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The incident that hospitalized six medical workers including one doctor was so alarming to the staff at Riverside General Hospital that the emergency room was evacuated to the parking lot. It has not yet been determined. What caused the emergency room workers to fall ill while treating a cancer patient who had been brought in by ambulance? On February Nineteenth Nineteen eighty-four. Gloria Ramirez was rushed to General Hospital in Riverside California right in our backyard. A total of six people attempting to work on her either fainted had shortness of breath nausea and even temporary paralysis. Well WE'RE GONNA be talking about what the press named the toxic lady Now the climate right now. Yes and Ozzy plan to do now for any reason. This is were discussing this episode. A couple of weeks ago on our list and now is when we're doing in house time baby so if you're ultrasensitive about hospitals or not knowing what can affect who this might not be the episode for you at. I'm glad on ships do before we this is going to be A. This is an interesting one because took place in the early nineties which I found interesting and it's Riverside California we love talking about southern California and it's relatively recent and really it seems to still be officially somewhat of a mystery. I love that tons of conspiracy theory. Of course what would we do without that? Yeah I hope. One of them is linked to Britney Spears toxic. The two no no okay. Well Greg involved at all Qaeda Britney Spears instagram. She's all over. It's probably interconnected. I'm sure that maybe people that worked at this hospital must have listened to Britney Spears at some point few years later. You're five years later. Good point so. Gloria Ramirez was only thirty one which is really tragic. Yeah she had rapid heartbeat. Low blood pressure and she could hardly breathe and when shoes answering questions was incoherent So they found. Our were informed is that she had late stage cervical cancer. Which is God awful? So that's why she was her medical. You know condition was deteriorating. And they did what they need to do to bring her. Vital signs to normal stabilize and then sort things out giving her various drugs and oxygen whatever they need to do and nothing worked. That was part of the thing like okay. Nothing is nothing. She's not responding to anything now. You we're in one thousand nine hundred four. The technology's there. The medicine is there has been developments in the last twenty plus years but still. We're in a good place to be well facilitated and riversides a pretty big PAPI called General Hospital. I mean I'm sure it's Kinda has all bases covered more. Dr Julie Gershon Sqi saying that right. She applied a defibrillator and on her body it was like shiny. What is I got like a like an oily shine like a a layer of language? Like shoes wax-figure. Just like an oily like there was a. you know. We're we're no we're gonNA find out what that is but she was covered in this oil sheen okay and they noticed. Her breath had like a garlicky fruity odor like rotting fruit kind of thing and the nurses place the syringe in Ramirez's arm to get a blood sample. Her blood smelled like ammonia. Oh my God and there were Manila colored particles in her blood so a lot going on a fine. The doctor in charge of the are that night looked at the blood sample and he was like. There's something not right here clearly the this is And it wasn't originally like some kind of your heart failure but they're like this is not not that Doctor Gore's Sqi she smelled. Ammonia felt dizzy. One of the attending nurses started to faint. Another nurse developed breathing. Problems third nurse passed out and when she awoke she was unable to move her arms or legs. What six people were unable to treat Ramirez because they were having shrimp symptoms to what was coming out of her? Yeah the the smells. Something was being released. And that's what they were how powerful that must have been to be in that room to have that happened that many medical personnel that is horrifying. Then that's where the Mr Allies So the ER was evacuated. Because we don't know what this is and someone is not alive at this point I believe. Yeah yes she was. Yeah Okay so. They had to have a special team in has met suits. Yeah bring out. The has met so as Manila. Flex her blood. They searched the are for poison. Gas Toxins for substance. Something outside of the woman although when she came in and they started poking prodding and doing what they're doing that's when it started to happen because I'm sure that I'm assuming that these nurses and doctors experienced a lot of different things over the years wasn't day one. Sure Yeah So. It seemed kind of unique. So they had to put the body in a sealed aluminum casket while and then the autopsy didn't happen to almost a week later. It special room in has medicines because they didn't know what they were dealing with. I mean imagine the person who had to do this autopsy where you're like. What am I just like? People were exposed to rate like atomic radiation. With my just doomed like what? We're trying to figure out there was no. They don't know what they don't know what happened. They conducted three autopsies. Who's what body is left after? Not I mean it was deteriorating. So it wasn't it was. I think that was kind of like. Let's do what we can as quick as we can. But then when you don't know you're dealing with art let's go back in. If you get a fresh set of brains is to to check it out. So one occurred six days after death then six weeks and then right before burial which is probably probably soon after yeah and a more thorough. Autopsy happened on March twenty fifth more than a month. Actress passed away. They concluded that there were signs of Tylenol. Light O'Kane codeine and teagan inner system. Which is taken as an anti nausea medications? You're like what what's Teagan. I was like that too. It's an anti love. Teagan and Sara no now Sarah now your Britney Spears not even Sarah Okay. The way. The medication breaks down in the body is like an interesting kind of reaction in Ami's breakdown. Ami's are really to ammonia ammonia related. Which could explain the ammonia smell in her blood sample The toxicology report said the Ramirez had large amounts of just set on fire the Were always like this. They large amounts of dye methyl cell phone in her blood and tissue which doesn't occur naturally the body. We have some of it as it breaks down certain substances and keeps everything the body the body works harmoniously. Wants an item enters the body disappears quickly with a half life of just three days however there was so much in her system. It's still registered. Three times amount. Six weeks following her death well so there was. It comes and goes. She had so much that she was dead for months in there was still more than anyone normally have. So it's like a lethal combination between all these things plus cancer three weeks later on April. Twelve Nineteen ninety-four county officials announced Ramirez died of heart failure. Due to kidney failure brought on by the late stage Cervical Cancer Ramirez was diagnosed with cancer six weeks before her death pretty aggressive pretty quick. Yeah the unusual substances in our blood were too low to explain her death even though they're elevated levels of ammonia and metal on her body it took the county officials two months to release the body for a proper funeral because of toxicity levels and fears people would faint or pass out so they were like we can't we were doing this with special rooms and has met suits and metal for people to be exposed to your family was like what is what is what is happening yeah Her sister blamed the conditions at the hospital. Her death and I think the hospital had been known to maybe not have an a rating You know so. There was a little bit of that not to say that that was the case but it was something that adaptation for not being the. Yes got. They had violations in the past but there was nothing in the investigation that pointed to conditions the hospital at being at fault boy. Why don't we take a little break because I'm GonNa get into what probably happened and then some okay? We're GONNA you know it's going to find out what happened to Dr Julie to. Oh Dr Julie. You didn't your best. Today's episode is brought to you by best best. Fiends is a puzzle game that you can play right on your phone. It's really cool. You go through these levels solving challenging puzzles that actually engage your brain but at the same time. It's casual it's fun. It's pretty addicting. It is unique and exciting experience. Unlike any other puzzle game out there. 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So when things go wrong we will just pass the buck to Barrett Brown Brandon Gaddis and Holy Trinity. Yeah they're probably GONNA be like. Oh let's just put it on. Espn Barrett Barrett. Yeah you can fight amongst yourselves. We also got a nice another nice message on Apple. Podcast people are really coming through for us because we take a bit of a bit of a hit This one is from blew off gene B. L. E. G. Any I'm into it to be completely honest. I started this podcast once and I just wasn't feeling it. That's okay the honest. Yeah that's like Rebecca every day and I guess then I give it another try and I can't stop listening you guys go on. Give it a try listening listening. Good Listener Great. Sounds like fun? You guys five so well and you're humorous spot on with mine. The topics delivery humor the condos into a week. You can't beat it. Also love the way you pitch your Patriot dot com slash goes down for bonus episodes. She I listened. I don't want to say I could but I had to. It's in here. It's I would not be honest. Says also love the way you pick you're patriots. Lol PATRON DOT com slash. Those town pod. Easy now trying to read an honest reading of this review emotional purposes. It's not you're not on you but it really helps because we're going to be traveling soon and we've got a little more detail. I think maybe next week. We'll talk about where we're GONNA be instant because we're starting to plan all the stuff and and stuff like that. So that's the patriarch helps with various things and You know some little tiny local travel expenses and other. You want to see us out of my living room. Yeah yeah come on. Doing apples bringing together all right so before we completely flat line. We're going to get back into it. That oily sheen we were talking about Not Coconut Oil. Now IT'S D. M. S. O. Or Die Metal cell phone which is a very questionable controversial substance that you know those things that are like very like Oh this helps with this and everyone used and then you're like me not so good for you. Yeah especially. Let's Devil's food. Cook Snack Walls Devils? Who Cookies they make you thin. Yeah they make you thin. They're really delicious. Totally good for you John. Any of those a big tub of Sh- sugar makes you healthy and live forever. Great so she was covered head to tone it because it was known to be cancer fighter but in that way of like not even really new. Agey it's just in the supplemental world. I'm like Elixir. Oh says she herself she put herself? You can still buy it now. I don't know if it's the different dosages. Or what? How much in there. But I think she had one. That was like a pretty intense. Because there's certain things where you're to sell it you can only have at this. How much so sad and the rest of it might be a aloe or something like that and it was labelled a toxic substance ninety sixty five and I sixty five. It was like smoking's great. Yeah they're so much fun. Drink at breakfast took assure so for for ninety five is like you do not touch that stuff. You know. It's gotta be bad. Yeah and it was a one of those cure alls in the early sixties early. And it's not even that people found out as xt five that it could relieve pain reduce anxiety athletes would rub it on their skin to relieve aches muscles. And perhaps in the small doses. I think she has because she knew she was sick. It was probably a very high dosage of it and literally always under skin. Yeah and that is so sad said because her last effort to try to get rid of the cancer. And it's all you really can do so I don't really you know can't blame her for it. Yeah it was a study in mice that showed that DNA can ruin your eyesight so God there that fat of DSL was kind of an old thing you can still buy. I looked it up and I looked at reviews and people still seem to but I don't know I think it's GOLIC GROWS. Hips rose water. It might be a very small amount of it in there. I don't know that that's changed. Di Methyl cell phone is a reaction product of die. Metal sulfoxide a solvents used by cancer patients as home pain remedy but DM so or DM so two is dangerous. Were reading up on this subject of livermore. Scientists came across a related chemical. Di Methyl sulfate which is d four. They're all the same. I mean yeah I don't know but it could be a very powerful poison gas so version of it and it could have caused. Nearly every symptoms suffered by the riverside staff and imagine if she's putting that on for six weeks plus all she's taking a lot of different things to to deal with her symptoms. The more scientists have this hypothesis does not the conspiracy theory partner. We're GONNA get to that. That's very interesting. Ramirez doses herself with the USO. Duda urinary blockage. This stuff builds up in her bloodstream. Number two oxygen administered by the paramedics converts the DC Messo into her blood to a high concentration of DMS's to number three when the DMZ to laden blood is drawn out in the syringe and cools temperature crystals form and they confronted by experimentation number four. Dmz twos converted to DMS. Oh four by an unknown mechanism. Did if defibrillator like a cocktail of knows. Because it's a very it's a unique cocktail and that the demons afford just evaporates without a trace. God so Dr Julie. She ended up suing the hospital because of what happened to her. Yeah she ended up being hospitalized for two weeks with breathing problems. Muscle spasms pancreatitis wall and a vascular necrosis of the knees. Nusseirat is the term they use knee wrought understand. She's a like thirties early forties. This how I wanted to long. She was exposed to this woman's body minutes seconds our so she got it the worst She believes that the bone destruction was a direct result of whatever toxins she unwittingly inhaled that night because she had no existing conditions. That could explain. What afflicted her for Dr Julie S. She's just trying to get some answers you know. Now there's another theory okay. I know if this is still around the Los Angeles weekly New Times is new time surrounding so okay well. They had a possible alternative explanation. The hospital where the incident occurred may have been the site of a secret lab used to legally manufacture the drug meth. Oh that's why this newspaper is not around. The mets situation isn't a early nineties and riverside. I mean probably high probably hi. This is also this is. Oj Era to this is a lot's been going on in that second theory. Okay we'll go. We'll we'll we`ll. We'll put a pin that one God in stories appearing on the May fifteen th to twenty first and September Eleventh Seventeenth Nineteen ninety-seven issues staff writer. Susan Goldsmith reports that meth chemicals may have been smuggled out of the hospital in IV bags one of which was inadvertently hooked up to Gloria Ramirez. Got What else. Give this woman's body handle this triggered the round of nausea headache and other systems that took out six nurses and doctors. Those smells and symptoms are classic to Meth. Fume. Exposure forensic chemist chemists who analyze materials quoted saying math manufacturing is said to be big business in Riverside County and other counties. Because it's not you know general hospital baby. Authorities have shut down more than thousand meth labs since the late eighties. Probably more this point and many more remain undetected so maybe it was the a mix them up with the you know so smuggling math out on this this gross hospital. Here's something the person that thought. They were getting math which is getting some sailing so they were probably very very hydrated right now. Yeah I just don't understand my electrolytes for like all that's interesting straight dope discovery read it and the La Times. And I guess the new times and the new times maybe four singlehandedly. Bringing that back. I don't know if that's a good idea Hendra Riverside I need a job so.

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