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The NCAA Tournament Has Been Canceled Now What?


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I don't know there's lots of things about on. I'm sure we'll figure that out. But again that is draftkings force book Promo Code. You Must Be Twenty. One older In Indiana only owners could president. I bought a bonus I bet Egypt's a five hundred dollars. Deposit BONDS REPRISED. Twenty five times through restrictions apply see draftkings accomplished forthwith for details gambling. Problem call one eight hundred nine with it. Today's episode of Titus is what we call on this date the NCAA tournament is cancelled You and I have not seen over week. You've been quarantined. I'm also quarantine. Were talking via skype. I'm in my kitchen. Where are you? I'm in an office in an undisclosed location? I cannot even go to my own home. I've been banned by my roommate's It is a it is a time unlike any other. We both know this I think they're the best describes podcasts gases. I don't know I'm not sure We know John Ross. This march and this is march question. Mark is where I'm at now. This is March. Yeah this is the first podcast we've done since then say tournament was cancelled imaginable. Talk a little bit about that. Rick Pitino was hired. He's got a job. He's back in college basketball. The world needed to hero. Rick Pitino said I will be your hero. I am back What will hit on that a little bit but yeah this is a this is very bizarre territory as is You know as is going to be the case for for a while going forward but we'll see where this thing goes. We'll see where we are and we're going to do on their silver linings and there's a silver Fox over Fox's Rick Pitino and he gave us over lining and that was the only good news we had this weekend. Rick Pitino is back in college basketball. He's back in the area of New York City and he's closer to becoming the Brooklyn Nets head coach and about. I don't know ten months. I'm I'm excited about. Although he says he says by AL Only Fort Knox University can afford is bio. So we'll see If the Brooklyn Nets have more money than for Knox University. Oh we have no idea what's going to happen so I I have no idea what's going to happen in the world large. I have no idea what's going to happen on this podcast today but we're trying out something new. We're trying to keep this machine role in Join US. Come along for the right. Let's see what happens but I would. He do all right. We bury the lead at the top. Thirteen Where where are you? How do you feel what's going on Everyone that tuned into the cash. You might have noticed The lascaux did I was by myself sitting in the same city in in my kitchen. And just kinda monologue. I did my best Ryen Russillo monologue of kind of rambled than I had a tangent on top of a tangent on top of a tangent. And next thing you know. I'm talking about Nike Stock. And I don't know how I got there Because you were sick. How do you feel? You're obviously better. You're ready to join the podcast again. You mentioned burying the lead and I will say this I am on the West Coast. My family lives in North Carolina. I have three thousand miles away and I try to do this thing. Where sometimes you know. Outta mind out of sight and let's not bringing in any bad news because that may freak out my small town family. My parents they listened religiously Titus tait which I appreciate and I love. I told them on Friday that I had been feeling a little bit under the weather yet and then they woke up on Saturday. Listen to the PODCAST. Heard the diatribe that you so beautifully put together which I thought was podcast me. We've joked a lot of times about you know The ryen Russillo ranch back in the day hours enjoyed your your impressions of those rants And it was great. I enjoyed it but I did not enjoy the fact that like my mom is calling me on Saturday mornings us like you're sick. What do you mean you're sick and I'm like urgent care? is great desire to give me. I've been Corinthian since Thursday. My birthday was on. Friday happened to be Friday the thirteenth so The irony AC. I can see using. Outta me at this point but I'm feeling a little bit better today Like I said I've been in quarantine. I've been going slightly crazy so if I say anything you know. That's add a line today or a little wacky like. Hey I don't know maybe. Byu was the best team in the country. Don't get mad at me just know that. I think this is the new normal. I think this is what people are having to get used to both of us at the students. Well where we can't be held responsible for anything. It's the wild west officially the wild. It's like we weren't around. We were both too young for the Star Fahd casting and like what two thousand six two thousand seven whenever they really started. Feel like. We're just yeah. Yeah I feel like we just went in a time machine went back there now. Like we're like the wild west all over again there only. Because you're you're looking around on all these podcasts. Like no one has the technology like I. I keep seeing that podcast. I follow. People are like we don't know how we're going to do this. We don't really have the technology we haven't figured it out like some people can't podcast. Other people are dislike recurs along as though nothing happened. You and I are somewhere in between It's the wild west again and with that we can't be held responsible for anything we say But yeah glad you're feeling better buddy. Sorry if I- incited panic but I didn't really know how else to. How long do you think I could have gone? How could I have done a podcast on my own before anyone realized you? Aren't there fifteen minutes when it started to happen. Like the worst part about the whole situation to give you some bt s for the people out there was as relating into this week in this conference tournaments were coming up. This is the time just last week. We thought that we'd have conference tournaments. That would lead to a selection Sunday. We we thought we were going to get there and leading into that. I'm saying to myself ma'am. We got like a lot of shows to get prepped for. I'm Kinda to myself Adam. Also turning twenty seven. You know that I've told you plenty of times our joked about being in the twenty seven club. It's a joke and see turned twenty seven year. Light wait a second. I'm not sure what the joke was. So let's leading up to it and all the sickness comes then all the cancels cannibalisation than just the fact that we're dealing with the pandemic. It's you mentioned going back in time. Nineteen eighteen was the last time that happened. I was not back then. We weren't you know. Obviously we runaround for the startup podcast and we definitely were over the last pandemic so so much has changed as Michael Wilbon though Michael will vote was at that game. Yeah he was that game. I do remember that. But when you try to compartmentalize it and piece together for the last time. We actually spoke on the air. It is so much change that I don't even know where to start but I think it's a pretty simple you know point to the fear. Mid which is there is no march madness. It is cancelled. Yeah Yeah you you hit the nail on the head. It feels like you and I lasted a show together like a month ago. Two months ago three years ago I mean I'm not even sure. Yeah it was only a week ago. Yes March madness has cancelled we. We've had some time to digest that. How are you feeling about that in the set like where have you landed on this and I guess I'll go first? I'm asking a question that I want to answer myself which is to say that I weirdly have found myself not like I don't WanNa Watch old highlights. I don't WanNa Watch old clips. I don't it's like I don't know I don't know how to describe the the mindset I'm in but I'm trying to just like not I don't know how I ended up here but like I don't WanNa consume any march madness content of any kind whatsoever because it's like too fresh Like I I don't want to rewatch clips from back in the day. I don't want I I didn't WANNA bracket to come out. Like I know a lot of people did they wanted to see if out. The teams deserve to see where they would have been seated and All that I didn't want that like I don't I don't even WanNa talk about it. I don't know why that's it's. I'm very surprised that that's my feeling. But when I see people like tweeting Like highlights that I this. Is You know we don't have march madness but we do have this memory from six years ago. This happened in the tournament. Right Passer member Eric Weiner Yeah I'm scrolling right past it and I think it just because like I it's too fresh air hurts too much and I. I think that might be what it is. I don't know what's going on I. It's very bizarre that I feel that way is that how do you feel? Where do you stand on all that? I would say it's the NCAA D. for US instead of the NC Double A. Which is the disassociation like you said. I mean it's Kinda like we're not even sure what to do with ourselves because we are so bought in into what we expect from this time in March and it's also weird because if funny enough I mean the joke. It's obviously not all joke but like this year in college basketball we've talked about how bad it is like. This is officially the worst season of college basketball in the sense that like. There's no answer to who the winner is There was no definitive answer. The season who the winner was or who the best team was really. Some people may say. It's coaches think. You might be Kansas but again like that whole ethos led to this which is nothing. We have nothing to show for any of this. Which is why I wanted to disassociate. There are people that are gonNA respond to us and say you guys say. It's the worst season every as though officially the word Surma cancel. Does it? You know it's funny I want A. I think I've found my way back in one thing. I am interested in here. Here's I plug back into like one into consumed college basketball in So everyone seems to have found their corner. All the media people found their corner like I saw goodman is doing the one shining moment on. Twitter is like you send me any team that made a one shining moment video and I will re tweet it. And then as VP is doing his senior night. Thing where it's like. I WanNa tell the stories of all the seniors that didn't get their final sendoff even though they all. Kinda did get their senior nights. But I understand what he means by that Everyone kind of has pick their little lane. That like this is how I WANNA mourn the loss of March madness. I want my lane tate to be. I will read tweet. Any instance of coach saying that he had the he thought he was going to win the National Championship. He was he was convinced that he was winning. The national change of it started with John. Calipari who suspended Ashton Hagans who hated who was butted heads with Ashton Hagans and then as soon as the term was cancelled. Says I love this team more than any team. I've had an eleven years and he loves it. More than Anthony Davis national title team. He loved one more than the thirty eight not team. He loves he loves it. More than the Tyler Ulis. Jamal Murray team which I really enjoy FAM- of bio the earn Fox. The team. That was crying when they lost. Luke Maye and that was like everyone is so heartbroken about that and blue big blue nation. He loves this team more than any of those other teams in. It definitely has nothing to do with the fact that he doesn't have to actually go out and prove it in the NCAA tournament so now he can conveniently just say it So with that I have a feeling. He started precedent. We're going to hear this where Coaches are all over the coming months. As everyone's quarantined were desperate for content and people are just going to interview all these coaches. We're going to hear from like twenty eight coaches this. I feel like I had the national title team whereas if you would have pulled college basketball coaches like three weeks ago and said how do you feel about your team? I think like five coaches would've been like I like him. I think they're okay. The rest of them are like we fucked suck. I think that if you look at one coach periods of genius right and again you like you said. He's trendsetter so he puts it out to the world. This team would have won the national championship and Evan Daniels. You know. He's a great reporter for Scott Dot Com. He did to four seventy did the full thing with all the coaches and they did a whole poll. Who would have won? I think forty nine votes at Kansas. And you know you go down the list. It's like the usual suspects Dayton's in their Gonzaga's in there Yada Yada Yada but the funniest part of the whole poll right John. Calipari against this team would have won. The national team believes they won the national championship. All these coaches were asked by Evan Daniels. Not One said Kentucky not one said loop not one not one of them so it's funny to me like you said that he would say this considering the fact that the coaches in the world where like there's no way in fact. We saw Calbury in Vegas again. He said Ohio state was the best in the country that point and that his team had a lot near out and the kids at this point that was in December. So it's funny. How quick with that change I WANNA ask? You is what coach. Like how far is it? Otherwise Frank Haith GONNA come out and say we. We were GonNa win the National Championship. 'cause that's the next step. Yeah and everyone's like Frank Frank. Projections said you weren't even making the tournament. He's like no no no. You don't understand we were GONNA go on a run. We were going to win the American. And then we're going to win the National Championship I have no doubt in my mind. I do the same thing I would if I was a coach. Why not why not say that? I I think I realistically do. Think there are. GonNa be a lot of coaches that I don't think they're gonNA see National Chamber but they're definitely gonNA say final four. I think it is going to be a Dick bitel situation where we're going to have sixteen teams in the final four. At least I mean Wisconsin. It I mean if you really do think about it though. 'cause like what's happening What is happening is you're you're you're hearing from all these programs about like teams. That didn't get a chance and you really think about. This happens every year in March like every year. It plays out. We're like only one team does actually become the team of destiny but this year we don't get to see who it was so were left with all these teams that truly believe they're the team of destiny. Wisconsin feels like they're the team of destiny. They've really hot they. They snuck in to the back door their way to win in the big ten title and getting the one seed They were really hot. San Diego State. They feel like they were the team of destiny. Dayton obviously feels like a team of Esti Michigan State. Feels like a team at destiny. Can't you start going down the list and all these teams are like yes? I I see a path where I was part of the team of destiny and now we don't get a chance to prove it but it's convenient because you don't have to prove it. It's great I think this is going to be a positive for the legacy that was here. You know what I mean. I think my You mentioned all the little tropes. Everyone's up to like to kind of fill that void my favorite was marco with. Byu already brought them up earlier. Because I love this team. But he got Greg Gumbel when everyone to to put together what would have been selection Sunday for Byu and then he basically got them to intercede they all record on voice note or whatever they did send it to Byu. They piece together the little package and he played it for team. And then you know at the end. They're like look this. Byu Team they seem like they're destined for Atlanta as the last line so like every team was in for Atlanta. Everyone would but no one but no one. No one actually. Did the one thing missing from that video was we needed a shot of the. Byu Team sitting there eating like their plate of food and then to them and then they just stay they stay still for fifteen seconds and then they jump up at the and then they jump up right. Cbs away from him. That's what we that's what we really need us. So where do you? Where do you stand on consuming March madness content? Like how are you morning? How are you Processing all of this. Are you taking a similar path of me is like I? I think I'd like I think if we start acknowledging the past if I'm gonNA start watching all these other videos is it's kind of like me accepting that the tournaments not coming so I I keep telling myself. I don't WanNA watch videos. I'm going to wait for the real thing. I don't want your Turkey Bacon. I want the real thing. Make Cook me up some Real Bacon. I know it's coming. I know I refused to accept this reality. I think that might be what I have what I have going on. How are you processing it though in terms of Turkey Bacon? I'll say this you know. I think I'm just trying to be healthy because I'm worried so going to eat the Turkey Bacon so I'm going to watch the highlights. You know I'm going to engage in this sort of stuff because I just WanNa feel it. You know what I mean like the other day. I mentioned Eric Mayor but then someone sent me the Lehigh game knows. Cj mccollum little six-minute package of CJ mccollum tear up due in twenty twelve. I loved it. You know what I mean and then loved it so much. I was like look that Mercer game that I'm watching debris Parker lose the mercer and I'm like this is a lot of fun and I'm watching alley mess. You know. Hit big shots. I'm like man. This is Great Jespersen hitting a shot so I wouldn't go to little tangent on Saturday when I was not feeling great at all I was like what are we dislike trying to cope a little bit and just try to have a moment march madness where I can feel it the time that it really hit me and I had your disassociation feeling was on Sunday but it was actually selection Sunday. We had big plans for people out there listening. You know we're GONNA do a full on show at the Fox lot you know. It was going to be blown out selection Sunday around the Tuxedos on the bag. Boys are back. We're dropping the bag corporately. I was very excited about this stuff. You know that was the day that really hit me because I knew this year was going to in one way and I knew it in deepen the my loins. That bill self was GONNA win the title they'll sell was GONNA get a Middle Finger to the NC Double A. And Snoop Dogg was GONNA come down on stage and start wrapping. That's my head you know and to be robbed with that moment. That really hurt. Yes Sunday sucked. I wouldn't pick up my talks at the dry cleaners and that was just such such a sad such a sad situation have to pick that thing up in. Naga chance to wear. I think I wasn't able to take mine to the dry cleaning before I became corentin. So if I'm being honest I think part of part of my disassociation to is like. It is very bizarre to be living in the world right now and to pretend like the tournament matters like that's the thing that's weird. I even feel weird like doing the show right now. 'cause like I duNno I on the one hand it's like you gotta you gotta maintain a sense of normalcy in your life like we should probably keep trying to do our job and I don't know if you call this entertainment to people but whatever it is for people Keep keep doing the show but on the other hand it's like who cares like who who ultimately is that I don't know there's like more serious going on so it's like just really bizarre because I I mean I said that my my rambling monologue just like how bizarre that whole scene was of The Big East was playing and and Rob Stones in the studio talking about how every other tournament is cancelled. The the the world is ending Stay inside don't talk to anyone. Don't get within ten feet of anyone sanitize everything all right now. Back to the garden state Johnson Crater are up against each other in the Aso. By the way that game. There were the the. They're supposed to not have any fans in the crowd. There were at least a thousand that game so like I turn that on like I'm I'm I even tweeted that like. I'm Kinda glad that the big east tried to play because it showed how there was never any hope that that could happen where we can play these games with not that many people in the crowd because the essential people I mean my God the one funny silver lining of it all was like the they said essential people only and then you got the saint. John's Mascot whatever the hell that thing is sitting in the stands by himself and your how is this who who decided that this was a such a He did he was like I will be at this game you in the crowd. I mean like you say it's a very serious I mean all of its very serious and we try to do a funny. You Know Corky show college basketball but again none of this do college basketball and I think you know it comes back to all these players like you said Scott impelled with the pay. You don't homage to miles Powell in Marcus Howard and a Jig Tulleson and these guys that are leaving our Anthony Cowan guys that are leaving college basketball familiar faces that we've seen around the game doke as a bouquet and they're gone we may not see them in this space again. They never got their quote unquote rightful farewell. You know in the general wake. You know monocultural were all watching. March madness we all this. We all remember at a more since last game. We all remember. Jj last game. We won't remember you don't as a bouquets last game this really you know. I think that's the only thing that I could feel like the connection of like I hate that for those guys I hate to do. They don't have that moment closure but it's such a bigger moment collectively that we almost as a college basketball community have to come together and I think I have to give Kudos to the Jay Bilas of the world and the details of the world. Because I can't believe that they were so initially on the forefront of we can't avid serve. You know I I did not expect that The responsiveness but I knew. I did not think that we were going to have a tournament. As soon as I was watching the game live in Utah or they cut away Utah into NBA TV. When I was watching and they said they're not playing the game. I knew at that point. Something happened someone on the court or someone close like a coach's when added you know and that moment happened I was like a professional. Basketball players are not could be playing. They cannot sit immature basketball players. Deploy that was like the first time it makes and then from there. It was kind of like you know this this in the bag it will. They still could. And then as we kept going through the fall out it was like Oh they tournament star in the Big Kid is son and daughter Died Duke. Duke. Let me just say this. You know I make fun of Duke Lavas Program. Lots of people think that. Hey Do more than I love Carolina and that's not true but I like to make fun of do but I will point out the fact. That Duke Hospital is amazing. Hospital The infrastructure around them outside at coach gay is full of very good people usually for the most part. I'M NOT GLUTEN COACH. Gain that but like the people surrounding and Kevin wide made a very strong decision. Bold Sydney say. We're not going to be part of the insulate tournament which I think the Zil is getting a little bit of credit for what the institutions were doing themselves which also leads to kind of larger conversation about the incident. Belay and if Duke Kansas Says Hey WanNa pay our players or do whatever in did sale is gonNA react so we kinda gotta learn the infrastructure of how it really works like if the power players want to do something and make a decision. The incidentally will suit and I think outside of obviously the seriousness of the virus everything going around the actual public structure we learned about the real structure play. Which is Duke Fronts? A show you know Kevin White in Duke. Kevin White runs a member committee. He's like we're not GONNA do this. This is not happening. This is not safe and then follow suit. That's not the case and that's what I kind of. This is far as like what? What the trickle down. Economics are of the incidental eight women. We learned that and we learned that the. Big East is the toughest conference after all. I mean they'll never leave the back I knew I I got worried about this When I left for so when I left for my Dayton East lansing trip And I went to lax to fly out. I must've saw four people wearing facemasks if I had to put a number on it for a few like honestly if you go to. Lax and he point time. They're probably a couple of people wearing facemasks. Like the. You know the surge mask I'm talking about the I I saw like four people and I was like okay. So Corona viruses a thing. But it's not like it doesn't seem like that people worried about it or whatever and then I go to the Games. I fly back on Monday and when I touch down in LAX. Just going from my plane for shuttle. I must've saw fifty people wearing masks and I remember dislike thinking. Oh my God like somebody knows something that I don't and then I started like reading up and then we did a show that night that was when we did the last show together And we we were talking about it before he did the shores like. I think this might actually happened like I really think they might end up. Canceling these Games and We were like bouncing ideas off each other as to why and I was like I. I wasn't pretending to have information no one else. Add 'cause like I was still sort of researching what what the hell was going on But no I mean like we were like we we had Duncan on. We were like joking about it because we thought you know we've been here as a society before there's a disease or virus going around whatever and it's never always I kind of on people's radar but it's never been something that's it could seriously threaten civilization as we know it But I remember coming back and be like Oh my God this is a big deal and then you and I were talking about it and then it was. This slow trickle where it was like you're hearing about like media can't be allowed in the locker rooms and you're like okay so that's reasonable. I mean if that's if that's all it is then we're good. You know like really cares the media. The sports writers can't get in the locker rooms who gives a damn that doesn't really change anything and then they're then you hear like the NCAA is considering may be playing games without fans. And you're like WHOA. That would be weird but it's probably not going to happen but man. Could you imagine that would be so weird and then like suddenly? They're like no. I think we have to play without fans. And you're like WHOA. This is revolution. This is going to be talking about this forever. But EV EV. Basically what I'm the point I'm trying to get. Every single announcement felt like that was the final announcement and then suddenly like some sort of switch gets flipped where you realize that every announcement is not the final announcement and that was that was like a very strange thing because like when they'd say we're not having fans suddenly I was like. Oh they're just gonNA cancel the tournament. It's only a matter of time like we're just for that that point But up until that point like every announcement was like. Oh so that's how they're going to deal with it. I guess that's it. That's all we have to worry about now It was just it was just crazy. How just got flipped on its head and like we've we've already said it's only been a week which is absolutely crazy to think about because it's been six years. I mean I knew I knew exactly that the tournament was never going to happen as do put out the little old news release. That was basically like we're shutting down all athletic. You know like for for Spring Sports Winter Sports World with that soon as that came out. I was like wait a second dukes not in the NCAA TOURNAMENT. Amazing and then yeah then awake. Second of Dukes. There isn't a bit because Carolina not only thinking that both of them up here. The Ivy League cancelling is a big one too because I was racking my brain about it. Yeah yeah that was really sad. How excited you're looking. You're looking forward to watching that. I I just. I was trying to wrack my brains. I'm like all right. If her own is such a big deal that the Ivy League doesn't think that they can play their tournament. I would they send Yale to the NCAA tournament. And I. I still wasn't really quite sure as to why they didn't say like we're not sending any team tournament. Maybe it got it. Maybe you could argue that. They left that up to Yale's decision at the time like that was. That was a decision to make time. Whatever but I started thinking about like if someone else canceled their tournament. What do they do with the auto bids like if it? I just started like trying to figure out this work because the structure was slowly getting pulled apart and for me. The first thread that was pulled was the Ivy League tournament getting canceled but I don't know I I I was ahead of. I'm not saying I was ahead of I want to walk that back. I only ahead in the sense that like I was in In my friend group with the pessimism of the term played if that makes sense like all my buddies I was talking to. I don't think they're playing the tournament and at this point they had all they'd says like we're considering Because you just start reading the Tea. Leaves of all the schools that have their concerns and Just the rhetoric coming out of it. Like you said like Bilas and Dicky and all these guys To THEIR CREDIT. Were ahead of it as well and saying like. I don't think this could happen like Sean Farnum with mine on. Espn the night before the tournament was cancelled. Like why the hell are they not canceling this thing And Yeah just watching it all unfold. This was absolutely crazy. And I'm still in denial about law. Because I don't know man it's just such a weird time like it's it's like I said it's like it's so weird to not have march madness in that in and of itself would make my existence bizarre just the fact that it's March and there's not college basketball being played but then on top of that you have real life shit that's going on and it's like what are we. What are we doing? Bryan Curtis Though I read his piece today about the sports media of this and how you know in journalism sports me we are the joke. You know what I mean. Everyone makes fun of journalists. That are in sports because they don't do anything they're playing with toys over in the corner and they don't really matter to journalism but you know what Scott Van Pelt of the world and you know what a lot of people have done in journalism in the sports world is basically uses as a way to get in that larger conversation. Which is something that you and I have had almost be forced to do even though that's the necessary aspect of of sports journalism. What it used to be at some point back in the day but this is now a larger conversation and the fact that we don't have sports to be an escape from the the harsh reality of the time is unprecedented. Because we've always had something I mean I know some people are watching a UFC. Or they're they're finding you know are a race between two twelve year olds outside in betting on it or whatever they're doing now finding grits the marvel's the marvels. That's where we are been. It's it's a very strange world and we've ruined words not world world ruins words. Unprecedented is actually what this. This is undressing. Nineteen thirty eight folks I read. I read bread. Curtis's article that he put on the radio today and I- I strained my neck. I was not long so hard for the whole. The whole premise is basically like we we. Everyone in sports media is a slapstick. It's just what degree of lactic are. You know like the guys who take themselves the most serious sportswriter on earth is still sportswriter. You're still like covering like you still do not matter and it's like I think the situation why it kind of rocks they're like I'm speaking from personal experience. I'm not going to compare my experience or anyone else but like why I feel like I'm having next central crisis with it all and why. Maybe I don't care about the tournament as much as I thought I don't care about watching highlights and all that is because I realized how ultimately insignificant I am to Society At Large. The like at there is no. I I offer nothing to this world other than talking about nineteen year olds playing basketball at. It's just a weird spotify yourself in when like Shit's hitting the fan and you want to help and you want to contribute to society. But you're like I don't know what to do so I'm just going to continue to do a podcast except my kitchen and you know I may. Maybe that will help but to your point like you said people are getting mad at you for coffee in your hand that adds to it to is like everyone just so on edge and it's so weird being in La. I know you've been quarantined. You haven't been out much I I've been out in the sense that like I have to take my dog out. I have to go get groceries. I have to still do things and it just feels so crazy. 'cause no matter what you do. You're wrong like that is. That is where we've arrived as lake. No matter who it and yelling at everyone about how everyone saying. Don't panic but there's like so many people are saying. Don't panic that you're like I don't know feels like thinking while there yet. Yeah Yeah you've yelled. Don't panic like thirty times in a row now they can sort of feels like you might be panicking and people are like whatever you don't go to restaurant you're gonNA kill your painting. Yeah you'RE GONNA kill everybody if you go to restaurants and other people are like hey asshole if you don't go to restaurants all these businesses are going under and you're you're part of the problem like that's a big one. You're part of the problem no matter what you do. Your part of problem and I'm just saying that to say the lake. That is where we found as a society and to pretend like the big victim. And all of this you and I because can't watch kids. Play basketball is kind of. Asinine so I think that's got avoid I've I don't want to I I don't want to like mourn. The loss of March madness that much. Because I'm more focused on the other stuff which is like I stocked up for food but I'm also a glutton and I've already eaten all my food because I stuff my face 'cause I have nothing else to do so now like what happens when I need more food is. They're going to be food on grocery. That's what I'm not worried about. Landing would be as sixty made a march to Atlanta in a hypothetical world. Yeah exactly and I think that's like the weird thing we talk about which is like the our world has always been you know tied to a reality at some level rate. So now we're living in hypotheticals. Which is you know. I think the big discussion you know. After the fact that the tournament was cancelled. Came out you know there was all these reports like. Well they thought about doing a one through sixteen seed in Atlanta on different locations letting them play and there was all a reaction than some of the coaches and people wanted to know what their seed would be. These kids need to know what what they would have been in the tournament. They deserve that moment. They need to see that. I've even seen like the news and observer. Did you know their own sixty eight. We did our own bracket you know with with our teams and they projected. That won't happen. I think that's all fine and Dandy but again you're living in hypotheticals and I think that's the weirdness for us to me it's like I'm a Mall Dandy with that and you know Jay bilas perfectly. That's for Lunardi Jerry Palm of the world you know. Let them live in hypotheticals? That's like that's what's fun during the regular season because all it is hypothetical but then we get reality right. You know the bag writer is no reality to. Let's get away from the hypotheticals because now it's a part of that ilk hypothetical. Yeah right I know. Yeah so about something. That's tangible then. Instead of instead of arguing over who would have won the tournament and all that other stuff What how we're we're where do we fall on eligibility issue of? That's that's come up that that the seniors should get another year. Insee already said that the spring sports Who Haven't even started. I think most of them have not even started their seasons yet correct. I believe if even if even if they have I think what started. Yeah but they said that the All the spring sports you'll get another year of eligibility if you WANNA know figure that out and there's been a call now for These basketball guys the seniors in particular because so many of these guys were were lovable. I mean Cassius Winston I think is at the top of the list in terms of like the the guy. You're rooting for the senior that you're rooting for that. Maybe maybe I'm speaking just for myself but that's the guy I feel the most for just given like everything he went through this year with or other and and on top of that just like the ups and downs Michigan State had like Josh Langford Who everyone is kind of forgotten about? But was a senior as well on this team and didn't play a game and Just everything surrounding Michigan State and then have them playing so well Heading into the big ten tournament like a guy like caches winstons who you really before especially because like let's be honest. I don't I don't see what his NBA future is like. He's he's probably if you talk to the experts. I'm not a draft expert but draft. Experts seem to think that he is. He's bound for a career overseas professionally. March man was going to be his like one one shining moment for lack of a better term was going to be his one time to you know this was his last moment to kind of do it on a massive stage front so now everyone's saying and by Everyone. I mean like five people but that's enough They're saying we should make allow seniors to play tate. Where do you fall on this? Let's yeah let's just be sensible about it right like I know it's all about scholarship limitations and it's all about the fact that we can't fit these rousers together and it will cost money for the schools Everyone's making enough money to add two or three guys that are seniors that are on scholarship to get them one. Extra year is also won't even suggest that they can't play until we get to tournament time and I was like that would make absolutely no sense or they're gonNa do something as stupid as that. Which is cash is going to sit out the entire year and then with a tournament gums. He's GONNA show up to fish contains a what's a boy. Let me take. Your starting spot have rocket watts. It'll be no. I actually liked that idea instead of cash. Just Winston isn't at Michigan State that whole Nobo- but not like not a situation where caches wants. It goes back to Michigan State and then sits the whole time. It's a situation where caches winston gets to play professionally. Yeah and then. He takes a hiatus in his professional season. It goes back and joins the team for the tournament run. I want that. That's what I want. We don't That's the Rick. Rick Pitino. Yeah he's doing professional basketball in Greece and then he comes back to college basketball. He gets the opportunity that fits him right. He's like yeah. I'm ready for the victim. Turned make cash Winston his back. We're GONNA make your imagine. Could you imagine like maybe we just? That's a great idea imagine. Ob toppin who's going to be a top five at. He's he's playing in the league and he's averaging like fifteen and six a game as a rookie and then in the middle of March two one month hiatus from whatever team he's played for he's on the cavs or the warriors or something like that it just takes a one month hiatus to join. Dayton and try to win the national title that he didn't get a chip so this year I like it. I like that idea I could do that. I do think that the only thing that I will say they can salvage. Is this whole you mentioned. Like what are we GONNA do? It's like it's a pitch. It's a pitch process right. Everyone's on twitter. Everyone that's like the media. Everyone wants to like give their idea for how we can solve this. You know what I mean. We're playing into that game right now by trying to figure out how to solve this but I do find that interesting where. It's so unprecedented that something drastic could happen. Where incidentally could come out and say Mama Mama D D Akita can come back? Virginia next year can play. You know what I mean. He's got the full year. Ashes wants to play Marcus Howard miles per everyone they can come back and play because I mean they like you said. They didn't get their shot at digging their shining moments of. Maybe this is the way to repay them back. But I don't I don't know what the ripple effect is for all that and obviously a lot of people were saying there's cancelled cancellation there's postponement which the NCAA postpone the season is. This is not professional sports. There was no way that it could work in the as much as you don't. You don't WanNa admit this like you know March madness marksman trademarks in. May of is a August. If it's an October like hurt their own and they're not gonNA do that. You know what I mean so when it was cancelled it was cancelled for reason. This'll be something that we talk about years to come. We'll always remember twenty twenty year that we didn't have a tournament the year that we didn't have a champion and viewer Virginia Fan. I think this is one of those weird moments. Where like they had never won a title. You know the nineties. Yeah I mean look at the hat on like they get two years of being the national champions after all that talk then listened to since Tony went to Virginia. You know what I mean like. They get an extra year to just kinda gloat about the fact. That were the national champions. So I think you know. That's an interesting wriggled all this to where we're always going to be either. Virginia was able to kind of care the torch for two. We should have cow guy back on the podcast by winning that we really should we'll just replay that it's about the it's a great idea. Have Kaga back on Virginia? That's God's plan. All along is for Virginia to to remain national champions. Get another if I can put my serious cap on for a second. I have my Virginia kept on. Yeah if you're watching on Fox sports. I'm paying homage to Virginia for for being the reigning national champion. Still a long reign. Longest title rain like the history of college basketball If I can put my series cap on for second so you mentioned how everyone seems to to want to salvage this somehow want to. We want to postpone instead of cancel it. We want to come up with the a rule that allows these guys to come back. We Wanna everyone's desperate to figure out something like we can't just let this go and part of me thinks like maybe that's why I don't want to watch highlights and I don't want to try to salvage it because I know you can't salvage it and I think it's like maybe maybe I mean listen you go to college again. Let me let me get serious for a second. You go to college. The Joy of college basketball the joy of the college experience is these guys. Show up on campus the stereotype that the the trump is they show up on campus. Boy they leave his men and you watch them over four years they they learn life lessons. They They mold into more mature adults in a negative spit out into the world. They contribute to society. And that's the whole Arc of these guys I think that this is just one of those life lessons. That like sometimes shit happens sometimes. Like really really bad things happened. There's no one to blame. There's no one to point the finger. It's like adversity is going to be thrown at you and you can't like get what you want like some and I think like in that regard. It's weirdly like a good lesson for the players in a weird way. I don't know how else to describe it. The like this is going to happen again in their lives were like they have all their ducks in a row. They think something should happen. A certain way and for no reason whatsoever no it can't be explained. Something happens it it ruins everything and then. How do you respond? You know like that's the that's the lesson to be learnt here. I guess I guess that's how I see. It is just like the Burnhams not happening. There's no point in trying to salvage that. There's no point and try to pretend like it is happening. We just have to pick ourselves up. Figure this shit out of her going through as a society right now and then. Let's reconvene in November and try to have a new season next year and I don't know it sucks politely. Celebrate we can celebrate like all the good stuff that happened this year and all that but I don't know I think I think that's where I've kind arrived with. An all is like yeah. This is really really really really really bad but I guarantee you unfortunately Losing out on an NCAA tournament opportunity is not going to be the worst thing that happens in these guys lives and with at like maybe learn a lesson from all of this and when you go on with life remember the time that it was all put on a platter for you to go win a national championship and it got taken me for no reason and then Maybe you apply whatever lesson you learn to that situation your life were there actual stakes instead of a trophy. There's like actual stakes were like. I don't know something. Traumatic happened in your life and like someone someone die you soon and now you have to like console loved about that or. I don't know that's way too serious for this show but that's kind of where I've arrived at all so anyway we can talk about repetition. Absolutely no. It's it's it's a real conversation for Sharon and like you said it. Sometimes you don't get what you want but you get what you need. I think we need to all come together and And like you said focused on what actually matters in this life and realized that March madness is a precious thing and what we have in our less we need to enjoy. We need to embrace it and I know next year. Hopefully twenty one when it is back. We're GONNA ride. High would be an yes he does. We will be dropping bags having the best times of our lives. My question to you is this. Do you think it should work like skins golf where next year's worth two titles? Whoever wins the next year can now hang banners? I think so. I think that's the solution. I think it just carries over. Next year's tournament has the stakes have never been higher for the attorney next year. I'd here's my pitch. You know in. In a time of pitches let's give. I'm GONNA take the serious gap back off in time of Pitches Condoleeza Rice get a committee together and I don't care how many people are in committee. I don't care if Colin Powell's on I don't care get a committee together and basically get in a room and this is like four months down the line maybe an August. Hopefully if everything's going well everyone stays Corinthian in August. Condoleeza Rice gets a group together and they decide once and for all who is the national champion and we go old school. Ap style back in the day before where the rain they were. We just decided to the FDA when Auburn you know and they were like. We're also Nash Jamie. It's like you know we have this whole argument and they get room. Condoleeza Rice releases the report. She says Kansas National Champion. Congratulations to coach. Self and a k you Jayhawks and it goes out to the world and then we just get to the the responses because they're going to be multiple teams. That think they should have wanted. Dayton will probably come out. Gonzaga will come out Kentucky while obviously cow will come out and then we just like you said the setup for that twenty twenty one title. That means something even more because K. You have a target target on their backs. 'cause I think general consensus. I know that I feel this way. Kansas was national champion in my mind based off the product of the regular season. What Daca done at the end of the year the run that they were kind of on so Condoleeza Rice can put it. Committee together announce a national champion. And then just start the whole drama around that. I think that may be good for college basketball. That's my only hope. I like it except do do it like the Helms Foundation and instead of doing August do it like in forty years from now. You have a bunch of people who weren't even alive who weren't even alive during this over the numbers. Kansas now urge aeration cell. And he's arguing over his grandma. That's what I'm with you. I think Kansas Kansas was obviously going to win the National Championship As was Dayton as was. I think it's Aga- was definitely winning as well. I gotTA throw Michigan State in there and I think Florida state was also going to win the National Championship. So those are my five national champions. Hang a banner all five of you. Congratulations you did it. Forgot this this We were talking about the eligible. Then we'll we'll talk about Pitino because that's more fun and and we can finally put the tournament being canceled Tibet I think with the eligibility thing. I 'cause I've made this point before on the show. I don't think there should be eligible limits period. I think there should be. I think the way the eligibilty issue is now's a great time for the NCAA to finally come out and say you're eligible as long as you're pursuing a higher degree. You're eligible like I I. I've never had a good explanation as to why this is a bad thing. Where if if you're pretending you're an organization the NCAA and you care about the students. I the student part of student athlete. I that's why they're called student. Athletes Not Athletes Students If that is the case then if a guy like caches Winston for example wants to now get his masters you may have already got his masters if he wants to go to medical school at Michigan State and also play basketball on the side. He should never run out of eligibility as long as he's like on-track to continue to pursue a higher degree. I don't understand why you WANNA reward that like that. Wouldn't that be a dream scenario for? Isn't that what the NCAA's wet dream is like Cassius? Winston twelve years of college basketball and he's dislike he graduates and he's like a lawyer and a orthopedic surgeon and philosopher. And you know like I don't understand. This is a bad thing because the counter to this is like well you can't have. You can't have like super town guys just sticking around forever and it's like well. I mean professional basketball is going to be more lucrative. So they're gonNA come a certain point. Where like if a guy's talented enough. He's like hell with this. I'm not going to keep working on my seven degrees school. I'm going to go get some money in the NBA overseas or whatever. I don't know if this is a great time to put that rule the Place de. Why do we have eligibility limits at all? It doesn't make any sense. It the only thing that popped in my mind you like the NCWA dream for this. All I could think about was eric. Montross signed a thirteen year contract with the Celtics as a rookie. And I just kept thinking about the idea of Eric. Montross playing thirteen years of college basketball. And how much people would hate. North Carolina if he was the center at North Carolina for thirteen years and left as you said an orthopedic surgeon. You know you gotTa Watch correct. Yeah that's GonNa fix your ankle or whatever's Gonna. I mean there there are obvious limitations to it because at some point like a guy's gonNA run out of like degrees he can go after and that's when his eligibility gets exhausted or At some point he's going to be like I'm thirty four like I don't want to be in college anymore. let's get out of here like it's going to run. Its course but I don't understand how that doesn't feed into exactly what the NCAA purports itself to be which is like exalting. The student above the athlete. Part of it all And keep getting an in the benefit to like for using cash Winston as an example benefit to him is like. He's always wanted to be a doctor. Say he can now go to medical school for free. Because you'll have. An athletics will be on scholarship versus going to play professionally back. And maybe has to pay his own way now. And maybe doesn't have that much money. Because he was playing in Lithuania. Making seventy eight grand a year for six years or whatever it was and he doesn't know if he can afford it or so he's like no. I'M GONNA stick around Michigan State. I'm going to pursue a medical degree and then After six more years appointment go pro. Yeah I don't know I don't know that. Sounds like a fair deal in in all my it makes it a mix it so much better because then you have like thirty year olds playing thirty year olds. You know what I mean. It's like it's just a weird twist of fate like is there actual student athletes. I mean these people are dedicated university in fact bolt like the professors There's always people that don't understand this. The academia institutions and the athletic department's usually don't get along right. There's usually a different objective on both sides of things Oddly enough who would have thought so the idea that the academia all with the actual student athletes? I get these professors. 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Hey there it is again that's lengthened Cobb slash titus to get fifty dollars off your first job. Terms and conditions apply back to the show we have. We have to talk about the one thing that is going on though which is rick. Pitino is comeback. Talk. Sports spots spots So this also happened pretty quickly if we're talking about like the developing news and how the tournament was cancelled and seemingly the snap of a finger. Rick Pitino dare. I say there's a joke there. Take a fifteen second joke and how. The story developed Premature reports we got word sources close to the situation. We're in our ear What was this about a month ago? That anything. I called you a month ago to tell you that very sources were telling me that Dan Marley was going to get fired at Grand Canyon and he knew he was going to get fired and Dan Marley em- he might quit before even fired because he knows he's about to get fired and they were also telling me that the Jerry Colangelo Rick. Pitino relationship could be enough to bring the Godfather himself. Patino back to the states and and end up at Grand Canyon University. Which had my head spinning. I mean the idea of Grand Canyon a school that you and I fall in love with. We loved student section more than anything in the world The idea that esther section will be paired with this man Was so so exciting and and I talked myself into and then you found dug up the clip. You remember because you remember when Louisville played a Grand Canyon and then you found the The screech out of Patino at the press conference. Stand in front of the juicy. You backdrop. Thank you and I talked myself into. Patino coming home to greet him and then Marley gets fired. And then you're hearing reports about. Pitino is told his team in Greece. That he's not coaching in Greece. Anymore he's coming into college and all my God like I. I don't know it was. It was everything I needed. Just the I. I really thought it was about to happen. That he had to go to Grand Canyon and then in the snap of a finger all the people that were in the know like no. He's going Diana and he didn't make it a secret at all. Like apparently Patino. Because I started calling like all these reporters you start seeing people tweeting. Iona done-deal like looks like potatoes grown Diana so I started reaching out to a lot of these guys like. How do you know this? And they're like oh I just I just call Rick. And he'll tell us all at everybody he's trying to make it a secret all ends up. I own which I gotta say nothing against Iona but this is a really disappointing result. Because you you're talking like lmu still open tate. It's a job that is right down the street from both of us We could we could but we could both be sitting courtside at every Ella Mugame game with Rick Pitino on the bench I had I had that in my head that could possibly happen. Grand Canyon. Obviously was was the police he had to be any ENDS UP AT IONA. Basically because he has apartment in the city and that that that was his quote he's like twenty five minutes away from my apartment in the city. I love it. This is great. This was the job from. Let's work it all backwards right because when this all have other Grand Canyon I. We figured out that. They chartered all their flights right. So we're like checks the box. That's Rick Pitino Jerry Colangelo at the top of Grand Canyon. That's old USA basketball. I'll luminosity basketball checks the box. Rick Pitino private school we can get anyone in the Grand Canyon checks the box. The only thing that didn't check the box the Grand Canyon was PR. They put out to the world. The damn early was fired or relieved relieved of his duties. The day that basically the tournament was cancelled. It was the same day it was like the worst time with all this where you're just kind of like what are you guys doing. And that was the moment that I knew. There's no way ricky's going to be like. That's not Rick Pitino Simone now because Rick Pitino like you said is a part of the media urged. Not a part of the media. But he's with media because lies at Louisville right that he basically the media warranty rid of him like they didn't like him and Tom Jewish and they were like these guys are bad. This is strike three. Let's get him Outta town. This is time. Let's do it and that's what happened. I read his cue in a reputation. Acuna with everyone. Espn two four seven. Everybody that would call on the day that he took die on job and when they asked him about will give the same answer which is basically like I was mad at the border trust. I was mad at the school. I was mad at the way I was treated but I don't care I'm past I'm past it. And the reason he's passed it is because he has been able to own his own narrative because now he's cool with all these reporters so he's over in Greece. He's winning games. We got John Gonzales. Flying over there given a full profile. Like this is what it's like to be in Greece. You know like my big Fat Greek wedding with Rick. Pitino the full story given the full rundown and he's living the dream and then he owner 'cause usually live in your normal apartment really have a good program that they've gone to what five of the last six tournaments like. I own is a good program. The they've done fairly well. It come in with the GAELS and just blow this thing up and be able to live your normal life. Be Rigby in New York City done. Deal at the. Oh it if you're Rick Pitino and if you're Dickie v WHO already said it it was like we the Jimmy V. Classic Iona Bursts Kentucky. John Calipari verse Rick Pitino and the Classic Towards Colegio. Everybody's going to want to schedule Games. I own a rick. Pitino is going to get five star equates to go I ONA people were like how did that happen? We're GONNA know why I mean the gale's gale's we're GONNA why and there is that it's GonNa it's GonNa blow up where we try to see the great game but it really is I ona honestly so it makes sense. Yeah as an Adidas School. A Grand Canyon is a Nike School. We should've started there and realized Green Kane and never had a shot Adidas Rick Pitino and the Catholic Church Together Tate. And let me just say those are three forces? These are three orders of nature. That I am excited to see the the the marriage of those three. Just what's going to happen on the college basketball seniors but in New York City throw a fourth in there? We have New York City athlete. Church ADIDAS AND RICK. Pitino are all for coming together in new Rochelle as you say it The suburbs of New York City. It's going to be fantastic But I gotTA BE HONEST. I I would care. I would have cared a lot more if you to Grand Canyon or Lmu that would have got to move the needle for me. I own A. I'm slowly talking myself into it but it was a selfish play. Rick was not thinking about the content. He was thinking about himself. He wanted he just wanted to live there because he wants to live in New York City and I get it but I'm rick we're star for now. I mean the fact that he took the job so quickly proves that like if he if he was smart he would have drawn this out for months. You would have said like he's interested in coming back to college basketball. He would have done recruiting trips himself. He would have people that he should be quarantine. And then he's he's dislike. He's tweeting through it. Like every time he tweets. He's like flying across the country to Grand Canyon. Everyone's like Rick Stayed Your House. You're part of the problem. And he's like trying to find this new job and like He. He never wants addresses the criticism like this is what he should have been doing. And we could have all been laughing at like. How Rick Pitino is the face of college basketball? Where's he going to end up bouncing all over the country That's the content. We need in these dark times and Rick Pitino instead took a job in the snap of a finger that does not really move the needle form. But I'm solely talking myself into when I did the whole Adidas Catholic Church New York City re Patina. A back I think I think I think on this but It's good to have him back at the end of the day. It's good to have him back because when when next season starts and we don't know what to talk about we can always just pull up. Bona figure out what the hell is going on. Let's get the PATINA report. What's going on with I R? I will geared. I will guarantee you. This RICKYANDTINA will say is an eye in a I M I wanna you know what I mean like this like I. Run everything here and it to me. The two coaches in college basketball vessel basketball that overlapped and have been basically A just above all of us Larry Brown Rick Pitino on both of them have been able to maneuver the situations in multitudes aways right by doing things but right on the line and also being great basketball minds at the same time and dark read. Rickyandtina was like. They don't know how to play defense in Greece but they do know how to run off. It's so he learned all these new offense of says that he's going to bring dione unease like excited them in college basketball and thinks he's GonNa work people because they don't know how to deal with them because they're all these eurocents. I believe that the gal asked me great. You got a defensive Rick Pitino team. All these like weird euro sets is going to blow up that whole leak. That'll be great. That makes no sense to me. The only thing I will say is he's not like Larry Brown and this is Larry Brown was doing what you were talking about. Which is like he made a tour of US oh. Smu The death penalty. They're downtown like that y'all SMU. I'll blow it out you know. I'll do the full thing. It seems like Rick Dip Toes Bank in. Larry Brown never dipped his toes back. He's like Oh. Kansas wants to get rid of me. I'll go to ucla or like you know. You want to get rid of me. Like I'm trying to get North Carolina job. I you know. Maybe he was always going full throttle. So it kind of respect rick for being you know a little a little heads a little bit trepidation before we get back in the league. He says he says that this is the last job that he will have. Do you believe in that. This is the last coaching job. Who Have No? I don't either. No this is coaching. Yeah Yeah No. I don't either because I think I think what's going to happen. Notre what what what is your number. How many how many how many years I thought we were trying to guess. His buyout of. I thought that's what you meant. I say I give him three years and I think I think what happens. Is this now? I'm going to say four years. I think it's GonNa take two years for him to finally get clear of all the NCAA thing like it's going to take two more years for the NCAA to finally be like were. We're not doing anything with Rick Pitino. He's off the hook. We have bigger fish to FRY it. Feel free to hire. He's not going to get a show cause but that's kind of what's looming right now is like is the NCAA going to tag him with a show cause and all that So he's GonNa two years to do that. Then you're three. He starts really he's got his like recruits. Everything's Kinda rolling year four. He makes like the sweet sixteen elite eight and then that's when Lake. I Dunno saint. John's is open again and then they they come calling and he's like great. I can keep my apartment. I'm taking the Saint John's job and then 'cause like at that point. Saint John's also like Rick. Pitino could come back to like a major program because he has no violations anymore and everyone thinks clean and yeah the pass in the past and yeah I see that that's how it's working out. There's no way he's retired at Iona. There's no way no he's GonNa get away guitar hours. I'll tell you this. Get tired of the cold weather at some point. And he's going to decide that he wants to move to somewhere. Like San Diego is GonNa like the San Diego State job. You know what I mean. He's GonNa do something like that where it's like. I've done my due diligence here. I think four years is a great number that was on the number. I'M AT FOUR YEARS BILL program up to four years. People can't really get mad at him for being there for four years like me for years. That's fine at the knee. Goes makes a big leap. That's his final run is in warm weather. Maybe Florida as more New York though so maybe goes down so where it felt like. Ucf or something down in Florida and that is up. And I think he may be win the national title there. Honestly Dude he goes to. He goes to FAU HIS HIS SON. Coach takes over. Did you see his I think that was that. Was Richard Pitino right that that I think it was Richard Pitino. That got asked about playing in front of no fans because this was when it was announced that they were going to be no fans at the big interment Richard. Pitino said I'm used to coach gets in front of no fans. I coached by. I think it was said that I might be putting words. I'm pretty sure assuming I might be thinking about that because I love that. What else what else. We gotTa hit before we get out of here. We just gotTa hit. I mean we just gotta hit honestly in general. I know that this is kind of a hodgepodge of thoughts. We have a plan. We will have a plan together to kind of cover college basketball on some level. I don't know if we WANNA do the full retrospective. Oh I remember. I remember when that happened. Oh a member when that happened but I think that we can have some fun with. There's a lot of what if moments in college basketball what that shot into Winston. How Different Is College Basketball Brad? Stevens wins title sheer. Is He still in college basketball? You know we can play some games but we also can play some of the tournament's Like you know maybe if you will be doesn't get up sixteen points at one point like what happens to Virginia team. Do they have the resiliency to make run the next year when a title? I don't know maybe we ask how guy we got things going up I still. I don't WanNa sound defeated even though I am Corentin and obviously pretty defeated on my own individual terms but as a podcast as a unit. There will be brighter days. And that's all I can say hopefully but that's what's crazy too which is like I. Yeah we have plans but my God. The world changes every twelve hours. Exactly who the hell knows what's going on in the words. You GotTa be honest Mike and Everyone's GonNa plan to get punched in the mouth. Let's everyone's gotTa plan till there's no toilet paper you gotTa Shit because I gotta be honest with you if days. Utah me about days. I'M A guy I'm about to move apartments and I'm installing my day at the new place. I couldn't department on May not win all day. So I'm so excited to move but Yeah I have plans to continue the podcast but if if a state of emergency is declared such that people are stabbing each for roles at the paper A. I'm not really sure I'm interested in in coming on here and discussing discussing whether Kate Cunningham is GonNa work out in Oklahoma state next year. And how can you think he's GonNa be I'll talk to godly about Yeah you're you're keeping your keep moving The only other thing I to shout outs. I wondered a shout out Penny Hardaway. Who said at the start of the year that he was going to win the national championship and unfortunately he never got his opportunity and so I want to retroactively named five teams. That were GONNA win Nash. James if I want to add to that list Memphis is definitely going to win the National Championship And he he somehow got out of it but to tell you what another shot up to people got out of out of declarations number. One Penny Hardaway Said he's GonNa win the National Championship. It was going very horribly wrong for him and somehow he still wasn't wrong because the tournament didn't have one. So congratulations. Benny and then our guy. The depaul walk on what's his name. pan tell us or something. You know what I'm talking about the guy with the REC specs I don't I forget how to pronounce his name I interact with them on twitter every so often. Sorry Buddy He tweeted that if the Paul went to. Paul was good when there were like six or whatever it was. He had tweeted of ember that if Paul does not make the tournament if the Paul is not a tournament team will shave his head and then depaul won their first game in the Big East Tournament and big tournament got cancelled and Ncaa Tournament got canceled before they technically lost in the tournament and the Big East Tournament sues technically still alive. Even though Paul was in tenth place in the Big East is horrible and was definitely not making the tournament. He somehow reasons way out of that as well. So shout out to those guys for like doing the Joe. Nemeth sticking your neck out and make it bold. Bold claims that weirdly enough were like they were going horribly wrong but weirdly enough were saved in the end by being in speaking turns final shout. Nc State Do Basically decided that they did not want to play determine so they win that game due to a forfeits. Nc State made the furthest in the ACC tournament which means that they would have made it into the. It's which means they would've made a run like nineteen eighty-three because Kevin teaches a winner. So add to that list as well Nc State Natural JP NC state also WANNA national title. And I finally I WANNA shout out I WANNA I WANNA shout out Gregg Marshall for show social distancing. I don't know if you're paying attention to this day. But Wichita state entire team is like transferring. It seems I can't I can't get a read on exactly. How many guys are transferred but Every time I'm on twitter and I hit refresh Jeff Goodman talking about some other guy. That's leaving Wichita state so Gregg Marshall he gets it he he is not part of the problem is social distancing. He's kicking all of his guys out pushing them out the door saying go go somewhere else. And he's distancing himself from his own team so respected him for that. Yeah good job. Great Job Greg Marshall Law. That's what it is more Go Martial Martial Law there it is. We're living under martial law right there all right. We'LL BE BACK ON FRIDAY STACEY EVERYBODY. I don't know I don't know what else to say. That's it be safe be well. We'll see you on Friday.

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