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Little: Why Are You Living in New York City?


I'm Gretchen Rubin, and this is a little happier a long, long time ago when I was living in New York City for the very first time one summer during college, I saw a public service poster on the number six subway here, and I have never forgotten it. Even though I saw this poster just that one time it was a black and white photograph of a container of Chinese food sitting on two of those white opaque cases of movies rented from blockbuster, you know, back when people use those tapes. So there was the Chinese food container the to tapes and underneath and big letters. The poster said, if this is how you spend your time, why are you living in New York City? I think about that question often. I'm haunted by it. It reminds me how much I want to push myself to experience the treasures of my city and the world not to just sit home even though that can be a lot of fun. I am where I am. Want to experience for myself. If I'm watching TV and eating takeout, why am I living in New York City? Why am I living in Kansas City? Why am I living anywhere? I think it's a really useful question to think about. I'm Gretchen Rubin and I helped us make sure week a little happier. Panoply.

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