Pet adoption and fostering interest grows with more at home


Your destination for gadgets ungeared. I'm Fred fishkill. If you have a dog in the household you already know how happy and content they are when everyone is home every day schooling at home working from home and many other people with more time on their hands have been adopting or fostering pets at the pawprints in the sand animal rescue in Newport Beach California Co founder and President Kelly Reeves cautions that while many potential pets desperately need homes families should think long term. So it's important to realize that just because you have a little bit of a break now time wise but this is a lifelong commitment. It's not a pair of shoes you just returned because you've got too busy back to work so it's a good idea to think things through and if it does work out find the right animal for you your home and family visit offense in the sand dot. Org for more Info you can find us at text nation DOT com. I'm Fred Friskin cooking with the power of the song. Hi I'm Fred Friskin here to tell you about the latest innovation for my friend. Patrick Sherwin and his great team at goes on stove the goes on fusion has arrived using the companies tried and true reflectors and the solar vacuum tube could get cooking without a massive charcoal heavy propane tanks or smoke a really bright idea and with an optional solar panel and battery storage on the ability to plug in at home or on the road really can use the goes on fusion to cook anytime and anywhere day or night Reno. Shy I love what Patrick and his team are doing. And so will you want to learn more head to go some dot. Co Two check out all of the company's products and innovations and use the code texting to save ten percent that's goes on DOT Co.

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