50 Questions With Adults React's Scott | Too Many Questions #13


Hello, everybody welcome to another episode of too many questions on your host, Benny fine. Every episode of too many questions we bring in a cast member from the f. b. in react shows because we get the comments. I want to know them better. I went to understand who they are, not just playing video games, not just from their opinion about something in the world, but who they just deep down. So that's where we have this show. So today on the show, my guess is Scott from adults and parents series that we produce be who has been from the very beginning of adults react. So I want to say it's been over two years now. Yeah. The first episode I was wondering about that the other day myself came out in July of two thousand fifteen Parisi. So it's already been over two years of adults react and you've been here from the beginning time is going fast, so you can follow us on Twitter if you want to get involved with this show at f. b. but you need to be following. Otherwise I ignore you. So follow us their use the hashtag TM cue to request guests in questions that you'd like us to ask, but it's time to get to know Scott. It's time to ask him a lot of questions. We'll see how many I get through in about a half hour or so of time. Are you ready? Scott for this. I think so. Yeah. I guess I gotta be ready, right? I guess. So you get asked a lot of questions. It's when you're a reactor your life as it is. It's a lot of questions and as a teacher, you get even more questions. Well, elementary question. Okay. So let's dive into it and some of these questions I ask everybody, some of them were custom to use some come from the fans. So here we go. So what does your full name, including middle name? A full name is Scott, Matthew Larios. So it's that's it to Scott Scott. Matthew Laureus. And yeah, if you've ever heard the Scott Matthew, like mom, Yellen, Scott, Matthew, you were done and what are the various places you've lived across your life or have you always lived in California? I've lived in a lot of places. Okay. So here's the list. Bakersfield Laguna gal vista oceanside Tillamook, Oregon, mission viejo in Fresno. Okay. So lots of mostly in callously, California, three years in Oregon, in the northwest corner of Oreo, Scott commutes extreme. Far for those of you don't live in California. Fresno. It's crazy to me that you still do this all the time. It is like a drive. It's you get used to it. I mean, it's kind of just expands your your boundaries. Well, always very appreciated that you care enough that you want to drive that far all the time. I love this and you guys are so amazing. I don't get paid to say this, but no, like everybody here is just so welcoming, and it becomes part of like the your extended family that you care so much. And that's why I do it because you guys read. You guys read. So going back to your childhood, we're your parents together over the course of your life, or did they split up? They were together. They're still together to this day. Yeah. So this day. And what's your relationship like with your parents now that you're apparent good? I would say actually having my own kids has helped like smooth over some things that might not have been the smoothest in the past without getting too crazy about stuff, but, but it's good. I mean they live only a few miles away. Everybody in in fresno's this weird town where like you run into someone and they know someone who knows your dad or someone else. My dad grew up there. I didn't grow up there. We moved all around and so you'll be talking and they'll be like, oh, yeah, or I talked with somebody that knows you and it's weird. So will you always having a good relationship with your parents or was there rough patches through your through your up? For the most part? It's interesting because I feel like there was a lot of focus spent on my sister. Her my sister and in. So I kind of just did my own thing, especially when I got into high school and college, I don't remember being home that often ever or seeking counsel from my parents. It was in care that you weren't around? Well, I was I was involved. So the fact that I was involved in music and sports and things like that. They were just like, well, he's staying out of trouble and that was that was enough. So yeah, it wasn't the closest I mean we had meals together, but other than that, I don't remember sharing a ton or very getting very deep with them, you know, on on anything and you just mentioned her, but you have any siblings have a younger sister. She's four years younger and what's relationship with her? It's good now. Now that she's an aunt again, kids, they smooth things most of the time don't advocate to smooth things over. No, it it was rough. She was. She's awesome. I mean, she's the best aunt in sister and there were there is separation. I think the four years played into that. Sure, sure. Especially when you're younger, that's a big gap for when you're a teenager, right? But then we just ran in different circles. And so I, I myself as well as her doing other stuff and and took a long time, longtime for us to get back to good. And I think we're, we're great now. She's also. Awesome. And she does a great job with my kids like hanging out with my kids and all that. I think that's relatable to a lot of people that might be listening to this. I feel like they have. They just don't get along or their sibling doesn't understand them, and it's possible that over the years that that can mend. Yeah, it takes time. I mean, it really took time in conversations. I think there were times where we were both frustrated about different things that we had no clue about. And and I think that just over time the course of time in other conversations and and I, you know, she would kind of reach out and I would kinda like, no. And then it took me also making that effort of being like, you know what? She's trying. I need to need to stop being such a jerk and that that helped a lot. And how old were you when you got married? Oh, man, we just celebrated fifteen years. So I was twenty. Six? How did you hoes? I proposed. Oh man. Seriously. Dang, this is heavy stuff. I did kind of like a fake out. There's this big park in in Fresno, and we drove to look at the sunset. It was a Monday night in in. I was had all my buddies over for Monday night football in. So like I'd given one of my buddies the keys to have the house open in like desserts setup and all this kind of stuff, but I am faked her out. We parked halfway through the park watched the sunset. She thought I was gonna like propose at that moment. No, no, no, no wasn't going to do it there. So we drove through and there was this last little like view shelter. I guess you would call it and I had had some other friends set up on these two long, picnic tables, just candles hall up and down. Oh, you went the candle. Anna had the guitar and why? Yeah, I played a song and I mean by the time we're walking up and we're stopping them like, oh, we should stop and take a look at this. What is that? She knew it was going on and then yeah, had the guitar. They're playing song. Four and she said, yes. And what was your wedding like? Is that a good memory. I wonder how much research you've done. This kind of stuff. Okay. Our research, our research, our wedding. It was one hundred eight. Oh no, outside our photographer had a heart attack. I'm away out of the ceremony. Luckily one of my groomsmen Bs, that's those are his actual initially firefighter. He tended to the photographer until the paramedics can tell. They were very respectful and didn't have their sirens on as they got to the venue. And then the party continued. But everybody was just roasting, it was one hundred eight and the weekend before it was like seventy something degrees. And that was the weekend we had originally wanted, and it didn't work out with with all the all the other planning. So yeah, I mean, other than that, it was great. We got to for Hyman we got. We just went up and down the coast of all the places to live. And so I knew the territory, but but yeah, it was brutally hot. But I mean, I couldn't married a better woman. So that's the bonus. How many kids do you have and how old are they? Now we have three. Our oldest just turned twelve, their twelve eight and five. And what's the hardest part of being a parent in today's age compared to when you were raised. Man, I think kids exposure to everything due to social media and the internet, and it's not as self contained where you're, you're raising your kids in your home. I mean, there was always parts of that when you would have your kids go to public school and things like that, but now it's on a grander scale because these kids can introduce other things that you would never think would be introduced either in public school playground or in our home. And so it's really about having those conversations with them about, okay, this is this is how what we feel is appropriate or this is how we should talk or we don't use this kind of language, or you know, we're not going to watch that and they're like, but my friends watch this and and you're like, yeah, but and I know it's right on their phone. You know, we've had to have the conversation with our oldest one Lucy about like a having a phone, right? You know, right. Would never even considered when you were you were twelve ever. Yeah. Yeah. And so you know, once you got home, you were. Other than like a telephone almo- wall. You were cut off from the rest of the world, and you would be with your family now you can come home and you're still plugged in everywhere. And that's probably the biggest shift is your kids aren't always yours. -sarily. Did you always know that you wanted to have kids? Yes, yes, I always did. I don't know why. I just always. It just just new and we rigidly talked in like, I'm good with two because that's what I was raised with. My wife was raised with two other siblings, so three kids in her family, but her dad is one of nine. And so she was teetering on the edge of like, I think I want four or five, and I'm like, oh, really in. So then we got our two. We had our boy. We had her girl and we had our boy and one day she comes to me and she's like, hey, I think I'm good. Like the third one we were talking about, no. And then surprise. Yeah. What's something that you thought about having children and being apparent was going to be like, and then you had them, and then your perspective totally changed about something. Oh, man. That's that's tough. That's a really tough one. I thought dinnertime would be so much easier, and I thought that you could actually get some sleep because as a kid, I was quiet and maybe it's because my dad's scared me into being quiet. Like when I'd get up early, I'd go downstairs and just turn on the TV by self and watch like bozo the clown or like old school, Spiderman, fantastic cartoons. Like that's what I remember. And I would leave my parents alone, but my kids to, oh my gosh, they don't sleep the boys or up at like five twenty in the morning. And and then mealtime, you learn to scarf your food because someone has to take care of someone else always like this kid's done and running off or especially when they're babies like you learn to eat so fast as a parent. I did not realize that you can get an entire meal in under five minutes, like it's crazy. That's that's probably the perspective that's and then the different interests. All three of my kids have interest you'd think with like music and sports. In my background like Dade wannabe musicians and athletes, and it's not necessarily the case with all of them to your marriage. How do you keep them marriage healthy with how many people really struggle with that? And you're at fifteen years and three kids? How do you do it? It doesn't come without its own set of struggles, no matter. I mean without fifteen years in it, it's never been. It's not perfect. Yeah, you know. And that's, that's the biggest thing. I don't want people to think that you know, we made fifteen years and we're flawless. No. I mean, we've had our share of major major talks and conversations and and things. I mean. If it helps someone else. And I, you know, share, whatever, then that's good if another adult is watching this, but like we've, we've gone to marriage counselling before. I think it's important to talk about those things because often when we have the like the younger people on the show, they talk about their struggles with mental health and going into therapy, and that's something to continue to be working on through your adult life and through things like marriage and nothing to be like, oh, no marriage counseling that's healthy, you? Absolutely. I mean, it it either. I think in both cases, we went to a counselor when we were first dating, knowing that we were moving towards marriage, and then we were seeing another counselor when we were when we were married and going through some stuff, and it opens your eyes to to what gives you a good perspective on things, but really what it just does is open doors of communication that maybe you've shot right in. That's the biggest thing with making marriage work is being honest and open, and you know, I mean, it's not that you can't have your own space or your own thing, or what. Ever, but just being really honest with your communication and talking because we were noggin communicators when we first started when we first got married, and you know that that leads to resentment and anger in unspoken problems and all these other things that you're just like, if we just talked about it, it would have been so much easier. We wouldn't have had to go down this really, really rocky road. So moving to profession, were you ever in a band. I have. I have been in several bands, some success. Some success actually. Yeah. In college. I was in a band, we called ourselves flipside, and we had the opportunity to play with bands like blink one eighty two and save ferris who's an old Scott banned from Orange County. Some bands from the east coast. The manager for save ferris came in actually saw us play one night and the power went out in the middle of our set. It's great. She flew in from England to come to sign us. They left Fresno and became a band called mixed mom, mixed mob, not mix, mom, mixed mob, and I stayed in Fresno, and then kicked around a couple of other bands playing acoustic duo. That was kind of like a Jason Mraz rip off the kind of big. And then the most recent one was poor man's poison. And we were doing very well. The band won the Texaco country showdown in Nashville in lots of money, and. We I was on their live recording and would always rehearsed with them and kick around. We we met at America's got talent additions and. And then we finished our last album. And right after we finished our last album. The band kind of imploded with with like record contracts in talks on the table kind of thing. And and I was like the guy like percussion keys, whatever they needed. So three of us ended up having to finish the album on our own together, like the three of us and then put it out to no fanfare, we'd sold out some some venues and would rule and really, really strong and just, yeah, fell apart. So with that and the music side not fully working out entirely what you currently do for work? I am a teacher. I'm a junior high teacher. I teach seventh grade math. Yeah. Do you enjoy it? I do at times I was deep breath. Yes, I do. I enjoy. Math is good. I was doing language arts and history before, and I loved it because you could take conversations in so many different directions in each class was different. Now I teach six straight periods of math, seven, and it's the same thing six times for dire day. Right? So that gets a little monotonous, but you can't argue with math, it's either right or it's wrong. So what's the most difficult situation you've encountered as a teacher? Oh, man. Gosh, or if there's even this a recurring thing that you see that is difficult but you handle it, but you're seeing? Well, I mean, honestly, some of the most difficult things were times when students have come to me some heavy like family issues and then how to how to approach that you become such a line of defense that you hear stories of going so wrong when they went to a teacher and then that led them on the wrong pattern. That's gotta be some pressure of feeling like, are you doing the right thing? Oh, yeah. All the time. And you do you question if you're doing the right thing and did I help enough? And that's that's tough because you don't know. You don't always know the boundaries boundaries are there and in like, okay, am I going too far if I approach the parents or is this one of those situations where I need to call CPS? You know, you run into those kinds of things in and you try and help. But then there are also there only certain things we can do as teachers. You know, we, we can't solve everything all the problems in go right to that. Outsource all the time because sometimes I mean, I'll be honest like you'll hear about some kids messing with another one and you want to rip their faces off, but you have to go through the proper channels. And if you don't have the right stories lined up, there's all these legal implications and that I would say the the personal stuff had a former student pass like commit suicide. That kind of stuff is is really heavy. So what about the flip side? What is something great about being a teacher? Man, it's it's kind of one in the same. Having kids want to come talk to you and add like seek your counsel in your advice. Having a kid get it and ask a question, be like, oh my gosh, or just seen my first group of junior highs ever taught just graduated this year. So just seeing that and the kids like coming up and going, I did it and I'm like, yeah, that's excessive. Do you think that you may teach for the rest of your life? Oh, man. Whoever's watching for my school district. No, I don't want to be honest. I'm scared of where things are headed with students and kids and things like that. I mean is no longer an option because I've kinda aged out of that or I'd say I'd want to be professional musician, but but I don't know what I'd wanna do. I just know that teaching I feel like my time is this is something that's been important to you that you are very passionate about, but you feel like it's running its course would segues into my next question that I love asking people that are around your age. In my age, people feel like goals aspirations. Dreams are young persons endeavor, but do you have aspirations still at this phase of your life? I do. I really do. There are things where I've, like I said with music, if I could be a session musician, that'd be sick, but I don't know if that could ever happen. I, I would love to have my own coffee shop. My wife's a pastry chef. So. So have a coffee shop with pastries, music and play music. I'd love to have that with like a recording studio or space in the back, and then you pick out the best bands to play on Friday and Saturday nights. See, see, this is what I'm saying. You still have dreams. Yeah, stop when you grow up. Yeah. Well, and just you guys, everything that you do here. I've been trying to do my own stuff on my channel and it's it's horrible, but like I really enjoy it. And now I can't watch a movie. Thanks to you guys without thinking of like the light. Mike, how did the camera work and doing this? I analyze everything and I rarely enjoyed the move are ever going to go through some rapid fires. So just I don't ever think it's okay. What's your favorite movie? Gosh, you list I told you don't feel goonies. Perfect. Favorite TV show the office favorite band or artist's. I can't stand this question eagles eagles. John Mayer is sick to ours and. The Beatles favorite color. Blue. Favorite all time. Video game. Oh, I'm going to have to say street fighter two on which console super Nintendo fame. Yeah, I was the Genesis kid, but not with streetfight. It's gotta be this Freenet. How many tattoos do you have? I honestly don't know. It's too many to count. I've had. They're all over like they go. We get them, there's they're, they're everywhere. There's even one neat, their lose his handprint right there. Yeah, they're everywhere. How old were you? Got your first two. I was twenty two. I think I got the stars underneath. And why? This many tattoos, Scott, it's an addiction to be honest. It started off with the stars and it was kind of like that Lion King part where the stars in the sky or the former kings and stuff, and and I got those for my grandparents because I didn't really know my grandparents and then the kids I got Lucy's handprint got butters, which is what we call my middle son. I played drums and on the back. There's animal in the back is the Swedish chef for my wife, and I thought I was done and then many whole came around. So the whole. And then we were like continue with the hero theme comic book themes. So are you and your family religious at all? Yes, yeah, group I hated church girl and yeah, you know, like we bounce. We move so much that I was always the new kid at church and they're. Very cliquey at Christian churches. I hate sorry, Christian churches. But yes, the churches I went to. And so I hated it and then got involved playing music lead worship was on staff at a church for while we're actually and I met was at a church. She was like setting up candles and I was playing in the band and then had multiple different political falling outs, I guess you would say in, so I've kind of been turned off, but if you've come back from my kids in Ashley, have really found a place that they love. I go to support them. Yeah, but I don't. I haven't found a place that really clicks. Honestly, you speak any other languages? Oh man. I understand a little bit of Spanish. My grandmother wouldn't allowed in the house like our family is Spanish and Ashley side of the family is Colombian. And so her mom speaks fluent Spanish, but I never learned it. 'cause my grandmother thought the grand grit. My grandfather was talking about her hundred back. Have you ever had any surgeries in your life? Yes, multiple surgeries, lots. No. Happened being an athlete. I mean, like doesn't look like it now, but I was an athlete. I ran cross country and played basketball in college swam dog kind of stuff, play baseball forever. So I've got wrist elbow, shoulder ankle knee hand couple times. Yeah, knows spike. I've had been cut on a lot. Why did you decide to apply to adults react when that call the first casting call? Came up. The I was watching teens react to just know what the pulse was with kids, and I was like, you know what? I'm gonna take a shot. I had taken shots before like this with. I was emailing other musicians. I loved right, and they were missing band members and I'm like, hey, like, do you need someone like Ryan Cabrera? I don't know if you remember that John Ryan Cabrera. His manager was Jessica Simpson's dad, Joe Simpson, and I approached him at a club and he gave me his car and kale play drums for this kid. So I just took a chance. I even said like I. 'cause you the when you when you guys I posted it said southern California only. Right? And I was like, I'm not really, but I'm willing to drive. And then I didn't think anything was going to come of it. I told Ashley, I'm like, yeah, I didn't get a response. And then like a week later. You've been on ever since and I'll save it like you have been so incredibly kind to f. b. e. like you've you've written the company letters sometimes over the years and all of us when we get them, we feel very like, we should be thanking you for being on the show, not the other way around. So can you share a little bit of like, you know, because you just whatever you're you're, you're kind dude. I feel like there's you have such a big heart that is inspired me knowing you and knowing your family a little bit. So, but why does it mean so much to you having a voice and being part of what we do here to the point that you've multiple times written these letters to us about what it's meant to you? Gosh. When you have kids, you get emotional. I'm almost tearing up right now Tangy, very emotional person. So seriously, honestly, it's. To find a group of people like you guys is very unique and very special. So that's that's one of the reason for the letters. I feel like that's a lost way of expressing yourself. It's much more. I don't know focused on you than just text message and it's more personal. But why do I feel like it's important to to be here and things I feel like. As a parent, it's it's important to stay connected. It's important to understand what's going on in in the world and to show kids. I feel like kids nowadays have more role models that are their age almost in. Maybe if we had the big the kid, I know people love the elders and now the adults and hopefully they'll have the adults and they can look to us as some examples as well. And we're not perfect. I mean, that's that's not it by any stretch of the imagination, but like hopefully they might be able to glean something from what we say on here. But honestly, it's, it's the you guys are the kindest people ever like when I work it's it feels like a family and so like you just, I don't know when you come here. It's like a second home and I don't have time for, you know, like to go out and I'm not going clubbing doing all kinds of not. Yeah, right. I got three kids and all this, but in teaching in grading. But it's like it's like this extended family that I did. No, I needed. But now I'm glad I have, and that's that's the biggest part of it. You know, I still one of the things I love so much as just how much people who watch they wanna be on it, and I love that we've it's not possible to get everyone on it. But so many were at one point feeling that way, and we always believe in the future of content being that you need to feel like you're so connected to it, and we go even farther that, no, you literally can be cry. Yeah, we love that where it is now almost entirely made up of people who were fans because it is just about people and it's about anyone watching and it's about the people that happened to be on, and he kind of all represent everybody. And that's why the cast grows because we're trying to represent all types of people because it's so important. All right. So gotta we're running out of time gonna move over to questions from fans. So this is the one that I ask almost every episode because every time we ask for questions for people onto into questions. This always comes up. I don't know why, but they're very fascinated with first kisses. So what was your kid. Like I legitimate Kevin, kiss. Now's live your own kids. Yeah, because I was gonna say one time I was walking to the office to take the attendance in this upper greater grabbed me and kissed me in the hallway, but first legit kiss was last day of school. My junior year of high school, dude. I know. I know gonna make fun of it's alright. It's ok junior year of high school, watching the movie three musketeers with my buddy confused, Chris O'Donnell Kiefer Sutherland all for one one for all sting and Bryan Adams. Rod Stewart, heck. Yeah. And it was during that movie that was like first legit kiss and dude. Yeah, that was. Yeah, it was awesome. And what concerts have you been to or a selection because you probably the too many. So what's like when you think about great concerts? Give a few that we're like really great concerts Metallica a win what year it was lollapalooza the year they played lollapalooza year was ninety six. Oh, loaded. Come out. Load had just come out. Okay, so it was ninety six ninety seven yeah. Metallica Soundgarden oh my God. Soundgarden I did killing me. I, I got to an. I'm so glad that when temple of the dog was doing that tour, I went no account to see Chris Cornell, and it was so like just a few months before he died. But I'm so glad that I did Soundgarden where my all time favorite, their miserable on my list of people I wish gotten to see. Yeah, they were unbelievable, and then a bunch of acoustic dude. So Mark Broussard he'd be at the top Garth Brooks puts on amazing show. I'm sure he does saw him in ninety seven and then John Mayer and Jason Mraz. A lot of those shows Garth Brooks are Chris Gaines. Darth Brooks all the time. Chris Gaines those good call. Now you mentioned it but smokey at his specific question of wanting to know the the very first tattoos that was the stars, the stars? Yeah, it was this one actually that we've turned into captain America. If you're going to get tattoos map out what you want beforehand if worked out this in this case. But yeah, it was that that right side almost passed out moon child wants to know on a scale of one to ten, how hard is it not to laugh at the laugh challenge. Oh my gosh, it's over at ten. Pick such good videos at any time someone gets hurt or do you like those are the most? The ones that you're like? Oh my gosh, I can't. I wanna laugh so hard. It's why America's funniest home videos less at this long. Crotch shots. Let's questions from fans. It's an, it's a heavy from John. Is there a person or moment that you feel played the biggest role in who you are and where your life has gone? Is there something that stands out is like someone who helped you or a moment? And that's a heavier one. That is tough one. Gosh, a person or a moment. I think. This is this is this might seem minor, but it was one of those things where it makes me I've, I've always lacked self-confidence for a long time and it was seventh grade and I was in this Lang. This English class. In this teacher MRs Hamilton, she pulled me aside one day and she's like, hey, you should be in like the the gate class. And I was like, not failed the test I failed the test ever since kindergarten. Right? And she's like, no, you really need to be in that in. She went to the principal on fought for me to be in this class and he's like, well, he didn't pass the test, but she got me in this class and her faith in me. Even though I was like a fish out of water in that class, the kids were super. I mean, they're pompous too, but they were very bright and I felt just so out of place, but just having someone in your corner like that, that made a difference for me. And that's one of those reasons why I went into education to be a champion for those kids that might not. Feel wanted or have a voice in things like that. Just give these kids like, you know that little that little nudge that pushing up positive direction. I don't ever know what happened. MRs Hamilton that was down in vista, but she has no idea. The impact she made on me was huge. It's a, I'm sidetracking a little bit, but I saw the wants to be my neighbor documentary. Mr.. Rogers one, have you seen it have not. It's very, very good scared. I'm gonna cry, yo, you will. You will. But that was it's interesting that this fan asked that question because they had a moment in the documentary where they kind of just generally ask that because of this, the ethos of mister Rogers just like knowing that you are loved can help so much, and it was like he would say, take sixty seconds, just think about someone who helped you. And I was like part of the documentary, the moment that I feel like I've watched it then does the same thing. So it's very good documentary, highly recommended back to a few final questions. Is there a social issue right now, especially from your perspective as a teacher that you find yourself. Most passionate about. Social issue that I'm most passionate about. I don't know, dude that something there's nothing really stands out right now. I mean, like it really is, I would say it's mental awareness like the mental awareness. I'm saying that wrong. Just mental health? Like honestly, with our students in our kids, I think mental health awareness. That's what I was trying to say is probably the biggest issue that's that I'm coming to grips with and dealing with, and that's, that's a tough one. And what would you say is like a highlight memory with your family? Something that just a good time. Oh, my gosh. I think anytime we're ever at the beach together, like honestly, whenever we're just everything is put away and we're just like. Running out in the ocean, that kind of thing. And then Knott's berry farm last summer. We were at Notts last summer, good ties, dude. It was just so much fun. Like the kids were just had a blast. We haven't experienced Disneyland yet with them and so they that was their, you know, their big amusement park moment. So that was not. I, I don't know about that. I know. I know. I know I'm not sure about that decision that we had a deal. It was expensive. What something you wish you could tell yourself? Like eighteen year old Scott. What do you wish you could tell them. To travel more like go out, enjoy yourself. You know, I think that I was in this rut of go to college, get a career, get married, do this do that? And I wouldn't change the marriage in the kids in any of that for for the world. But I didn't really take a lot of time to the, you know, cliche like find myself. Sure. I just I was just going in. I was following orders and I wish I would've taken more time to just go out and do whatever I wanted instead of just like being stuck in that. Yeah. So that's all we've got. Sweating. But I do and the episodes flipping it. And you can ask me question because I've been asking you so many questions. So ask me anything. It's so tired because like I was, you know, I was watching and Tori. Ask the story, ask the like, why did you pick me kind of thing? I've always wondered that like out of everybody like, I don't even know what, but my question for you is top three favorite toys from your child? It's a good one. I don't know the how much you know how much I collect things like. Is there an address where people can send you up to collect. Oh, man. I was thinking about, I'm like, you know, we're kinda like around the say, yeah, and I was like, dude, I want to know what his top few toys word. Five, if you. Yeah, it's so tough. I'm going to. I'm going to go into like sections of toys because it wouldn't necessarily be an individual one. Gotcha. But I would say that three and three quarter inch GI Joes then it would be I was so into professional wrestling when I was really young. Okay. And I've started getting back into it lately because it's just been kind of fun, but it was really into it like aids like eight to fifteen. So can parents that would just buy your kids. You know this now it's so many wrestling toys. So there's a lot of a big place in my heart for like the original Hasbro line of WWF at the time. No, those were l. j. n. I did have some of those and I did love them to than they get. They get all these marks hit them together, but they became about this is plastic, and there was a run of them. The first few years of them that went through and always and like most wrestlers they all die. So young and it's something not talked about enough. But Mr.. Perfect is my favorite wrestler. So my Mr. perfect Hasbro toy, high high high high up, and then man, I loved these, the battle beasts. You know what those were. That sounds so familiar. They were very small, very small like this big different creatures. Okay. But in the middle, you can run your hand across it news either firewater or whatever it was like a little hologram. Oh my gosh, UK. So I loved these battle beasts, a whole bunch of them. But like there was a snake one that I loved a lot, but the battle beasts. Saw commercials will be battle totally bringing back so many memories. Oh, you you ever food fighters? Oh yeah. Chocolate chip cookie. I had the French fries. Love those peanut with Harvey how well I mask where those remember those ask thunder cats and he man, I still have all those. He man was. There's an incredible picture of me and Rafy where we're so young as he meant would have been my extreme young jokin today though I love team, but my parents bought us across crash, grace, skull, amazingly, and there's this. There's this picture of me and Rafy with castle grits gone all of our toys around and it looks like my hand is like up and it looks like I'm directing him to like make a story with the toys, and there's a picture of us that like encapsulates her whole life as we're best friends were playing with toys. I'm telling them what I'm telling him to create a story and it's like this perfect picture pretty pretty amazing. That was a great question. Okay. Have you watched toys that made us on Netflix? Yes. Okay. Yes. Yes, it's phenomenal. Oh my gosh, phenomenal. Phenomenal too. That was good. Yeah, good stuff. I, we can do a whole hour job. For sure. Well, thank you so much for joining us here on too many questions. What we got to know Scott, a little bit more all the links to follow him, including his YouTube channel will be into the man. You could check out his progress there and Scott, just thank you for just being yourself and being so open and send my best all your family for sure. And we will see you on the shows because you're always here. This is amazing. So thanks for watching. We'll see you next time until any questions by.

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