THE MASTER OF DISGUISE - Double Toasted Audio Review


Pretzels. What chips lock? WHO's the new Guy Fanta? He's looking at me pretzels. You got it twisted. He's looking at me stopping salty chips. We both got a chance. He's coming over ladies. You back at you handsome Fanta picked beef jerky girl we're going to be here awhile. Let me see. We got here. Right. Only see here. Somebody and no one trust you you shouldn't. Shit. I. Don't trust me. All right. Let. Me See we got here. I, was going in this review. Late eighties early nineties. Good Old Dana carvey right here man. SNL WAS SNL was very good to Saturday night live. Thanks to. Bucarest does he played over there? You know between his spot on impressions of. Famous celebrities and big figures out there. You also has some characters he created over. There became pretty legendary kind of been. Let's see I. Don't know. Let me think. Let me knock on Mr Naughty. Trick us in doing that could have been. The church Lee would have famous phrase. Could it be Satan? Isn't that special that special? Of course One of his most popular characters on Saturday night live if night most popular original creation on there was alongside another popular character over there we on ways world as a side kick garth. Gives. You know. That's is was. With Wolves might win the Academy Award and monkeys might flat on my but. Three hours very boring. Like dances with squirrels with lack mental squirrels biting people's faces up. Okay. I don't know why public knows. I liked the movie hated the scourge. I love the sketch. Kinda. Yeah. Actually. I used to be like the sketch one thing I related because we did access television. But you know what? I'll tell you this about these these these characters. To that talent man, they really did seem like A. Dumb teenage kids. With the camera on the show. They did that very well, they lost themselves in that characters very well, man. And then the mid nineties hit. And at that point. Things took a downturn bowl. Mr Carry over there. Everybody thought he. Was that you said Kerry carvey car car. Dana Carvey. Sorry Dana Carvey. Thanks to the downturn Mr Carville over there. Even, I can't remember his name. Because, aside, they love they build people up to all right. You get your boost here maybe started doing some appearances and other things start getting y'all movies out there. And they tried to do that with Dana Carvey over there and it didn't work well. Believe his first big flop but this movie called clean slate easily. To say it's like. You're the one. Because nobody remembers that. Maybe. They did see it still remember clean slate clean slate because that's what it was man who was A. Was a movie about a about a guy that loses memory law though it is when they walked out. Detected M. L. Pogue has to figure out what's up with his friends. Doing oh he's great. I heard you shot. except. For that gaffes, what's wrong with his dog? Who is in love with the one next to you her name is Sarah. So it was kind of like a goof as momentum. Yeah. Barely walk over the car. So. Bad. And they probably drug that dogs to do this to. Didn't touch the. You can find it. On and. then. They say, well, maybe movies and Nacho thing. With somebody else but you as them. Leading comedy. Got Me. There's just not your thing. Take it down to the small screen but this time you get your own show. The Dana Carvey show I never got it but I know it's legend why you didn't get to see it because he took it off after seven episodes which they say it was funny. If nothing else is interesting because of some very Fr-, some big fresh young faces they you may recognize i. Recognize. Two tickets for. Highway. To Joe Tickets. Okay. Fuck is wrong with. That person right there you might not recognize them with digging his pants. That is. In front of me, that is a Louis C. K. very young Louis CK right there man. So you know I don't remember the show, but it was it was canceled masks. The guy just couldn't. Catch break. Don't forget about Steve Curl and Steve Carell was what people recognize these. Allow people don't recognize it. That is Louis CK man. But yeah, it was gone up seven episodes. I heard it was all right. You know it was kind of own kind of third is a absurdist comedy, but that's not really well some bright. Some somebody's my man in. When Dana carvey started thinking, he's like you know maybe. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just. Maybe. I'm just not funny. Thing is just done for me. So numb of read all this somewhere. I don't know about how much is this true. But what I've read the legend goes that after. All these flops and failures and not really picking it up on the comedy scene. Mr Karbi went out to the woods said, you know the old excuse me I I just want to spend more time with the family. Out there. And he went out there and he couldn't even go out to the country and have it easy. Man Cholesterol hit high cholesterol. He had to have a heart bypass surgery in. Carvers, Oh, woe is me can't get any worse. Life was like, well, I'm glad you asked. You not want to. Tell you. But I'm looking right down the open chest in. Dr Cut, the wrong bypass. Yeah Man. Guy. WHO's having a tough time. Now, this is where all alumni nobody comes Adam Sandler says, hey. My SNL friendly SNL buddy right the you know when You look like you can. You could use some help you can use a hand. I got this production company. Happy Madison. And I can just bringing anybody. I'm always giving my friends trips. Yeah Why not you? Yeah. Yeah. We don't. We don't. We don't make movies we take vacations we just bring a camera. And talk a bunch of dumps it. But you I'll make I'll make a movement with you man you. Some special for you. I want to produce y'all buddy. Your Uncle Sam over here is going to produce a movie for you and is going to get you back on track. And that movie that was going to save Dana carvey career was. The master of disguise. You know this right here is something that brought back. A lot of bad memories from me. I remember I remember watching this back in the day sitting in a theater with the no one it was laughing. That's a rare experience. No matter. How bad a movie is you're going to find one dumb ass in there. WHO finds it hilarious. Because it was free, they got in there and they feel special. They probably been drinking some of they just stupid and they let s off not this. This is this is the one you asked me which one on winning until I was just in a theater. With people who would just not amused Al was it was such a weird. It was such a weird experience, an uncomfortable experience. I'd rather watch porn with strangers wash this again. This was it it was. It was so embarrassing to watch I would squirm squirming the whole time I watch us again today on my computer I was embarrassed I was embarrassed to wash us in front of my cat. My cat was looking at me ever none in like no, really it's. My Job Review. Caverns. Uh. Yeah Man. Kathleen. told me. I'm doing half to. Less awkward and Tomokazu jagged. I'd Rather Watch my cat watch me Jack off instead of wash this in front of any living thing. That has have any. The has any kind of intelligence this. This was so bad. This is sign I forgot that this was a happy Madison Film. And that they made the thing is you know they've made a Lotta terrible movies I don't have to tell you that we've talked about a lot but this is probably got to be the worst and allow me to explain why and I will do. So because what we're going to bill you, I don't even want to do this today I didn't. Would you remember from it I remember from Washington movie almost twenty years ago but I. Know. God. I'm glad I did yeah. Yeah people. Sorry. All explain why I think that this is possibly the worst. Happy. Madison moving to refresh. I've seen a lot of bad ones but this one is definitely has to be one of the most uncomfortable that I've ever seen in his little some special for you Martin Thomas his never seen this that that will Martin Martin always tells me while you know you out there doing your thing watching good movies or hanging out of you know the fucking around and I was suffering watching a bad movie talk about it on show well, the tables have turned with this. Yeah but now seen it so. Eighteen years later. Always we'll catch. Mark we're in this together maybe. He was out there running them streets. Actually dug around. I'm the one that I was watching the best Mars getting by but now the tables have turned show turn now. I'm very very curious to hear about what you're viewing experience was like with this let's go and take a look at the master, of disguise. which was supposed to be the big comeback for Dana Carvey in We'll see what happening why that was not the case. With the movie right after this. In a place of mystery. In a world took magic. One families extraordinary power to change. Their appearance. Will we left in the hands of blonde man. Is. Nice you. Or if you like cheesy. Marks. A great time reliving the moment. Player. kind of smoke. Picks up. A lot of bullets with. Ria. I can only get better from you. covered. To Seoul, the mystery shopping for you to find your mother and your father this simple waiter. must become much more. Like teach you to become a mesh this guy. is going to be undisturbed this guy's. This guy's going soya's thought. Everybody. Who sees movie wants to do that That that man is now. Kind of want to do it to yourself have been an I. In the trailer goes on so long That's the payoff. That That's the trailer right this. Profess. That if bad I read is pissing you off. Turnaround, you've been warned. Your training began sh. Prepared to make the. Same Fleet. GRANDPA he will need a partner assistance commonly fall in love with the skies you mashed. Can you wish to? Can you resist me? I'll give it a shot. Practice. ultrafast. Now you cry. Who is your? Daddy? And a whole lot of is he gets his selection you just wish he'd stale. He just wish he would not get back up none of it sticks not none of it. None of airtime histogram like please don't get back please roles these credits use money. He will need a partner and you see generous. She will need a paycheck. Mortgage need to get the fuck out like all of us. got to let it tomato soup croutons. No. Neapolitan Ice Cream Roy of lot chocolate strawberry one of the greatest things invented and. I'll tell you the half the people that you think acting. They're not acting this month. Agree he he's tired of this. He does not. He's not acting like I don't have I'm just an extra this ain't worth. Like this is racially offensive on so many different levels don't even know where to start. It's a white man and Brownfields Shit to me while I. Plan a servant he's like this is not the extra fifty dollars and feature. If. This ain't the most fucked up. Since inception, you've episode. I'm the I'm the round, the Real Cuban appear meanwhile this this white. Dude. Brown face sitting up taking midshipmen mass servers plea. Fuck this fuck you. Hollywood. Split that play. Spacey's like this. The tenth. Take. Be Pleased move should. Tied a lot chocolate strawberry. One of the greatest things invented. JEMMA WHO's. Got GotTa tell you don't get no better with this this of bottomless pit of Shit. Every time you think well, it can't get worse than this. Don't ever asked that question don't address that question it doesn't get worse sometimes, it just stays the same. Is You, sink in you plateau. A little bit. He's going down down down. You go down in the movie The you eight, the Blue Sunday. You've. Like, when you walk in there because you might coast. But but you going down. There's no, there's no upswing here. There's. Nothing nothing here nothing. You don't be at the bottom of that fucking pit before with with. Are. You a member of the turtle. For the Turtle Club. Much show. We. Okay you know. You like that total thing. Hated. Turtles I remember back in the desk of this that was the one part and the trae by laughed at, and then you see the movie scene glasshouse. So horribly, you like what? That was the one way you like it leaves their turtles coming up. We'll be. Turtles seen seemed like it was at least interest and it kicks you right in the. Plays out so bad is it not? You gotTA head. I saw the movie. Yeah. I was there today not eighteen years ago like y'all motherfuckers this is fresh for me. Do People. Most happy Madison movies you know when they're at their worst. In this happy, Happy Madison movie. Now, before we got to the trail I said, there's one the worst ones that probably be worth one that I've seen and we've seen a lot of them and happy Madison at their worst. They don't even tell stories they just they they take a trip enabling premise and they just build a bunch of stereotypes bathroom humor. Characters that just make. For Easy Laugh. But because this is one of the kid friendly movies. Because of that, they get more of all that solution than you do in any of the others sure they can. They can go. They can get a lot more stupid because you know at least. You'll be surprised at how even doing some of the worst adult humor will like bring it up a little bit. Sometimes, but this right here. You. Know this is. This doubles this double double d it doubles down everything that's bad and all these other movies and he's happy. Madison movies. It's like talking down to kids and just making funny faces in noises you throw in some parts. You know. For Kids will love it. All we gotTA eulogised collect the money after this. I will say there's a Santa, they only go on vacations when Standards Star in the movie. Yeah. When he's when he when he uses friends and movie, it's the bottom of the barrel scripted. and Go to some cheap asset, but they only get early and all this year when he's he's in it. Yes. He got his all he yeah, he. got. His all rat pack. Got On Shit They go to studio city when it's somebody else. That's true. GROWNUPS was just in the woods by Creek. They didn't do shit. Yeah they went camping. Should I guess I I guess they bought cruise tickets too late and couldn't Cook them noises like, yeah I can't put. I. Can't pay for a vacation for all. I'll buy some later on now. Yeah. Maybe that's when they all haven't problems. They had to go to the woods and talk all this. Brain, the camera makes money while we out there FAMO- workshop. But. You know this looks like it could have been fun in the beginning when I saw this. So when I first saw it Starts out bad it it did. But I thought all right. You know what? This this could probably be something they they start out with the you know this could be something with Josh not, Josh James Brolin, which what the Fuck James Brolin. Datum Salem mid somehow some kind of way he goes he was getting people always getting out of the Senate. You know. Yeah. But he so he got James Brolin a ban on dead up in here. And you know you think like him and Dana Carvey they're going to spend the movie maybe Dress up all kind of costumes where they introduce all these these characters. You, know where they have you know they do a bunch of celebrity can cameos with them so they're going to dress up like a bunch of celebrities that we know. It'll be fun to see them come in and do their thing. So because at the beginning of it they introduced. The introduce. Their Bo Derek who is really a James Brolin and I thought all right. You know what? That's a that's a funny gag Bo Derek being the. The seventies sexy celebrity that was infamous for the corn. Rose. To do that and you know what? In the beginning is worth a little giggle because I didn't know what was in for. The mistake I've woman is not both. Derek. was. Close. From the beginning this is scared. By. Looking. Good. Half the budget. That was actually not a bad special effects. Pretty good. No. When they do that in the movie. Yeah. Man. Yeah Every time is every time you see his movie goes is you can't do that snapshot for. How They take me with. Whatever half is going to put me on that head? And here's the thing though man. That is kind of funny if not a little frightening and then they introduce Dana Dana carvey character right here. And you hear that voice. And you hear that name, they give him an it's immediately downhill. Two minutes into this month. Unless. Of course, I had the shaving cream. To go along with it. This is your migrants on pistachio what self respecting. Italian father would name his son. eeo pistachio disguised Stachel disguise might as well. Buckets get me, Bozeman. Effort to put it into right. Guys, they make sure everybody everybody get it. I'm impressed that you remember that name. I just saw. Shit. It'd be like US named kids, chicken and watermelon. Fuck. Come in. To the. Houdini Classy. Cousin Bake Ziti. Over there no. No it's got gotta be stupid. It's gotTa be a salted pistachios discography. Of all the main they could have chosen for the last name they just went like, oh, master disguise he yeah in. Okay. As as A. Look at the real thing that was stupid. His name was Edward. `Nigma. Nah. This look at this rate and I'm like, yeah. Now some work winning yes. Oh, this was this is what's what's funny Italian names but stash. You. Fuck you man very. From the very beginning. This Zahn you come on man that's stupid. You're hey, funny. Stachel EEO. They gotTa Megan. Megan sellers fuck she'll. And Dana Carvey and this movie with that voice I mean Oh God. That's the. Thank you walk in here and being out of this thing. When when you sign this contract with Adam Sandler, he might as well it was. Taken the risk of signing with the devil sure. But it's hard to know if it was din carves idea to do it or if Adam sandlers the one who walks by the water bottle going. To voice with that. No that's what he because. It's True Dana Carvey wrote this. But I'm sure that Adam Sandler was looking at the takes he was on ninety. No not yes you're right. Yes. At voice stupid enough. You know look at me look watch me Dipoto put put to do that. So that's what he's doing i. Mean names, potassium it's like no reasonable fucking mentally challenged it. Totally. It it hobbles the creativity of it and the likability of. Mankind. So you can't build this to be any kind of real. Somewhat, real character because he has the do the voice all the time. It's Got More than he does. Look more got move as you. Doesn't take place. In America, why does he have the accident? What else the thing the the more you watch like so what was the reason for them to a talion cartoons it? Can tell you. So many other names that you could have chosen Asana salting. It would have been a chick Olivia Gardena. Would have been a more clever name them. Something that just ends with a Stash of Macaroni Grill. Stupid boy. Data Carvey is just in this movie he's that Hyper Kid. That gets on average teachers. Got Down nerves. He's just running around does yellen and doing things last making and faces and making stupid voices you know everybody has gone to school with that kid no matter how silly you get you never got a as that's on a bishop with the this. Is. The kid class everybody says you know you you with the teacher wish. Now and when you grew up later his walking around like this because they finally put him on. Lithium. Yeah. Back back in school you just kind of like. You make a MOTHERFUCKER WANNA learn. Because, I don't want to be stupid like you. He's GonNa a kid to coach punches him in the face. Yeah, exactly. Statue has a has a condition. That that, really just. Just. An excuse Dana Carvey just do some dumb shit. Just make a bunch of stupid voices. He has a condition to where when he sees certain people if they got an accident or something, he's zones out and he must. He must muck them. Man Size Be Bill. To. Go on to fast four year. Are you mocking husband? and. My husband is better not because you'd better not be. At that point it's like please fuck out him, leave it to. The show him the credit start rolling. This would be a full price. I can walk away a happy man. He'd beat the fuck out here. He's Wrong. Thing. You know please. Talk. Scoring down everything's. He's already dead. please. Stopping. I would get the. Full price did say Shit but I tell you and that you know that never happens man this shit just gets dumber the moment you think it should be going down. He doesn't the money do get him. He gives right back up at some dumb shit. But I tell you at least he's doing something. At least he's doing something right I hate to say it but some of the in any other movie, this would be the worst thing that you see. But. Here it is not here. That's actually productive here. That's actually that's he's at least trying to put some of his talent to use. Their moments in the movie. When this phone would he when he has? Nothing else to do. When they have a written any en defended thing he just spasms the fuck out. To. act. Like. Show as down houses. Yeah. What are you doing? What is supposed to hopefully? Nothing absolutely nothing. He beat the guys s we don't have the scene goals nowhere. It goes on forever and it goes off. I cut this off I'll cut his the muck is still going. I cut it off right there he still. Imagine you the crew watching and you got that small your face because you like to see what he's going to turn this into, and then once it starts hitting ninety seconds you like. Nothing you know it's not. Only I gotta get my fake laugh queued up. In the people this it's not it's not just. Him As that character if he plays any other kind of character I'm sure somebody wrote some shitting. Dana. Carbon. Just let me do my thing which is stupid. Just let me be stupid. The writing here the writing. For those who are listening I putting this sarcastic air quotes the the writing here. But what little they did is so lazy they don't even try to end on a joke i. mean they actually set things up they said things up that. That might be a little bit clever Oh God. What are the things they show is that throughout history they want to show you how the masters of disguise. You know. It's almost like assassin obsesses creed. No. Dare you sir. Throughout time throughout history. They show you how the masters of disguise of every lineage of. History of disguises through all the disguise there. The joke is in there if you just finish it, but not s to hard, can't do that shit. You know why? Right a punchline why going their I'm clever when I can just come out and stupid. Abraham Lincoln was such a boring speaker that the disease to help him get elected president. Excuse, me, I, just need to drink of Water A. Rough crowd. Know I, take it back that whole set up. Talking about I'm trying I'm trying to watch this recent. nobis. All that all that techno is coming up right there. Right over here. They. Keep. You know what? I take it back people it's worthless. Take it back this this this this. The clever now. So you know Dana Carvey you just you get as you. As you want to. All that stupid out right there. You get it. Go ahead, get it all out to sister. Secular Sodas. May You know what? MAYBE HE'LL GET TIRED OF GO TO SLEEP That's the beginning of the movie at the beginning of the movie. Is. This idea that it'd be funny to watch Abraham Lincoln do that is destroyed by not being Abraham Lincoln and just being a grown ass man. This is like watching eight-year who just has is cream. And the Mamas over there just tired. Wishy sit his fucking head down. That's when you parents do. Not being paid attention to goes out dancing for. The this is. The kind of kid that creates alcoholics. Why? People this is why we have wine. MOMS. But that seen as like you said, it's worth. It doesn't make any fucking sense. Oh. was born. So we come dancing you come in and if you want to send, you could've come out and made it something that I've been a funny but just just. Come out and said, are you ready to pay anything anything just even you guys ready to party? Cute. Hit Boys and have a band play and cut right like you. You made your point right. So right now you don't get out you don't linger but you look at the result of that scene does not add up to what it took to put the folding chairs out. No Right. Let alone costume hostile and the sets Oh. Yeah. No you can't cut Martin data carbs I got way too much energy left. People. That's. A lot of padding to yes. That's what people do a preschool. All, these kids on all. Up the go ahead, no elementary school and your kids put on a show and as something them delight that you'd be like Oh. Yeah. Not a fifty year. Old Guy fucking grown as man. And I. Thought that seems. The audience. Telling jokes. So anyway I mean he's a comedian. That's what I hear. Begin to doubt that very seriously. I'm going to see why he fell. Magazine I can see retreated to the woods maybe you should stay long young. Man. We'll get some in that scene also it's so lazy. It's like that's the Best Yorker come up with just dancing just let him go man. Okay. All right I mean. They. Again people. That's not the worst. No no art. Yeah. I told you people. We ain't going back up. We done here man just going to go lower into the crevasse exactly man. This God Damn Shit Hole in we go. We go and would be it. You think that's about as bad as we got. She's got a your guy about another forty minutes. We got we got a lot more talk about what this? If they can't write. A two minute joke. If they came two minutes seen, then you know they came fuck around the whole movie. You're going to fill up our twenty minutes you what the hell are you. I. There's a reason that seeing went on as long as they got nothing do nothing. Sit In once Dana Carvey Abraham fucking Lincoln assistance down they still got. Well, we got our feel almost done. No we still got. A ways to go in three pages. That they fill in this up with jokes setups that they came in, they can read a punchline for. They just build a time running gags man Lot Of. Lot of slapping in his movie. Every ten minutes somebody getting the shit slapped out of them in in his never funny. It wasn't funding from the beginning and you think it's you and you know I'll put a hole slap montage. I I did not even put everything. That's that's that's why I could not. I could not do the whole thing. All do just give you a sneak. Your. You send jets grandfather own. Having Fun now. How do you do? People this shit got so bad. It got so bad it may it made me question? My love for the three stooges. Is this what Other people watching the. Speech stooges. Master of disguise moment in. The three stooges Lebanon slept in each other. That's that's what the fuck the master discussed. Did it made me question myself with the three stooges like maybe they should ain't that good question you don't. EVEN WATCH THOSE CLIPS That's how you did. You do it. Bit. But that's what that's what they should do to. It'll break you. It'll make yourself. Everybody everybody every girl I've been around three still just one funny and maybe they were right. You, kidding me. Maybe. Aquarius I've been giving them their master disguise moment this whole time and I'm sorry I'm sorry I haven't did that to anybody this girl I've ever dated hated when I would watch the three-stage used to watch it every Saturday. Stand. Mother could not stand that Shit but as long as I was sitting down quite. A long as. Long as I wasn't like. Play both of come up with a girl. Three stooges. Logging mother. Let me watch this. Watch it three to doing this shit. Again. Is was the curly doing there. Today. Don't you Meet each other. That's good. But But you can't people. What's the thing it gets worse. Even as slapping. Shin. It's when you start to look at what they do is like well, at least it's not as bad as this because I'll tell you they have they have running gags here. That's what they feel this movie with. If they if they're not slapping shit at each other than they have another running gag where it's the do fart and Brett Spine Jesus is in here. I. Mean You talk about a Fart joke that first of all the from the very first fart. Had nothing to do with the movie. No had no punchline had no joke. The only joke was farted I laughed at that. Did you laugh at that you better man me. It wasn't that it was a Fart joke because I hate fart jokes but it was the way Brent spiner plate. Yeah. Because he gives disease actually in his scenes he's the one thing I'm like this. He showed up to actually do something here and the way he played it I was like, okay that caught off guard that was funny. The first time that's the thing listen. Listen. You Ain't GonNa win. No because you're not gonNA win because. What they do is they won't play that Fart, the first time. You're a sick man. So that's the joke he laughs, and we last too much farts. Now two things are gonNA happen. Either either you're going to be they're mad like me are you going to be? Like Martin. Is All in Prince binders reaction the way he played it I was like, okay. That was tell you not GonNa win well no, they wouldn't let me win because the because either way it goes like if you man if you look if you like Martin, you let oh, shit you like. I. Got. Sip a law right now I don't know you. GotTa hold. Back I like that one. Does. No No. You don't. Think about it. I didn't like that I won all already signed. Own. Decline. Man. Everybody fucked me over on them. Important. To know that that's what you see. Him doing that Fart in there that's not just it is no. I seen I. saw I laughed. Comeback every eleven minutes and let's do that again they. Car Yeah they so again. That's the that's the only tram right there. and. The other thing is like if you like my leg. Sitting on that was the first. To see that no more are if you like me. Who didn't need ship from the very first one? They say, well, you know what? We AIN'T GONNA. Thing is maybe you'll have we do it for the twenty. Talk. You know you come around. Stop laughing. About we end the movie with. Doing just we end the movie with literally obeying. With. You're. Just. Even good for it sounds no big. Bear. In the movie look people have shipped to do but you know what? Those parts are Marland mark. Martin had a good time. So you know what? What does in the movie light there? Hey, we're in the movie in the movie on a positive. Dad. Mom and Martin. To. Hang all. Laughing at first part. Brigham around. Ever. It will joke's not funny but we tell it enough. You'll start to laugh at. It is. You will laugh again I was there is one looked at British. Sorry does give in the car when your farts again, even the actors like they did this again. Book Eve can character. Jesus crusher. Do you buy did he didn't know? God dammit. I some of my. Most of my dialogue is far. Let me tell you also. And win this. Win this movie. INS It bills like a dozen. That she keeps on going it's. Funny because the movie for whatever its running time says, it's really only an hour maybe an hour and five minutes and then fifteen minutes of post credits this just just enough to cross. Run to get a feature run time. This let me see. And they were padding to get that our they. The the end of the movie. And the movie Crow. We would done know how now man we're so funny we gotta get people more these people can't leave yet should. We gotTA costumes. so-called jokes that the people didn't see. found. Stupid ears people. Just dancing. Dance but no resist making you wait for these credits to get over with. Because they WANNA see showed people dancing the stupidest he was when they ran Lincoln and oh but bay, you stick around cigarette long enough you get some bonus costumes that you to see before. Forum. More Turtle Action that you missed. You know what? Fuck this shit turn to a Harlem in doing you know he he don't even know it was coughing up liquorice on the, but it goes off as she goes on the weird thing. It's like, Hey, look at all these these deleted scenes we cut out of the movie. Why Is that like you make it a whole lot. It's just like you got a strong story you as well have the one in their. All this shit you know cut that shit out so I can get the hell out of here. I don't need to see. The movie. That's the one thing they did. Right they didn't. They didn't subject us to that bullshit and have the input in the extra scenes because I'm telling the movies for the scenes that aren't necessarily any way is the fucking skit a skit. This is one of those movies what gives me with this is one of those movies where. Somebody brought Dana Carvey back in and Dana Carvey just thought you know what I am so funny and people love the impressions that I do that. They'll just watch me do anything. And you know what? Maybe? Maybe a two minutes a skit or lab I. Have Been Watching do this meaninglessly for hour and twenty minutes. You know it's bad enough that the movie is uncomfortable to sit through because embarrassing. But. The move is not satisfied with just make you uncomfortable. Move satisfied make you embarrassed movies oh? Yeah. No tell you. We think now we gotta be. Disturbed. I forgot. How disturbing? That turtles seen my guys weird. But the name, the Turtle Club no just name. Take me a little bit too literally. Turell may I help you? Are you a member of the Turtle Club's. Not. Exactly. Exactly. Am I not. Enough for the people this is the kind of shit that you see survival skills kicking. Focused get back. Yes. Get that get that shit away from me. What the hell is that or who are the we're. Yeah, tournament. Yeah. Should I was? This. This goes beyond just. Being be looking at this and being funny this goes beyond being embarrassing. This goes to disturb this. This is obviously an abomination deformed man rate here who's not right in the head club. He's fine fine. He's got earls. Khan. He's dreamt of this place ever since he was a child, sir? The full costume is exactly yeah. And also, she bought the suck dicta she's all of all of his grill. Trend about this. Well, you'll need the costs do what you're the hot chick. Joel, into what's the portly word that cost to? Exactly. Blending it. For, whatever reason what really bothered me was that he has a a turtle imprint on the back. Show. When go blend with did you even if it was a literal Turtle Club you other talk and turtles to be there? Did you expect me to the Ninja Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles speed the fuck purpose that that serve non was not just to be. Served any anything for the comedy? The movies? Weird. I'm sure it was something that somebody came up with or maybe even Dana carvey himself and thought this'll be the showpiece. This'll be the everybody talks was. Thing if you notice. Countless people walking past them in the club he's getting stopped wearing fucked up as. That's all he's doing is making these wars. You know. And the thing is I was I was scared. For the other people in the movie I'm talking to other characters in the clubs your I was I was a I was like this these Aso's 'cause they start giving him a hard time. I'm like I'm like you know what? These guys that the joker kills exactly these these. Yeah. Yeah. These guys right here I was looking at them. I was like do not provoke this motherfucker right here along did leave him alone you. Set Him off you're. GonNa kill everybody in his room. At lead leaders food alone. Can I buy drink maybe some pond water for your friend. Alex. Don't don't provoke desma fucking yours prince like this that was an oddly specific. Yeah, we wanted to talk to the girls. Don't you got the. Bad as actors appeared just. Can't even can't even. Can't even laugh convincingly water for your friend. They must have been saying. how Ha ha ha ha they Muslim literally saying the words ha ha ha. This week as the one, seventy, five year old. Go together sons her learn. Make, more sensitive. was saying I don't want to vote these people gonNA kill everybody which he does not do but he actually actually does something way more way more disturbing and. We. I remember at the time sitting in this crazy shit I remember at the time sitting in. A row police strangers. Sitting next to a person I've never met before and we're looking at each other like we're going down the plane crash. which is kind of like we can't believe this is happening is about to get on the phone and call my mom about Mega I love you. I'm sorry know it's funny. You would say that. Because when they were shooting this that the planes hit the towers. Did they? Yeah they was it happened while they would do while took a moment of silence and I was like, wow. So nine eleven wasn't the only tragedy at de. Should I wish they stay silent he bites his nose off and Spitzer back on I don't and I don't know was where to the fighting off part of the spitting back on. What happened you lose? doc- my shit about the turtle. He's nonplussed by. It. Keeping My. Vice knows off there's no whole schedule tours. Thing. It's just a black thing and then boop well, and it's a weird thing that he's in a suit like Danny de Vito War and Batman returns who also bite somebody's nose off in that same. Gushing Blood Get it that this is supposed to be a cartoon, a kids movie, but it's funny how they just made this way more disturbing them they probably they probably meant to. Cycle. Wait what the fuck. Oh it's OK kids spit back on and then it ends And the scene. So he just. Doesn't worry me. Yeah. Yeah. It goes to that and you're like, okay well, I guess this is where he just goes crazy. There's all kinds of mayhem at this party. To. Somebody Theater. Right there. have. Never seen before we looked at each other and we just kind of like what the fuck is happening. What are we? What are we doing here? What is this? I told you people I can watch pornography in front of strangers and not feel is uncomfortable as I did watching this. This is the weird moment. This is a wish. It's. Creepy Bizarre. It's just like what the fuck was that, and then when you think about later, it's like you've lazy motherfuckers go back and get angry. They have no they throughout this whole movie they don't know how to ensure it. Would was not a good. Yes. How is right? As not a could. That's how I've seen, right? Yeah. Yeah. It's just weird how how disturbing that is because apparently the script has been around. For a while and talked about getting Carey in it. which you like times you want you like, yeah I could see I could see why he would turn it down but I could see why you would think him for this if not Dana Carvey. But then when dating carvey guy and he he said I want to tone this down and make it more of a kid's movie. You get. Scarier than any kind of PG thirteen movie you could have made. fucking turtle gay people nightmares. Me The fuck out here. Take me home. came out. Nobody goes. To. Kick, him out. Just starts. was. Kids who tell parents mommy I heard Hannibal's plea. Let's. Watch -CCOMPLISH nothing in the Club No. Nothing he bites news spits back and then it's over no they got into the club they saw file cabinet and they left. Mainly, they just watch his monologue could spill on the floor. Next scene, and that is probably best thing in the movie because at least one of the most interesting things in the movie got people talking that for all and all the Sterban Shit net scene is probably the best thing in there and it's not it's not even remotely good. It's horrible. It's horrible scared to say to me. I'll take I'll tell you what let me say this. I'll say this because I'll take that turtle. anyday. Any Day over these tired as impressions that he does. Seem. Just that's the weird thing about couldn't get over the Hump on those. Day On. SNL He did really funny impressed. He was the impression. and. So it's weird to watch this at master disguise. He's in Israel, his element in all if his impressions are tablets called. is called master disguise, but meanwhile, mass is master of tired as impressions. These these tire impressions that people have. At least seen over one hundred times. We're GONNA party all night long. Yes. That's great. You have fun. Of course, scarface. Scarf through an album and he at the beginning that he Since the beginning. Night. To my little friend. Star to MARLA FOR ED by the way everybody either either you can do Tony Montana. Are you are you tired of people doing, right? In and here's the worst thing man even Google and. Chris Tucker pressure. Tony. Montana's back. You know that the only thing worse than watching somebody do tire impression of scarface is the person that don't know winter stop. Doc It's announcement people just kind of like okay. Yeah. That's cute. Shut the fuck up and just go because probably everybody looking at you like, yeah they get that line out. Once it's done it's not not if you Dana carvey though I've got more. My friend that is a rare Schroeck head right there. Of Tribal, chieftain from the village of Stop Lockers. Holy Hall of us. People in the crew must have been got dams going to be a long day. You certain things you don't have elective. No just doing. You. Wouldn't better fresher huge just taken out of chainsaw. So just like in the movie scarface. Go after. Another impression. Do Everybody sees fucking scarface. This goes on for it goes on. I'm sparing a dance number. So fucking DASM boys doing flips. Yeah flips. Go and sit down. Turn. This. Kinda Shit. The make you pull Jamie Foxx base. Plus it. Is Not enough for him to do Tony Montana and just go on about his business man he's gotTa do. Let me see here on the scene he's got to get out in the middle with the ban to start doing flips. This guy. Like it. This mother fucking. People because you know that's a big part of scarface Tony. Montana? And doing jumping jacks doing. SOMERSAULTS and Fake, as going to, he's going to beg right because they couldn't get their rights. Everybody Kinda. Congo. Of Congress. y'All. Lukaku Mama Carne Asada. People. That on the sit. Here's as down in stop. Just out. Do. In the scene and get the fuck does so we can get this done with. Are you kidding me? We need a certain amount of footage wing got an. Upstart. Thirty more minutes ago. Yeah, we got do some. Far Back. The. Dancing. Even when he stuff that you like Dana Carvey. rehashes it may everybody seeing these this. George. Bush impression if you back in the day, everybody's seen this short that Mr Davis folks around here Komai W. You can call me king, George and necessarily just he should just thrown in is just thrown in because for. Me Doing George W Bush I mean this if the joke is George, Bush just walking down the street. Walk Him walking down the sidewalk walking my pool Walgenbach Pool. That's it. You know those secret services. Mr President it's like. There's no there's no clever setup forward I mean, maybe that is a joke. You know George Bush is in Mexico welcomed by the pool. And nine eleven had just happened. I'm sure for him this much worse. I don't care defined I just don't let them see that movie. I'm going to do injustice check it out. Man This is this is the. Gets worse. It gets it gets worse. We ate done and keeps thinking. This is the. The fucking titanic movies man no matter how much you clown you GONNA go down. You Ain't getting off this service one of the boats. Split Langley. I don't give a Goddamn if you on the tippy top that's just going to seek and you. Home hit the water. Grab onto me we found a pathway. We can crawl through here and get to a dead end. You go somebody say how can it possibly get worse? Well Tony Montana's leads at least something Ned people know some you can make fun of because it's such an outlandish character. Sure An you can also blue not understand. He starts doing impressions. Just I'm serious. It's. It's at a point where he just pulled some shift from a head and he won't play next Oh shit. Oh Yeah I'll play the. Play. The the shotgun guy with accent from jaws quint. Robert Hey did you see dark-haired guy run by here? And, let me just say this. At. least those impressions were recognizable somewhat somewhat. Tad Bit decent. This is. A good impression. It's not the character only didn't hate it because he's not flailing all over the place. Because he and just got through doing this for a long. Yes manic for a long time. To citizens had. Down a boat I tell you again you better man than because I I couldn't take that Shit I wasn't gonNA. Put their boat over I could not shake because it's a bad on pressure it goes on for fucking. And it's not a good impression. He starts whatever accent he's doing for. He turns to gut them Leprechaun in the middle of the. Gay Run by, chief. Hand Gangway no water. And he just starts talking. But also who is that? That's not that's not that's not rubbish. CON-. Yeah. That's true and it just started. Then he starts talking gibberish starts talking words don't even mean anything. Any new. Orleans finished lady what are you talking about that? He May. He did he knows how bad is the point here? Just don't even he? Try Talking Gibberish fuck this I'm going to. Lose the. Sure bodyguards you. What are you even talking about? What are you up inside? wrote oppression. This is you you got drunk conductor what what you? What do you say? fucking know what you're saying embodiment shot as anyone. Shot. A holding that boat. Watches. Fuck around. Probably. Bashing. The crap. That goes on forever to yeah goes on forever off every. People what I'm about to say. It gets worse. I'll tell you you ain't gonNA survive. It gets worse. I know you keep saying Corey No. It can't get worse. You kill somebody if it keeps getting worse. It gets worse people. Because at least he's trying to do some. I'll tell you the impression that he's doing the most the most offensive thing about him is that just not good or they're tired. But when he runs out in Russian when he runs out of when he runs out of a Out of a running jokes to fill the movie with Keeping my there's a ninety S. That old chestnut. That's when we got to put. My out of celebrities. In front of people do should. I Do this I don't want to do but now I GOTTA Go them stereotypes. Swallow the made over here. I'm looking for my grandfather grandfather not here boy you ought to be. Oh So bad. Okay. AUSE. Like We really go in he. said he's not here. No no no. I'M GONNA. Tell you people. This is how much people don't even give a shit about this movie. There's not much people from. Dana Carvey. Because all that time that people. Say people need to be. Canceled for Black Face Brown face they totally just skipped over this and radio win hard on. Abu. Well you ain't seen nothing yet. This is. This. This is the album. Who is thanks. Now. The question is not who I am. The question is who are your I am I am Prince. From the ring heights your Bombay Calcutta. India India India India. Musa like Damn. I don't ask make that'll make an Indian person. Lose accident. Alright motherfucking. Cut The bush cut that out now as the love Guru, sensitive. Because even he didn't go that far. That makes them Love Guru Gandhi. And people. Yes. It does get worse. New York. He even even he had to come in and get them something Jamie phase look. Do. Married? People. Do. It ain't enough were coming here and talk about. The. Latest Wasn't nothing to do that. I had to pull at snack food. That is a big reptile, not a problem. Sneaky Bitch. That's Roxy Naked. fucking quarter. Guinea Jesus coming out both them that that. For Real Asked. I Love I love how to every horn? Moving. Music comes. Link. Recorder. Recording. Say, we ought to beat so as right now. He's even try. But. We went. We went along with this long. Enough we try. We try bitch. You gotTa have to. pull. The Horn out. We ought to kick your ass right now. Seriously you're. Oh like. Oh. Wow. This is really racist. It's not me doing it. So I still get a check. Exactly. Come to this. Look in the mirror yeah. He got his true is better bitch. You know since I've got the movie Man I hopefully never get released shit. Here's Dana Carvey went right back that that cabin in the woods where he was from. Win Back danced kept his as they after this I don't see how you can recover from they locked. One more. Did he do one more Yep Adam Sandler Jack and Jill? Was He Jack and Julia love reading about it. They were like man he came out to do this one of the worst movies ever and then he went away and came back to do. Yeah. I never saw jagged you you pull a real Abraham Lincoln. To a cabin the woods just stay the man I long. Yeah I think it's done. It's done like everybody tries to help you. You know I do stand up special last couple of those. People still tolerate as. Joe Cast as you get on the. Movie screen and we'RE GONNA. Kick your and it's funny because I you know right when you think like men. A chillier. Because he does a guy and you think, well, that's why do she'll the German stereotype can be more offensive than the other stereotypes that he did. I tell you. It's not maybe it's not as offensive. German but we're not German. Yeah. But the we'll tell you all of those stereotypes he does it is the creepiest one that he did. Back taxes partake. Richard Exchange student at the University of Hyder Studer. I need to ask her a couple of. Questions not going to buy. Just one moment. Fuck. He's just a tad there close to turtle. Yeah. Look like in the Martin Short. Making noise. Learn to. Notice he gets a phrase or something about the impression. It's the funniest part of the impression and he just repeats. Not Going to buy. Not GonNa Button Yeah exactly. It's like you get that one little thing he drags after twenty. That's actually. Something creepy as. What make her work is if somebody does it and it's something that rings with you to goes like. That and then set that motive moment. You you you touch on a truth that people like Oh yeah. Yeah you got it. Yeah. But yet, you don't just beat that horn constant no no use that to pivot and go other places or move on to something else. You know I'm I'm GonNa tell you something man Let me see. Okay. So There was one. Of the worst stereotype, all these up I looked at that and I said. Surely this man this is so offensive astir typical that this is this is surely a costume. And I saw it. The Bom. NOTAIRE. Par. I said that myself I was like all right. This has got to be his latest disguise. Yes. said that this is. How Cherry power and pass it. I looked at Dennis Schiller that has got to be a it's offensive. He's the big ice cream of wheat man but that that's a costume usually pull out the mask and everything and we'll see that he's here turns out. No. No is is is is just a random black. With a white do badly dumping his voice. I don't even know what this Came from. Jesus they had a why do come in and do uncle remus mome fuck. Fuck you. You couldn't even you going to do this Guy Damn stereotypical shit right here. You can't even give you can get this man the dignity of making him a disguise. Letting them do voice his own voice. Goldberg and they're not even. Joke just just look we got. We got we got old black fiddler voice. Tear PAC. Man Love. Fergus. Miss it's it is really a grimace. Say they're Tyrian. This Cherry pop came from I don't even know what this Key from. But that they had him say because he's his lips are moving. Whenever, it came down and they're in. Post production it was decided that. All right. This isn't coming through or we need something to clarify that. Dana Carvey is high maybe is black do walked away saying some bullshit. What's talking about doing? We gotta get somebody do that. And that's what he walked out. He fucked his paycheck. This. Guy's. Good white they. Had, like that's when he had. A White Grip come on man just anybody anybody anybody. Black voice here. Also Rocky Antea or somebody onset one time doing any black people around and all that who aries eight let Larry do it. They laugh and ask and they go back. On print now. I'll tell you. It always gets worse. No one gets out alive. Complaining I don't even know what's more offensive I. Don't know what would have been more offensive. More, offensive that they actually dubbed this with a with a bad. White, voice on a blackboard, our data costume day CARVEY. Actually a costume I'll would have been more. Probably both happened. Usually there's out of that could have been that could've been a butler. More offensive to have Dana Carvey and the costumes. You COULDA WHY Why you gotta had hoped to remove voice that you could have had a black dude just saying, wow, Cherry Pie. That's crazy. Figure you know didn't have to do. Y Y. WHY Terry Pie. which is I don't remember having Cherry Pie. That's peculiar. had. Just. Talking like me well, Jerry. Pate. Border. Somebody ought to Jerry Pie. That's crazy. Yeah. But everything in this movies exaggerated who would he? Why would he gets a says the slash point. Taken since their. Time to shine. Movie spoke correctly when you go like wait what's going on here where? You broke the rhythm. What I was talking about. The social. Sure. Sorry. This is ridiculous. Just silliness. Defensive bears save that for Jennifer esposito nobody else gets to do that and no. I'll tell you man. I if if I give you credit for something, I'll give credit because I tell you what they could have done. I tell you what what what, what, what was working in the movie that they could have expanded on. But did not I think the costumes for kids movie this had been better kids move the customers actually pretty clever like one here he's a patch of where the head is the cow Patty. Thinking okay. That's just that's just more childish. Shit I'll tell you what is stepped on a cow Pie. Right told you wasn't here. Let's go back. You know the reason why they got me because I was associated. Ra He's going to be one of the cows over there, but you know like, okay, you got me in grass man right here. Now saying is great but it was actually more than a lot of stuff in the movie. which is really not all that lever to Hell Tana get. I don't care. Let some stuff slide though it's a fantasy film. Hey, we have a magic I'm not complaining about that stuff I'm complained about the. If you can't write something even within the rules that you set up then he does when you suck I'm sorry Martin he knows I was bit back. into. The grass. Go with. He's he's. Got Kobe. Crazy you could do one or the other you can't do both. You're right. This is still more realistic mission impossible to. Is More realistic than fast and furious and I did like some costumes in the I thought that's kind of that's kind of funny or it could have been funny at this been again a better bed film. Like the Cherry costume that he hey. Young. What is this going? down. The dog throw liquor bottle away. At and. Even that guy stupid man even even when they started with something and I'm like, okay, this is this is this is one of the more more clever gags in the movie even ahead get stupid. Jerry. Analogy. Yeah. Yes. Material. Longer just took for that to go down. It was like that's just indicative fill I'll tell you many must've thought that this was gonna be huge right here. Adam Sandler producing. Turn. Dana Carvey a kids film to they must have thought that this is going to be going to blow up because this has a. Not One theme song not two but three because they had to give you to cover the ground three different versions. So and all of them are the master disguise using master, disguise, going GonNa, give you a surprise. You Know Shit like that one where you, WanNa? Start out with the hip hop version for the COSTUME MONTAGE Also wear that's an original. That's the master disguise original. S You guys. Get, soundtrack today. They got the pop version of it. Do Chase. You may never recognize. RECOGNI also have. Also. Have the UH, the dance version with A. That has a James Bond. Flavor. To it. Complete with. Ninjas. Kind of. Plans we? Don't even. Know. that. Is. What a move full of stereotypes. Introduce no Asians unless you do one thing. Asia. came out of nowhere by the way is their best signal. Indicating. Respondent, so rich, you can pay Asian Ninjas to just kind of hang around. They're just up in the rafters getting. Off chance that he might need them for something your. Launch. tween uncle, remus, and neath guns Ninjas boy. Get. All. Basis. I wonder why Dana Carvey went back to the woods I don't. Think. I'd have to say shift his aspect to come out. Chased him back with the woods. It's Out in the woods, Miller's crossing. I your heart. GonNa get out of here. But I. See you again. You. Come back. Got The don't you don't you lead with normal Unless being a gong. Let me tell you they didn't they just I complained about the middle pop out of nowhere this stupid. By this point I'm numb but you didn't you didn't have to have that Gong in there. You. Didn't have to do to as Shit Yeah. You know it's It's funny because. I know God damn thing. Fix your mouth to say they're. Talking about. This a moment where I, I, tell you the only time. I probably not get back. To that a little bit but you know. Trying to find A. Picture of her. Let me see here? Because I look at this and this somebody who's actually alright. Right in this. Jennifer Esposito man you know she's she's she's she's very cuteness. She's trying her best. She's Got Some says she she's not she's she's the only one who's not over exaggerated. So you look at her and you just kind of like you know what? Maybe she's not good but. I can tell I mean, you know grace under fire she yes. He's a character acts like she's got sense but she's also able to react to everyone. Yea like sometimes you see somebody in these roles and they don't know what to do Brian like should I be crazy like they wish to act like nothing's going on make sense to me she's interacting with them and she's the only thing that kinda grounds. That's true. That's true because every time he does ungracious I okay listen let me explain what's going on because he's going to do is like she it's more realistic. Movie where by all means if she wanted to she, she would be in her rights to look at these characters in talk down to them just till thereby. But she doesn't do that she actually just she goes along with she's very charming and let's see I. thought she was good in this. You know which I wish it had been better film. Yeah, and you know she's GonNa get with. With Stat Stash your Stachel because that's probably the Adam Sandler formula. Exactly. Exactly. You know the person that. You know when you when you WanNa get with the the love interest but she's already got somebody that person has to be the Schlub or not as good looking our complete fucking sociopath. What kind of crap you putting in his? Day. In niceness niceness for us. You are trying to horn in on my action. Is Like Damn what the hell you don't just go out in the first place terrible cutting back. This do this Kinda they tell you like he's going to kill you in the family. You don't get out of here. It's Fula Roy out there and then. Man You ain't Livin Paseo second year marriage. Did you change your hair I said? Yeah you ain't tell me do that. Issue as. We see. Companies yet dump that jerk. Focus going to prison. Exactly what did you? What would you even start dating? We'll questions like. Him. I got question you. Yeah exactly. Exactly Yeah I don't WanNa do what you because you were doing that? Yeah we've all been there. And your? Way That's you're. Not. Good at into that. I'll tell you. I'm not GonNa say it was actually. Laugh because I don't think this and I'm not counting it laugh. Come on man you gotta give it nine giving to because it's not really meant for what they're doing why they're doing laugh at the joke I'm kind of laughing at how this character. Is behaving like I would behave he's the audience right now Brent spiner rest Bina who he could have been very funny. There's been a funny movie, but there's a point where he he he's pretty much reacting like the audience is reacting this. You know what? Just take your ass on somewhere Leo. This one girl Scout. It isn't ten to be the Malcolm in your Mitt. Run along a guy. Runoff. Russia May. Go V. What's your name? That's the next movie. Is this. Carol channing there he's. He's supposed to because he's he's all over the place but that. I know. I, know yeah you start thinking that it's based on somebody. No. Matter Shady babysitting miss dumb fire. Whole that whole exchange. They're saying all that be your Malcolm in in your middle and it just lingers. Lingering the joke is take. Nobody's laughing ain't. GonNa get no longer. We wait hitting age. So, you might as well step up. Honestly I mean besides Jennifer Esposito I thought Brent spiner was really was all right a like whenever it's on him because he showed up to war. Stuff? Yeah. Just from an actor standpoint he showed up to work is just that. Is, on fire. Gambling. He's he's fiddling away. Play. The Violin. Rather. The Guy who makes them back him in the middle job is terrible. You know get will knock them in who played Malcolm in the middle. He has this condition which is terrible We can't remember things and this is the one time I said. You know you're lucky man. This is what does this was? A good thing. Frankie Mooney had are heard I'm not true. This is but he like he'll. Be, who will talk to him that we're on Malcolm in the middle with him and he's he'll tell him. I'm sorry I just don't remember being their. Drugs. Like that. I. Don't want to be real but the good excuse. For this right here, right? Right yeah I don I don't remember anything from that town my life. Yeah. I don't know if that's actually True Gimme some of their for just just a dose for this radio. some other parts of my life I'd like to use it to. Start with this the. Priority number one. Of the things that are thrown in I mean I can go on and on, but I'll leave you with this i. mean like like I said again, you'd think these jokes you look at me like saying they can't you know all right we can't get into words but the getting more useless. Yes. They can just a running gag about, ass you know it just it just comes and goes real quick to there's a the apparently stash shows and asked me. And they tell you that would've about three or four lane jokes is. Simple. Reminds me. Of My Momma. Big does not. Shit. On the street doesn't even notice. Lease to at least predictable shit looking at ask some. Time before they see a piece as they don't WanNa see. Could be a good life. Yeah. That's what you get but sit in the Middle Street looking about creepy. At all. Either the early two thousand. About. If you'RE GONNA IF YOU'RE GONNA. Have a low brow Shitty fucking joke. It'd be funny if it was A. Like a shapely woman and it turned out I mean just the big it's like well. That's what he's into. What even? The kids movie. Yeah of course. Lee. Knuckles Ed, who's that comedian fluffy? With Yeah. Looking at. Getting. Don't make me come over the. Shopping. To Welcome. Back. Across. All right. Dog, whistle. People Not to say this as no more for me to say, I can say if you want to I never wanna I, WanNa go through this again. There's a Lotta Shit I come in I'm like man that was funny. Yeah, it was crazy. Worth, it was worth it. We get to talk about it and what go through the experience again, I did it eighteen years ago and Was Thinking I. Think it was worse Washington's time era. Laser. Oh. I. Would just say this that while I know you've always hated this movie but I remember seeing the trailers for it and I was like, well, it's a kids movie probably be fun just Kinda goofy not all that. Funny. When I get Old Disney movie. I would have been hurt watching these. If not for the fact that when it first came on, it showed that happy Madison logo and that. That that that changed my perspective because I went Oh. Oh No, no, no, no, no. Okay. This is not all my hope that's gone. That's gone so. Now. so that adjusted my expectation. It's still way lower than that. Yeah. I Have Newport New Perspective on how low happy Madison movie can go because they did this once they can do it again and not as offensive at some of their movies. Yeah. So that's that's something of a plus. But. One of the bigger problems I mean, it's hard to watch some Dana carvey somebody as an entertainer. Do the thing that he was so great at and be so terrible added. It just is just man it just it just hurts to watch somebody who was good. Just completely lose their skill that way. But what really gets me is how dull the movie is I mean it's not just unfunny, but in between the not even trying to be funny, there's a whole lot of just not Jack Shit happening. With them just sitting around talk. I like man y'all SORTA had something of a plot here I mean. It's not that I'm a wrapped up in the plot, but as you move through the plot. Funny things will happen things will come to you and they just don't seem to be interested in that. Maybe, the best thing is like. Some of the production stuff like on that set there's some that's you like production. Yeah. I have to say but it's it's way unbalanced because some production is really nice and other sure is just a bottom of the basement. Shitty. But for the most part, this came across to me like a really terrible cartoon like somebody who's WHO's a writer and editor at animation studio pitching ideas that got every one of them shot down. In probably even. Put on a process improvement plan at the end of the day or told me getting fired and there's took and made a movie with it. 'cause there's so many of those kind of cartoon gags that they're trying to do in real life but they don't have any of the care any of the timing and as they just figure, it's just it's it's way too much. Well, if I can do a voice, people will love it kids beloved and I don't see. Not adults at all, but even kids like this. Well, there's too many references that kids won't get man. I'm tired of people saying this is a kids movie and they throw a fucking scarface referencing there that bothers me and you know watching the clips I'm watching I'm reliving a lot of this in mind when I was watching Your point you've watched somebody who's your skill I watched the love Guru. was like Mike Myers. He's just every ends ever seen just yeah. That that that. Yeah. It does self deprecating Oh. Oh, it's so. Muggy does and you're like, wow, this is really all you got now let's all gone and I'm. Not Trying to cast you know I'm not trying to be disparaging but this is like you just let me sit through two hours of your your shit that you don't even do well anymore and it's just like you said, it's heartbreak. People. And that's all I gotta say set forth. Worth it for you plan that and watching both Theo and the. Running part seen I was just looking at both the y'all just die I'm sorry and that we weren't the for me get busy. A you to. Talk. Well I'm glad somebody got something out of is. The rightful. must become much. Foul, I could teach you to become a mesh of this guy. Going youngster of this. Rule the dame plant based way with the new Vegan mixed vary from smoothie king powered by whole non GMO fruits, milk, and vegan protein. It's a dairy free print vase smoothie. You can feel great about with thirteen grams of protein and half your daily fiber. It's an easy way to get the essential nutrients. Your Body Craves, skip the line in order online for pickup or delivery smoothie king rule the day.

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