The Haunting of a famous place


Welcome to hidden history. Host Kid crumb today. The haunting of a very famous place for over one hundred Hundred Years Gettysburg Pennsylvania has been flooded by reports of paranormal activity from Phantom cries. Wounded soldiers to lifelike apparitions. Many visitors visitors to Gettysburg have been touched by his haunting past. Gettysburg was assigned were confederate. Union armies clashed on July first eighteen. Sixty three the battle was a three day bloodbath. That would change American history forever. When the cannons smoke cleared the Union soldiers had one but nearly five thousand thousand horses and fifty thousand men. Lay Dead or dying. Many of the confederate soldiers never received a proper burial now more than fourteen in decades later these unsettled spirits may still linger in Gettysburg. This historic town is home to a surprising number of Phantom forms captured in photography including the ghost of what appears to be confederate General Robert e Lee that Daniel Lady farm was used as the confederate army field hospital. Soldiers who suffered from artillery wounds lot of chest wounds lost limbs were brought to the farm to recover or to suffer for through the final moments of their lives. The Farmhouse Barn saw their share of ghastly horror the ghosts of General Isaac. You'll in his core of ten. Ten thousand still reportedly hot the farm cash town in just eight miles west of the tiny town. Cash town in was the site where the I soldier was killed during the Gettysburg campaign to the civil war. The current owners believe they have proof of their ghostly. Visitors Jack Palladino and his wife have pictures from eight nineteen eighty seven through two thousand seven of strange orbs and skeleton showing up in their photos. According to Mr Palladino he and his guests have heard their share of thumping doors. They've also witnessed lights. Turn on and off on their own doors locking and unlocking locking themselves. How about the Gettysburg Hotel. The history of the Gettysburg hotel is filled with tales of eerie haunting. 'S A ghost of a woman has been seen Dancing Hansen. The hotel's ballroom. Paranormal investigators believe the spirit of union soldier. James Culbertson of company K Pennsylvania Reserve still roams around the hotel. How about blood dairy in while Bala dairy in offers spectacular views of the countryside. It sometimes gives visitors terrifying glimpse of life after death located on the hospital. Road end served as a union field hospital during day. Two of the battle of Gettysburg. Susan lockney owner has collected dozens of stories photos of our guests. ghostly encounters according to a psychic the in appears to be haunted by confederate soldiers buried underneath a nearby tennis court. Gettysburg Ghost train could also take a ninety. The minute ride that only the ghost tour. Gettysburg takes visitors across the actual battlefield. One of the tour storyteller says he impasse. Intrusive loser smelled cigar. Smoke sees souls of soldiers roaming on the train or near the tracks while traveling across the stork battlefield. Well there's your five Ghastly haunting of famous place Gettysburg produced here at night all sound studio brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and owl L.. Creek Cabin and getaway at AL CREEK CABIN DOT com. Check it out and you can listen to kiss myths and mysteries every Monday Wednesday Friday. I'm your host get chrome. Thanks for listening and have a merry Christmas.

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