Gwyneth x Chrissy: On Food, Marriage, and Social Media


I'm gonna th Paltrow and you're listening to the goop podcast made possible by our friends at Lululemon. I started practicing yoga back when it was still considered new agey at best and downright weird at worst. In many ways, we have Lululemon to thank religion, amazing yoga, and bringing yoga wear to a massive audience by putting it in the context of athletics, their original yoga pants, stretchy comfortable, and performance oriented is the perfect example. I love that they recruit professional athletes to take new products for test, runs our tests, bike rides, plank squats, and so on. They also asked the athletes to report back with thoughts and tweaks for optimizing the fit and functionality of each piece. And it shows in the where for more information and for store locations, visit Lululemon dot com. Today. I'm very excited to be talking with Chrissy Teagan. You may be obsessed with harass appease, like I am family photos on Instagram for that time. She wore headgear on lip sync, battle and made out with her husband. John legend, Chrissy arguably has the best Bax of all time and someone should make a book of her tweets. I'd start with this one quote. I always have a note in my pocket that says, John did it just in case I murdered because I don't want him to remarry and quote hashtag Chula hash day tips. I think everyone always loves to ask like, oh my God, you just dies. It is everything just so sexy. Does he sing you all the time? And I'm like, no, and I don't want it to be that way. I love watching TV with him. I love watching housewives. I love making a meal with him. I love seeing him interact with our kids Chrissy had me over and we got to talk about her new cookbook, cravings hungry for more. And of course we ended up talking about much more. I think it's good to be proud of what you eat. I think sometimes we, we like to pretend that you know we can do whatever we want and an indulgent, everything we want. But I think it's really good to feel. Good. Okay. Let's chat with Chrissy. Thank you for letting me come into your beautiful home. You are welcome. Anytime. I'm surprised you haven't been here much more often even ever invited me. So my way in before nine pm. It's true. I've always see with a cocktail swear. I'm not always like this. I swear I'm I am always. Our working here leave pepper pepper. Yeah, my mom, she were named twins gonna. I'm pepper Potts and she's Hefford appeti- pepper time to to. We call her pepper high now why she hitting the base having? Yeah, love dabbling. Dabbing. I just made the depth. I think this whole like legalization of marijuana has been really interesting for like women like me because I never relate smoked Potter until it sort of became legal in normal and your mall. And now I'm like, and now there's like an apple store of down the street. It's very, it is unusual. I say, I just. I, if x me my thrill, my, I'm not one that takes to, but my dogs enjoy it. Oh, there's like medical cases for so cool. I know it is so interesting to see though it's like nothing now. It's weird. So I want to ask you like, I want to understand a little bit like one is their trajectory of Chrissy Teagan like, how did you go from being an eighteen year old who you are not happens? I don't know. I always feel like everything's been really small steps like nothing has really been like a huge major turning point. I, I was always like a very just whatever boring working model where you would do catalogs and online work, and it wasn't glamorous at all. It was just constant changing throughout the day and they didn't care how you looked. It was just like, let's get the most photos possible, and it was just a real job would go. You've read a book, you'd you? It was just, it really wasn't until like sports. Listen, I think was my big turning point in. That's when I could. Finally maybe have a say in my days. How did you get that job Brooklyn decker? Actually I- tribute to her every time I can. She is. So you need to have her on your. Actually she is. She's great. I miss it. Mega first time she's fabulous. Are you need to be friends her in her husband, Andy Roddick came to John show and they wanted to say hi to John and had come back stage. And then it just was we immediately clicked Brooklyn and I an and Ian John and clicked and Brooklyn, went back to Sports Illustrated. She had already been there for many years. Were you married already at this porno? Not yet. This was a couple years we didn't get even we were together for seven years before we got engaged evens five years for we engage when we got married. But yes, she came backstage met me, and then she went back to Sports Illustrated and said, I don't know if you guys know about this girl, but no women do this in the industry. You know that like she was just so I don't know. You just never meet people like that. And she recommended me to the editor MJ day and I went and met them. And then basically I would say if there were big turning points in my career, it was it was Brooklyn. Helping that along and being in Sports Illustrated. And then. I just, you know, I started having this homelife of really learning that. You know, when you have a kitchen and you have this atmosphere that create where you really love being at home and you love watching crappy movies or crappy TV and drinking wine, and then you find this place. Really. This is my happy place. I discovered that that was my happy place. Like I wasn't like a young kid in the kitchen. That was like always fascinated by food. I always loved eating, but in love cooking until I really had all the tools that I needed. And then now it was from then on. I was like, this is this is what makes me happy. What do you think it is about Sports Illustrated in in our culture? That is so important. You know what I mean? It's pretty, it's icon EQ. It's. I think a big thing for me was when I went into have my casting with them. I was so used to working in Miami and you would immediately have to. It's like, take your shirt off. You know, like let's say, we wanna polaroid. We wanna see your body. When I went into Sports Illustrated MJ was like, I sat down for an hour. We just talked and talked and talked, and she wanted to know everything about my life and I never had it was never about the body. It was like fascinating to me when I left. I remember thinking I didn't get it because she asked to see me in a swimsuit or and that was fascinating to me. I was like personality based. I'm not used to being in a world where care about what I have to say. But you know, they, it says so much about them and and the way they operate and the girls that they that they love is they wanna have people that you know are aspirin, women, they want people that can speak that can be proud. To represent their icon IQ issues sued issue. So. That was so cool for me to see. Honestly, I was so used to everyone being like, okay, shirt off. Okay. Okay. Bye. And it was like, I didn't get it. I didn't have to take my shirt off that didn't get it. Ended that did that lead to lip sync battle. I mean that I think I don't really know whatever. I don't know where Casey Patterson, our producer ever thought that I would be good just dancing on stage and making little side comments. Because honestly, I am a horrific dancer, I music, I love music. I'm not the greatest with it. Like John still makes me. You play lists and I'm very much like a radio hit type of person. If it's on the radio, I love it. I'm not like, have I don't do the underground albums or have these secret songs that I love, but on lip sync battle, it was just such a fun atmosphere. I actually thinking back refined seasons in now and I'm like, I have no idea how it came about. It was just. Such like a natural pairing in the end, thou ended up being so much fun. I go to work every single day in a Mike. I can't believe I got to do this. It is absurd ridiculous. They throw props on me. They throw me in a costume. I don't like to read scripts. I just like I go out and I have such a good time and I'm with l. o. cool j. and the crowd is freaking out. We just had like we just had Mariah Carey on Serena Williams, came out. I mean, yeah, it gets crazier and crazier every season and you have to actually do it, but I'm too scared. I understand that I can't even be mad at that because everyone asks when I'm going to do it and I say, never, it's terrifying, much respect for anyone that does it cause a lock goes into it. And some some people are like, I need three days for her soul. There. They take it very seriously and I get it. It's it's, I are are choreographer. Danielle is so amazing and so positive, and she'll make you feel like the best answer on the planet, and she just has way about her of of getting people into it, and it's fascinating to make his. I cut it, I would die. It's really fun to so far down, wake up. We, I mean, we got a bar. We got like the atmosphere that's created. There is so much fun and nobody regrets said they're like, I can't believe like I got doing SNL or so. Right? And he's like that. You did that. It's so scary that you can do lifting battle now think about it as an like an entire menu again week, right? So new, but now on lip sync battle like these acts are so freaking Perea GIO. Anything that you want, if you're like, I wanna flame thrower if you wanna fall from the sky, if you want to, if you want to explode in the corner. I mean, you can literally everyone like when they when they compete against somebody, they're like, I didn't know we could ask for that. I'm gonna ask for anything. We would bring a chopper and you could drop from it. Amazing, Casey's bonkers. She'll do anything when so. Okay. So you doing that for five years. And how long ago did you get married? Oh, my God. One, I get married, oh my God. It's been what was why? I don't even know the that's terrible, very bad with due date this part. So everyone knows one of the running jokes, like how little I know about John and how little I know about a relationship like people were going into preschool now, and I'm taking Linda preschool, everyone's like birth, and I'm like. Because we do day and then you're like early or late, you get set on this date. Yeah, I'm very bad stuff like that. It's just, I swear to God. I ten years two years together for twelve years. We got married seven years to the day that we met. Where'd you meet? We met on a music video shoot for video stereo. Nobody's really seen it. It's like this animated video. I'm in my underwear the whole time Johnson is suit, and our friend Bill introduced us. He shot when my very first campaigns for Billabong when I first campaigns ever. And so I became friends with Nabil and the Nabil had also been working with John and one day he was like, I, I met this girl. She should be in your video and then that that was truly that we met on set. And then, yeah, he was ironing in his underwear. Hilarious. My first words where you do your own irony and then yeah. Does he still? He still really enjoys it. He really does. I'm reciting like very meditative. He's John's like normally like a very zen person. But yeah, he's still irons. Big another went to steamer like he does it all thing as major is very good. What do you like about being married? I'm about to get married again, only God you, first of all, I would marry you wanted to marry you very, very long time. But no, I love. I love that we get to see each other through all aspects of life. I really like that. You know, I've seen him grow so much. He's seen me grow so much, and I love having buddy like it's a permanent buddy that you know, I think everyone always loves to ask like, oh my God, you just is it is everything just so sexy, does. He seemed you all the time and I'm like, no, and I don't want it to be that way. I love watching TV with him. I love watching housewives. I love making a meal with him. I love seeing him interact with our kids. I love every part of seeing him happy, and he's really been, you know, in the past few years, seeing him have this incredible career and seeing how the he's still the same man, I married or you know, I think I used to be like very self. DEP are used to be very, what's the word I? I used to just try to drag him back to earth all the time. I was like, yes, yes, he's great. But I think as we grow together, I'm seeing more and more that like it's okay to be like, wow, he's a really fantastic human. Accomplished so much. He is still so humble so grounded, we're still very attached to our family. My mom lives with us. For instance, I house that if I want you to ask John that, but he would say the same thing, I, it's great. It really is a wonderful thing to have her around. My dad just lives right down the street. It's really nice to just have them be able to come in and out. Mom is always around and it's never been. I know some people would be like, oh my gosh, your in-laws, John, you're in-law lips with you. Is that weird? But it's really cool like it's, I don't know. I love. It's funny. I like being like alone. I like the, I like the the stillness of our house, but also love this kind of controlled chaos where we have a lot of people in and out all the time. And you know, we have, we have just like a big family of people that work with us in that to me our family. So is that the most grounding thing free is really is nice to be inside and nice to have people you love around and mom. Like I came from school this morning, mama's. She just knows in her head. She's like, I had a feeling Luna wanted cabbage, stir fried cabbage and rice, and I'm like, thank you. She literally talking about this in the car all day. We're an. Yeah, it's, yeah. It really does kind of take village to make everything happen too. So it's nice to have family around. It really is is cooking part of that family. Everything in this house revolves around food, whether it's making it planning the meal, going to the grocery store, ordering the groceries. Is it is I can't believe how much of my brain is devoted to thinking about food. It's sometimes it feels like sickness, like, I don't know of other people think about food this often or have to think about it this often, but it consumes me. I sadly can relate. Every little thing. And then like post baby, you're like, kinda, how do I can I eat better? I still wanna be. I still wanna be, you know, indulgent. I still want to feel good when I wake up in the morning, and I think I've reached this age now where I can't just skip meals like it changes my whole mood changes everything. And so I'm working on kind of identifying what my body needs now. And it's so unusual for me because I brag about like, you know, that annoying fucking model that was always like a love, pizza him like bullshit. Fuck you. Like I, I am now the person that's like I need a grain. I need. I can feel it in my bones. He's greens good yet. And yes. Yeah, he I'm drinking like a green juice on the way to school in the morning and yeah, it's it's just different now. My body hasn't reacted the same way that it used. To, and it's ok, does have to adapt by learning chain, which is why I love you so much because I learned so much from you and I really, I think it's good to be proud of what you eat. I think sometimes we, we like to pretend that you know we can do whatever we want. Gin an indulgent, everything we want. But I think it's really good to feel good and it's a, it's a new. It's a milestone from eight understand that it's good to feel good. It's not just all about that moment of wanting to like satisfy yourself. It's like I wanna feel good the whole day. I wanna feel good the whole week, and so that's new for me and it's a balance, right. I mean for me, like fried food is my weakness. Yes, you're saved re person. I'm a savory like cake or up k. got never understood that me too. I, but if you give me anything, Ryan. Yeah. Anything deep fried like bag at geez, you know? Yeah, kinda my somebody's like a giant plate achieve. Behind you. Eighty. Just mode that thing down, but I what I try to do personally as like keep it sort of clean in the day. Yeah. And then at night, I mean, I try not to eat deprived food every night and that kind of thing. But I, I really do believe that you have to enjoy life and this idea that you need to be really strict and ascetic around food like food is. So Mike, I grew up doing the master cleanse and an end doing the detox teas and stuff. When I was working in Miami, we would. I lived with five other models in the Flamingo in in Miami. It's these two giant towers, and it was two bedrooms, and I lived with a ton of girls and we just shared detox tea all day basically. So your stomach is just going insane all day and be running around, not eating and it was God. I remember like just closing my eyes like you would see a wheat thin and you would just like salivate. And it was all of that. Nick, and that's no way to live. I'm not the person that can. John is very good at things like that, though. He's very good about like he could be like juicing tomorrow or I'm I'm gonna cleanse tomorrow and I can't. I can operate that way. Like my mind starts to go crazy and. Yeah, I just I, I need to be able to have bites of what I want on a very much a snacker throughout the day. I don't really sit down and have meals, which is one thing I wish I did, but yes, it's been a long time. Do you cook every day? I do. Yeah. I try to do. I mean, at least got when I wasn't doing like a press tour something. It's yeah, two, three meals a day cooking for Luna's always really important. Although, you know, you start to get used to those pouches of food and you're like, can I get the organic Powell? You never know. But yeah, I really, I love drinking wine, and I love making food and I love watching. Bravo like that makes me you're happy, right? Yes. Agree. What? What are the things like, do you are you experimental all the time in the kitchen, all your kind of like these are my always like I'm very, like. For lack of a better word. I'm very cravings base like, I'm the kind of person. I'll see a commercial. I must have that, and I want a food. The revolves around that flavor. I love things that are really salty, really hardy. I love stews potatoes. So now it's kind of all about how can I make this better from me, but still really enjoy the flavors that are going into my mouth. I don't want to compromise on, you know, like level rises, never going be rise. I just I keep trying and I'm like, it's almost Heine crumbles of putting him she and I'm like, great. And then I'm like, no, I know I just want why it's nice. Okay to want that it's, you know. I think one of my biggest issues issues is that I love to eat very late and I'm talking like eleven reenter, and I can't sleep without like a crazy full stomach really works out to be so full to sleep Ross. I'm like, we have something called my my nighttime sandwich, and I just put a sandwich next to the bed because I wake up if I eat too early, I'll eat my nighttime sandwich around one or what are you to warn of your old way? This is does to me. Right before he goes to bed. He can have a peanut butter jellies literally me if you as John what's next to our, it's it's pretty horrifying when I was pregnant, it was. So it was really bad. All those nighttimes a free pass. When you're praying, you think I agree. So. So this book cravings hungry for more. I love that title. It's kind of like we were, you know, there's so many gimmicky books and I love those books like where it's like seven gradients or less thirty minutes or less. I love those. But when we were ready to do this one, I was like, I don't wanna call it more of the same horribly. That's horrible title. But, yeah, there were so many. The first book there were so many recipes that we use in our household on a daily basis. Things that John has close to his heart. His MAC and cheese is fried chicken, which you have so good, so good, unbelievable. And then the second one I was like, this is the kind of food I love. This is nearest dearest to me and I just wasn't done yet. So he did that. And then you know everyone asks when you put out a book. They're like, do more vegetarian. Can you do gluten-free? Can you do this? That, and then you see all those. You see all those notes and you wanna satisfy everybody. So we took those into account and I think we really came up with something wonderful for many more types of diets, types of people. I mean, it looks having cooked out of it yet, and I'm going to look so delicious thing on my desk. Hang out there audit by route waters Homer. And yeah, it's it's we're very proud of it because it took a long time. I mean, it's so we're by the a book comes out, you know, you're maybe a year or two pass making those recipes are, and it's weird because you don't know if your diet changes or what's like, I've had a kid since then I have at, I'm sorry. I had two kids since one gets pretty. It's pretty crazy. Right. So your mom's tie? Yes. On what's your, where's your dad? My dad is from North Dakota. He's got a Norwegian background, Norwegian German. He grew up in the US and we are just very meat and potatoes on that side. So. So interesting food comments. And honestly, we kept it separate for most of my life. My mom would make these, you know. She will be doing fish heads and and and you know, these like shrimp stews and these really like potent crazy flavorful tied dishes. And then my dad and I would make scallop potatoes or but she would always she would always make that food. I always wanted my dad's food growing up. I never wanted my mom's and it was. It's so crazy to me now because to me now my mom is the best chef on the planet. She cooks without recipes. She, I know she needs nothing. She can make something out of nothing. And it's always so fascinating to me that her and it's so hard to get a recipe out of her because of this, you're like, I saw you put that in what is that? And she's like, oh, it's just a little bit of, you know, it's a little bit of seasoning sauce, and I'm like, what the you have to tell me these things is going in a book. This is going to millions of people. But yeah, I just appreciate her flavors so much more now as when I was little, it was kind of embarrassing. It was like. You know, my friends would come over and as suspicious sauce or shrimp pays. This isn't little zone Barrasso, but I love fish saw me to like everything. Really? Yeah, it and while it is anchovies but anchovies like desert into a sauce fish sauce to me of salty. I know. That's true. So what is your like kind of go to if I'm gonna open, craving hungry for more hungry from. I love southbound. I love is one of my going to cook. I on my gosh. Me like three things to, oh my gosh, darn. I'm I think the coconut rice from the first but was such a wild hit because you could make it keep in the fridge forever and people eating it with fruit and slicing up nana's for breakfast and then serving it underneath, you know, a curry. So we wanted to have a side like that would also be that type of dish for people weeded this banana rice. You know, it's so hard to find plantains. So we did a like a caramelized banana rice that goes underneath these jerk lamb chops that are so so just delicious. I love anything on a bone. I will clean the meat off Abon. If I'm eating with you, I will be like gimme those bones. And I will strip like whatever kind of whatever's on the outside of them. They're done like they're clean after me. So I love that. I love we have this amazing couscous, special couscous with sweet potatoes and and zucchini, and it's so light. And fluffy. And I think for that, it's all about technique. It's all about, you know, letting it sit, gently fluffing it, not over stirring that I love so much. And then I love are really hearty breakfast bakes, there's a lot of different casseroles in it. I love a anything I can do family style. I love doing a brunch. I love being able to just like dig into this really hardy. Everything bagel cream cheese, breakfast, bake, and have it just be Louis Guli that town, and it's crazy. Made to start without. And so over the top. And I've been getting so many Instagram photos of it, nonstop people are really making it a lot. 'cause it just the name alone, everything cram chess back past bag. Like sound so good and I love. I love seeing that people are impressing their friends with the dish, or, you know, like taking time like you really have to soak these bagels for twelve hours in this in the heavy cream and the milk, and it makes it that much better. And I like seeing people take time with dishes. Like that's why the tie chapter is so. Incredible for me is because that really is my mom's. I don't want to pretend that's my chapter. I'm not good with Thai cooking because it's so quick. You're, you got, it's all about the prep that takes some time and then it's done in five minutes. I like to, I like to Braise and roast and things that take like two three hours and my mom is so fantastic because she can do things so quickly blows my mind like she'll have an entire just display of food in twenty minutes, and it's fascinating to me out of nothing like the stuff you're gonna throw out. I think it's it's pretty fast. It's amazing. Yeah, you touched on this, but how does social media Instagram? Like you mentioned people posting pictures. How does that cause you are so bucking by on Instagram. Thank God for comments. The new say? Yes. Oh my God, it was. It was so quick cornerstone of their business. I feel bad sometimes I'm like they do like their Sunday round up and a and I just looked like I leave comments all day every day, and I'm like, no, it's a round up there picking and choosing. I'm not this crazy, but I am, but I am. I read so much stuff. Do you read everything? I don't know. I can't. I can't. No, you do. Do you get your feelings hurt? Oh, my God. Yeah, I read. I would say if I'm, yeah, I read ninety nine percent of where on comments on your page or. Yeah, I read. Yeah, definitely. A lot of my Instagram comments, almost a hundred percent of my. Twitter comments for sure. I read I, I read too much. Why? What do you get out about? Nothing. Literally nothing like because you'll read like two thousand incredible sweet comments that are so kind so generous and then you get to one like just one Astle and then you're like that ruins your day. So why are you reading? I don't know. I don't know on never know. I swear. I don't know. I just have you tried not to. There's been times where I've taken social media breaks, but I'm still I might not be talking during it, but I'm still reading right hand like I really. What do you think that curiosity is? I think I like a genuine need to be liked. Like I think some people are like they don't give fuck what people have to say about them like now I'm happy a great this at great, this and all all that matters is, is how I feel. I'm like, no, I really. I like to be liked. I don't know where that comes or what, but I think I don't know. I think we all do right. A very human thing. It's wanting to people are like, oh, I love that. You don't give a fuck up. People think I'm like, I really do though. I really do. Right. I don't know. That's so interesting. So how, how much time do you think you spend like aunt, making comments and Instagram interfacing with social meals lie? I think having kids is really helped because you don't wanna see you don't want them to see you attached. To your phone, but await was I supposed to what put my phone down? No, not at all. I have this guilt all the time too because I mean, the cellphone makes it so that obviously, people can constantly ask you anything and everything is a nine one one every the urgent and it's hard to put it down sometime. I don't speak on the phone and I haven't for many years. I just if you know if I call somebody they answer and they're like, what? Because it's a very scary thing because I really don't. I don't know where that comes from Hawaii, I'm that way. But yeah, I've just always. You know, I I'm always the best friends because I will just go completely dark for for months at a time. But then they're like, I see tweeting. I see doing on this, but that's like a different world to me for some reason work. Right. And I don't know, I just, yeah, you try to remove yourself from it. But yeah, it is all consuming the Instagram, Twitter. If I could pick one, I would definitely pick Twitter, but I'm always looking at something and I don't like that feeling. Do you go in detox is like, how do you? I mean, I might not leading anything. I'd try to never read anything about myself if I get help it. Yeah, I just don't. I don't think it's helpful. Yeah, and it's funny how much we joke about it and talk about it, but how dangerous it really is to have this life. We are tied to having people dissect everything about you, whether it's what you say or you know, we. Say things in passing that we think are funny or we post a photo that we think is funny or it's scary now that you know everything is really scrutinized and looked at. And yeah, I think I keep learning more and more that nickel megani can't post the things I used to. I can't make the same jokes, so I can't. You know, I don't wanna get in trouble even though I might believe it or might wanna say it, hunter, I wanna deal with, you know, I don't wanna. I don't want to deal with the people that take it the wrong way or. You say you're so brilliant and you're so unique in your voice. And I think if it's if it's that right, if it's the idea of the response, like if that's muting your voice, I don't think that's a good thing like we need your humor. We need your comments. We need your, you know, when you shame people being assholes, Instagram, one, then I get so many people that are like, why don't you talk to your fans? Why don't you? Why would you respond to this this this person with ten people following on, like, I don't know. Honestly, I just like an, I do respond to the fans. I do love them. But yeah, I do understand where they come from when they say like, why would you even give a crap about this? 'cause sometimes I don't know why too, but mostly it's to be entertaining not to just like, you know, it's not necessarily like hit back at this one person, but, but energetically sometimes that's important. And sometimes what you're putting into the world like on a greater level is not just like, you know. Clapping back on particular ten followers, but energetically, yes, like you're so other resisting. Barely exactly. And that's what I have to realize too that I don't ever want it to turn into. I have a lot of followers and I, even though I love saying something to one person that has been a troll or whatever. I, you never wanna. It's never descend your people to, you know your legions of fans to to get at them either. So I think it's all kind of fascinating experiment. Anna weird. It's it's, you learn a lot about yourself and you learn the, you know, you can't do the same things like used to at one point one hundred followers and it was fine, but you'd never wanna be a bully about it basically. Yeah, I don't. I don't. I don't know. I mean, I agree, of course, but you don't. You never wanna be a bully, but I think there's a difference between being a bully and sort of standing out. It's like when you're the person with ten million. Followers at versus someone with ten and I say something to them, is it fair that ten million people can go after them? No, but also you're like, but maybe they won't. They won't be so cool and I'm a big fan of Justice. I think this is where this comes from is John is known this about me since we first started dating as I always have. This need to let people know when they're wrong. Like I can't let it go. I need them to know that they hurt my feelings or that what they said is unacceptable. What sign are you Sagittarius? Is that a sad thing? I don't know. I asked a question like I knew, but I'm trying to play these again. No idea. Yeah, but yeah, I have this. I must I I don't know where it comes from because John's fine he is. He can just like it just brush off shoulders now not may I, I must let them know that they were wrong. Interesting. Well, I don't want you to stop making your comments on this. You literally make. I can't leave. You see it. Of course. I mean. I don't have a ton of time on Instagram, but when I do, I like have my concentrated sort of like twenty minutes in the joke about John divorcing or something on your Instagram. Once I was like, oh, my second husband is going to be the best. Oh my God, I got so much shit for it. How do you even joke about over God? No, you have to be yourself, you know, I, I always feel like that's why you have the platform that you have. That's what the success that you have. That's why the reach, they have you got there by being exactly who you are and your reverence and the way that you are in the world, like made you who you are. So. I'm going to get back to Chris in a minute. Let's talk about one of our partners. In the meantime. A mission that revolves around empowering as many people as possible to live. A life of purpose is a mission. We can all get behind the way that Lululemon goes about making good on this mission is by way of here to be. This is a social impact program that partners with nonprofits to spread the word on the positive benefits of yoga and meditation Lululemon also has a far reaching ambassador program. It tops the same athletes, yogis, and trainers who run Lululemon public events to test new product. Sometimes it's a new yoga pants sports bra or running hoodie that they try out and then report back with tweaks, even going to Lululemon store is more than just a retail experience. You can walk into a Lululemon shop in your neighborhood and know that the group fitness classes and resources will be totally unique from the ones across town for more information and for store locations, visit Lou them in dot com. Now, let's get back to my chat with Chrissy Teigen. Tell me about what you're doing for tar Jay. Oh my gosh. I'm really excited for that dream. Cool. It is. Did it come about. Honestly, I was Instagram so much for my kitchen and a when you walked in, you saw kitchen. It's very open. All the shelves are open. When we love something, we love to put it out. And when we use something, I feel like it should be out in should be loved by everybody. And you know, there are certain. There's a certain aesthetic that we love. We love things that have very raw edges and unique little qualities to them, whether it's like a a speck of of a gold flake that was made that's from the pot that was made next to it or these unique characteristics. I really started to find that I attached myself to these really, really similar style of of of products that I loved in our own kitchen. So when I was approached by Gibson to do a line and presented to target, it was an honor because. You do so many things in your career and you just never are able to really, you know, have a hand in your own thing. Like from me, the book was the first taste of that you create having autonomy? Yes, really being able to have a say and and have a presence in something was very unusual for me. And the book was my first taste of that. And then having this having this line with target, this cravings collection where people feel like they had a part of my kitchen in their kitchen and be proud of the meals that they made it was it evolved from the cookbook. I always wanted people to be proud of something they made. I wanted them to feel like, you know, even if they weren't the best cook, they could do it and they could serve some of their friends and family and be proud to take a photo of it, and then have this collection and see people putting my food on those plates are cooking it in those pots, it's. Honestly and honor. It's so it's so cool to see and we all have target and we all have those memes about how much we love target, how we go in for one thing, we come out with a million other things. It's just like it's a place of memories like I grew up eating popcorn from the long bag in target Z's I had it was it was a happy place. So just like my kitchen was the happy place. Making the book. Target was always my happy place growing up and they've combined now and like. I, it's still really surreal because you know it was in development for over a year and. Were you very hush? Yes. Like really being proud of something that's your own is so incredible. It's one thing to have your name on something, but to have pieces that you really love and you're proud of and excited about and excited for people to gift to other people. It's really special and they're so fun to work with than John have this target relationship that dates beyond way before this this collection. So it's just been like the coolest experience and I cannot wait to see it in there like I haven't seen it yet, and it's just very, I feel like I don't even really, I haven't even grasped the concept of having my face in there. It's very cold crazy. It's so honesty, it's unbelievably weird because like I really, I go in there and I look at, you know, there are people that I look at that I'm fans of, and I, it's, it's on a secrecy. I'm so happy for you. I wish you guys. Could see this big smile on crissy's talking about fan. So weird. It's weird because you know you are. I think honestly, being with somebody as incredible as John who's like, literally hasn't got has so much happening as always been such a huge success in his own right to really be proud of something that is my own that says, ical, you know, they, you're involved in the creation, so proud of it. And he was there for a lot of the development of it. And you know, he was right there aside a, he's right there beside me picking out the wood grain and the and the textiles it's very, you know, it's it's a big family thing for us, but like it's really soak would have something that's my own a. So what are you gonna? Do I think you'd be like Martha Stewart? Oh, my gosh show. And I still, I just had a photo shoot at a studio in New York, and she had a cafe on the bottom floor, but her offices were upstairs and I saw her with her bag and walk. Walking up and I walking upstairs, I taking the elevator with everybody knows my God. This is what a mogul is. It's pretty incredible to see because it's it's just nice. No people don't just slap their names on something. They're really imperative it and you have aspirations like that. I don't know. There's little things that I love. Like as I said, I really nothing's like huge giant steps for me. There are things that I. Late seems like all very organically, like one thing really does. There's no like great authenticity in that. Catherine, never a plan, and I kind of love that. I like sometimes I'll like like, maybe I'll call up my agent tomorrow and be like, I really, you know, I have kids now like maybe a voiceover thing. You guys are all listening. My boys know it's horrible. But like maybe I have a good choice for cartoons like I would love to do something like that. And then that happens. And then like little things just happen and that's why you know sometimes there's not a grand plan for things. There's not a, you know, where am I going to be at sixty? What might where am I going to be? I don't. I know idea. I don't know what I'm gonna do in February, like I have no clue. I just put your clearly a manifester like you think about something and then it. Yeah, I deal. But I also have a wonderful group of people around me that that make things happen. And I, I know. Ever want that to go on notice because I really, really have been so lucky to just maybe that's my talent is the fact that I have found such a good group of people that that I love working with and love working for and love being around. Who is the person in your life? Like not husband, not worked people, not mom, like who is the girlfriend or the guy friend that you kind of go to to relate recharge Shabelle. I like your number one best. -i I have, you know, I have this incredible group of girlfriends in New York that. And that you know you just that will tell it to you straight that are like, what are you doing with like? You know, they're the ones that are always going to be honest with you. My friend, Melissa, my friend Cole. You know the people that can make fun of this life, I think are really important like. You know, they just bring you back down to earth for me. That was always me with John, and now that's them with me. What qualities what are what qualities do you most admire in a woman? I think, gosh. Now with being a mother, I looked to any other mother and I'm like, I don't know how anyone does it alone. I think that is incredible. I think people that work and just balance having a successful career, whether it is being a stay at home, mom and balancing a needy husband because men are needy. I love women that are able to do their own thing. I think that's really wonderful and women that can balance, ask all those aspects of of juggling children and and their husband or high think that is inspiring for me to see. Do you think that in this day and age, like be scope of responsibilities for. Woman has increased. I look at you or some of the women in my life or myself. And I think I'm not sure that our mothers task themselves with this level of responsibility. We've a lot of pressure on ourselves now. 'cause you're supposed to be a working woman working mother, you're supposed to be so many different types of things, but I've always been a firm believer in it takes village to get anything done, and I don't. I whenever I envisioned my children growing up, I think more love is better. I think more people around better. I think family around great. We do have this immense pressure to to run a household tavern own thing going on and also not really talk about it and just be like while you're supposed to be that way. And that's why I think I just really scored in the husband department. We have this. We have this really great balance of being able to support each other's lives, and it's really worked out. You're making me even more excited to get married now. You honestly should because he seems really wonderful. And if you want, John is saying, I just will for him, he will. I can't afford that. You can cute. I promise you, you can. We're very, we're very generous are given seventy five dollars. By the way, I pushed him out on every lips battle episode and I'm like, you need to sing happy birthday to Tremaine debris. You need to like I, he trust me. He will be singing at your wedding as long as I can come in munch on things. So I promise you thank you on anything by the way. I really am. So curious your, so your wedding, I'll tell you, I honestly, I didn't know what to say. I ask people, have she married her ready? No, I'm not married Mary down that we have engaged. You can't. L. just healing. Nobody's that was a really fun engagement party was relief on that was really awesome. I think we wanted to the ideas that the wedding piece would be really small and just like family in France, but that we would have a big celebrate Ori kind of fancy because no one, I don't remember our wedding, like an I. I was sober, but I don't recall him since there were. So yeah, there was just so much happening and you don't get to eat. You don't do anything. Everyone. You just have to eat a my God, he'd have to eat at my wedding. I mean, I told you that's why I'm going to get married again, doesn't idea. It is. Yeah. Yeah, I need to find an time years. Renew the valley talk about that. We're like, are we those types of people? 'cause we watched so much real housewives, and every episode is Valerie Newell avowal avowal renewal. So we're like, would we ever do this? I'm like. I don't think we're those that haven't never seen real house wide. How on can we just do an episode. Wash it right now at me, show me what should I wear? Where do I even start OC for sure. No, you might like New York. Okay. I literally have never seen an episode there and there's I'm so bad with reality TV there was this whole chunk also 'cause I lived in England for such a long time. So I'm ladies of London. I can get you on all that. Now. I don't know how I missed this stuff on the night. And then when I moved home, like all these shows that are sort of were happening, and then I just miss. This is probably why you're so incredibly successful as you don't. Wait all your time. No, I want I know reality. Okay. What reality show do you watch? Well, I've said this before in this podcast, but my favorite one is called Dr. Pimple Popper and I love that lady. Oh, just wait because she's gonna send you her doctor pimple. Popper cupcakes. Have you had them yet? Now it's a cupcake and you. Can squeeze it, and frosting comes out through its little pimple while. That is both incredibly brilliant and dairy off putting when she sends you her tool because she will. Please be careful. 'cause you'll get very excited to do it, and it really works and then you're the first layer of your nose will come off. The guy can't leave Vitas yet. Oh, my dream is just pin popped pimple. He to me to you and watch me how to do that now. Okay. So fine. Next time I come over, we'll get the doctor pimple Popper apparatus and we'll get John's wino-. I'm actually scared for you to get the pimple Popper because your skin is on hourly, my worried that you're going to try to find things that aren't there. Oh my God, you're the best. Thank you so much. So mild on urges beyond inspirations. Thank you. Nobody can make us laugh quite like, Christie, Teagan. I hope you had as much fun today as I did, and I appreciate you listening in as always to all our home shafts, be sure to pick up a copy of Christie's new cookbook, cravings hungry for more. Now it's time for a question from one of you. If you could meet yourself at eighty five, what do you think you're eighty? Five year old self would tell you ask the MandA. She would probably say, slow the fuck down and chill the fuck out. If you have a question, you'd like me to answer here, send it over to goop on Instagram or Facebook. That's it for this episode of the podcast. If you have a chance, please rate review and let us know what she think to keep up with new episodes just hit subscribe and don't forget to tell your friends for more info. Check out, goop dot com. Slash podcast. See. Oh.

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