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From workhouse connect in a j Benza. Vein. He liked to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky sex camps is the guy put the cop and the peacock network. Okay. Bitch. Hey, everybody AJ venza here fame bitch for February. I twenty nineteen boiled boy, the next two months of an tell the tale. They really will. I very I told you this before. Feb in March not been friendly. So dukes up getting in shape is a new new company. That's gonna advertise the podcast that I think is going to be quite effective for me. And you guys some ready for February March and our that fucking twenty eight day months. It's an ass kicker. The weather's tough especially you guys out in the middle of the country and east coast. It's crazy and come the Eid's much. Listen guys before I start ten plus talking about getting in shape ten plus a metabolism booster. I've talked about this now three days this week. That's how much I feel great about it. 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Your discount will automatically be applied. Let's do it gang between this. And the thing talk about next week that has to do with kickstart Nahra our health and getting back into being in shape. Even though it's a it's a tough time of year to get out there and do it. But if you do it now, you get ahead of the curve, and you beat those idiots who started may, you know, what I'm saying. So let's get hard. You know in the hard body. Let's put it that way. Got to be careful with the show. We're always talking sexual here. Know, look, I gotta tell you before I go into the show. I've been bitching moaning about Bryan singer lot. I've been bitching among about what's happened to kids because the mother fuckers like him kids young adults teens the whole thing. Look, we gotta do something. And that's what today's patriot was about as we gotta do something as Dulce to send a message. And it's too many fuck is on Twitter and Instagram. What have you ain't who ain't saying anything, and they have the platform they have the power and a lot of these idiots use it for for for for things that I don't even care about. But they think well, you know, look at people look at the things that people play for on game shows, the the, you know, the charities they play you wanna go. What are you? What are you doing pick something more important than that his might chat? My charity is let's stop kids from getting fucked up abused, mentally physically motion. Let's all do that. We got us the way to start. It's simple. Don't see these fuckers movies, man. I don't care how God damn much you love, Freddie. Mercury. You know, you you you you can speak in the tiniest reverential tones when his name comes up. Okay. Because Freddie was great. But you can't speak about Bryan singer, so mention how great the film us just start there. You know, you think about how the government and other governments have gone after Julian Assange, a guy who divulged secrets that that could hurt our country and other countries they that like this guy's going to be killed these live the life of seclusion in fear. Looks like he hasn't seen his son in sixteen years. And then you look at how Bryan singer lifts say the glaring Apocrypha in his world. We so God damn man is how how Bryan singer acts about all this bullshit. He, you know. His biggest his biggest comeback was that in the article in the Atlantic. He had this big comeback long. You know, he said, you know, that there were murmurs that he'd been but might never work again because of all this stuff and his big combat was euro, homophobic. You kidding me? Really? That's getting out of this. We're home we're against gay people. That's what we're really mad about. Listen. He's not listening. But if he was I'd say, hey asshole. I don't care. What whole you put it in or take it out makes no difference to me enjoy yourself? Okay. It's about your hunger for little boys. I'd want you dead. If you refunding giraffe I want you in prison if you straight and you're in my family, it's not about gay straight. In fact, we're we're he's headed he's never gonna stop being the enjoyment of tons of men who haven't had the time to see his movies, but boil boy do they identify with the I five. Words of the song the movies based on. I'll help you out, mama. Just killed a man. That's what's going to happen. Him in prison. Tesa getting some shit now not shit. I'm getting some people poke in and making some comments on social media about my my yesterday. My patriot about the jussie smollet situation in how I I'm not quite not quite believing all the details. And with this guy says happened the sandwich to AM the news the bleach in I. Levy do don't Tanti m z because they're sitting there today going. Well, why would anybody believe Jesse smell would may believe why wouldn't they believe him? I don't know. What what Kellyanne Conway said? She got jumped by two black guys at two o'clock in the morning while she was going to get a subway sandwich. And they put her in black face. Who would believe that story as horrible as it sounds? We'd all be like, what's why you getting the sandwich. What do you Audrey order ubereats while you walk in the streets at two AM? It doesn't make any sense. You know? But here's here's the his the puzzling pot because yesterday I had to entertain a couple of people couldn't fathom. Why felt that way about just one girl said, you know? Well, I don't know what what what don't you believe like I had to believe every facet of his listen. Honey, you're young you're black. You love empire. Let's just forget it. Let's let a week pass. And let's see if details change because the picture they put out is two guys walking across the street. Could be anybody. I don't like this. I've been arrested a couple of times in my life. And when the policeman asked you for your phone, you give your fucking fault. And if I had any sort of alibi on that phone whereby they could hear me and my manager speaking during this attack. I would throw the phone to the cops before they asked. I'd say here here's proof. But no Jesse don't wanna give them the phone. First of all, I find it very hard to to to being a battle for your life. While you're on the phone. I would think you put that in your pocket, you hang up. You put your dukes up and you try to protect yourself, particularly when there's a new Scone around your neck, but the whole thing of him coming in and not caring about another forty minutes later making the call from downstairs in the lobby and he comes back downstairs, and there's a rope around his. You know, what just let's just wait. Let's just wait. Used to be a time before cell phones where you could stare at a window or look up at your ceiling and reflects now, there's news and entertainment in your face all day instead of reflection. What's happening now is nobody has nobody has a personal thought anymore. An original personal thought, we're all a lot of us are always getting somebody else's view, somebody else's angle somebody else's talking pointer argument, and you find yourself talking to people, you know, or dumber than you. But they're just merely taking somebody else's point. And having it pass through them out van nor original thought anyhow look. Singer ain't the only creep who's been fucking with kids. Okay. We know that and I talked to you guys months ago about these the cult leader John of God the idiot would put scissors up people's knows and act like he was taken out of cancerous some shit, the one that ultra anointed as the best things in sliced bread. This guy's been accused of running the sex slave farm and selling babies to the highest bidder on the black market. Why gotta be called blocking don't worry about it. It's not racial. To share a d-? Yeah. John guy was arrested a week after over six hundred allegations remain against them. And prosecutors say this could be the worst could be the worst serial crimes case in Brazil's history. I hope you got somebody on the ball on the fence at six hundred five eighty five Jesus guy seventy seven years old spiritual world, you know, this guy could do it all that all crumbles in December when he was accused of sexually abusing some woman on TV finally somebody the balsa say get your elbow off my tick while you putting scissors up by knows. There was a dentist down the street. My house Dr Hank Dr Stewart Hank and he was one of those nosy guys who walked around the neighborhood when the neighborhood was a brand new development and people are getting pulled put in and fences put up, and you know, it was it was the early seventies. And this guy, Dr Stewart Hankun, my father called him the wandering Jew because he'd walk around the neighborhood looking everybody's business. You know, and we all went to Hank in me. My sister's my mother my the whole neighborhood when he was the first dentist into developing. He made a fortune. He even smoked imagined onto a dentist. Now. He would actually put the x Ray film on your tooth. Tell you to hold it. He going the X Ray room taking few drags come back with his cigarette smelling fingers and working your mouth, no gloves back then. And according to my sister's he would kind of position his body is on whereby his elbows were on their tits. I just thought of that. Because John of God anyhow. So worse than anything else is that there's these six hundred, you know, similar allegations from around the world from countless women, and he's denied them, all obviously. But there's an activist named Sabrina Bittencourt and she's claiming that. He ran a baby trafficking operation in which kids were farmed in Brazil before being sold to childless couples around the world. And, you know, look this chick fit in court. She's good her previous investigations led to him being arrested in December. So let's listen to what she saying. The fucking person's really doing our job. She said that these women. Were murdered after ten years of giving birth. So he go to these these areas that were kind of bad and people weren't doing. Well, obviously need aid heavies. He's he's had his agents take these young girls. He's teenage girls out of these developments in promise them food in a place to live. And once they were there, they were basically prostitutes, and and they just got fucked by people kept having babies and the babies result babies, a sulfur as much as five hundred bucks a pop, and he had hundreds of these girls all around Brazil. And apparently, according to Bittencourt these girls from ages fourteen to eighteen would be killed ten years later. And you know, he offer them money and they live in mineral mines and farms. He owned all around Brazil, and you know, they could pregnant the babies will go to the highest bidder from people from all over different continents. Unbelievable. Hundreds of girls were enslaved over the years. And killed after they gave birth and. There are reports that. Adoptive mothers of these of these children would pay between twenty and fifty grand for these went to these babies in in Europe in a stray area and in America. I don't know anybody who just suddenly has a baby. I, you know, I know people who've adopted it appears to be, you know, a typical straight by the book adoption by wonder, you know, I wonder what there are people who really want children so badly. I wonder if they didn't know what they were getting I'm sure there are some people who knew and turned a blind eye. But there are people that I'm sure if it's that many women who are being pregnant, there's gotta be people who are babies now that had no idea there. They're the mother of this child was killed ten years later at the ripe old age of twenty four. You know, you can't pump out babies at twenty four machineries China old and kick those tires. Don't look too. Good. Unbelievable. So this guy's John of God, you know, became a real big shot around ten years ago when Oprah. Infre- visited his his country. And she went and had a thing done to her. And she said she almost fainted from the blissful encounter. And of course, you know, if you make Oprah calm, you might as well be second in line to God. Because you know. Anything Oprah touches. It's your member. How big it was. So is fame begins to rise. And he becomes the country's most celebrated faith healer renowned all over the world. And he did nothing. He puts his nose with cotton swabs and pull shit at you know, they're awfully shit. They're awfully even. This guy's daughter said, my father is a monster. And after this arrest recently was issued he was on the run for a week. And I like the fact that he has a enough money that he he withdrew nine million dollars from several Bank accounts and police figured he was trying to flee Brazil, of course, and high the money in case of any compensation claims, but they also found a bunch of firearms and large quantities of cash in his house and his house, which he called his spiritual retreats he finally handed over himself to cops December sixteenth. I don't know why we're not hearing about this until now month and a half later. He said, I surrendered to divine Justice in his promise. I now place myself in the hands of earthly Justice. Guys been charged with two counts of rape and two counts of statutory rape. As detectives continue to look into these abuse clans on shore, those numbers will rise a loss. And as in case anybody shocked, let me tell you who also is friends with him. And actually was so moved. She made a documentary about him. That would be the crazy creepy spirit cooking bitch. Marina Abramovich, the one that the Clintons love and the pedestrians. Love and lady Gaga loves and the people love to go. Look at our art exhibits with dead people dead children in which she paints in blood. You know, it's just it's like I'm in a different world sometimes, but I'll tell you open fee. Sure. Enough to pick those friends hobby-wise Hillary Clinton John God. And don't forget she was recently on David Geffen's three hundred million dollar yacht. Right in the middle of all the Bryan singer bullshit. In case, you guys you're listening to this show and knock the patriots. I'll give you a little tidbit. They get on get you should not spring them with the five or ten bucks. Not being manager saying they've given has been Bryan singer's protective for over twenty years. He invested tens tens hundreds of thousands into the D E N network that singer was a big part of and it was really a front for all these widows like Gary Darden, got answeer and Mark Collins rectal. I call them see rectum to just annihilate and tore and rape. And and just destroy little boys lives and David Geffen as protec-. Bryan singer ever since and David Geffen is the mouthpiece mouth piece of the Hollywood reporter. That's why you'll only see positive articles about Bryan singer in the Hollywood reporter because David Geffen is part owner of the Hollywood reporter. Actually. No, that's wrong. David Geffen is is is a great friend and co owner of the LA clippers with a guy named Todd belie Todd bow lake runs. The company that owns the Hollywood reporter. So Geffen has a big say in what gets printed in that wreck. Which out here is the bible. Now finally a bit of good news. But ironically, good news, you will not find delivered to you on the news. You know, no mainstream media reported this why I have no idea this is hope in a box with a bowl on fifty victims of human trafficking rescued including fourteen miners in a sting across California that netted oh three hundred thirty nine arrests of scumbags. Some victims were as young as six. In fact, fourteen was the most common age LA county sheriff's office officials said that ninety three human trafficking task forces in teams from various counties were part of a three day operation. They called it operation reclaiming rebuild you better. Believe Donald Trump was right? Fucking behind it. Sorry back a little political Napa. Let's call a Spade is pay the guy said from day one. We're going after people abuse kids. So I gotta gives the credit to somebody and lake Dona Chuck Schumer. These fucking people. There are pimps that they rounded up pimps who put victims up for sale individuals who who solicit sex acts from underage teams. And a lot of these these kids were saved from the underground world of sex trafficking. There were runaways there people who lost in social media, rabbit holes and chat sites and just just insane. Parts of the world that you, and I will never know. But some of these rescues and somebody's arrests were really dramatic. And it's a shame. You don't get to see him that should be a channel. They're the that. We have a couple of great shows on what cops do, but this is Pacific import right now, we should be hearing about this ship. There's one adult man who was seen sexually assaulting a six year old girl in multiple video showing graphic child pornography. Another guy's thirty year old was founded arrested within one day of. Thirties coming across these clips another case of seventeen year old girl was Lord from a nearby city Fresno by a guy who she met online. And she believes she's going to have a relationship with the guy. So she brought up fourteen year old sister long to make the move with her. Let's go to Fresno. I'm going to have a boyfriend the fuck of wrong with these parents where all these parents. They get the Fresno right away. The guy makes the two teams work in prostitution. No kidding. And he's threatening him. If they talked he's gonna fucking Lacombe around and whatever fuck. You know, he was there pimp, and he sold the girls to another pimp six thousand dollars three days later, so they made enough money for this guy is selling for six grand got only knows what they went through in those three hour days and a few hours after that law enforcement officials were able to track down both victims and the suspect and they were connected with the victims victims services, and they would take it home. Thank god. Meanwhile, the fifty four year old man fifty four that's like me with a fourteen year old girl makes I can't even I can't it's like me with the girl. My daughter's friend disgusting. He's taken into custody after sending photos of hundred dollar bills to a fifteen year old boy he was trying to groom and entice into meeting him at a park for sex. And the teens. Thank goodness actually undercover. Decoy who later arrested the guy when he shot up a love it. It was a three day. Statewide, stink took place in January and. I don't know if you know this, but it's fish Lee recognized by federal authorities as national slavery and human trafficking prevention month. That's January is put that down your call on your calendar next year. I don't know how the fuck we come up with these names. But I'm glad there's something there something in place for these good people to rescue these poor souls, and we should fuck in here about it. Who cares about Cardi B? And what she says about the president who cares about the shit. They're showing us, man. We thank my tippy top my cream of the crop alley. Chichi train net Mahoney. Cross Angelique Keller Audra fortune chris'll among Elise. Chris lowest Chris, Dr Debbie ends, George Kenna's Katrin speed, Catherine Stewart Kelly on seaport many Valentinas, Melanie how Melissa spiritual Nicole Patterson. Patricia Markel, Ryan Wolfe. Sarah. Sisley Galloway Todd. Ran Wendy MAC asleep. Gabby. Gotcha poli Krista John stat, by the way, guys one quick update. An update on the Conor McGregor rape story. I told you about a week ago or so apparently the girl in this. This story has dropped the charges. This is a story about Connor meeting grow to bar outside of Dublin and raping her so badly. Apparently, she was on a period and didn't get rich to take out a tampon when all the way back into his serve X and had to be surgically removed. Throat was throw her throat had marched on a consistent with him putting show Cole on her. Like, you would as his opponents in the ACTA gone. Just a terrible story. Palley? This girl has dropped the charge. Now, the story is very violent gang in Dublin. Call the Kinderman gang, and the story is they threatened describes family told it to accept the payout from Connor or else. People are gonna get hurt. And she did now there are people out there. Let me throw one big allegedly over this whole story because there are people out there, including my editor at star magazine. Dylan howard. Wasn't buying this story. And I respect him a lot. He's had a lot more stuff run under his nose than I have being the fact that he runs radar National Enquirer star in touch everything. So he said I don't want that in your column because his good as it might sound. I, you know, not gonna mention a person being up for rape on just one source saying so and I get it. That's admirable. Actually. In other words, he wasn't even he wasn't comfortable with me saying iris Irish police officials say because I was getting his information from sources in Ireland and who've never lied to me. But you know, it is a rape case. And I gave that to you guys on the show. I saw paperwork on desk of an editor at an Irish newspaper that had verbiage consistent with this story. The kinda mcgregor's called in to be questioned by detective about I said that's enough for me. Anyhow. Wasn't enough for Dylan Howard good for him. Because story never repeated anywhere. Never appeared anywhere in prints. So maybe it is absolutely. Because of what happened with this violent drug gangs street, gang or maybe it's because. Maybe never happened such as the life of a gossip columnist and people who look at these stories and vet these things all day Conor McGregor is certainly the kind of guy that has been getting in a lot of trouble. There's talk about him loving the book sugar too much, and we all know, his tremendous athlete. But as a temper does things that the hundred miles an hour. I tend to believe that he was called in question doesn't mean he did it. But I believe he was called in question at any rate. The girl is not pressing charges on anybody. I'm a big I'm a kiss fan it. I've seen kissing person a couple of times actually, maybe sixteen seventeen years ago. I saw them incur person at Dodger Stadium with three d glasses. You haven't seen anything until gene Simmons? Tom is coming at you in three D glasses. Ladies, I'm telling you. It's a panty dropper. I'm only kidding. It's not it's disgusting. But look big trouble in the in the band. So, you know, the the co founder in the extra tars ace freely. He slammed gene Simmons recently in a in a Facebook post. I just love when rock and rollers argue on Facebook. The fuck is happened to us. He accused the Simmons of groping his wife, and he got real mad. He actually told him Agassi and guitar world that you know, actually Simmons toga tall role. He wasn't sure if as freely impeded, Chris whatever be part of the band again ever again, he said Eysenck. Peter have gotten three chances. They were in and out of the band fired three times for drugs or alcohol for bad behavior being on professional. They weren't carrying their load. We love to have him back and join us here in there. And if they don't it's not going to be because of us, but they're never going to be in kiss. Again. We would welcome. The jump on stage for song or to of course, can we depend on Asian pita to a full set every night, not on your fucking life. That's what gene Simmons set so freely went crazy. Geniune memory is incorrect, I was never fired from Kissi quit twice not three times on my own free will because you and Paul control freaks. He said they've on trust-worthy difficult to work with. And he said, you're slandering me about my bad habits, basically said he said he's been sober for twelve years. He can't keep calling somebody drunk or drug out of this over twelve years. I get his frustration. And he said, you know, I've doing my I'm living my life the right way. Gotta hear us talk shit about me. It's gonna affect future work that I'm going to get. But basically the big icing on the cake is what freely accused Simmons doing by the way Simmons was accused of sexual misconduct in groping a girl in December of twenty seventeen. So that's out there. So freely says to him the icing on the cake was when you grow up my life and propositioned her in LA at the capital records building behind my back while I was trying to help out what I was trying to help you out in your vault experiences, which I only found out about several weeks later. So he's going to do his favor for his for for gene Simmons, and he finds out weeks later, he grabbed his wife's ass or tater something the white was planning on going after herself for the lawsuit but freely talked her out of it. So he's demanded an apology from his old bandmates as well as an offer to rejoin the group and kick out this other guy named Tommy fair. If that doesn't happen ace really says this shit will hit the fan, and they'll be no stopping it. Here's the thing. Guys. I've got my share a calls from women over the years who offered me proof of all these fares. They've had with gene Simmons even recently even within the last two or three years. You know, poor Shannon, tweed his wife. I mean, she has put up with God knows. I I happen to know very well that he was fucking Anna, Nicole Smith for for for a time. Even old actresses. I I want to say, I know I'm wrong when I say, Yvonne, decarlo that's not who I mean. But I can't think of the name. But gene, Simmons bang a very old actress who was well pastor prime. I don't know why I think it's von decarlo. Maybe that's impossible. I don't know it might be. I haven't Google that. But I I know I heard something like that. When I was at the Roxie when I would a bunch of rock and roll guys, but I know a chick who was really tight with him, and she said trim strips. She's gene trimmings is good. She said Simmons really treats women like shit. This woman, I know traveled him here and there, and he got a problem being handed me. No, he sticks his tongue out everywhere. But he's got a problem being handy. And he's thinking that you know, all women want him because of who he is. And she says in a largely fans don't complain 'cause they're obsessed with gene Simmons in the van. But every now and then like recently, not recently. Maybe years ago there at the San Diego comic con and even polish with models at different booths lick their necks what his big tongue, and he would see how far you can go down their neck into their cleavage before. They'd stop them. He also had a move where he would hold a woman really close when he met them. And he'd say don't move on coming. I guess he thought he's being funny. I don't know. But clearly this girl tells me the women were like really uncomfortable and another time after a kiss show and Phoenix they went back to the hotel and the concierge is a female attractive, and he took about a ponytail and he held onto a ponytail led her around the entire hotel the entire time. She was talking to him about the room and the facilities, and and he just wouldn't like over ponytail and the girl asked him. Why would you do that? She was clearly uncomfortable. And he said I like to see what I can get away with because some famous and that pretty much sums up his mentality of how he behaves around women, and it brings up something else. I wanna to talk about the other day that I never gone to speaking of rich, really rich man, and what they get away with. I spoke briefly about L. Embarking, and when she was married to Ron Perlman and how you know she she kinda knew early on. She didn't want to be with him put it that way. But she kept asking for jewelry, expensive, jewelry, and he kept buying it. And she had a plan. She had a plan and the plan was as soon as they got separated before. And according to my source there was still thinking about whether they might get back, but Ellen new one game back and Allen was let's say maybe not she could use some money at this point in life. She took all the jewelry and had a fucking estate sale while Ron thought she was mulling over getting back with them, and she made millions and then told them I think the marriage is over. So I like that story even they're all embarking could be a little bit crazy now. And then I like that she did that. I'm always think she's a bad ass. But something I really know about Ron Perlman that bugged me a lot of guys last week thought I was talking about Ron Perlman the act. Ter- no talking about the mousy Jewish who owns Revlon. And he's one of those guys in New York who kinda walks around cocker the walkie owns the city. He's very smart, very bright. But he's also a guy that thinks she can do whatever the fuck you wants. And I mentioned briefly one time he you know, he would send Kara letters. He would call car when I was at the fucking house. People knew I was a boyfriend. I didn't like that shit. And I grabbed the one night, and I said you make fucking phone call. I'm gonna put your bowl someplace not gonna find something like that. And he just shook his head and walked away. And I always wonder how much work I lost because he made one phone call to a friend. Maybe that's why lost my job at the daily news. My sister always thinks that the reason why Pete Hamill said, I should go is because some big rich mother fucker, whether it was Trump, Tommy Mottola, Ron Perelman. Maybe maybe one of them maybe all of them made a phone call and said, he's gotta go. I don't know guys. But I'm working on my temper, even though it's fucking thirty years later. So Ron Perlman meets girl. I used to date beautiful girl named Sunday. Right. She's a hostess at chip Yanni. And these rich guys know how to lay it on their closers that businessmen and I asked what did you find that the turn you on? Why will you intrigue? She said, he's very smart. And she said every button on his dress shirt was in emerald. I said, wow, that's pretty fucking cool. I never even heard of that. But that's pretty bad as so he. He he puts her on his helicopter, and they fly to the Hamptons where he has this magnificent place. Maybe the best place in all of Long Island, Ron promos places in Saint like when he shows a movie, he's got these fucking reclining chairs that are like launchers he could put like a hundred people in a room in his house and show a movie better than a movie theater. Anyhow, they take the chopper to the house and Sunday was beautiful. They get to the house, and he makes your take an aids test without telling that was going to be part of the thing. She doesn't mind because she's clean, but in walks eight house nurse with the fuck, and you know, the whole thing draw blood everything, and I don't know how you could take an aids test and find out how quickly you you have HIV or not. But the girl did it wrong. And my my extra funds on was bloody. And it was blood shooting at what fiasco, anyhow, they stay get together, they have dinner, and they have sex, and I think my girl extra that she was like. Niro, period, or whatever, and it was a little blood will Ron Perlman freak the fuck out. He ran out of the bed into the shower and shower for twenty minutes, and he was so turned off by it that he put her in a different bedroom and different wing of the house, and then had it helicopter, take it back to Manhattan alone. The next day. Just freaky stories like that that these rich is fascinates me. Because I love to know how the other side lives, but Jesus Christ, and they still get laid even with that kind of behavior. I can't understand that. But I also can't avoid the Nick cannon sitting in for Wendy Williams story. I know you guys are obsessed. Lot of my listeners are obsessed with Wendy Williams show. Can we talk about Nick, can I oughta how much input Wendy Williams had? But I doubt she had that much because Nick candle is on record of not liking to gossip much. Not like to talk about celebrities. And you know, we know he's become a very guarded PC spewing professional TV host we've seen ad. So why is he sitting in for when I don't I think he and Wendy Williams closed and maybe because Nick suffered a marriage meltdown with Mariah he's a little sympathetic to Wendy Williams needs. Maybe but I can't look away. I can't look at Nick cannon without laughing. I can't he looks ridiculous. He's corneas. Fuck. He was so. Place and not at all needed on. America's got talent. All they did was throw throw shots to him with his jerky expressions whenever they had a sword swallowing or fucking magician. It just was jerky. I know it was paid a ton of money. But as a man, you cannot be happy doing that. Life is short or all given a finite amount of time on this earth. A real man doesn't wanna waste doing something as ridiculous as making faces and grimacing or commenting on a on a contortionist or dog trick. That's not what we wanna do. And then now the turbans Jesus he looks like miss Cleo awaiting from three my future when I see this guy. It's ridiculous. I'll tell you right now. And I hit that there's a couple of weeks back. If Wendy Williams ain't back by late February she never coming back. It's over and I'll tell you when she was first diagnosed with graves disease people were saying, they didn't think she was prepared for how long treatment recovery was. And you know, that may be true. She took those two initial weeks off. But people said there's no way that was long enough people know that disease. No, this is gonna take a lot longer. I really think Wendy has suffered a stroke or two and she's got residual damage somewhere. And in that condition. She can't be on air that whole fainting episode last year. It was just too neatly tidy tucked away. I think it had more to do with the stroke than the letting on same thing. I feel about Demi Levato not that she had a stroke, but that you know, that overdose in July as she left her in bed shape. Let me I should question has anybody still heard her speak since July. No, you haven't. I know she stepped out twice. But no comments in public. None to a human being. You know, shove a home and she'll peel off a tweet now. And then about how man she is that people talk about a, blah, blah, blah. But she could all clear this up if she just talked to a camera, she won't do it. And what's the big deal talking to a camera? Okay. You're getting sober. Good for you. God bless I hope you live sixty more years, but you can't talk to the camera. No talking. No, singing, Wendy Williams is in the business of being seen every day and being seen in the right? Clothes the right heels, the right hair. I don't think she's going to be able to be seen in a lesser version of herself. I think aesthetics away to important for Wendy. And I think she's really mulling over the rest of her life. Not just the rest of recruiter. I feel badly for like I said she backed by April. She ain't coming back. If she does and won't be long before she has to call it quits again. That's the way I feel. Now guys having giving you a recipe in a while. And I've kinda like cheated you and right now with the weather being what it is. I know a lot of you some of you live out loud outside America. You don't understand? What's going on is like if you take a pissed at freezes in midstream in Wisconsin right now? It's insane. Saw wanna leave you with a recipe that really is the kind of thing you love to eat right now. And I every day I'm going to tell you the putting this recipe you probably having your frigerator right now. I bet you do or in the cover. I'm gonna talk to you about pasta Jolie, or as we say pastas, pasta Jolie is is just means pasta and beans, and it's a very traditional Italian dish. It's it's a peasant dish inexpensive ingredients. But it's it's a Neopolitan dish. It's Noblet on dish. My mother was from Naples, my father, Sicily. So let me give a little love here. Here's what you need for pasta zal and really about twenty. Minutes cooking time, it's so fucking easy. And so good, but I'm putting a twist on. Usually, I make pasta Zule too quick soup. A quick pasta soup so to speak, and I'm off and a warm, and it's great. But I'm gonna add edit twist to this to make it even more exciting, especially with this. Call weather. So you're gonna need some pasta. Okay. The pasta you use. You could use you could use penny. You could use oughta get which is small ears of pasta. You could even use small shells, small shells. Not the ones that blow up in water to the size of ping pong ball. No, you wanna small pasta or Tenny. And oughta kept the the little ones that looked like ears. That's a catchy means. Erin Italian you'll see him, but anything like that will work you need about gold pound to pasta. Maybe a little less than a pound. But a pound will be fine. You can lead to a canned good tomatoes pureed tomatoes. Now, this is the part of the dish. You can't scam. You gotta go good to me. I like to go Semo Zanu whatever you do. Don't use hunts. Don't if you do I can tell about color the source if you send me pitches, don't you can use Nina's that ain't to bed to throw so's not even Cento because they're Chen, those everywhere. Listen, she got it. You can use Progresso but don't fucking use hunts. But if you got the coin, and you got some time go get some Sam Rosanno, it's about four ninety five can the other ships like a dollar fifty. All right. You need that. Of course, you need a little olive oil to start cooking this stuff and not too much. But it's always gonna be extra-virgin taking medium onion chop it up. Nice. Maybe a stalker stalking to have a salary chopped up. Nice same thing. Garlic. You know, me go bigger, go home. I go eight close. I'm not going to manage. He go ten, but I don't wanna hear you when full don't anywhere from six to ten and you're good. Any two cans of white beans. I like cannelloni. I don't care if you go. If you go what's it called northern beans? They sell anything white kennel only I love and don't train them and put them in a strain. Keep them in that use the juice that comes with because it binds the pasta late at trust me. So put them on the side. Right. You can lead about a Cup or chicken stock easy salt and pepper, and you can even use frozen spinach. If you have to if you have fresh that'd be great, but frozen spinach works as well to one package of that. And if you do you wanna thought out and squeeze it dry get some paper towels and really squeeze at art. Okay. And then you need about a half a Cup of really good. Grated cheese. We've been through this million times. You know, I like in a pinch. You can go Ramana. Oh, Luca Tellier Amano. But, you know, the king of cheeses is always the best you could even go parmesan here. But just don't get it in the green fucking can don't. Okay, listen. It's easy. Preacher of foreign degrees. You're gonna take a large sauce pot with water you gonna ball your pasta? Once it's done. But cook it two minutes less than what you normally cook. It what the box says when you two minutes short drained it drained of water and keep it on the side. K now drain the tomatoes before I should say drain the tomatoes beforehand. You can puree them up. If there is whole or chop them up coarsely with a knife. You'll know make them bite-size. Okay. Now, take a nice big saucepan one of those big ones that can control a lot of cooking. And you put your couple of couple tables. Couple tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. He didn't nice and hot throw in the onion. And celery cook them for about eight minutes on medium till they start to look a little translucent when that happens, then I throw the Golic in for the next minute or two before it gets Brown. Okay. Now, you started. Tomatoes, and the puree you put the beans, and you put the broad thin. You put the salt and pepper in. And you start the heat that to a boil over high heat. And when it starts to bubble and shit, you reduce it to medium, and then you star in the spinach. Now, you take the being mixture you take the the reserve pasta cookie. I should've said early take some pasta water a little bit and that being wanna and the quarter Cup of Ramana cheese or whatever cheese using and put it in saucepan, and you toss that all until it's really well midst. Okay. If it looks a little too watery because of the the bean juice and the pasta juice, then by all means use a tablespoon and just kind of get the water out like your balance on a boat. You don't want to watery. So use your eye on that. And make sure it's not you don't wanna see extra water k. 'cause I might have told you too much with the with the bean water. And also the starch what? So get out the extra. What all right, but you'd make Joe you mixed it up. Really? Well, you transfer the pasta mixture and put it in a nice ceramic baking pan baking dish, pyrex, whatever you got sprinkle little more cheese on top tro. Som extra extra-virgin like make the sign of Zoro Z make a big z with oil, and then goes see backwards to guy. Nice good drizzle of oil on top you bake it for fifteen minutes until it's hot in the center, and the top is a nice, golden color, and that my friends is pasta for Joel it's baked pasta Joel or as we say pastas, and as we really say specially whether like this don't be fooled. He pasta old AJ vans. And that's fame is a bitch. Talk to you guys Monday. 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