CBS 2 News PM Update 100620


I'm Erica Sergeant here are the stories making news at this hour. Indiana is now on the warning list and could soon be added to Chicago's quarantine order cases there have been rising, but the city is not ready to put the state on the list just yet it did at Alaska but removed Texas in Georgia anyone travelling to those states is encouraged quarantine for fourteen days when they returned to Chicago. Fire has left two people including a six-year-old girl dead in. Gary. Indiana the fire started early this morning. The other victim was a twenty one year old man firefighters say the front of the house was engulfed in flames when they arrived. A mask mandate under attack. In Wisconsin, a conservative law firm wants the order blocked. They say the governor can't require people to wear masks judges promising a quick decision join us on CBS to or CBS Chicago. Dot Com for news updates around the clock. I'm Erica Sergeant.

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