this makes cloudy tree it got shower to aero and he killed it cut his head off, and they wrap then he like put the snake over his neck like his showed us like the snake body. I'm Nick braces full when you going on airport flying, so gross like he hadn't showered in Forever's hairs all strings. Meanwhile, would you 'cause I'm 'cause I'm me I would be taking showers. I dunno. Just be out there doing whatever you want to know. I mean, the the way that he functions like you go. Okay. I could see you being dirtied like that. Just because he is like that. Yeah. Well, he's stakes. Yes. He does. At least they say at least take a dip in the water. So he he also had Caesar's Dombi trapped into. Yes traps. He's built around this campsite. And as as AVI stuck at one and he kills that. And then he leaves it. They're cleaning it up because he thinks that keeps the animals away. He's probably right. But it also means it stinks over there. Correct Carroll says she's been out there that he's been out there longer than she thought he said he would be and he just says I like the quiet, Mike. I'm just out this. I like now and there are asking about the king. And she says, you know, he's doing good. But we got stuff that we need to take care of in the kingdom. And I also need to take this boy the hilltop. He wants to learn how to be a blacksmith, and he's like, so why are you looking me up, and she is like. Because. You know, I kinda want you to come with us and watch our three Henry. And then he basically says like why would I do that? She's like, well, you know, here's really out you listed. He needs somebody to watch his back. And he was like, well, he he going to have to learn the way we did like too bad for him would just kinda like I think a little bit new for Darryl. Like, I understand. There's always been a loner, but that was kind of cold and like especially to say to care like to add your son. You gotta go out here and learn on his own like he has changed. And I wonder what changed them something. Did I don't know what? But something clicked and changed. We do see that he has a X on his back like Michelle show doing the same spot too. So I wonder what the fuck does eggs are about dumped in happened. I it it's gonna be interesting. You know, they do it. Because the thing this Sunday is see the season financial year. Right. So Panama will become. I'm back next year. Probably I think that you know, even if it's a series of flashbacks, even if it's through you know, that next half of this season in the next season. I think that they'll drop hints flashbacks verbally like there. Let us know something happened because who knows the groups may have tried to come back together. And something happened just causing the permanently break yet knows exit is just I don't know because they don't talk about him. And Henry did ask him about this car? He movie changed the subject now, of course, Daryl's very cagey anyway. So maybe he would have trying to subject no matter what we asked him because he was I look I ain't trying to get close. No kids. Yeah. He could have been like, hey, man. What you put in the stoop? Like, let's talk about something else. Where's the dog? So then. Darrelle stars cooking. Oh, wait. And then also during this time the fucking dog has been bringing over like zombie hands zombies zombie put right? The Dow bringing him. Yeah. While Daryl's got a campfire going and he's about to cook. That's nacre. He's gaining into whatever the dog brings a piece of foot, and then Darryl those foot in the fire, which I'm like that got us. Thank. Oh decrepit zombie feet in the fire. But I heard of putting your foot in suit. But that's not. That's not the kind of. I hope that's not what they're talking anytime. I known known best in. But like you said it is a good point that they're odor would keep them away. Does that odor zombies away? Yes, he Ono like nothing not here with football. But maybe some I think he's saying that keeps animals away zombie. Okay. Yeah. I guess animals are like staying I don't want to go down there right in in in in animals have been in the world loan to know a day adapt to neighbor. Hey, nah dot on that odor. Macos went over there last week. And then they didn't come back. So we not going in that direction. Right. So he cooks up some some damn snakes do and Henry does ask does your dog. Always do that. Darryl's kind of like a he checks the traps for me or something like, oh, no actually, you didn't answer him. It just not just stone face, and they're Carol compliments, Darryl cook. And Darryl's like plenty of people hilltop cook. And he scares the snake in front of them. And that's when Henry puts it together. Like, oh, you made us come out here because you want me to you won't dare come chaperone me. And of course, he's not with that shit. He's like I am. I can do it myself. I'm strong, I'm grown. I can look out for myself, and my nicotine, you just get trapped by the savings like what are you talking about? Right, right. What what what what Dow Carol not coming with you. She can't Liam these and everybody do your own come on. But he's held a press to get the hilltop anyway. And it sounds like he you know, as far as concern. He don't need to wait on Daryl to do it. So he is big. But he's not he ain't the nicest nigga Oro to be doing that like his hands. Ain't that. Sweet. So hopefully, he will be from protection as I think. No, no, no. I'm talking about Henry, oh here is got older, but he gets more. Yeah. And then I'll mean, it's more education. Swap but he's not smart as far as if the situation happen. What's the what's the best way of tag? They know to observe to look he wants to run in. And then whatever happens happens. You can't be like that. Well, also, just he is actually the like his hands ain't exactly the most sharpest. No, they're not hitting to be feeling like he can just go around and don't need. No, helping you ain't Jesus. Like Jesus on this show out there, doing conflict cakes in a matrix coat and shit. Come on like, you're not that switch is down. All you got his stick. And you get most of the ground just as much as anybody else when you do when you try to use the stick. So we got about. Two to three good combo Mussa destig-, buddy. And as it, right? So I'm not with his whole suite two. They're on last week demand to the right and just pops somebody. But it s it, I'm so smart. I could do it by myself. I'm not with that shit like just go. Get derive vocational degrees. Cash. Education. Of salary. For me. Free. Kinetic brain education shaking connected, though, free. Now, we got class blacksmith and go to the hilltop. I come out Jesus right now. I'll mess to Auburn is given blacksmith classes as we speak in the classes off three three free. Yup. So he needed to concentrate on that because that's all we can do this whole college kid. He built for this that life. Yeah. So while they're sitting there eating. The Carol gives Darryl a haircut while the food is cooking. And then the dog goes off into the woods barking, and they're all stay. He's been out there. All the time looking for Rick and Carol's like, yeah. But you know, I know because he's like they never found the body. No, nobody. No, they're they're like, I read comic books. Okay. Come on. I knew Gambia was alive. Nobody. No, nobody no doubt. So he says sometimes even when you do find a body right here might be alive. So it's like I couldn't find his body. So I kept looking individually, I just stayed out here, and it was easy to stay. I here loan and then they go finish eating hairy asked about Karl Daryl. And then darrow's like your voice the question. This is oh doll. What a dog. Oh dog dog's not there. So Darryl goes looking for the Dow and they go to bed like go lay. Like Henry and Carole go to sleep in a tent and Henry sees like a shadow of the ten. Realizes Darryl gives a follows. They're almost runs into a zombie. Darrow kills it. And I'll give you designed before play guys. You know, it was be time. The dog was surrounded by zombies and desires while in traps, but the dog hit for the first time ever, I got stuck in one or traps so dare had to go get the dog out of the trap surrounded by zombies. And of course, it's like, you know, perilous like zombie stabbing this yet and. In one zombies foot was like almost severed in the trap, and it was trying to get loose and Darrow fighting zombies and making a commotion made that one get loose, and he had told him to go back to the tent, but he didn't listen. So here we used his staff to hold us ambi- up right before would a bit there, and then Darryl turn around the stabbed it. But he also stepped into a hole that was one of the traps that there has set and it cut his leg. Not bad or anything. But just he said it's just a scratch, but he clearly I've been cut or whatever. But my favorite part is is it cuts to the woods in the dark careless there with a bow. And arrow looking at this whole thing. I'll open the tree tops. Like robinhood looking like Chuck Norris. Expendable? Oh, she was ready for business about as soon as Bob moves. She parted with it. And we're right behind him was like, what are you going which may be thing that like Carol almost set up this whole binding incident. Now, it's been possible for our Bill now that shit. But it's that's how I made. It seem like Carol was like, and I knew they would be friends. I this is just my prediction. I think that someone else did that the was that the dog up really who? I mean, why what what what is your prediction who and why they would do that? I think that. The same people that were whispering with. Rosetta in Eugene. I think maybe one of them may have seen those means around there and got tired of that dog. And just 'cause 'cause I guarantee you that Donald probably was out in about and they probably have seen that dog. And they might not have wanted to Dr sniff sniff them out and maybe a tag them. And so I I this this could be a far-fetched thing. But I read do think because Darryl specific and said the Dow never gets caught in that trap. Okay. All right. I think that's what the walkers the whisperers are on the show for to make everybody conveniently paranoid. I think it was just random convenience shit that they do every week. I think. Today's damn and get trapped. I think it just got Tra. I mean, what's on through. What's the fucking is their dogs, and we're gonna get trapped in the I don't think listen, I love this show that whole like said it was stupid as fuck. How you going to have a bunch of? And like you said it traps aren't for animals. They was on these. But we seen that animals. I got stuck in his Trump's already. So it wasn't like it was. So like it was a good chance of dog and get stuck in that trout. Like, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before. And then why wouldn't the dog get stuck in the trap in the fucking zombie. Like, it just seemed like a dumb ass plan that had like, I know he's a loner and shit. But that's it was stupid like and that explain why the dogs bringing random zombie foot. And it's only because it's fucking TV show that they dogging eight I think yours is probably more plausible. Don't get me wrong. I mean, it's just I'm just going off of the way they've been writing it. I don't think they would make it where it's like so that clever. I just think literally they was like we need to make scenario where Daryl in Henry become friends, and what was better than saving the dollar together because white people love the hawks they do. So anyway, they go back to his stake. Camp and sit around the fire. And. Henry does some reading and Daryl comes over with a bomb for the cut on his leg. Meanwhile, I guess they both opposed to think carelessly 'cause like she didn't they didn't see her watching them. And then she kind of runs off before they can like see your nigger ran up like that meeting. Yeah. Smoke pellets. So then Darryl in Henry have a little like little talk where. He says that the traps aren't for animals the dog's never got stuck before the transfer walkers. And that's no way for dog for animal the died slowly painfully like that he would not let that happen. And I just want to keep the walkers out, but it seemed to be more and more than lately. Oh, and another reason why like I say I had that guests probably going to get to a later on another group was out doing something and like somebody was following them. So I was thinking maybe this is somebody they may, you know, like, they may have seen they they may send scouts out to kind of follow people and see the communities are, but this is my my positive. Yeah. I mean, why aren't you don't have to downplay your hypothesis like like a like that you? Yeah. Your theory. I don't I don't know what's going to happen on the show next week either. Maybe they will come back and be like, that's what happened. I know. He said there's been more of them lately come in. But I don't know it's bills like a, I don't know. I don't know if felt to me like just the old school regular Walking Dead writing. But maybe it's not maybe I mean, maybe it was supposed to mean something, I don't know. So at any rate Henry says that Carol to- Daryl that he I mean, Carol towed Henry that Darryl was our best friend and she misses him and worries about him. And he's like she knows. Why mad? She knows how to find me. He says she shouldn't have to from the mouth of babes. And then Darryl says that what you want me looking over your shoulder all the time. And we says it isn't just about me, which I like because you know, I don't think he wants their walk it out for him. I mean, he's even say he thinks he can take care of himself. But he looks at it like my mom wants this. It'll make her have peace of mind. You are obviously important to her. You know, why are you out here by yourself housing worry? Yeah. Like, why wouldn't you just come back to the community? Just even if it's just for her, and I kinda. Agree because Darrow didn't really like Carol just went off on our own. And he went all the way to hilltop looking for her and went to that house and everything right? Because he he's the one that got up with her to where she was going to leave right because she had to ship packed in the car and shit like that. And he was like what are you going? Right. So you know, there's care shows up. Can you be the congress to my Tim just want to? On the kayak hail like come on. You right. He tried to ally. He was too good for so. Yeah, it was code at that. So finally, he decided to come with them, and so Naro gets on his motorcycle, and they are heading the hilltop. So that was cool. But like I said I love sitting around in that story li- live sitting around love the relationship between Caroline Daryl love to see that explored. But also live sitting around guys in this foam is a foam of character building. And I know when you have these. Episodes it moves, but it doesn't move it informs you. But sometimes it doesn't push things forward all the time. And I didn't mind that with this one. I hated the one where the ones where in the past where it was absolutely positive. No purpose behind those are the ones that used to make me angry. Yep. No problem. So he'll top or the road to hilltop, which we do. I. You know, let's do the road. Hilltop. I so Rosetta run it through the woods. Looking extremely tired. Yes. You have voice his whispering and the light design me's, you know, where is she and shit. Like that actually think I can play the clip you guys limps you can put it on my screen. She looked fucking like she hippie running for. Yeah. That was the thing. I don't know how much time passes the last time we saw her and Eugene. And now because it felt like it would be would have been a couple of days if I think it's been a few days. Yeah. Because she looked like a couple of days this, Chevron, she was out of water. She was exhausted. She was like she was gonna die. Dehydration. And then also she seemed like paranoid. He didn't know where the voices will come from real. And what was the Mason? Okay. Okay. Now picture came in and stop. I don't know what's going on. Back it up. Let me see if I could try. This is active stupid. Try one more time. You guys nowadays. I see it a play. And like, she's bleeding from the head and stuff. Like this is like one of those things where next week. They can start the episode with five minutes of her Eugene running in whatever they had to do the split up. You know, where like they don't need a whole episode or anything like they would have done back in the past. And I don't think we'll get that. No. But like a couple of minutes just like what the fuck happened to them. How long were they out there? 'cause like I said she looks to through. And I think we may get something like that either. We're going to see it or somebody or somebody's gonna tell us. Yeah. And I'm assuming that wherever you gene is at you know, because we do find out that he's alive in a barn somewhere. They don't say, you know, the exact location or how long has he been in a bar? This condition is we know that his, you know, his leg is fucked up, and that may have been watching may have decided a you stay here because you really can't. And move. I'll actually try to go hill. Right. So I'm guessing they split up. He's stuck in the barn. Still. I'm assuming just sitting there listening to this white not her to give back like, I know. I know you got a man, but. Can we just be honest with everywhere? Which gene? Not a day of thing. But. He's been in a barn. Hoven? She comes back. Right. I'll give it a play to walkers voices for you guys though. Yeah. We found her. Get her. So, you know, we've been hearing this the whole time like oh my God. Gosh, your mouth hallucinating like what is really happening here. And they did that thing where I did like the wild lives behind her head type of you that lets, you know, like, oh, this is the person that's paranoid and going crazy. She that know us real, so, yeah, we'll see you know, 'cause it's kind of kind of giving go with though with the whole like what's happening where her was real was not right. And didn't she basically receive? But she grabs loiter walked if indeed he passed out and then started to show. Yes. It's only like a forty five second intro, which is rare for this show. Like, it's it's, you know, most of the time when they. Most of the time when they do something like that we get a longer intro. But Nope, it's just a walkers. Come on. Lachey running. He get no help Jayme. No UK Jane Davis in the bar waiting on you to give back. So. Anyway, Rosetta does pass the puck out and shown and a group heading from Alexandria with new people on there are there on the road. You know, all the ASL folks as the Dc so deep Bazeley says he likes the new group of people since I'm sorry since Michelle likes, the new group of people don't know why she don't she came to let them stay in Alexandria, right? Emma, sounds like how you even why you know, why would you say? So might he's like not denying that you like them. So I don't know why not just letting them stay with us and Magna who's the woman with the prison tat. She's complaining that mistrial took our knives. Now, look, I get it. I wanna be busy pocket. But if you are miss sneakers saying into the building I feel like you unite the person that gets to bring up the knives. Somebody else who'd about growth likes. Somebody else can be like so cannot. It's kind of like when you were school when you're at school and you bring like a pager or video game and your teacher confiscates it. Yeah. To one good kids. Bring it up come on. They're not going to give it back to the bad ass. Like, you keep asking them or keep it. Everybody knows out song was not she was over that shit, and it was all passive aggressive, and somebody was an ASL somebody was out loud. But she basically was like complaining to the group. Like wish you're gonna give us on is back. And they like you mean, the knowledge you snuck in no nigger, even they was turning against their like word. Was that we didn't carry no weapons? And there was like we save this better than nothing. They taken us to safety. They're not gonna let us in the group unit with while we are to the teeth fucking chill and Michelle was looking at you got weapons money. 'cause if you ain't got no weapons money, then you need to shut the fuck up and take this ride, and you Meco who's the Asian woman who was hit upside the head last week and was healing as the Dc is supposed to be taking care of her and stuff. She apologizes. The Magna's behalf and sorta hints that Magnus in a bad place because they had their friend Bernie who had just died was like close with her. And she was annoyed by him at first. But he eventually grew on her like, you got a shirt that was paisley ugly loud. And she didn't like it said it gave her a migraine just looking at it. So he wanted to serve for a whole week. And eventually she started to like dessert, and she Amazon goes like family like they get on your nerves, which you like them. Anyway. We'll just kind of a weird line because I don't feel like, you know, Michelle. Shown also, the people that get on the shelves becomes our family unless you start maybe some things we're changing the last few years. So we see a hilltop. And this was like one of the weirdest things in episode to me personally, they show hilltop, the actual like location, and they have this groovy as music plan. They came out of nowhere. It felt like a ninety sitcom theme song like they should have just start cutting the close ups of names pop up. Yes. Like evenings. She liked her to the camera star smiling while she's in the middle of checking on a patient and ads starring Jesus. And then Jesus out there like karate kick in and sparring with Aaron and then he turned to the camera. Like, that's this was the song. Starring Jesus is uncle Jesse. Why they should have just cut to like Judith being like, you know, what dude or some shit. You know, I. I don't know what I'll catchphrases they don't know what use the game from. And I guess that was the way to show that is all good over there yet they will use a big wide shot, and they I like gardens and everything. So let's prospering. Yeah. I guess I could have left that in the hilltop section. But this is when they cut to it, and it cracked me the fuck up this way way. No like Carl Winslow to come out the front door like he was mad at Steve urkel, and they look at the camera star surrounded like oh St.. As go. It's bigger love zombie. Yes. Leave do you? Anyway. So. We get to the field 'cause they were going was to where the ASL crew were. They found him like they have a stash of all their gear and shit, and they need to go there first, and then go to hilltop. So they get to that place where they had everything stash, and it is ram shack. Like. It is fucked up is what it is. It is fucked up like they had a trailer or something without a gear. And it's now turned onto a side. And some zombies have been crushed underneath it like in design. These are like the crushed underneath it are still there. But most of the other ones are gone unless they're paying into something. And it looks like their belongings I've been trashed and maybe even gone through. They still had their weapons there though, like their weapon weapons as so. Or I think they have yet asked some weapons there. I'm sorry. It wasn't audit weapon. Some of their weapons were confiscated on the way to hilts to Alexandra. So they started going through things Magna see goes through some clothes that apparently belong to Bernie. And she's like sad. Like, look like, she was crying and shit. And you meet Yumiko says she should take something Bernie's with them. And Magna says why would I do that? She was like to remember him as you like fuck this shit. So I think Magna they're trying to show some death with this character where she's angry she's dangerous. She can fight she loves knives. She's Roberto robots from futurama's, Debbie. But at the same time there, she's not this like so-called as you know scary. You know person in. In my opinion, so deep positive flute and tells the story by is the first instrument eastbound, he when he got when when he was a kid, he drove his mild crazy, but she wouldn't let 'em play because her sanity Amazon was like a you're not gonna play right now because of my sanity put that down, right? And Luke is upset Lucas the teacher the music teacher. He's upset because he can't find like a specific instrument. He's looking for and Coty makes a joke about Connie's ASL speaker. She makes all kind of speak it, right? She's the one who's a mute and she makes a joke about how he looking for the instrument because it's like a sexual fetish. And he's like, oh Carney come on. Now. I'm not sexual fetish. Stop, you know, whatever Sadique laughed about it. And I don't know that felt like, and maybe I'm just reading too far into it. So little spark between county and CDC. I don't know. They was looking at each other and Sadique was looking kind of flirtatious upon details. Looking Cummings Nagy's? I felt a little something y'all. Maybe it might be. I'm making it up date. Anybody else building in the chat didn't know in my reading foreign too. I I do too. Okay. You too. Okay. If it was just a little bit Q she made his face after him like when he smiled and shit. Like, she writes, you see is pretty oh. So then they end up of. Okay. Yeah. So then Sadique, and you know, how that moment and they find the weapons Amazon strikes DJ who is. So I need to know. See I don't understand how people are watching this like, I don't need to know. What happened these last five years? I need to know how to save us. That are part of Alexandria got to be part of Alexander. DJ was one of the people that was down with Jay when Jay and tried to take Caroline rings weapons. Yes. Something happened. And I think some of the savior's at 'cause one of them was actually accountable at member to net girl. Right. So something happened where some of the some of the savior's may after everything happened is that I'm not going with y'all. I'm going to stay here. But the group some stay with eggs Andrea, you know, another pardons, they were hilltop and arrest them, just decide to go on your own, but they had the choice and that and that was Carol's thing. Let them have the towards don't strip them away up the choice. Yeah. Matab room. Does agree with me like Sadique being single in Zeepipe makes no sense. So deep not giving nobody just to dick that'll make nothing. But yeah, I agree. What you say? I think. I don't know. It's just kind of interesting because. I like I wanna see what happened. And I think they can tell us or show us or whatever. But I just want to hear. 'cause like last time we take them shooting each other in the campsite, and some of the savior's was not what to sheds and him was and DJ. I thought was on Jay side. You know? So I would like to know anyway. So they end up, you know, having. Taking the weapons and they start arguing with Michelle. Like, no, we want our weapons, and we're sounds like I'm not taking five armed strangers in the hilltop, Graca. They're not gonna go for that. And I want it this time, I was a little boy. And I was like Michelle clearly they can be trusted at this point. Like what what else is there? You know, like how you gotta saw. You gotta go people. You know, y'all run into some trouble on the road. You're going to need them to be armed when you get to hilltop. You always just make them get her weapons up, you know, but. I think I turned out to be wrong about that. Anyway, not that they're not trustworthy. But I get why she was so cautious. Because like. She's like. Uku? But I don't know you like that you have which McCall old girl. Complaining back there about a weapon. So I'm not, okay. You could plan about your weapons. What are you gonna do when you get to weapons? And like you say, I can't take you up there with weapons there's going to be a problem. Right. And not and at the time, I didn't know that hilltop Alexandria. We're having such strained relationship. 'cause we find out more about this later in this like, oh, I didn't know it was that bad. So it made sense that she will be like I won. I we can't take you up. There. Would you be arm to she's not going because she said have my men take you up there? And they were like, what do you mean? Have your men take United taking us if she was like, I'm not going to nail top. I promise Judith. I get you outta hilltop. And that's as I'm going like, I'm gonna turn around and let my men take you. So it was kind of a. Megaproject failed smack out. Right. I don't know. What the what could happen? I I wanna know. I don't know what could happen 'cause that's your sound sounded real bad. And there's some details of get dropped later in this episode that make it sound like it's fuck whatever happened. So McDonalds like we can like, you know, chill here for tonight. And they take out in the morning. We'll be hilltop and ASL crew, basically agrees, but begrudgingly you meek Yumiko, basically, tastes control and says look we're going to give up our weapons Mishaan we gonna wait it out. And we trust you will decide when we get there. And there was cool because that the AFL group was disagreeing like Lucas like I wanna go to hilltop. All right. And I think it was not Connie, but Connie sister who was like, yeah. I'm actually kind of down with the idea of. Hitting the row we survived this far. We got our weapons we got each other. Fuck hilltop. And they basically Yumiko broke the time. It was like, no we say, so we're gonna go to hilltop. I just wanted to say place to stay so later in the middle of the night Michelle's. Black mama says starts taking tangling security. See like alarm force. She's just could field the the mischief in the air. She wakes up Lucas been rummaging through some shit, and he's holding something and she can't see because it's back is to him. She's like drop it turn around. She's got a sword out. He is like I can't it'll break and then she cuts him off like drop it. And he turns around like I can't. And then she slices they cut away, of course, in a very dramatic like what could have happened. Did. She just kill Luke, which we obviously. No, no. Because like what they're gonna make Michelle evil for no fucking reason. Right. So I and I made a joke on Twitter byles like I bet it's a fucking violin. This nigga. Really got a violin. They got cutting have y'all CD. And that's what the title of the show comes from. It was called Stradivarius or some shit circa seventeen twenty five and they have founded in an old mansion. Okay. Yeah. And everyone had woke up because you know, they thought Michelle that killed this nigga, you know, because he got cut. He's like, no. 'cause loop such Nouri us. He loves them instruments. I believe oh, girl. Oh, girl. Yeah. When she talking about how you loved him instrument. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You must be fucking them. Hoes? I don't know. So then they talk about how they've been collecting instruments or Luke's elected instruments Zepa, the whole time they've been travelling, and he gives us long speech on basically, how are is the thing that keeps them alive. And are is the reason that modern man beat out the caveman and is sharing things and coming together. And it was funny because of Michelle's face at the air because he went on for a while. And I I was man, I know his mouth class was born shit. But he. Know he goes on for a while. Yeah. He's like he's like he's like intro music on to one teacher at. Yeah. Yeah. He's intro to music. Yeah. He was just why it was the modern. It was the flute in the spoken word that kept the modern man's mind sharp as his brother, homo erectus, or whatever for it was too much. But I was like, you know, it's cool to see somebody passionate about something. It's cool to say a character. That's different from any other character. They've had on his show and his whole art will save us yet. It was funny. But what I mean, it was a good speech. But what killed me was Michelle's face it how she looked at him at the end. What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things. I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling incoherent response where you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I warned you know points and may God have mercy on your soul. Yeah. So. He gives speech. I think much Donald exact whereas like it after everything you've seen and done. You still believe that's all it would take like us working together, then music and art eight say, yes, arrival of the fittest charity each other. I think that's part of what makes us stronger Amazon customer, but then she took a deep breath and let it pass in the morning. Everybody got up, and they brought the lead a hilltop. So Dc ask her to come with them. And she says it's for the best you know, that because apparently she's like Maggie gonna see my face. Hang on flip the fuck out. So don't you just do your thing? She said we can't take the risk. I don't know what she'll do if she sees me talking about Maggie. What could happen something? So deep says you don't have to worry about Maggie Jesus leader hilltop now. Amazon like nigga what you say nobody I missed the memo who had this me without me. And so before they can get it to Connie puts her hands to the ground and senses some through through the ground vibrations that walkers it's coming right because I never would have thought about that. They probably do the ground, and then of course, somebody came in. And it was like zombies is coming 'cause they knew after her. So she was able to figure it out before everybody else zombie show before Michelle can find out where MAG is there's a lot of them. Yada, yada, yada. They had to get a DAS L crew. They're fucking weapons back and nigger. This is the part where I said, you know, what I apologize. Michelle. You was right. These are dangerous got like a fight slingshots fucking. So my Yarmuk Yumiko shot an arrow until fucking like shed and made the shed collapsed by eighteen shit. Yeah. Because it's an is the difference between the thing they're like fresh from fighting all the town like like, you know, how Rick and I'm used to be fighting all the time we actually really sharp. So they are they're very sharp. Look, they was beasted. Like, I mean, like I said shots bow and arrow fucking of Magna was throwing knives around like she was throwing them bitches. Like, she was knifed up, man. It was crazy. She was like that multiple getting desperado like just to like, damn and. Yeah. I was like, you know, what I'm sure that's why I see you can give them their weapons back these nice these knives. He's probably gonna be dead trauma. Trust these innings. You don't know. They could kill all y'all sleep. So. Yes. So that was kind of that was it was a good fight scene. But you know, they just kills arby's. And. And these weren't like those talking zombies and shit. They would just regular as ambi-. But then they did have like a little moment where. Michelle was like, yo these arby's. This is the group that attacked earlier. And they like how you know that. And it was because she seen as AVI would allowed as paisley shirt on. And it was Bernie and magnet. Couldn't even kill them. She was so sad. So I don't know if they were lovers or what like they would just that closer friends. Right. She could not she all hurt the was young life before this was third out after this. She was like two couldn't do it and Michelle and I had to mercy kill Bernie. Hey, her face and Bernie design was like what about her emails and. Wasn't rigged. It was rigged. I say he died. So then after they do that Michelle says she understands what they went through. They're all on the road again, and the car a Yumiko says, it'll be okay. As long as they have so much safety to to eat to live and shit into Dc apologized for not telling me about Maggie Leeman hilltop, a says Maggie is with Georgie. And he didn't tell me, Sean, because someone made him promise not to total TV tro thing someone said not too. And she didn't even ask who, you know, airing. You think Aaron okay that I could see that. And then. He he begs her to come to hilltop with him. She refuses saying that she has to get back to Judith. And he's like what about your promise to car, and all I could think was slap. But she didn't clap his ass because I that overstep your balance a little bit. It's a deep, but then to Centaur looking at mega come up on always back with spears. And. One of them was like, so. Oh, no, no, no. It was a Michelle who was like y'all from Alexandra. I could tell by spears. And there was like an who are you? We offer. And she was like I we've from Alexandra. I'm gonna shown, you know, all the nation's they're from Alexandria. But the fact that they walked up on each other and didn't actually recognize each other right shows you that the communities have not been communicating right? Is there must they are real separate. And they didn't know who hummus shown was which you would think, you know, in the scheme of things if the communities were still working together, everyone would know who was the only people didn't know who she was with the people that will probably already established their life seemed like the community have grown added more people who just wouldn't know nobody talked about him. Right. And if you haven't been going up there every week or so they don't have opportunity to to get to note. So they don't recognize each other whatever. But they said that Rosetta is with the hilltop. She's been injured. They're their way to Alexander to inform them of. So finally makes over minded says tell the people in Alexandria that Michelle and then went to hilltop, and we'll save and they go, okay. We will go off on horse. And then Connie looks into the woods like she sees something back there, and it and it's like Paul for a long time. But then she's like, they're like what you see you see some in. Then she says nothing what sign language, and then they they do they roll off. And they do the thing where they show the camera angle from the woods if someone's watching them. So my guess is that hurt was like it has some like it was lead there like a weapon and then to attack them and that whoever led to her there's watching them, and maybe even following in the hilltop. Yes. Yes. So that's my guess all right in the last one is hilltop is a little bit shorter. So a hilltop Enid's taken care of. Of of the stick people, and she is now a full pledge fucking doctor. Yes, she got her degree, y'all. Right. And she's just like looking right into camera smell and like. Starring dr. Sorry. Tara Ed today manager. So it was shit. She got her to ride degree. So she's taking care. Everyone managed things terrorists seems to be like running around doing stuff and everyone's reporting to her and I know like the supervisor she's like, I'm not in charge. But I'm in charge and upstairs. We find out that Jesus is actually the reason we're hearing this music one of the records. Georgia gave them is disowned that I'm playing. April skies. So Jesus is sitting there looking, you know, looking like he's not in maggie's office. So he set up this base outside and his chunky looking like on the four years. He don't run a wrench it. He's like this was not. I don't want to run things like this name. I thank you Jesus. Basically me. With the Facebook group. Where he's just like these arguing why put me in charge. I don't care. I don't actually want to be in charge gods. Yeah. Right now, I want to be in charge. She was telling him about shit. And he was like, oh, okay. I'm not supposed to get. He's like if nobody else wants to run our run it. But is anyone out of ood? Loon it's somebody else's volunteers. Not don't go. Fuck right terror doesn't give a fuck why? She's looked him dead in his face. They want the job. She don't care because she was like, I'm not going to be in charge. Right. And apparently Jesus is only charge because Maggie asked him to be and guess what? She left to go. Be with Georgie. Took her son with him and everything. So they. She met tears like look, I'll see you up here. Listening to this music reading the letter was the letter he says, Maggie, she's happy. Her Herschel doing good, and and then tear gives like a run down or some issues. Tammy wants to expand the garden eating these room in the garden for medicine medicinal herbs out in needs to send a team out for scrap metal. So I'm assuming out is taking over a lot of blacksmith and stuff. They got a noise complaint from trailer seven and Jesus like why are you get look here because? Fucking noise. Tears like you find it because they'll you give it to a kid. That's what happens Jesus. And then she says also you're elected leader officially he said, well that I ran unopposed. It's really not quick. And what what kind of who nobody ran against me. And so then she said, why don't you move into maggie's office and Jesus like of wall to and she's like you need to stop king yourself, this ain't temporary y'all ass needs to start handling this. Like, you really run a hilltop. Okay. Maggie not coming back. Jesus. I got some days of doing gets up and leaves. He's like I'm gonna go start doubting some areas or something, and he goes off and the next time we see him. He's on horseback. And he'd literally gets like fucking beard off of this horse like some not with a physical spear. But like someone literally jumps into them like into him like superman and knocks him outdoors. Now, I don't know that much about horses. All right. But the physics of that shit makes no sense to me you fucking hot. I've been on a horse. You are up. It wasn't that tall. And so you are literally few feet off the ground on the Hammy to fee, but you fleet off the ground your has got to jump high it. I'm sure short. So it was hard. It's just to get up on the horse the jump across the hall. Right. And I don't know why the fuck they put Jesus in charge because he's so flighty like for years. We've watched him. He undermines everybody. Second guesses everybody. And I kinda liked the idea the karma of. Putting the person that thinks they know how to run shit in charge. That's like one of my favorite things. But it's also a pet peeve because they don't actually want to run shit. They wanna complain. They wanna be like you could've found another way to do this. And it's like, okay. Well, now, you're at tar why gotta retard thing. So that was annoying. Fuck, but he gets knocked off his horse and nothing, you know. It's like, oh, God, there's someone killed Jesus. No. It's Aaron Aaron and Jesus Spar for a bit. And like, you know, Aaron's apparently his prosthesis because when the same plays misty. Knight guy hers come on because that's it was not coming off. And it was working just like arm. Him in Jesus far for a bit until they get tired or whatever. And I don't know can hear second time episode helped me some sparks years something between them. I really truthfully. Think is something between them, and you know, Aaron try to plan out, and I did I get you. He was like you left with is really heavy the AC. I heard you cover me. And he said, yeah, you heard me coming to time. Oh time. But yeah, it was a I don't know. I don't feel like they was looking each other in the eyes and shit. Of and then. They sit down to like lunch or something. And apparently, this is the thing they do all the time. And Jesus says I was late to our sparring session of an say because harder to get away lately. So it means like they've been doing this for awhile. And he says not supposed to be that far from the wood in the woods with without. He's not supposed to be that car in the woods by yourself without security detail. Right nothing to happen to them because you run it. Yeah. Tears go and get them for dereliction of duty. If he keeps doing that. And air says that Michelle no he's out either. So now, it has some like west side story vives to it. And they discuss how they they wanna have a fair without a communities president, and they would like to give a showing on board. But Michelle shot it down the first vote that they have for the to counsel, and she shouted down the same what she sat down the newcomers last week. So he's like, I think she just doesn't want to do it. And. They both end in. Oh. And then right before they get interrupted. Aaron says Amazon don't even know about Maggie. So that's why I think that he's the one that told everybody don't seem right? So. Tara. I mean, I'm sorry. So then they hear a sound and they get interrupted and they run into the woods, and they found Rosetta. She's got a flair or that's what it was. Okay. So flair. She runs in. They wanna get her. She's up against a tree hydrated Aaron ask where you gene is rosy to says she left him at a bar because he was injured and they see some zombies. So they take Rosetta leave y'all live just in time. 'cause that goes dim zombies was about to fuck out of I'm paranoid because I don't know of his talking or not I think they mix in with Ryan regulars zombie. I don't think all designed are talking. Like, I think I think whoever's directing is arby's day like God designed to him with and it's kinda like separate themselves out slowly. So that design these PT to go a certain direction and attack everybody right because it's kinda follow each other. Yeah. And then they just lied. These armies into the people over and over something. I don't know. We'll see. But it feels like that. Because I don't think none of those armies were talking, and they didn't feel like the same necessarily group is armies, but they was armies and that just made me paranoid. Because I don't know. So they end up grabbing Rosetta taken aback to hilltop to like nursery to health or whatever terror. Says that oh, and they found out Eugene still out there somewhere because like he's in a bar. I had to leave him and all this shit. Tara says was doing okay, they got you got on AVI show, also say it was weird seeing Rosie to after all this time. So it's been a hot man, it's probably been a few years, and Aaron even it was we she hadn't seen him. And gee, what would you doing out there with them and Jesus like man with me air, and we'd be sparring and keeping the lines of communication open for the communities, and blah, blah, blah. He's been doing this in secret. So it's kinda hard to like sky. Is that all of this to it, bro? You ain't been looking at that beer come on going on ski green. Green. That's where we are going on. Yeah. I feel like that's what it was. Komo or does that Sunday. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday says they Friday. What what is happening, right. Yes. Well, like it was something come on. So they have that discussion and terrorists like, well, you need to stay here and run this community. So in the morning, I'm gonna be the one that goes out and looks for you, gene, to you know, you basically plan rare real fast and loose with disposition the president, right? Right. And we need you you came down here plugging up, and you need to be I hit keeping the place together. And then that's when Darryl. Caroline, Henry finally arrive, a hilltop, you know. They can't we will write a Harry ask about ended 'cause fairly he hit. Her is press. You get that. I think that's why he was personally get up there now narrative for the mail. I mean, the metal part that that's a that's a bonus. But his name was like, yeah. Because I think they said something about that. He was like if that's what inas more like, right? Like, I didn't realize that what it was about. You know, like you've been coming up. They all this time. And I thought he was like, you know, trying to get up there to learn blacksmith afford a community he'd been looking for the only other tween and the apocalypse. I'm out. You know? I look I don't have a lot of options. You think you may she got some movies? What's what do you think is going on her right now because I absolutely have. No shame in my game. And he walked in. And it was like you think you think in it, which is not even a little I think she she likes. You. Remember me thing they see in the blonde and then carols door. Well, he's like, I'm not doggerel. Let's let's stay in the door. But people because I I could be a door. Right. I me whatever she wanted me to be. So. Darrelle greets terror Aaron Jesus asking care what they're doing that Carroll says he wants to learn about blacksmith. And that's where air is like. Yes. So gene is missing we going out looking for and we could use a good tracker Darryl's like I can come in dog. We'll be there. Dial d Eugene hunter S how then. Erin says Rosa's there as well and stuff Henry wants to go with Jesus and Aaron and Darryl even want to look for Eugene Daryl going and his one is put his heart, and they carols like no this day. Oh ass. Here. You need you say he can't hit a blacksmith. You'll ask be blacksmith and go I didn't come here for nothing. I could have had my ends at the house right for this bullshit. And then they'll ask a what is Aaron doing the hilltop? But that's that's what. But he just deflects Rosetta in Eugene. So was like, okay. Then they do a tear in Jesus switch places tears like because Jesus like, I know terrain. I know what they need to be looking for him, which he does. Let me go as terrorists. Like, I'm gonna stay here. Ryan hilltop, somebody gotta do it. I think if engineer she's convenient charge me too. And I think Jesus just being charged not that kind of person. He's a recruiter. He's a he's a bunch of shit. But he ain't a leader. And he's told in that only thing is I wish he'd be decided not to be a leader. He's shut the fuck up about all this all these ideas. He got these bright ideas. He don't hit. He reminds me of the woke people on Twitter that are like we need to change to a socialist. You're like, okay. What do you want to be? In charge was see that's the problem. Power corrupts. Absolutely. I would never run for office. Or even I'm like, what is shut up all these ideas. And they only work for you. It's like this year I in intern. When I was in rows, and they will give us puck and community service project. To work on them whenever I will get in the group project. I'll be like, okay. So here's an idea and everyone who table can shit on everyone else's idea. No one wants to come up with their own. Everyone can tell you. What's wrong with the idea? But they can't tell you what the right thing to do is. And the truth of the matter is all the ideas. I actually good ideas. If you commit to him and put it at work, you can make community service ideas, a car wise, go into the elderly thinner and shaving people and shit. Like, all the ideas are good all of them. But only if you just do why you gotta stick to one. You can come up with a reason each one of them didn't work, you know. And that's what Jesus reminds me of the negatives. Like, but the ozone it close at five, and you know, Saturdays is hard to get on that side of town. So we do something else. I worry about a car wash where the call is the problem with that is going to be too hot. It's some people go need like water and stuff. And I was like what about tutoring? The key. It's yeah. I'm like God damn, man. You hate everything. Anyway, we got to do something. They could come out. Right. I mean, we get to to the kids, but none of us really, speak Spanish. So what are we going to do for the Latino skis like, so then don't have nobody? 'cause we can't find the perfect idea. Don't have nobody just everything. Anyway, that's how Jesus Jesus makes me mad and now he's in charge, and he's like leading and also being like, but not really. But then they ended on what? He he's he's similar to Trump. He's a part time leader. So they light Trump Trump like he's like, oh what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go out here. Sparring versus actually being what I need to be. You know, there's no tax payers money, but I'm still going go off and do other shit. Yeah. He was up in Maryland. I go and shit come on with Aaron they do a wide shot of their on a motorcycle and horses and all that shit. And that's the end of the episode. I personally like I say I felt like this was all this shit is a placeholder for whatever the fuck is going down next week. I they next we're going to be really like I love he look I don't know who is going to be but I- low key do on somebody to die from them. Fucking the rockers. I'm ready. I I, you know, I want the threat to be real I might be wrong. But this is my theory. I think did one of these groups are going to end up being surrounded by some of these Bs like in them, and we'll get booked up. Yeah. It doesn't think found out they now, you know, like knobby stab with some of these armies is fucked up like some of these obviously talking shit. That's what I want to look forward to. And then also, of course, you know, Eugene looking forward to Eugene next week. Because these pilots sitting up in that barn waiting all rosy to get back. Needs some. You say you need to is. And they believe in science. I can see him on that one has in my room. He gonna be in there. You say you need a man with two is. Believe in science and. I do. And you know, what's going to be on the thing? I'm looking forward to next week. 'cause they're gonna be you, gene. In a Rosetta with two different groups is going to be interesting when they tell the what happened. Everybody's gonna look at them like the puck you talking about. Yeah. I mean, people are not going to believe that yet. I mean, rose either the wake up because when she wake up, and she's like design, these we're talking everybody's gonna be like girl, jozy hydrated. It was hot. You're probably seeing shit, and they're gonna get the they could probably go find you, gene. He's gonna tell them the same store and they're going. Yeah. Gene. They did in the preview show. You gene was frigging. The fuck out which I mean, that's the thing. The the idea of fucking Walker starting to talk seven years to the Deepak ten years to the Z pot. That is pretty fucking scary. Because you got to remember it's a world where out in things, motherfuckers. Good becomes on in the first place. Maybe this the next evolution of design. Be is the motherfuckers can. Star coordinating an attack initiate, and it's like what the fuck is. Do you plan on like it was all good five years ago? And you put up a phone now. He's motherfuckers like dang asks like, whoa. All right. You know? And then does not mean who knows you know, when you when you're dealing with Dombi. You know, if people if things where people just running around get done, right? Think pretty smart say like white women's evolving. Oh. All right. Let's get to y'all emails where we get outta here in your emails are brought to you by healthy routes those. That's right, y'all today's podcast and your emails are brought to you by LT roots dolls Christmas is almost here. And we know some y'all still ain't bout nothing for your kids. We see their little faces which you're gonna start by CVS on the on Christmas Eve. You don't go to KB toys when the lines out the door. Do they even have those anymore? Go to the mall and find out the mall closed down there. Time to get on it. Now, it's probably because of how hard it is to find product. I've represented young black girls that might be. Why you ain't got Netflix kids? Yeah. 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So you don't have to worry about this later. You know, let's let's light. Let's get on this. So. Yeah. Cold TVD, WT, healthy, ruse, dolls and debt. I'm telling you the forty dollar kit alone is worth the shit. So he got a toy to give your your knees. Your knees or your daughter, whoever and your family you want to give it to get one for yourself. So I'm y'all ain't never had a doll. That makes it reminds you yourself. I let's get y'all's emails. We got a couple Simone says, hey, riding care. I didn't read the comics the whisperers have meat shook as they should just issue. The title of this is the worst ones are going to give me nightmares. Rosetta was such a bad ass where Abraham and says, then she has been with wheat guys. I don't know them do rubbed off her or if it was the idea talking because but she is so different from the character. We first met, you know, it's interesting. I really wanna see Rosetta really express it for herself. But I always felt like Rosetta attached yourself to Abraham but she wasn't like in love with him. She's just trying to protect her. And I think we watch Rosie kind of learn to protect ourselves. Maybe to these stream. I mean, she was getting real stupid trying to kill him by herself with one bullet and shit. But you know, we kind of watched her kind of, you know, come into her own in a way that I don't know I've come to respect. But yet this this shape. I I mean, I just feel like she was delirious, and the hydrate it, and whatever it was going on with the Walker with those walkers that were at the her if Dr right, and she's running for hours or days, which men behind her like low allow me to put it in perspective this way. Imagine we live in a world where? I don't know. Let's say there were trying to think of some innocuous danger that that is constant like, I don't know there were like every once in a while a dog will get loose and sometimes of dollars by you, right? But but most of the time if you see the Dow coming like getting your house getting a car be okay. Right. But then one day like you saw a dog opened up a car door with a set of keys. Doesn't finish. What we just watch like to them in this world. They just watch zombies communicate with each other for the first time ever and chase them in a guy that pattern where you can't just make turn. It'd be like all right now we can rest for ten minutes. It's like you make the turn and in the fucking zombies. Turn with you. Right. It's like, you know, what I mean, you can't shake them. Yeah. Like some point of becomes about an endurance thing. Instead of a just a matter of whatever and your first time seeing after it will fuck you up. Now. I don't think it can fuck you up forever. 'cause now a vigil you realize that they're just and so you're adjusting, but it's like the global warming of the climate changes armies, and I think that's what had so shook because my fucking dog started talking and trying to open my door. I would freak the fuck out. Like, what is happening y'all case y'all dollars goodbye like they make these no odor. Let me put a fucking couch in front of my door. I trust no dogs. So. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Carolos ezekiel. But she clearly has not lost us. She said five to them savings without being overbearing. She is watching out for family for from the bushes. I love seeing her pretend to sleep when he got up when the ten and try helping Daryl I know Carol was not going to be outside of the walls and sleep soundly. Yeah. I mean, look MAC heralds a whole different person. They're rosy rosy. They never did care. This time jump has stirred up excitement, and so many questions even at the learning that Maggie was going showing wanna know parts are going to hilltop until she learned that Rosetta was their hilltop in the Keno. Still seem cool. So I can't wait to find out. What happened? I wonder if it is. Because Alex Andrea is governed by council and other two communities have a single leader. I just hope meager has nothing to do with it. He will not be regained I refuse. Thank you for doing the best uncapped podcast. Y'all oughta best Simone. Thank you, some Mon you I don't think it has anything to do with it. Yeah. A lot of people are somebody told me they should let Nagin lead. I was like do you have to show? Well, I don't want that nigga Ledin first of all he didn't got cooked already. So that detect the days that is over. Anything get out and spit in like everybody else, but he can't get out and lead. Nobody. Lead. Chit miss mart rice saying, hey, caring dot what is your house? Why does idea about why Michelle Maggie had beef? Here's mine. Rick came back. There was a civil war of or lower level inter-community be. And that is when died, okay. I think that was just a few months prior. Because I don't believe Darryl would be out there. Looking for Rick for six years? If that's the case the three movies could be an in his his her list of with the moves could be one the community. Rick sees when he gets out the helicopter and this time, it's his time convalescing to Rick and heath. Yes, I'm still holding out hope trying to get back. But only rake makes it back because he's decided to stay in the black community that Pat they pass through. I don't know if they would accept he's in the black community with their hair. They would you know, we live. We get his head together. Maybe you might wanna make America great again blacks keep going three the incident. They got rid kill which involves Maggie refusing to kill the person or people who kill wreak havoc. Great murder. The natives day smart out. Yes. I what do you think could happen that would make Maggie and Michelle Beedle still be going today philosophy at something happened? I think that it was another group or no the force that came that. We haven't touched like, you know, because there's a long period of time. I'm pretty sure they've Krause a lot of different groups because like you said last week, they was they would kind of get to the point where they were kind of almost tell start right before they would tell what it was. So something happened says foam of a civil war. They couldn't agree on something and outside fours. I think it was announced that force because Michelle and there had those X's like right behind their back those scars so something happened. And and he got to the point where nobody could agree. Everybody was like, no, we good. Yeah. I think there are has been out there for six years looking for Rick stretch with that nigga all because he don't like people. So he was he's like, I don't like people or showers are can do this all day long all day long. And I forgotten about bottom. They did make him wash his ass when they first got the league's Andrea. Yeah. I don't mind parasites in my hair like he's like, he's also other shit. So I don't think it's that far fetched that he just started fucking hanging out with dog and big and each other fleas. I think the only thing they could make Maggie, Sean. Quite the boy's mind. The boy's mind. The boy's mind the JR. Jr. Got to be over. Do. What does make sense? Lift maybe it's out. You know, wreak does away leaving women pop up pregnant, and we later they'd be with some other do I. All still around. You know, we know all was making them is it Maggie. And then, you know, Michelle, you know, she might have been like you're doing a pinch. You know? And now he's just up there blacksmith in. Les into into pike. And that's why maga- had to leave and go to a new community. Like stand to see this nigga space. Yeah. And he's seen him. So yeah, they were gonna see them next week when they do the blacksmith story loss. I think I think it's over. I think they've fell out over man, and they could not get it back together. And smart you ask our for our thoughts, and that you have them. All right. That's it for this week, man. Thank you so much everybody who listen to the show. Everybody shares it. You know, we appreciate y'all seriously. And we appreciate jobless Nari recap. And and right nifty back and all that stuff. And we'll be back for the winter. The fall finale next week. Just got to episode of this too much. Yeah. There's more this morning me about this too much for the last two episodes of this is us we put that out. We also are doing nerd off on Friday after on black Friday, and there will be at six PM eastern time. And it should be me, caring, Chris, Aaron and bacon. A very special. Black Friday addition of the nerd off enjoyer footballing turkeys and all that stuff guys. And also, yeah, there's some sport reviews. Our we did widows, and I can't put it out yet. But we already did a sport review for Bill streak could talk which was great. It really was. And hopefully, we'll be able to see like creed. And how to like we'll hopefully we'll get to see some more movies as we make sure you guys can do that. And thank you guys for for tuning in. And checking us out we really do appreciate child, man. Like thanksgiving this come in. And I'm thankful for a lot this year. I'm thanking for auto opportunities that we've gotten this year. Like, a swear my Email, it feels like somebody else's sent something that they would like us to do, you know, which is really been cool because there's a lot of people out here making products being creative. And they just don't get the traction and people don't check them and all that stuff. Thank over cairn. Obviously, you know, you're the best like co host wife partner business partner, all that stuff. I wouldn't be doing any of this without you. And I'm thankful for our friends. Like, you know, these relations we've cultivated for over the years at this point. I mean, we've know some of these people ten years now over the over the quote unquote internet, this some people didn't think it was real. When it first started popping up thankful for the people that are in the chat, you know, that watch us live watch later, the people that just listen to us audio form, the people that check us out, and they communicate with us on Twitter and Facebook and stuff, you know, I know that I can be a bit standoffish, or, you know, like, I'm not, you know, I'm bit introverted. I'm not always the easiest person. To get a read on his stuff. But I honestly, thanks what people care enough about us to do the stuff that like send us articles or the hit us up when something happens or to think about us sort of, you know, to let us know, you know, this this episode made me laugh this joke was funny. The people that use hashtag on social media all the people that have left us five star reviews. Yes, there's so many people that aren't getting that stuff. And I'm not saying they don't deserve it. They just aren't getting it. And I would never take it for granted. Because no one owes us shit. You know? So our fans you guys go above and beyond when you don't have to you know. On top of piggyback on on top of what you say. You guys made it possible for us. Do a live show, you know, hundreds of people came out just just to see us right means the world, y'all y'all. Drove y'all flu people about tickets. I came make you, but here's my money. Right. You allow other people to go who couldn't afford didn't have the opportunity to go. And that shows the love that you guys have each other and for the community. And you know, you guys helped us built this people wonder why we work so hard and right specifically like why why I work so hard put out so much content and stuff like that. Sometimes. But it's because I'm thankful. I'm blessed is I'm have a very fortunate existence. And I I will never take that shit for granted, you know. Right. This is one reason I try not to be rude to folks. Right. I just wanna reach out and talk to. Us on the pike as one of. I'm sure sounds wishy-washy the people and shit. Sometimes it's wonder is I try to be considerate 'cause I hope people had saying consideration for me one day and for where people are coming from and put that vibe out into the earth into the world. So that we can treat each other better. You know, and I hope that you know, if you're I said on Twitter, and if you have a black business, I put a tweet out quotas tweet, let me know retweeted black Friday out people are using black Friday specials and stuff support black businesses. All that stuff. Man. I'm thankful for that. Man. We sometimes it's easy to let the negative. Let the naysayers let the the interactions. They go wrong kind of overtake the vibe that you're on. But I you know, because I have a good safety net around me of good people because we have support in real love out there. We have really been able to navigate things I watched people fall into just pits of despair this year, I watch people burn down things they built for years. I watched people like turn against people that don't wish them any harm. You know, I've watched that. And I feel like especially in this. This climate is easy to lose track of the things that we really are fortunate. We really are privileged to have. 'cause like I said, nobody shit. So thank you. You know, what I mean our sponsors? You know, what I mean are spot these people put money in our pockets to be like can you do your show and yes an exchange, but they could've found another show to do that too. They could've found another way to advertise. It could put some Facebook instead, and they chose to spend their money with us, and they really wanted heart when see our audience take advantage of those things, you know, a lot of artists don't, you know? Right. And also. Thank you to the fans that think about you know, like with Dr Bambi and other people right worked for a lot of these companies. You guys think about us, and you say what I liked them. And you know, you write articles you do interviews and things like that. Like in those things might be small to you. They're big to us, and is one of these things where because of you guys love for us. You guys help the show grow you help make it eat you help make the show what it is we've grown, and we volved just like audience has grown any Volve. And the thing is being Reggie challenge. Each other. But the fans kinda challenges to an extent too. And is is one of the things to where it's a give and take, and I I am very happy, and I'm very thankful to be in a very positive place in my life right now. And and it's like the old you get for me, the old you get the. A better life becomes and is one things where I am just happy and thankful where we are right now. I don't know what the future holds. But I before we all right now, I'm very thankful in. I want to say thank you to every single person that listens own has listened of people shared. That you re tweets that have been part of his journeyman, the people we've been able to interview the people that have been the people we've been guest on their shows all that stuff helps and you know, like I said, I'm not I I'm not taking it for granted. You know, I think about sending Huber going share. I think about the way people treat folks that at work the way people treat us in our lives. And right. You know, a lot of these things would not be possible. If people didn't just like pick up on our vibe, and like enjoy it and feel like they're part of something and feel like they know the real us and feel like we're thinning and they root for us. Like, I can't imagine it we have Amazon wishlist that's already by itself. Something that. So I had to write in and be like they had don't even have a wish list. And but it motherfuckers are always giving us something like she's like, I put some candles on their candle show. Like, it's just like that's something that I don't feel entitled to I'm always shocked when it happens. But but the point is. It is. That's that's the that's it's really been a dope journey, and it's really been fun so far, and it really is other people coming in and appreciate in and letting us like be ourselves that has made this worthwhile. So thank you guys. I'll have a happy thanksgiving. I know people, you know, are two to celebrate it sometimes, but I'm not we not even doing like a big Miller. Nothing this year. We just gonna go hang out with my parents and stuff, and that's cool. Like, I just I think I'm thankful for my parents. I'm thankful that stuff. So. Hoping some good vibes and positive. Thanks, guys. All y'all that are like traveling be safe. Everyone is traveling. Everyone is missing loved ones right now stuff. Like that just noted y'all in our thoughts and Yalla in our hearts and. You know, just. You still had a family and the loved ones that that are that have been placing path to be here for you. Anyway. So happy gobble, gobble. Enjoy your turkeys. Nobody Pocos in the place of anyways. Two tomorrow. I love you. Are we going back tomorrow? I'm sorry to Saturday. I love you. I let me do.

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