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So he comes out, and he put it in these what the fuck and all these rabbits come out from behind him. Yeah. And then he's like Jesus if you want to know where we are follow the egg trail, and then you had to pick eggs a whole way. Anyway, that's the story of Jesus. John DeLorean was barn in Detroit. Oh shit. Yes. Oh, yes. His Romanian immigrant father Zachary worked as a union organizer at a Ford factory did not speak grade English dad, which kept him from moving up. He liked to drink John delorean's fatherly sauce. Okay. And getting into bar fights. Okay. Well, that can't punching his wife. Oh, well, now, well, not super light and fun any longer, but got took a dark turn dark turn Catherine was a Hungarian emigrant who worked for GE and Wenzel got violent. She would leave with the kids start taking them for a long time more than once she stayed a year in California with her sister. Wow. So that's a lot. It feels like is over pretty much, right? She finally divorced Zachary in nineteen forty two he moved into a boarding house and became a drug addict. And John never saw his father again. Okay. So he has a fun little ending. Yeah. He's got a great. Yeah. He had a great round send them blacks out yet. Good run. Right. That's cool. John group lower middle class during the depression. He got into an elite public school Cass technical high school Cass tech. I was basically a feeder. Into the three big automakers. Okay. He seems set. Right. Everyone was trying to get into it. Like, if you got in then you're gonna make money at the factory like, you're right. You're killing. Well knows our jobs that will never go overseas. That's right. That's right. But he also played the saxophone in school jazz band. Ooh. And that's what he decided. He would be a musician. Sure. So he got into to Cass tech. And then he was like I'm here for jazz. I like. Here for make them. I just feel the man it's in me. Sure. As is in me. Yeah. Okay. After cass. He got a music scholarship to Lawrence institute of technology. And then he was like I wanna make micro. Liz, that's what I wanna do. Borge graduate. He was drafted in one thousand nine forty three. Okay. He came back three years later family was not doing well. So he took different jobs to help them out. Okay. He finally finished his undergraduate degree a degree and got a job as an insurance salesman. Interesting. He said he did this to learn how to talk to people better. Okay, much. That's why you do that for just talked to people. But but also you could just sell them at sheri-. They really know how to be a natural conversationalist. John got into a postgraduate facility called the Chrysler institute of engineering. Okay. So was their focus. They focus on Ford cars. Okay. It's weird. Name was weird. So the way workers you would work and get an education at the same time. Okay. So you're basically getting a masters while you are working, right? So you and you're making banks so oh, wow. So internship while you're going to school. Yeah. Could you imagine paying an intern? It's hard to it's hard to imagine paying kids in college anything for their you know, the work. John got a master's in automotive engineering K, and then he went to school at night to get while he's working at the factory. He's going to school at night gets an MBA from the university of Michigan. Okay. So that was one of those at Chrysler. He's not a Chrysler long before he takes a job at Packard in research and development. Sorry Chrysler year after going through the school and doing all the sure the business. Nineteen fifty three. Now, he's making the equivalent of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars today this he's like twenty super yacht. Again. That's cool. He lived with his mom until he married. Elizabeth Higgins in nineteen fifty four. Okay. So he's living at home making one hundred and thirty two great move. Yeah. Great mafia, John was an alert away by GM. Jim offered him his choice of a job in any of GM's divisions. So they were just like whatever you want. You can have a job in any of our division. How many divisions? Do they have? Okay. But still this little good amount. But it's not like, I know, but I wasn't. But usually like we have a job available. Right. Well, right now, it's like now, it's just like, yo you eat bolts. Are you in right? Stop crying. Stop crying Ilson. He's eight screws. My other job you. Idiot wouldn't my third job Jesus. So I'll get to eating the bolts doom on food stamps because the three jobs. Well, you don't have any room for food in your belly full, metallics LS cry cry more much much. John pick the Pontiac division. Interesting. Well, we all know funny X still hot car every time. I see a Pontiac. Now, I'm like unicorn. Always turquoise GM was the biggest car company on earth. But Pontiac was struggling it had no identity his boss bunking Knutson. What just happened looking set it bunk? The nice name bunk. Newson bunk Knudsen Kim bunk share? He starts to form a relationship with NASCAR. Don't. Well, a lot of bunk as have connections to ask them. What's right? Yeah. That's one of the biggest names. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Bucky like to say, quote, you can't sell an old man's car to a young man, but you can sell a young man's car to an old man bunk 'isms, I got bunk talk. Yeah. Bug is pretty much the only guy in the car business thinking this way. Okay. No one was thinking about selling cars to young people cars were big, and they Jove smooth and Detroit guys could not imagine. Why anyone would want anything different right thread? They're just those big boats that just fucking you're riding on glass, right? This was known as the Detroit mind. Okay. Became knows droit mind. John became successful upon EAC in nineteen sixty one Bernie became a bunk Yankee game general manager at Chevrolet and at thirty six John became division. Chief engineer at Pontiac. Okay. After work the engineers would test drive. Prototypes. That would never ever make it to a dealership. Interesting. Woodward avenue became a drag strip. Okay. So they're just trying different types of cars that are never going to be any. That's pretty fun jam prohibited. The production of high performance cars that eluded to racing or high speed. Well, yeah, different time. So they would not the goal was really more stability, and dependability and something fun. Right. Yeah. Something you wanna put flames on? That's right, right. And. January nineteen sixty three a memo came out stating Jim cars were banned from racing activities. So they must have heard about the read the after our racing drag race right GM cars had to wait at least ten or more pounds per cubic inch engine displacement. So that would mean they would not be fast enough a racing. Okay. They actually had a formula to wait the car's down. So they wouldn't go. So they would not be fun. Okay. So your parents designed cars now. That's right, right. But John started to wonder what would happen if you took a big v eight engine made for full size car, and you put it into a smaller car. Sure turns out it's a super fast very powerful, very driveable car with the head of Pontiacs approval. John snuck the engine past the GM engineering policy committee by selling it as a package for the nineteen sixty four tempest. So. Cars are going out. And then or you put in an order for a car, and they don't notice that. He's like putting this engine into a smaller car. Okay, which they're totally engine smuggling. Yup. Basically, he's engines mung, he's he's I think the caller heightened the engine sure. In the business shirt. He's pulling a fast engine. Oh, he's pulling a fast engine. So he calls it the GTO package that you go the dealership go I want the GTO package and they throw in. Sit on. So it will be a minute. He he took the name from Ferrari. This is the first muscle car. Wow. They sold five thousand before GM figured out. What was going on? And they're just they're thinking they're just like it's a package for car. They're not no one's paying attention to the fact because it's an edict. You don't put that you don't put that in the car. Yeah. Muscle cars, immediately became big sellers. The Chevy chevelle the dodge charger, the barracuda followed GM invented the muscle card. And then Ford took it over the Mustang came out and sold one point five million in two years. Well, so it's the fucking thing right for defining company policy and creating a new car John became the youngest division head in nineteen sixty eight. Yeah. That is what you do. Right. Fucking furious at your behavior. John, how dare you? Here's you new office and well done really thank you for not listening to our bullshit. Well, that's him. I think that's bumpy. Oh, that's bunk man in the tiger, suits. What does that even mean? Although that could be him that Saint John. Well that says it's DeLorean. Yeah. The that might be that might be him. When he's he's in the he's going to change a lot. So that's why that'll throw you off. So so he's young right for having all this power four, and we thirty six he's still young the position. He's in he became he becomes the youngest division head in nineteen sixty five. Okay. There was a lot of fighting between division heads a jam. And it didn't help that the young guy who broke the rules was now an equal to the older guys who paid their age, and you can see God the guys who just want the car to drive slowly download and then this fucker comes along blows everything out of the water. What does Delury and have for us? Now. He's an equal Pontiac push gem limits on advertising one campaign, they came up with was to embrace Tigers. So thus the tiger suit. That's right headline. But what does that mean in brace tiger dealers gave out orange and black license plates and tiger tales to be hung on tennis on the back license plate fucking cool. That is the first GTO commercial in nineteen sixty five. Featured a tiger jumping out from under a hood. Yeah. By the way, not a great gig for the tiger actor, okay, not an actor actual tiger. And then to make this commercially of to get the tiger in the hood and closed the hood, right? Such do that. They ended up using forty pounds of raw meat in the commercial. Wow. That'll get me in a car. So they throw forty pounds of meat and the Tigers. Like, I do goddamn commercial problem with animals. They don't know. They're filming me. No. They have. No, just like, this is torture. I love the mayton until you get forty pounds of meaningful. Pontiac won the Motor Trend car of the year. Ward next the ad team. Had a GTO jumping a small gully in an ad and the other side, a goalie, goalies, gully, different goalies. Very different. Yeah. Weirder. So the now the other heads of the jam divisions are furious because they're showing like fucking daredevil fresh it. Yeah. And then John was told to find a more responsible way to sell the car and the GM chairman decides Tigers and gully leap will the GM chairman said no more tiger comparison church too, aggressive, right? Three years of tiger promotions were dead. They started calling GTO the great one. And that's. Okay. So back then get Wayne Gretzky now, they're going Gretzky. So now beckon Detroit car executives are celebrities. Wow. Because it's the biggest company going, right? And then if you get that position year super powerful guy just known. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. And John now a yeah. Exactly. Whether I know we go name the jam handle. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody wants to put their heads on pikes. Well, oh. John. So John's a big celebrity. He's a young guy. He invented the muscle car. He has access to forty pounds of meat twenty cents rebel. That's right, go. Go goal ruble. Magazines write articles about him. He became known as the exact who understood youth. Right. He gets the kids. He gets them any remade himself in that image. He quit smoking. Lost weight grew out of cyber NHS dyed his hair, black war turtlenecks, bell bottoms and a peace symbol on a necklace. Okay. So he's a costume shop. We'll Jim is a very conservative place. So that's not him. That's a picture of somebody else. Okay. Jam is a very conservative place. And so it's weird that he is doing that. That's him. This is more. What we're looking at. What is and there? He is just doing some just who this is something from a magazine chest workouts. Wow. Okay. So he's he's just on a bench with a couple of dumbbells to work in the PECS without a shirt on no-shirt. A so gyms very conservative corporation, everyone wears a suit. And then you've got this guy is just doing peck work when John was out of the office. He had his shirt unbuttoned down to the middle of his torso. He got a facelift, whoa. Was an implant to reshape his jaw Jesus Christ. Yeah. He's fucking John. I don't know if he's killing. It sounds like he's got some demons. Yeah. This might be a mental life midlife crisis situation. He told fortune magazine he had reconstructive surgery after going through a windshield in a car wreck the opping over a gully that a tiger in the engine and do it. And then he and then when they checked on the race track. He said he got the rich. I was like, yeah. That didn't happen, right? That's what you gotta do. Or at least. That's what you had to do. Plastic surgery back. Then right. You kind of came up with a facial. Alibi facial alibi? All right. So. So. Reporters. Reporters would come to his home. Like, he would just invite reporters in he wants to show everybody how he's living, you know, accessible to the press he'd drive reporters to work while blasting Jefferson airplane. Yeah. He fake John faceless normal. He talked about the one headed makes you smarter. Are you? Sure your job is. And if I I got an accident as racetrack. Yeah. You look normal like I look normal. I am normal. Yeah. Blunt makes you smile. Then the while emerge. Who? So he'd also talk about the beach boys, quote, French philosophers and talk about historian Peter gays writings on human, misery. He told one report he was writing a novel about nuclear war. He also loved to show off his ads sh say, he's a little Elian Muskie, right? Yes. Right. I mean, it's just sort of like very Lama, especially the way the press treating. Yeah. And he's not he's like he's no longer behind the scene. So now, he's leading into the absurdity of the character that is sort of trite he said, he didn't understand. Why auto execs felt they had to vote Republican and he studied FM rock radio at Intel on the love generation. Did he studied FM radio you ever study FM radio? It's going it's been a while. If you wanna know the kids use study ready, why don't we field FM reporters? Just sucked up what he said. The local press not as taking as the national one paper ran a God. Sponsored article about an anonymous auto execs who got plastic surgery who was it. They never sent an anonymous. John Elizabeth's marriage fell apart in one thousand nine hundred sixty can't believe I'm still married. Oh, I was going to say I can't believe they got divorced now. I can't believe she hung in there with a new John new face new attitude, always lifting weights. He's awesome. Yeah. East eighty awesome. Okay. She sit in for cruelty, and she got the house, and she showed reporters bills from a plastic surgeon in Switzerland that kept coming in the mail, man. That's like you just pay right away one lump sum. You got the money. Yeah. No re- don't want. These Swiss face bills chase near for the rest of your life. That's right. I've been there. John then started spending time in California, not good popular, the mechanics, quote, John would descend the steps from the GM corporate plane with his sunglasses on and his coat over one arm. Ready to party is an accurate description air, dude, right? He dated a Ursula Andress Candice Bergen, Nancy, Sinatra and rock hill. Welsh. Wow. Jesus. Racquel Welch is fairly. Tracked Raquel Welch is an attractive person Burg humans. I'm not familiar with really who's the first one or SLA Andrews who's I think she was a bond girl. She's she's fairly Nancy Sinatra on her. I know. Yeah. Boots are meant for walking. Right. That's. Get something. Yeah. Yeah. So he's hanging out with big stars at executive members. Only nightclubs this is so Elliott musk this is so GM classic, gene. Yeah. Some weeks to California on a Thursday and head back to Detroit on Tuesday. The pretty good sched- one time. He tossed a junior exotic lipstick and said, nah, cheese Sinatra wanted Firebird that color and to do it in four days. Hopefully, so he's getting a little losing in the plot. A little lives in the plot at the office touch. So. So he falls in love again K nineteen sixty nine. Okay. This time with Kelly Harmon. Her dad was a college football legend, war hero and sports caster. Okay, or brother would become known as actor Mark Harmon. Oh, wow. Yeah. All right. So it's a it's a family, right? It's a it's a BelAir rich. Family. He didn't go to it yet. Oh. Oh, wow. Now there. This. This is a veteran. Stupid do. Oh, God what the Doug? Yeah. He's got his turtleneck. It looks like the turtleneck. He's wearing is made from the dog. So she's twenty he's forty four. Do you bring up your wife got a house out of a cruelty suit to your new love? Hey, she's twenty how you know. Are you guys talking about at all? And it's true. The married at the Bel Air country club. John wrote a song for Kelly that the Robert Mitchell. Mitchell Boys Choir saying Kelly told the reporter, quote, I like riding skiing water skiing music, swimming, poetry parties and dogs twenty. Yep. That sounds like a twenty year old list. John start starts driving a Maserati instead of GM car said interesting. He made a number. Why not okay? I'm sure GM was like cool. Hey, John, you know, a Saturday and Sunday or the days off we have we been clear. They adopt a son named Zachary. Okay. His dad had died the year before John's, dad. Okay died the year before throat cancer. You get an emotional story. And after the Ford factory called John and asked him to come pick up his dad's toolbox Jesus. But that's also like Ford being I yeah. Who wins there? The I don't know who wins. But like you're calling the head of a division of Jimmy come pick up or does it still hopefully, don't weep all over them both Kelly and John disliked Troy social life. Okay. They told the reporter they'd rather go on a moonlight horseback. Ride than go to a Bloomfield hills. Cocktail party Kelly start spending. There's other options though. That's it. Oh, you either go on a nighttime horse ride horse ride in the moonlight. Or you go to the Bloomfield hills cocktail parties there's nothing in between. Okay. Just seems like that's it. There's a movie that's all we got dancing. By the way, wasn't Detroit like this shit back then. Yeah. So they were just like now there's a lot of money in Detroit back. Yeah. Same is now. Right. Kelly started spending more and more time in California without John. It's not a good sign. He's the gateway. Yeah. None of this slow down. Johns creek GM the new model Camaro is due out next year, and it was behind schedule and redesigns for the corvette and Nova we're lagging. Okay nova. Yeah. So over the past four years they've been a lot of bad publicity from recalls and other issues, so John was put in charge of the Chevrolet division. It's a big division bump. Yep. By nineteen seventy-one Chevrolet had sales of over three million cars, his division alone was almost as much as all Ford. Well, it's how much he selling. So he's right. He's good. He's good at his job. Okay. But he's also party. Boy a bit of a dish. Bit of a dish. Yeah. In between these flying and his ex wife got a house because of his cruelty. That's a that's a bad word. It's not good. Yeah. So he's find LA's hanging out with Sammy Davis junior. Johnny carson. I love your crazy cars, but take your your cars are so wild. I can't believe he got a tiger in the huddle one of them. That's just nuts is Kirsten. Yeah. He started looking for more ways to make money. He bought a piece of the San Diego Chargers. And he's I'm tried to receiver just a little bit and the New York Yankees. Okay. He was put on a boards of startups getting involved with other businesses really did not go over well GM. He's supposed to only care about is like a one man shark tank like in in Jim world. They're like, this is all you would ever want to work. I mean, he's killing it. He is killing it. So you would think that that would be true. He's making shit loads of money. He's he's very successful. Yeah. But he still wants more Kelly. John split in nineteen seventy two Sada's one company. I did not you wrote it a magazine photographer came to his house and took pictures of John wandering around in the beginning the dumbbells wearing nothing, but jeans hot. I mean, let me get my dumbbells. Yeah. So he's he's kind of making the divorce. Did he marry Kelly? Yeah. They were married. Okay. Remember he had he sang our song. That was I thought that was just like dates six you know, that was that was the marriage. It's a big glam. But but he's like he's like taking the divorce in making it into a publicity thing for him. Sad. I'm walking around without my shoot on. I can't even face my shoots anymore. What do I do? I got nothing just these jeans and a dream. Just the jeans and a dream humble, am I couldn't? Yeah. I look for him earlier, but it can find any pictures of him just shirt, listen Jane's. So. Look at that dumbbell. One. So he said, obviously, John Wayne custody Zachary his friends in Hollywood treated him to a weakened Malibu with three sex workers who looked like Kelly. That's that's nice. That's nice to get three Kelly's three Cal real weekend for the guy. That's sweet that's friends. Call being the nice guy. Yeah. Some friends would probably just wanna be emotionally supportive. You know, you can get gang bang you. That's right. D'appel bangers. Yeah. They'll do that plastic GM stuff. That's in the handbook. Yeah. For sure I'm sure they're happy to hear that. Hey, john. It's Wednesday where you been sorry. I was being in three almost Kelly's all week. Anyway, what new car do I need to put a tiger in. A friend quote. He said, it was the classiest thing anyone ever done friends. So he doesn't know what class. That that was his phrase classy. He also said no one in Detroit had enough classes or something like that. Nobody in Detroit is Lassie as you go. There's no way anybody in Detroit is going to buy me an escort that looks exactly like my wife class behavior that sounds classy Detroit would never do that they're not classy. They don't get it that same year John was on a plane when he saw model and actress Christine Farrar in vogue magazine. Okay. He toward the five page spread out and put it in his brief kid if you're sitting next day, I mean, like he's going to murder. Oh, he's going to murder that model for sure. So quote, I felt a bit sheepish like a teenager with a crush on a movie star. Yeah. You're a fucking weirdo. Putting pictures in your pants well briefcase, but I my briefcases normally in my pocket. I'm sorry. I'm thinking of a wallet. Classic me. So she's twenty two he's forty eight. But he's like this is the this is the hot hot girl for me normal. It's normal stuff. Yeah. Well, by the way, that's how dating apps are essentially. So he's got he's ahead of his time. He's he's got a crush forty year ago with a crush on twenty two year old taken by the way, it's not like you rip out one picture. Sure. You can get away with saying it's the perfume or something you rip out five. You are a psychopath. You remember? Oh, yeah. What do I know her from she she's a movies, but you probably just know him from her modeling. Yeah. I know her from her max factor. That's right. So he's now John is now promoted again, he is now exact czar of cars, he's now exac in charge of GM's North American car truck division. So he's the fucking shit, right? But with all the success. He's still feels empty. Sure. He told his tanks on e. It's right. Been he told author Gail Sheehy quote here. I was spending my life bending the fenders a little differently to try and convince the public they were going to get a new and dramatically different product. Sorry. Does he have car block? He has is that what we're like harmless lateness. Yeah. Right. But he's painting this as like he's got some sort like not block. He's saying like he doesn't feel but I'm not creatively. Stimulated any veterans bending fenders. Just pulling one over on the public again, what gross excess? It was ridiculous. I thought there's got to be more to life than this. And my doing the thing God would have me do here on earth. Excuse me. John is it true? You ripped out five pictures of a woman on a plane. God wanted me to do that okeydokey. God wants to be the jerk off when I'm back in the hotel. John, John, you're on Mike. I know. Well, we're going to end the interview with you. But take off my shirt, keep it on you asshole. Jesus these jeans are tighter than not. Yeah. No. They're too tight for sure tight like V eight engine in a tempest. It's the door fellow Juilliard villa? GM exempts did not like John. Yeah. He talked too much. In interviews the way he dressed was unprofessional. He made no friends at GM during his rise one of his bosses at GM warned him now that he had made it to the executive floor. So this this move put him on the the the the guys like all right, literally. It's the fourteenth floor. He made it on the powerful. Right. So this exact warns him now that he's there he should quote disappear into the wallpaper. Fucking play cool man you made it you made it here on the fourteenth floor. Johnny boy. Play it. Cool. Go live in the wall. John was to give a speech at a GM conference about quality control on how it affects GM's bottom line. Okay. Days before the conference the speech was leaked to the Detroit. News papers across the country. Ran the story. The New York Times headline was quote, Jim warns us executives to improve auto quality, John. So it makes it sound. Like, he's talking shit about the quality of these right? John screamed that he had been double crossed. So a GM GM hired a private investigator to look into it. And in John. I think you're by not more than you could chew here. Right. Yep. Is vast for too much. I wanna know who did it. Well, we're going to investigate the company, and you you know, what let's call this stuff. We don't need this. You don't need to do this guy. We're good guy. It's just a speech. I'm a guy. I gonna take my shirt off. I'm going to lose a shirt for sure that's the first order business of the shirt is coming off and September nineteen seventy-two Johnny John finally met the girl he had selected out of a vogue magazine. Like, it was a menu. He met Christine at a Gucci show. But she was dating another rich guy at turns out someone had ripped her magazine clippings out a little too quickly. That's right. Luckily that rich guide die when he crashed his plane near Santa Barbara. John waited a month or so then asked Christine to lunch for sure you gotta give that time period. And it's also a month and a lunch. Yep. Swath, very you. Don't wanna do a two week and dinner. Fuck you do a month and a lunch. You'll get crazy. You look like a cycle. Matt hide your psychosis. That's right. You do a month and a lunch. John said he quote wanted Christine for Christmas. So he's now the devil. Is that fair? The PI deliberate his nineteen page report on John in early nineteen seventy eight so GM's pretty fine. John's a psychopath. John's fucking crazy crazy. Put your shirt off. I can't I don't have any. It contained quote certain allegations about John's personal life. Okay. And it said the person probably responsible for leaking his speech to the press was John. John course. Jim announces John's resignation in April nineteen Seventy-three the company never said a word about why he left even to this day. They've never said why he left his bonuses were paid. He was put in charge of a nonprofit, Jim ran that way. He could keep some salary. Okay. And given a Cadillac dealership in Florida. Okay. Three weeks after being let go John married. Christine is oh sorry. Yeah. So I was I being too happy. Was our fence. Okay. About the sound. Sense. Jim never said anything about why he left John was able to control the story. Okay. He became the guy who fired GM. Yeah. Right. And walked away from a sesame works. Yeah. Employees fire the business all the time. Right. He's the guy who walked away from a six hundred and fifty thousand dollar job because he wanted to move to Florida with his new magazine wife and his kids. He went on the lecture, circuit and wrote opinion pieces. He was the car business guy and took the old guy old guard to task for their refusal to ensure it was perfect timing as the OPEC oil embargo hit and everyone wondered why America only made huge cars. Right. So he's the man of the fucking our, okay. John connected with the former car salesman, ROY unnecess- whose office was just a payphone at a bar this man, don't you long for those days. Oh my God. It's right. Yeah. Yeah. I'll get a hold on. It's not for me. Hello Roy's Cobb business. Yeah. It's also a bar. Okay. Yeah. No up until midnight. All right. I allow ROY Cobb is this is a lot of calls. They're not another for him. That's the beauty of this, man. Okay. Yeah. We got a bunch of pathetic chips to sale behind the corner. Each concha. Roy. I wonder if we can find him what's his name, ROY Innis. If. Yep. Roy. Oh, whoa. Which one is he see all of them. Hilarious. Yeah. There is it looks it looks like it looks like you answers the phone at a bar like it's his. So so they team up still working on deals together. K a car dealer? Let John bind to his dealership, and then he watched as John ROY just ran up huge debts against the business. The dealer ended up walking away from his own business. These guys five GM. Bullshit, but dealer quote DeLorean uses mystique to put the deal together. And then he puts the rape in. The guy is a demon underneath I tried to tell people, but I gave up talking because nobody would listen I mean giving up talking is frustrating. So that sounds like what the mob does come into business. Then they loaded with dead. We'll taking money out or precedent. It's correct. Carter Clinton everyone since Reagan. That's right, Christine and John were having trouble making a baby. So she visited in New York palm reader and advisor named Sonya. This is not a good idea. Sonia. Put a glass of tap water. Under Christina's chair at the beginning of the session at the end of the session. She retrieved it it was full of blood. What just happened? Bloodless? She put a glass Asari. This tap water put glass, it doesn't matter. If it's from the tat to her chair. And then when she was done other session, the tap water blood. But okay. So I see you can say it sounds like Detroit swatter. Is it depends. But you can see the what's going on. Yes. She's basically doctor doctor. Yes for shoes. Yes. The psychic. This is a this is a person who's a medically trained individual. That's how you know. Now. Drink the blood Chris now, drink the blood, you'll be pregnant without baby. So okay, so normal. She's very good. And she's going what she does. Now. Christina went home and asked John for ten thousand to give Sonia because she was gonna help our got pregnant. So he did it right? By the way. I'll let you know if any of this sounds crazy got it. Okay. And christina's. Sure. Enough got pregnant, sure. Yeah. Right. Right. After they had a daughter. John started seeing Sonya privately. Oh boy. What's wrong feel like he's? You know, being John? So burning people was a pattern with ROY John. There were others like an investor in Phoenix rancher in Idaho. So they're just kind of sucking money out of people while doing all this John plant is big return to the automobile business. The chief stylist of the Lamborghini drew up plans for the DMC twelve it looked like nothing else out there a rear engine car with wing doors and a stainless steel body. It's still is the car that if you see it. I am like oh my God. Look at it. I still can't believe it's exists. Totally. It is like it's like if cocaine made a car. That's right. Yeah. He also wanted to go not a lot of people know that actually what happened was he put a glass of water under his chair. And when he got up there was a DeLorean. That's right. The DMZ and blood. And. A ton of blunt on blood so much blood. He was also adamant that golf clubs would fit in the trunk. Great. So all right. Got a really good car designer. He told us as I engines in the back rear engine like a Porsche, right, right? He told us designers, quote, this car is aimed at a particular section of the market me, the horny bachelor who's made it. Oh god. Yes. As cry baby. Starting a new car company a very difficult. No, independent carmaker had taken on GM and survive since the nineteen twenty s. Okay. So no Bank would give him money because it's just a crazy idea. Okay. In September, nineteen seventy eight DeLorean research got twelve point five million from investors. Okay. People like Sammy Davis junior demand bape singer ROY Clark. Hey, who am I and? And the chairman of a Pan Am airlines and bully. Come for the impression stave the confusion. The money was moved through Swiss banks, and they come always not jaded and then a company based in Panama perfect the two best. But to do it. Go off shore best places for money. The Bahamas involved already. He was supposed to the money was supposed to go to Lotus cars are hoping design DeLorean, but only one hundred thirty seven thousand made it it's a lot that didn't no one notices at the time that the money's disappeared. Because really who's keeping track of gave money. They wouldn't know. Right. So John turns to governments to try to build a factory, okay? In nineteen seventy eight. He signed an agreement to build a factory on an old air force base in Puerto Rico. Okay. And celebrate it because this is a big fucking deal. Sure. At a car company to build the fact sure and then John announced that he got in a better offer from the UK and Puerto Rico out. Okay. Instead he would build this car factory in Northern Ireland in Dunmurry just outside of Belfast. Okay. The land that he was given was between two housing developments. One Twinbrook was mostly full a Catholics who were driven out of Belfast by sectarian violence. The setup any other worry about the other side full of Protestants. So the the factory would be right in between them perfect. And then sign that lease get your get the ink on the lease now. The deal was done by the labor government along with the national Irish development agency, the company we get one hundred fifty million dollars. Okay. So the British and and the Irish are like we're going to we're going to get people jobs. Unemployment is fucking crazy bad at this plant. Sure. Ireland which is also great for IRA recruitment. And just fucking troubles in general. John told a fellow carmaker quote. I'm starting to think that God's stuck me here to be part of the solution to the crisis in Northern Ireland absolutely healthy five -solutely, very healthy up. God didn't God God wanted. Hey, just build your crazy car. I think Amir to help these peop- John Cain to Dunmurry came to Dunmurry to break. Ground on the factory on October second nineteen seventy already broken the ground with bombs, but but as as he a member of the labour party dug holes a chain link fence held back protesters who chanted Brits out and Yankee, go home. It's not it's all fine. It's not welcoming yet. It's good. Okay. Construction began soon after but the Irish laborers did not want to cut down a small Hawthorn tree because they said it was a fairy tree. Who do we root for? Doc one down cheese a fairy tree make the factory here. No, we've just harvested higher according to legend if someone cut down a ferry tree he would lose a limb. Okay. So let's not do it. Let them do. It lose the limb. So all the bulldozers. So they're building the factory, but all the bulldozers and trucks. Everything's avoiding this one Hawthorn tree. Okay. Then all the worker show up on morning, and the tree was gone and the Irish workers said quote bad sign it's dark day. You have wrecked. Everything we're building the ferry tree will see to that. Sure. Okay. In January nineteen seventy nine. And the Wall Street Journal wrote a story out of the headline taking on Detroit. John DeLorean says he'll show industry how to build cars. So the Dunmurry factory opened in nineteen eighty it had separate entrances for Catholic and Protestant workers. Jesus. That's the best kind of factory. It's just feels like it's ripe for problems. John was not a fan of Belfast and was worried he'd be ab- -ducted or killed. Well, he lost the ferry tree. That's right. Once you took on the very tricky all bets are off. It's a tales from the crypt. There were a lot of businessmen being kidnapped then in Belfast, and he told them he told his staff to get him a bulletproof trenchcoat because he heard Kissinger add one Jesus. Yeah. That's the guy you want to be following. Kissinger half. You give me that. He often flew in slept in London instead of staying in Northern Ireland. Oh my God. The company rented two floors and a Park Avenue building in New York John's office had of you of central park. He hung a huge photo of himself. It's always a good sign. Big poster size photo good. He's shirtless in jeans. Oh, what a do sees Christ's sitting on a rock with his son looking at the ocean jump in. And it sounded like the photographer just captured him naturally was sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Right. John took seventy eight thousand from the company to move his family to New York from is right. They found a comfortable twenty room apartment on Fifth Avenue shirt just church to enough for three no twenty. Yes. Yeah. Exactly. Room just understand her person. I think that our bedroom kitchen dining room, spare room weight room, Rome, showrooms, your room jeans, room blood chair room and pictures of myself room, rental yourself pictures of things I wanted to inspiration room. Yeah. Blood blood. But glass room. Yeah. Yeah. I think Kerry treated. Cherry trees, and they stole Lynn land. When you land. Yeah. Your losses leopard limbs. Yeah. Probably Dan, Dan bearskin runs, so accounting company. Arthur Andersen was hired to audit. The business and found nothing amiss. It's time for them to go out of business. Well Anderson would later go down as part of the Enron Enron implosion. Oh, good. Stomping ground, the car company paid for chauffeur's servants cars for Christine and her brother, an art collection and the British you're paying for all of this. So part of the hundred and fifty million they put down, but then Margaret Thatcher was elected. Oh, the iron lady that you had no interest in helping the working, man. And absolutely no interest in helping Belfast, right? John hired. I'm a bit of a bitch. Oh, hi. How are you? Yes. We've never had you on the podcast. I'm not Gregan the lady. Yes, I hate everything about hate you. I don't like shame chamber. It's not funny. I don't like the way you just killed entire towns of human. No stop. And the falcons really oh good. Lord. Get over it. John hired a British Secretary to try to smooth things over the government's. They hired someone who's who's familiar with the processes of sweet, ideally favorite. Don't get me shirt. Hey, it's me Johnny d. But William had dad. One of John's execs said Djaama's losing it John often thought an IRA hit squad was coming for him. And he asks Haddad to put him in contact with Israeli intelligence because he had a plan to seize Saudi oilfield. Holy shit. Those dots barely connect. Good god. So he wants he's worried the IRA is coming after him. So he gets involved with Isreaeli army people in order to take over Saudi oil field. Do it's called being a businessman. I just wanted to cut down the God damn ferry tryst. He kept ask also asking about that bulletproof trenchcoat technology that we barely don't have you guys watch the bond guy. Right. When one of them jackets come on. They're gonna throw hats at me. They'll cut my head off. If we're not careful John talked to fewer and fewer people. There was only one person he really trusted John Sonia. The palm reader what? Damn. I think I thought my answer was crazy. He consulted her before he made every big decision. She took his money and told them everything would be okay, great. What a great gig for like, a psych and the best. Yeah. Yeah. Do that sign this and here and here in nine hundred eighty the American Express Christmas catalog included in eighty five thousand dollar gold limited edition DeLorean. So they they send out all delory. So this send it out on the catalog, and so that you can get a gold DeLorean. Only one hundred or offered hundred people only two people button. Oh my God. What but eighty five thousand dollars back then like you get a portion for Porsche for the twenty is still you would think one hundred people by you're talking like comparatively two hundred and fifty thousand dollar car. Some grace delorean's began leaving the factory to be sold in the US in April nineteen one the car did not live up to John's promises. Okay. It was not groundbreaking Lee safe or as fuel efficient as he said, it would be well he hasn't put in the time traveling device yet. I gave him time. I don't know what the time traveling to s- is it's the flex capacitor. I don't know it is it's the only way to get one point twenty one gigawatt. So that a bolt of lightning to Susan those dude that movie raised me. Okay. So there it is obviously it is quite a lump of shit, even though I would still love to have one. It looks like it looks like a bug. Yeah. Some got it looks like it has must have looked old when it came out people like wait years. Oh, that's that's how awesome. That's how cars look back. Then like, that's like a modern looking. Sorry. Boxy the doors were sorry. Cool. I don't care what anyone says all cars back, then the boxing and lame and okay. So you probably couldn't park it in like a grocery store parking. Why because the doors the doors just go straight out. Oh, they do. Okay. They don't come outside. Like it. Also doesn't have much power. And it doesn't handle very well. Okay. So a lot of good things of you're in at Cleveland auto show got in to the DeLorean, and then got trapped for over an hour because the doors would know pin still he's like better than being inside Cleveland. There's a flaw that really hurt battery life. This Johnny Carson's car died right after he drove it off the lot couldn't believe it. I might be Shammy Davis. And for all this the price is the same as luxury cars because it costs so much to make right? This. It's the exact same price is a is a decent port. Okay. They sell okay in the UK the secretary he hired to deal with the government started to sour on John. And think the things weren't right in the middle of the night, she filled up two bags of office documents, and skipped out the documents painted the picture of a company mismanaging, the British government's money one memo accusing exotic of spending thousands at Herod's on gold plated faucets. Jesus says nine Carson. She's is not good. But it's also very like dot com, boom shit. That's totally what people are doing in the dot com, boom era. The plan was to take the car company public documents. This would have made John one hundred and twenty million and leave people with stock options like execs and dealers close to nothing. I don't know how this shit works. I don't either likely, right? Yeah. It's it's like replacing a glass of tap water with blood. That's right, right. The British government would lose the seats at home. The board which meant it would not be able to watch what was happening with the the money Britain. We get three point six of the company and eight point four million for one hundred and fifty million dollar investment. So the secretary took the docs to Tory m p in London. But nothing happened. Cool. Sounds like the Tories they secretary waited for weeks. And then finally she talked to reporter and the reporter began investigating. But the news of the world killed the story. Well, year eighty one think K. The reason the news of the world kill the story was because we Burt Murdoch ordered them to. Oh, wow. It turns out Rupert lives in the same building as the delorean's. God Rupert said, he didn't know John though, he sometimes soccer Stena in the elevator. So the reporter sold the story to the Daily Mirror and stuff like the Forrest Gump of evil. Right. I would love to I would love to run a simulation. Where you see what the plan is like if Murdoch die when teen? Oh, man. Magic. All be shirtless. So he sells the sort of the daily reporter, and Rupert the guy Rupert the guy who didn't know John DeLorean, then immediately gave John the name of a really tough libel. Lawyer which is weird for a guy. You don't know. But whatever. Yeah, it's just being neighborly. It's like a Cup of sugar in that building. John started working as press connections. He attacked the secretary of the reporter and anyone else who is saying anything the press vote wrote what he wanted fried the press loves them. Right. He said he would sue the reporter and the Daily Mirror for two hundred fifty million factor. Cuts off any more funds. No, you're done. You're cutting off just like all the coal miners in Scotland you're not having any mole you get. Did you eat your meat? He put any contact your meat. No, that's not the song did something like that. That part was not at all. What is that? This is sandy. Just to make in the streets. I'll. I. Measure z pads is. Me mags. Scotland Yard investigating quoth. I'm not Queen Victoria. But worse Scotland Yard investigated and found nothing what is going on. But the damage was done the stock offering had been delayed, and John was everything on the up and up. I mean, no, okay. The stock offering was delayed John's dream of making one hundred twenty million has gone. I mean, he is making cars. The factory is sure shinning, right. The company is now out of money on February nineteenth nine hundred eighty two. Delorean motor cars was put into receivership which means that it's time for them to talk to the people who you we've convinced shoe. Point. It was still functioning while the government figured out if any part of the business could be salvaged. So there's still making cars, but they're just not governance in charge and trying to figure out what the fuck do. Right. The government brought in an expert whose nickname was the undertaker. Oh, good. Good. Good. Good. John talk to the New York Times and said he was quote too. Delighted by the news, we came out largely unscathed. The government has the problem, and we have the fun end of the business. I trust the entertainer. John said, it was going to wipe a hundred thirty million off the company books. The undertaker said that was quote cod swallow up. Oh, yes. Finally someone. Yes. Cod swallow. That's should be spinoff podcast codswallop, split code swollen. Obviously, this is huge news all over the place, right and man amendment James Hoffman was paying attention. Hoffman was a federal informant who got about thirty two thousand dollars in salary from the feds to make cases against cocaine dealers. Okay. He was now watching the news and seeing John DeLorean Delara him squirm, and he used to know, John. He had lived near John's ranch in California K one day, hop and said it was DA escort that he was going to deliver them. John delorean. The agent didn't believe him Hoffman got mad and just kept on the agent. He would deliver John DeLorean over the next month. The undertaker kept trying to set deadlines and John delayed him by saying he had founded investor. And it was always for the same amount. Thirty million at one point the undertaker said quote, surely to God, you could find the grace to vary the figure every now, and then if only for appearances sake. I mean, the undertake going to laud these pride allowed me John went to Sonya and gave her more money. She said to keep the faith. So he knew it'd be fine. Sure. Yeah. Because that's psychic. And Miami said so John was now a doing drugs what he was taking Senegal to sleep and a painkiller that was only legal in Canada. Sure. There's no problems there. He kept calling investors trying to get someone to bite then on June twenty-ninth John got a call from James Hoffman. Okay. He offered to hook John up with investors Hoffman later said they were good friends and John said, they only met once in a drive the driveway. So the two men met in America bar in Newport Beach, and after that meeting the FBI opened a file on John DeLorean. It was called operation full circle and involved actual drug dealers. So he's now part of Hoffman's web where he's getting all these people convicted of rain wrestling, the FBI plan was to get John to buy coke from a dealer to help finance the car company while at the same time getting the dealer to bring money into the US as a temporary loan for John. So that way they can get the drugs and the money that this guy has sure it's a twofer. It's a for John said he wanted to do. Entrap mini the what John said he wanted nothing to do with it. And just wanted everything to end. Oh, no. Are you gonna make him sympathetic? Johnson Hoffman then called and threatened to kill his daughter. Quote, I'll send your baby daughter's head home in a shopping bag as the bag from. Yeah. As a papers, I guess on a plastic then has a paper to paper bag. You got to wrap it in some kind of some tissue. Soak up as that. That's why would you like zoo zoo bars, I don't even know do bars, but I'll do it. Yeah. I mean, or I mean, you could just to like a normal grocery store to love and albertson's one. Yeah. I mean, that'd be one of the class. He wants to have a handle. Yeah. I'm with you. Oh head. So the problem with this story that John says is that the deal took a long time to close. And so these guys are meeting for weeks and months after the call where he threatened to cut off John's daughters head right John hung out with them, and they're friendly the whole time. Okay. So that's dicey. For the entire summer John met with Hoffman and the drug dealer over and over and over they began referring to cocaine as monkeys. Sure. Well, that's a good cover. Let's not Lennon monkeys do that still tracks. The conversations were all taped every on. And no by the FBI guys like in the other room every fucking every meeting. He's it's all in hotel rooms guys and the other. There's so many FBI agents in the next room that one time there's cigarette. Smoke set off a fire alarm God. Also just too much smoke. I know this is the worst part of the story just somebody crackled fucking window. My God an FBI agent posing as a Bank. It was brought in to help seal the deal he tried to convince the dealer to take stock or a seat on the board of DeLorean. But the dealer had read all about the car company even the dealers like. Is that even thing and trying to keep my portfolio on the up and down the end of tick? Yeah. Another issue was the John needed one point eight eight million to buy the coke. Okay. That's how much the coke is. But he has no money. Now, it does he want the coke to us or he wants the coke to take the coke in cells, Ellis street and have more money. She's as Christ. Oh, good idea. But he has no money. So he told the banker then he has no money, and he blamed the IRA. He's like the IRA's I cut in the tree they've really pleased me. Even the John had no money somehow the drug deal move forward. That's the best way. I'll grant I still get the drugs. The banker FBI guy offered to loan. John the money to buy the coke as collateral, John. So he's offering for the drug dealer who is selling the drugs to John. The banker is now working in our he will give a loan the drug dealer. We'll give a loan to John and as collateral John gives them what's left of DeLorean car parts office shit Jesus Christ. So the guy buying the drugs is getting a loan to buy the drug this Manchester United when they got bought. And the and the dodgers. Thank you. Bye. You just get loans and by team so but this is cocaine right? It's different. So Jon pushed the dealer to invest in his car company after the coke was resold to rescue from foreclosure. Okay. She's in return John would turn over controlling interest in the DeLorean car company. What I somehow everyone. Agreed. What you'd none of it makes it doesn't remind especially if you're like am building the comeback for the Deloitte? Do you want to run it though, until then I mean, literally, there is no reason for John DeLorean to be involved in this, right? Yes. The guys giving him money, and then he's buying cocaine with that money, and then yeah, he's going to Walter white a comeback. So it did not Don on John that he had really nothing to offer anyone in the deal, but I made it, but John was not handing over the DeLorean motor cars limited. Instead he was giving up a dormant shell company with no value that was controlled by British receivers. John told the receivers money was coming into the accounts K. So the night before the deal John wrote a letter to his lawyer and gave it to someone to open the way the deal he called him up. And he said, okay, I'm ready to do. The monkeys monkeys that before the deal John wrote a letter to his lawyer and gave it to someone to open if he died a wow. It's it started, quote, I'm going to LA tomorrow to accomplish a minor miracle. I will have induced organized crime to donate ten million to reopen the Belfast plant and when they figure it out. They cannot do anything about it. Okay. Except kill him. Sure. I don't know why that's not part of his equation. But right as John flew from New York Talaih the deadline to deliver the money and save his company pass. So he's really flying in the air when the deadline that the British of set comes and goes, okay? And no money that money. He was coming ten did not come K. So that's a stressful flight, so no money is deposited. Okay. He lands. He basically has nothing now. He doesn't know that though because it's eighty whatever one eighty two phone. He can't check on gets full of hot women. Yeah. He has to go to Bank. He can't because with the two guys doing the deal. It's so they go to hotel room on century boulevard. The banker takes out a suitcase cocaine. Hoffman said it will make John at least four and a half million after its resold. John lifts up a bag of cocaine lamps and says it's better than gold. That's is that for like the next Christmas DeLorean just make it out. Goal. It's made out of cook. Three people bought it. Then an FBI agent walks in the room and says, hi, John. This is all on camera. He's arrested on eight felonies five million dollar bail while he's in jail. He finds God Jesus. He was to cells known he. I met him in the shower. What's up? I mean, God had a weird thing. He's a top. So he ends up selling assets to make bail including his part of the New York Yankees. Okay. He spent that Christmas in Vail follows jail Vale. Oh, interesting. Yep. Different the following summer, Christina and John were baptized in the pool behind his New Jersey mansion, oh my God. That's the best place in New Jersey to be baptized in our pool. I mean that fall someone at one of his defense law firms leak the surveillance tape of the bust to Larry Flint. Oh shit. Jesus. There's a lot of knaves players. So Larry Flint gave it to sixty minutes, sixty minutes. Aired it Tober twenty-third and nine hundred eighty three. So now one of the country she used John delory and buying cocaine. Combing goal, it's fucking devastating. But then because everyone saw the trial was delayed because they didn't know how they could get a jury. Right. Larry Flint, how the press conference at his mansion. Sure he played a tape on a boombox and said it was Hoffman threatening to kill John's daughter. Oh, what the sounds very bad? Thankfully, had transcripts of conversation. But she ends up to the reporters. So then Flint gets called into court, and he refuses to tell the judge who made the tape or who gave it to him or even turn over the tape. So the judge gives them all time to think over. Uh-huh. So when Flint comes back to court he is dressed in a bulletproof vest a military helmet, wearing a purple heart. And an American flag is a diaper. My god. How do I not know this part what? Mike god. He had ten thousand in crumpled up bills to pay his contempt of court fine. Oh my God. American flag is a diaper is quite a statement. So the judge ordered Larry to go down the hall and count the money in a room and straighten it out, okay? Later in FBI agent went in and found Larry sleeping on the floor in the room. Six. Larry Flint ended up pleading guilty to wearing an unauthorized purple heart in exchange for dropping the charges of desecrating the flag. Oh my God. What a compromise. So we're gonna have to plead on the flag diaper, but don't worry about the other judges do I get away with making a boom boom on the flag. Yeah. You are in legal terms. You are going to be vindicated from your 'boom-boom. Well, thank you. So then Larry admits the tape is a forgery. Okay. John's trial started on March fifth nineteen Eighty-four. The defense said all the tapes were produced and choreographed to make John look guilty. They attacked Hoffman as a paid informant. Even the judge questioned Hoffman and Hoffman admitted he would get a percentage of the value of the bus if the judges cross examining, our shady. The banker FBI agent admitted John was putting up no money for the cocaine. A DA DA agent testified that Hoffman had made this all happen. And then he cried on the stand when it was revealed. The government had ordered his mentor to testify and just try to discredit him. Well. Christina sat behind John and support every day. Once the judge admonished her for mouthing, swear words witnesses. That's how you do it. That's how you doing the courtroom. The defense's closing argument was so good at ended up in a book called greatest closing arguments in modern law. Whoa. They found John knock guilty. John shouted quote praise. The Lord Christina left. John three weeks after the trial. Good. What Jesus says she was rooting for jail. She's a goatee EAC aren't going to jail the dealer in the hotel room with DeLorean flipped on everyone and help take down Pablo Escobar and the meeting cartel shit a year later, John was indicted in Detroit on Friday, racking tearing because of all the money that disappeared from investors at the very beginning. Right. He was found not guilty on all fifteen counts in one thousand nine hundred five back to the future is made the DeLorean appears in the movie as a car that can travel through time the movie was incredibly successful. And so the car is now more socio with Christopher Lloyd, Michael J, FOX than John DeLorean. John declared bankruptcy and nine hundred ninety nine. His New Jersey estate was bought by a group who then sold to Donald Trump who turned it into golf course. His daughter Ivanka was married there. God John kept talking about making another car. He created a watch line called DeLorean time they were motion powered and cost three thousand four hundred ninety five dollars. Well, I mean, and you never see someone without one of those. Now that's in the world without the DeLorean time. The motion activated watch each purchase included getting on the waiting list for his new car. So the watchers were never manufactured John died soon. After of a stroke on March nineteenth two thousand five. He had been living in New Jersey condo on social security for a decade jam declared bankruptcy in two thousand and nine. It was the fourth largest bankruptcy in US history. In two thousand eighteen Jianmin announced it was laying off or transferring fourteen thousand workers and twenty five percent of executive staff. Holy shit. That's normal story. I mean, I really thought I knew some of that. I knew he got in trouble. I knew he made the DeLorean. Everyone is tonight. And I assumed that he had gone to jail. Yeah. I thought he'd gone to jail. He didn't. It was totally just falls off the man. It was totally obviously entrapment. I mean. Yeah. So it's total. I mean, it's entrapment on like a few different level. Yeah. It was a fucking disaster. The thing he probably did more reading through stuff. It sounds like he defrauded people and he got away with that. Yeah. Because that a lot of that money like he ended up buying some sort of snow clearing company with like millions of it like shady is the movement of money, but he got away with it. Well, that is wild little tail you've got there, David. I have I have tons of wild little tails shut up becoming well, tell guy don't the club. What club the club were the history club? I am part of a history country club. Hey, we should mention we signed Lawrence. Happy easter. We love you Jesus.

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