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Nov. 4: Two Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame inductees join the show


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Andrew Holland handling the network for us once again this week to take one into the media center once again for sound from now. Five time f one world driving champion Lewis Hamilton right after he clinched sound as well from two more inductees for the racing. Canadian motorsport hall of fame gala racing TV mogul James Robinson. And the man in charge of the grand prix had Montreal Francois de Monte A, plus the famous Subaru Raisani mail bag trivia contest in the race rap. Happy Harvick pretty happy tops at Texas. So for race fans, foreign wide powerful sport powerful radio for more than a quarter century. This is the race line radio network. This is Lewis Hamilton. And you're listening to race line radio. Jeff flared loves to commute. Let him join you on yours. Subscribe to podcasts of the Jeff Blair show at I tunes with your favorite THAAD catcher sports net. Five ninety the fan on demand to man to man. Eric Thomas rice line on the race line radio network with latest news and opinion. And off we go on the race line race wrap brand new month. More very impressive sales numbers. Yes. Mar friends and presenting partners at Subaru Canada best October sales ever fifty five hundred soothes sold last month up eleven percent over a record busting October of last year. Well, on our way to our seventh consecutive annual sales record with over forty nine thousand Subaru's bended so far in two thousand eighteen one of the biggest jumps to be ours. Ed. Yep. Featured right here on race line up twenty two point nine percents and sales over October of last year while across the network all up on cherry up an impressive fifteen point seven percent thirteen point eight in the west and Quebec is up nine percent. Once again, we have to salute each and everyone of you for putting Subaru in your car buying shopping cart. We thank you most kindly as we always need to do NASCAR playoff. Second round of the elite eight is it's called the Texas Motor Speedway Fort Worth. But before we do that. May we? We set up the scene from last week. We're Joey LA one martinsville by ploughing leader. Martin true ex junior out of the way on the last lap Marty. Remember, not a happy bumpy. When he win the damn war win. I'm gonna win. I was next to him for six lasts. I never I never knocked him out of the way we gonna race Hartford in my book. I cleared him square. I never even we weren't. Even banging doors passing me may disturb. You back me knock of the way short Chan, Grayson. But what goes around comes around Lugano? Of course, didn't exactly see it that way and expected to be checked, but dirty maneuver or not he thought he had to move out of the way and go for it. I mean as expected we raise. They're really clean and the bumper to him. So I don't really expect them to be happy. But we do we gotta do. Yeah. He's doing he's gotta do. And then we'll has it out. I'm sure one way or another. But this is our shot. This is maybe our only shot. So we had to make a habit, and we thank NBC 'Send for the clips. Okay. So now Texas a week later as we get close to the end retaliation. Well, as it turns out, no cooler heads prevailing, obviously. However, Kevin Harvick. Starring in this one his eight win of the season to advance to the final four. He led a hundred and seventy seven laps and won every stage to get their taking off like a burnt rabbit onto late restarts. Ryan Blaney finished second. Joy lugano. Also in the final four finish Texas third. Also still in Kyle Busch and trebek's junior bottom for though in the points into Phoenix last chance to make that final four bracket at Miami. Homestead Kurt Busch. Chase Elliott Eric L Merola and Clint Boyer NASCAR playoff. Xfinity. Of course at Texas. Call Custer to advance to the final four candidates Alex Labbe thirtieth something broken the suspension truck playoff there as well. Just in Hailey wins that to make the final four at. Miami. Homestead candidate Stuart freeze an eighth after leading a bunch formula. One just two more to play off until Brazil on the eleventh in the season. Capper at Abu Dhabi. Lots writing in that final pair. Yeah. Lewis Hamilton's already sewn up his fifth career championship. But the constructor's crime is still up for grabs Mercedes leading Ferrari by fifty five points to Brazil. Oh, you may have noticed that Hamilton and Ferrari rival Sebastian Bendel hugged it out and a little conversation a brief one with smiling faces after Lewis clinch the title in Mexico Lewis revealing afterward metal just said, listen, don't let off at each of fighting with me next year Hamilton told vessel in response. Thank you so much for being such a strong competitor this year, these two warriors genuinely respect one another. And I think they probably secretly like each other quite a lot as well. That'll also made a quick sweep see this for the Mercedes garage in Mexico to congratulate them and to a man the Merck, boys. Applauded vessels efforts this season, Leveille sportsmanship. Very nice to see oh. Speaking of Louis, we have as clinching post race comments coming up in our second guests segment in this here program. In addition in TSN, six ninety. We all coverage. Canadian Grand Prix boss, Francois Demonte a and TD kingpin James Robinson for the recent Canadian motorsport hall of fame induction in our first guest segment. Indycar another new face at of the ranks next year. X Sabra F one Marcus Ericsson coming in fulltime wish mitt Peterson motorsports as James Hinchcliffe teammate. No. But not to replace the injured Robert Wickens the team holding the number six opened for wick who's battling to walk again partially paralyzed after the Pocono crash. The continental tire sports car report is brought to you by continental tire for what you do. Couple of incest sportscar championship programs already testing aiming at next year's Rolex twenty four Daytona in late January both GT LeMond class Porsche nine elevens from the Porsche GT team were at Daytona this past week testing as well as the GT Daytona Meyer shank racing. Accuracy, no time like the present to get Gonen do something early. This continental tire. Sports car report has been brought to you by continental tire for what you do the rally. News a presentation of the cyber due WRX and w. Rx STI creating those monsters sales. And monster they are next round of the two thousand eighteen Canadian rally championship getting closer told you about it November twenty three twenty four rally the tall pines in Bancroft race line will be covering, of course, lots on the line in this one Carol Karen, Samuel, joy, allience Simone Vishal, and he would get role by just nine points going into the pines bikes real motor GP Sapang. Malaysia champ. Martin Marquez took a comfortable ninth. Win of the season when race dominator Valentino Rossi crashed into the lead with three laps to go. He's okay. We're on finals of the track at Charlotte before they arrived. We formerly were able to crown former baseline radio guests Donnie shots world of outlaw sprint car champion for a tenth time. And he won the aim to boot Tim fuller when the big block feature at Charlotte with Matt Shepard claiming his seventh big block title both running by the way, Canadian Bicknell chassis sage Scott blumquist when the late model a man with Mike Marley winning this year's title. That'll be his first in the series faces in the pet said to have to tell you we've lost as chairman of the board emeritus Mary home in Georgia. Eighty third year on earth. She was the daughter of Tony home in junior who say the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from extinction and demolition of the end of World War Two. And he was she was Tony Georgia's mother, she gave the famous, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines command before the start of the Indianapolis five hundred and the NASCAR race for some fifteen years the late nineties three twenty fifteen godspeed Mary h George and this is going to be pretty cool seven time. Nascar Cup champ. Jimmy Johnson and two time f one champion Fernando Alonzo going to swap cars for a demo toot at Bahrain right after the final f- one GP of the season on the twenty sixth of the month. Just for fun. Really Johnson says though the downforce about six times with generated from a Cup car. He's been working on beefing up his neck muscles to handle the cornering g forces of the F one beast, and we'll talk this in a rally item. I think since Alex dejesus in his team Subaru Niagara squad claimed the group dance off the annual paper bag ball for charity staged by our friends at Bali, etc. And Saint Catharines in NewsTalk six ten CK TB coverage. The three dense off teams alone race twenty six thousand dollars for local community care charity. Nice work everyone. And that's it for this week in the race line race wrap questions. Opinions comments and headlines of the news. Always welcome. We do need to hear from you. Share your thoughts and theories and fellow fans across Canada could win you the grand prize in the Subaru race Lonnie mailbag trivia contest. They played a matter of minutes. All right. Well, the pit stop in our first guest segment. More Canadian motorsport hall of fame induction sounded with Francois Demonte and Jim Robinson, then newly crowned f one champion and segment to Mr Lewis Hamilton. This is race line. Presented by Subaru book from his drive this week at JIMBO Subaru dealer anywhere along the race lying radio network. This is March X junior near listening to race line radio. Bob mccowan to see what I think he said, you can rewind primetime sports by gas. When you subscribe at I tunes or with your favorite pod. Catcher five ninety fan on demand. Demand. Demand. Canada's national radio motorsport authority. We are the race line radio network class twenty eighteen now firmly in trying to the Canadian motorsport hall of fame after the recent induction gala in Toronto led by stock car racing legends DJ Kennington and Scott Stiegler. Let's hear shall we from two more inductees Canadian racing TV mogul, James Robinson and the man in charge of the F one Canadian Grand Prix and TSN six ninety Montreal coverage Francois de Monchy. They're back to back on race line radio. Unite kinda come from the same kind of routes. I mean, we started a long long time ago doing Canadian racing on television, and you had your gig. And we had our gig with race line. And we've known each other never never had the opportunity to work with you. But first thing I got to say is congratulations on the induction, very, very Willard chart per shoot. It very much. But let's not tell anybody how long ago it started. Okay. Things really have changed in in the realm of televising racing. But year, it's unique you we see all the big stuff. The NASCAR stuff the IndyCar stuff getting into a small bullring racetrack with late model stock cars and putting that on television, effectively is not an easy gig. As I know because I've done it. What's the secret to make sure that it's affected way? No, I'm not sure it's really a secret. The whole thing comes down to people doesn't it? It's people helping you to do things people being encouraging you to try new things have when we started restarted in film. And I could only go along to say at a at an oval track race. I knew that I hit a certain film budget and say were doing three hundred laps. Okay. I told the cameraman's shoot laps one to ten and the night pre that see shoot. Now thirty to forty then I'd tweet toll thing happened. So. It was really kind of a lot of luck to that went into play here. But now we're into digital format we can shoot everything we could keep going and going board cameras so much easier to work with so the game's changed a lot. But you know, you really have to keep up with the king in order to be affect otherwise, you get passed by just like raising you do you still do all of your stuff in post production where you assemble it. And then you do the commentary later on have you ever tried to do it the other way where you're trying to call it as it's happening. Then tried to edit it down we've tried to do that. And sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't. Yeah. The problem is expense. That's the big deal. Right. It costs a lot of money to take these cameras and abdomen hooked up. All the way around the track. Yeah, we do too. We several races that way, but what we do. Sweet piggyback on somebody else coming in like the big NASCAR is for the trickeries. So would they clear out of the production truck? We put our people in we use their camera people who are so experienced and really easy to get along with her. So that's really the only economical way to do things otherwise post production. This the way to go. I'm very very proud to see you in in the Canadian wars for hall of fame. Jim robinson. Thank you so much for the time. Oh, you're very welcome. Thank you very much, you know at the Canadian Grand Prix your involvement with that. Most people are aware of that. But you have deeper roots in that don't you? It'd been there for for a long time the research work at the grand prix ninety four but the previous six year before that I was working at the track for the city of Montreal doing with the with the grand prix so been therefore very long some people can work with Bernie when he was there and some people cannot the race in Montreal is head kind of. It's always been there. There's been a couple of threats of it not being there. But you weren't able to sort of cool all that down that could not have been an easy thing with Mr Bernie, what was then easy. But I I get along pretty well with with Bernie, and you know, when despite reading good he said Montreal any threats that he said of control you love Montreal. And and I think he said that too didn't. Yeah. And you know, what you understood the importance of Montreal in championship. So so, you know, the Montreal and look enough. Look we sign the currency. We have the longest contract in forlorn. Up to twenty twenty nine. Speaking of that, we know there are some improvements coming to a Siquijor Villanova ill Notre Dame and be just tell us where we are with that. I mean, are we on schedule? We know what has to be done the paddock. And I think few the other buildings as well. Just give us an update on a wisp. What's going to be done? Okay. We we did there down the garage on July third and start building one right after that right now, there's probably two thirds of the steel structure is out of the ground. And I know that the workers are working hard to close the building inside for dako- months. But you know, what we are shooting for April thirtieth. Building ready. But so far so good on the fans going to notice a difference Francois. A major one I mean, we are. It's a different world. Good. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It was time though, wasn't a to upgrade that it wasn't anything. I mean deal. One was built in nineteen eighty eight. We are in the new era from the one should have been done for since years. But yeah, people will see the different the architect who did the the work and the drying, it's amazing and more space for the team. More more space for for some sweet. And I think that even on TV when when TV will shoot than you building and people will will notice it. And he was a this is what y'all it's all very good work and congratulations again in your induction into the Canadian Motors hall of fame. Yossi boucle. Thank you to main cogs in Canadian motorsport, easily new Canadian motorsport hall of fame. Inductees James Robinson on the TV side and Francois Demonte with the Canadian Grand Prix f one stylings of. Of course in Montreal both of them together. They are in race line radio. Go to the halls website for info on how you can nominate someone you think belongs in the Canadian motorsport hall of fame. Our support of the hall continues here on race line radio. All right. Well, let's give you please. But coming up the Subaru race Lonnie mail bag trivia contest. And then some sound which one thousand eighteen Formula one world driving champion now five times over Mr Lewis Hamilton this is the race line radio network. This is Cole Perrin and you're listening to race line radio. So funny. You might be a little luckily, you can listen on the can. Subscribe to the podcast at high tunes with your favorite podcast here. Canada's national radio motor sport thirty. Yep. The race line radio network. I'm Eric Thomas checkout. My Thomas tales columns inside track. Motorsport news magazine got one coming up somewhere later this month. And of course, there on the web is well, it's fortunate Nazi as so here we go yet again with a real famous Subaru race Lonnie mailbag trivia contest your chance to win. Another award winning, Subaru price pack. We ask you Subaru trivia questions that you include the answers to those questions in your Email of commentary to qualify to go into the brake, drums, we call it for the official draw to win the prize pack when the racing season ends, and we're getting there pretty quick when NASCAR wraps everything up at the end of this month. Here's the question you're currently tackling and leave it there for a little while longer. Yeah. Twenty nine thousand nine Subaru 2019 Subaru WRX STI comes equipped with a funky little thing multi mode DC CD system in the drive train you need to tell. Oh me to qualify. An answer. The question correctly, what the devil does DC CD Stanford last question again, the twenty nineteen Subaru WRX says TI comes acquitted them multi mode DC CD system in the drive train. What does DC CD Stanford K us? Eric at race line radio dot CA. Eric at race line radio dot CA to enter the contest with your answer. Capital? E R. I K symbol at race line radio. Like when big word no gap in the middle. Because if you do it'll bounce back dot CA. Eric and race line radio dot eight into the enter the contest with your answer. Let us now go to the mail bag, and I was going to read this next week, but ran out of time during it Paul Anton loyal listener, former prize pack, winner has been with us says since day one never misses an episode listening on AM eight hundred C K L W in Windsor. He writes, Eric always excellent show every week. Thank you so much for that, Paul. We do priest. It's very kind merged. Appreciate that. And join listening to your show on Windsor radio station. Eight hundred we said CK L W. And here's another entry in your current trivia quiz. Contest. 2019 Subaru WRX TI DC CD stands for. He has gotta write again. And we told him he had it, right? He can enter the contest as many times as he wants even if he's won a price back. He can win another price back there. Ain't no rule about that. No way. No how so get as many entries in here is you can Paul is always good with commentary. He goes on. And adds the social media is still buzzing ET about nascar's decision decision. I should say men of the end of the Talladega race it resulted in several cars running out of gas with extra laps run on the big 2.6-mile. Talladega circuit in nascar's effort to end their races under this green white checker system shown below is what I wrote to you previously. And yeah, he and I- Paul Anton of talked about this and debated this. This point about the fiasco at the Daytona three hundred xfinity race going back a while. And nascar's green white checker efforts resulting in the race. Adding an additional hour to complete running an extra fifty seven and a half miles and twenty three lapse beyond the one hundred and twenty lap distance e t as you noted several times before and I agree with. You you know, what the heck is wrong with ending races under caution the odd time it occurs. And it doesn't happen. Very often fans buy tickets for a five hundred mile race. And that's what they get and should not complain. If it happens to end under the caution flag NASCAR did that for over fifty years. Plus fans may not remember when Dale Earnhardt won his only and one and only Daytona five hundred in nineteen ninety eight the race ended under caution. If NASCAR had been using this GW sea protocol at that time. Dale may never have won the Daytona five hundred and he's right. Maybe nascar. Now. This is interesting. I think they should just do away with this green white checker junk and finish racist under yellow the whole season. But but Paul says what about NASCAR consider eliminating the green white checker for at least. They're ten playoff races. Interesting idea. Let's hope these issues do not surface at the final race at Miami. Homestead. Thanks so much for the program. Eric your longtime listener on AM eight hundred see kale w in Windsor from Dearborn heights. In Michigan Marie slime radio was heard every Sunday night at eight o'clock. Yeah. Our friend Norris McDonald. Thank you, Paul for the note, by the way, and the detail the put in there Norris McDonald, the star talking about threes, and why nascar's popularity is waning. Did you watch the Texas race you see the number of empty seats? I still maintain the raises are too long Norris talks about you know, the franchise system not letting everybody run the race. I think he's right drivers buying rides. I think he's right as well. I talked about racist being too long be didn't need this playoff. They didn't I still maintain. This all they needed to do is add more points for a win. But then I got to go through this convoluted playoff situation. And I think some fans are sick and tired of it. And that's why you're seeing some empty seats. Not only that a lot of empty seats at some of these NASCAR races. Even in the playoff. Send us a contest. Entry your comment us. Eric race line radio dot CA to connect and enter the two thousand nineteen Subaru WRX STI comes a quipped with something called the DC CD system, you need to tell me what c CD. Stands for another quick pitstop here. Well, then F one champ Lewis Hamilton. This is race line. Presented by Subaru for the elevated performance handling test-drive VR's sports coupe this week along the race line radio network. I know we're coming right back and race line radio. Subscribe to a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite podcast. Man. Five ninety two fan on demand. Canada's national radio motorsport authorities for more than a quarter century. We are the race line radio network in. This segment is brought to you by only technology series multi belts by continental contact precision engineered for perfect fit form and function with a true. A we pedigree. Oh, e technology series dot com. He called it his most difficult season. Which of course is not over yet. But he has been the best driver race in and race out all season long, really holding off for our Sebastian vessel, the young Englishman and Mercedes clinching the two thousand eighteen world driving championship for Formula, one at the grand prix of Mexico. So once again, I'm going to sneak it quietly in the media center for his comments right after he claimed title number five fielding questions from the international media, including a hilarious moment of the reporter who has the exact same name as a fellow famous driver. All coming your way on race line radio. Right now feels. It just doesn't feel real. I feel like I'm gonna wake up. In a matter of moments. It's just been it's been such a hard. It's been such a difficult year in such a great battle. But a lot of work load of work and start to to try and to try and raise the bar. This year's been been such a huge challenge in that. She train myself this year, I've prepared I prepare myself into the don't believe in mind coaches, and all those kind of things and so. I really really work hard to make sure I've I've got the right energy, the right balance in my life, and and this year just trying to name working on all these different aspects to enable myself to perform that's a, you know, I think I had a great year last year and other things to myself. How can I raise the bar? How can I squeeze some more out of myself and on a C never know what the foam there is? And there is no secret formula. But. Manage to find that balancing that flow. And I've had some of my best racism career. And I think that's ultimately why with form sitting here. But it doesn't even register at the moment being number five. It just, you know, just getting my I was amazing and third was incredible. And. Yeah. People mentioned in fan Jovan. Yes. So I think I'll right now is just kind of is very very humbling as well because he's also quite conflicted emotionally right now because I've got had this tough race of which I wanted to win great start. And then it went from went from good to bad, and but we still finish full. It's not a bad finish. And ultimately is what we needed. But in my mind that we still go to team championship to win. And today released some points to two Ferrari, and and I really wanted to for the team so still go to racist to win fundamental known. So for Motorola and the Chris. Your name is your name is phenomenal. Lonzo. I. Phenomenon can be question. For myself. The thing is I. Can you drive? I think. And what do you think is your do is skilled do the Bill this this year? Honesty was was around, you know, of had the ability since I was very young since I've been in Florida. I've had the ability to do to drive like I do today. But not she I think every year you always trying to raise the bar trends. And when I say raise the ball, you're trying to work on all the air is how you prepare. How you how you get yourself in the right mindset, how you deliver in the car with you'll feel how you learn to balance the car and risk versus reward. How you communicate with the guys that you work closely with extract the best them all those areas. So important even even things like come in. You know, some people that work very closely to may go to make sure I keep how do I keep desperate south? How do I keep them driven? If they're see me on the weekend. And know that I'm the to win which you know, sometimes you can arrive in a bed at space, you know, only human, but if you can try and focus on doing that each weekend can really make a big difference to your weekend. So the so many areas, and I think for me just being most personally in the car, I've been the most Senate this year been the healthiest Senate have been an add more energy than have been part of that. I'm sure has been on a vegan diet, it's been fantastic. And so happy that I went no way, which I went there a long time ago skull Mitch Lewis there's been little Satyam's this year with three an. The foster package overrule. You want to race is arguably they they maybe should have about with so to and frog for the first off of the the fact that you've run out comprehensively with T rice to go. How much of a surprise is that Phil? Absolutely. It was through the year. Was there was lot? Lot of testing times for us even on weekends. What we didn't have the package on the back foot. But then came out came away with you know, with that belief within the teams still that we can come away with something good with come away with wins. You know, even though we weren't in the quickest, and it took some special labs, it took some special moments within the car and. Which is honestly how could relive those moments. All the time. It's been some of those experiences. I had in a call this year, really magical. And I always I truly believe that we can win this championship. But it has been the toughest battle that. We've had collectively as a team so many so much work is going on backstage is back in the background these guys in the garish just being flawless every single weekend without get Stokes without decision making in the background strategy. And and set up that's been key to you know, to meet for me, I feel like I can drive anything in feel I can feel like you can take the car to places that. Nobody else can. And but to do that you have to get the car in the right place. And so that means ultimately he could work to team to help them on to help. Unleash what's great within them. So that you can donate the greatness in yourself. An from the sun. Congratulations. And could you identify a turning point paps this season teases been so many races at a don't remember the mole? I think when I came back Silverstone's firstly being on the on the on YoM, circuit is always something so special, and when you see that crowd that really lift you up then they just ever since my first goal in pre. But most most probably most importantly, the second one two dozen. I could see the guys in the grandstands. It's probably the first time. I started noticing people standing up and cheer me on. And and that had never faded full these years being going to free. So it's coming back from Las to second for me, in my mind is I k- I think that might have been quite a confidence boost. But then of course, we went onto some some great races after that Budapest oversee going into the break. This is great going into the break with with them with a win, particularly when we knew that we weren't quickest that that point. Of the season. And we knew that that was confident blow of more so to the other team. And and then how can I'm munza. I think just going from strength to strength off to that. And we just kept taking a step up. And but look we we're still here in Mexico. And it was a tougher expressed today in the fries clicking on us again. So I think undying we've been very very close on performance for the year. And I think still arguable whether or not we've had the perfect perfect package. But I think as a team we have uprated better than any other provider. See the times Lewis, congratulations. What are your plans? Now, how he celebrates won't happens chain hair in Brazil. He knows gonna sound really boring, which it is probably because I don't I feel very very content right now just feel very happy. I know he's been. I'm looking forward to going to sleep. But a. But I ready trying to cherish this moment. Because I know I won't there's only one this this moment woman lost for a period of time. And then you moving onto the next thing and time is just so precious. This is a precious moment for me. So I'm just trying to absorb it and retention, and I still have to work to you know, still got. Still going to get back to the factory and rally the troops next week to figure out how we can come back and win these next races. Have no idea why struggled so much in these last two, and we feel the pain of not win knows races. And we still have constructive championship to win which I know means booming even more to all the guys back at the at the factory. So that's the focus. But right now, I think tonight, I'll leave this beautiful country Mexico. Mexico City's always been good to me, and does the people here the food has been great that those talents. He has been exceptional. So always enjoy my time here and looking forward to coming back. I'm probably going to come back sometime in January to train and so often enjoy myself, and but until then I think I I'm looking forward to seeing dogs. I'm gonna see my Dokes tonight. So unconditional love of pet is is something quite special. I know I think I've got a lot of friends that are around me. So probably I'm sure we'll we'll. Come together and really try to embrace the moment. But yeah, as a Santa still vote racist I want to win so they conflicted. Well, there he is laughing talking about is a title fight sleeping, eating a vegan diet and has two BULLDOGS. Roscoe and cocoa. I love showing the human side of a racing personalities. We just don't see that often enough twenty eighteen and a five time f one champion Lewis Hamilton on race line radio. All right. Well, working on that final pitstop now, then will return for the last lap next week show lineup and more. This is rice line presented by Subaru? Powered for the heart pounding WRX STI thirteen time at any rally manufacturers champion on the race line radio network. This is Marco Andretti and you listened to race line radio. This ain't like when you're at a game and sign up for a credit card just to get the prize. And then you immediately cancel the credit card because there's no prize when you sign up for a radio host at I tunes or with your favorite podcast, you're five Ninety-two fan on demand. Eric Thomas Riceland across Canada. On rice lime radio network. Might flag is up there. One more to go. So here's what we're gonna wind up for you for next week f one champion Crom for the season and bring back the editor and f one specialist from our print partner inside track. Motor sport news. Our good buddy James Nielsen for his take on Lewis's fifth title. Should he be considered? One of the best f one drivers on all time Ken Ferrari in red bull bounce back next year. And we'll Canada's land stroll do better at force India. Plus, of course, the Subaru Raisani mailbag trivia conscious, but when checkers fly we say goodbye here norms race line. Thanks going to James Robinson, Francoist Samante and the Canadian motorsport hall of fame Lewis Hamilton and f one f I a Martin direction your joy Lugano NASCAR media at NBC S N big, thanks, of course. Spring commander Willer skin. Andrew Holland for network operations and post production. Soaker mama this race line radio. I'm Eric Thomas so long everyone race line coast to coast of the rice line radio network. Presented by Subaru has been driven by the twenty nine hundred Subaru wwl reaction WRX STI rally, proven street legal. Learn more at Subaru dot CA by the Subaru VR's add the formula for performance by only technologies Henry's multi v belts by continental contact precision engineered perfect fit form and function with a true L E pedigree and by continental tire for what you do. We'll talk again next week. We'll do it right here on race line radio.

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