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Introduction to Someday Arrival


You have a party and you find yourself talking about the stuff. You Really WanNa do one that the you know got around to your someday the jury in the business the projects the band the the book the job whatever it is for you I wish that some and I I could be do contribute and get off the ground. This podcast is about making that happen. It's about making taking someday today about every he two three weeks. I'm going to upload podcast which is going to help you find your purpose fulfil your potential and make an impact. When is Darren and I have been involved in numbers from projects over the years? I've written a book. I have a ban I've written a musical I have. I've worked in the charity. Sector with international development organizations and I'm willing to do is just share some some of the things I've learned over twenty or so years and if is helpful to you then please do take care and make your someday. I'm Diane a reality. I WANNA say one thing and that is that you are completely unique. no-one in history has ever had your. Aw Mix of skills talents and relationships your stories your potential your experiences. You are a masterpiece. You're priceless plus your ear applicable and it'll be a such a shame it would be a tragedy if if that didn't happen because you let the confidence or the skills or or the motivation. You didn't bring what you have to the world and make that make their contribution. I'm especially passionate about helping those who are less fortunate and Hopefully something the EU dream of doing could make a difference in the lives of your even if it's your family and friends or your community or you'll oh country or or or even globally. You may will have the kernel of the world needs and I want to give you the confidence and some of the actual actual practical skills and ideas and tips to make those things happen and I believe that we have the opportunity and the privilege of doing many people in the world. Don't have the opportunities. Yeah we have If you're listening to Western country dinovite to the euro already rich if you sleeping in bed if you put your food in the fridge she monies in the bank. You have a toilet. Two thirds of the World Toilet Flushing Toilet. So the truth. Is You have huge opportunity fingertips as well. The world is literally literally at your fingertips. There's no reason not to succeed. You're living at the best time in history to get something done to make something happen. James Clear clear in one of his books says that anyone who's connected to the Internet has education has the education power of university and the distribution Egyptian power of a media company at the fingertips. You know we're living at a time when you need huge amounts of capital even going to Sabah printing press and I'm I'm put out loud to Newspa- thousands of newspapers. Yeah I'M GONNA try and work out how to broadcast on. Am Long Way radiant. You know you just pick up your smartphone and you go you. Just start writing and you publish just Connect with others and social media is so easy today to make a dream happen easier now that he's ever the bay and so what we want to do together. We WanNa make someday today when these things happen and was that dream keep coming back to that dream that someday. I leave always wanted to do that. Conversation that thing you find yourself talking about politics so that's what we're going to go up to hear listen alone. Contribute give me. The idea is giving questions. Get in touch. You can contact me on Darren at wisdom today DOT COM Darren wisdom to lead DOT com. If you like it pleased to like subscribe and coming and together. We can make some day. Too tape

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