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Welcome to Common home conversations Beyond you and seventy-five a series by the planetary podcast in common home conversations. You will hear from leading Global experts on how the proposal of recognizing the existence of an intangible Global common Without Borders can change our relationship with our planet the common home of humanity has proposed an ambitious New Globe pack for the environment the adverse effects of climate change span across borders and Beyond territories recognizing the Earth system as a common Heritage of humankind is the first step in restoring a stable climate a visible manifestation of a well-functioning or a system this proposals cascading effects would be systemic and tremendously impact international relations and economics opening the doors to restoring a well-functioning earth system, and home conversations is the place to discuss a new social contract between Society wage. Economy and the Earth system now here is your host founder and CEO of the planetary press Kimberly White. Hello and welcome to Common home conversations. Today. We're joined by Paloma founder and president of the common home of humanity. Thank you for joining us today Pollo. Thank you so much for your invitation. So kind thank you. So Paulo. Can you tell us what inspired you and your organization to launch This Global call for a legal framework off the main idea that the the starting point was when I saw a leg of this function one the capacity for love to explain the wall and this this happened on 2002 when the oil tank oil tanker that crashed near the border between Portugal and Spain the north of Portugal and the Crash was on Spanish Waters and the first reaction of the Spanish authorities was to push the boat for Portuguese letters they try to push and after our are me send the bolts and the reality was that there were several boats on the water off in the middle of the the highest split and the whole go to both sides. This is when this reality of having one line that is abstract that is illegal obstruction that divide them received the package. We cannot provide the C you cannot we can divide the space of the C, but we cannot survive the water. We cannot rewrite the system. We cannot provide the quality of their work or the fishes. So this is really one in capacity of law to explain the reality of this planet of these interconnected permit for so when we do lose the connection between abstraction and the Lego figuration and the reality of the page. We have to look for Solutions. This is what you need a new Lego extraction that is able to represent the interconnections of the climate. So we have had agreements to address the climate crisis such as the Kyoto Protocol and of course the Paris climate Accord, however, we're still struggling to move the needle the annual wage Gap report from the UN environment released last year found that Global greenhouse-gas emissions Must Fall by more than 7% each year over the next decade if were to limit warmer 1.5 degrees and we recently learned that we have failed to achieve any of the global biodiversity targets set a decade ago. What do you believe as prevented us from moving forward and finding a solution? One of the many mistakes is to consider and now we're mental inability to address the global you understand 12 to except we can say but to accept and to view all the things are all interconnected. The question is the same problem that I talked before about the the absence of one level of abstraction that is able to represent the interconnects. The box office planet is the same reason or is the strut for a reason for not receiving any result in my view on the climate emergency brake biodiversity. The question is when climate for the first time enter on the UN discussions in the eighties. The first question that was raised was what is Kathy from a legal point of view climates as you can imagine. It's something absolutely different for international law because climate is not a territory is a system off. Is more than a system is a well-functioning system is a pattern of ability of the function of this system that is predictable. We can if Seasons well defined seasons and all the years defined pattern repeats and repeats again, and we have envelope of temperatures that stuck inside these limits of temperature climate is for so it's a function well function that system is a way of function of the system that is for young woman's another species and this mode of operating. Both of the system is intangible is a software. It's not a territory is not a hardware issue is the software the great question is that from a lot of point of view we still look at the planet as we live in the in the eighteenth Century in the 77th birth. In the sixteenth Century or long the question is we still looking this planet only as a Territory divided between states where wage leftovers of the territories are the global comments. And this is not true. This is not absolutely to what make this planet different from all the planets that we know is the system all the time. It's able to be Tori bigger or smaller than Earth or all the planets have a territory what the other planets to motels and we have here in this place is the system that supports life the system that system in a well functions. The way of function is our main character's name is Howard 9 and most value think that we are going to because support life and supporters. And for the wall. This system does not exist. Does not exist because isn't eligible because you cannot divide it because we cannot appreciate it. We cannot properly privatised these things off and if we can divide the space of the C as we have made on the particular our Waters, we can divide the space but we cannot provide the system that operates inside the water of oceans. We cannot provide the system that operate on the airspace. We can divide space we cannot provide the system. Okay, and this is not the greatest issues because we do not accept that we have a global, Without Borders. We do not manage climate as a global, This is the great wage when climate is on in the UN negotiations in the eighties. The first proposal from Malta was to propose to recognize a stage. Climate is a common Heritage of mankind. The question was in nineteen. Ninety two in the in husum. It's the season was to consider them a change as a common concern of of mankind and this makes all the difference. This is the main reason why we still do not have any results intake linked technically climate change because with this decision decides that climate is not a common good you decide that climate is issue issue like any any issue and some level but no one's know. What is a concern from a lack of view in terms of flights and and in terms of the lease and the main question because we do not accept The climate is a system that exists in the real world and not issue. We do not accept that is a global comment and we do not manage it off the clock of comment and the great question is again because we do not do not fake Nuys the stable climate as a global public who's all the benefits that maintained and produce a stable climate do not exist for the world and four. So do not exist for economy. For example off the question of Amazon. I call it the Paradox of everyone knows that the forests of Amazon is one of the Key Systems on the planet that maintain and produce a stable climate. This Forest is the highest level affirmative a great question. Is this value Thursday. Everyone should necessarily everyone knows about these value but usually is not visible for economy. Why because when we talk about the value of of Amazon, we are talking about the invariable work that VIN is a consistent another Echo seems around the world make on the function on the issue of creating of their system on the intangible work of nature on the chemical changes that the forest made on on the air on the water on the soil and leaves changes. Anything tangible work does not exist because the common does not exist from a legal point of view. This work is made in a global Lego get off. The global does not exist slow confusing guava comments are only The Leftovers of the territories. Sorry. Sorry. This planet is more than a territory dead. No, Jewish in the world know like Alex Perry though. I can say that that is not true. The true is that this planet is now than a territory off and they'd show is not wrong. What is wrong is the law the law is wrong without changing this it will be totally impossible to restore the system because we do not take it off from work to his dorm a global, No one will make improvements on a global comment that does not exist that we will not be compensated for this. No doubt. No one will produce benefits on electronic. This is the good question and the results of concerned approach is not a decision to menage a global, that implies a conquest Conquest between the rules of appropriation of the global economy. And also the Congress dead. From Apple with that provided the gullible Public Schools. We need rules for providing providing the the global public group and for the procreation the reserve because usually do not have the global common. The result is when system of mitigation between states and the system of mitigation is we will try to make less patience the team and this is and negative some game. We will continue to make the emissions and this is the only way our economy works. Because to make positive to make benefits on that system to his started system. It's invisible for economy without sensing these Lego framework. We may not restart the system. We will not sure the food for Next Generation now when discussing an intangible Global common Without Borders One initial misconception regarding this deals with national borders and sovereignty. Can you address this? We must understand some way explained that these are these two different realities. What is the division of the space? Another is the system to different realities and this is the great secret somehow for the convenient. Why in the convenience it's possible to have common property inside the space of private property. Because they have different things one is one thing is the space is my apartment. Another think is the system of electricity or the system of what page are the system of the elevators. This one is a function of division. And now that is a space disease and we can consolidate both this is what we need to do in the planet. We need to consider the system as a global common that exists inside and outside of the seventies and this month. I do not mean that we have to to finish with the borders with the seventies to be honest. The only way to keep sovereignty and the territories goal is to keep the system in a well function way. We helped a well function at system. That is not sovereignty that can say I do not agree with climate change. The climate change is that the system is that this is the reality of this planet and this is not under the the sovereignty of every state. This is not under the jurisdiction of church and state. The only way to manage one common is as as Professor alien or often tell us the first step is off cuz we find the, what is the comment that is a strike we have to manage in this is the first step and I think is to define the system as a common Heritage of mankind and now we have the certificate tools that are needed to Define. This comment have attached the search for the safe operating space for mankind. I think is specific to to Define these intangible, narratives of mankind that support life. The second step is to cross like Congress between the rules for a population and the rules for provision of the common group without these. It's impossible to have a collective action in a series destructive conditions for a collective action climate change is not a problem of CO2 climate change before being a problem of CO2 age or economic problem is the problem of comments of Malaysian comments without creating the conditions to be possible a successful management common. We will not address. We will not clean this work against climate change because this is a problem that no one's talked about that is behind all the problems and people consider take as long as something even that climate change is a common concern with or whatever without no one knows. What is a concern so climate change is essentially a symptom not the root cause of the illness. It's a symptom. Yeah, you are right this difficulty of accepting from the 70 feeling that we have a common in size of territory independently if you accept or not the comment is there. Is function we we have no sovereignty under the common the common system and our future the features of the next Generations depend on this comment page now historically economic growth has come at a devastating cost to the Earth's natural systems or Global comments, essentially when we destroy the environment we create wealth with no penalty, but at the same time there are no incentives in place to reward nature Positive Solutions and recent Studies have found that nature could create trillions of dollars in annual business opportunities the system that dysfunctional how do we reconcile Economic Development with growing environmental concerns? And this is again a legal question. I like of casting that is behind the conception of Valium. The conception of what is the creation in our society if we accept that we have a common Without Borders intention that is not a threat to the sovereignty. That is the only way to keep the solvent. He's working at for the future and Rising footage if we accept this and we accept that the climate package is in fact my country depends on what others made on the other side of the planet depends on the aircraft systems that are in other countries. If we accept this, we put some competencies in one institution that will manage that I think should be United Nations wage. She's Manish. What are the positive impacts that each one make and negative impacts that each one made on the comment system to create the system of accountancy of these extra tax to create Global public policy of the maintenance of this of this climate. We can change the rule of the game when the wealth creation the wealth creation in our society only happens. If we destroy nature, if you hit nice the comments we can give value to the work of nature. We can give value to the intangible work of nature. And we must distinguish that Amazon the the rainforests. I only spoke of about Amazon because it's the biggest. Okay. All the ecosystems are this is the song speaking up for that the rest of the systems but I talked about the result because it's the biggest one the lungs of the Earth. Yeah. The question is the forest of Amazon. We want them to the nine countries that this place on Earth the work that is made is, because there is no borders for the world of nature. There is no borders for the evapotranspiration. There is no borders for the the sources of CO2. There is no bothers four boxes and there is no borders for that organic wage goes to the water that after all the organic material that goes to the data and after she's all the oceans there is no horse for this but these forests in its belong Used to the current is that are there the question is we need to make one account to see of system that compensate this work for the benefits that list territory be nice to all the system that we all share the value if it's we all share the benefits of these ecosystems in the same way that we all share the damage that the commission or the emissions of of who else all over the place the place we share the benefits and we share the damage. So the only way to remember that this question is 2:15 as the common and after to make a system of governance of the use of his, and to think I fully accept the benefits see if you introduce the benefits of the accountancy. All the compass you will change it will discuss effects on the emissions on the logic of the emissions on the logic of what is what took on the GDP of countries without changing this rule. We will continue on the negatives on some game where you try to reduce emissions that we will never get installed at the system because we will we will not create one carry activity of the system in the country's off and the Camry activity of the system should be compensated and he can't achieve become visible on the GDP of of the countries and we must find a balance between the positive impacts and the negative impacts. And the question is if we introduce the positive impact what will be the consequences the cache cache conscripts or on the negative because this will change the rule of the game is to teach in One initial condition of the system that really studying checks that will end probably no effects in all the economy. You know, there's a lessons between not and so involved relations inside the countries that it's a paralegal shifts and to any results. I think it's inevitably that we need a paradigm shift. We have so many police chief. How long does History Month why we cannot another one and think on this we have already freaked nice the question of where Lego steps for the dog. And it has Ultimate Guide we have already recognized leg of objects of flow in vegetable Acres of objects of flow in outerspace flow. We have already defined the safe across the space. That is this space when we are talking about the safe operating space with the planet plan this framework. We are not talking a space. This space is not a theory class place is a quality space of the system. We have the quantity and quality parameters that Define a well-functioning system. We took all the tools that we need to recognize the global common to measure the impacts to define the global common to change the only abstract that we took in our heads in our ideas his to accept that we have a global common, you know posters. This is the only of stock we have wage. The abstract between to give the opportunity for next Generations to drive and to live or to be in in the description in the climate these hoops. And the only obstruction in this moment is one long-held belief that we have borders and we do not have a global common result workers. The question is we are not talking about to hit earliest. We have to leave our mindsets from the territory and to embrace the idea of the system that we need to keep the borders on the territories 12-piece. To maintain the peace that we can get that at the same time who we need to build a Lego framework that is able to represent the global function of that system. We need something a level of abstraction that is not old system. When we proposed to recognize that sisters akong ritaj is not saying that the commentators will be the system this this will be a good presentation of the system with the knowledge that we have now. That is the safe open a space. That is the best knowledge that we we have now. The reality is what we can have for sure is that this planet is not only a predatory and we need to be present the functionality of the system from a legal point of view and after to build a system of global dead. Ms of these Global, so by introducing in our account to see in our GDP the work of nature we can make a paralytic shift in what is value and by doing so we we can build one economy not only to reduce emissions month that we are already starting to hit but also when you going to be of restoring that list Okay, the countries that have used ecosystems the key across systems of the planet, of course, they must be compensated. Okay dead but they must be compensated because they are providing one services that support life for everyone and this will create new jobs new ways of wealth creation and you know, you have to work on both sides reducing the impact and the story The ecosystems. And they will work together but to work together and to work on both sides you leave that via the results. Outcome of this work the outcomes of these activities, you can visible in the economic system in a global economic system and do not forget when you you are investing in less than a emissions in the equipment's with less emissions. We are capturing tio2 you are working on intangibles natural intense Force brat reducing benefits on a system or less emissions or negative or capture and feel too so you we are always working when we are reducing his best offer with new technologies to to to avoid emissions. We are reading with internet. Well intangibles. We are leaving to avoid emissions of natural attention off. What we are talking about is about 1 economy of natural intangibles more than Commodities that are support of life. And we should build this new economy around this soap. It's a new economy that realize new jobs new economic activities that are different from the previous one. Okay, so long there is no account eviction between the economy and actual the contradiction is between what we conceive wage as value what we consider as wealth creation and nature economy is not in a position to Nature. What is in a position is our concept of what is value for nature. What is really funny can be what is the concept of wealth creation? Now, I think that's a really great point. And I know that the world economic Forum recently came out with a report on how nature Positive Solutions are good for our economy. So essentially shifting away from his usual which is a Hot Topic right now with covid-19 and the green recovery and adopting these nature Positive Solutions to create trillions of dollars in annual business opportunities and create nearly four hundred thousand jobs over the next ten years alone. So this will be a very beneficial for us. It's a global community and also our local communities. Yes. We with some great great Advantage Kimberly very good Technologies with their emissions or capturing CO2 with no damage. So nature visit Solutions off the problems of natural registration. You need a legal framework that capture. What do they are positive externalities? Okay, trust many to invest in nature with Solutions. Okay. No, one will put millions and millions and millions of dollars in nature of the solutions because the outcomes of nature with Solutions are in network intangibles benefits on the system that that needs bit cock-eyed. Okay, so to talk about none conflict between economy and and later is absolutely Madness off in the sense that the problem is not economy in the problem is what is value and I ask again. What is value for humankind more eyebrows or more communities or more videos of physical conditions that support week whenever or something continue to prove communities. We need to prove communities that we need to produce less communities and to produce more touchable Network test was that super flight because we're not in he's in the end one will earn money because the system will collapse So the problem is the system of what is what is value for us? What really matter for us? Okay. This is the question about the value to what and the value is invented for us, but the system do not change. The only one that concerns is economy. The only that can change is the law that the laws of nature will not change. So the only solution is to adapt our laws to adapt our economy to what support wise and the next Generations there is no risk excuse to do not do it. There is no excuse. I like that we must change because the laws of nature will not change. Thank you Paula. This was enlightening. Do you have any final thoughts to share with their audience? We can manage the system without undermining the territory the sovereignty of States. This is from a legal point of view from a political point of view one use of Illusion because this is the time also to connect the new science about the function of that Cisco Unity of the system with the concepts quiz electrical sites with the political Solutions with the designing of policies and the designing of organic institutions of Institutions designing Global governance. So only connecting of all of this song with law with the cost places in the economy by freaking Rising the work of nature that support life. And also connecting with that political and institutional solutions that we need to manage the system. This is the new society that we need the evolution that we need to have one hundred percent where we can leave when the next Generations can live off. We cannot think that in the anthropocene. We will leave on the same way with the same clubs that we live ten years ago twenty years ago five three years and do not forget all that is that we are seeing now then let you know is and so on and off also one outcome as not having solution for this fact of being we are all collect. We will depend on each other in a global scale and because we have no solutions for these we have no designing with no governance designed for this reality of the planet that the outcome is dead. Each one is trying to close themselves in their borders thinking that this is the best solution for them and we know that this this is not true climate change that damage did not expect any bother for so only building something that represents a wall Without Borders The systemic approach and keeping the borders on the territory and the rowing the system to exist Without Borders. We can find new Solutions. All right, and there you have it. Our planet is more than a territory and The Great quest moving forward is to recognize the existence of the earth system as a common Heritage of humankind dead. By recognizing our Global Commons, we can give value to the intangible work of Nature and take the first step to restoring a stable climate a visible manifestation of a well-functioning earth system. That is all for today and thank you for joining us for this episode of common home conversations Beyond you and 75 Please Subscribe share and be sure to tune in next Wednesday to continue the conversation with our special guest Carl Burger co-founder and managing director of one Earth and visit us at ww.w the planetary, press, four more episodes and the latest news and sustainability climate change in the environment.

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