Weird Or Nah? Amy Compliments Woman's Shoes in the Bathroom + Bad Proposal Stories


Do you want big holiday discounts. Then you want the General Auto Insurance as Bobby Jones with the generals great discounts. The general offers a multi car discounts. People with more than one car Har- They also offer a transfer discount. The general is one of the few companies that will give you a discount. If you've had coverage in the past five years save money holiday season and call eight hundred general or visit the General Dot com today some restrictions apply online go to the federal and say some time all right. You guys have a lot of questions for me. I answer them as we open up the male bobby mailbag all right. Listen closely we can do here. Hey bobby bones. I went on a date and the dinner cost the Guy Eighty dollars. Well wasn't into him. Uh so I broke things off for them before we went on a second date. It's an hour's really nice. I let him down easy but I just didn't see a relationship with them and I didn't see things going any further. He texted me and complain about spending eighty dollars. He made it a big deal about it being a lot of money and added that I wasted time if I wasn't even into him. Now he wants to Vin Moham- forty dollars of the eighty dollars. Should I pay it or is he crazy to even ask that. I'm Kristie thank you for the email. By the way VIN MO is. You can just get on an APP people money because your friends like via credit card or whatever. You're so there you go. I'll take a shot at this first. He has no right. That's the risk you take when you take someone on the date is if you're GONNA pay for it that's it it's a contract it's written you don't get a refund. You'll get a rebate. You don't get anything if you are so worried about this early on dude you go. Hey why don't we split it you. He could have done that. I wouldn't have done that apart of dating. Is You pay for was mill. No he can't ask you that I would just ignore the text amy. No he can't have this preconceived if I don't get a second date half my money back to tell you that early or yeah. Or if if he doesn't get a kiss and he wanted to kill and you need to pay for dessert like no he can't pick and choose to pay for the eighty dollars you don't owe him in meeting artist transaction. Listen if you're brave enough to go on the date and then you want to break it off be brave enough to pay for it like say. Hey we went out his friends because obviously you're not interested so pay him the forty dollars and move on with your life. Why should he responsible because that means she just goes out and uses guys for free dinners? Well no oh. I don't know that it's a habitual thing where she's doing it often but I think if I take a girl out I'm going to pay for the meal and if she doesn't WanNa with me again that's on me That is the standard inside of the dating culture that we live in here in most of western America. If she knew she wasn't interested at the end of the day she should've I said. Hey you know what I'm not interested. Let me pay for half instead of these weird. I probably would have no ten minutes into it. You probably know right number two. You're twenty six dating how you feel about this absolutely not block his number. This is not normal and if he didn't want to end up paying you do take that risk when you go on a date then go to drinks. If you don't want to pay for dinner go to drinks or go to coffee you don't have to have an eighty dollars. Zero Point. Two drinks are expensive to he. Sounds like he's GonNa ask for half back no matter. WHOA even if it was like the bulk of Soda Dollars Dollars Fifty Cents? Yeah no and this if anything it just should give you affirmation that you made the right choice. That he's not not worth it. He's not cool. Donate him good point. And that's a good point about an. I often not because of the money thing but because the time thing I don't really do dinner on a first date date because I don't WanNa get stuck with someone for our or had them stuck with me for an hour if we're not feeling it that's why it's like. Hey let's get coffee or let's meet at this place and get a drink because you can always a jump after a drink or two drinks or coffee. It's not a problem. Yes so ignore him. Morgan says block them. lunchbox says pay the man man. Hey all right. That's the mail bag was bobby mailbag and if you WANNA send a note to the mailbag how did they do org number two mailbag bobby bones dot com and you can also go to our facebook page and comment on what you think she should do in this situation. Bobby bones show a play you a sound you named sound. That's it. We're playing that sound. These are all different things. You'd find around the office and they all get harder as we go. Miss it in your out survivor style. Let me introduce produce are three players first of all to my letters. Amy Every really good. It sounds Yes. She is over right in front of me as lunch box office. So I should know really sounds and over there. Next lunchbox is our video producer at my life isn't office. Excuse me my life is off your yes alright. I Love Your Wife to office sound number one. Can you name the sound play for you again. And we'll play the them to hold music. We call it all right here. We go here sound more time got it. WHOA WHOA? I'm in for the win. Specific specific unique written down here. If it's ever closed. I go to Mike. Okay okay. Amy Tape lunchbox Davis Eddie. Tape tape is the answer. Everybody's going through nice work all right here. We go in the office. What does this sound sounds from the office? What does that sound? Amy Looks Puzzled Right now. Leaving from the office hit it again I got it I'm in on dopey. Okay a little hold music on here. Amy What is that. The vacuum shredder. Amy Goes High and you're fazlur. Do that is a paper. shredder vacuum cleaner as a vacuum played played again Raimondo. Didn't even sound like a shredder here. The paper crinkly. I hear getting sucked up at the bottom of it Haber. Yeah sorry to by the way. Here's amy here. You go the terror you'll do one more run all right here we go. This is the next game. Even we'll do another quick round and action. This is Dylan were office. Is that one sound. It's one thing go let's play again. all right everybody's trying to act it out. They think at work. I'm in amy. Are you him yeah okay. Let's remember the wind. Amy Found ringing on silent on vibrate cell phone vibrating good. They're getting a little. Oh harder now here we go sounds from the office. Can you name the sound. I'm in More time for those listening in the back the AGO right amy a hand dryer and bathroom. You know I'll put copy machine guys. It's easy copy machine. You've been eliminated the next one survivor style. Second round hit it it again lunch box stapler stapler. uh-huh Madd Matt Blurring Lines stapler. Dave left here. We go next office. Go ahead what I played again I'm here button. What I'm talks hand-driers Eddie handwriting? I do not okay so you can still win if you get this right. I don't know I have any heater. Peter Amy Microwave Microwave Oh of course in the break room where now sudden death so man. That was a tough one. I he played again. Remember the microwave. It's easy I know it's easier when you know what it is. Okay so I want to get this right win sudden-death name yeah here we go. This is a let's do in order number seven right here. We Go Edie Edie machine. They don't use even healthy man. Thank you butte. Vending machine won't final time that corn chips coke coke anyone anyone he has nice job there there we go so for small business. Owners being plugged in and prepared when an opportunity comes up pretty crucial and those moments they happen all all the time. They're happening all around you so you got to be prepared and a business card can show how professional you are. You just got it in your pocket ready to hand out but the first step to making something like that happen starts with vistaprint where you can choose whatever style finish shape or paper that you like and then you can get free shipping and because you can pick the colors the font designs and the images it means that you can create something as unique and compelling as your business that represents you and what you have to offer so vistaprint wants you to be able to own the now in any a situation which is why our listeners are GonNa get free shipping on all business cards any style any quantity just go to vistaprint dot com and enter Promo code bones for free shipping on all business cards any style any quantity limited time offer own the now at vistaprint dot com Promo code bones again that's vistaprint dot com promo code bones. Scientists spoken as to why we love McDonald's. Donald Trump. Is I think McDonald's has the best French fries. Do you tell us what are they doing. What are they putting in their beef? Flavoring their code and beef flavoring. That makes them activate your do you mommy tastebuds. Does you mommy. Oh you mommy. Those in your salt taste buds working together. What hooks you by the way that means fries aren't Vegan just about to say or Vegan thinking they're just like eating some potatoes and salt and they're not and beef flavor comes from milk? Did you know that not from beef. Now I didn't I didn't know for sure if it came from beast but yeah milked would not be so. There's a science as to why they're so good okay. You don't have to pick them pick McDonald's fries. French fries best French fry that exists amy. Incur- answers solid. I'm going to go with CHICK-FIL-A waffle fries. That's a good one. I I enjoy a good waffle for pride. Just I can't do it. I'm stumbling 'cause I just can't see how anyone not think McDonald's do you. I know I'm going to say Bob. He's the smartest man in the room on this one. It's McDonald's fries. Could you imagine if McDonald's took their formula and made it into a lawful. I would never want them to do that. Why mesler greatness? Here's I like water burgers fries. They're good but the fact that water burger depend on where you're regionally. I can Texas in some south much water burgers they have the ketchups that are in the heart. Paks fancy the the catch up makes up Friday this hamburger period who is aiming chain wrong person person to come on. You're eating meat again. I was talking to a friend yesterday. She was also Damian ordering meet new was so weird. Yeah vast hamburger. I will go with. McDonald's see really haven't had many hamburgers I really have from chains. Honestly a really haven't much. I would say water Burger Auger. But they're not national DAD's chain. It's a chain chain it up okay and I used to get when I was a kid quarter pounder with cheese especially when it come. I'm with the free. VHS Tape if you've got the meal pack of dirty what dirty rotten scoundrels on vhs. I don't know what my mom and I would go there all the time we'd order whatever Combo Oh you had to order to get the VHS VCR. That's I'm telling you and I remember the day we got dirty rotten scoundrels on. VG VHS and we were like pisses. Amazing I'm GonNa say this one and I still think it's overrated but it's still the best price possible. I think the best hamburgers in and out. I don't I think the whole in and out experience a bit overrated because everybody just talks to this the greatest thing ever and I don't think it's the greatest thing ever but I think it's the best hamburger and the only name had from there. There was when I went with Y'all and I got the veggie Burger which doesn't exist basically gave me buns with a piece of cheese and lettuce. You're the there'd be a fun and they're like here you go. I should bothered balls on bobby bones show so what happened with your kids. Will they just both made me cringe recently and I realize nice how blunt they are and I'm like Oh we have got to work on. That is it because their kids things just as their kids. Yeah I don't know if there's confusion I mean with Stevenson for sure one involved called the death in someone's life like someone lost someone and I had a long conversation with him about how to handle in how he should be sweet and like so. What happened okay? So Cara who helps us with our kids. Her grandfather died and he was like a dad to her so she was devastated. Really really really hard so before. After after Stevenson didn't see her for like a week I was setting them up for like. Hey when she gets back. It's going to be hard so I need you to be awesome like you need to give her a hug. Obviously we want to Acknowledge College. What happened in just say? I'm sorry when someone loses somebody that's hard and he's like but he doesn't the whole death thing like doesn't like so she can't text him anymore. Can we call him like it's all kinds. It's like he doesn't understand no he's dead. He's not here anymore. So after all this rehearsal where I think he finally gets it. She sends me a text after disease them for the first. Yes I'm she's like. Oh Stevenson like he ran downstairs and said Hi. miscarry your GRANDPA's dead. Telling her like in a real like doesn't matter Arafat in case you didn't know your grandpa died and she was like well that's in. She didn't know that like her whole week before. I'd been prepping him for how to talk to somebody about this so I was like okay clearly. Doesn't get it there then stash era. We're out in public. This woman at target walks EXPI- in their out her his really big boobs. They work and they were very much out and it was like obvious and so so she read. I just straight up looked at her and she was like I mean enamored was like you have a really big boots with her. Like strong strong voice voices can be really strong. which ones that to me and I was like awesome great? So what did you say I was just like. So let's go like I was like no I kind kind of I corrected her but I just smiled at the woman and I was like sorry but I was just like you. Can't you can't say that people she's twelve. DNC's like she does what they go. Gosh do you think some of that though is the learning English and not really knowing how to say it. Yeah and Haiti I will say like sheet. Not a lot of women are fuller chested there and like she's like use to that but I I don't know I mean I don't know sometimes. She does talk about boobs. lubes because of the boobs in Haiti and the moves. Like it's thing like we don't talk about them all time to where she would feel comfortable to just tell a stranger. There are big so the next bit is. We'll send lunchbox out to tell women they're big boots. Reality Show down head. This story goes us from Munhall. Pennsylvania nineteen year. Old Ryan's a real go getter. He's a volunteer. Firefighter with the fire. Department always out there trying to do good. Well there's not been much action lately. So he went out and set up a couple of fires on purpose. Oh I saw this on the news. Yeah Arson People's front porch on fire tire so they would get called and he could go and put it out now. It's security camera. Show him starting the fires. Everybody has those doorbell cameras. Mounted Sir Camera. Yeah like at least go back forward or in garage. Yeah but he's a firefighter. That was burning peoples houses down. Ever Get out he millionaire. We never got out of control. A good firefighter. He was there he was off myself calling. That's crazy Much blogs dogs your boneheads store owned his own so for small business owners being plugged in and prepared when an opportunity comes up pretty crucial and those moments. They happen all the time. They're happening all around. You GotTa be prepared and Business Card can show how professional you are. You just got in your pocket ready to hand out but the first step to making something something like that happen starts with vistaprint. You can choose whatever style finish shaper paper that you like and then you can get free shipping and because you can pick the colors the fawns the designs signs and the images it means that you can create something as unique and compelling as your business that represents you and what you have to offer so vistaprint wants you to be able to own the now in any situation which is why our listeners are GonNa get free shipping on all business cards any style. Any quantity just go to vistaprint dot com and enter your Promo code bones for free shipping on all business cards any style. Any quantity limited time offer own the now at vistaprint dot com Promo code bones again. That's vistaprint dot com Promo code bones. It's time for the good news So I WANNA shout out to this Dad Greg and Cincinnati. WHO's making sure that his kids don't miss out on any winter fund just because they're in a wheelchair? What he did did was built a wheelchair accessible igloo? For All nine of US kids him and his wife adopted nine kids all have wheelchair. Eric special needs so that in itself to me is like a shoutout. Good that this awesome couple has adopted. Nine kids wow. And now they've adopted special needs yes Which is definitely on a whole `nother level and that they go above and beyond and try to do things for their kids? I love that story. That's a good one and that is that's what it's all about right there. That was telling me something. Good name that slogan in order to my left my co host. Amy Good at this game. The only one of the show that wears ear buds by the way all of us have headphones she wears ear. Buds Over to my right. He wears speaking things same hoodie almost every single day. Lunch about seven news and to my far far I it's producer. Eddie is always the head a hat. Yeah Yeah Okay. Yeah you know. You've you've committed to like covering up. I like Pat's yeah all right. Are you ready folks. I'll give you the slogan you tell me what the company is. Write your answer down once you pop. You just can't stop up the slope once you pop. You just can't stop woman or product. Is that good. Amy Amy pringles much rock spring goals. Eddie pringles whose slogan is. Let's build something together. Eddie went quick to the paper. I'm in Amien lunchbox of looking at the ceiling. Let's build I'm adding a letter. WHO ooh? Let's build something together. Amy Abs- legos. What about Home Depot? ooh Good one Eddie. I said Lego's Lego smarter lows off no points there. How `bout he likes it? Hey Mikey Gosh. She have said this before. I'm at a we're about product. What do you have with no not Nestle Quik From messy quick life cereal. Da Ah I wrote takes the lead. How about expect more pay? LS expect more. Hey less amy. Walmart Walmart Pullback tie here we go I mean I think you said it in its payless shoe. Watch target is SPEC. It's more written in the blue like Walmart target. Okay here we go. When you're here you're family? Oh if you can get this. You pulled again when you're here. You're family family okay. No family the lunchbox miss the win. Let's go to amy. Amy Golden Corral Box ditties no Eddie. If you get it you've tied Vice. Go ahead Walmart. No Aw aw of garden horse because the big family table one more nail. You're trying to do that. They can't just one she can't drills each he just confidence level high. Amy Doritos no not much box skittles. And if you win if you don't let's old guys and we go lay data chip bream the minute after you speed round buzzing with your name if you no it does them sorry freaky fast. freaky Eddie Eddie. Jimmy Johns correct winter. It went for all the time the big winner today Nice work so for small business owners being plugged in and prepared when an opportunity comes up pretty crucial and those moments happen all the time. They're happening all around you so you got to be prepared repaired and a business card can show how professional you are. You just got in your pocket ready to hand out but the first step to making something like that happen starts with vistaprint you can choose is whatever style finished shape or paper that you like and then you can get free shipping and because you can pick the colors the font designs and the images it means that you can create something as unique compelling as your business that represents you and what you have to offer so vistaprint wants you to be able to own the now in any situation which is why our listeners. We're GONNA get free shipping on all business cards any style. Any quantity just go to vistaprint dot com and enter Promo code bones for free shipping on all business cards arts any style. Any quantity limited time offer own the now at vistaprint dot com Promo code bones again. That's vistaprint dot com promo code bones Sir picture. This guy is dip can put his engagement ring to his girl and uh hey opened my hand and she does the rings in there and that's how he proposed at least it was fresh deaf and not. It's like used but still stinky and girls like I'm not into it in Kansas. Give me your bad proposal story. He proposed scour. What do you mean I was watching my hair? He walked into the bathroom furniture. And says will you marry. Aw Aw no. It's not because you wait for that moment to be proposed to. You're just taking a shower all day activity right and there's a curtain. He's not even looking at you know. I thought he was joking. I would've thought he was joking too because again that's like you're putting gas in in the car and everyday activity and proposes okay. You're right because it's supposed to be a special moment. That's all right. You're not romantic at all. I think you're right. I don't see that as a slapped amy but he's not romantic. AWW I know she's like Oh that's why I get cleaned myself and also posted beautiful. Emma thank you and did you ever. Yeah an Emma O.. I need to know I know Michelle in New York. You're on hi My story is that My boyfriend and I went to purchase a new car. Well I was purchasing a new car and driving it home He he turned to me and said You know that your car insurance would be cheaper if we were married and it kind of went chromatic. No rain or anything wait. So here's been totally practical and he said. Do you know because you have this new car that insurance would it'd be cheaper if we got married. Let's get married and he did that with no ring. And what did you say I. I said let's do do it. And then we've been married almost twelve years. You hold that against him that he didn't put anything behind it. I I WANNA BE I. I kind of like playing around joke with them and be like well. I didn't even get a good proposal. He did kind of rob you of a moment hold on I have a question was it. was He just in the moment. He kinda thought of that and went with it. Or that was his plan to question He may have been planning to ask me And I think he just Kinda got caught up in the moment and went with it so now he never. When did he finally present you with a ring ever on my birthday? Yeah well I feel like you should still come through with a proposal and you said yes but I wanted to post me like for real. The I'm holding out to be proposed to guys whenever what happens. I want to say no. I want my proposal to awesome not in the shower. And Yeah to me right. Yeah Yeah Yeah Chelsea North Carolina. Go ahead hi Wasn't me but it was my cousin. She was at A country music festival with her boyfriend and they're getting food and he handed her a hot dog and it had the ring on hotdog finger. It was what she had. Was it a really skinny. Rushed the hot dog inside of it. It rose create something around. I've never seen the skull can though Copenhagen you know Aw Bobby Bones show your son still wants to be a cop. He's all about it and police stations or police units or whatever started mailing. Thanks to the station so he gets boxes from various police departments across the country and they have fun little things inside like stickers sicker badges and whistles and hats and he loves is it so. He's this one whistle that some departments in them and has a little band that goes around and Swiss or wrist and he gets to whistle it and so he's now decided he wants wants to sit on our front porch and whistle at cars. That are driving too fast. So he'll sit out there. I mean it's a really busy street. So no but he'll sit up till cars dry and he'll evaluate if he thinks they're going the speed limit. Busy not whistle. Doing all right. Yeah all right just lives. If evening going too fast there's hand motions and waving whistling and you sit with them now. I mean I. I opened the door and check on. How you doing buddy? But now it's his post has job. Yeah so it's like his thing got there looking like Brady whistling kid now I mean I told him I was like you WanNa make sure you're not distracting distracting drivers because you don't want them to take their off the road because they're trying to figure out like this little boy on this porch is in distress because it doesn't look like your it looks like you're maybe you're trying to get their attention because you need help but honestly there's not that many cars so it's fine so he wants to be a police officer. What is your daughter be? Oh she wants to be and and in no particular order an actress a singer or doctor and actually she says all free but she's GonNa make sure that she's got the education location to be a doctor but definitely going to be an actress singer. Do they think what you do is cool. I don't know they don't know that I don't think they have a reference for for it. I guess they always wonder why we have people that like say. Hire one or take pictures. Or if they're wearing pimp enjoy shirts like she was at Camp and she was wearing a pimp enjoy shirt and I guess is one of the teachers at Camp or counselors or something was like or the leaders. There said something like Oh my gosh like Oh pimp enjoy like are you petunia together. Amy's daughter social come home and she'll be like I met some fans today like she. She was like what will what gave it away like she goes my shirt. She was a fan and like that's all so now. She's learned with the Word Fan means that's funny but now I don't know that they really get it at your kids care. clueless I think every dads on the radio. It's really weird like they here. I guess when they go to school they listen to the show on the radio and they're just like my dad the big deal. Your oldest son is how old he's eleven and and he he he's kind of like Amy's daughter he gets weirded out by people that come up to him and say like Oh. Gosh Hi Nice to meet. You must be junior. And then they say your name when he's always just like who is she had me Like and I guess your youngest son knows nothing but you being on the radio clueless literature. Does your baby care. No he doesn't care he doesn't really know yet like I mean will he listens. I know he listens and I mean but he doesn't use this fame to get anything extra preschool. My dog loves it fascinating with fame. He he loves it completely. Bobby bones show these raw kids rentals and game that we call me. This Rodriguez was down folks the F.. Three riddles. Let's see how many you can get play along in your car. And the winner gets to go such a great price otherwise otherwise you'll get to say it only I do correct riddle number one. What runs around the house but doesn't move what runs around the house but doesn't move This runs around it but doesn't remember the win. Amy Trim Me Trim who said No. That's it much that's right. I put a fence fence. That's it Dishwasher well one of your right at me. Oh ooh guys said I don't know I don all right next month. ABCD gee what does put on a table in his cut but has never eaten what is is put on a table and has cut. But it's never eaten on a table and it's what is put on the table and has cut but is never eaten talking on the table and it's cut but it's never eaten use. It's been on a table on its cuts. Oh good all right. Let's go with amy. Amy Nice Guy. Oh let's tablecloth. Double Cloth Eddie. The Wood and no cards cut cards cards on the table table. Cut The deck. Oh that's right all right. These are hard Riddle reading Freddie. You are my brother. But I'm not your brother. Who Am I you are my brother but I'm not your brother? Who Am I? Who wrote Doc? You are my brother. But I'm not your brother. Who Am I riddle me this year? My brother that I'm writing brother man rather I'm not your brother. I have it written down here. What is it not your no? I'm your brother but not seconds your time out the window. That's my sister. The sister so stupid priests Jesus. Don't worry he wins again began his father's guys game. One game. This bet on them every time our winter riddle me this give it up for lunchbox feels good my friend. That's a week Eh. He spit everywhere he went he one expert. Everybody wants EH show. It's time for the good news. Switch box man Clarence is ninety. Five Years Old World War Two vet has a book coming out and they wanted to surprise him. Do something special for the release of the book. So they brought in a tank he used to ride in in World War Two and they let him get back inside the tank and rumbled down the street. That's cool that's crazy. Yeah that's awesome already eat pretty clean then when it comes to like cleaning products from my house is definitely trying to with my home into shape there because questionable ingredients freak me Out and so when it comes to make up and skin care. That's something I've been worrying about as well you've heard me talk about it. That's why I made the switch to beauty counter because beauty counter clean makeup skincare brand that started in two thousand thirteen and disrupted the beauty industry by shedding light on the need for stronger ingredient regulations in the personal care products that we use daily and today beauty counter is the leading clean beauty grand. They've created innovative and high performing products. That are safer and cleaner than even their like minded competitors. So what do they mean by clean over. Fifteen hundred questionable ingredients. are never used imbued encounters formulations. They call this. They're never list. For moisturizers to make cleansers. The sunscreen beauty counter is at the forefront of using clean ingredients to create products that are effective. And that really work. Personally my obsession right. Now is the overnight resurfacing. He'll if you're new to beauty counter now's the time to head to beauty counter dot com to check out special special holiday offers before they're gone. That's beauty counter dot com Promo Code. Necessary just clean makeup skin care and gifts for everyone you love it. That's what he wanted to do. But imagine if you ninety again to take your going boy heads up. Everybody cheering for yeah. I think it's awesome. That's what he wanted to do. Wow that's it that's off. That was telling me something. Good Buddy Mr Bobby transmitted across America over to amy for the morning corny morning corny. What's a cow that doesn't produce milk cow that doesn't produce milk? I mean is it. A milk died or an utter failure. How we feel about that one? No it's like you. Who for all right? All right. We'll give you the sir bobby bones show. This game would be called Weird or Nan and presented the Games. They will be amy. Amy Yes so I'm I'm in the bathroom stall and you can see people's feet sometimes and the girl in the stall next to me. She had the cutest shoes on and so they were both installed hanging around. I just I just like Oh my Gosh I love your shoes. They're so cute and she was really hesitant to respond respond. You're talking to her. We are the only two in there but maybe she didn't know how many other styles were taken because yeah there was probably like maybe five available we were taking up two of them and they were super cute but she normally we would have carried on the conversation. I'm like where'd you get. Let's talk about these but she definitely acted like I was a Weirdo for talking to her through the stall complimenting lamenting her shoes a girl you didn't know through the stall yeah cute. Choose weirder box. Not Weird Weird. I mean you're sitting there. You might as well talk. It's quiet you see something you like you just say. Hey I like your shoes. Where'd you get them? It kills time. I don't have a problem with this quick weaver. I just like we were there for a long time but now it just was hitting the number two. It's okay we all we all do. I'm going to say a little weird. I think you could have got out at the sink and I'll love your shoes. I know if I had on public toilets and my trying to talk squawk ah still are you talking to me right now. Then I started to think. Oh No is this code for amy now thinks he's hitting on the girl accidentally in a bathroom stall well. There wasn't a target. You rest area the old target or get nasty toilet paper thing you know for a while. I don't know I just thought. Oh No. Did I do something where it's like if you call them. Then I choose under a solid means something Eddie Weird or not people get weird when they don't WanNa talk when you're next to a problem with that toilet not not you can have a whole like I don't know if it were me and you different even you don't like to talk to your shoes install. You'd be like them. Yeah Yeah See. That's not a problem. Check it out on. That's what they do cute shoes. Oh thanks I got him here. I got nothing Morgan number. Two you're sitting in a bathroom stall you're on the toilet you have cue. Choose and someone's like. Hey what up those shoes is that weird or no no. It's girls. Els Communicate a lot in the bathrooms three votes for. Na One vote for Weiner amy you did good. I can continue weird right. She definitely millie did. Did you see you make contact with their afterward. I was like I gotta get Outta here. I don't know what you beat her out. Well at least you'll never know it was all right. Well that's another episode of weird or bobby bones show so we have even split guys and girls on the show and I brought him org number two and in utility Hillary Ma'am Morgan number two digital on our show so all of our social and all of our website and Hillary does a little bit of everything from editing commercials like she sits in the classroom and and does a lot of the stuff that you don't actually know was happening behind the scenes stuff but they're both single girls. Yep Yep and both dating a bit or trying to date. But what I've heard is is that there's an issue with being on this show in dating for them. Morgan number two telling me about this yet so I will go on a date and people will ask me all about bobby. And they'll be like what's he like. Who's he dating? Can you tell me some secrets about bobby. And I'm like no I can't I don't want to talk about that right now. It'd be hard. Do you feel like people are going out with you. Justify can they be spies. Yeah like I feel like they're coming to that. That was me to hang out with you like their. I've liked the way to you. Are you putting on your dating profile that you work for me. No I actually like put put like our actual company name instead of like who I mean. But if they're a fan of the show they kind of figure it out instagram. I mean I get it. I felt that way awesome nanny interviews except for it wasn't like guys trying to just ask about you. It was like girls that I thought might try to date you. uh-huh and I was like. Oh yeah yeah maybe very single. Maybe I mean. That's that's a bummer. That's a bummer. To dating and not know bobby you have to deal with that not knowing if someone's dating you for you or what they want and now your it's affecting girls on the show. Did they want to date them for. They are or if they can get close to you. Listen I'M GONNA WANNA say this about the girls on our show if you get one of them to go out you'd better treasure that because we got some good girls on this show. That's right you don't even need to ask about me to get off that train and we're GonNa play Disney movie listeners. Like Disney stuff. I'll play your soccer Disney movies. Name the movie. You guys ready to go for example if I were to play this though what's frozen Virginia and that lunchbox pros have you seen frozen. Let's Mark Yes. How do you like it? I like the Snowman who law for whatever he's phoning hold on seen it yet. It's okay. Oh you're not gonNA really love it all right. Transfer down here. We go name the Disney movie you doing. I'm in yeah. Of course remember the win. All Right Watch never heard it up up. Uh Eddie Finding Neverland. That's a documentary Jackson singing. Hbo Document Finding the Peter. Pan Movie nomex naming. What do you what do you have strack strack? No Har Zan ru that's Phil Collins. Okay uh-huh yeah your heart. Yeah okay this. Is there a little tougher name this Winds it just no telling in hoping I'll go you know. I'm not sure box frozen. No no no no just the trick. Cars Sound Eddie. Moana Amy same same. I met with frozen true. I also thought it was a trade. They'll sell it. Sounds exactly like I don't know I didn't Menzel seeing that Mwana now check check. Let us know things that song okay. Here's this one nine the Disney movie. Look for such that these this simple bare necessities forget about your worries. And your strive. That's right. I mean the bare necessities. That's why you bear can rest with just the bear necessities possibly the Best Disney song. Of all time I agree or medically again in a lunchbox secret life of pets. Sorry Dr Eddie Jungle Book. Yes amy the jungle book that one and you got a friend to me. That's my favorite. I you got a friend zone might have ruined that. No it's not okay mic. Who Sings at Mona Song? Name is Ali craw blow okay so not a Dina rain okay letters. Let's do one more Okay okay here. We go name the Disney movie. This is from the score. Ide- we pretty solid here. All right here we go name. This blue Tuxedos the pain to all of the frozen. Aw The ICE age I say no babies watching Disney movies yet no. I'm never heard any of these songs in my life in your life and see I've heard I've never never eddie. You'RE GONNA kick yourself on this coq. Hanis polka yeah. Why would I kick myself? I've never seen net eh amy. That's it honest. We have a winner here Eddie. You're the winter. I do have a bunch of kids. So that's true it does help dude never had acne took easy saying Fano friends do this all. Dogs go to Heaven Lad. Visit Robin Williams singing. That's all. Yeah let's see Eddie. You're the winner here. That'd be beauty and the beast now that's mighty. It's not a good thing. These part of the game reflection from long. I think maybe she does. We'll get answer. Maybe maybe not. What do we know it is her? She definitely things that I don't know if that's her in it. Okay so she thinks it outside of it covers it school cover tonight at all you win in your own. Don't let that bombing comforter that you can heat the different levels on each side. Matthew will fight over the covers Easter leg gal or but basically has to like a car which is always crazy meeting after temperatures in a car. Like my mind's always blown one it's like you put one at seventy and wanted seven having four and a car. Yeah you touch that person. How do you really the same number? But that's okay this comforter does you can eat it different on both sides because people fight about what have now. Do you fight over the company with your husband now. I just get them. Oh you just win the covers. Yeah he he doesn't really always want them and I always I do so I just ended up with all of them. Most of the Times hanging off my side is he gets hot and I get cold so works out so he has no sheet. No cover no anything. Let's keep the sheep but the comforter comforter definitely always slide my way you see like a pretty wild sleeper like all over the place. Yeah I'm trying to get better but I think it's GonNa be getting fixed I to try to call my mind before I go to sleep and I go to sleep like a tight tight tight and then I wake up. Not like he tapes her down. Take your wife obviously under separate covers so I have a blanket. That's so weird. I love it but it's so weird. Sh- I have. I'm just like a real thin blanket. Like what do you call those things you put on the couch a toss blanket whatever. Yeah and then. She has a comforter because I sweat and so I'm under the governor so I just have a little blanket and I sleep under it and I don't move and I go to sleep and I wake up in the exact same spot sweaty. No no no I don't sweat. What under this blanket like when I was under the comfort blanket? Bobby it's a throw it was it's a lot of the blankets will make you sweat. What used to be the Turkey losses but AH under separate blankets? It's weird married but Several blankets you think separate rooms next separate no not all right now. We're not at that point yet. You know probably in a few years you'll get sick of each other and maybe several separate rooms separate beds separate houses. You never know for the College Football Hawk layoff. As four teams battling back toback semifinal games. First Jalen hurts looks to cap off his college career with another title as the Sooner Square Square off with coach. Joe Borough and the unbeaten SEC champion Tigers number four Oklahoma persist number one Lsu the chick filet peach bowl at four eastern then Dabo Swinney Trevor Lawrence and the unbeaten ACC champion Tigers. Begin their quest to repeat against Justin feels chase young and the undefeated. Big Ten champion Buckeyes number three clemson raining. I should've chance again. Defensive persist number two MOJO state to Johnston fails in this offense can attack you in multiple ways the police station fiesta bowl at eight eastern eastern. The College Football playoff semifinals Saturday on ESPN and streaming live on the ESPN APP. It's time for the good news. News Bobby is a good one. Seventeen year old tandy spends most of our free time throwing birthday parties for homeless children who otherwise couldn't afford a party a pretty cool created a charity group called no birthday left behind when she was as an eighth grade and since then the effort has grown and she now travels to different homeless shelters around the San Francisco area in California throw special parties for the kids there. That's that's really cool. Thanks to her parents and generosity of those in the community. A lot of kids get to enjoy their birthdays which would have otherwise been overlooked. Thought that was special special. She started in eighth grade. That's so cool in. That is what it's all about was telling me something good was show the scroll name. Amanda is in in love and she wants the whole world to know it. She's in love with a chandelier. Interesting she identifies as object them sexual. She's attracted to objects MHM. She found these chandelier on Ebay. Chandler's name is looming ear. And she said it's true love you can have a commitment ceremony since you know. You can't legally Mary Chandelier. Yeah and our closest friends will be there when the toaster right uh-huh okay. What if you're close to her and she's like hey come to the wedding I would you go? Oh your friend yes. I'll go support her but I think maybe she needs the help. Is that wrong. Long makes her totally happy. She's totally normal in every other way. There's no way and then you're saying she can't be totally normal every other way if she's that I've never had experience with somebody falling in love with an object so I don't know but I would think that there's something off and not that not that that's bad. We all have things that are off about. Yeah I'm tiptoeing around because I want to be sensitive to anybody listening that might be in love but it's like okay. Something is a little often and sometimes when things are off we get help usually. I just need more carbs in my diet. Right bowl show. Hey Jason Aldean's new house has a concrete safe room. Oh Nice that's legit. I'm jealous if I could get one of those. I would be new house that Jason Jason and Brittany Al Deen Building has a concrete safe room. She posted photos of the house which is still under construction. The safe room is still barebones. They say but it's totally impenetrable. My heart yeah I have my own safe concrete. It's funny I'd say our share. That had to say for him. I think the point of the safe room is to be as safe as possible all the time so you don't even let people know. Oh Yeah we're GONNA be showing up at Jason Aldean's Dean's House and we need a safe place to go or I'm going to rob it tools. That can penetrate a safe room. Nats unpenetrable well. They said about bulletproof vest to come up with a bullet then get their the preventive dies so I think it's amazing if you can get one of these I have something I don't want to spoil it because I don't want to get robbed and people know no but that's the thing in my house at the similar we've seen it gave you the tour. I show it to you. Access it through a showroom talk about I think positively. Oh No not that I've been living there Yeah nothing it's actually a tornado room right. But it's it's been kind of reinforced with stuff. Just in case like machine. Guns a over to Delaney in Colorado Delaney. Amy Welcome to the bobby bones. Show what's happening. Hey I had a question there amy and I was curious if you could net flicks cheat on your Hudson. That's been okay so your husband loves to watch football you do not cracked you off and complained about it for. I don't know ten eleven weeks before the season starts. Can you watch shows on net flicks while he's watching football. Yes yeah I I feel like if there's a time like if he's going to be dedicated football like I look at this as something. Maybe we're watching together and you're not supposed to watch it apart. Then football seasons definitely a time where you can just say hey. I know you don't have time for this and I don't WanNa wait so I'm gonna go ahead and finish yellowstone without you. Probably I'm going to. Oh I did see on your instagram. That people are starting to watch yellowstone. Because of you I saw I just. It's tough for me. Take the first step. Just take the first step dip your toe in see what you think and get. How do I get it because I don't have that channel? You have Amazon prime. I mean listen I know well or you could check. I know sometimes you like to download the things on itunes just so you can have it downloaded on your computer because you travel so much so maybe try that. I don't know I have a whole season of Friday night lights that I still haven't watched I was like I'm going to get ahead of it and I was like I'll get up one day in August board but then I have books. Yeah I mean and you are trying to make reading more of a priority when you've always read but you're you're doing that thing where you're setting a timer set a timer refer yellowstone will eventually okay up after pick one between what stone or Friday Night Lights. Even though it's sold it stands on its time one hundred percent harmless Delaney. You ever watch Friday Night Lights. Well that's what we're watching right now now and we're on season almost seeming to but then we have football Sunday night. We have football and I'm like what are we gonNA finish tonight. Oh yeah well then you need to tell him like you. Watch your football. I'm GonNa Wash My. What do you think I should watch part lights or watch like one of the new shows? It's out that I'm trying to catch up with Friday night. Lights is so good. Yeah I mean we all just told you Friday night all of us and then I guess when you finish that you can start yellowstone. I was laid to the a yellowstone party. Anyway it's Fine Delaney. Thank you for calling. Where do you live in Colorado Greeley? Love it we love we love and we are going home but thank you for listening you catch up on everything just search bobby bones show on demand on iheartradio search bobby Abu Bunch on I tunes you can listen to the whole thing and we listen to the bobby cast a show. I do for my house. Search that to all that thanks for being here we would not be able to pay our mortgages or eat our meals. Also that you're listening right. Amy That's right we appreciate you. Thank you season stop available now from Iheart A new series presented by t mobile for business. The restless ones join meet. Jonathan Strickland as I explore the coming technological revolution with the restless business business leaders who stand right on the cutting edge. They know there is a better way to get things done and they are ready. Curious excited for the next technological ethical innovation to unlock their vision of the future in each episode will learn more from the restless ones themselves and dive deep into how the five G. Revolution could enable their teams seems to thrive the restless ones now available on the iheartradio APP. Or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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